Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 17, 1957 · Page 12
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 12

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, June 17, 1957
Page 12
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June Research Biochemist Kills Self Upon Being Called in House ^ONT::;:::V, c::;:;:. :· A s:^:: l ' (1M ford UniMT.'ily research s c i e n t i s t Vf ^ who \vas .scheduled to a p p e a r before a Huiise Cum miller prnhin.L; Com munis 1 1 · ' i n t e l l e c t u a l i n f i l t r a - tion" \va.s found d y i n g Sunday in his l a h n r a i u r y . D e p u t y CoroniT Clu'i.^inpln'r ' I I ] ! i l l J r . s a i d i l \ v a s · ' p r n h i i h l y M I J (.e. .liltei- which opens h e u r i n - j n J-'rancisco M u m U v , sjid j || (ln NimwHjd had lu'Cn .suhpoeiiiicd. ' He r e f u s e d tu j;ive the reasons for c a l l i n g Sherwood before t a l k i n g wnli ilie c o m m i i l c c niemhers, w h o J u i v t n ' l y d a r r i v e d from W a s h i n g - t o n . haiml in Sherwood's home was a leUcr s a y i n n : · ".My life nnd my livelihood are now t h r e a t e n e d hy Llie House c o m m i t t e e . . . . 1 will he in two ( f a y s a s s a s s i n a t e d by p u b l i c i t y . . . ' 1 would Four Crashes Over Weekend Result in Considerable Damage riMflcrablc prop* rly darnn^o 10 injuries ivsiilttri frum fuur c accidents which occurred IK Ihc wi-eki'tid. ihe h i g h w a y 1 n-purk-il. IDW C.icvrnk-t driven hy ^::.i'., !. Jkllta uf !223 T\VLT- \vus damaged Sf00 and n n Grover Rodeo Sunday ' ** 5 Hurt in 2 Traffic Accidents in County MARKETS lljht lype under 1 Ibi i | f e r » heavy lypt L M; bnltel |iali A 111-!] *:,](. W i l l k i m K. .Shi-ruon... 4 1 , u'as f d i i t u l in Ins Hopi-.ins M i i - riiu 1 l o t i o n - l o r y ;ii n e a r b y I ' - i c i f i c (irovc hy his w i f e . H.irli.'ira. lie Wi,s r n l u M l to :i M n n U - r c y lio^i- '. l winil(1 I o v e lo "P tri(| tlu ' n t ' x t l;.l, wlu'i-t- lu ilk-,1 ;in limn 1 l a l r r . · f( ' u ' - vears "' l"»oralorips nnd I H o s p i t a l offu-i.-ils said hi- dii/cl of W l t l l l [ | ll!ltci f() M^nd them :n j a i l . . B doo nf a r h i - m i c . i l . A lnti ' ul of Mii-ru-mii I'-rank T i i v r n n . - r . e m m H for l ho A u - v - '^l-am E'l *-'*. HQU.M.- L . - i i - A n u - r k - i i n A c t i v i t i e s ^ " 1 " 1 - I'lochoiiusl f i r s t hm-amr up- I ;i 1U18' t r u c k driven hy JVil- ! li;im C'hri'sifk of Denver 525 in a , collision on the l-'i^hth street road | tine 1 rnili 1 east of here about 2 : a . m . S u n d a y . The Denver man stopped for n , slop s i y n . llu'ii drove hi.s t r u c k n ill in f r o n t nf Mel tea's aulo. The car .struck the left rear portion of i t h e I r u c k . SiJiU; P a t r o l m a n Don j (iirnl i n v t s l i f j i i t c d Ilir iiccidt'iil. i Al 2:15 a.m. Sunday, a . 1948 p i c k u p truck d r i v e n hy Con- O a k l a n d , said Die Norse Moves To Delay Civil Rights Measure set w h e n he l e a r n e d t h e h e a r i n g s would he televised. 'Mrs. Sherwood (old n e w s m e n her h u s b a n d , on l e a v i n g S u n d a y , told her d e l n m o Jose Siilno of Johnstown was d a m a g e d an u n d e t e r m i n e d a m o u n t in nn accident on the T w e n t i e t h street 1'i mile; west of (Ireelcy. Sal.-tno, t r a v c l i n R west, lost con: 'TMl of liie truck. The vehicle t h e h o u s c i started into a borrow pit a n d , i when the J o h n s t o w n man v :il- five persons were injured in two irainc accidents in ihe coun- ly Saturday and Sunday, the highway patrol reported, They were Mrs, Orlinda Lucero, 21, and her son. Henry, 4 of Johnstown; A. V. Alcnsio, 46. of|["|£ Gretley; Alex M. I.arsen, 56. o f 1 CJHII* S'AW, Chicago Grain DKSVKB LIVESTOI'IC _ Ho** 700: Barren* lod |UU 1W Ibi. [ ~~ »»" Meadv^ffTzi "blShJV: UJj^'m.^ i CHICAGO tfl -- Interest in grain ^·^J^Aw^'S^SSSIluturM was minor most of the ·adr MIWB iw-515 ibi. u.wMs.zy i time on ihe board of Trade Moo* Sbrrp }»: Moulr Head* on III «]au«h-, . . ..(.,,,. rallied in late lT«d- r rta«irs; choice and prlmr ipnol a a J ml nneil rauieu m laic u.u iambi mi; mil and utility jiauiaitr ing on reporU of unlftvoraDie 3 W S M - . ;...,=ikor ; n parti ol the belt and Fransville, \Vis.: an'l Lupt- res, 18. ol Fort I.upion. Tor",TM.., ; (t-d ht-Jfer* f t t tboui .i-ady; i weather in . mi; Uri .o,i:poor wheat j-ields in Oklahoma. /»dim noi bulk BW-S» Ibi. 22.7J-IJ.M; utility ctm. 15.00-1C.90; utility and rein- merrlal »nd choic B.rlfT Iced B9- Th« r; r .i i n ,, r ..,..« ; n i,.,«j in 1Qa ittatrs not ciiaDtunea; mn« mm weekend jTom Kansas northward, The first lour were injured in CMKi 10 ,,.,,,,, tMte i t4 , leeri IIMI . H a m a p p is feared More ; an automobile collision at 1:30 p.m. "· "»»»; M.h ood u avfr.n. and «P damage is feared. More ' S u n d a y 11 miles west of Greeley on U. S. 34 al Smith's Corner, sc-ene of a ret'ent f a t a l t r a f f i c crash. Mrs. I.uccro, her son anil Alcn- cio were passengers in a 1050 Mercury being driven by the woman's husband, Robert D. Lueero. Larsen was a passenger in a 1955 Oklsmobilc driven by Mary C. Larsen, also of Franksville, Wis. Airs. Lueero sustained chest and haek injuries, her son abrasions i on the forehead, Atencio dacera-i is expected. . C H I C A G O CASH G R A I N IB W-ia.50. j 0 w heai; BO corn: ao oil*. Slauxlilrr rlaiici i t e k d y j I nom | nl | : malUni; chole* l.XMOi « v r i l r r i 2*.u-21 tKI; food · j QJ Uhler talvta ll.DO. I c i l l C A C O O « A I K TABLE ^ I High Low Clort O M A H A UVI-5TIICK WHEAT (olii) lloss 7,WiOi U a r r o w s and sULj ateaily Julj' .. . t.rA I.KH 2.05 llinhtr; loui .Iron, lo mo.llj- li September .. !.Mli !.OJ?I !.M«l ib» jQu^fM) Ibi ....--. ......". l.mii :.»4 3.M» 3Mli 2.0«U M(i I.IUi f n l x r d No 1-2 bulc-hi 20.50-21.00; IOM-I mixed cta( 16.WH8SO. Latlle JJ.UO. cih'ri 230: »d slcen aad (1 h t l f r n irnerally H A a d y j cowl, bull! and vcaler* cleady; nocker and feeder classes fully neady; mijorlly choice fed 22.00-23.50; and I'm KOIM;,' to cntl it n i l . I ' m KU- t e i n p t f d t» ( u r n it hack onto l l i o j in^ to k i l l'lf." ro.'nl, Ihc ll'iirk turned over. Pai Slic sniil .slit- i l i d n ' l believe him | t r i i l n i a n (leor^e M i l l e r investi- bnl \vhi't\ IIP d i d n ' t r e t u r n she went j n;itcd. to llu 1 l.-il)or;il[iry, \vhrrc poJicc A p i i r k e d lo. 1 )? Chrv'slcr M'ji 1 -- s;iifl she f o u n i l him d y i n y . i d.-imayed 511(l \vht-n il was s t r u c k " O r i ^ i n n l l y , " s\|e said, "he was ' by a p i c k u p truck d r i v e n by One of 134 contestants nt th* Grover rodeo Saturday and Sunday who bravtd the heavy raini ifoshes off through the mud on a calf roping vxpedltion above. Th« rider is Dick Fairchild, whose address was not known. Fairchild took third place in this event.-Tribune photo by Jim Moore. scheduled to read a paper al .scientific m e d i u m in V a n c o u v e r on Wednesday find he ;isked Ihc com- postpnnr his appearance. ,'Ji. i for t h r e e days. They moved it up lo T u e s d a y , "You're accused a n y w a y when W A S I I I N C T O N - W - The l l o i i C | drove n h e n r l M o n d a y l o w a f d a p p a r e n t c e r l a i n pnssaRc ot Pn?si-! d e n t Eisenhower's civil r i c h l s bill. H u t in Ihe Senate m a n e u v e r i n g by Ilir bill's backers lo speed n dc- ci.Mon encountered a setback. . | Sen. Morse (D-Ore) aunounced i he could not fio along with a proposal t o - b y p a s s t h e Senate Judic- . . . . . . , , . iarv Comiiiiltec and seek i m i n c - 1 s l r e s s a n d / t r a m , she concluded, dia'lc action on the bill. ' ^"wood, described by Slnntonl ma.le it el=«r thai he is ! "'""K"" »» "hrilhanl." had he- ciillod hy I his c n n i m i t t e n . cxeonlions where this ynn arc Tlu:r« are ('L bnlhcr pcoplu. but this isn't one of t h e m . "You can only take so m u c h Mrs. W. V. Riches , of Johnstown Dies JOHNSTOWN -- .Mrs. W.' V. Riches, SO, ol Johnslown died Sunday mornine following a slroke. been parked by Albert Tribelhorn | The former Ora M. Gates, she was born 4. 1877 at Smith L'en- [er, K a n . She and Riches, who c a m e from London, England, were mnrricd M a r c h 30, 1808 in Illinois. They came, to Johnslown in 1911. l-'ort M u r f j a n man in front of Kersey Inn in Kersey about 5:-15 p.m. S a t u r d a y . The Chrysler had Kclsey. In an accident nn old U. K. 85 t h r e e m i l e s south of Fort Lupton nf 11:40 p.m. Saturday, a 1951 Chevrolet d r i v e n hy Albert Rucno of I'ticbh) was S200 and a 1051 Mercury d r i v e n hy John K e n n e t h Delgado of Forl Lupton $100. iincquivocably lor early passage of Die legislation. And he said he \vould spcitrhcad a move lo discharge the Senate Judiciary Committee, from its consideration if it s t a l l s on Ihc bill. Dill Morse said he felt the shortcut proposal "would do crcal d a m age lo the whole conimillee procedure of Ihe Senate." and t h a i it is questionable wliutlicr backers of the plan are correct in their inlcr- p r r l a l i n n that il is possiWc under Ihe rules. Morse's announcement m a d e in n Senate speech, c a m e as s u r - I l i c v e d '''severed a physical link between cancer, some of the - heart diseases nnd sclm.o- plirenia. His research firanl at the Stanford M a r i n e Laboratory carnc from the American Cancer Society. Al Ihe Hospital A d m i t t e d lo Weld Cnunty Gene r a l hospital S a t u r d a y , June Mrs. Nelson Jay Sr., 1312 Thir- t e e n t h avenue; David Farley, I'lallcville; Mrs. Minnie West, 102.1 F.ighlh street; W i l l i a m Eck- prise since he had been listed as anil, Ealon; David M. Furls, IflM joining Sen. Douglas ( D - l l l ) in an [ Twelfth a v e n u e ; Mrs. Darlene appeal lo Ihe Senate Friday to bypass the J u d i c i a r y Committee on the issue. There hns been l a l k t h a t a hi- p;irlisan group, including the top Wilson, Plallcvillc; David V. Aguil era, Kuncr; Krncst Lofgrcn, 1022 Fourlcenth street. Dismissed: Mrs. Oorge Kim ball, 2'IOD Twelfth a v e n u e court; R e p u b l i c a n leadership, would seek | jj rs '. ,,,,| ln s . u t avin, W r a y ; Iloii'- to bypass Ihc J u d i c i a r y C o m m i t t e e whose c h a i r m a n . Sen. Raslland (D-Mis.s), is strongly opposed lo the bill. The c n m m i l l c e has kept a Senate civil rights bill bottled up. In The District Court Mrs. Dorothea Campbell nf M21 T h i r t e e n t h avenue court filed a divorce c o m p l a i n t against Donald J. Campbell. They were married here Aug. .10, lO-lfi, nnd have two children. H a b e a s Corpus Asked An application for a w r i t of habeas corpus was filed on be- h a l f of Clarence Albert 1'ascoc by Charles Karowsky, Grccley attorney. The applicalion stales Piiseoe was imprisoned in t h e cily j a i l here J u n e 13 and I h e r e a f l e r lrau f s- fcrrcd lo county jail. H adds Pascoe was arrcsled al Ihc rcquesl nf Frcmonl, N e b , aulhorilies, who advised police here a comp l a i n t had been filed Iherc against Pascne, a c c u s i n g him of removing mortgaged property from the s t a l e . Fremont m i l h o r i l i e s also informed police here a w a r r a n l for r.-iseoc's aiTcsl was being issued aid Unlhc, Kersey: Flusscll Dean .rtuUcrfnrd, 2'I35 E l e v e n t h a v e n u e courl; J u n i l a Noel, P l a l t c v i l l c ; K a t h l e e n Pelcrs, Brush; M r s . Lloyd L. L a w i n g , Lougmonl; Mrs. Roy Dnniels, US M o t e l ; N o r m a n J. D a h l . tlillshoro, N. D.; Mrs. Robert E. Sinclair, E v a n s ; Mrs. Robert E. McKce, Drake; M r s . George Poffcnrolh, Johnslown; J l a x D. Richardson, 1015 Twcnly f o u r t h slrccl; Mrs l.oren Tow, J d h n s l o w n ; Jlrs. Iliibcii Krickson, 518 Sixth slrccl; Mrs. Lilly Cas- scday, 1317 Ninlh strcel; Mrs. Gilbert Ari/.mcudi, Jolmslowu; Mrs. lloherl W, Slanlcy and tlaugh- ter, Lucerne; Mrs. William II. Krusc and son, P-155 Jackson b o u l e v a r d ; Mrs. Tiruce l l a c k l e m a n and son, Kort Collins; Mrs. Larry Gomez and d a u g h l c r , 100 N. Sixth avenue; Mrs. Thompson Collins Ealon; Jlrs. Darrel Davis and d a u g h t e r , E a t o n ; James Sorbcllo 019 Nineteenth a v e n u e . A d m i t t e d S u n d a y ; Mrs. M a r g a e l K. Hoot, La S a l i c ; Corinne Foster T-2-1 Jackson field; M a r l h a Ann Grace. 1725 Fail-acres drive Mrs. W i l l i a m A. Walls, 50G Six Iccnlh slreet; Mrs. Ilcsler Harold 2105 F i f t h a v e n u e ; George Spechl, 910 Fourth a v e n u e ; Don 0 While, R o u t e 4; Mary Lou Wcit'/.cl T i m n a l h ; Clarence A. Morris, 112 Fourteelilh avenue; Mrs. J a m e s D M u d r n w , L o v e l a n d : Dr. Carl C Cie nnd would he forwarded lo Grre- J-'usmi. M i l l i k e n ; Charles II. ley i m m e d i a t e l y . ! lolin, Weld Counly Nursing home A l l e g i n g Pnscoc had nol removed j Mrs. T. .Tnhu D a y k i n , 1731 Third m n r t g a g e d property from Ne- a v e n u e ; Anastacio Alencio, Iloulc braska and Ihat no w a r r a n l for his ! 2; Mrs. Robert Lucero, "Windsor; Service Was Wrongfully Fired, Court ; lions of the forehead and leg and j Larsen a small laceralion on his nose. The four were broughl lo Weld County General hospital, where Mrs. Lucero and Atencio were a d m i t t e d and Henry Lucero and Larsen treated and released. The patrol reported Lucero was j driving north op a county road Between Johnslown and Windsor. He stopped for a stop sign on U, S. 34, then started across the highway directly in (he path of the brakes and the car feet before striking WASHINGTON ffl -- The Su- n ( j!pi i cme Court decided 8-0 Monday , I that John Stewart Service was IU ,,.,,,,__r,.it.. c _ _ j ' in:i ,,,, ,, C l i i n iditor of Typing Jooks Conducts Clinic Dr. A l l a n C. Lloyd, editor of all L y p i n R . p u b l i c a t i o n s and m a t e r i a l s of t h e C'.rcKi! division ol McGraw Hill Book c o m p a n y of New York City, opened a two day t y p i n g clinic in room 401 of Carlcr hail ( l i b r a r y ) Monday aflernoon. Sessions will also be held T u e s d a y from 2 lo 4 p.m. Dr. T.loyd, who has laught lyp- ine; m schools from junior high Lo £ r a d u a l c level is an aulhor u n u m b e r of. books in typing. He estimates lhat one-half of t h e people in the United Stales who arc s t u d y i n g t y p i n g nre doing so from books of which he is a u t h o r or co-nuthnr. Typing is exceeded only by English in Ihc n u m b e r of high school pupils who are slurtying any subject, Dr. Lloyd says, in stressing its importance and general appeal. In m a k i n g the case for typing, w h i c h is usually nn elective- subject, while English is usually a required subject, Dr. Lloyd s a y s ^ il is a grenl aid f o r - h e l p i n g teachers and others deal with lecnag- cr.s. The lyping rooin is a very wholesome place for Iccnagers, he argues.' Typing, he says, is a subject in which personality problems do not impede progress and where the real lesl is the work aclually performed. A student cnn't talk B teacher into a typing grade. Dr. Lloyd la Ihe founder and first editor of two magazines. Today's Secretary and Business Tencher. He supervises t y p i n g materials for 45 different publications of his firm. The clinic Vicing licit! is especially designed to Jiclp typing lenehers meet daily problems, bring t h e m new developments in l e a c h i n g and new techniques in typing. Doth were active in church and n V i M I?"!",' r ^ h b r, d °h CCd h° i wrongfully fired in 1951 as a : l i e Methodist church. Riches, who » £, service offi( . er died in February, 195G, served ^ s 1 ' mayor of Johnstown a n u m b e r ' o f years. Mrs. Tlichos is survived by a daughter. Mrs. l)orolhv Ticc of Krcmonl, Neb.; a grandson, James Ticc of Sioux Cily, Iowa; 11 ml a fireat Rranddaufihtcr, Carmen Ticc of Sioux City. Four daughlcrs prccoclctl her in dcalli. Funeral services will be held al State ipt. foreig: Whether his court victory will have any other meaning remains lo be determined. Service may lUe a claim for back pay. ^ p. m , Wednesday from the rrnvcrnincnt' Johnslown Mclhodisl church. T h e f B o a r f | mcr Secretary of State Dean Acheson under congressional authority he said gave him absolute discretion lo act in the best interests of the .United Stales. In discharging Service, Acheson cited an adverse finding by Ihc Loyally Review Schreiner M o r t u a r y from the Johnstown M e t h o d i s t church. T h e Schreiner Morluary is in charge of arrangements. Stork Express Born lo Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Osier of La Snllo a d a u c l l l c r Saturday, June 15, n t 1 Wold Counly General hospital. Born lo Mr. and Mrs. Robcrl Shoemaker or IOC North Twenty- third avenue a son Saturday, June ]5, al 10:17 p.m., at Weld County General hospital. The Shoemakers' fifth child weighed 8 pounds, 12'A ounces and has been named Daniel Dcllroy. Their other children arc Joyce Jeanne, 8, Melody Marlcne, G, Douglas Duanc, 3'/a, and Du- awnenc, nearly 2. Grandparents arc Mr. and Mrs. Harry Shoemaker of Wiggins, Jlrs. R. C. Conrad of Forl Worth, Tex., and Guy L. Hall of Denver. Great grandparents arc Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Hall of 1439 Fifth sfrccl. The Shoemakers moved lo Greeley from .Wiggins in 1950. He is employed al Carlson-Frink's Clovcrlcaf dairy. Born lo Mr. ami BicklinK of notilc Sunday, J u n e 16, Mrs. Norman d a u g h l c r the Weld 1 B at Counly General hospital. Born lo Mr. and Mrs. Abelino Archincquc of Enlon a daughter Sunday, June Ifi, at Weld Counly General hospilal. Sfift our advertisement in today's Laler the Supreme Court ruled in another case thai the Loyalty Review Board had no right to review loyalty cases in which lower boards'had lound Jn favor of Lhc employe involved. As a result, Ihe Service case turned on whether Acheson had any authority lo act. In its decision Monday the Supreme Court said department regulations left Acheson no room Lo act against the $Il,850-a-ycar China expert, machine's skidded Luccro's auto broadside. The Larsen auto was damaged $1,000, Lucero's 5200, Highway Patrolman Dclphin Pfldcllia, who invesligatcd the accident, estimated. The fifth person injured, Lupe Torres, suffered cuts and bruises a one-car accident on ihe Twenliclh street road one mill! west of Twenly-third avenue about 11 p.m..Saturday. He was treated for his injuries at Ihe scene of Liie criibii. Torres was a passenger in a 1950 Ford being driven by Isidro G. Rivera of Fort Luplon. Rivera was Iravcling wesl on the Twenlicth slreet road too fast to make a curve and the auto slid off the highway and hit a telephone post, turning over once and coming, to rest un its wheels. The car was a lolal loss, Slale Palrolman Don Girnt investigated the accident. 17 Die in N. Italy Flood and Tornado PAVIA, Italy un -- North Italy Monday counted at least 17 dead In a rare one-two weather punch of floods and tornado. The tornado, unusual in this part of Europe, killed S persons Sunday as il ripped through the villages of Cigognala and Robecco Pavcse. Another 60 were hospitalized. Four persons were drowned in week-old fbods of the Po, Ccn- ischia, Dora and Stura Rivers rampaging over a large pail of norlhern Italy. Two others died in the flood waters last week. Flood damage -so far was estimated al 50 million dollars. The Iwisler flallened f a r m buildings and slone cottages in the two villages, leaving a scene of destruction reminiscent of the World War II bombings. More than half Ihe buildings in Ihc two hamlels were destroyed. An entire f a m i l y -- father, moth- arrrst h.nri lirrn issued nnd nn rrt|ucst for his e x t r a d i t i o n hart been made lo the ^ o v c r n u r of Nebraska, I h e a p p l i r f i l i n n asked a MTJI nf hiibf.i. 1 : corpus for Pas- rno's release from j n i l lie issued by Ihc court. Police Court llnbi-rl M i l b u r n of G r e r l r y . soiling boor to minors, S2n. Gordon Sbrcves of 2-lOfi Sov- r n l l i M r c r l , sclliny beer In minors, S2.1. K a r l K. Y n u n C (if Iluilson, c n r n - Irss d r i v i n g , S13.5f). I N M E M 0 R I A M Mrs. Melville D. M a s t , Johnslown; Mrs. Mclvin C. Blake, La Salic; Cheslrr Foslor, 902 F i f t h slrccl. Dismissed: Mrs. Charles A. McKay, (.ilcrcsl; Sir. and Airs. .Nelson Jay Sr., 1317 Thirteenth avenue; Mrs. Kerne M o r g a n , 172G K i g b t l i a v e n u e ; K a r l Epperson, 2.101 S i x t h slreel; Car) B. Sanborn, ],Mr7 1-Mevrnth avenue; M e r m a n Schneider, 2.10-1 N i n l h slreel; Ern, cst M a . i H , O r c h a r d ; Mrs. Henry I F. F o r e m a n , 1227 N i n l h avenue; ' Mrs. A n t n n i o Bnros and son, Timn a l l i ; Mrs. H n l p h K. (.onzalcs, Ka- Ion; Mrs. Donald Rhone and son, 1013 N i n e t e e n t h avenue; Mrs. Marvin Tanner and son. 1014 Nine' Iccnlh s t r e e t ; Mrs. Verlyn Bailey and (laughter, 3127 S. Eleventh Bidding Baby Wins Beef for Her Father j npc.inso Kellt Mnrconr- P i c k l i n g , ' d a u g h t e r of Mr. and Mrs. N o r m a n | Tiickiing of northeast of Greeley, wns the lirsl baby born on Falhcr's i Day al cilher of Ihc local hos-. pilals, her falher was awarded n ! S5 be'ef c e r l i f i c a l c hy Ihc Weld ! Counly Cowhclles. I She arrived al UM.I a.m., Sun-1 d a y al Weld Counly General hos- pilal. Kelli weifihed 8 pounds, S ' b I ounces nnd is t h e f o u r l h child of I Ihe Ricklinc.s. II has boon Ihe euslom of Ihe i Cowbelles to award n beef ccrlifi- i calc lo the f a t h e r of Ihc first | hnhy in Ihr enunly lo promote Ihe · plan of SL-FvJn^ beef for Ihe main , meal on Father's Day. Tribune, Page 3, for a bargain in cr and Ihrce sons -- were killed in air conditioning. Cummings Sheet · the collapse of their home al Metal Works.--Adv. Cigognala. choice hclleri 22.00- mmrrcia! rows 11.00- nnd r u l t c r s ]3 (W-13.B5; m m - I up to J7.50; choice to prime I v t a l e t s 2-1,00-23,00; eood and choice stocker sleeps I9.i0-23.00. Sheep 2.000: Spring Iambi 23'hlflher; shorn slauthler ewes stead)-: feeder Iambi steady; food to prime ipriog Iambi 31.7533.25; cholrr 100 Ib NQ 1 lo fall thorn lambs steady at 20.15; cull to eood shorn ·laughter ewes 3.00-7.00: short deck choke 64 Ib spring feeder lambs 22.30. K A N S A S C1TV LIVESTOCK ·^mbrr WHEAT Cnew) July _ September ,,·__ December March Mky CORN July ._ . . __ MS Mils 1.15 _. I.07H 1.055! 2.07H . May OATS July September December .March _ n V E July . September | Decembec ! -Mircli I.29H 1.29U 1.30S 1,131. 1.24^i 1.14 l.JSH 1.18 . 1.31W 1.30H _ -6^i -HVk _ -R51i .65\'» .BBM .61 .TOW l.»4 l.lOli , .70H . .70(1 Larsen cnr, which was traveling west on 34, The Larsen girl, 19, applied her 7.000; calves SOD. Fed tteeri *r.d | ' vcalcrs 'steady r'afBuchte'r "cal'rH^lndy j SOYBKANS to sirons: aiockers and feeders i t c a d y J c ly -- h i g h flood 10 .iveragr choice led jleera I Seplembor average rholce hrMers 23.00-1 November 25: uiility and low commercial 13.75-16.00; bulls 16,00.17.00; A - D od and I choice vealerj 19.00-22.00; good and choice ilaufihter calves 18.00-21.00. \lons, 4000: Steady; U. S. No 1-3 200-250 Ib barrows and fills 19.25-75; sown Sreep 3500: Steady; good and 82.IM |b slaughtec 21-22: deck choice choice March unn 1.19Vi 1.1TH 1.21H 1.19H 1-IU4 1.2C 1.23*4 l.2fi 1.29W 1.25'i l.MH 1.19^ 1.27y t 1.29^ . 3.HH 2.30i 2.32 2.2irt 2.24H l.liU . 3.21^ 2.20'» 2.2m . 2-ZiK a.l4W 2.25\* 3.28 1.I7U 3.18 July September October November December 12.50 12.37 12.00 12.75 12.55 12.45 12.10 12.02 12. B7 12.10 12.49 11.01 12.50" 12.07 12.1T primp 89-98 Ib sprln? Iambi 2* 25- ' K A N S A S ·n slaughter, ewtii 6.00-7.00. ' 0 V:-^?* CHICAGO LIVESTOCK Hogs were generally steady lo strong Monday nnd In Inctanrei JO lo 15 cents hlehei both butchers and IQWC. few lota of No. 1 to 3, J9Q lo 229 pound butchers bioiifhL $20.25 lo S20.40. the practical top. Luree lots of No. 1 to 3, 340 10 425 pound aowi broughl fl6.00 to 117.00. Receipts were 7,500.. Steers were steady to SO cents lower, nd heifers fully sleJdy. Choice and prime sirers brought 124 00 lo S26 50, the best price. Receipts included 23,000 cat- 'le and 300 calves. Good to prime eprinf Iambs weiehlnx B3 lo 96 pounds brought S22.00 to SM.25, Hecelplj were 1,000. ' CITY CASH G R A I N M cars; off 3'/. lo up ^: No 2 hard and dirk hard 2..9q*.?.:i4UN; No 3 2.18^4-2 3 2 ^ N j N O 2 red new 3.16-2.18^1 No 3 2.13M,. Cora 56 cars; N unchanged; No I ·hite I.32.i.«2N; No 3 I.42-1.61N; Na 3 yellow mixed 1.3SW-1.39WN; No J Oats 2 cars; 66-73N: No 3 Mllo maize 2.19-2.23N. Rye Barley -98-1.05N. Soybeani 2.23^-2.26i4N. Dran 35.Sfl-36.25. LOS ANGELES LIVESTOCK Caltle 4.250. Sleen lo 25 hlghpr; cows id lielfera strong bulls steady. slackers and feeders strong; load aver- 1RC choice ID high choice 1,117 ]b steers 21.25; standard and choice heifers 22.7SJ EOOd 21.00-22,50; 16.50-ia.OO; good and choice IlC3hy 750 )b fender i leers 20.75. Cnlves 450. Sleady gn ilaughter calves^ Rood and choice nil weights 20.00-22,00. How 1.000. Mostly steady; grain Jed U. 5. 1-3 200-240 Iba, 21.50; sows scarce mostly 17.00 down.. Sheep 900. Slaughter ewe: Wall-Street NEW YORK Ofi -- Selected Issues gamed in a mixed stock market which showed a slightly higher trend late Monday afternoon. Volume for the day was estimated at arour\d 2,100,000 sharei as compared with 2,090,000 on Friday. , to aboul 50 hlflher: couple loads -id good No 1 pelli 5.50-6.M: J . STOCK AVERAGES ipened | compiled By The Associated Preai Moose Will Have Stage Show June 24 A stage show, Hypnotic Marvels, will be sponsored by the Moose lodge at its home on south Eighth avenue at 8 p.m. June 24. Star ol the show is Professor George Singer, noted hypnotist. At 2 p.m. that afternoon the hypnotist will make; -an appearance on a downtown street corner. The definite location will be announced later. *The s h o w - i n which he will appear at the Moose.lodge will include demonstrations of all phases of hypnosis. Hypnotic Marvels is billed as a show offering laughs, thrills and excitement for ' the whole family. Demonstrations of hypnosis will include subjects eating imaginary ice cream cones and imagining they arc in attendance at a movie where famous comedians of the past and present appear on the screen. ' Marriage Licenses James Robert Harmel and Lucille Elinor Brunmeier, both of Loveland. Leonard Paul Blach of Y u m a and culls 5.00. DENVER BEANS ? General bid lo growers for 1956 crop Prev. day pmlos, Denver rale basis selllna 7 75- ; Week ago fl-Ott Tor U. S. No 1 and 7.50-7.75 lor I Month BRO' U. S. No 2; GreaL' Northern Nebraska ' Year ago rate basis selling 6.10 for U. S No and 5,85 for U. S. No 2 CHICAGO BUTTEK AND EGGS BiUter steady: receipts 1.02-1.000: wholesale buying prices uncnanRcd; 33 score AA 39; 92 A 59; M B 56^: 89 C 55: cara: 90 B 57; 89 C 55W. KCES steady; receipts 13,600; wholesale buyiDf prices unchanged; 65 per cent or better A while 31; mixed 31- mediums 27; standards 28; dirties 2514- checks 25; current receipts 25Vi. ' DENVER P O T A T O E S " 502, Sun JR. Cola . Sal unloaded 7; diverted 10; on track 26; arrived Aril 12. Calif H, Idaho 1; trucking Ariz 10 Calif 6, Colo 2. Market slightly weaker; 100 Ib Banks U. s. No 1 size A unless oiherwise atal- Arli round reds U. S, No iln 3.25-3.50; Ions whites U. S. ze A CaliT 3.15-3.50, Aril 3.25- NEW YORK DRESSED MEAT Compared with Monday, the week previous: siccr beef mostly steady lo 50 higher; cows beef unchanged; calf steady; veal mostly 1.00 lower; spring lamb barely slaady to 5.00 lower; old crop lamb weak lo 3.00 lower; prime - steer carcasses GOO-BOO Ibs 43.00-45.00; prime veal 9D-12Q Ibs 42.00-48.00; choice and prime sprint Iambi 35-55 Ibs 47.00-52.00; choice and prime old crop lamb 35-55 Ibs 45.0047.00; choice steer hindquarters 48.3053.00; ribs 50.00-54.00; arm chucks 30.W- 31.00. Locally dressed -- Friday's market: Steer hinrtquarler c u t s ; mostly uleady to 50 higher; prime 53.00-58.00. D E N V E B EGGS AND POULTHY ERR market sleady; demand moderate; offerings liberal; prices paid delivered Denver lor eggs candled and graded In Denver, cases Included: large whiles AA Joanne Fulenwidcr of Greeley. ! .12-3-1. A 28-30, B 22-26; iar« e mixed AA George Wade McNish of GreD-[A ffl "a'-2rt Icy and Karla Anne Jones of Long- 26-29. B 22-26; whites monl. Tobey M.artincz of Eaton and Sarah Martinez of Gilcrest. 16-23: small A 18-23; undergra large 15-16, small B. Uv poultry market steady; dem modcralQ; offerlnHs liberal; prices paid I H e a v v T i p h l c delivered Denver: hem heavy type 4U , . * V y . UgBlS Ibs and over 15-16. heavy type under 4tt I Light hens 30 15 15 M Indusl Rain U1U stock! AO.l A0.2 D0.1 A0.3 275.6 126.3 76.4 1B3.3 274.B 1M.1 7S.1 186.1 269.7 123 5 76.8 1B3.J 271.3 125.6 77.4 185.1 256.3 141.3 73.0 m Held for Theft Sanyny Leija, 19, of Milliken, was put in city jail here Saturday on a petty larceny charge after police said he admitted taking $25 from a billfold at Uie Garnsey Wheeler garage June 8. Leija was caught going through lockers in the employee's locker room at the rear of fne garage about 3 p.m. Saturday by employees of the firm who had "set a trap" due lo recent Ihefls at the locker room, police reported. After being brought to the police station, Leija admitted ha obtained $25 Inrin a billfold belonging to Ted Blehm, a Gamsey Wheeler employee, at.the locker room June 8. He also admitted he returned (here Saturday to see if he could find more money. Local Market (Corrected to June 17) Wheat, bu. ji.gj Uals, CWL Barley Pinto beans, cwt. Bulterfat A large eggs A medium eggs Heavy hens -S2 10 -52.00 £.00 _56c _28c _26c JOC F A N D A l , " 111 I f i v i i i K l u r i n n r y ol ( i n r son ;u;tl wlin pasficri iiivny 3 yriir." »un, J u n e 17. Thn rail waa siui,l(-ii r I h p shriek ;li(. lilt; l i m e MJ J U S E THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS iMi'ni'i; nr ri\\i,^T j l i i il.p r . i i i n t j f n i i r i . In r r c i d n i c "\\'c i:uv(;r Itic near You IIvi? \vilh na in nicinnry H l l l l No; just io;I;iy. bin a l w a y M \ \ i l l . Yon s;iirt K'-oflbyn in n o u n TliR l l o a v f i i l y «:il(!s J I I M OIIOIUM! ^ Mle And H I I M I I L / ti!i:p s;ii-l "Conic." l . r r r l i ^ . C o l n r ^ r l u . Snly mJssrd bv rnmily, J J I I H P ij. 21, J u l y \, 8, IP*?. V ' J- N u l l r . ' m h i - r . - l i y j ; l v . - n l l i . t i n n t h e 2: ml i l . i y of J u l , 1IT.7, I w i l l n r HI ;!)-· C i . i i i n y r m i r l nf \\~\\\\ ' i l i . i i "I" ^ i l i l I ' ^ l n l c . \ v l i i - n mul w h e n ;ii| p (·!!. us l u I n i c i 1 1' si l i m y i i ] i ] i , i u i i n r l ' i M - c T i n H i . 'in. I f U n ' V M i l i M i n - . K H [ · · , P I - ; i i n ' K A . l U ' S S K U . . y . i l m h i l i ' l r - i i n r i.f .-Mild ··si;»u. U'. ,\. I'.. A l l l r l l i - l l . A l l J 1 . , Vehicles Damaged in Crash at Inlersection A 11157 Chevrolet pickup Iruck d r i v e n hy Karl Kclu'iml Youn^ of Hudson was d a m a g e d S125 and a · 19-15 Chovrolcl 2-door d r i v e n by ! J a m e s Edwin llrolherlon of L i t t l e - ; ton Sfi5 in n collision al (he intersection of Thlrlc'cnlh slrrel nnd Ninlh avenue about 10:08 a.m. Saturday, police reporle^. Ynunc, travclinR south on Ninth avenue, stopped al the slop sifin on Thirteenth slreel, Ilicn drove into Ihe intersection. Brothcrlon was coins wesl on Thirteenth 1 street. Tolice SRI. Chnrles A r v i s , who ioveslipaled, charRcd Younfi wilh earelrss ririvinc. USE THE T R I B U N E WANT ADS Ours is a-- COMPLETE OPTICAL SERVICE which means that the optometrist examines the patient's eyes, interprets the findings, styles and measures the frames and lenses for each patient. The spectacles are made in the'same office, delivered and adjusted to that person. It is a total responsible servicn in only one office. 38 Years Service In Greeley SEE HAEFELI and HAEFELI OPTOMETRISTS and OPTICIANS 10th Avc. and 9th St. Phono 4050 FARMERS AND BUS.NESSMEN A YES vote in the Wheat Referendum on June 20 will save $2,220,000 in Weld County. This figure is based on the wheft production in Weld County last year. A YES VOTE a bushel. will mean wheat supported al SI.78 A NO VOTE will mean wheat al. a'frea market price nf around $1.00. This advertisement sponsored In the Interests of the entire community by: Fort Lupton Tri Valley (Keenesburg) Nunn WHEAT REFERENDUM JUNE 2O^ Farmers Union Locals

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