Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on June 26, 1967 · Page 4
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 4

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Monday, June 26, 1967
Page 4
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Idaho Free Press it Caldwell News-Tribune, Monday, June 26,1967 - 4 PAGE OF OPINION HENRY TAYLOR COMMENTS Copyiighl 1967 loi Angetes Timai S TODAY'S EDITORIAL A Temporary Move? When Gov. Don Samuelson authorized use of unmtrked state police cars last week, if evoked a controversy that has not yet simmered down. It is the contention of the Idaho State Police and of Samuelson that unmarked cars ire needed in order to rid the highways of reckless drivers. Others say, however, that it Is unwise to allow this practice. Among the critics has been the IdahoSfate · Automobile. Association. It contends that a motorist would have no visible way of 'determining if he was being stopped by a police car or by an Imposter. A »oman driving late at night certainly would be reluctant to stop for such a car. H using unmarked cars will work, as the FOREIGH COMMENTARY state police seem to feel, we believe it should be done -- but only as a temporary measure. Permanent use of unmarked cars could brand the state police as "sneaks" in the eyes of a portion of the public, thus lowering the high respect it has earned throughout the years. We believe the plainly marked state police car serves a more important purpose than would an unmarked car. It serves as a safe driving reminder to the majority of those who see them on the road. .And don't forget that drivers who might be trying to summon help would pass by these unmarked vehicles. At the end of a three-month trial period, we would urge the governor to re-evaluate his decision and consider marking all state police cars once again. Saigon Believes Cong To Use Murder Teams ByPHILNEWSOM t'PI Foreign News Analyst The foreign news outlook: SAIGON TERRORISM: Terrorism Is on the increase in Saigon and through much of the rest of South Vietnam. In the capital, police fear that the Viet Cong is infiltrating men and women murder teams, aimed both at the Americans and government officials and workers. With the presidential election campaign just around the corner, a dramatic increase in Communist terrorism maybe expected. CHECK AND CHECKMATE: The continued blocking of the Suez Canal is costing Egypt an estimated $5 million a week In sorely needed revenues. Israel, banned up to 'now by Egypt from use of the canal, is reported considering a pipeline from {he Gulf of Aqaba to the Mediterranean. This could cut down on Egyptian revenues since big supertankers iiu longer would have to pay enormous fees for transiting the canal, and Israel would be the gainer. EMPTY HOUSE: United Nations speakers are droning on and on to practically an empty house. Everybody Is busy In the wings trying to come up with a compromise solution to the Mideast crisis. The expectation is that at least two more weeks will drag by before action. The Romanian speech was a blockbuster among Communist nations, coming the closest yet to a 25 YEARS AGO George Van de Steeg of Nampa was elected vice-president of the seventh judicial district bar association in a meeting Monday evening at the Dewey Palace hotel. George Huebner ot Emmett was elected president, and C. H. Higer of Emmett secretary-treasurer. Hugh N. Caldwell of Caldwell, retiring president, presided at the dinner meeting, (June, 1942) Meeting at the Southslde Boulevard School Monday evening, Southside Boulevard residents set up their defense organization under sponsorship of Walter Urben, Amos Ulrich and Mrs. Earl Allen. Edwin Skogsberg was named rural fire chief, and Brant Hays assistant. Fire department members are Fred Skogsberg, Dan Hastriter, Floyd Schley, Fred BarreH, Art Johnson, Anton Svedin, Charles Schroll, Warden Ellis, Burketl Bray and Earl Odle. (June, 1042) Nampa high school will offer a course In aeronautics this year, Principal C. C. Cowjn said today, as part of a nationwide program to give high school students ground instruction in preparation for service with the air forces. (June, 1942) Woodworking classes at Nampa high school have been discontinued and power equipment from the woodworking shop is being shipped out today, The equipment is to be used by the Navy. (June, 1942) Caldwell Brief -- Maud Henry of Nampa has filed her pttltlon for the office of justice of the peace of the Nampa precinct, an office she now holds. (June, 1942) MIDWAY - Miss DorofiiySelmler.daughtern/Mr.and Mrs. Aloys Schuler, has been hi red to teach the fifth and sixth grades not jar. (June, 1942) compromise solution and giving courage to mtddle-of-the-fencers to look at the U.S. proposal. The arrival of King Hussein of Jordan was regarded more as a trip to renew personal contacts than as a new Arab anti-Israel thrust. QUANDARY FOR U.S.S.K.: In London, diplomatic observers believe the Kremlin Is In a quandary about the Middle East and will take some time to assess its new policy, Moscow will continue to back the Arabs diplomatically and will be under great pressure to help them materially. Russia will have to work out substantial economic aid to prevent a total breakdown of the Egyptian economy. The signs are It will not rush at the same time massive military aid before it is sure it will not once again be exposed to destruction. BOMB PRESSURES: The French are expected to speed up work on theh- hydrogen bombs, the first of which is scheduled for testing next summer. The reason-Communist China's June 17 H- bomb test which created surprise and dismay after Defense Minister Pierre Messmer's claim last fall that France was well ahead of China in nuclear research. Today's Thought By H. B. DEAN "Now the Spirit speakelh expressly, that !n the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot Iron." 1 Timothy 4:1-2 This appears to be the day of the out spoken critic and the silent Christian. "Let the redeemed of the Lord say so whom He hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy," "Ye are my witnesses," Canada:Pay-as-You-GoPoHcy By HENRY J.TAYLOR more business with Canada and cognition for this. every $9 the Common Market Japan alone than with all the Further, Canada has provided countries spend. In tngann MONTREAL- This country, Common Market countries. And immense amounts toother na- takes three men to P ro TM c = * the second largest in the world, with not a great many more tions - including Britain - in ton of steel for each steeimawr is much more than Expo G7. people than New York or Cal- mutual aid, and Is at Its own required In the Unitea sarei. It's a monument to the power ifornia, Canada is the world's expense a major partner in both England's productivity is io«er of hope, seventh nation in manufacturing the American defense and the than any Western European in- The exposition started out as and fifth in world trade. North Atlantic defense program, dustrialized nation on tne con- unappreciated as an honest cop. Our taxpayers' dollars pour Business is good - but not ti[m( - ** a result j, ! h ^ But now that It is entirely fin- out like daisies to 82 countries booming Marvelous Expo 67 are usya "' hi ^ her ' , , . Ished after many months of toil on a "the-world-loves-me, the- has given it a shot in the arm liveries relatively slow, into ----» --~* given by the skyscraper workmen world-loves-me-not" basis, as and the export market is well pounding on Iron and steel - if we are merely frying to see sustained but costs are climb- the woodpeckers of the modern which petal is at the bottom of j ngi pro fjt s f a iij n g ^^ f ne po. world - the Canadians have the barrel. But not to Canada. im ca i disturbances in the field proved once more that It doesn't Canada has never accepted of American capital investment pay to be a doubting Thomas gits from the United States in are creating a financial pinch, where they are concerned. peace or war, Like Finland, And Britain itself is not doing are financing much of their Ca- Cities that ar? ports have a it has always paid for what it too well here nadian buying directly through a pulse beat that Inland cities ne- received, although the Canadians Britain spends only $6 on re- Canadian government agency, ver know, and here the pulse have never received proj,er re- sea rch and development for and Canada continues to grant beat is registered by Its river. this preferential Canadian market. In contrast, Russia and several Iron Curtain countries are doing conspicuously well. Red China and East Germany The mighty St. Lawrence has already flowed a thousand miles from the head of our lakes and has a thousand miles to roll before reaching the Atlantic Ocean. Eight out of 10 Canadians live within 200 miles of the U. S. border. The St. Lawrence Seaway, opened only eight years ago, offers a deep channel from Duluth, Minn., to the sea and opens upper America to 80 per cent of the world's salt-water fleets. Its by-products are 21 ports in Canada. Canada is our biggest and best export customer. We do OUR READERS SAY Recall Try Accelerates To The Editor: When I heard, five weeks ago, that an effort was being made to recall me from the United States Senate on what amounted to charges of treason, my first comment was that, like Patrick Henry, I would let my friends speak for me. You have certainly been one of those friends! I cannot tell you how deeply moved I have been by the fine editorial comments suchasthose that have appeared in your columns. From news reports of recent days, it would appear that the campaign against me is to be accelerated. Regardless of the pressures, I assure you that I will continue to serve our state and our nation to the very best of my ability and judgment and that I will always continue to follow the dictates of my considered convictions. I will not violate the faith you have evidenced in my position through your editorial comments. Best personal regards, Frank Church U. S. Senate Washington, D. C. new v.-heat contracts on special terms to Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria and Yu. goslavia. The lathe is the father of all machine tools. It is the only tool that can reproduce itself, The Russians are specialists in low-cost lathes and a surprising number of Canadian factories are now entirely equipped with them. Hungary's precision instruments are good. Hungary supplied most of the difficult in. strumentation for Russia's uranium development in Czechoslovakia. Hungarian optical and glass products are also well entrenched throughout Europe, NIKEX,; the Hungarian Foreign Trade Enterprise Bureau, is pushing all of these here. The Czechs are busy. The immense Skoda complex I visited not too long ago at Pilsen, and the Bata shoe works, Europe's largest, are pressing their products at low prices. The work week in Red Czechoslovakia is 51 hours -- six on Saturday -- and the workers gut next to nothing for it. Tiny Monaco's short border next to France sprouts only flowers. Our 4,000-mile border with Canada has been unfortified for more than 100 years. Nothing comparable exists anywhere in the entire world. MAKE A CLEAN BREAK WITH THE PAST! Switch now to flameless electric heat for your home! Modernizing loans are available -$500 to $2000, simple interest- payments on your electric bill. Qualify your home for Idaho Power's low "All-Electric" rate. You can get full information and planning assistance at your local Idaho Power Company office. CONNIE AND HOLLIE KURTZ, TWIN FALLs" ^T Like little girls and candy, electric heat is easy to like," say Mr. and Mrs. Barrel Kurtz of 906 Del Mar Drive in Twin Falls. "We like it because it's so free of care. There are no moving parts, nothing to require attention, nothing to worry about," say Mr. and Mrs. Kurtz. "We'd never go back to anything else!" Does So MUCH,,.Costs So LITTLE

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