Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 4, 1961 · Page 3
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 3

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 4, 1961
Page 3
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' · ·-'"·X rom Janes Have Tea; ' After' Meeting ·. .,.' . ',.-· .· ··..,· . 'O ^;; By HELOISE CRUSC ..i ' ^Tfi'-'more you get rid of, the easier it is lo.'.keep hoiisis,^. ' '-[ yfn Democratic. 'Gluty-.of Weld ', , v HKise 'cleaning again?'Yep, we "are going to find thV ; ea»ie'stCounty. : Mrs. Ross' Aijamson and . wpEK LLeamug ti£iiui: ivp, »v on- ""je *" -*.TM -· . : .' ' W aj-I-«v'entually. How many books do you have that yoU won't'ever 'use again? Here is just something else to'dust, arid duller' iip yo'ui 'roorii./Go' through tire books and : ~ ; jiiik'out'Ihc. ones .that you will usi agjiiii (or think you will).. ' : , What' to do with the olhc others? ~i mlttl LU uu WIUI *»lli vlln-i.1. Give them 'to your school 'or .to jour'neighborhood library: They welcome;bioks..Why not let otl«rs have the pleasure of reading them 'when y'.oir'.are finished with them? v;-Bnc-a-brac? ; Something else to Ullltat-} thf,' linnco XWlV ' rfllRl a'lcqlml and wipe : bathroom 'fix' ' ' -.jhe v i|ibuse. Why six Kerns on each a big paper sack yotf. carry around.. Heat' coffee. While it is « members present'and ^v heating,' douse toileL tissue/with men who'came;to.hear the sp . l M iti'.ihe home ; ot,'Mrs. U. Rugg"ih' the, : F«CyHy meijts followed the Odob?r' mtet- ing. this rwetk'otlh*' Jan? ' s$a Democratic. " Mrs..'. Truman'. C.. Hall, wire assistant hostesses. . ,' · The program'was 1 held m'fthe lounge of; the.^aculty-Hall.-witli tures. Use Carpel sweeper; to '.'hit'! ii.L - -- r JJI_* «r . +Un' .flrtjii-c 'ialj-0 table HLmULU 31A .mTllo vu Kovll iwuli. whbn'.ybu could dust around two? What is on yoiir coffee table? And end tables? . r Gather all the stuff you.can't afford to.part with and put it in a close!. If it is valuable or sentimental, keep it. Then, once ill a while for variety change the things you keep out. Simplicity is the style today All that is needed on. an eric table is a lamp, an ash tray am one good piece, of bric-a-brac Keep it simple. It's easier. Now, thai linen closet. Just go 'through it! See what you will "find. Old pillow slips, embroidered hand -loivcls that you never use, a,torn slice!, and old table - .cloth that you can't bear to throw away, .and goodness knows what e]s. ; . . Sort this stuff, but cton't do it until you are in a real throwaway hiood or angry. If you .ar.en;i,..yo'J will just put it back. ,This isn't .cleaning. /.What.,about thai cedar chest? -Have .you gone through it .lately? Clean it out and discard the things .you haven't used in years. You probably will never use -them. It is:-a fact (with very few exceptions^ such .as e v e n i n g clothes' and Christmas decorations), that if you .-haven't used a year . . . you probably never will! ·- .You miglit say, "But I'don't have-servants. If I did,: my house .wouldn't'be so disorderly."'This is not so... the middle of .... fealber-. duster to , coffee t ables, then go back-and "do dishes, · 'Coffee hot? ·'Drain, the pojl You'll.- get Veal satisfaction in knowing that your house is at easl "top-cleaned." er, David J. Miller,, Gre«ley_ : 'at- wney^His subject' : .waj ""'-1 - 'talce Peace Through-Law."',-. Trinity Lutheran · - · School Lunch Menus Lunch menus for Trinity Lutb cran School for the week begin ning Nov. 6 are: ' .j · Monday: Spanish ;rice v wilh ground beef; buttered '· green beans;'grapefruit, orange, pineapple salad; whole wheat.bread and butler; dale oatmeal'cookies: 14 pint milk. ; '·' .; ' Tuesday: Mexican meat balls Two wye'ks ago; Miller · »nd';his wife attended;Ian .international law. seminar,, 'sponsored ! b y - the Cdorado'Bar Association/and .held at -the '-'University Of i Denver. Phases .of Miller's subject at-the Janes' meeting were discussed at Iriis'seminar. , ' Miller ..declared: ."We still have much international law but it needs to be enforced more vigor: ously. We have the World Court n. connection with the United Na ions, but the Court still lacks the overall. world authority to settle disputes. We cannot give up hope the" United Nations must continue q function in furthering peace ay strengthening world law." Open discussion followed Miller's talk, .with members and guests K N 6 A G;E -Mr. and Mrs. pf ( ul Widman of'Ht/i, Greeley ai'punce the engagement of their daughter, in'sauce; buttered maslied.^pola- joes; blackberry jello with'black- berries; rice-muffins and butter; canned'peaches; Vii pint milk, Wednesday: M a c a r.o n i and cheese; buttered peas; sliced'or anges and'apples; peanut butter brownies; homemade -bread and butler;'li pint milk. Thursday: Chili soup and crackers; fresh fruit salad; hot cinna moii rolls; ·' pint milk. · - . . . . . .Friday:. Sliced ham loaf and cheese slices; oven browned pota Iocs'; combination'vegetable sal ad;'bread and-butter sandwiches chocolate cake; pint milk. , . participating. Junior. VVoman's Club, Plan Luncheon Tue's. 1 Greeley Junior Women's Club will hear a program ori the Bit-; ter Business Bufea'u'igiverr'by . Mrs. Virginia West at a'lunch- A servant cannot throw things ,(,,, Tuesday at 12:45 p.m.,-at away and clean your closets. No t he Country* Club. Reservations one but.the head ot a household can do'lhis! Aiid-thaHs you. System is what is needed in housekeeping.. T£ we can't fir.d a system;.then'lhe thing.,to .do, is Pictures Criticized,, By Les-Beaux Arts' Nine '.pictures brought by mem bers were'criticized by Le Beaux Arts, Group-of Greelcyf Woman' Cliib when it met this week at th home of Mrs. H.. E. -Green, "1129 6th St.,,, with Mrs.' Gussje Whit- comb-.assjslant' hostess. · ,'', - . -. : Mr's^ 'Sherman' Neilson,- presi dent, opened the meeting by showing the nine paintings. Mrs. San]. Hank - gave the program on "Fine Arts," taken from lhe Metropolitan Museum of Arts book,' - · - - ' . ' ' ' Plans for a Christmas, party, at lhe home-of Mrs. E. R. Custar on-Dee.-6 were-made. Madelon, above, to .Bill Sauer,- son of Mrs. Avis Sauer of Clicyenne, Wyo. : and C. G. Sauer of Grbve'r. Miss Widman'is a.graduate of Mead 'High Sctool and attended Central Bible College at'Minneapo- lis, Minn. Prior to returning to Greeloy, she was employed witli tlie ?700lh Personnel Processing Squaiiron at. La,cklond Air Force Base, S^n Antonio, Tex. Sauer attended Gerry Valley. School in the Grovcr. area and later was graduated from Parks School o Business, Denver. He serves two years in the' U.S. Army and is presently employed as a fire man with the Union ' Pacific Railroad at Cheyenne. Wedding plans are indefinate INewlywecls , · Now At Home David :G«rmaclc and his .bride the former' Miss Eleanor Arm bruster, have returned from their honeymoon in the Thompson Canon at Drake and are at home at 1510 llth Avt. The couple was married last Sunday afternoon, Oct. », at the Irst Christian Church- 1 at 3:30 clock. Double ring nuptial vows ere exchanged in the sanctuary Ith the Rev. Leslie L. Bowers r., officiating. The attendants ere Mr. and Mrs. Dave Glenden "«· . . . . After the ceremony,.a wedding eception was held at the home f the bride's parents with SO guests attending. The bride is the daughter o Ir. and Mrs. H. T, Armbrusler o v-est of Greeley. A 1961 gradual of Greeley High School, she Is employed at the Gilberl-Bisho Drug Store, Tiie bridegroom works · for th Weld County Garago as a mechan c. He was 'graduated from Co ege High School in 1959. He he son of Mrs. E. B. Miller o Yam Ht)I, Ore., formerly ot Peck mm and Greetey. Ventilation is needed in home having large glass walls. Be way to insure good ventilation to insert .a louvered .glass se lion near the floor between 2 Douglas fir mullions. Fir -mi lions make clean lined · frames and support members (or gla walls. Sat.,. Nov. -. BRIDE-ELECT--Mr. and Mrs. Robert, Simpson .of west of Aiilt announce the.-engagement of. their daughter, Gay, above, to. Bob!Dill, son of,Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dill of east oh Pierce. Mrs. Simpson was graduated from Aull.High School in May. She Is employed in Greeley by Wright..and McGill and commutes I o work. Dill, who'attend- ed Pierce schools,- farms with his falher: The couple plans to be married in January.. GWFHears Panel Discuss-Fiiiance Mrs. Earl Nect, chairman,.and members of-Grovp Krrt, .served ·on at a Dieting of th« Christian'Women's Fellowship o( the First Christian Chiirch Thursday. There were 80 members and guests present. . Mrs. C.'E. Wallace opened-the afternoon session with the prayer which was used 1 to open lhe CWF session at th« International Convention of. Disciples of Christ at iKansas City, Mo. Mrs.'Wallace and Mrs. Stelnberger reported or he convention 'which they attend ed Sept, 29-Oct. 4. The convention adopted » resolution of the UN and world peace with complete disarmament. The program, "Financing.-- A Family Affair." was- led by Mrs Weinberger with a panel, Mmes tutios Kutnar, John Kay an Tloy^Smith Jr..and.the, Ijtev..Les lie Bowers Jr. Four aspects 'r Ihe'question were discussed: th. meaning of stewardship as ded cat ion'not only of money but of|' e; the Financial obllgawl ot. sciples of Christ in IbejdtOKtt decision; family stewardship' resslng the responsibility^ p«r ts to discuss Christian steward- ilp with their children;'iid UK y of stewardship. through th4 wtlves of love, compassion in! e -commitment. . · · . The. wor sh ip service to keeping ith the program was given by Irs. Ross Adamson, She gave ex-' erpts from the .Psalms;- Mr«. rooks Cole assisted .by singing Take My Life and tet it Be." Next general CWF meeting will ·e Christmas .Family flight .Dec. Personalized Stationery One Day icrvlce Ph; EL 3-024* 807 8th »t- For those children who carry their lunch to school, here! excellent sandwich filling for the mid-day meal. Combine .'/i cup ground corned beef with 1 teaspoon chopped sweet pickle.relish. Add prepared mustard to taste and spread mixture 1 between slices of rye or while bread. TAPE WILSON WILSON Camera and Hi-Fi Studios 8l.h Ave. New stains make it .possible to finish lovely.wood paneling in any desired color and yet retain the; incomparable grain and texture j of the wood. Species like Douglas fir and..west coast hemlock are finely grained by Nature. ..we hayV.tjie easier it is'to clean Here's'a review on houseclean ing: remove breakfast dishes am put to | soak- in hot water ari detergent, make beds, pick up papers'and empty ash trays into Who Cares For Your Pillow? Did you -know your pillows' are often exposed to many ol the million types ot germs, as well 'as hair oil'stains, perspiration, 'drool -from mouth, coughing, ·sneezing-and mildew ^odor? For years it has been in question liow to clean pillows without causing the featliern to become lumpy or without remoying : the natural oils and fluffiness from the pillow. Alter much study or leathers and-how to clean them properly, Edward Harper, owner ot Nu-WAV Cleaners,, 2422 10th · St., made a pillow re- novator'which f l u f f s , deodorizes, sterilizes and places feathers ia new ticks. If you have pillows that need cleaning, j u a t call Nii-TV'AY Cleaners in Westview Shopping Center, 353-3014. --Adv. KING AND QUEEN of the 1961 homecoming celebration of Milliken High School was Bob .Wagner .and Shirley Chrisly, above.' They were crowned during, the intermission of the homecoming dance and were chosen .from Candidates picked from each class. Other candidates for queen were Sherrie Kaiser, Janice Stroh and Mattie Martinez: for king, .Johnnie Quinlanna, Tommy Binder and I^roy TrujiHb. Sarah Onprato, last year's queen, presented Miss Christy with a bouquet of red roses and white carnations ' and the king received a gift. "Fall Fantasy" was the theme of the dance. . . . . HOMEMAKER'S DELIGHT! at ZALE'S CLUB ALUMINUM HOLIDAY COOKWARE OpM Stodc frkt $40.75 Complete Set Only BIG FASHION! LITTLE PENNEY PRICE! THE 2-PIECE Knit Dress It's news.. . . big .news.when just J10 buys » superbly shaped, .intricately Hitched knit fashion around which you might plan your whole Winter wardrohe! Two mag- ·nificent styles in a half-dozen rich colon. 10 to 18, Wk to JZVi. Hurry for yours! SPECIALS! . · . · · -_ '· t « · · · . ···« A»**ki»mj 'Jkft'i ft · IV W MCKED WITH VAIUE! PACKED' WITH WMOUS PENMEY QUAIITTL ^^^^^.^^^^ii^^^^ 1 ^^^^^^ 1 ^ *uncondilional guarantee for 12 months. on* year guarantee*' ' bdxeal · shade r«iitantl .', 5wits mov»m«trll · wattfpreof moeW (whtn aystol, crown NDMM fntocB · oalcrxkr wahh · Mrf-winding watchi more? · ivaihiir rtropi! . expansion bandd' CHOKE Of COIOK. · Tixquois* Stainless p«ft»Wn finish developed . by Du F»nt bonded to ttikk num f»f enduring .serv^'! . W«tn»ty.wirh «w · Hwts rvwlr, · Fooih i««oi« tntii, «(·»« ' EUgln 24S57 : ! -tC4 «1h -It,,- Grttlt VI ;; 16" BY 56" FRAMED DOOR MIRRORS! Here's a real:buy! One of our most SAVE! popular items-for-the-hpme! Y o u may choose from gleaming white or Salem maple'.finish frame . . . both easy to install on w a l l e r door! \ou 11 fincl'tiie' reflection is clear . . . the workmanship excellent. Get yours today.! '' · 3 men's sizes BUTTON-DOWN SPORT SHIRT BUt! r · Short s|«y^placket pullovers! · Traditional long sleeve stylfng! '·'· ;· _ SrM, L · Big selection'.of pririfs, solirls! Bold prints, neat prints, solid colors .. .'Penney's has so many! tike placket pullovers? They're at Penney s in short sleeve style. Long Sleeves? Here too! 1 All are campus tailored cottons that machine wash in lukewarm water. Hurry! Save! . in

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