Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 17, 1973 · Page 10
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 10

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 17, 1973
Page 10
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!U GREELEV (Colo.) TRIBUNE Tuts.. April 17, U73 Bilingual program well accepted after three years in Johnstown llyJOHNSEEIJMEYER anything. Now, Ihe kids are dergarten 'programs. Next Tribune Intern Writer interested and they're coming year, the district will take over 1 hree years after John- ,,, school as a result." -funding of the first grade and stown s School Distrist Re5-J with the use of both will pick up a grade a vear afler began a bilmgual-bicultural languages in instruction, most that · " · · · r " program for students at its children are reading, speaking: Presently, it isn't forseen that Letford Elementary School the and understanding two the program will encompass results are largely favorable, languages by the time they are. any grades beyond the fifth, according to Ernie Andrade, in s b con d grade, Andrade said. Andrade said. However, he project, director. . , , . , This year, s.udenls involved m » e TM ^ *TM been hopes teachers can be found to in Ihe program were given the made to S au B e f * «*ild is Iruly e a c b various subjects ,n Metropolitan Reading Test and bili "g ua1 ' l h a l I*, un- *""«* '" lbe JTM« "itfi as a Ihe results showed 29 of the 38 der standin g both languages, br ' d ge between the bilingua second graders to be reading at Andrade said he felt most of the Program-and the high school or above their grade level children could rommunicate in forei e n language program. Andrade said ' bolh languages. Community acceptance has The sludcnt reading most Farents " children in Ihe |fTM "great," Andrade says, poorly was only five months P r °gram have shown increased l h e r e has hccn Mt]K behind his grade level. Before inlerest t00 ' Andrad ^ sa i d - '" resistance except from a few (he program began, Andrade an avera S e mun ' h . TM many as P e °P lc and you II never con- said the second grade almost 20 P arenls are involved in Ihe vlmc lh em he said. 'In ad- always contained some non- scn ° o1 ' eiltler r c a d i n 8 °r d " 10n ' lhere has been gnod readers, students who couldn't Presenting cultural programs, support from the superm- read at all. Now, all students Funding of the program is in ^"^n"- SCh ° 0 ' S ' Kenneth ar Ca a iMng'° "t^e rogress e°- ^^l' A " drade Said ' Perhaps the best indication of "damned good," Andrade said' I" federallv^Tun'ded h e f u t u r e o f ' h e program can be f o u n d m kindergarten The Puzzle with fhe Built-in Chuckl^ A Rearrange, (otters' of the ^four scrambled words be- ''tQ form four simple words. T I MS I F . 1 1 G Y 0 T U 3 H U V C 0 t 2 / j ··" i i cr S U M 0 C U 5 6 UNC Physics Department gets grant for nuclear physics lab given in March by the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission (ARC), Dr. William A yawn is nature's way of letting marfied men open their Q Complete Ihe chuckle quoted v by filling in Ihe missing word you develop from step No. 3 below. fy PRINT NUMBERED tETTERS IN w THESE SQUARES A UNSCRAMBtE ABOVE tETTERS w TO GET ANSWER I I ~ 3 4 5 ' children in the biiingua, programs. The ' Johns . r o t s This v r en TM lments ' TM s -TM ar 85 Scram-Lets answer on page 16 New ecology textbook field rested at UNC program are "reading better program will be funded in part cent of tne schoo ,, s ' ^ A new college text on ecology culture sounding ecology workings of nuclear phvsics if and reading at an earlier age." through federal monies through ,,!L° ,1,1 "°°_... pa ,,_ S « a * field tested in advance of themes. Students evaluated they can work first-hand with publication at the University of each area of the text and in- some nuclear materials." he Northern Colorado and four structors at each of the five said other universities and colleges, institutions. Dr'. Kadner also stressed tne The reader text, The Quality For a final evaluation the importance of the plutonium lo °.. L ±. m * m . e _ rica : f ol L uti(ln ! instructors were invited to fields outside of physics. freewheeling "The'chemistry and biology The physics department at nuclear \radiation on seed straling differencl types of the University of Northern germinatiorj. radiation and detectors. Colorado plans to improve its "In addition to the science pi u t on ium is obtained from nuclear physics program with department, : we hope that other plac j n g uranium in a nuclear the aid of a special nuclear departmenls'jon campus, such reactor . Because of its possible materials grant for plutonium as ; anthropo!ogy, will be able to destru btive forces, the physics use the plutonium for ex- dep g rlme nl is required by both periments in radioactive dating Fadner, and ^ther such research," he state and federal regulations to director of the grant, said. said.' t \ - kee P traclc of lne amount, what The assistant professor of . in .an el'IcU. to let more happens to objects receiving physics explained that the 32 students learn\abo"t nuclear radioactivity, and making sure grams of plutonium have been' radiation, the'physics depart- the plutonium does not leak into on campus since 1965, but on a ment is ofering an introductory water supplies, loan basis. In late 1972, the AEC course in radioactivity next Br. Fadner also explained informed the UNC physics fall. Theplutonium will be used that the AEC only allotted 32 department they could apply to in radioactive dating ex- grams of the substance for keep the plutonium on a per- periments, and iii demon- control purposes, manent basis. ^-r- : "Now that we know we can keep the plutonium indefinitely, we are planning additional devices for learning about nuclear radiation," Dr. Fadner said. "We have found that students can belter comprehend and understand the intricate through fi In all 310 children are in- ihe 1974-75 volved in the Johnstown Andrade said, program, which uses both Spanish and English in in- slruclion and introduces both es through wanted (heir cnjldren jn (he school year, bi , ingua] program Even though some of the The Johnstown school district children had to be turned down, is beginning funding of the there are now 60 children in the the Anglo and Mexican cultures P r °g ram " n ils own , Andrade bilingual kindergarten. The ini'lhe classroom noted ' and is Presently helping traditional kindergarten' has 12 As Ihe program is presently ' fund the P r =- s( *ool and kin- students, set up, children from pre-school through Ihe third grade are involved in bilingual instruction. Nexl year, a fourth grade will be added and in the 1974-75 school year, a fiflh grade will use bilingual.instruction. DENVER (AP, - Colorado's the Appropriations Committee ... Ihe program is designed so House of Representatives killed chairman questioned the ap-' a d d l t l o n ' IhaL Anglo children who use a bm Mon which wou]d haye praisa , of (he Denver a ^ English at home, and Mexican (raded ,, acres of )and jn Du . and said jt m j nt be wflrth students, some-of whom use rang o to Ihe state for 72.7 acres million instead of the $685,000 more of Adams County land adjoin- estimated by Bishop. Poverty, Power and Fear" Boulder for a KI- u ji. ,r , eouraer lor a published by Holt, Rmehart and critique and analysis session departments have utilized the Winston uses an in- with text editors. lutonium in several cx- House defeats Adams, Durango land exchange bill uses an t e r d i s c i p l i n a r y approach. Editors from the various fields plutonium in several The project was financed by periments alreadv," Dr. the U.S. Office of Education Fadner said. "For 'example, , involved include Professors A. 'with Hill of the University of biology students used the Colorado serving as project plutonium to test Ihe effects of director. Spanish at home, can readily accept each olher's culture and can have an equal chance in school. On the social and cultural level, Andrade said, lests seem to show increasing acceptance of a different culture. However, since no tests were made before the i n a u g u r a t i o n of Ihe bilingual program, no precise results arc available. Andrade, noting "the cultural implications of this program are as great as the educational implications," said part of the program's success in Ihe social area may be due lo Ihe ease in which the different cullures are ing Denver. Arnold was joined by several fhe state wants the Durango Adams County lawmakers in land, said Rep. Tilman Bishop, the fight. R-Grand Junction, for a high- On a showdown vote the bill way interchange. lost 23-35.. The bill would allow the trade The House wangled for sev- with the Denver and Rio eral minutcs over a Provision Grande Western Railroad. for sc P arate (oil =ts for men and The measure was lulled after woraen employes before pass- Hep. Sandy Arnold, R-Boulder, '"§ a bi " on Preliminary reading forbidding sex discrimination in employment and labororganization membership. The measure finally was amended to provide that separate facilities must be included David Hill, geography; Matthew Downey, history and Larry Singell, economics, all of the University of Colorado. In editors included Professor David Solzman, zoology; and Professor Gerald Swatez, sociology, both of the University of Illinois at Chicago Circle. In mimeographed form, test materials were used for an entire quarter in the spring of 1971 at UNC, Indiana University, San Diego State College, Oregon College of Education and the University of Georgia. Wedding Invitations And Announcements Hallmark Wedding and Anniversary Cards Wedding and Guest Books Anniversary Books Wedding and Shower Napkins Thank You Notes 8078th St. Ph. 353-0246 CU received instructor's estate BOULDER-A University of b ^ any c ° m P an y with l ° ° r introduced into Ihe classroom. Colorado- French professor ^TouseTid over for eight days a bill sought by rural lawmakers providing that agricul- fo r demonstrations of rope ,, a th e twirling has left the school «ral lands shall be cap,tal,zcd never filed m court because e two $120,000 in his estate. for tax purposes at the rate of lawyers were not paid their e two 12 per cent annually instead of fees. In . t r a d i t i o n a l curricula, Mexican culture is almost always introduced as separate u n i t . Undei bilingual program, the cullures come into the Paul-Louis Faye spent his 9 per cent, classroom as easily as the early years in France and Anglo culture alone was once served with the French Army, iversity of Colorado regents for Presented. He moved to the United States voting to establish the Edward Andrade said Ihe introduction in 1911 and began teaching at Teller Center for the Advance- C U i n 1931. professor of sociology. Multi-media approaches used included the use of current records from the counter- ARIZONA DIVORCE DECREES NOT FILED Hundreds of people in Arizona who believed they were legally divorced recently discovered their decrees were HERE A resolution commending Un- A similar situation is believed to exist in several- other states. of Ihe Mexican cullure has second benefit in showing the Mexican child Ihe importance of his cullure. This awareness, loo, has its benefits, Andrade said. "Kids are interested in school. In He taught at CU for 22 years. Many persons who never took a class from Faye, though, remember the little Frenchman giving rope-twirling demon- somc'cascsTwo'vc been able to strations ' a ta ' ent he l ea TMed cut absenteeism by as much as whlle visiting in the s ° uthwest 20 days a year. If a kid isn't in Faye, who died in 1971, left ail school, it's less likely he'll learn of his estate to the school. CU President Frederick P. Thieme said he has decided, subject to approval, of the Board of Kegents, that the bequest will be put to use in the university library. Faye spent much time in the library. ment of Science, Technology and Politics was sent lo the Appropriations Committee for determination of financial implications to the stale. Uptical Co. leuy Powers, Ophthalmic Optician 919 16th St. 353-9284 AUTO GLASS For All Cars A M GLASS 624.13th St. Ph. 352-6248 HARTNAGLE AUCTIONS Sat., April 21 --12:30 p.m. FURNITURE ANTIQUE AUCTION Directions: 2723 S. Garfield, Loveland or 1 mile South of Loveland to Derby Hill Market, then 1/4 mile West to Garfield, and 1/2 mile South. JlURjjjTURE ANTIQUES S-shaped roll lop desk; 2 claw footed piano stools; Curved glass china closet; Double front bookcase-secretarial combination with claw foot beveled mirror; Single front bookcase-secretarial combination; Hall tree wilh mirror; 4 piece wicker set; 2 Cherry wood rockers with carved backs; 2 oak commodes with towel racks; Round Oak table with 6 chairs; Oak dresser with beveled mirror; Oak glass front pie cover; Side board with beveled mirror; Gumwood table wilh 5 leaves; 2 end tables claw foot; Oak library table; 2 varnished kitchen cabinets with flour bins; 2 Oak rocking chairs; 4 Oak straight back chairs; 6 press back chairs with captain chair; Oak desk chair; Walnut trestle table chairs; Square Oak table and chairs; Oak porch swing; Round ice cream table; Trunks; Pictures; Copper boilers; Telephones; Brass lights; German 8-day wall clock; Coffee grinders; Kerosene lamps and lanterns; Daisy churn; Ice cream freezer; Treadle sewing machine; 2 wooden ice boxes; Fruit (ars; Pitcher pumps; Model T wrenches; Cut glass; Depression glass; Fostdria Hiesik Dishes; Indian blanket; Horse collars Miscellaneous harness; Old buggy--restored, shafts tongue complete; Chicken incubator; Egg candler; 2 Brooders; Power Craft table saw; Hand cream separator; Lawn mowers--reel rotary; 5 speed bicycle--like new; Double bed and dresser; Animal cages; Kerosene stove; Garden tools and other miscellaneous items. Owner--Lucille Siebert Auctioneer Willard Hartnagle 772-1582, Longmont For nil Auction News listen to our Radio programs on KFKA Grceloy 6:10 a.m., KLMO, Longmonl 6:35 a.m., and KUAD Windsor 6:45 a.m. -- Monday thru Friday. RAY LARSON AUCTIONS Dairy Farm Equipment Sale Tues., April 24 -- 10:00 a.m. Carl Amen -- West of Greeley on Hwy. 34 approx. 12 mi. to County Line, then 3/4 mi. South or '/2 mi! East of Kelim then % mi. South. TRACTORS: 1967 IHC 706 gas, comp. w/cab, 15/5/38 duals, wheel weights; 1959 IHC «o, gas comp. w/new rubber, wheel weights; 1946 JD A w/Hydro loader, 4 hds.; 1936 JD A w/JD No s mower, 'new heat houser for IHC 460. TRUCKS: 19S6 IHC S-160 1V 2 T, 1SW Walker beet box w/Harsh hoist, comp. w/stock racks, elec. water heater; 1954 IHC R070 Freeman 151/4' box w/rear side hoist, tandem wheels; 1952 Chev. 13 box Norwell hoist, elec. water heater; 1947 Chev 1%T w/box Stockwell hoist; corn boards for all trucks · EQUIPMENT: IHC No. 314 16" spinner plow 3/btm. exc. cond ; JD No. 71 flex drill w/herbicide 8, insecticide buckets, aero plant shoes, w/2 150 gal. tanks pump for pumping water; Brillion 10' mulcner; ditch closer; Eversman furrow opener No 130- Ferguson 12' rotary hoe; McCormick No. 15 side rake; IHC corn cult. comp. w/2 pt. ; Farmhand power box on tandems; Eversman i 3/pt. ditcher; hvy. duty Cultro comp.; 2 pt. renovator; Heath 3/pt. hitch; JD 18 hole dd press grain drill; 3 - 3 sec. Lindsey harrows; Brillion 15' SDrinatooth on wheels; Eversman hi- arch leveler; Papec sprayer; bale loader: No. 46 IHC baler; Mayrath 26' auger; IHC No. 32 wheel disc; JD 14T hay baler- sprayer attach, w/drill; finger weeder; Farmhand wheel windrow turner; 2-tool bars; JD cult, clamps tools; Irrig. tubes I - I'/, , l'/2" 3"; AC 3/pt. hitch; buzz saw 3/pt.; Farmhand H13ZA steel tooth hay basket; 2 sets truck chains; PTO belt pulleys for IHC Ford; old wagons; wagon wheels; buck rake- 1969 New Holland 717 one-row corn rake; walking plow; horse harnesses BUY A NEW BUICK OPEL AT THE OLD PRICE Take Advantage Of These Savings NOW Prices On 73 Opels Are Going Up Good Selection To Choose From At The Old Prices Manta Rallye SAVE 271 cutter; collars; dump pickup up stock racks; 706 front wheels; 500 gal. gas tank; 750 gal. water tank; tarp; new elec. pumps motor; new deep well pump; i roll guy wire cable; elec. reel lawn mower; Fairbanks platform scales; school desks; 2 stock tanks; 2 feed bunks; six calf pens excellent. DAIRY EQUIPMENT: 400 gal. Jameway bulk tank; DeLaval 3 unit pipe line milker; wash vats; Janitrol gas overhead heater; 40 gal. water heater; IHC steel milk buckets milk machine- milk cans. DAIRY CATTLE: 130 hd. Hoi. cattle; 61 hd. mature Hoi. cows of which there are 40 hd. now producing 21 hd dry will freshen in 30 to 60 days. These arc all young cows in cxc. cond., well ud- dered, good producers; 24 Hoi. bred hfrs. from 6 mos to hvy springers; 15 Hoi. hfrs. 6 mos. to 1 yr.; 30 hd. from baby calves' to 6 mos. There will be 1802 Ibs. MEDA Base. FEED: 55 tons of 1st ft 2nd baled hay, yood cond. Auctioneer Ray Larson 1002 3lst Ave. PH. 353-2355 Greeley 1900 Station Wagon SAVE 288 Stop In Today And SAVE Before It's Too Late 810 10th St. 352-1313

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