Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 4, 1961 · Page 2
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 2

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 4, 1961
Page 2
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'·£» W. 4th St. E o v» -o I -o Franklin in Huntier Heights' Westwood ll r !"V~T "^"^rt Hopkins t I I Heights s * l i JLX ·· I 1 *^ « I «* , i s r- 1 --U---- Platteville AREA will be up (or annexation to Greeley (luring a special election Nov: 16. Ttxj polling'places will be set up at Franklin School on 35th Ave. a half block north of U.S. M N rtnole symbol) from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m..To be eligible to vole/ia ^person must be a resident of Ihe state at least a jeer. He must Je a resident of the county 90 days and of the precinct 15 days .-prior to the election. JThe voter, must be' : 2i. years 'of age and ' t own-'at b e buying real property within'Ihe area proposed 16th St. (or annexation. He must be a resident of lhat area.Heavy black lines depict the outside boundaries 'of the entire area which will vote. Dotted lines indicate tlw Individual subdivisions within the area. The area between. be borderline on the right and Ihe 23rd:Ave. marker Is not. included in Ihe proposal.: Black por- ..lions within the fata are not fully developed is residential subdivisions. Tribune map. . Big Nylon Dome To Be Ear And Voice To Outer Space A. 13-story nylon dome whtch-ls IhejiMargcst inflated carlhbouiid slAiiirc ever made has"-'riseii fce the 'landscape at a-remote ' Maine, II is .the.Bel! Syjm's housing for a spaca corn- 1 indications antenna and^associ'. sl^ equipment ,which wilt .be used In Cleats. of. |^teUlle corrart'^nica: ted struct' .'twice Iho - ^'ST'if itrhg capacity o !'V'fi£ic'H*U--'rbe dome 169 "·'-' ifeitabove .ground 'and.,i5.:jlOjeet SY The- antenna; ^«ifch" l-System's yoi?e~ana'Sai sac'e/will b*'-'c«nW*le«j of steel and aluminum and weig! 300 tons. . Designated »s Project Telslar the Bell System,- m- cooperaliui with the National Spac. and Aer onautics Administration, i w i 1 launch an active 150-pound satel lite from which signals will · b* lr»nsmilted to Ihe huge antenna and the antenna .will.'also trans mil lo moving satellites. An active satellite Is'one whicl SPECIAL NOTICE ta all member* ef lncfaperil«n ' Order of Odd F«ltow«.. GRAND MASTER'S OFFICIAL VISIT Tuesday, Nov. 7 Dinner (Dutch Treat) «:30Cmliild-Hotel . McMnrtry Spictronatie PAINTS "Color Unlimited" In ill finlshei. Weld County Real Estate Transfers A*v«nu* ttampt'on real' est«t« transfers ire al-tht r«jt». 01 $1.10 pel thousand .Hollis H. Parton and Elizabeth Parton to Wheeler Realty Co., parl of Lots 1 and 2, Block.*?, Greeley, Rev. $23.65. .. . . . YYheeler Realty' Co; lo Edward G. McArthur and. .Carolyn Rulh McAfthur, part--of I^is'l and 2, Block 17. Creeley; ReV. $23.83. 'Monroe Corporalkm'to Chandla- Harris Inc.- 3/6 hileresl lo part Lois 9 and 10, li-13, Block 75, cclve.5 a signal from one station mplifies it and sends il to anoth' ·* station. The test is a forerun er of a global-satellite comrnii cations system-which w o u ! ansmit telephone conversation;! jmmunicallofis data and world ide TV. .Tbi need (or the. large anlenn jg'jjoinlcd up by the fact that '(h (Ut?salellite in orbit \vil' trans abofc;!,Calls and whe ie signal reaches the earth, its trcngth will be in the range ot -Ir.lllkmlh of. a wall./The an|en- nev * j" if : located in tne. 1 'reniote,Maina fea ti'4yoid further dissipation of w : Jign3.i oi^lch then' ha's'to be mplified by. the equipmenl at the ccetving-trtnsmKtlng' stallon. The huge dome, which,is prac: ically transparent lo radio wave's will protect the antenna anil equipment from the weather. To main- airi constant air pressure, -air ocki.are used as entrances lor men and vehicles. The ; rounded 53. Welsh , and" mlge on the side of.what,U now Welsh, part of a temporary nylon ;cover allows Rev. $2.75. clearance spaci for.a cab will) equipment at the apex of tlw an- ertna. When llw temporary dome s dismantled, it will be removed 'Test satellites ; will gather much nformallon about space. They Lots 19-22,-Block 24, vill measure the effects of radi- Heights, Rev. $2.75. ·lion and .temperature on various components and will test various jrolecflve measures being taken such as sheets of sapphire o shield solar cells which convert the sun's rays. Into'energy. While the experimental satellites will be comparlively short lived, they will supply information to build sal ellites to last ten years or more as they will have lo do in a work ng system. The Bell System will pay al :osts of Project Tel*Ur. It will furnish the satellite*' and Ihe ground station facilities · and reimburse the government. for the rockets as well »s. for launching. tracking and other expenses. A satellite communications system will supplement the growing cable and radiotelephone netwoik which now links the world together. 'About 4.000.000 overseas tel*- Bldg. Permit Issued for Dental Clinic A building permit for the construction of a dental clinic costing an estimated $15,000 at 1648 17tli Avc. was issued Friday by the city building inspection of- ·y MRS. ROCAMO MJU.ER PLATTEVILLE -- Merry Mak'- ers met k the home · Mri. Dtin Vi*\Mrs. 'L:O. Wkit- Ud assliUnj liWfas; Mr*. RoUnd Mt)Ur (MOM «t th. meVrt^ IB the : ab«CBCtV Mrs. Otoo MJkir, president. Twelr* merabefi were present. Election at ofHctri' was held with the following elected: Mrs.' Ray Sarchel, presMent; »Mrs. Frank y«n«guchl,'vice pres- ideni; Mrs. Roland. Miller, setfr'e- tary;'. Mrs. Herman MOMT, treii- urer. Lesson on "Correct Dresi- Occ»iibiu" w»s- ; tiveii by ,Mn, James Calhoun:'N«t meeting will be ' $] OM .home, of Mrs. Hoy Moter at 1:» p.m., Nov. M, A shower for MiH Delia: James Capper;'who will b* married Nov. 5 16 Joseph L, Best, was held recently at the Methodist Church. Colors of blue and white were usec on the scrying table and the gifl Uble.-'Kithy Rwd played several accordkm selections. Mrs. Berale McCormick of Denver assisted her sister in-opening her guis.^Hre Warren Capper poured. Refresh merits were served by the hostesses, Mmes. Ray Sarchet,-James CalKouri, Conrad. Walter, Chet Cul lor, -Francis Duvall, Elmer Kill man, Robert Lendrum, and James Hildenbrandt of Greeley. PlattevUle MYF were hosts last week to the Northern, Cokrado Senior Methodist Youth.Fellow ship group. Ninety-seven member attended from, Loyeland, Fort Collins, Johnstown, Eaton, Gree ley, Evans, Windsor, and Platte ville. Senior girls prepared the food for Ihe' dinner, with hel; from the following mothers Mmes. Frank' Yamaguchi, Robert Kawakami, Reyburn Morgan Mary Wright, Conrad Walter Clyde Abbett' and:. John Kiyot Senior MYF held their annua Halloween party la si, week in th basement of Ihe parsonage, whlc was decorated in Halloween mot! Games were enjoyed by a big a, tendance and refreshments wer served by the committee. Chape ones for the evening were Mr. an Mrs. Wes Moser and the Rev. an Mrs: Donald Junior' MYF held their Ha loween^ party in parsonage base ment- last week. Twenty-six mem bers enjoyed games and a sea enger hunt. Refreshments we served by the' losing side of contest .that was held. Pop co: 715 7th Street Ph. EL 2-2131 Chandla-Harris Inc. tV Wheeler Realty, Co., 3/8, interest; 1 to. part L o l ' 9 arid 10, 11-13,.'Block 7s', Greeley, Rev. ?66. Monroe Corporation to Harvey E. Cook and Velma N. Cook, 1/6 interest to part Lot 9 and 10, 11-13,- Block 75, -Greeley, Rev. $20.35. · , · William J. Wellington and Elizabeth 'Ann Wethingtbn to Lawrence ~ ' Charlo'lle M Section 7-1-66, James D. pnrd to- Philip S. McCoy" and Lily T. McCoy, part of Section 5-2-67, Rev. J19.SO. Bennett J. Antterson lo Virgl Busnardo and Nellie Busnardo Lots 19-22,-Block 24. Keencsburg lights, Rev. $2.75. Inez Stewart Seebass la Jean II Brown, Lot 17, Block 1, Ellis Addi tion, La Salic, Rev. S3.85. Ernest S. Peyton and Bevcrlj G. Peyton lo Alf Magnuson anc Ella Magnuson, Lots 1-3, Arrow head Addition, Eaton, Rev! $16,50 Don J. Shaw to Everett H. Cor ricll and Wilda A. Cornell, Lot Block 4, Third Addition Houslo Heights, Greeley. Rev. $3.85; Audrey Marie Blaser to Lomar Lee Bennett and Cathryn Louis Bennett, part of Lots 10 and X Block J, Evans, Rev. $3.83. ' Donald E, Jones and Claudin- A. Jones to Robert L. : Anderso and Jeannettc M. Anderson, Lc 9 Block 3, Edwards Homes, Re ·57.70. , The permit for Ihe 29 by 28-foot nic was taken out by Hillside dd.!tions' as .contractor.; Dr., Exl- n ' M . Hagihara was'listed ^Ss A'ner. On Thursday, a permit was.1s- jed for i commercial nursery uUding,at 5002 20th.St. in the Ighlarid.. Hills' subdivision. The ·wrrriit' for the 'niJrsery, which is "cost 'an eslimaled $5,500', ,was ken out by Elmer. Luridvall as Mitraclor. The building will be by 3* feel in size. Building perm [Is for Isvo lie-family tomes and a duplex sidence also have been issuec ecenlly. Wolff Conslruclion Co., as con actor, took out a permit for a nc:farnily home at 3415 W. 5th phone calls were made last year JL,£^T and the volume of overseas cum- '' ' LONDON (AP) -A big celcbr lion .apparently was building in Clarence House where Prince Margaret's baby boy was born GREELEY TRIBUNE Saturday, NOT. 4,1961 SHORT-FLOWIRID PAINTBRUSH, shown here, was photographed along the Trail Hidgc road above tlrpbfrline. Of the genus, Castilleja, the specific name of this paintbrush, brachyan- lha, means literally short-flowered. Calyx .and bracts are covered with long liairs. The short- flowered - paintbrush is found in open,, stony places at high altitude, and does not grow in subalpine areas.-At the bottom, right, the open. white flower with dark-veined petals is Ihe air pine .lily (Lloydia serolinaK The generic name honors an English botanist, Lloyd, and serotina means late blooming. This tiny lily is but 6/8ths of an inch in diameter. The short-flowered paintbrush is of Ihe figwort or snapdragon family (Scrophulariaceae). This is the 63rd of (He 1961' series of wild flower pictures from color slides. --Photo and comment by Floyd E. Merrill. lAFf-A-DAY Grover 'It's a inother-and-daughter outfit-I picked up at the; father-and-aon department." balls,'doughnuts arid cider was joyed. Chaperones were; Mr. ai Mrs. Bernard Asmus, Raymow Miller, and ;Mrs.. Wes Moser. Tammy" Sarchet' of Holly rs several · days .recently with , her gva^dpafentsl. Mr; and;Mrs:" Ray Sarclieli'VTiYiiny 1 .came, up ''with som»:ot.'ttie 1 t«ach*rV-from...HoUy ji)d,\jent back home .with;:them. Lions .Club entertained 'atVtheir annual'ladies night, by chartering a-bus and entertaining'.them at Andy ; s Sinorgasbord at,"Denver. : Lirnia Sarchet- entertained at a Halloween-party .after school Tuesday. Games were enjoyed and they all made Ibeir, own Halloween masks/Supper was enjoyed by candlelight; served .by Mrs. Ray Sarche't. Those 'enjoying the party were; Susan Ulrkh, Debbie am Florence Dodero, Sandra Rhoades Carol Matsushima, and Cfady HuckV " - · , · · - . - : Laaies-Auxiliary-to Post No 6011.met »t the VFW.Hall. Mrs Newton Starr presided at the year were: Earl Brolemaklc, Wayne Sarchet, J. T. Bohlender, Bill -Freauff. Jr., Tom Harris, Mr. .and Mrs. Charles. Reed, Mr. md Mrs. Gaylord Richardson. Mr. d Mrs. C. M. Richardson, lirtes '..Kelly,-'. BUrl/-Vouiig, - Pat Mihg,' : .'Be'rf Lopez,·'Torn, Lopez, bnald kafizkr,'; Henry; aul, Dick aul, Mr.. and Mrs. -Chct; Cullor, r. arid Mrs'. Francis Duv'all, Pon- r. Birkle, Fred Mayer, ..Waller ayer, William Mayer, and John F11 atteville? Lions' Club ; -.vill. have Mir annual ' chow mein and irimp dinner Nov. 5. al the gh school cafeteria. They wil jegin at 3:30 p.m. osiing an eslimated $10,000 and meeting with; 14 members answer pcrmft for a two-family resi fence at 3404-3406 W. 4th St. cost- ig $12,00d. The other one-family tome -permit was obtained by . J. Stoll, as-owner, f o r . a $1000 house at .711 28th Ave. Other permifs issued recently .eluded the following: 'Rohrig''Bros., contractor, fall- «it shelter 1.918-Montview Dr.; 1,000; Joe McCiain, owner, fall- mi shelter 408 .7th St., $300; and louse of Carpets, owner, replace slore front 1113 16th St., iS',000. municallons is increasing 20 per .cent annually. One after the other four light BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) - losef Cardinal, Mlnds?enty has inished the fifth year of his vir ual imprisonment behind the walls of the U.S. legation oven ooking the square named .Free- dom'PI ace. It was five years, ago Saturday that 1 the Roman Catholic primate of Hungary sought asylum as So vict tanks, squatting like gianl toads . across Budapest streets, finally crushed the 1956 Hungarian uprising. Around Ihe legation, bored plainclothesmen in Hungarian police ing roll call. A letter.was read [rom Ihe department quartermast er concerning identity'tags which may be purchased for members and families. District.three met ing will be held at Fort. Lupton Nov. M. Mrs. Arlerts Ruppe reported a box will be,sent to.Fort ^yons for their Thanksgiving, wit napkins, try mats and place cards Plans were completed for the NOW dinner Nov. . VFW turke game dates Nov. 3 and 17 were ai nounced. Mrs. Ralph Sarchet wi he hostess Nov. 8. Mrs. Rober Bruce served refreshments. Mem ncrshlp prizes were won by Mme Newton Starr, Herbert Miller an Maud Reid. Federal Land Bank delivery' trucks called. One said cars maintain the vigil they began j"gin," another "beer," the third in 1956, waiting for the 64-year-old 'whisky" cardinal to leave. 18 FARM LOANS LONG TERM With privilege (o pay til or any part of loan al any tine and slop interest on (he part paid. FEDERAL LAND BANK ASSOCIATION 100»'»(h SI. Ph. x EL 2-15SI And Ihe milkman delivered pinh. · . Gary Bruce, 14-year-old son Mr. and Mrs. Robert' Bruce, an a student al Valley High has been selected «s a team member f the Rolling Cowboys, Denver newest addition to the sport basketball. All members of ll learn are confined lo wheelchair The rolling Cowboys will play games In the western division the wheelchair basketball leagux The western and Eastern drrisk champions will meet in April compete for the national title. The team is coached by Kent une Elaine Anderson .anted to Kansas U. frnphony Orchestra " June.'Elairie Anderson, 'daugh- er-of-.yr,. anl,.llys_ Robert R ' ' " ' - - - n The Courts USE THE TRIftUNE WANT ADS District Ceurt Burglary Chwrgi Fikd Franklin Smith Channel, also nown as Pal Channel, 31, Gree ey, was charger! with burglary in n information filed in 'distric ·ourt by. William 'E. Bohlender eputy district attorney. . Channel was accused of enter ng a building belonging to Deal W. Sughroue, doing busuiess a he Wagon Wheel Cafe.on N. lit Oct. 17 with the intent .1 ommit larceny. County Court . Facts Dnmk Driving Char Julian Albert Ornalcs, 26, Gree ey, was charged with drunk drh ng, drunk driving, second offens ind driving while his license wa suspended in an information file- y Charles R. Lyons, deputy di trict attorney. Bond for the" de 'endant's release from jail w; set at $1,000. Ornales was accused of dfivin while drunk and while his Keen was suspended on Nov. I, an o f ' previously having' been co vicled in county court on a dru driving charge June 9, 1960. 2 DccrMd JuvMiiU D*1inqu*nti Two 13-year-old Greeley boys were decreed juvenile delinquents by Judge Roy M.. Briggs, after th« court found they had-.committed law violations Oct. 15. The cases of the boys were continued Tor reports by the court's.proba- tion officer, Raymond Pope. een 'darned ''member , has of J the · Uni 'rsity 'of'ifansii's Sy'mpiibny' 'or estrp. ' '·' " : . .V - '· Miss Anderson, a'freshrnan a U, is an accomplished, violin ayer. She was.orte'of-,$3.slud«nl ··the,-University 16' be' selecte( om : competitive Iryou.ts ' t o be lembers- of the 'orchestra. The symphony, under; Ihe direc on of Robert Bauslian,.a55pciat rofe'ssor of orchestra," perform lany. '.vcrks considered tod diff iill_for college orchestras outsid ie. few famous, music conscrva dries. . ' . ! . . ' . . ' Bauslian, [ a regular summe o'n'ductor'of the Sante Fe, N.M )pera Company, has returned re ently from, a tour with lha ro"iip of West Berlin and Be rade, Yugoslavia. By MRS. CHRIS KKOENIO GROVER--'Work at the Hereford loading station was completed last week with the shortest run on record, one day over three weeks. Forty-five train;cars of beets were shipped to Sterling, according lo. Mrs..E. B. Keith, weigher. These were produce^ on approximately 177, acres in the area, on land owned or six growers." Yield of beets was not as good as some past seasons, but sugar content was consistent. Spring planting weather 'was adverse so some farmers who had planned to raise beets had re- planted'to something else, which iad cut the overall acreage from ar 300. acres. Besides Mrs. eith, employes at Ihe dump this ason were, Gene Gordon and hnnie McCurry. Beet · growers ere; Leslie Lambert, Ron Snyer, Dwight Gwaltney, Harold Izer, Ross Youngblobd and rank Dwinell. Mrs. Don Speaker entered Deaul Hospital in Cheyenne Men- ay for medical treatment. " All of Ihe teaching staff attehd- the state educational confer- nce at Denver, : Members of the senior class are usy with practice for their, an- ual 'play 'to, be'presented,..Nov. 7. It is a conicdy entitled^"The rilics of Andrew" uiKier'the di- ection of Mrs. Cora Bucher and ;rs. Arlene Znamenacek. NEW .DELHI, India XAP -- ndia,'s Prime Minister Nehru lassihg out awards at the close . movie festival,.said films are jowcrful medium for teachin ;ood lessons lo people .but addec 'To my misfortune I have ime to see films." S'OTICK'TO tkr Cuimtj- C CHEniTORS owrl !· »"il f ' Wel4 »i Scale ot ColofHllo ,N'o. 8868 Kstale of OKOJXOE ITERNDO BRADFIKbt), Derexed. All." pcraonS havinK · clai atiiAt the afeove natned e«t » required to ^lle them for lownnce In the C o u n t y Court Weld County, CotoraOo, on or b f o r e the 30th day of A p r i l , 19 .. ntd - claim* shall be forev barred BESSIE E. BRADFIEI.D , . Bxeculr SoiilViarcl k Southard, A t l o r n e The f i r e e l e y . Dally Trlhime. Oct. 38, Xov. 4, 11, 18, 1 San 'Francisco -- The bark «f me : sequoia trees -is "z feet thick. NOTICB T O C ^ . t tlie" C«»ty' C«mrt I N and tmr tke Cf«»ty «f/WeH ·»* ; · State nf ·: Ctlnrfljo . ·, No.--SS.40. Estate of. MARTHA NELSON .AS.MtrsSE.S, also k n o w n at IAHTHA ^^. rtASMUSSEN, «|SO nowu as .MARTHA RASMUSEN, Deceased.--. - - · '· · All persons having claims gainst Ihe above named e«tate re required io II'K them for al- owance In the County Court ot Veld- County, Colorado, on · or tfore the ISlh day of April. »62, or flatd claims ahall to* for* ver barren. -. ' Ferno RRsmuasen Slarkley and Walter Clayton Slarkley, . Co-Executora ames H. 1 Shelton - ,, . Attorney rat National Bank Bld». Greeley, Colorado: The Greeley Dally Trlbuni. · Oct. 13, '10, .Xov,v !"!· ' - · (OTICE OF DISSOLUTION ATfTt TRA.VSKKK ' Cl^AHEN-CE NOLD, 1035 J!rd Streed Road, Greeley, ColOTalo, v e n d o r , a n d . R E U B E N SCHWARTZ, 2405 I4tli . Avenue 'ourt, Greeley, Colorado, vend«i, rive notice that vendor sells, to vendee his undivided one-half Interest In- ECONOMY BODY. * P A I N T SHOT, 60S; 28th .Street, Oreeley, Colorado, and all the i r p p e r t i e a pe'rtalnlng; .thereto, I n - cliidlnn atock In trade, fiiturea and c n u l p m e n t , heina; auiomotlv* repair and paint property. Trana- fer .to 1)e m a d e ' a t Bald busmtss location on or about' the tth day of November," 19*1. . . The partnership 'between tii« parties Is .'being' dissolved, -and parties In Interest are advised to contact Reuben Kchwartt. CLARKNCE NOT.D. RKUBE.N SCHWARTZ- John W. O'tUffan A t t o r n e y Greeley, Colorado The f:ro»l»y Dally Tribune. ' Oct. IS, Xov. t, 1H1. Folding Wheel Chairs 3110 and up Folding Walkers $100-$118 Rental: $10 'per nonlh Canes Crntckts Bed Tables Commodes 811 N I N T H ST. · - G R E E L E Y . .COl.O. Harned of Westminster, and is managed by Albert P. Calli, associate director of the Colorado Society for Crippled Children »nd Adults, Inc. There »re 14 mem- Mrs on the learn. Gary has been ·onfincd lo a wheel chair since'ate servicemen who -served to- ailing off a tractor several years'gether until Syria pulled out of jo. President Ganul Abdel Nasser's Thoie from Plutleville who en- United Arab Republic, the Arab joyed the CAIRO, Egypt IAP) - Egypt and Syria have agreed to repatri- ago. TOU HMMM WEKIT CanAil driver? Than ^ou am aayt with' MFECO and hav* - bettor incurancc protection, too. Aak- SAVE W I T H SAFECO A U T Q I H S U R A N C E LOTT AGENCY · Insurance · Home Ixtau · Bonds · 918 l l t h Ave. EL 3-1443 YOUR PROTECTION It OUft PROFEtttON

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