Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 1, 1977 · Page 19
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 19

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 1, 1977
Page 19
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Wed., June 1,1977 CREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 19 gjjtjerBuy Eiu]dlj Low Discount Price 92c Unit ;Hke per Ib. 75c Buy Buy REALEMON LEMON JUICE WESTERN BREAKFAST DRINK FOOD CLUB PORK AND BEANS INSTANT POTATOES RAGU SPAGHETTI SAUCE SPAM LUNCHEON MEAT GOLDEN GRIDDLE SYRUP APPIAN WAY PIZZA MIX TOASTER PASTRIES FLAVOR HOUSE PEANUTS * Oiscwfit Put Sit « Dacotnt Prkt 7k 64* petbtl Uo"rtprkepei!b.28c 16oi.Can 75' i Thick and Zettj. Plain. Meat oc lluihrwrn Q* Discount Price 51.40 .Unit price per Ib. G5.Sc 32 OL lar I Canned Discount Price $1.0? Unit pike pet tb. $1.32 12oz.Cin 31TM,r perjir w OisowGt Price $1.26 Unit price per qt. $1.58 24oi.Btl. Regular Eieijdij Lou Discount Price 59c .Unit price per Ib. 60.2c 12.5 oz. Pkg. Food Club, Assorted Flavors EvirjdJj Lo« Discount Price (9c 'Unit price per lb.64c 11 oi. Plj. Dry Roast Everjdaj la* Djscount Price $1.44 'Unit price pet It. 51.32 16 o;. Jar Buy Buy SEGO DIET FOOD. Sunflower Seedi In the Shell Eierjdij Low Discount Price 78c ,Unil price pel lb.72c I Liquid, Assorted Flavors Evtfjdaj Low Discount Price 47c lit price per pint 62.4c 99' $J18 4? 44 $J32- IT 39 EVERYDAY LOW PRICES CELERY BELL PEPPERSc u CUCUMBERS?TM' U.S. No. 1, California Pascal 29' U.S. No. 1, irunchy Fresh BEAN SPROUTS , MARINATED ARTICHOKE HEARTS uHltrVU I U «,,»,, 29* 59* b e , Spring Fresh Pound Bag Spring Fresh 2 Li. Bag I nuuov'Q chi nn RITQ Somelhin 9 New For LAnnl ScALAD DM0 Your Salad 20i. 29« 57' HVUl/HUUoi Hass Variety Pkg. Each HOTHOUSE rilPIIMRFRQ European Variety, VrUl/UIVIDLIlO Cello Wrapped Lb. REALEMON PLASTIC LEMONS sS' Each REALEMON PLASTIC LEMONS » REALEMON PLASTIC 37' 49 19 CACTUS PLANTS 21/2" Pots, Assorted Each 39 COLEIIS HANCINC BASKETS £."£ 3.99 CERAMIC HANGING PLANTERS""" 3.87 1.19 19* 'POTTING PLANT SPRAYER ^ CLAY POTS AND SAUCERS SL .,«····*·····«m '** ·x. per can YOUS3VE I7c psrplj. You save Sc per can DISCOUNT You save 8c ptrbll. ; You save perplj. save V2C perjai 'ou'save 6C ALL AD PRICES GOOD FOR 7 DAYS, WEDNESDAYTHROUGH THE FOLLOWING TUESDAY (Scjop Scoper Buy Buy er Buy American 01 Sniss Everjdaj Low Discount Price S1.ZS Unit price per Ib. $1.64 KRAFT CHEESE SLICES KRAFT DELUXE OLE PHILADELPHIA CREAM CHEESE STRAWBERRY PRESERVES STRAWBERRY PRESERVES PFEIFFER SALAD DRESSING PFEIFFER SALAD DRESSING BEST FOODS MAYONNAISE. GOOD SEASONS DRESSING K RAFT CHEEZ WHIZ- FOOD CLUB BISCUITS FOOD CLUB CINNAMON ROLLS PARKAY SQUEEZE MARGARINE PARKAY SOFT MARGARINE $123 ta TM 12 OL Pkg. JL per pkg. Sliced Cheese Eierjdaj Low Discount Price 93c Unit price per Ib. $1.80 80;. Plj. 1(1; to HI: " y 3C peipJs. Plain. Pimento or Chim Everjdaj bw Discount Price 27c lUnit price per lb.Jl.32 3oi.plig. food Club Enrjdaj low Discount Price 63c 'llnH price per lb.S9.6c 10oi.lar Food Club Everjda; Low Discount Price 99c 'Unit price pel lb.74.7c Red Hine Vinegar or Ihoiiiano 1 hlinil| Everjda; Low DUcount Price 63c Unit price per pint $1.10 Soi.SH. Caesar or Spring Garden Everjday Low Discount Price GGc Unit price per pint Sl.lfi 8 01.8)1. 25 56 84 55' 58* $1« You saie 2c 7c per jar (t) You save Y 15c per iai' You save Sc ptrbll. Youuve 8c perbtl. per jar Everyday Low Discount Price $1.52 lit price per qt. $1.46 32 o*. lar $ 1 11 Yousa,, ....,.., I 5c Unit price per oz. 37c 3oLPIig. A perpkg inorJalapeno Eierjdar Lrm Discount Price 97c pncepeiEb.$1.84 : Teias Stjle, ID-Count Eterjday Low Discount Price 31c Unit price per lb.25.4c 12 M. Pig. 92 19 8-tanl [verjdaf Lon Discount Price 51c Unit price per lb.65.7c 9.5o!.Pk[. I Plastic Bottle . EverfdajLOH Discount Price 79c , Unit price per 10.72c Lb.BII. You sare . Sc per jar I d* You save V 12c ptr pkg. d" You save · 12C per pit. Everrda; Low.Discount Price 79c Unit price per Ib. 72c Two SOL Tubs 72 * 72* 7c per bll. You save 7c ' per 2 tubs X-LARGE 64' LARGE 59 $ MEDIUM 51 B.Y.O.B. AT KING SOOPERS WE'VE AN EXTRA WAY TO SAVE! IN AN EFFORT TO HELP CONSERVE PAPER, KING SOOPERS WILL PAY YOU V FOR EACH LARGE KING SOOPERS BARREL BAG YOU RETURN AND RE-USE EACH TIME YOU SHOP." WE CANNOT BUY YOUR USED KING SOOPERS SHOPPING BAG, BUT WE WILL PAY YOU FOR THOSE RETURNED AND ACTUALLY USED TO PACK YOUR PURCHASES. PET NEEDS goober Buy er Buy KEN-L RATION DOG FOOD ALAMO BRAND DOG FOOD ATTA BOY DOG FOOD CAT'S PRIDE ABSORBENT: Regular Eitrjdij Low Discount Price 2Sc 'Unit price per lb.Z5.9c 15.So7.Can I Drr - t, Eyerjdar Low Discount Price $2.46 ^ Unit price per lb.Z7c Bib. Bag 25 2 3c per can 1C Yonsare 1U 30c ow Discount Price $5.44 Unit price per Ib. 8.8c 25 Ib. Bag Eierjdaj Low Discount Price 82t Unit price per Ib. 7.6c 10 Ib. Bag $469'-per bag A* You save T 6c 76 SOAP it LAUNDRY COLD POWER; Uundrr Detergent low Discount Price $2.54 lit price per Ib. 39.7e I Uundfj Detergent Everjdjy Low Discount Price $1.34 Unit price per Ib. 39.6c You saie 46c perboi er Buy 49 OL Boi Liquid Eierydaj Low Discount Price $1.78 Unit price per qt.Bl.5c G4oi.B[l. Liquid Eirer)di} Low Discount Price $1.95 lit price'perqt. $1.36 . opper Buy PINE SOL CLEANER. WINDEX GLASS CLEANER RENUZ1T AIR FRESHENER $ 2 84 oz. Box · $ fl 01 Vousave I LL 13c A per box $163-: A peibll '1 400I.BII. Relill Everjdajr low Discount Price 67c Unit price per ql. 59c 3?o?.Btl. 'owder Room venfdijr Low Discount Price 59c .Unit price per oz.7c 7oLCan per bll. 7f) Vousave / u ?5c per bll. ' You save Be perbtl. \ You sare IOC per can CLOROX BLEACH 1 GALLON JUG le SAVES 6 ** UNIT PRICE ' PER GAL. 87- EVERYDAY LOW DISCOUNT PRICE 92° FOOD CLUB SHORTENING "PURE VEGETABLE 3 POUND CAN SAVE 12 \ UNIT PRICE PER LB. 57.7' EVERYDAY LOW DISCOUNT PRICE 1.85 TOWELS . BIG ROIL, ASSORTED COLORS ORDECORATED . ' . . ' . 85 SQ. FT. ROLL SAVES 0 UNIT PRICE PER SQ. YD. 6.8' EVERYDAY LOW DISCOUNT'PRICE 72' MARINA BATHROOM ."*· 4-ROLL'PACK.-.--"'. '· : -' : --^~'f± 1500:$HEETS v .Jaily G SAVE 5^r^ W UNIT PRICE" ' : . ' . . _^ PER 100.SHEETS §:5' EVERYDAY LOW DISCOUNT PRICE 87'

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