Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on March 4, 1976 · Page 25
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 25

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1976
Page 25
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Hints from Heloise By IIKLOISE CKUSE All correspondence pertaining lo Ihe llcloisc column should be mailed directly lo lldoiso. King Features Syndicate. 235 rj.-lsih.Sim'l. New York. New York 10017. Dear Heloise: I have invented (discovered, actually) a very handy place to store coffee filters by putting a plastic lid on the bottom of the '. coffee can, as well as the top! This little space underneath the plastic lid on the bottom of the coffee can stores a good supply of the filters conveniently, and keeps them clean. Mrs. G. R. Walroth It's true, "Wonders never ; cease!" . .; I've said many times that I ; never cease to be amazed at the - ingenuity of my readers, and your hint is a good example of · what I mean. How did you ever think of ' that'.' : Heloise Dear Heloise: Try adding a little peanut '. butler to pie crust. Use your usual recipe for pie crust but add a rounded tablespoon of peanut butter, culling into the flour along with ·the shortening. (No need to decrease the amount of shortening called forJ Out of sight for pecan pies, banana, even chocolate! D.L. Letter of Love Dear Heloise: Will you have someone fill a box with all those sweet names you call all of us and present it to you from me? "1 love you a bushel and a peck with a hug around the neck." Theltna Shaffer How I loved that present! Thanks shug. Heloise Dear Heloise: If any of your readers get so frustrated from picking up towels after your children get through washing their hands, I have the perfect solution. I look a bath towel, folded it, pul it over the lowel rack and matched up the two ends, pinning them together. This way, after they dry their hands, they just pull the towel and it rolls around to the next clean spot. I also have one in the kitchen over an empty paper towel tube which 1 have left in the holder. Needless to say, I don't have (o buy so many paper towels. Mrs.Newbill Dear Heloise: Now that we have retired, we travel a lot and we were slaves to our luggage the first year. Then, in packing for a six- month stay away from home, we made the rule that whatever won't go in one suitcase stays home. We still took things we didn't need! Mrs.C.R.B. Wish I knew your secret! Heloise Dear Heloise: When my baby started to crawl, I wondered what I could do to protect my daughter's delicate knees. The answer? A tennis wrist guard on each knee has successfully prevented scrapes. The somewhat stretchy top part of an old athletic-type sock works almost as well. Tina Nichols Dear Heloise: This may help some of my contemporaries -- namely those who have reached the age when picking up pins and other very small objects, because of arthritic fingers, is quite a chore. When we sew, we have to rip outa seam now and then. Those little thread clippings are irritatlngly hard to pick off the fabric. Just take a piece of masking tape and you can pick them up easily. . . ( . . · ·Mra.J.M.Trask Dear Heloise:' · .'..- ' ' · · · · This morning I dropped a jar of pickles. Slices, seeds and slivers of glass were in a dismal heap. Visions of other messes flashed through my mind -shiny egg or gummy oatmeal. Then another flash -- a bright idea. I cut a paper plate in two and, using both pieces as a rake. I scooped and shoveled up the mess. I had no cut fingers and UK paper plates cleaned up all the traces of the mishap with only the juice remaining. Jan Copyright, 17I King Features Syndicate Silnrdiy, Marcil 9:30 a.m. Northern Colorado Weavers Guild, First Christian Church, 2000 Lincoln Ave., Loveland. Bring sack lunch. Basketry workshop following meeting. Registration fee payable at the door. 10-11 a.m. Children's Story Hour, Greeley Public Library. 12:30 p . m . Women's Panhellenic Association of Greeley, Mrs. Richard Web- -Social Calendar- iter, 1890 26th Avc. Dr. Eugene Tent No. 11, Daughters of Union Koplitz, speaker. Veterans of the Civil War, »t 1:30 p.m. Barbara Frietchie Brannaman Hall. Tlliirs., March 4.1*71 GR^ELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE a Wooden Spoons, ladies and ' | paddles make an attractive 1:30 p.m. Junior Auiuliarjr to wall decoration for the kitchen. Disabled American Veterans ·^^·········V Auxiliary, at the DAV Home. JOHNSTOWN By Abigail Van Buren ldl97ebrCtlklloTillluncN.T.N«rlSjnJ lor. DEAR ABBY: This is for Joe's lady friend who is concerned about Joe's poor grammar: I think she is both immature and a snob. I am a retired school teacher whose late husband's education ended with the third grnde. He, too, used poor grammar. I never considered it a fault because he had attributes that far outweighed his lack of education. In fact, his knowledge of many subjects was far superior u mine. MABEL IN GAINESVILLE, FLA. DEAR MABEL: I'm not putting down men who achieved success with "book Icarnin'," but even more credit is due those "street-smart" winners who made it without. DEAR ABBY: That woman who complained because they are now letting women work side by side with men in the coal mines is absolutely right! It has been proved that one of the biggest reasons for the increase in the divorce rate is letting men and women work together. It all started when women went to work in war plants during World War II. Why would it be any different in the coal mines? As long as women can work where they can throw themselves at men, the ones who want to can start a lot of trouble. BEEN THERE DEAR BEEN: So what's the alternative? Are you suggesting segregating the sexes where both men and women arc employed? That would set equal opportunity bock 100 years! You rnn't stop a woman from throwing herself at a man nt work-or anywhere else--if she's the type who'd do so. DEAR ABBY: I am a 42-year-old woman with a wonderful husband and family. However, I have had a problem that has been with me ever since I can remember. 1 don't believe the parents who raised me are my real parents. I know I am not adopted! I have a birth certificate from Queen of Angels Hospital in L. A., and everything is in order, but what drives me nutty is: How can I be sure that I nm the person on that birth certificate? I have never felt that I was the child of my parents. Since childhood, people have observed that I bear absolutely NO resemblance to either of my parents, or to any of my brothers or sisters. I was horn when an earthquake hit L.A., and my mother didn't see me for three days during that time, so I think it's possible that some of the babies in the hospital nursery were mixed up. How can I make sure that I am really the child of my narents? I don't core if you print this. DIANE IN CATHEDRAL CITY DEAR D I A N E : An infant's footprint is usually registered at the time of birth, so you could make a comparison. Dut think it over: What will you lor your parents! gain from discovering an error? You both have a slake in this, you know. For Ahhy's booklet. "How to Have a Lovely Wedding," send SI to Abigail Van Buren, 132 Lasky Dr., Beverly Hills, Cnlif. 90212. Please enclose a long, sell-ndrireMed. stamped I26tl ^.ivelope. Do-it-yourselfers... Own your own home! BUILD A DIFFERENT WAY! The Miles Way is based on confidence. Your . ambition and desiie lo have a home are worth more al Miles lhan money in Ihe bank. Lei Miles back you Our book tells mote. Send coupon today. Start a new life! yHwv's How: We oiler liberal ciedil. blueprints, step-by-step instructions, pre-cul materials. We even provide some toundalion materials. Start without a big down payment Make low monthly payments while you build. Your land need not be fully paid lor to start building No plan is like Hits. Escape high labor cosls by pounding and painting . in your spare lime. Build (mm our. -- -plans or youis.. anywhere... city or country. T_h_e. Do-tt- Yourself Specialists * Send me your FREE Great Homes idea Book * I · MILES'MOMES, oept. c* i · P. O. Box 11300, Narth Pecos Station, Denver, Colo 80131 | ii I Therv's a Miles representative - FEED ft SEED Phone: 587-4481 Place your order early for Small Grains and Pinto Beans Ask about Fielder Wheat! We have an approved Certified Seed Plant Let us do your Custom Cleaning Crosswinds Dining Room Rectangular dining table with glass top, four side and two arm chairs. Regular $1769 Sale $1179 42" china, Regular $579. .Sale$386 44" server, Regular $329.Sale$219 Crosswixids Collection Crosswinds Bedroom Dresser, mirror, queensize headboard, chest. Regular $832 Sale $554 Night stand, regular $139 Sale $92 STORE HOURS: Monday, Tuesday. Thursday Friday 10 to 3 Wednesday Saturday 10 lo 6 - Sunday 12 to 5 3817 W. 10th ST. GREELEY 356-8383 It's a fabulous collection...and these kind of savings are hard to find on quality collections like this. Drexel's Crosswinds is a charming furniture with the look of wicker and rattan. It has a light, airy feeling that is sophisticated, contemporary and truly right for today's lifestyles. Yet, thanks to modern technology, Drexel has given this exciting collection a solid strength that belies its light, airy looks. Crosswinds does wonders for modern rooms...and remarkably little to your bank account at these prices. Look for it at the Homestead House Drexel Heritage Galleries. Homestead House

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