Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on May 16, 1951 · Page 1
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 1

Las Cruces, New Mexico
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Wednesday, May 16, 1951
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OUR HOME TOWN Armed Forces Day May 18 should be one of the higli spots of the 1951 season. Every effort is being 1 made to make the day · successful. -Do your part Jy 'attending! in THe soy. isunsmne BSLT LasCr *H UiKMNWTWILY (1*0 SUHMY NEWfflPEA SMVMff' SOUTHERN NEW THE WEATHER LAS CRUCEK AREA: Partly cloudy today, .tonight and Thursday; Scattered showers In mountainous regions; Little change in temperature. Last 24. hours: Las 88-5-1; Sttltc College 87-43. VOL. 71--No. 36 ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE TAS~CRUCES. NEW MEXICO. WEDNESDAY EVENING, MAY is. ISM " CENTRAL PRESS PICTURES PRICE FIVE CENTS Bugle-Blowing Reds Smash At U.N. Frontline By OLE^ CLEMENTS TOKYO, May 16 UP) -- Bugle 'blowing Red troops hit United Nations lines, in Korea today with hard probing attacks. 'They struck strong blows from Chunchun, 45 miles northeast of Seoul, eastward lo the Sea of Japan. The Reds were feeling for a soft spot to hit in their next offensive, expected by Monday's full moon. Await Signal A striking- force of 390,000 fresh Communist troops'was set for the signal. AP Correspondent John Randolph reported Allied officers agree: "The Chinese are loaded and cocked and can explode southward any time they want." Probing' forces hit Wednesday morning on the central and west-' crn fronts. Chinese drove Allies from their positions cast of Chuchon on the central front. Then Allied artillery slopped thorn. Hit Nrnr Inju Korean Reds hit southwest of Itijc, after rcoccupying the highway town on the eastern front. Skirmishing stepped up on Ihe wcstei n front, too, with several sharp clashes about 17 miles north of Seoul'. The Reds turned antitank guns on one armored American reconnaissance patrol. "It looks as if they are just about ready and will be on their wuy down to us pretty soon, one officer said. Fighting early Wednesday was heavier Uian the customary patrol actions. But none of it reached battle size. Prisoners IncrrflM* A divisional spokesman said increasing numbers of Red prisoners were -being brought hack, indicating a weakening of Commu- ^ nist morale. Peiping radio sought to bolster Chinese troops by assuring them they have shown that the "United States has .-nothing.-but',a- papci tiger." The Red China broadcast .inid the war will continue unti "we drive the mad. shameless American imperialists completely out of Korea." American troops, somewhat, bored with waiting, have had time a two and a half week lull to (Continued on page four) MOVING UP AGAINST THE REDS 'Ic/ieson Maintains He Has No Intention Of Resigning Office WASHINGTON, May J6 Wi Secretary of "State 'Achcson said oday he has "no intention" ~. . ·esignlng and intends to stay in j the administration "as long as the president wants me Co stay." Acheron was asked .about his A TANK loaded with 27th Regiment infantry moves toward the front in Korea. Note mine detectors -- plate- shaped disk on a pole -- carried by one GI. Another has a radio. . .(International Soundphoto) Nationalist Attack Could End War, Chiang Believes (Rdilur's Note: Friink King, general executive of the Associated Press, Is on a tour of the troubled Orient. He has Iiecn getting a Jirst-huml look at those, triiulili! spots and today is visiting tin) Chinese'Niltiuillllst Islam! if Formosa. On'1 his visit In- obtained the following intcr- vii-w inim Chiang Kai-Shek, leader of the Nationalists.) Grand Jury To Report Friday ;;|To Judge Swope PLAN DOPE TRAFFIC INVESTIGATION rty HU1) HOI'SB ^ The Dona Ana cnunty grand jury i will make its final report to Dial.! r'.titude toward his job at u news | Judge Edwin Swope at JO a. m.. j conference and made this 'com- j Friday, May IS. it was revealed to- j day In district court. | , The jury, still hard at work with resign- j an intermittent investigation of I county schools and Memoi-fal Gen- ; hospllul. will Immt in i n d i c t - ; . complete report o f , finding:) und recommendations : after a three-week period. | Dist. Judge Swope was dcsiffnat- | ett to hear the report. He i.-i JiuiRc j of the Second Judicial District, Al- 1 biiquerque. Cnntinuotf I'riilw j This morning the jury conUmied | an investigation of the hospital __ .with chairman of the city-county An aerial display of America's 1 hospital' board Robert S. Boncy military might will herald t h e ] appearing before the group. Armed Forces Day parade here i Another witness today was Dan! Friday to mark the opening; of the ' W U l l a m s , former New Mexico AM ncnt which he authorized later u- direct quotation: "I have no intention of resign- Acheson added t h a t hi; intends: i stay in the administration. as. m c n t s and .· phrased it, "as long as the i president wants me to stay." ! Jets To Herald Parade Friday i day's festivities. I college Bohrd of Regents mum- Two Air Force F-86 Babel-Jets | ler: former county roiul superin- wlll streak over the city at 2 p. i tendent. nnd member ··' -··--' m.. just before the gigantic par-1 boards, ade begins. Aggie Football Ticket Sale To Open Thursday Much of the success of the Aggie football squad Ihis full and the athletic program of New Mexico A.S-M college Is going to depend on how well the block sale of season football tickets progresses when the general -meeting of all Aggies and Aggie -friends is held at 7:50 on Thursday night in the dinning .room of Milton hall. Ray Mayfield, president of the uncc » t ,, u .,L t .u.. U M=... 1 DoTM A " a c ° un 'J- A ^es club is Formosa starts,- said the presi- j pointing out that everyone, Ag- dent of the Chinese Nationalists, I gics, former Aggies, ex-Aggies, -then Chinese Communist aggros-1 graduates of AM and all friends sion will end; al least the C h i n - j of the college arc not only invited but they are urged to be present PLANS FOR u ScMiatorial probe of illicit dope t . - n f f i c in the U. S. are discussed in Washington by Senator Herbert O'Conor (D-Mci). and Richard C. Mosci- (standing), Summ i l l . N. .1. The latter succeeds Rudolph Hallcy as rotinsel i]| for the Senate crime committee, which O'Conor now heads. j ( I n t e r n a t i o n a l ) ; expecled I At 7~a. m. Saturday, the display to pertain to c e r t a i n items of of aorial power will continue when'. equipment originally owned by the a gianl B-36 will thunder low over j hospital, which has sinre foung the city marking the end of Armed j i t s w ay into other bands. I Forces week. ; Honey To Testily · _ One Of Jjirge'st | Boncy. a chairman of Ihe board. I " The parade, one of largest in j will probably testify concerning "TJ - rn TT J tho city's history, will begin at i tbc equipment and other pertinent j J J a V J S 10 IlcaU State Board Bars Osteopaths !From V. S, Aided Hospitals spital matters. I rhe jury is continuing an inves- j P ration i'nto financial and other | ^ liy FKANK KING TAIPEH. Formosa, May 10--I/I'I --Chiang Kai-Shek today told the Associated Press that his Nalion- alist forces on Formosa, by a body punch lo tbe mainland, can halt Chinese- Communist aggression in Korea. conntcroffensive fron Uio south end of .Main street a t : hospital matters. 2:30. ! Tl A massive display of ground : tlga equipment and more than 2.000; matters pertaining lo Ihc county | fool troops arc expected lo pur- schools, and has nearly abandoned I John A. Davis. Jr.. was elei-l Hclpate · further probing- into the d e a t h o f : president of Ibe Mesilla Vail Heading the-parade will be the i KHznheth Ryan, one of the f i r s t ! chamber of Commei rort Bliss Army Banll. followed!""'""« " tc "*"* u ""I""-" 1 ' j direi-lors last night, oy conllngenls of Army: Navy. A i r . Certain testimony is expected | ni s (! i c i;tioii came at Tie i Force and U. S. Marines from i to be made relative to procedure ; | z . lt i,, na | meeting or · the nearby bases. I of tines imposed by justices of the : | )01|] . d .. , vmL .|, includi'.s six peace in the county. ! Seemnl Group The second group in Ule parade . vill be composed of Organized Re-1 and veterans' cse Communists not be able 10 slarl any new offensive in 36 Memberships Are Received In Boosters' Club A total of 36 memberships have already been sold through the mail cunipaign now in progress, it has been announced by Jerry Garcia, secretary-treasurer of the Ms Cruces Union high school Boosters club. Approximately 200 letters were m ruled out by the membership committee to the former members of Uie club. At the time these letters were mailed the membership unrds for the nc\t year as well as self addressed stamped envelopes were sent. SIIVOM Work Prospective members were invited and urged to send in their dues to the secretary and save the work involved in contacting old members for their dues. Harry Bradley, chairman of the committee, expressed himself as extremely well pleased with the response and hopes that others to whom letters have been mailed will respond in the next few clays. Leaders «rc anxious to complete the membership drive as rapidly us possible. ' All Eligible Hermit (Bud) Laabs is in charge of the drive in the business district among business people and f the professional people. Other members of the membership corn- mil tee include W. A. AVimsch, Keith Romney, E. Turrentine. Clmrlcs Wan-en, John Salnpck, Pat MrClcrnon, Klfego I^opez, Pete AffiiliTe and Hill Shelley. .Those who do not receive letters aro eligible to Jftln the club and arc invited to do so. They can secure their membership frofti any of the above committee members. Korea." The 64-year-old lias an estimated 500,000 men in training on this up win be civil Air| A l a m n ^ Marbini^t 5, various military- j/llCtHlUO lUCllillJ.llJ.ol Sues For Injuries for the meeting. To Mflil C'lKK'.iH'S At this time those who have not owi/.uwu ...i. had a chance to meet Head Coach island bastion, j Joe Colemnn and his ussitant. Kay t r a i n i n g On tlllS ISiaml IiaSLIOll. JU" t _ i m : i u n u ami t u n uaon.mii.. '-«..· These soldiers have figured in the! Evans, will have an opportunity rrcat debate on U. S. policy in the to do an. U is also planned to e.\plain the athletic program it i« hoped can be carried out ut th« other military groups. The final groi Patrol members, various military- i civilian groups and Boy and Girl Scout contingents. Open housi. at White Sands Proving; Ground is slated for Saturday at the nearby bas?. Reception I'limm-d The day's activities will be cH- na.xcd by » reception presented by commanding; staffs of the Army. Navy and Air Forces, and a f v a l a ! Orient now raging in Washington Avoids Issui-s During one of his rare, personal interviews, lasting nearly an hour, Chiang carefully guarded against discussion of specific issues involved in that debate. Behind Chiang's chair were the crossed flags of Nationalist China .nd his Kouminlang party. Both have been driven from the mainland to this island 100 miles off the southeast coast. In the interview, a question L rough t from Chiang a reminder; that he had been fighting Com- ' munists since 1927. He answered many questions ranging from charges of corruption in his Nationalist government to Sovie Russia's long-term program, Russian Threat f! this fall. This, of course, block sale of season tickets. 10 or more, to individuals who will pay for these tickets, sell them or dispose of them in any manner they desire and help promote the sale of at least 2500 season tickets. In this way it is hoped to raise some 522,000, which it lias (Continued on page four) Escapee Recap tu red With JNo Resistance LAS VEGAS, May 10 1/B -- Pa; liico Baca, who escaped from the u« -.ore,,, \ Sa " Mi S uc ' «»""? j'", 1 """""J The first question I asked Ihe night, was ,-ecaplured lasl night . . . ;,, .Inii-tilnii-n I . n o Uficroc Generalissimo was whether in his , in downtown I..EIS Vegas. opinion Europe or Asia were »n- Sheriff Enwlccio Vigil saiil Baca cler the greater immediate tlircRt,"^^ no IT.S,.stance to the arrest from RuBsi'i Bacn lmi hf!CI1 dcscr " lbcii as " tlan At this stage." he replied, "Uie i g"'ous" under some conditions. objective of P.ussia is expansion Albuquerque FBI Officer Promoted ALBUQUERQUE, Mny 16 Wi. Percy U'yly, head of the Albuquerque office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation since It opened in January, 1960. has been transferred to Phoenix. Wyly will be in charge of the Phoenix FBI bureau. He will be succeeded by Norman H. McCabo, now head of the FBI bureau in Norfolk, Vn. Ilnca was released from the slate penitenlinry nbout three niontlu ngo, after serving a term for rah beiy. Me was being held for a diS' i new robberj walked v a w a j from the jail Monday night. in Asia, not Europe." . He next \vas asked if Russia was prepared to wago aggressive war cast of the Lake Ilalkal region.! trict court trial which lies almost in the center of charges when he Siberia. No Rrad.v Ansuvr Chiang's answer was not so ready, hut it was made in the same easy, low-toned voice. 'I do nol think Russia will use her own strength in fighting an aggressive war in Asiu," he said. "H is not nece.ssary for Russia to use her own troops." In the past, the international communists took the propaganda line that the Chinese Communists were agrarian roorniprs imd that H A T O N . A l u y Iti '/n Tl s t a t e hospital inlvipory bn:ml h: . a i l o i i t n l standai-Os Oiat h:ir i ^ l f i from hospitals rm-ivinf; f c . l t - r a l . aid. ! · d - Bui Ihori- has hi-m lit U'ii;l one '.v : cxi:i-p»ion in:nlc and t h u polii-.V i s il' u t e n t a V i v o OIH- holding only u n t i l . ' tin- br.;ml ran g f l f u r l h i - r .·nlviue. n tin; county.. I members, ....i the jury ..lakes il* ivport.; ;l|ul ^ M indictmcnts ( wiil ho survni a n d 1 H aiTaicnod for thr nr r\ Leo Vulilos '(1 Ulr i - g a n - 1 Dr. H. K. ijonov;in. ustt'opulh of ' · n e w - R i i U i i i . li»Ul of tlu- ncttniiH toduy now in a «t:iU'inLnl i - n n i m t - n t i n c un the i-tors.' i-milrovcisy. 1 It- is c h a i n n a n of , tht- iiilvisorv bn:ii-d. -d :jwj begins rcelcctoil soL-rL'l:u appointments h.iv I It WHS moved mid .socomird tn I i n v i t o a WhiU- Snmls Pj-ovins : Ground rcprfiit'iUalivt.' fur i liaiu- Senator Charges Truman Gagging Probe Witnesses WASHINC.TON. May 16 iff* - In an angry argument at the Serta t o hrarings tndny, a RcpubliCiiil supRrstrd the White House WHS p u t t i n g an "(run c u r t a i n " ,m*cr wit nesses and got a shai^p denial from Grn. Omar Dradlcy that there wns one on him. H was a climatic moment in a 1 session t h a t broke off questioning of Hradk-y about the dinmlsaul of I Gon. Douplas M n c A r l h u r nnd ' hrought hoi debate on wht'.llu.T Hradlcy should toll about hl» pri- . vale talks with President Truman j on firing the Far Eastern coni- i mandiT. ! Senator KnowlanU (R - C w l l f ) i said Bradley's stand t h a t the talks | were a confidential matter, not U- ; be testified to. raised a quwiliou 1 whether tho White House was i dropping an "irun curtain" a Unit . wilneiws. \ Xi-vcr Has Votwl 13nu!!oy, apparently loolung on the issue ns having political I m p l i - cations, told the Senators lie was I iii'ilher a Democrat nor a Hrpid'- lican and had never voted. Ho itri- i dod: ! "Now. t h f statement has hoen i umdi) here In the effect that an I 'irnii c u r t a i n ' has been pulled down 1 over my testimony. I do not think I il has. Mr. Chairman. "I have only declined to answer · one question on ft confidential , tutst* " - : Will tilvi' I V r t f n c n t ! "1 am peifectly Billing, as I say. lu f^ivt: what J think Is p « M - tiiii'iit. nnd t h a i is the runrlUhiim* imc.liiM »t Uiose confcrencrt.s: ( w i t h t h e President) and I am p.'if r r t l y willing t»' tell you tin- I.M- snns* advanced hy the three Chiefs of K t « f f when i hey gave t h r i r rni- MIIIS i fur MacArthur's dismissal I t n Gen. .Marshall." Bradley abio said he had het-n "rofi'rred lo here yesterday as Uv ; PrvKltlrnl'K witness." he ailded: : "I thought 1 was thr comniltlm-'s I witness." I Bradley rrfused ye:*lerday to ti-11 ' w h a t he "and .Mr. Triinwn said hi i each ntlu-r in t h e i r talks. And ti»- Ihe W h i t e House sabl M i . t i l fm SANTA FE. May 16 '/Ti Los Alamos, ; machinisL tixl;iy sued the University of California for J213.0M for allegedly i i l h i w i n g him to work' with beryllium w i t h out proper safeguards. · Seyboni Collins, n - t i n n g \ . H I 1 1 ,, . : ilent, Monday -wns given a hearly u -hii'!i b.u-most vote of t h a n k s tor hi:i t e r m in d f - fii-e :s the roMruif; board held its last mectin;;. military ball at the officers' c l u b ; Car ] A _ Hereher contends that i Saturday night. 'Attendance is b y . j lc ] las i )cen permanenlly and to- invitation, but the open house is available to the public. All groups who expect to participate in the parade, are n.skcil to contact W. S. (Bill) tirwin, par- j lory damagca, plus $ Retiring bDUi'il i.icsiiberji j j i l s o given a rc-sulution noli:ig ' dcvulL'd service. tally disabled" . by worku'.g with beryllium at the atomic city of Los Alamos. He asks $138.9-1-1 as adc marshal. · itivc and exemplary His suit was filed N a t i o n w i d e . I n t o Illegal Stork ^OotsT^ A ,.,,,-,, Q,.;.^i-c Pr-vun-r i States District Court here by S u n - 1 A ""[" Army Seixcb i owu ;,,, Fc aUornovs E . P . Kip iey ami °' "'^ Li Bolivian Capital !a P - USMH Joncs - '- LA PAZ, Bolivia. Hay 16 l/n -The army seized the government of this tin-rich nation today, claim Hercher went to work chinist at Los Alamos, v.-hcrc Ihc University of California (iocs atomic research under contract with W ASHl\ T i:TON M a y TM'" ^ . '^' ' . ' ' ''" " "' , " J ., h - e " Al'll-r long debali-. he said. Ibe an \v;i:;. ooaid voted iiiisiiiiii'ii.-;ly Hint tho i-iiinmill,.v, board doeMi'l h a v e the n.irhl I" set ,een nillde. : any s t a n d a r d for any hospital, bill le American Colbgc .if Kill 1 - ,· oni-li .·.{·imlitnls woliKI stand u a - ! day I h e r .nlvii-e rould be smisht. ' Truman does not waul him lo t e l l A n i f r i e a i i i.'ollive of S"i- .itnndanls provide.l for a n i i n u m t r a i n i n g a n d i n u - i n e s b i p ·i;ul:ir i»U'nn.lh.'i. Dr. l)otiovn:i. who has prai-tii-ed ill New Mexiro simv 1H27 and up- ei-:ited bis own h o s p i t a l s,in,-i' HIM. .said il was hi." opinion t h a i "Ihe h « i s j i i ; ; i l advisory i-.-iuili-il sbuuld i-hange I h e i r m i i i i i i m n i stand lo i-oiifiirni w i t h I hi- New Milaw and allow eai-h hn.-pitiil liurted by f e d e r a l it;; own .stand; own staff." The exivplmn was at naini'd h u s p i l a l when- I n i u n i l y had only U and two of II "l" 1 on the Inqiiiry panel made up "T tin! Senate Armed Servloes anil Korelpi Relations committees wi-i-e insistent lhat IJradley shouM tell. While liradley silt silenl in tho witness chnir f o r - m m o than twn hours today, the Senators argued ·atcdly. Charges im|ilied and di- ·ct. ol u y i n g lo play publics lls- ured in tbe debate. As an upshot: 1. Hrndlliy was dismissed as A witness u n t i l Monday. '2. The Senators a ^ i e e d to vote a ( noon (ICKTl tomorrow "H whi- "'"·'' '",'-"''.","·'jlh,-i- tbev sbonld insist l h a t I ho were osteopath,,.! · ills i hi ids and its al l e l l them about v i l h the I'hesulent. was nol inlormcd that .-' I I K I I I R sucb metals is dangc'ious and "could be expected to caus-j serious bodily injury to workmen unless proper safety precautions and devices were installed." Morgan said a l l d i s l r i i t office : O U entorcnnenl ageuls have linen l l ' - ' / \ i reeled lo check on clans '2 u l n u g h t - I It crers who wore repnited to lia been in btisinesi; last year h u t w have not registered in Hifil quired by prii:" n-gi A class 1! slaughterer does not have bis prodl ally inspected. . tbc Atomic Energy Commission, ing it was in ·'real and immediate: m March o[ , 9 . )6 danger." ! Hc contom |. thai he wns p u l , Maj Gen. Ovidio Quiroga. army tQ n . ork mnI . hininK i ) c rylllum bul j chief of staff, named a military ·" · ' j u n t a headed by Gen. Hugo Balli- vian as president and defense miui- sler, after President Mamcrlo Ur- ·iolagiollia resigned and lefl Ihe country. The coup came in an atinosolieic of tension following Ihe May 6 ; T jwi«miSTS AlillESTKll , WASHINGTON M n v Hi L-Ti elections in which Victor Paz Ks-, . ,,,,.,.,,,,,,,.', , , ' T .,|'.. ...i.i (·,,,,.; lenssoro. exiled leader of Ihe n a - : T E I I H A N . Iran. May 16 i/l'i-.-. - hu.nlai n i-a r , - I lion's tin miners, won most votes : A Moslem terrorist was anesU-d | I- 1 ' 1 ";.. 11 M ,, ' : ' ,, ,, , ,,,,,,;', , i n l . but nol enough for Ibe clear m a - i after a gun Imtlle today w i t h p o - i t h l n K " " " " · / " jority which would entitle him an- | lice, who said he wns plotling to . TMn be held ,., '"». "· l "'",'" tomallcally to the presidency w i t h - : assassinate Premier F. Moliain- I ""-'"it » COM 01 mini, IIIOI.A out an act of congress. . mcd Mossadegh. 12 ' I o n s !ur I t s l i i i j ) i ' ( i \ c i n c n l Plan ATTACKS CONTHO1.S lloli l " Gei his confi'ienci 1I|| In Air This left the i-mjise of Inquiry up In the a i r for Ihe i m m e d i a t e f u t u r e , hut stymied it (or the day ill least. A t o p t h e charges hurled in Ihe i-oinmiUe room itsvlf. Senalol I-'u!- b i i g h t ( D - A r k ) told reamers "U leaving t h a t hi- feara lte|ilibllc-aiii. may hi- "trying In Mibota^je" tlu- iConllmit',1 on page f o u r ) ''··-Summer School !!:'",:! "i:""; 1 ; Program Is Sel l i - N M l l l l l l V imgn-J i NewMexicoFarmers^anchers Turn To Rainmakers With $115,000 In Contracts For'Battle Against Drought MecicM ' ir hi-l| t . . I H T lior.lll:,!' It will !«· us di.uls. window vi of the ran Ing to i n i i l r l I .i;:dinB. . S - ' l l r l l l r n II,'! N'n iml D e l e g a l i i ..- tbi' hron/.i 1,0 Defense I ' l l : min); I I I By KOD1K I.KK (AsMicliitiMl I'rres Staff Wrllrr) 'What can the laimnakers do to ease one of the worst droughts in New Mexico's history? Worried farmeiH and ,anchors, tl,e Clinic Nationally govern-1 Womo.1 armur» linn .ancncrs. ,,,n,,. was didionosl. corrunt anil ho have tacked their fmlh in 1 artlficlnl prctcipilation .with at j l o u s t SIIS.OOO. will lit- WKtchlnR uicnt was dishonosL, corrupt inefficient. Oi-vtiiiv Miiililuuil "Now Ihc (.-hints.;-Communist!. I «l°««'y '"'"'"K ' h o - n f x l month for have oci-upiert the malnlaml of I an answer to that ,,uc s t,on. China. What they ale afraid o f - Five j-c-.ipn u r farmTM anil i n n is a Nationalist countcrotfenalve. i chciu In the stnle have aigne.l con- feet since M a i c h 1 or earlier. Hut so fur, the amount of rain produced has neon hardly enough to dampen the g i o n n d . However, with a few minor grumblings, the tanner and rancher groups have expressed satisfaction with the operations to date. The f i r m warned that np results "So their propaganda Jlno no Is: 1, The Chinese people on the tiacls will, Ihc Water Resources Development Corp., of Denver. mainland win nol welcome tho re- Colo., for rain incranslnt' opera- turn of the Nationalists. 2. If t h e i lions all over the mate's 121.660 United Slntea aides the Nationalists, the Chinese people on the mainland will hate Ihc Americans. "The new Communist lino Is lo piny on .'enr psychology. If you j Effective Mnrcl square miles. The firm, headed by Dr. Irving Kriek, can make up to $7o,000 more in bonuses - If it can produce enough rnln. I ration water. Some commuliitii'.s are h a v i n g noilbwi-st. i Ysldro Un tioulile finding ilomemic water supplies am! the II. S. Fon-sl Service is win-tying nboul the possi- bllitii-s of the worst forest f i l e year in the slate's hlstoiy. Already 2,700 acres almost i much as was expccteil for the It is wilh linage I n i p i o u ' i n e i i l of the five nnn- ......... -mild he cipcctcd before late In | whole season ·-· have burned (Contlmii'd nn :mjjc lour; Mey or eaily June because cond lions would not be favorable. The rainmakers do not actually make lain. Ihcy only increase natural rainfall. And up to now, they say, there hasn't been enough natural rainfall for their operations lo have much effect. DroilKh! Continues Meanwhile, this drought continues. Water levels nrc dangerously low, rivers are drying up nnd Ir- Tho contracts have been In i ' f - , ilgallon ill»trlct» ore s t n v t l n g tf 19 fhes. Every National Faresl In the sl;ite has had at least olio rir": and Olln. LlncDln 'and Santa Ke foreuls have each had five. Smoke jurn|icis have liren sent to the Glia 1'orent aiea. Turn To Iliilninal(i-rs Farmers and ram-hem, desperate lost Ihclr livelihood he swept away by tho drouKht. have turned to Ihe rainmakers. Thoj Inrfjest contract coven, aliont riO.OOfi s(|ii«ri- mill's In the .pi,,r.t orpanl'/ation!; formed lo m:iki- cim- u-ai.-ls nmlor laws pan:,-.! at lln- lasl seiuion of llin k - R i h l a l u n - . Tin- company is heiided liy Howard Major of Alliiifjuelilillu-. The rontriict piiivliles for a flat feu of Jl7.500 lor tin- rirsl 8 : Inches oi r a i n f a l l iivi-rn.i;e over tin- m e n . Tli= liomi.i is j;radliiitrd up- ; y : wani.i to a m a x i m u m of .Vl7.riOo j ^ K '" for 15 uuhes or li.ole of l a i n . |Nc\v Drl'crinciit Advi.-or N a m e d Seleel-ivr Service, S A N T A KK. May Hi | A f u l l - t i m e music program fur" the . summer reeroatio.i program was | voted lust night by the Hoard of 1 Education. Schools Superintendent ^ f. S. I'oiilee announced tod:iy. W i l l t a i n C. Cramer will instru.'t . stringed i n s t r u m e n t s . Don O;\rrett i will hold classes In b.ln.l instru- ] nn'nts, and C. T- Garrison will m- ; struct high school band. ; The i,-croatlon program, which . begins May 2S. will ill.-.' includo playpround aelivilies. movie;;, and 1 duni-ing. Summer school programs w-:v- ; al:in discussed. It t e n t a t i v e l y Is : In include high school cumm:rn.\l ' inylriicllon. U. S. history, and Kn n '.. lish. It also begins May -6 The ^ A l N I A I- 1'j. .»lll.-, M l - . l - .Mlij l,,hn i: I'i,-Kei. ; ion. f n r m , - i l y withi''""'-^ of lustnielion will ili-pon.l : | h i - Veler.-ins ailmmiiilniUon ,a on m-cd of students. I Wan,. Tex., I... !.-n naiued o,- "' Addition lo tho sliminor pro- ,,,pni:o,,,,l ,1,-fenm-nls a,lv,,,or fo, ; S"""-. "'« ho.,,-,1 las nlfjh «.;i- . 1 1 , . New Moxli-o scloi-livv servii-e. !'""'"·'I "·""«' » u '"« n K llf "' ls ; ami other recular husinra», Mr. ; A n n i i i i i H enu-tit if hi:; Lip]olilt- ' mini,- today by Col. Russell (.'. Chiirli-lon. Sluti- Hi-h-r- t l v i - Si-ivii-e illiwlnr. An A i r I'\irce i i f f l e e r in tin) l a s l . World War, Major Dlckcnsim will | July sliidy and pass on all requests fo.- : Oct. unrieultural and Inilustrlal oceu-1 Dei 1 , pallonal deferments. I Mch. ·13.21 :in.57 ·19.00 |.-| K iiri-s Avi-ri.Ri-.-. The averalje Is limned from i c p o l l s of 12 weather hllleliu stn- lions In the urea, seleeled for the compliitcness of llu-lr reeonls. I):-. _ E. C. Bcalc uf New Mexico Unl- His wife anil four-year-old | Now May 38.88 vt-rslty has heen pickeil to i l e t i - i - | dauphter will Join him here In the j Now July 38.-17 (Continued on par,.- f jili) i near future-. · i New Oct. COTTON .MAHKKT (Courlesy It. T. Hoover O.) l.uu- ·15.08 30..1I 38.SJ 38.SO .18.811 11S.8S S8.SO SS.611-70

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