Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on May 16, 1951 · Page 4
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 4

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 16, 1951
Page 4
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PAGE FOUH LAS CnUCES (N. M.) SUN-NEW3 Las Cruees Sun-News Founded In 1881; published dally, except Saturday--weekday,after noons and Sunday mornings--by the Sunnhine Press, Inc., at 241 N Water St., Las Cruces, N. M. Entered at Las Graces postofflce second-class mutter. Stanley Gallup, Advertising Manager Orville E. Priestley, Editor and Publisher National Advertising liepresentatlve: Inland Newspaper Reprcsenta tlves, Inc., Chicago, New York, -St. Louis, Kansas City, Omaha, At lan'.a, Member of the Associated Press. The Associated Press Is en titled exclusively to the use for republlcatlon of all local news print ed in this newspaper, ac well as all AP news dispatches. TELEPHONE 33* This newspaper is a member of the Audit Bureau of Circulations. Ask for a copy of our latest A. R C. Ileport Riving audited facts and figures about our circulation, A.B.C. --- Audit Byreau of Circulations FACTS ait · moaiure of Advertising Value SUBSCRIPTION HATES: Uy carrier In Las Crucc.i and surburban arens, 18c per week or 70c per month; by motor route delivery in Donu Ana county, $8.50 per year or 85c per month. By mall in New Mexico 7Gc per month or $7.60 per year. Outside of Stftte 85c per month or $8,60 per year. Mall subscriptions uro payable In advance, Dear Old Politic! Just how a man can be q u a l i f i e d and be prrmiUerl lo carry on work in ft c o m m u n i t y for three and a half years and then suddenly be ' f i r e d ' ho has refused or failed to q u a l i f y by securing a state license all sounds a l i t t l e 'fishy' to us. Dr. H. G. M. Ehlers, who lias been h e a l t h d i r e c t o r for this district for thc past three and a half years, was "fired" Saturday by the state h e a l t h director. He was "fired", according lo Doctor Ehlers, because he had f a i l e d lo secure his s t a l e At least Doctor Ehlers says t h a t is w h a t the letter from the s t a t e d i r e c t o r said. We don't k n o w why Doctor Ehlers was relieved of his (Ililies here. We t h o u g h t he was t r y i n g to tin a good job. We k n n w he did the best ( h a t he could considering t h a t 'polities' got the d i r e c t o r before him 'fired'. That director was f i r e d , so we h a v e been advised, because he tried to enforce s a n i t a - tion r e g u l a t i o n s and clean u p the r i l y and county. Some of the p o l i t i c i a n s d i d n ' t l i k e him e n f o r c i n g Ihe laws so he losl his job. Some .".ml he lost his job because he endeavored lo move too fast; because he was not d i p l o m a t i c about it. But a f t e r a l l , he was merely f o l l o w i n g the law and s e e k i n g to enforce t h e l a w -- t h a t i.s his d u l y and his re- s p o n s i b i l i t y . Health laws were passed and adopted to protect Ihe p u b l i c . But back to Doctor Khlers. If he i.s not q u a l i f i e d to act as h e a l t h director now he was not q u a l i f i e d lo act as health IN THE MIDDLE. o n 'V i* a^ Korean War (Continued i r n m Page One) horoiifjhly bolster their defenses. A division spokesman said the Al- ied I'm res are probably in the bust losiliohH they have manned yet. High School Art Department Will Present Exhibit Telephone Firm's Stockholders Now Total OmrMillion A milestone :n the history of American business has been reached with the addition of the millionth stockholder in the American Tel. Tel. Co., according to an announcement made today. A. T. T. has become the first company in thc United States history to achieve such a democracy of ownership. Owners of the na- lion-v/idc Bell Telephone System live in 19,000 cities, towns find mr- »1 a r e a s ' t h r o u g h o u t the country and represent a cross section of America. Over 22.000 A. T. T. Company .stockholders live in thc western lates served by the Mountain States Telephone and Telegraph Company. The money" they have invested in telephone stock along with that provided by. all the other stock' holders has made possible the growth of the telephone business. The Mountain States Telephone and Tele-graph company has hail its greatest growth since thc end uf World War D. In New Mexico during thc past few years, tlie Mountain States Company lias had the greatest construction program in its history. Over SIS million has been spent in thc state since World War II. During the last ten years the number of telephones has more than tripled, and twice as much has been invested in telephon' ,, . , » , ,, , ,,,.,,.. ,,,»,,,.,.·,, i( ..t. T|1C U n j o n h Hr| ( 1 ( ,p a ,. t t n M t | nns oeon invcKicu in .eiepnunu sale they r,. conlVtait and , n ; .,,, . · ,,.,,,,,,, ' _. I p l u n t s as in all Ihc previous years Sood .spirits. Store ['noil Supplies Prisoners Haiti Llic Ked.s ]iad KtnrtMl sufficient fond in N o r t h Ko- x'a lo supply thoir entire force (100,000 mt'ii for 50 (lay.H. Korea's i-itiiiy Keasfm Ini'Jition- illy h l a i l K late in -May. Tlie Ulick inn! will slow Reel i n f a n t r y m e n t i i k l n p in a "human sea" but will log down Allied tanks and truuks. U i i f n v m n h l c uvallicr liplil U. N. piano :ittark.s nn lied supply linos down lo :tOO notlif.s Tuesday and forced H-Hsr.s I n homfo a t f u i n Wednesday by nidar. j will present an exhibit of cinss work Friday, May IS, in room 1 1 0 J at the liiph school, George (ir.'iy. art instructor, announces. Tlie exhibit will remain open Friday n i g h t in order t h a t those who attend of t h c y's operation in the diri.Tlm- three and a h a l f yo.irs ago. And if thc law concern- i n g the employment of a h e a l t h director require.'; him lo he .... . T T T . I I T ;i lia''d p r a c t i c i n g p h y s i c i a n a l t h o u g h the same law pro- 1 W I A W i l l m " \ f r l l l l i i l i l t s a h e a l t h director from p r a c l i c i n j j medicine, then this J.noiuj.1 .should h a v e been t a k e n care uf months ago. K i t h e r lie 'should have boon required to c o m p l y w i t h thc law a n d secure t h a t license or it should have been forgotten. Wo are i n c l i n e d to believe there i.s a l i t t l e something more b e h i n d the m o v e m e n t t h a n appears on t h e surface. We t h i n k t h a t 'dear Old Polities' had a h a n d in tlie a f f a i r . The American Telephone and Telegraph company's requirements for new capital have also been greater in the last few years than in all of the previous history of the telephone business. Over 35 million JJell telephones j are now in service throughout thc n a t i o n and l.'u/2 million have been cdilcd since the end of World War And we are f i r m l y convinced t h a t as a result of r e l i e v i n g Doctor Ehlers of his d u t i e s here t h a t Dona Ana c o u n t y will' be w i t h o u t a h e a l t h director for a good many months. Tickets Can Be Sold Probably the largest job of selling season tickets for Aggie f o o t b a l l games, some 2,000 lo H.OOO of them, is to be t a c k l e d t h i s year by Aggie backers and t h e i r f r i e n d s . It is a t r e m e n d o u s task and y e t -- i t can be done w i t l i t h e proper interest and e n t h u s i a s m . Every e f f o r t is to be made t h i s year lo give v a l u e in ret u r n for g i f t s made to the Aggie A t h l e t i c program. And the v a l u e to be g i v e n is to be season f o o t b a l l tickets. I f the p l a n can be worked---then H calls on the part of the Q u a r t e r b a c k c l u b for g i f t s to the athletic program w i l l not be made this year. So it is going lo denend on us as lo w h e t h e r the sale of tickets IB a success and w h e t h e r a d d i t i o n a l g i f t s or c o n t r i b u - tions may be needed to assist some of Ihe athletes in meeting t h e i r t u i t i o n and o t h e r expenses. I t is n well k n o w n fact t h a t New Mexico AM college can not meet some of Ihe proposition:: and the proposals made to high school football players to er.cou'ragc t h e m to a t t e n d A M . No e f f o r t Is to be made along t h a t line. There are some things w h i c h ;'an be done and every effort lo do them is to be made. And every a t h l e t e is to receive e x a c t l y the same consideration this year. Hut for this lo be done it is going to be up to us lo sell or to buy the season tickets. And the desire Is to raise at least $22,000 w i t h the preseason sale' of season football tickets for the Aggies home games. Included among these home game.'; w i l l be the University of New Mexico Lobos. The real desire is to u n d e r w r i t e the sale of those l i e k e t s and lo g u a r a n t e e t h e i r sale by selling them in blocks. This means f r n n r t e u t i c k e t s up to 100 tickets or more. Those u V - ing the tickets are being requested to sign for them, pay for t h e m and t h e n go out and sell them or dispose of them iii any way they so desire. H is honed to place f r o m 2,000 to ,'),000 in t h i s manner- t h a i means the. t i c k e t s w i l l be sold and t h a t the money w i l l he in t h e t i l l so the promised program can he carried o u t . The f i r s t m e e t i n g to l a u n c h the sale of these t i c k e t s is ilaled for 7:30 T h u r s d a y n i g h t , May I V at M i l t o n H u l l . It is hoped t h a i from 150 to 200 Aggie backers, boosters, friends and those interested in [lie college and its a t h l e t i c program w i l l he present for this meeting. No one would be mad if some 300 to !H)0 were present. And at t h i s t i m e those present are going to be requested and urged to take 1(1 season tickets or up to 100 season tickets --more if t h e y w a n t t h e m -- p a y for (hem and then go. out and sell t h e m . But for the first t i m e those m a k i n g s u b s t a n t i a l g i f t s or c o n t r i b u t i o n s lo (he Aggie a t h l e t i c program are to receive f u l l v a l u e for t h e i r g i f t s and they can secure t h e i r money bark by s e l l i n g the tickets. The new A g g i e s t a d i u m , which is as f i n e as can be found anywhere, is all ready for ( h e season. It w i l l seat between fi.-lOO and (i.fiUll fans. The desire is to f i l l t h a t s t a d i u m for every game. I t is believed t h a t a f t e r s t u d e n t s have been provided seats t h e r e w i l l s t i l l be available some 5,000 seals to be sold. They are a l l good seats w i t h i n Ihe 20 yard lines. The s t a d i u m does not extend beyond these lines." Hut the success of the program is going lo depend on the sale of ihe liekets. The a t h l e t i c program is going lo depend on the sale of Ihe tickets. And the sale of the tickets is going lo depend on our interest and our enthusiasm and our a t t e n d a n c e at this m e e t i n g tomorrow n i g h t . All newspapers are a l w a y s glad to co-operate w i t l i worthy movements and u n d e r t a k i n g s but they can always do a butter job when they are given n l i t t l e co-operation. One of the biggest lessons we need lo lenrn in this Anicr- . lea of ours is t h a t our educational institutions are only eroded and operated for the students who attend them, the Mixed Chorus Spring Concert m u y visit the showing, which is open to tile public. j Hue A r t s Class The second period f i n e arts clans w i l l e x h i b i t pen and ink dr.T.viri;^. pencil sketches, w a t e r color paintings and oil painting.'!. Students of this second period who "/ill be represented in tile exhibit are: U i l l i e Ciarkson. J u n e Oriycs, Alberta Duktvey, Ray 1-ovoll, Rex Moore, Dolores Sc-iiI'lett. J o h n n y I , Anici'lunrisT'iTkl''^^ linnes'o Na- I Sloppy, Huh Wallace, Bob Wood. t ,, nali . HUi y0 u will ill.'lir 1.1,0 hatic».l | and Kent Newby. ; ,,. Uh , cl , il;cso peopte . rhi3 is ,,, j The first and t h i r d period ar'.i I rmi|OK.-inila." and c r a f t s's w i l l THE MILLIONTH STOCKHOLDER of the American Telephone atidlTdlograph Company ( -- t h e only business in the United Stales to achieve such a broad'democracy of, ownership A --is represented by Mr. and Mrs. Brady Den Ion, of Saginaw} Michigan, who jointly own seven shares of stock. Dnnlon, a n . a u t o m o b i l e salesman, and his'wife'/Dorothy,-and two pi:' their three boys are shown above d u r i n g a visit to their local telephone/exchange. Johnny, 3, in his father's arms", watches as Brady, Jr., G, learns about switchboard operating from Miss Doris Beiser o f t h e Michigan Bell Telephone Company. ' . " ' . · ' . - . Demands for sen-ice continue to be very heavy for defense communication ns well as for civilian use. The telephone is vital to produc- TI and to the armed services. Adding; the one millionth stock- lokler occurred in the 75th anni- Eiry year of the telephone. It vas on March 10. 1876. that Alexander Graham Bell's spoken words /ere carried over a telephone line. vhich stretched from one room lo nothcr in a Boston attic where ic was experimenting. Chiang Urges Mainland Fight (Continued from Fige 1} (Continued from-Pa^e 1) mine thc average. New Officers At T -ITM U n 1WT ·!-" 'wood rnrvmies, m i - l a l \vorli.*' r u s h - " " .,",'. I J f ,r Comment un Unit*"! A s i m i l a r contract has been sign- LlinCnGOn IVlBGllIlCninn ^r,^\^. model ^W^-\^^--^^\\^^ to obtain a speedy, I «1 w t t l i the Precipitation Research . e r purses. billfolds, belts, book UU«;IHIVI? tcimiimliuii of thc K o i e - 1 Co. ruralion, covering a 10*coiinlj Rainmakers INSTALLATION of telephone 'cable attracts the Denton family. ' ' Thc Women':; I m p r o v e m e n t As( ' mla - driftwood inmps and w a l l or- j a n laments, figurines, textile p a i n t - ; J;a id; Generalissimo x, and pottery. StuiIi'iiK To l'urth-i|i: Students in Kociation will install now officers at a luncheon Friday, May J8, in thc Woman's club. Mrs. t*. \V. Clnike is lhc new president. Mi'H. Clarke takes part in till c o m m u n i t y drives, is a member of the Church of, and Is active in tin; B.tPW, Kappa Kappa loin, and the Order of HyaucoanlK. OUuT new officers are; vice- president, Mrs. Hasliell S m i t h ; r,Tonllr, K .secn-tary, Mr*. \ V l l l i n m ' Mll l ;llcs - C n r f l Hityner; assistant recording .secretary, Mr.H. G r a n t; c;irre.sponcl- Ijaum; troiimirer, Airs. Floyd cnld- well; p a r l i a m e n t a r i a n . Mrs. Kd W h i t f l c k l ; board of trusteed. Mr.i. Robert Lyllt 1 , Mm. Felix Harwell. "I cannot e n t e r t a i n an optimistic ,Us i vii-w oi I hi; Koivan war. i cannot classes are predict when it will end if conlin- Frances Adams, Mary Lou j A m e s - j ucii on the present hasis." q n i t a . M a r i l y n Davison, Rail- Lnv- [ The nid ivarrior against corn- ell. Willie Alefifl, Frank (Kteete, I mimism then made his declaration Frank Tnlamnnles, ttpifanii Flor- j t h a t his Nationalists hy a divcr- es, A m i e Short, J u l i e t Alvarez, IS'a-i siunary a t t a c k against thc m a i n land wouUl halt iig£rcsKion in Koreo. Need Si.\ Munths d i n o Bnmert. i .h'.'tn Cnwdry, .Tune DriRfi, Paul Under. James M a n n a . J'.-ilsy Sin; hie M a r t i n e z . Kenno Lli Morrison. Dolores S:-nrlelt, Kemn-th Walker, llanchw Tnkvs lloinc.luss Honiin Pigeon Under \\ r mg t NOHMS, Mny U! f/!'i -- A homo- 1 r H:I honnng i):yeon is rancher. Floyd Hliinh ley's problem todny. He found the bird on his place H miles n o r t h of Hohb.s. Tlio pigeon wn.i grounded by oil on its Two prizes will lie R i v c n i to the best n.'prescn In lives from the f i n e area in the Southeast. Thc corporation is headed by Handier O. E. Mnore of Carlsbad. J n this case, the bonus starts at an average of 10.:i inches reported by 13 weather bureau stations and stops nt thc same price anil 17.G inches. D i l l e r e n t Type A different typo of contract is in operation in the southwest where thc Southwestern Water De-- Curporation. headed by "It would take six months for us ' AD ' Brownfleld of Dominji, put to auirt mo Meg*, wjm uoiinn.'/- «| a flat Icu V S45.000. The area offensive a l t e r necessary JUKI atic^- quitte equipment and .supplies arc u v u i l a b l u in Formosa, he t?;tid. 1 asked Chang the ttl.OOO troops he offered for service in Korea year :;till were availably. "Thuru has heuii no ne\v cp- y ir.ccnlly. will interr.-Jl npcctn- proach hy t h c United A'utious," \s. 'rim piintino^.4 ami driiWiiiMH · ne replied. "JT I h e i u .should be, . lilanltely it a shampoo mid fed it. Now the homele.'j;i wan- ur hat; adopted a new home. A mode! house by raid llader. who won l.he arts and c r a f t s honor k'oy, will intcre.-;! :;pccta tor nf A l b e r t n Dehivey, wli» won the j i-uiisuitatiims would U; ne(jess.-J!-y Tint 1 Arts honrjr key, w i l l also be j to meet the new clmn#cd situation. displnyt'd. j But in I-ILHC of ;ir.senL need I certainly will not shnk my resptm- sihihLies." ; officer.! niv: inosidcnt, t'liJirKr* Corruption 1 then s:iid there was wide- Mrs. W i l l i a m Shelley. Mrs. William .Shelley: vi.:o-president. Mr,;. C. W. C l a r k e ; rc^jnl-1 art; a.snistini; recording sr-retary, Mrs. Daviil Nu.sbauni; c;n:usp ·in.-, til ln; U n u N'ationnlist yi ;d Ktaies includes an estimated 10,000,000 acres, of which 50,000 are irrigat- oJ. In tjie Jiortheast, another group ha:; put up a flat foe of $25,000 for operations over a 125-sqnare mile area. This group had a contract on a bonus plan Jn.-it year. These four contrac in K\iii yc:nr. ts run from ' Senator Charges (Continued from page oncj- whole inquiry into Mac Arthur's ouster. Fulbrikht told reporters; '.'Apparently things are not quite going the way ihey (Republicans) like. I think the inference .can be drawn that because of this they arc making u n f a i r and u n t r u e charges about 'pulling down the iiun curtain,." K;ibcs Question . This was a reference to a contention by Sen. Knowland (R- Calif ) that Bradley 'H stand about j the talks w i t h the President raised j a question whether the W h i t e j House was lowering an "iron curtain" on I h e testimony of witnes- GOOD EVENING Pleasant Listening K O B E 1450 On Your Dial TONIGHT---"WED. ' March to September. Tha f i f t h | Knowlflnd'.s statement was made contract runs from Feb. 1 to .Tune *" ^ committee room. Las Cmeos Iliiitinmkcr It is signed w i t h the Moisture Production Corporation, headed by CHffoid liorton of Las Cruees nni: pinvide.s for increasing Hie snow- pack in t h e northern mountains, Cdi-1-ntil in i l « » ( I n i i n i « t h ' ) t i n n I Tile fee is fOl' $10,000 t'OT lip to j c o n u p t in i t s admmi.stMtion W(lLo| . .^t^-, be .drawn that Republicans arc try- ·''·'.'»)[) acie ROI oi \\aiti tnu.i Fulbright said he objected also to a Senate floor speech yesterday hy Knowland which Fulbright Interpreted as indicating 1 some cf- fcrL was being made "lo cover up" part of thc .evidence. "Srtbiiliij;n Inquiry" 'It looks like an inference could Evening Buyers Guide I-HS Cruces Furniture Calls :.;.". k Trail Cly.:c Beatty Victor Borge UP News . Fnu I ton Lewis, Jr. I-cV.; \VislU: · ' "UP.News . . of a f t a i r s on the mainhiml MU tnat ing . H;i le; parliamont.irian, Richardson. . T V . S n i f f e r - 1 """vi.aiai leaner* m' thul regime h"C Elephant Butte reservoir in Mrs lessc'loo" or expoited Lo the UnHfd southern New Mexico. The Elephant Buite and El Paso, Tex., irrigation districts :'ie reprcscnt- D A I L Y . C R O S S W O R D ACROSS 1. Tlntte'l Nallmis battle- Rrouml C. Capital (Efiypt.) 0. Brighl- 28. Brood of colored younpf flower pheasants (i.Ccnt labor.) 30.1'arlof 7. Breezes "to be," 8. Fish 31. River (Fr.) 9. Scope aS.Crys, as I I . Egg-ahapctl 10. Ancient ft cat ,, objects 14. The Orient 35. Puppets 12 Of thc tides 17. Shabby 36. Fellah J3. Division of 19. Male .sheep flightless birds IS, Cleave 18. Earth as a goddess 10 Backward 22. Coin (Jap.) L';i. Milldlsh 24.9lory 23. Gourdlilte fruit 20. Prickly-pear y;!. Bretistplato onmmcnU .1-1. Attempt ;tr. Fcmnlc ilccr ;i7. Contrives 40. Siberian irulf 41,Comlult 4'2. Jump 4-1, Shore blnli 48. Premier ot Vichy Kovcrnmcnt BO. Talto by force 51. Portion 52. Dubious DOWN 1. Dry measure 'JO. Female sheep 21. Estimated worth 22. Clans (Ir.) 25. Behold! (W. Afr.) 38. Goddess or love "* 30. People of Ireland 27. Boxscicn- conjunctlon tiflcally i-ii Yf ittrilny't Aniwrr 43. Polynesian drink 46.131b1lenl name 46. Earth (dial.) 47. Enemy arout 49. The (Fr.) 2. ER a.'fto . Oiolc ill wealih. 1 asked if uny -such wealih htui ben recovercvl uml lined for the benefit of. all Chiang's reply, sources here said. w*ui me iir^i ciunment he has ever miulc on ihis .subject. · I "Kor many years," Chang .said, "the government has niade inquiries of thc United SUues KOV- cinment seeking- cooperation mid iiiiiiii.iuliun a.s LI w!u into: l u k c n woallli to tho United States. ed in tlie organization. ing tu a-:-oU»f this inquiry," Ful- brighL said. "1 hup« that is not true." Told by repoi tcrs of Fulbvight's comment. Wen. H. Alexander Smith ( R - N J ) sai:: · "I disagree v;ith thai. There is "We requested the U n i t e d Stales jiiiviirn n lent lo inform us of this so t h a t wt- cuidd then take a l l to return t h i s u i - a l t h or treasuro to it-s ri^hli'ul owners, Jiy Gitvoinnu-nt. of China, "So far. our talks have produced no results, \Vc are re.i'i.y to proceed to reclaim any money taken i nun China and use it for ihe general good of UiV people." Aggie Fooiball (Continued f i o m papt; ono) bern t'.-itimated will he voniiivil to cany out the proposed a t h l e t i c Over the 375,000 acre-feet, 'a bonus of 12 cents an acre foot is provided. However, ihe likelihood nothing to it." of thitf bi'injf paid is slight because j "T(irj:riii» Query" Bin Fulbright said it appeared to him the Republicans were preparing to "cry whitewash and tor- nff p flow of the Rio Grande is still only 50 per cent of normal. Slwleiil Draft Is Postponed Until. Grades WASHINGTON 1 , May 16--I/PI- I )r.'i fling of college .stiulonts was poitlponcd today u n t i l tliey have a chance to provide tluUr d r a f t boards w i t h aptituric-to.U scores or fivuleiu'c of scholastic KlnnUlng. Selective Service headquarters liild state diioctors, howe\Vr, that no inductions will he postpujied beyond Aug. 20. \ ' The state officials also Wijre reminded nf earlier instructions to ])i\stpone Intiiiutiont of rollegi'l and hifih schnol sliidents for .'SO Vlayrf lieyoinl the end of - t h e academic year U) cn.ible them to find p .es- jobs or enlist for servic^. The aptitude tests wilt be given J at college testing centers throup-.h-! rirkels l-'nr ( i l f l s ! i*ut the nation during- the next two '1 Vesrnl plans call for no re- :jmnths. l r a f t boards may iii^e of {lift paring to "cry pedo thc whole investigation." He said the same issue of confidential communications between j President Truman and Gen. ^lac- A r t h u r and Secretary of Defense Marshall "could have been mined but were not." Chairman Russell (D-Ga) of the i n q u i r y - g r o u p lefiiscd to comment on t'ij statement. A u t o and Otner Kinanclnp; . . ChlKon Loan InsurfiUcii Co, W. J. LITTLE REALTOR liKAI, KSTATK * LOAN'S First National Bank Bldg. nr IS05 IVM. 4::io 4 M 5 5:OC* J 5::,0 5:55 G:00 0:30 6 : 4 5 0:50 . Lpo:t3 Cast ' ·* 7:00' Sereniule in" Blue 7:15 C'onceYt Miniature 7:25 Plrffly Arnold 7:30** Family Theatre ' ,, 8:00 Falstaff .Serenade * 8:15** I Love A Mystery 8:30 Jackpot-Jamboree 9:00 UP N'ewfi 0 : l f j f * Mutual Newareel , 9:30 Starlight. Concert 9:55 T * News 10:00 · "S-gn Off TOMORROW -- THURS. A.M. j C:00 UP News' ;.' 6:05 'El Corrido Mdxinano 7:00 Robert Hurleig'h News ) 7:15** Tell Your Neighbor 7 ; :30 Jiorning News 7:45 Trading Post 8:00 Cecil Brown 8:15 "Gather Round Kids ,j S:2f News . · 8:30 Morning Biiyers Guide 0:00 Morning Devotional 9:15 · Music of the Tropics · 9:25 Ncxvs ' 9:30** Queen for a Day ' 10:00. Facts arid Fun for '' Everyone 10:15 } President Truman.Speech 10:25 News 10:30 Cedric Foster . 1 10:45 Harvey Harding Sings 11:00 Tony Fontaine 11:1S- Sta.n Lomax Sports Vicwjs 11:6 News 11:25 Clcvoliind vs.-Ynnkoces · K O B E ! Your Friendly Station / A .MlPrtJAI* NETWORK Att-'IMATfJ A Innalions. ilesirinp lo make g i f t s will be given season LicUol.s in t h e amount of their g i f t s or contribu- ions. 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