Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on June 24, 1967 · Page 14
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 14

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 24, 1967
Page 14
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thbo Fra Press CaldweU News-Tritwie, Satury. June 24 1%7 _ A6 AMM LAHDERS -Heritage Pride Lesson Learned Dear Ann Landers: You recently printed a letter from a 15- year-old girl whose foreign-born ptrent s refu sed to speak Engli sh. My parents eame to this country from LitvU. They spoke Latvian all the time. When I started school 1 couldn't speak on« word of English. I attended Latvian church, joined a Latvian Girl Scout troup, took piano lessons from t Latvian teacher and pretty soon .1 got to hate every, thing Latvian because It was forced on me. When I was 14 my folts sent me (screaming) to a Latvian camp in Michigan. There I met a Latvian boy who changed my thinking. He helped me understand that my parents were trying (o preserve their culture, and that the only way to do it was through their children. I met several other kids who were proud to be Latvians. (I had always been ashamed.) Now I know I want to marry a Latvian boy (1 don't know who yet) and pass on this wonderful heritage to my children -PROUD NOW Dear Proud: Some members of minority groups wish they could be something else, ft takes a smart cookie to be proud of her heritage. I salute you. Dear Ann Landers; Nice weather is here -- and with It the eternal affliction. Guests. 1 sometimes wish we didn't have such a comfortable and attractive summer home because uninvited friends and relatives think we are running a hotel. 1 am just now recuperating from ; my third batch of visitors and ;most of the summer is ahead. I am going through the meno- ' pause but I manage to hold down a full-time job as well as keep .the house going, All winter I Hook forward to casual outdoor : Hying during the summer · months. With company around It is a strain, not to mention the · extra work. '. Some people enjoy out-of-town .'guests. I am not writing for : them. I am writing for myself and for others who want to be · alone. If any of you reading this column wonder If you are a welcome guest, ask yourself one question: "Was I invited?" If you were, GO. If not, do somebody a favor and slay home. - HOLIDAY OUT, NOT INN Dear Holiday: Here's your letter and lotsa luck. The pests never think you mean THEM. For the repeaters, a "Sorry, not this year," should be the standard reply when they announce they're going to honor you with a visit. Dear Ann Landers: Will you settle a family dispute? I have a very good friend who attends another school on the other side of town. We are both honor students and do not goof off, We like to talk on the phone during the week every night to relieve the monotony of studying. I say a 15 -- or 20-minute conversation Is nol excessive. My mother says five minutes is plenty for teen-agers to "yak about nothing." Please take a stand on this. Your column Is respected In our home. - CLOCKED IN POUGHKEEPSIE Dear Clocked: I feel that 15 minutes is not unreasonable for a teen-age phone chat--provided, of course, Mom or Dad does not need the phone for a specific reason. Telephoning is a good outlet -- furthermore, kids who are at home are not out getting into trouble. Drinking may be "in" to the kids you run with -- but can put you "out" for keeps. You can cool It and stay popular. Read "BOMB and You -- For Teen- Agers Only." Send 35c in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope with your request. Ann Landers will be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her in care of this newspaper, enclosing a self- addressed, stamped envelope. HINTS FROM HELOISE Worn Diapers Can Be Useful OWYHEE COUNTY farm youth who recently attended the Idaho 4-H Club Congress in Moscow are, from left: front row: Clair Jemmeft, Margaret Collett, Eric Davis, Guy Colyer, Suzann N'eal and Llvlnla Monaghan; middle row -- 4-H leader Mrs. Linda Elkins, Susan Chadez, Marilyn Cegnar, Jacquie Walker, Patricia Chadez and Owyhee'County Agent Bill Allred; back row -- Sarah Brandon, Edilh King, Leora Zanks, Bonnie Takasugi and Betty Eidemiller. DR. MOLHER OH HEALTH x Non-Habit Forming' Claims Risky YOUR GIANT HELPERS in so tying piabUffli: Clauititd Adsl UM them «v»ry chance yau get. Call 4637891459-4664 today. By JOSEPH G. MOLNER, M.D. Dear Dr. Molner: I have been taking -- as an aid to sleep. It claims not to be habit-forming. 1 have been taking two a night for about three months and so far it has helped. Is it safe? -MRS. E.Z.S. Once I knew a man who always, when he sat down at the table, moved all his silverware about an eighth of an inch. No matter how it was placed, he still had to move it a little bit. It drove his wife wild-- just one of those harmless litSle habits that can grate on someone's nerves. Yet he had the very dickens of a time trying to stop doing it. Why? It was a habit! So saying that anything is not "habit-forming" is risky. Anything can become a habit. Quite a few people get the idea that they can't go to sleep without a pill-- and then it's a habit. Some of these same folks, if given some completely Impotent sugar pill or aspirin, still go to sleep if they believe il is a "sleeping pill." A great deal of it is in the mind. If you believe you can do something, you usually can. If you believe that you need a pill, then you have to have it, Government regulations seek to make sure that the common drug-store sleeping pills, including the ones you mention, are safe to use if you follow directions. They do not contain narcotics which are addicting-- addiction being something quite different from a habit. Now 1 don't like to tell people they shouldn't takeamild pill to help them gel to sleep when they are edgy. When it gets to be a nightly occurrence, every night for months on end, then I want to take another look at the question-- or at least know that the person has discussed it with a physician. There are elderly folks, who drowse a good deal during the day and have trouble relaxing and getting to sleep at bedtime, and for them a mild medication can make things much more comfortable. When it's a younger person, then it seems much more tothe point to find out WHY medicine is needed. What's bothering the person? Is some persistent worry being allowed to continue rather than trying to solve the matter, or to decide it might be better be forgotten? Furthermore, it is usually far better to take such ^pillsonly when needed, not every night. Taking a pill once in a week or two weeks on a restless night is one thing. Taking them every night is another matter. Can these mild pills behabit- forming? They certainly can. After three months, the habit is pretty well established, I would think. Unless you arepre- pared to keep on using them for the rest of your life (and perhaps progressing tosomethingstrong- er) I think it's time to begin breaking the pattern, the habit. Unless something is wrong, I can't see theneedfor them so regularly. Maybe it's jusf'nerves." But, if so, it's time to start taming your nerves, because that much tension isn't good for you, anyway. Acne is one of the most terrible problems of growing up. If you are afflicted with this aggravation, or if you have children who are, write to Dr. Molner in care of this newspaper (or a copy of his helpful and comforting booklet, "Acne --The Teen-Age Problem." Please enclose a long, self- addressed, stamped envelope, and 20c in coin to cover cost of printing and handling. Dr. Molner welcomes all reader mail, but regrets that due fo the tremendous volume received daily, he is unable to answer individual letters. Dr. Molner answers readers 1 questions in his column whenever possible. DEAR HELOISE: 1'ltiise tell yuung mulhers not tu throw away those worn diapers. Instead, they should fold an old one and machine- ntitch it inside a good, new diaper. This way their babies will have a double diaper for night time. Also, these "Mom-made" diapers will be less bulky than using two new ones folded together. This is what I do, and I find I'm not running out of new diapers all the time. Mrs. D. .Muiire DKAK MOTHERS I think that U» u great Idea. This would also be wonderful for those who have a second or third baby. Mainly liecause the diapers have be*n nashed so many times they are thinner and lar less bulky. Makes It easier to pin it on (he baby. So fold them to size and start stitching, mothers. Besides, Instead of hanging two diapers on wash day, you'll only hang one. And your Idea of putting the. new one. on the outside Is great. We appreciate It more than you will ever know. fiod bless you. Helolse « » * DEAR HELOISE: Please pass on my solution to an old camping problem of stubbing toes or skinning ankles on tent stakes. I save enough plastic bottles (about the size used for honey, catsup and mustard) . . .' and after the stake is driven into the ground and the rupe tied. I slip one of these bottles over each stake. Sure is a safety measure when you have small children running around the campsite. Betty Hall DEAR HELOISE: Do you know that an inexpensive fan operated in the basement during the hot, muggy monUis will do away with condensation and the subsequent musty r\dor? Most people do not realize that the summer doldrums in a basement can easily and inexpensively controlled. Because the basement is be- Inw ground level, it naturally is cooler than the temperature. Open the doors and windows and the hot humid uir comes in, causing the moisture to condense and settle on the cool basement walls. So be sensible, open your basement windows in the evening when the air is cool, but keep them closed during the day and turn on a small fan for circulation. You will have far less trouble with mildew and mustiness. Mary Baxter * * * UTTER OF THOUGHT DEAR HEL01SE: My antidote for t h o s e "dreary days" which all of us sometime have is remembering a particularly pleasant moment of the day before. My husband and I have a special time each night when we recall something' of the passing day--a beautiful sunset, a child's smile, a prayer come true. A Friend * 5 * DEAR HELOISE: The best way I've found to get sflnd from my toddler's tennis shoes is to draw It out with the nozzle on my vacuum cleaner. This little bit of effort before washing them, prevents sand from getting: into my washer and the other clothes beir.g laundered. J. D. S t. · * As long as you've got the vacuum out, why not clean the pockets In blue jeans, etc. the same way? You'll be surprised what you'll find there. I've reared two teen-agers. Helolse * t· * DEAR HELOISE: I have found a new use for my electric carving- knife. Slicing angel food and sponge cake] It does a really beautiful Job. Much easier for me than a cake breaker, regular knife, or two forks which tear them to pieces. Patricia Metzger t * * Now, isn't that something? Why didn't someone think of that before? Thanks, Pat. Heloixe CONGRATULATIONSt JUNE is DAIRY MONTH *·«« STATE RECORD MILK PRODUCER "OREGON TRAIL SKY FANNY" 305 DAYS 22240 IBS. MILK 365 DAYS 22630 IBS. MILK STATE RECORD FAT PRODUCER "OREGON TRAIL ADMIRATION BABS" 305 DAYS (Hcotc, 869 IBS. FAT jfWOtMG 365 DAYS fe» 981 IBS. FAT Pictured in the inset are Lloyd Murphy of ORE. TRAIL RANCH oncl Vic Sargent of INTERMOUNTAIN FEED, INC. $ 71 40 EXTRA ANNUAL INCOME PER COW WITH IMF We have fed our herd of 72 Holstein cows Intermoiintain Feeds N'ew Tasty Dairy-14% this past 2 years. We feel this well balanced high energy ration has meant a lot in the results we get from our herd. This past D.H.I.A. testing year our herd of cows averaged 16,390 pounds of milk and 573 pounds of butter fat. We had the top 3 year old in milk production and another 3 year old produced 869 pounds of fat to be high in the state. To point out the value of a good feed we have a 9 year old cow with 881 pounds of fat to hit her highest peak of production for 7 lactations. Our herd of 72 cows averaged 51 pounds more fat per cow in '66-'67 than any previous year. We would also commend the staff and delivery service at I N T E R M O U N T A I N FEED, INC., il has been a real help to us. Sincerely, ORE. TRAIL RANCH Lloyd Dale M u r p h y By Lloyd Murphy "GLAD WELL DEBBY DET" RECORD HOLDER 2yrs 19,008--691 3yrs 24,529-682 4yrs 21,298--799 5yrs 23,161-826 Averaged 22,000 Ibs. Milk 800lbs.fat 4 lactations "HOLTOMS GOVERNOR CIN RUBY" RECORD HOLDER lifetime total 128,535 Milk 4,201 Fat A V E R A G E . . . 18,362 Ibs. Milk 601 Ibs. Fat LOW COST- HIGH PRODUCTION I have been feeding INTERMOUNTAIN DAIRY FEED for the past two years, and feel that this feed has played an important part in the better than average production we have enjoyed the past two years, under average or less conditions. We feel that due to this complete ration our Veterinary bills have been at a minimum. Also, I would like to compliment the staff for their very efficient service and interest in our small operation of 70 cows in milk. Thank you, William Stevens STEVEACRES HOLSTEINS M E R I D I A N , IDAHO Donna Stevens of Meridian has been selected to represent Idaho in the American Dairy Princess Contest July 17-20 in Chicago. Donna will be a sophomore at the University of Idaho. A home economics major, she earned a 3.6 grade average during the past year. INTERMOUNTAIN FEED, INC. 424--2nd St. So. 466-3597 46*6^4

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