Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 11, 1962 · Page 21
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 21

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 11, 1962
Page 21
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viossitied Advertismci Cbuaified Ratec ! CAM WITH VUlJpt Ijti gin OJ COUNTY ADS *·* u i i i i n m laurtka «f «^ ,5. UieiauM chut* tl* Lin* r«l«. p«r ojOBtJJ. Bluiroum t»* Cl»»t»4 ·4i«rtiafi)x tubjKt W 10^ dun**, ai i« Uii ! E»erj other U; 14* to t» ctuiod t 0a« diy nu. Blind boi awtera ttt out. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Minimum oat tttck No cuta ·« bord««. 11.1(1 P4T (vluKD inch. IVolunw r.u« upoe Bpylw»Uool KKKOR! TO 8J{ KtrujtlU) AT ONCE. Tt. Tritem will c.k. no .1- Umcut («« nor. iku ou rncowi Classified Index AnBounccmeaU 1 Aulo Service itul SurmlUa t,t Kt»r4 a*d Hot*. ;(. Huil«Jin» Material _ .'.^ (4 BuiintM Sen let* ( Coa^M^Wwd . __ » f'uitnm Work . . ., . . .""" J r a r m Eouiumrnl LH Kqr k*nt-- huHdinf. , ., j(j rot Itcnt-- liuuM* It For Kent-- Mt Hotnca, Cabloa 2l For Rent -- Offic* Sn«r* yj Ualp U'«nt«4 , . , -, Itnuuhold Coorfi tu IA.I .nil Pnnnit 1 «'""»· , , , . , . . *' I'- K t -- V 11 Hoofing a,ad tntulitlon - S3 S«wtni Uaebinn-Vacuuma __-- . II ·i^.l-tlnp T^wU ti-A TV.IIldlo ItarYlrc. 41 W..I.I., U . r M n - U U« ^ »«* 1 1/JST-- While IVUnRfrM. l«(i 6ih Si. c'.Mfniui rr»anl. LOST -- I.idin raiil V a l t b a m *ri»l r.««., 2 (jUAKASThW) watch and «i»tk r* pairlnf. Crarbcal Jewelry. robnlic* Anon} mm; t. ^Wf 7lh A**. 1'. 0. 70V. HMttl. IIX-SUJ. M I N N K j y i T A WooJen Omjianj rrp- SLT.UtSTIONS f«r t.'brltlmu enler- Uinlttt. riamlnf tnotalli. Cbriit. »aa trM. btll «-nler brtcki and rojli, «r nut, fruit pun-h. El-erle'i I« Cream filer*. 1M7 tk A V I . I'h. SIM691. TmwMMb. J I.LI4 R«t A C*r. n: N. l U n A»* UMtM. W, delher. Anytime. l A l l lent*!*, diilj, welly, month!!-, r.rtflcr L*A*1n| Company. Mi-Ill*. MM MH A««. AMMiiccm«nti 4 D U N K I N G nf McrJ»*t Tbtnk of AILttVa Spin-tins (;..*!». UZ-M1. Protm***tl StrrfcM S LIFK -- Hocpilal -- In com* imranct, Call 5ua Williamr. I'b. I M - M f t . Ul^ll). DaU WUMB. CL'NSMITH Li U « n * Vn l i ! Al and Ut i«nkr. Wr (a to jour ·uiintii Strvict 6 mark*. 70^ 6th Aic. Ph. tiUlhi liAHV'SUOE trcnilnK. Pattr-CtkN DIAI'KR m t k t _- Wt rttu p f wi! "iyt 8 ^TM^ i:« w i ",r rir ir LKT u» io (finir rrrair worl.. \V* havr W I N D O W *a»htnc. flr-.-n fcrultbtsf »M WMM, wilt vrathinir. fur a thn»f who n»ifr fln^l the time J A 1, Jknltfli-lo) lorric*. H^-19^ H*lp Wonttd 1 in.ii*!-. 1'ij-aut \Vhi!f' Ijiiir.ilrj. ', «T I K t t t - t l m r A i T A f f I- (H) )irr bi^il HaUtr ti.l IMH^MI..)..!! UI-K. Wi ! '·i ll'.v K-9. r ,, «Ti. Srll l,v ·fi'-'inlr-f!.!.". JJ *'-.i !·' *lniir » ^ f l « ^ · ^ . S l u t ! k l t.nri-. 1M.* « tn- antl .. h.*. i,ti..«.lf-Uf ..f l,~, n\ tfti *·'.»'.·. flii-inr*. . . . r n i n i . n l l i - H.-IHIR n- · I r i l . i i m ' P '"' · ·I'M", i-l'ii^'-'i-r- s - ' i - i i ' - ' . ' - _ ' - « ' * · | IWf W-- - 7 SEVERAL OFFICE OPENINGS EXPERIENCE NEEDED I» Your Application In Our Files; GRKELEY E M P L O Y M E N T SERVICE SH',i 9th SL 353.0,8, (Mrs.) Owen Craven, Jisr. . DIRECT MEN 1. How about a non-competitive product? 2. How about the strongest program in the city ? 3. How about the most solid leads you've ever seen? 4. How about the best earnings in town? Call 352-4473 SUPERVISOR OF NURSES X-RAY TECHNICIAN Registered A.R.X.T. or eligible. Newly remodeled ind equipped dept. Relief Cook - Kitchen Assistant Hours to be trranjtd. Osteopathic Memorial Hospital 928 12th St. DYNAMIC OPPORTUNITY TOR PERSONAL PRODUCING LIKE GENERAL AGENT To be awoclated with a 7 year er billion life insurance in non-par rontravti plus ucldent and sickness health policies With your own Agency YOU CAN H A V E : £ Tup conimlHKlunB on personal production. ·ft Vented renewals. ·ff Persistency bonus. iV Offl« allownnce. ·fr Adeijuate nnincint avail able. ·ff Compettilv* policies. ·^ 1'uwerful brochures. office. ·j Growth with a growing com naiijr. i Additional prestige In your Kfen. · ; ;- Assistance and iddltlonal re munvntlon K you desire to develop an agency. All inquiries handled In strict confidence. ArranRemcnts wll lt« nmd« for personal interviews or quBllitcd inon. When reply InR stale qunllffattlons, exporl t'lice, BKP. etc. Address replits to ]'. 0. llox 33?. Denver 1, Colo OPPORTUNITY FOR EXPERIENCED CREDIT MAN We have opening in 0111 Innre, local office for righl t7)8!i, preferably with experience in personal loan and finance business or personal installment loan department of bank. OPPORTUNITY FOR MAN OR WOMAN We Imv! opening for bookkeeper and general office worker. I'l'miani'iicy, e x c e 1 1 c n working conditions, two weeks vacation with pay Iwngi'. 1 ! in iicctirdmice wit) cxiH'rit'iH'O and ability. Op p o r t i m i t y for advancement Profit !haring pflrlieipa lion. CONTACT K. K. KltANCIS V K I t X \ V A K K M A N Greeley Finance Co 1 I IM.'I ^111 A \ c . Crcrlry. Co n. ii A f t e r f::tO: :!.V..'.7i:i j| or 353-Ki-l!) Buiintu ScrTicet « io*in«t Strvlen « CUSTOM MANURE HAULING from Monforts 5c and 6c Per Ton Mile Plume Hrijfhtmi ri".!i-l!)!i,S Hvcnings . LADY n Wlr tit »ui A KMOC KVUM- ^AU^MAN ,.,.W f w r 1^,1 M ^» "·* Wr ^«- Appro* w.^ly |4u«.«v PLUS LIBERAL BONUS Jur empioyuieut repreKentative · ill be in yuur coinuiuiiitr -j nterview youbf men who -an jualify for two permanent po»i- ions now open with ooe of the ··««t. This uneicelled carter OD- portunity u limited to ' high L'aiiher men who can present a mccessful work backsround or desire to be trained for asio- tatlon with a company that of- er« a suaranleed salary, ad- ·anceinent opportunities and leourlty. If you have a »:ss!! OWB background, between 215 years of age. Illfh School education own an automobile ravel In Colorado r. days a *eek. then you should see: Mr Jill Cons. dine, between lO-'oiL 1:00 and 2:(iO-:00. Dec. !3th it Colorado State Employment Office, Creeley, Colorado. UwitiM tt4 Intnctmi I LESSONS on iu.1 rulur or lUnd.rt UKSSONS. All muutil toilrunenU. only. Your hojn*. We buy old nu- ·Icil Initnannu. 1H.7SJJ. Can You Onalifv U U l l | uu U U U I I I V for employment? for advancement? "Training Makes the Difference" Day and Evening School Classes starting jinuarv. i^y.t Applications are now belni processed Admi«sionn Office open 9 - 4 : 3 0 daily Including Saturday Greeley Commercial College 320 Ninth SL Greeley 352-5745 'Training Doesn't Cost -It Pays" Prepare for 1963 MANAGERS NEEDED for MOTELS HOTELS 90,000 openings this year. tional Requirements. For personal Interview -- send name, address, phone, time home to Box E-3, c/o Tribune. WOMEN FOR OFFICE MANAGEMENT Qualify to manage Anv Office or be a Public Stenographer. Be an office specialist in Typing, Dictation Records, Tax. Math and Legal Work. No Educational Requirements. T v p e- writer furnished. Study at norne. For personal Interview -- send name, address, Jhone, time home to Box E-4, c/o Tribune. luilnnt OpportunrHei 9 SERVICE iUlion fnr I*.!., F.xctlkn Kvtlwn. Ph. 35:-?W3. SERVICE ·utiim lor l«uc. l!inc brt (cr uian ktriaKv su and mrvirr «ork. !S!-ltt3 Writ. P.O. Box !JT YOUNO FARMEK Would you like a business o your own? Concerning agricul lure, and equipment. Selllni: ej lerienco not nccessury. Will net npproi. ll.OOO |ir-r month. Write Uoi K7, c/o Tribune. SALES OPENING IX GREELEY, COLO. Sonotonc Corp., Elmsford. N Y nan opening la lucnl heaniic aid Ulslrlct Manager tiffice. Kslab lished clientele, protectetl t p r r i lory. Insurance nni Pen? 01 netiefits. Idenl tor man and »i[ n tenm looking for a better, per usunvnt career rontieciion. Kot pcminal lntpr\Iinv write civini. mckgrouml to: KIK1.11 SAl.Ks MANAOKIt. I T T B Gleil.-oe St' Denver 20. Coin. FT. COLLINS LOYELAND (' A N' I) Y S T t) tt K. Kii-ellen K t n R l l . clean nml cn^y lo o|.,-i ale iMislnr*^ tlml earn? a P l c n t · JT'.l'ilo to tfi.nwl a vfar. Jl.V.'n down -- eauv ti,rnu' i"ri.-;-f l.iTTI.K N.MV anil V.-,-, i M e r c h n n d l j r JIOIT I n n o r t h i - n foliiradn. Tup lo,.lllon. n e l slocked. ·Jlrn-.h |.i,»ini' S s Kasi Ifrm.v Hell I.ilt. Hi: ;.i; i; Cnlo. Business S;i!os !"S \V. M:icn.,lia I'l |-,,|| ul Siluotion. Wonted 1 STAMN; *···*·-. .,.,.,,. I f t n S ' l v . ... ... i K. -,, ,-,·· ·-.- --. W V M H , I S l ' ! c. r . , . r f t . , , . . ,. j.n- I'a... »i.n--f.. ^r ·':!·* W \ N 1 t - .!.- K i h v t i l l ' * K :i n »1LI. irumnj io m; 1^., to u^ hour. :T» 7th A»*. ' C»13 55^1 ills. **^ IQ * J ''- *LJKHATIOSS - ;:io :tb A... o ·fair. R14 ]2th St. ^LfctPINU room. CUM in, titao, M i t 552-7713. " P " MU 100 St f L A M A N ^ T rwnu frun »0 moc'.t in acnei icctkni. Frow Hi coontb in main Kctioo. K*im and Ooeall fr/03 $09 oavflth. All wn»eniri:c*».l Paritinv lot. pht»»ej. vkeu? a*mce. V\e will fite vou free muitni wtv- H U I S K «*ui'^ir. KriuMlclinz »nil rfc l1 -*- M r Wtuon, CmfKld Hot*!. P A I N T I N U «nd t . lilllert Romero. 3J^^tlT9. «fur « p.m. IKdNING. tlw. to rolln,. ssajjis. ,'HILD carr, lkmh^l ta4 *ii*rienred. tltONINU. 303-1101. ALTEkATlONS-- Udln'. rn*n « «kih- JDK. Grac«'* Altrrmtion Shop. HSU Mh St. 555-2373. C^S POOLS. (!««*« trap*. punp«d. Frt^ in»ii«ction. Ph. !*J-176S. to ilrtrci *!!)·. Hr»t claw wt*k and ui- teritJ. L. S. MeDanleL Fh. 25SJJ250. f A l N T l N d -- Kiterior and interior. W« ni* »uu money. f»Il: R. Eo«in. »M3W; C. U*,*. SSM011. BOO K K KEPI NG. .m.ll bunnemsn. till, mg lUtloni. «u., qu»rt«rly «nd rnontMy r«luras. ul« Ux. payroll. ujS-lr-TS after S:JO p.m. Mtnabk and coart*oc* irrvtce 4S4- 2B1T. C. t. Myritk: 3S2-1M5. W. J. I'.fbbirdt. SMALL dozer and carryall »ork. Bob M i L L W O R K tnii pre-hunj doort. geyd- rr Cabinet Sbojt. 260S 8th Ave. MANl'Ki: haulinr. CUrk Mackcy. CORN eombfninK. brand ntw Cfeintr machine. 35Z-t2il. WUburt Rot i net t H A Y Krindin* and haulint, C«rl WANTM)-Sew buildinr or r model' irit fill ZrU'KOO. or 122^1114. CUSTOM manure hiuMn* from Monfort Fted Lou. Call Sao Koih, 1*4 TKLNCUINU for water IIBM. wptlr tanki and iwhinc fieldi. L* Sail? f'iumbint. irii.7S32. Jean H. Brown. DOXtH or cirryall «ork. Small itvel- int job*, corral or anything. AUo wder wrvire wi:h c Hourb 1; yird Myloader. TrvMtr'i Farm Service. Ph. 234-75-02. or ;84-t404. ChUKSl work wanted. All tyj« ee- oient work and block lijrinf. Let u* r*mod*l or repair your bamnent niw at low winter rate*. Lkenwd and bonded. Free catlmau-i. W. J«n- THtNCHlNR - S Inch to 14 Intft *i-ie, ft. deep. We go anywhere. (ut mobil* unit. Our prlcet are competiUvc. AUo rnl »avin £ i oc plailif pipe. Central Trenching Srnire. I'h. S52-tS64. llth Art. at *th Strrwu Tr*iK Hculim 1] H 4 K Traih haulrr. Anyiblnr, »ny where, anytime. Reuonablc. SS!-M70 Ph. 332.13*9 anytiroe. * CESSPOOLS, «plie unki. trrut traps riump«d. \Vbilt*Vtr. 353-91*57. ASH and u-uh haulint;. (iea. Rnpple. COT TRASH7 Call Vic. He'Jl com quirk. S52-S165. K U B B I S H rtmo\ed. Phone WJ-I209 Georce Downing. CFSSPOOLS. n?ptie Unk*. arease trapi. S52-725S. or SSS-I36S. W*yn AW-olt. ^*cCT»er7. ^urniihed c^nuinen. Ph. Bestway DUpOMl Co. XaZ-TStS Movi.t M4 St*t^« 1) M O V I N G and »Utra K « problemn? Cat L s f f m r Mo. :^ M j Sut«e TKI.TKS f.'r rent hy b.v_. r . d«y or «-r. Trurk Renui*. Inf., 401) 25th St. J.'.2-1S54. W»tt4 lo Rent 14 COUNTRY home want*d to irnt. \VANTKlV-Lra*e or renl. * to P Can"* (JJ'-vnl 01 "* bT Dpc 31 * W2 For Rtnt-- Hfigwj 15 TRAiLEIt home for rent. Haun'i Irailn- Ct. Csll US-4793. FOR KKNT-Trailer home. K«by w e - TWO bedroom unfurn. hou« near jchrol. I'h. 3S3-12!S. TWO herfrppm u n f i i r n . ho'.i'f for r«nl T H R E K room inwiern JIDUM for rent TWO bestroom ut-.furt»hr4 house, f*- ^a^r. Call 35S-7:iOO. evenincn. FOUR ttvMn h^;^ for ien'- Call eve- FGR RENT-- Lntr« nli-e 1 bwlroom -liiplfx. Phone 5S3-lPf?. FOR JtKNT-Smatt bouw. FOUR room modem faous*. 1022 tth TWO bedroom hnu*e with Rarajre an! b»«mrnt art. Sear coliotc. SSS-EU7 U S F U R K I R H E D riuplps lor rent 146 W. 35th Avr. SiMMS. TWO Jipilrooro houw. tlantcr. linme- diiit po«(«iian. l»40 l l t h AT*. Mobile hume. 352-7i ; 6^. IHO I2ib A \ K . 5 iWrf-om, I U h n t h j t l P O nionih. Jft'lH !e»-r. Mrl BrJ- I'On HCNT'-t'iif-.irn. 2 hnir,v.m (nip* h(u«c. J l*i!rtxim* in b««cmrnt. H'H f l h SI. r n l t 3.'M1P:». J u y n r r Kcullv N wVi{" Y j.ti7h r i l ^ i a Ml ? vm h ^; r ncs. * t * f " "*""· ·**"*· 3i! NF.WLV ^ecoratM 4 bedroom bomi nrat c«m)mr, ha* S room b-iemen Hit. 11?:, per month. C«ll SU-OO'I ('NX,»..m ilupl« in Utriirn Cilv w i t h U . n r «n,l refnee»l.u. ftt.OQ i-!u« iililitie*. JS:.7TB4. N,. n-.-rr t h ^ n 3 chil.ltfu." I":. V' fi-...t-!!; «.-.- owr.pi, I j IMi,} A \ f . f t :?-)uMrU1 are*. I'h. \si.'p,*7i!* w ·.-.-t ,,f',.-r t.!r.V.*.*70l, motnincr J N J n l t N v T u W N . 1, - -oi.: t f,. r »»!e t i U ' i ; ... m nio.l,-Ki l.,.,i^ S . n S; r.M'.-. ' 01 . » ,^ r [.n Fof Rent^Roomi U j j n i . r s i K » - I I - . N I , M.",""f.7~i"~»r, " i ?·;-·· : t :i. UXK and ; bedn^m apt*., furni-hed with t^ilttie*. Eiant. SiJ^OO; 1 . I'h. 553-4910. i K V E N rocm apt Two bl«ki from t.i*n. r,SS-»I77, after S p.m. U.MSHMJ bajiwoeot *p-. L'tiluiet l-ai-l. A-l-jlu. J6i. 52i ZSrd ?'. rw (1 beJro-xn iurni»h«J apt. f v r t«it Nwwly dwwrated. No pet*. 3i2-«i70. NICK, clean. 3 room furnUbcd ap'.. 70* food. Pii. S5;-T«7* emen ' * P " ' **' 13:h Si. 3J--H6(;. ·OkJtKNT-L'nfuniiil»ed 4 rwm apt. W A N T E U - A d u l t teaacti f,.r ai«ly f u r n . apt., downtown. 353-3731. NICK, clean furnitbed 3 r = . tiwsaient apt. 5j2-"3l5. 2045 «tb Are KKMOUELEU S room apt. Clow to college. 355-1069. -AttlNS. 121 and ap pei noith. Spam- ith ifonnounfty li2-!7!S V1CK 3 room ba^etnent apt. ni-ar eol- 1HREK bedroom roomy apt., first fjwr. ftilitiei paid. 332-44JO. OR HENT-Furnlihed tpt. Utilities paid. «02 l l t b Ate. TOOT,, N«,r bi«b tehwl. J62-S342. BASEMENT apt. for rent. Furnliasd. IMS 6ti St *62-I628. THREE room* furniihed, 2od flwr. 7«0 13th Ave. Ph. 352-2766. or 2. Call JI2-J77*, I Us S p.m. TWO bedrtwn *pL IQ foorplei at U34 FUHNMSIIKH apt. College boyi. Col- CLEAN. furnUh«d apt flilitiea furn. 414 9tb A*e. CLEAN. 3 room furnubed ba»«ment · PL Adulu. 352-7130, CLEAN, w a r m , furniihed apt Low price. J52-6t49, C»ll 3S2-S757. Prefer ladr alone. 101$ tttb St. FOR KENT-- Two bedroom buemeat apt for 5 eolkte boy*. 152-412. living room. Inquire 1941 10th Ave. 352-4450. beat, private bath. 1104 6th St Appli 615 llth Ave, up»tairt. Good heat, utllitiw paid. 352-ti50. THRKE room furniihei] apartnent Wuher. Utililie*. For couple. *SO per month. Ault, 63-9'j66, evening*. HJKNISHm) S room aemibawmem iiv. Adulu. 1S29 llth Ave. FOR RENT-- 1 or 2 bedroom apt Ap. Piiincn. drape*, furn. SSMSSi. or 353-0114. priTite entraacc, ctilitifa paid. *10 6th Street. THRUE room furniihed apt., clean and convenient UliliUes. »S5. 2M1 10th Street. APARTMENT. One fooa kiUhenette, and bath. Fumifheti. Including ut'l- itirs. »40. S2-5757. FURNISHED 1 aad I room temibu*. ment «PU. Utilities furoithed. Adulu FURNISHED 1 bedroom temibaaemen at:.; automatic washer. Uulities r.Rid. Near college, 15|.2fi4. tX)R RENT-Niw two bedmr,TM b,^ men^ apt. Furnished, utilities paid l l f l l E. ISth St. S5M97I. TOR RENT-S bcdroon) furnishetl «eml- baiement apt., near schools and coi Irpe. 165. 3S2.J6U, after ' FURMSHKD bwement apt. redecorated. Adults. IMS fcth Ave., or cal TRAILER home for Ml* er rent '£* model in good condition, £x3S. Ph. 352.2P71. 916 FIFTH St. On? bedrwm apt. kitchenette, main floor. utililiM. *35 Mel Bodicper, Sa2-Z64I. CABLES apts. S bedroom, madm. ideal location. Iftth Ave. and ISth St. luouirc Io03 9th Are. Phone TWO room furnished buement «pt «nd bath. !53. Borum Apts., UC7 Pih Su Adulu only. Ph. 352-0423, or FOR RENT-- Apt. 1 larc« bednna,. pri. vale bath, adjoining recrcition room Would «fTomrn«ltte four «mi:eaii cnllece girls. SS3-3S7. after 5:30. TOl'R room f u m . apt. Entire *econ( floor. Work in R rouple preferjed 1300 Mock, l l t h Ave. 352-33 W. or 3S2-1410, after 5. STUUBF.L ApU. Clo-e in. L»rpe un- furn. apt with Move and rtfriaera- lor. for adult cuuple. 1201 Sth St Inquire Apt 17. NBW unfurn. 1 bedrwm apt. All tier, trie kitchon. rffrijrerator. rir*perie5 thjvuRhout. Washer and drrer. New TWO b«droom roiin HOOT apt 30x15 ft living room. *tll to vull can?L fleam h«t. stove, refrigerator, titil itirs raid. 3$2-74S. TOLLECG r*y» iPHrtment. Complete kitchen, flp-jiwm*. larte iivinp room Good pur* inc. Garase. 1?*I 10th *nvo room apt. Sh«rf b«th. on t per MI:* Iwth. ehlM welromc. UUlitftf furntrhe.i. Priv«t»- entranrf*. 1?1S rJR RF.NT-,l Duplex. *ew »tov* *|i,! rofric^ratnr. $45; 2 h*J room f«rn. urt.. main floor. "· . V-ic' frow Safrwaj-. ulilltitx P*).)." 1100 Call .WS-1I6?. Jovnrr Rrnltr. FOR _ R E N T - - Two boilrrom «Pt I.»rc m-'Mh. I.ifci- tn »w (!? C»!l at 1?: 1 i ! h ?t.. bctwwn t Burl U a.m., P t anl f- V. m UTr:-.i\ " loom f u r n . front apt 'lilities (iai,|. tile, bath n u d drainbnartl. t'ouplf. Clnsn in I t u s T f h A v r . fw KMBV~-- AMB. IT ' lj ri^M. !4W I0-j 81 i '" ^-- '·«·' T »«* '* Ca ; : i.ii-5io». V " ** * %l " ^w 0 " 4 - iou, J fartni. Writ* Box K-». ,« Tribune. f« R»« ·· ZOl SHOH tu:lJi. :x ;6xi( with ctua FOB KKNT - T*o *ireious« wttb larje ft-oreH area. 6th A*e. and (ih st. can winctrtd't. J:^6:'* FOR ^HKNT-- Block bid*. :ii40 be- ;arna*T and Wbeeler. Good aj a! ^u.-ineis buildinj or for itoragc. Call 352-5132. OOkt SMC* 22 FOR RENT - Offict ·?*» t r«.0 floor. 815 20th A*e. St. See H. fc. Ham »l *14 Ift'th SL FOR RENT-- 2 finH 4 room office' suite*, available 2nd flogr. Park Place Buildinc. S27 Mb SL Iniuire N'o. -i\0. Ph. Zi,S-i;52 or K2-5747. t U i ; RL.ST - St« m b*4ted office ·pace. 1 or 2 room »uit«. 2nd floor, Coronadn Building. Whcvler Realty 1 Co. 3J3-OH6. Geor« Hoerher. and Hh Ave. C. and N*. itldg. Air conditioning All vt-!itii included. Approx. 750 iq. ft.. -r »iU iub- diMde. Arailiblt now. Fh, SS2-013J. Aik for Sam. Trailtf S*«ct 23 LARCH convenifnt pirkinf ipace. I1 pfr nouth. Rjpp'i. 2S01 JUih St. VACANCY: Room or room and board. Ph. I3-2924. iOUM and board. ExeeMcDt m-aH b T werk or mooth. Rtaionablc. Camfield Hotel CHRISTMAS t,e« 11.47 and up. WANTED-* Inch Ublt MW. 352-70^3. WANTED-- i^iw: u»ed biclcjard Junrle iym fyr rbild. Ph. JJJ-WTI. GOOD uied gai beater*. Call 152-6149. GO-KART _wil. IfcCuiloeh entine. 27th St. 32-919. after t p.m. GIRL'S biej-cle. 26 inch. Excellent condition. Ph. 392-IIH6. tienion. 152-1013, afur I p.K. FOR SALK-- 19S8 Hummer ToU-Cote. CDT comb honey t 4Se Ib, ia 1 lit loti. Kidi ] or( it, Ii!-16iS, MINNESOTA Wooleni. SM or call Dorothy Miller. 1429 9th St. J52-4232. THE STOCKMAN Western we«r. 'OR HOUSE morint ae* Bigb** Ph. 162-5126. Al»o bulidinn for tale. up truck, around 1950.' Condition unimportant. CaK-217tl. WOLI-EKSAK Mi*o tap* recorder with mikt and t»p«. 1100. Pb. 4i*. 2733. FOR SALE -- rUbbiu. Youns doei bucks, and hutches. Call «1 6-2004 FIREPLACE wood, drr. pitch pine Ferrcn Wood Yard. elS Jrd. Ave FOR SALE -- 15(0 Hirley D**Jdjoit Sprint. (75 and lake over paynsent* CABINET work, itorm tub. Complete itock ot w«t eoait lumber. WtnJ AMERICAN Wreckinc * Sain* Yard. We buy anylhinf. We sell ev errthidK. 402 6th St. Ph. JS2-S566 FOR SALE to hisacst bidder. Webco itereophonic Up? recorder, profe*- *ional model. 1S29 «th St., EvtE*. TUBELESS puiCBBer fUU repaired and guaranteed. Jl.OO. O.K. Rubber Wclderi. 10J N. Ulh Ave. CLEAN cotton rars wanted. Ko «nnl pieces, tockj or trousers. Greeley FOR SALE -- Slffler heater*. W«t triw Cout to Cowt, 2410 10th St 332-4802. Greeley Buildinr Supply. 630 2fith Strwt. 352-6841. LAUNDRY problem* ? Call CrysU White or brine it to ?U llth Are, opposite new Poet Office, 352-3192 GLASSES repairfd. Broken lensei du plicated. New frames. Greeley Op- TIRE balancins-- Onlr Jl.OO per p«- lencer tir*. Weighu free! O. K Rubber Welders. 103 N. nth A\* URST claw rwoverinp and repairing of trutk seats. Catms work. Wood FOR SALE-- CbriiUna? trees. Wbolc- «le and r»Uil. Loreland Land*r*p- iiu:. NO 7-207G. Franklin Scwtrr Sale*. 25i5 S. U Avenue. Pb. So?-6992. LUMBER, hardware, piint, Everrtbini lo build anything We pi«e Gold Bono Ktarapv Greeley EuildinR Supply Inc., 630 26th Su SS2-6S44. f C R RENT-- B«dt, baby turn., chatra banquet tables. cla?iwxre, coffe* urns Eli*herj, rue shajr.pooini; e^uip \it Rental!, SIC 2Srd AT«. 33J-OS10 FOR SALE -- About 1. WO feel uw lumber, perfpct ihjipe; table w t fornura top. Ma** offer. !H St BICYCLES, IsrRf »l«tion from I7.S up. Gunj. aramunition, (i'hinf; tackl tiv. Alkire's Spoiling Go^t, 7Sl ~t ?t. SJS-Wfll. I'RK-CAST tsmcrete *fptic lank-, 5X to 1.000 salloti rapaci:r. One duv ir sUllstion in tour rvcA-,«tion- Ca Mc-ffat n n d Son. 532JJ2i. 16 HHIT t m i l r : ko-jjp S425. : 1 fv- aiiitninum l-onl. S honico-'^f r S i srll cheap, 'fall hrforr 2 r if *nt*l 'kit »n«t burtd* *cat, $14\ s.v;.ir.4;. *r;rr 5 r t-,. K K W RcmiTijrvn :.' sut.«tn*tic. $40 i-e MnEtnun-- H u r t l f r Stxr'.t» ', Strer'. r»m, Dte. 11, 1M2 GREELEV TR1BI NE Fa«« 21 larj* tou*e, Kotcer'i Auumxive. TfrT Uth St. Z.+UA. ·CXW Ifetf Y«l4bB Botoreyc frcai Uft\i4rta Sale*, i - Cvllwt. I'AhLK xam« for fc-jrth rr-'i- ^i pic b»l! niaclinr : xrindAbif !d f. i-wier. sh-ir prux*tvr »!i4 »cree:-. IT.S9 excbftnxe. Iwd Wtu-rk'.. tVw! bitbery feptirinj. Rebuilt t*o*ra- j ton ftnd iUrtert. AU type* ot auio iut.eup» tod r%pain. C*e4 ean and pickup*. Low {.rieea. «kij tetm*. John Tbotnpwn'* Gar«(c. 0 1 lUi Ate. Ph. 3J-U*',. t.WnhM« Sttt G«M« 21 MARINES, trupical fi«h. Jo!! r lux law . I OR SALfc-Lionel train with 11 ears. LIONLL train lor a!e. 1 aksel u n i t and ' frcit'ot uoit. plut Carious ai*- fMuirie*. S* 1 ! mi complete aet. PROFESSIONAL SANTA CLAUS now available with SU.Ouu kids experience. REASONABLE for any budget -- Call 353-2627. Make appointment EARLY! HMMM4 G*Wi 30 FOR SALt-- 3 roomi furniture, prtc- ·inlly n^w. «2-30*3. KI-tXTRlC ranie 11'). Tec: t!. Ph S.V.'.S3U. KOR SALF.--Compar'. cleaner; pigKy- bark stroller. 132-743. BAUV crib and m» ;·.«-. KlK d condi- lion. Call a!ter :00. 152-9213. trr. Hvans Furniture, JS 2-0*98. AUTOMATIC wbh»r. S2S; dryer; V D A U V crib for tale. I'h. 3;;M3f,-. SINK drawer deck in food cor. d it ion 352-51*4. SKVKN pier* dinette aet. lik« new, STO.OO. Call SSJ.mi. Mel Bedinfer. 35:-35C. new. GK built-in lyp* ranee and men for Chriitnuu. *125. 252-OiST. FOR SALK-- T»in bedroom act. two oecaaional chain and muc. itemi. FOR SALE-- Almoit new Weitinghouie Impt-rial JO inch electric ranje. A-l condition. S*t at 1029 4th St. GET pro(e»ilonal carpet cleaning re- *ulU -- rent Blue Lintre Electrir Carpet £hampvi-r t*.50 per day. K-^asi Faint Store. REKNWOOD Furniture -- Barcalni fibre la tutd furniture and nitcel- Uneom. We bar. «11 or trad*. !506 7th Ave. Juit touth of V.F.W. Hall. S5J-31S4. Gary Greenwood. Haafer. WANT party to auume balance on late model Neechi Zut-iar portable. S*wi on buttoni. fancy but- tortholn. etc. Eitht paymenu. lft.00 «ch, or $45 e«h. 352-32S9. SAVE 190-- Coronado 23 inch custnrc TV, aluminiied picture tube. In ma- hotany or oak, $199.95. No money down, lld.M per month. Gambles. 910 10th St. USED, fully automatic 55,000 BTU CM heater. 199.15 ; Colewth Ji.OOO BTU oil heater. $49.95: Coleman 55, OOn BTU oil heaier with blower IJ9.9S; ranges, your choice, $49.95 WeatinEhoLie 40 inch electric. Tappan (0 inch rat. Roper »pL iixe tax ; 2 piece lirint room et. $S9.S5 Reconditioned washer-dryer combin ation, $119.«. Hinchfield'a Furniture. 2207 9ih SL No oarkinr prob- M«wy u LMH 31 MONEY to loan on all itemi of value 1 LOAN money perronill* if you wan a first, second, or third mortg-acf or * business loan. Abo buy first and (econd morta'tjEei. Cill Sam for fus aervice. 552-0131 Farm Ranch Loans LOXG TERMS -- LOW RATE ASA T. JONES, JR. 35 Years Loan Correspondent Kansas City Life insurance Company. Clifford G. Campbell. Mgr. 1013 Sth Av«. Ph. 352-6417 Farm Loans LOW COST LONG TERMS MANY PRIVILEGES KEYS AGENCY First National Bank BWg. Greel«y 35:-0070 :.:·· -h s-. T£ONO yarn 'orr, K »ted irec «i4iBC. "^^ " "^^ "^ OSED lumber, pipe, I beams, w i n d o w s, doors, plumbing, brick. Perlmutter Jobbing and Wrecking Co. Corner of 6th Ave. and 9th St. load Supplies 35 JOHNSON Sa-Hurie ^aira and acf%- ice. Wilber'i Outboard Marine, 2402 !Uih Sintt MEKCl'R\ outboard muton. Compel* marine aalei and terv:ee. Ke^nuliik E-luilimenl Co., 401 ISth St Sportinf G«Hb 3 5 -A WE WANT to buy rifle* and ·huieuw. Any make, i^'e or condiiiun. A Ik ire · Spurting lloodi. Ill 7th St CUSTOM bandloadini Hi-puwer rifUt ammo. All popular cihbru. K.U- per hot in our nripU^. Alkire 1 * Sporting (Jooda, 721 7ih St Ji2-3:0l. OUR tale, of new '.a and J2 eau£* run* and ammunition cloar.i Dt-c. 24. Cartler Sportin f Good.. S12 6lh Fryfti en* Vegetables }9 WEST Slope ipple*, different varittie*. Baranu. orange* and crapefruit Foia'jjea and or.ums. Oihcr f r u i u «nd vezeubl«. D*Ie'» STirket,' 3=2-9021. IW3 5th St tannin?. 1^ buibel; Winwap applet. 14.25 bushel: eookJnc Jonathan. tl.T5 biahel. Want heateii place to park fruit trurk. 12 nisht Apple tract. 201 ISth St. Hty, Grain, Fccrf, Straw 40 SMALL amount of ear corn and baled STRAW for sale. Delivered. R. /. Gleaton. Fh. S3J.1S86. WANTED-- tirindinc hay. 352-2^3. A* ANTED to buy-- Hay tnd itrav. C»U S52-9MS. Buy and «1L Don Kelly, lo2-'J4'Jl. THE Stockman-Wei lern wear. "OK SALE-- Ha* »d itraw. Call S52-9905. W A NT F.D-- Several truck load* of ha» and priin millets. For prices eall 352-4482. Greelev Seed Co. located * Bila north of Greeley on S3. LivostKk 41 SPRINGING llobtein beifen. Ken Har»h. F, 20lh St. Phone 353-11F1. TWO ianey Palomino r'-ny coin Will hold till ChriJtmas. 1'hone 454--20S-. close in. 352-4915. HEREFORD bulls. Well grows, Ruo 4 color, fine condition. Ph. 352-6343, FOR SALE - Holsiein sprinmn. Ed Reichert, Johnstown. 5i7-2069. CURT1SS artificial breedins tervice. ·17.00 a head. Al?en Hoar. 252-3761. THE STOCKMAN" Western wet r. FOR SAL-ABS HnUiein. Tint «a« heifer to frrthen « i t h i n w«V. ,152-052-1. ARTIFICIAL brwdinc. Courteuus, efficient »ervice K ith A.B.3. proved air«. 352-290:. LIVESTOCK iprvinR. O^cr in yBK n experienre Brantaer. Ph. 353-1636, FOR SALE-- Cattle chutra, calf tihlei and itocV Unki. Good prices. West View Coast to Coast. 2410 lOtb St Ph, 352-4302. FARMERS, RANCHERS In Greeley Area $2 and So cash paid for fresh dead cows and horses. $o 10 HO for crippled and down horses acd cows. (Call as Soon as Possible After Animal Dies) Immediate Service Seven Days a Week -- Night or Daj Call Collect: Greelev 352-17SS LEE BI-PRODUCTS CO. Poultry 42 ROASTING hm for wile. 353-OS1S. 40" 2ist \\t. BABY CHICKS : Bouk your babv chick orders now -- for early order discounts. Setting on orders £or January and February. Meyer Bros. Hatcherv 719 7th St. , Creeley, Colo. Hoiiuhold GeoJi 30 Household Goodi SO Magnavox Trade-ins ADMIRAL TV phono-combination. This il im-h blonde console has a beautiful picture, lowbov stvling ami a jfour speed record player. The hi-fidelilv sound svstem includes three speakers. Ideal for use in' the same' room or as your main set. MAGXAVOX stereo console. This set. used onlv «i\ _ months, has six speakers in a beautiful natural \valnut I lowboy console. Has a fine AM-FM radio and can be used with remote speakers. Save $100 on t h i s set. I M A G X A V O X hi-fidelity radio-phono combination in beautiful cherry provincia cabinet. Has two 15 inch OMK speakers \vith two exponential horns. This «et w-is :*750 new and is reduced to S199.P5 and is absolutely j t h e finest quality at tremendous savings 1 Miin';;'»:'iilTM"'w wL*"c,";i include? 15 iui-h Imse speaker ami has a' tVur'^'a" "TM'Z ^~^'"';^lr^'Z rocp TM changer. Can he used \vilh vour present TV is i J'"T r v*" rV 1 ,^'"'. 1 " r7' ,"''-·"" auxiliary speaker system. ; xo\v HKNTING · CHRISTMAS TRKES P A U A M O f N T MAXOU YOl'iJ PICK $1.00 Our snil : lirilniu;;. (ininslirrt. Aisn Kirc]'llU'i' Wood niiniirs JTS .,, $-,. F E R R K L I / S .-:.« MI, AVO,,,,, :5 :.57 (: .i 31S «, th s ,_ , 5 ,,. T6T; , XK\V A.rAKTMKXTS !: Hi-ilviiniH Duplex .. ? ;M ·Jl Koilroom Apts. ... Sior 1 lioilroom Apt. . . $ Hi r.:::x.':;:tr^^ ^--I'ARK PLACIO APIS M ,'.;l i 'i!.';!, - "i.'' 1 ,^;", 1 ;.' :^ v ,r " M 'iM "::, s "' ii; '- '""· :i ' v ''" '·"·· ;1 r, 1 ;,;;;.,'' 1 """- ""'""· A!l "·"· n"^"':,-!-'^'' At ""' s "· ; A L U M I N U M i '" Storm Doors Storm Windows Awnings i ., . ,,, vti'iTlt'v dln^s ^lui|i t'-i'.! Jlh st v.;t»^. X.KXITH 'Jl inch inahonai sol. priced am. Rl'A '.'1 inch blonde consi P A l ' K A R U KKl.l, il inch picture tube. A 1 R I . I X K -1 inch limoil m I I I ' K X K V K I ; l \|(;|| I ' X T I I . ( ' : OUR TKUMS ARK TI 1 Weld Cou | Appliance "Our Service i,-; t! ?U loth Street V f O l i S l l i o T V , I l k , , ] M : :,,,..! i' w i t h nen pii-tiiri! tui.'O. nialuiiraiiv «n.i'lo \Mtii new k oo!!so!t-, X,»\v p i c t u r e tuiie. AI i-:!-i- s vn K i ' A Y IK HASIKST IN TOWN nty Garage Department \v BIG Dil't'iTyncc"

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