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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 1

Greeley, Colorado
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Wednesday, December 12, 1962
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MAYBE SHE'LL FlRI THE NEXT TIME AROUND - In 1922, the year Garnsey and Wheeler started business in Greeley, "Milady's Coupe" was all the rage among Kord dealers. This month the firm is celebrating its 40th anniversary by displaying this 40-year-old Ford, which was rebuilt and belongs to Dan Lepore. *·· «t»T ·«* «n«th«r MOS 7th St. Turning the crank i William S. Garnsey HI. president of Garnsey and Wheeler Looking on is John M. Wheeler, president of Garnsey and Wheeler Kebuilders Inc. and secretary-treasurer of Garnsey and Wheeler Co. Tribune photo by Jim Hitch. P«Jt 14. City Will Advertise Llmon Woman r n' · n- i Dles ' To " Nov For Reservoir Bids " Advertising lor bids fu- the con- ttruclion of a IS.or/.ooo gallon uump stalion. where it will be water reservoir wesl of here was pumped back into the Iransmis- authorizttl by City Council Tucs- sion line lo be brought into the "We will be able to j, . four lo duy evening. Estimated total cost of Ihe facility is K77,000. The bids arc to be opened Jan . * - "- -"·. «w * . iuui lu .- ·- - win-mi amurm uirct: was Cuntluu,,,^ wim (h*» rpruiic w-n ,^l ^T, u n ' f ' V e milli ° n galk " S ot * aler a m i ' e S S ° Ulh 0( Malllei0n °" =nstUl in control of atout half ofThe Willard Quirk of Nelson. Ha- day out of the reservoir whenever Elbert County road. town. ley. Patterson and Quirk, engin we need it." he said. Quirk added eers for the project, said the call Uie reservoir also could be drain- tor bids would be advertised with- ed whenever it U desired to clean i about a week 'o 10 days (rom it. The concrete roof of the reservoir will be covered by about a now. T» B* I" St-. Drew Ar H The reservoir 1s to be built on 15 acres of land on the George Mosicr farm in the Sheep Draw nrea. The city sometime ago signed ;m nptlon with Mojicr to purchase the land, and has until Jan. 1 to exercise 0c option. Pump St«tkn PUnn*4 Quirk gave a report lo the council Tuesday evening on the design plans and specifications his firm had prepared on the reservoir. Quirk, to illustrate the magni iude of the project, said the res crvoir would be 93.000 square feet in size or over two ai-rcs. »uu T»UI w tuveri*j oy aooui a ..... -"·' "'""15 »«"ui un me er oi British land forces in the miucai. iepuueo. reaomg foot of dirt, and it is anticipated road wn TM the car went out of Far East, who flew here for a was ~ a at st - P"^ 3 ". " the this area will be landscaped. control. It skidded 150 feet and look at his Gurkha and High- North Carolin a Smoky Mountains. Quirk said there would be sul- "jj" rollcd . 1(j tinK;s - Mrs - Rat- lander operations. "We are con- ML Miu :hell, N.C., had -19. In- 5 lllrmvn frira : " concrete roof which will cover II The reinforced steel to be usec in tlwsc columns would reach he required (or Ihc entire project. Construction of the reservoir will require the moving o! 55.000 cubic yards of dirt and Ihc pouring of a|,prc«iin!'tcly 7.000 cubic Rotm (or OHitr RtMrvoln Quirk explained that wale .ater is needed, it will go into a Now tands at 431 By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Mrs. Lauro Hope Ratiiff, 70. -imon. died at a Denver hospital Tuesday of injuries suffered Sat- « , i,- , ralscd Colorado '5 The British also announced the 962 highway fatality toll to 431, regaining of Kuala Belaii another compared with 446 in the corre- oil center south of Seria' ponding period a year ago. "The revolt is collapsing - saio The State Patrol reported Mrs. Gen. Sir Nigel Poett. command. Rathff was driving north on the er of British land forces in the ee wou e su- . - - - os [idem room left on the 15-acrc Jf V 5 lllrmvn frira ** auto - fident that order site after the 15.000,000 gallon reservoir is built for the construction of additional reservoirs in the future that would hold 30,000,000 gallons of water. The city plans lo ask Mosier for a right of way across the east edge of his (arm for an access road to the reservoir fror- U.S. X north of U* .'site about one quar ier of a mile. Quirk suggested the city open Communist Party Trial Jury Chosen It will have 200 column. In to bids on (he project about Jan 25 feet in height, to support tht 22 and lhat a contract for the con strurtion of the reservoir be let Ihc latter part of January. He said his firm estimated the over seven rinks. Over 1,000,000 minimum time it would lake to pounds of reinforced steel will construct the reservoir as IN days, which vrould mean the ear- liesl the project could be completed would be the early part of next August. Il» Days T. B* Alfemd Since it appeared Ihc reservoir rards of concrete, the engineer could not possibly be complelcc aid. In lime to help greatly during Ihe normal time of greatest water ,, consumption in July and August. r 5 Ihc council decided lo specify in the bid call that the successful contractor would be allowed 210 days lo complete the project without penalty. Quirk, in giving the tola! estimated cost of the facility, saic the estimated cost of the reservoir itself was S450.000. Estimated cost of the pump station was given by Ihe engineer as $52,000; ol would be taken oul of the city's '!' c c . 0 T' il ., d TM dfx! t!° SpKi ' y , i '] 24-Inch steel transmission line llie bltl ca " """ lhc successful which runs across the site lo fil Ihc reservoir. Afterwards, as the Council Approves Rezoningof Area Near Franklin Ru/jming of n nine-acre (rat of miscellaneous items, at about (11 land immediately north of Ihc ooo. Franklin School from «n R'2 to an 1M residential zone was approvei' by Cily Council Tuesday evening The rewminn hud been nsk« by Herman Wolff, owner of the properly, in connoclion with an apartment development h e I n g plmmi'd by the Webster Development Co. of Littleton, which has ,111 option to buy Ihc land Iron Wolff. 5crs and two bloodhounds of the The Weather The ti'mpcrnUnv al 2 p.m. wa? 5.1. for 24 hours ending I am. Wednesday: (heat Wesli-rr, High. 32; low. Id. Public Service UlRh. 32. low. IB Barnmc'li'i- al 8 a m. Wednw day: W.I'i and rising. Sun rises and sets Thnrsdiiy 7.13 a.m. and 4 35 p.m. COLO FIVE-DAY FORECAST Tempcralurrs are expected I average 2 to 7 d'.'tirees abnv MW..nal with nh important day to-day chmi^rs- li'.tle or mi prr ripiliiliim is ex|cdcd; lii(;hs ten or,-illy in Wt ami 50'*; lows gen r-rnlK' zero to If alxtvo mountain: l.vii M! !u\u'i cl'.'vatmns. COLORADO · - GcniTiilly (a through Thursday: rising tcm pcrnlure-s cast: low. tonight 5-1 miiunlair*. mostly in the 20s low cr olcvnli"ti«: hijhs Thursday 4,'. mountain*. 4.V.-iS-wesl, f WYOMING - Generally Thiirsday; rising t e n pcratuii'S cast of Continental D \ide; lows tonight ",-13 inoiirilnin mnslly in the 21* lower clev, li-in?:' hitfhs Thiiuday 45-H wes 50-M M?t, 35-4S mountains. Army's Nike Zeus Scores 2nd Intercept WASHINGTON (API - Thi irmy's Nike Zeus missile killc: iKlay scoi-ed its second successfu nleroriil of a target warhead ken"into't'hV niwn,,,-;. ,ne DM minehcd by an Atlas intercom!- had been slept in and the stove nntilnl Killie4 tn mlr.H^ ,,..-_ tl. . .. . . .. » « · * · rday in a oni-car accident three was tumi,, She died of shock and Written by Htrac* VOLUMI Sf-NUMBER « AND THE CBEELEY REPUBLICAN CREELEY. COLORADO WEDNESDAY, DEC. U, W2 WEEKLY TRIBUNE ESTABLISHED 1I7» All Stores Now Open Each Night Until 8:30 p.m. Greeley m e r c h a n t s have geared (or the final Christmas shopping push. The Retail Committee of the Chamber of Commerce announced that starting Wednesday night all stores will remain open daily until 8:30 p.m. through Dec. 22. Most merchants report Christmas shopping traffic to date has been "good." They predict total Christmas sales volumes equal to and above last year. Borneo Revolt Near Collapse LABL'AN. Brunei (AP) - The North Borneo uprising appeared 10 be near collapse Wed. as British troops mounted coordinated attacks on centers of rebel strength. The British announced the recapture of a holdout center in the 011 town of Seria. and claimed three other rebel-held towns were taken. In taking (lie town's jail, a pocket of resistance in Seria,'the British freed 45 men who had been held hostage there for four days. It was reported one American -his name was given as Harold Eighmie of Wenalchee, Wash. -was wounded. He had been used as a human shield by a group of rebels when they attempted to take Penaga police barracks near-j , K a it yandhadberaheld East Half of Nation The British command said La- Keep Cuba Pledge, Khrushchev Warns MOSCOW AP - Premierlhad demonstrated it could pre- Khrushchev declared today that if ^"c peace. American pledges on Cuba are not fulfilled "we will be compelled to take such actions as the situation requires of us." He was speaking to the Supreme Soviet. The statement was made at the end of an hour of speaking in the great Kremlin hall during which the premier said the Soviet Union "We will never leave revolutionary Cuba in trouble," Khrushchev said. "We will defend the right of the Cuban people to pursue their bright fulure " He paid credit to President, A Kennedy as having an interest ifl'rhi Subzero Cold Grips was and Limbang in the adjoin ing colony of Sarawak also were wak said the fight for Limbang "The revolt is collapsing " said Mich -' frozc over -- - - · - · 6 ' -13 W« soon broken maintained." SM Mrlitr story M Pf* T. By W. B. RACSOALE JR. · ------ -- -- ·»···* mil vj uai uctsons wiin rcidLl WASHINGTON (API - A jury or friendi Tthe government. selected Tuesday to judge the U.S. Communist parly on charges of failing to register as an agenl of the Soviet Union. Resumption of the trial Wed raday wai delayed because the judge was busy with another ase. The party wts successful -. barring government workers from the panel. But it failed in an ef- request and rejected the other a in the goyemment'i U-year bat tie to force the party to comply with registration provisions of the ·-' - i -- --- u«u uuouitoatra, stores eaiull 1950 Subversive Activities Control places and homes were withou Denver Man Hunted West Of Nederland NEDERLAND UP - Perry Clifford. 56. of Denver was reported mis'ir.g Wed. in the mountains above Nederland. 16 miles west of Boulder. Dale Goetz. Boulder County un- dcrsheriff. said Clifford left his summer cabin one mile west o! When the jury was completed, court was recessed until Wednesday. There was one other courtroom flurry. left a note in the car saying "he couldn't stand it any more" and indicating suicide. Sheriff's officers and 12 mem- who are also awaiting trial fort to bar persons with relatives to-national Falls, Minn., and Huron, S. D. --18. Hundreds of schools were closet because of cold and snow. Innumerable travelers were ma rooned because of heavy snow In the Northeast and sections of the Midwest. Snow fell in Jacksonville, Fla. and the Pensacda Naval Air Sta tion had a low of It degrees Freezing readings were commo throughout Florida. South Miam . ·--i- had a low of 36 and Miami 45. ,,. ,,. 7** ·""· """w* was damage to while U.S. District Judge Alexande vegetables in Florida, but th Hollzoff granted the one defense citrus crop appeared safe on this rMTIlAd ranfl ratiwttfu4 ll_ .*»..._ _ « .. i t f\^ a new court round opened here lures in the state. . Justice Department lawyers tolc the judge they had ntticed the distribution of a handbill that saic "The Communist party goes on trial . . . the supreme test o democracy itself." j -- ---o ·-- ---,"-', -- -- --~... w..u ..u,^ nto^ w Newsmen were given copies of the piping involved, JK.OOO; «nd Nederland Tuesday and aban-the handbill and other materials doned hia car on an old mining by two men who identified them- HOLLOMAN AIR FORCE roed nearby. Goetz said Clifford selves as members of a committee BASE. KM. (APi-Bad wealhe Similar trials in the past hav " -- · - - " · .««.n..7 ut tin. i."nniui ii into «( wie L)ii^ lldVC ± i'C ^ w i m i U V W H lUi IdUllLIUilE 0 Longmonl Emergency Rescue lasted for weeks, but indications a huge balloon was stopped Tucs Unit picked up Clifford's trail are this one may last only a few day night because of heavy cloud Tuesday night bill the dogs lost days, The government "said ' '"" L ' ~ ' ' ' ' ' -f . % ~ i | * TM j a , niv; gwt*-( I l i l l C U . . .-» u . - - - o -- · u. .11.. u i v it. Goetz said, when Clifford don- plans lo call only two wilnesscs. launch, flight and recovery, bled back over rocks and ground The defense said'it would not cal The launching had been sched any. juled for this morning. Officials not covered with snow. Clifford's cabin, locked Tuesday- night by his wife, was found bro- morning. The bed ii. ' "" ule slovc a TM PTM vloe ""ormauon about its over the was nol . the undcrsheriff said, officers, members and financial Tl.» _ _ « » _ L 1 1 , . By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Biller, subzero cold gripped a subzero lemperatures piled up lo ° f " ver '.he .Northeast. -pressed . . . , Weather records for UK date clearing roadways with h u g e , ell like ten pins. Winter officially powerful mechanical equipment. ·· 1n J -- ------- And they were shuttling nurses 10 days away. And on this day of odd weather lappenings, the creek in Hell, second day of freezing tempera In Columbus, Ohio a water main broke in the downtown section and businesses, stores, eating water for hours. Many schools were closed in the --1 tempera- ure. I to U IrtchM of N*w Snow In (he northeastern section of )aio, an overnight snowfall of rom 8 to 16 indies brought new- After a complainl by the Justice " ~~ ---a"*- "*·" Department, Holtzoff ordered U.S. vofs , to nundred s of thousands of marshals to arrest anyone found re TM ents passing out handbills in the court- bcores of lowns thr oaghoul Ihe area were buried under snow- ranging from 20 lo 48 inches Balloon Flight To Photograph Postponed for the defense of Gus Hall and forced postponement of an at Benjamin J. Davis, two purported ( TMpt to photograph the stars officers of the Communist parly from above the earth's dislorting atmosphere. The countdown for launchine o and high winds in the areas o If convicted, the Communist . _. party may be fined up to 510,000 tempt for Thursday morning for each day il refuses to register and provide information about its loon'j aluminum gondola lo th _ . . The search was renewed todav. operations. IMcnse Department an -- ' The nounred lhat a Nike Zens anll- nissile missile fired from the nid-Pncifip Kwajnlcin Island -anw within kill range of the tar- pel warhead which had brcn fired! i.OOO miles from Vandcnberg Air Force Hase on the California coast. Two /.ens missiles were fired in vilvo. hut one w-os destroyed aulci- malicnlly ln-i-ause of v.hat was do- Two nwn are lo vide the ba edge of the earth's atmosphere up to 87.000 feet. rilts shaped by biting winds in 8 feet. guardsmen emergency work, ospilals. New snow and biller cold cov- rcd Pennsylvania, Michigan, Test Virginia and upper New 'ork State. states as a means of settling International disputes (and) their solution tlirough negotiations." Khrushchev called the solution of the Caribbean crisis "a major victory for the policy of peace," but he repeatedly attacked "the aggressive circles of imperial- ing so that pledges on both sides would be kept. It was then that he thundered out his warning that the pledges must be kept. Khrushchev, referring to what he apparently meant by President Kennedy's "pledge", said the United States had promised "not to atlack the republic of Cuba and to restrain Us allies from doing so." But despite the implied threat, he Khrushchev speech appeared -, .-- .^ to have a defensive tone. He rend doc-tors from their homes to marked that there was no ques zed Ihe Soviet backdown Khrushchev asserted: "Events have confirmed All Utility Building Bids Turned Down Greeley's City Council Tuesday evening decided to reject all bids which had been submitted for the construction of a new utility sho] building at the City Service Cen ter near Island Grove Park. The city received rive bids o construction of the shop buildin when the bids were opened Dec 4. C. D. Manion of Eaton sub milted the lowest bid. $42.279. BUI Williams, architect for the wilding, told the council Tuesday evening the structure would con tain 5,100 square feet of floor space. Councilman Bob Derring- on, using this figure, computed this would mean, if the city accepted th elow bid, it would pay fS.2l per square foot. Derrington observed his experience had been that a warehouse- ype building of the kind being contemplated by the city could « built for a cost of around $5 to 6 a square foot. Councilrnen Richard Brown and Stanley Suth- rland also expressed similar iews. As a result, the council adopted motion made by Derrington to eject al! the bid's and to read- ·ertise for bids after the plans or the structure have been -hanged to reduce the costs of its construction. It was arranged that Williams rauld prepare a list of changes hat could be made in the build- ng to reduce the cost and woul submit them to the council i about a week to 10 davs. tion of who won in the Cuban crisis, saying that "sanity and the cause of peace" were the winners. Khrushchev's warning came after he had claimed the Soviet Union had prevented an attack on Cuba by "aggressive circles" of the United States to avert "the direct threat ot a thermonuclear world war." The Soviet leader regaled by Lee D. Herring; businessman and humorist from Gra nessman and humorist f r o m Srand Prairie, Tex, at the organ- zation's annual banquet Tuesdav night at the Community Building Herring is vice president of the , in a major orcign policy speech, called to that he peace forces are able to overcome the most dangerous interns- ional crisis, to curb the imperiaj- ist aggressors." Seated in a place of honor on he rostrum was President Tito of Yugoslavia, who was branded as a "traitor to world communism" a week ago by the Red Chinese. Carlos Rodriguez, head of a Cuan trade delegation which arrived here Monday, was also on he rostrum. Khrushchev coupled his :all again for peaceful coexistence be- ween East and West with a charge "imperialist aggressors" were stirring up international ensions with threats and a warning that the Soviet Union had rockets to "reply to a blow by our enemies with a lightning smash- 'renunciation of war among followed.'" He outlined in detail the progress of negotiations conducted by urgent letters with President Kennedy, and declared at one point: "If the other side had not shown restraint, an explosion would hav« Texas Banker Delights 600 At Farmers Union Dinner About 600 members of the Weld that laughter leaches us compas Longmont Nixes Cigarette Tax LONGMONT lAP'-Longmont's, city council rejected a proposed! Irand Prairie State Bank, pasl president of Rotary and has served for six years on the school ward in Grand Prairie. In Octo- er of this year, he was the peaker on the annual caravan of "le Colorado Bankers Associa- lon. · With his slow. soft. Texas drawl, [erring kept his audience in con- nual laughter for the 45 min- tes that he spoke. Yet, he in- luded some serious thouehts as ·ell. After admitting he was a Democrat and saying he had read that IB people of Colorado voted Re- ublican. he said. "Thank the /)rd we live in a country where ve can vote the way we want to. wouldn't want you to vote any*ay but the way you did. "Meetings like this." he continued, "are one of the finest things we have. We need lo know each [other a little better and we can ] at such meetings" He weal on to describe (he Se Herring said. "If that paperhaag- er in Europe with the little mustache had learned a little more of laughter and compassion, he would not have led his country of intelligent people to destruction." He also called on parents to "give their children the love God intended for them to have, ,, the best means to keep them from getting into trouble. In conclusion, he praised his audience for the courtesy and invited them, should any visit Texas, to "come and see a country banker." Victor Wolfe, president of the Veld County Farmers Union, was he master of ceremonies. He in- reduced the guests and Farmers Union officers who were present. These included Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Rissler. mayor of Greeey: Mrs. Ray Johnson, vice president; Mrs. Reuben Moore, secretary and Ireasurer; John Slen- cil, educalion director; George Bicke!, Denver, Rocky Mountain legislative director and editor of the Rocky Mountain Farmer: Don McKee, Sterling, district director northeast Colorado: Ray Martin. 1963 president, anrj his wife; Mrs. John Crossaint. 19*3 secretary and treasurer, and her husband:" Harof Galilee, with its fish and boun-!old Snider. Farmers Union insur. tiful shores, and how 'he waterjance agent, and his wife: and Mr. flows from there mio the Dead' ' " " " where there is no l if e. From ,,, . . ... °· -- - my council re ecsefl a proposed ' Project Mar-gazer set the next at tax of Uvo ,,,,,', JkagV^iwe- f*t ' tomnt fni- Thllr-vHav mm-ninn . .*^ P 11Lr * a 5c I'll . - · oxam P lc Hen-ing stited. Stockholders Elect New Officers After Storming Boulder Office cigarettes Tuesday night." The vote was 4-3 against. Mayor Ralph Price estimated plan would have produced around S30.0W a year. The first project planned if the tax carried was a new swimm-rig rwl. 1 also have to nive sornethinu. Money ;s su- M.'vnnd as a Icrhnical defect in its Sho)) and Mail Karly Buy Christnu* SUm'p* BOn,f)Eii. Colo. i.M'i - Hold-isloi-X represented at the ni and Mrs. Albert Olsen and daughter. Marilyn. At the end of the program Ray Martin came to the microphone and asked the audience to romem pcrfluous if we have the ncces-lber the banquet a vrar ago and s'lties and \u- arc doing what we.tho next mornins. when it was like to do." Potm Oitcrrbts Philosophy He a poem on l.iiKltter !which he said dcsrviK-d learned thai "20 of our children had been taken from us." He asked all prest-nt to bow their silent into the building through ors of 956.775 shares of stock in eonslilulcd more than a majority^ rear door. Green Shield Life Insurance Co. of llie 1.600,000 shares issued. Hci Cent»mpt and Green Shield Plan. Inr., Mdl s aiii the vole ot the meeting was: ... ,,. . , . an annual mcctinc, Tucsdav aflcrlunanimow. ! , ',?"' mm ? I)lsl , ''""^ ing barred lcni|warily from! The merger pro|ysal would h a v e . T ^ ^ i [ ' '' rapiiny hcadqnarleis by armfdji'Wibinrd Green Shield Life Insw-!,^ f ^ TM lards, and voted iigninst a mer.| a noe Co. with National Life In-i-n,. \.'j' . ' 8 ' i - w i t h two other inMiiami'com-: 5 " 1 '''"' 1 ^ Co. of Sioux Kails. S.t).,l ' ' · ' inies. jand Trxas Reserve Life Insurance! However. Ihe former offieersl ! Tiu-v ,,|u, ,-·,,·(,,) n (omnlf'eK"- "' ·'·-n Antonio. Tex. firm)" 1 " 1 dTM' 1 "" vtrr M imnifdi-) new slate of .Inrriorf' and cho«c SI; "' iH n;t "- lllf · * "'·' ^r.-nt, 3 " 1 ^ ^ ** TM* " r1 "* re ' nn inlorifii pre.sidenl. Selected l« '"'" " f »»·· in-suranrt comni.nv. ll""' 1 ^ " lnr -TPf^awe. making "«' cla!! lt " lwar " 1S inn of tl'rt' inMira'nt'c- company. !^" ^ r ,··........*.. ".u-, 'Il»e company had nolifUM slock-;? nwMion.ible whether the bear- hciid (lie rompanv was Charlo * - ...^.,-..1.^-5. · . . . . F, Williams, HouMci nllorwv amr hpllKT$ lhal the nnmiil1 mwling. in S Wl11 tnkc P ! * T - . , spokesman fur the shareholders i Williams was named one of Ihe directors. The olherit chosen wrrr Donald C. Orinkwine, Henver: Charles C Shnpm.ikpr. Boultjer: Arthur F. Tnksmine. lonver;| Chester A May. Auburn. Nob.: Kenneth II Roman of !Vra!dcr and J»rr,pj W. Zoll. Bfmldfr. Majwlty RtpnttoM 11.. ,11.,^ mi- ttiiii\ii«i iiiet'iiiiL;' ' been railed off. but Wilham^j They aw .lames S. Sliively Jr.. Slid he had a court order rc-'^ orill ei' vhairman of the board: A. raining the cnmpany fre.m deny-]''. Carter, president: and Roy D. ; stookholdrrs ai-rnsj to ilieiTofte. William V Rnimmetl. W. buililtng nnd forliidding any dis-IR Rrov.n F.nd J. Henry Von Pein. sipation of the company's assets/ Williams said a he-irmf will be Armed guards a! the nuildmgjc-.mductcd in VS. District Courtj first turned away stockholders,!at Denver Wedne J d»y before who were accompanied by their;,l,i,1ge Alfred A. Aarraj to, deter-; own private guards. After hepin-'mine (hr validity of Tuesday's' ning .i nwetinii in li-rlegrer Heath-.nuvlini; ard the validity of the Williams mM the shurw of ier, with skiffs of mow,' thfyiprosirs v^cd at Uw LAUGHTER was thr orfrr of the tveninj at tlw Weld County Farmers I'nion annual ban- q\»l Tuesday nicht in the Community Build- in;;. !«· P. Hprrinp. Kinkcr. businessman and humorist from Grand I'rairie. Tex , kept MXi Farmers I nion mrmlM-ts and f.muhes bud'.inc for ahout 45 mmutc-s. Mrs. Victor Wolfe, id!, of Ml. wife of th? (irfeident ol the Weld County Farmers I'IOTII. and the Kev Kichard Gayley, rich!, pastnr of the N'unn Presbrtcnan I'hurrh. rnjny a story »!w:t Herring's SOB arxi the party he went lo a day loo Tribune photo by r'tui! F.d-H-orn. I

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