Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 16, 1955 · Page 17
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 17

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, December 16, 1955
Page 17
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Friday, D*. U, t955 'GREELEY TRIBUNE Page-17 , _ ' . . , . . , ' . . · . · f The Creeley Daily Tribune! via o, JAM UT*10K JR. , · · · · »*4 TheGrteky Republican iXECUTIVE STAFf 8. KANSEN . .'. , VotlfcMi ilnfa* MSI Clre. Mfr . . OK*. T14 EiHt. (i. G E*t«r*4 u'MCond cU ·«k« l Gml K«rrt int. i i;«ntn« b Pab]!ih[*i Co :«r Co!* . UCIUM at live P«t- 4,t li. Aci AttOe!*ti4 PztM. Color'ito ' P r«M AnttlitioD. Illind D.llr Pt.., Alixli. Worn. Atxiil Bar««u el ClreuUtto* · Tfci AMWLlted Frn« h tMLtlW «»du. ·JTilj « IU ui ol iwJUIntln of .ill tM FM«| etw» printed ta.thli adripiper u w*I] w |U AP ntwi dlspMcbM. F L O Y D , X.-MKHRII..L ....... Ediloi A. L.- PETERSEN . . V ... Adi Mir CLARK PAGE ' .· · : .''Supt Sabcuptkm Pr)c«-- Bj .null, In Cohirado. I rtar JI.W. E month* J5.W. o=» rncnlfc Sl.W. Dj mill luurd* Colorado -I real I12.« oat tronth Jl.GO SfTVie* m?n (3.00 «·! aaywhcr* Fortirn. ecunlrln II.CO rocntb City Carrier II.W n-.anth . PUBLIC FORUM-- Pabllc r a r rauit b* no looser tliao SOO wo tlanMturr ,mn*t b*' 'It a m [rlte ril. Correcl H them - Republican ParrHihLng Co. by G r « l e y - T T D » r:riphir«l UnTan Ko 488 Pause and Ponder: .'' " -- §r Ph«ph«cy-- "Of Hit Kingdcm thtrt Mill b« no End" "But. ai he (Joseph) considered this, behold, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream, saying, "Joseph, son of David, do not . .i««r to take Mary your wife, for th'at which is conceived in her is of . th« Holy Spirit; she will bear a. son, and you shall call his name J«us,ior he will save his people from their sins."-- Luke-l:20, 21. ' ' · . r*j · · ' ' : Titular Party Head , · A fine example of a meaningless title is that accorded defeated presidential candidates as being "titular head" of the' party. It 'is a position without duties nor responsibilities. If the candidate presumes upon it to lay down party policy, he is Erected either with discouraging tilence or with a pointed refusal to follow his lead! Yet the terra "titular head", still persists, Adlai Stevenson is, according to this practice, titular head 'of the . Democratic party. But the real task of determining the party record b'e- -longs to its congressional members. What the'y do or fail to do speaks mort loudly than any utterances of the defeated presidential candidate. ' Most ex-candidates recognize this: 'James ( M. Cox and John W. Davis made rio attempt to speak for the Democrats following their defeats". Wendell Wlllkfe' was a' Republican spokesman until his overthrow '.in '.the 1444 Wisconsin primary showed tliat he no longer had an influential party following. Stevenson is an apparent cxcepjion, hut not bccause.he has the hon- · orary title of "titular head." Bather his influence .comes, from the fact ·· th»t h« is accorded an excellent chance o£ being the 1956 nominee. . · - . - . . ^+j , - . . . - - Dullef Finally Learns 'About Russians By JAMES.'MARLOW ' Associated Prvst Ntw* Analyst . . · if Secretary of State Dulles wanted to write a book on his feelings ·bout the Russians over the past five months he could call it "Live and Learn. . ' ' in .that time he expressed plenty ot qualified misgivings that the Bussiah,s had changed, toil thrown it all, nt least judging from "what lie 'laid, he still clung to i feeling of optimis'm'that maybe they had. · ' "He went to last July's Summit 'meeting in Geneva, where" Presiden Eisenhower talked with Soviet Premier Bulganin and the heads of the British and French governments. It was a. 'meeting whose startling pleisintness developed the phrase "spirit of Geneva." When he returned Dulles' reportedly was worried the Western powers might assume wrongly that the Russians truly had softened up am that it was ill. right to relax a bit. But on Sept.' 22, iii a speech to tlic United Nations, he said: ' . .- . '"'A new spirit does indeed prevail, with. greater flexibility and less 1 briiileness i n internalioharrelations." ' . ! " ' , ' That sounded pfelty optimistic and Dulles still sounded that wa; 23 days before he went back to Geneva for his October meeting will "Soviet Foreign Minister Molotoy and the foreign ministers of Britain arid France. . ..... On Oct. 4 -- the. Geneva meeting was Oct. 27 -- lie told a new: conference he believed the four foreign ministers would make positiv irogress at Geneva toward reunification of Germany. AB it turned out,' they" made no progress o_n anything, and parlicu " larly' they maa'e no progress on Germany.: _ , ; . , ,, ... The Russians were' bothering Dulles -nevertheless on Oct.. ' ' for n Com 'told reporters t h a t ' d a y he had twice warned the Soviets t h a t . Con ' munist shipment of arms to Egypt would not "contribute to lesscni.i ' WOr st.u' n DuSes kept thinking that maybe.. . . . On Oct. 10 he told II American Legion the Russians had a habit of zigzagging tci get wha they wanted, b\it said he houghl world'opinion-, .will-act as a .com . puJjIon oh the.Soviet Union, fVrelax its grip upon East Germany an P« rm ^'{^'^ay'the 'Russians' acted when Dulles met.them later tha month in Geneva, world opinion was something which didn't seem to I) mflu ^"liTM g .,'TM back from that meeting and reported lo' the natio said » number of questions were in the.air as a result o Nov 18 He sa ' - he. resumed i . the m U n g , including: "Will the so-called Cold .War- .. '""ifstil" .eemedHo'be'hoping-for a silver lining for he .answered th ' ; ·Kflt P ,hen 1a nd n now h B"lganin and chubby .Communist party chie I. on after'nearly a year of Soviet .gagging. 19 Years Ago . ! New KING About Your InBurahce . . . · Most : every m o n t h a - customer slips and falls on our walk or in our ' itore, hurts himself on a display, or fihds s o m e other reason to c l a i m - damages.. Would Store- · keeper's Liability insur-. . anee save us the em- . .birrasament arid.expense of handling these'claims? D.C.Royer Agency Phone 50 ' 808 91h S«. Dec. 16, .193* bethothal. : of Miss Fern and James Moore, nppula Grceley pair, was announced at a attractive parly given Wcdnesda evening by a cousin of the brid elect,' Mrs.. Leon 'King. .Miss, No and Mr: Moore will be marric Fcb; 7.' · ' · · ' · - - - · Miss New's parents are Jlr. ai Mrs. Tom' crs in the Lucerne district. S was gradualed from Greeley Hi; school; and later allendcd CSC and was a member of Pi Kap Sigma sorority. The feast thr years she has been employed the .Clark and Faulkner' Dm company.' · ' " · . · Mr. Moore, son of Mr.I and Mrs. L 1 . V./Moore of 'Grceley, allendcd University of Nebraska and was graduated from - the Capitol School of Pharmacy in Denver. Since September he has been pharmacist f o r ' [ h e Croft. Drug company in Sterling. , Thealre .Guide ,.-· :\: .\; '.:..\ \ - ····:·· Opinions and inlormatlon guar- nteed to bo-trom sources other hao the press' departments o(. motion :p!cture producer!. iubl* Fc«turt Chlif Sunday . ' me Warriors, and ^_::' BusU:s SuiKUy ai i the Chief. Errol yrin' 'cbnii.s · through . wilti · flying lors for England.-, in The War ors, an imported episode of roics by P Edward (['I;nn) ring t · 100 y e a ' - ' ' W a r of; 'ic .h and 14ll . lUirics. r h t i accent i s ' o n broadsword ghting ac[ibn,' ; chnsc sequences heavily-armored k'niglit. 1 : on rseback and jousling matches, lich Henry Levin has directed, film being''released by Allied rtir' , the Western hemis^'iere is favored with, special produc- n values Ly its producer \Vallcr irisch. . · : ' .· Joanne Brn is effective as the idy Joan. The Daniel D. Ullm .n reenplay "fin-nislic-s 'suspenscful oihents. Jiotion Picture Herald (es the film good. Hunninfe time 85 minutes.. Jail. Busicrs carrio- no charac- rislics ' 'tremendous import to ffcrentiate the plot from the ·untless adventures, in tile lives the perennial - young Bowery There is an opening, a minor risis, some inevitable · rriixup i anning. and signals, anil Ilieii ad, but somehow.successful Bish r success. . . Jail Busters Is probably oi.c of last films featuring the late crnard Gorcey, who died some eeks ago in Los ' Angeles, tie aypd the .kindly, explosive ice ream -parlor confidante at the ·ays. : Ben.Schwab served as producer nd William Beauilinc's direction iscly stressed the inimitable Go ey-Hall clowning. Motion Picture Herald rates the Im good. Kunning tine is Cl min terling Showing wo; Features-.. . T a r a n t u l a ' and Running Wild pened Friday at the Sterling, 'flu is H science-fiction story h; 'niversal-Inlornalioniil. It's mild ··well d?wn as such.things go, nly reservations to an old science clion fan being that the proces holography- used f o r ' the' gian [ider is .not as convincing a; light be. . . ; . In the .cast are John Agar lall Hastings,- the doctor, lara Corday-as Stephanie Clayloi ssistant to the scientist, ..Prpfes :or Gerald 'Deemer, played, b xa'G. Carroll.' - · - The other actors arc adt(ju;.t- he direction by Jack Arnold sharp,'-and tlie^seript, within tl imits-of the medium-is-good.- Pr duction' was by William Allan Motion Picture'Herald rales tl 'ilm good. Hunhing time was minutes. , ' Running Wild derives.-its' title 6m the fact that it deals Svith · ng of tscnage hoodlums cngag- I in stealing automobiles. As still nothcr 'picture devoted to the emc of juvenile dolinriuoncy, it 'somewhat deficient in coin^ll- v6 assets. · .. '', Obviously low-budgeted, ihe :ilm cvciops an exceedingly trite ory line. As for'tlic cast, Mamb an Doren inakcs a solid itnpres- on in a qouple of early scenes id then is virtually dropp ·' for e remainder of the film's run* ng time. -Others are i William ampbcllj Keenan \Vyim|and : Ka":- cri r Kash/ : .; \~,] ' · · ' . - ' . · Scripi is" by'Leo Townscnd. ilo- on Picture Herald rales the film iir. Running time is 81 minutes. Christmas'dance on December 17; and Now Year' Eve's dance on December 31. The club m\\ be closed on-Sunday,-December 25" all -lay. The annual home-coming party for adult members of Elks families and'guest: -vho aro-non-rcs:denls will he' lie", beginning 10 a^m. MI Morday December 26, a cording to report of' Dr. Edwin J. 1'oe- fcli, chairman. - ChrfitrriM Baskttf . A few. additional pick-ups are needed for delivery of the ( ; r i , t - m n s baskets on Deccmber-24,- according t tp Arthur K: Anderson, chairman, who requests drivers to list their names wilh' the secretary. . ' .,- i n Elkdom IN ELKDOM An. excellent -show and a -visit rom. Santa Glaus will feature -the vo parlies on .Dec. 16 for · the liildrcn of Elks as scheduled to eing at 2:30 p.m. for the smaller lildrcti and their mothers and t -7:30; p.m.. for Elks' children. of chool ; age, ; according to roporl f L. E. Kills, chairman, at last session o l l t a . fcxfcc. 'iinng Ilic evening parly, parents ill bo entertained in Ihc base- ncnl by Con llerb'st and his com- niUee, Appreciation .was expressed by Carl L. Adams of tlic Klks Blood ank committee for the fine holi- iy gift offerings of blood that re being made by members of lodge, adult ' members of their amities and friends. Donors should all 4000 for appointment. Members who can loan card ablcs for Ihe crippled children's tarty on December 22 arc request- d. to, list their names and ad- rcsscs with Ihe secretary, accord- ng to lioss I.'Shaklcc of Ihe'com- nillec. A. H. (Skip) Marshall, who s taking care of the' transporta- ion, requests drivers to .meet on December 20 at 7 p.m. in tbe lobby or their assignments. Social Events Coming social events include Residency Test ST PETEIISBURG, Fla. UI -City Judge Laurence D. Childs ruled a resident of 55 years has lived here a little - too long to be considered a vagrant. Herman Sellers, 65, was charged with vagrancy a f t e r : being found sleeping in a packing box.' He explained he was locked out of his apartment by mistake. That explanation plus his long residence in St. Petersburg served to secure of the' charge. f WASHINGTON UTTER.. · 'PAD, PIP YOU KNOW.THAT In addition to · · c h school d i s t r i c t , other groups interested in youth and education' are represented on your citizen'* Commitlse 'for P u b l i c Schools. · WASHINGTON -- Nancy Kcfau- ver who was acclaimed her-husband's greatest, asset in his campaign for- the democratic presidential' nomination In 1952, says she's'too involved with homemaking and childraising to give* nuch lime lo politicking again should Uie Tennessee senator make 'a second try. ' IV . ' . . - ' . "The..children arc In the .formative stages right now and so darn much fun 1 just want to be '.with them all I can',"- she told -ae. "Also we've just moved Into :. new house' and it will be ages before we get settled down. Evcrylhing is complete chaos right now, hut we're going lo love it."'J:,- · The Kefauvers sold' the 'house they hail been living hi two months before they were able to get into their larger English Tudor style h o u s e ' i n the sametneighborhod. The renovation and some of the moving w a s done d u r i n g t h e senator's long absence '.n .Europe, Russia and Far Kast last summer. Nancy and (tic four children, Linda, 14, David,. OW, Diane, TW and Gail, 5, spent part o( the time In "cniiessec. They had '· brief-fling it hotcl;livlng.'/ ·: · "*¥". ' '·:-,- "We were, parked- all over- the dace and just had lo gel the fnin- ly 'together"again," Naiicy said, 'so we just moved in and made Hie most of, H . but there's s t i l l - a lot o do'-- school activities, Bruwnles, .ub Scouts 'and dancing lessons: {lonVcVen find'time to' keep up ny social engagements!"' ' . , ..-; Mrs. Kcfauver is a talented art- st whose work has been exhibited in numerous, occasions In'.'the apital.; she maintains a studio with an artist friend,' 6Irs! Mairius ariolctti, wife of a government nx expert, and'is teaching painting 0 a 'few children and 'adults a ouple of days a week. \Vilb her husband away a great leal of tlic time with his invests lating subcommittee, she says she inds it a "wonderful time to get iveryth'ing done." :' ' / MISTER BREGER* BUCKLEY Nancy «tyi «h« doesn't thinly the senator-.his made up his flbd whether .to 'run agalii ;br. not.^jJhe aays she ' never ':did make ' any speeches, just "pinchhiited for him at^(imes," during" the" jjfrenjioui 1952 'campaign: . !'..:V ·- .i ! ' . j ] .. : Mrs. Kcfauver says painting h^as always been her prpfesslq-,';^id she's getting a'kick out'of te'cllgiff at her ·studio.'.'She studied' art-»t the Glasgow (Scotland) School of arti Paris and London b e f 6 r · corning to the'United States.-Mrs. Fariotelti, .was, her. "first frieot.'" when she came here. They me\?in Chattanooga a year before-her marriage to the senator. '. .^ ' H'Northern Ireland .Is to k«p unemployment down it must ^develop tourism and food ~ factories, British Home Secretary, Major Gwilym Lloyd George; said at a Belfast Reform Club lunch- "Dorothy! C'rnerc an' see how good Harry,can draw!" HALF ACRE CASTLE He's Not The Type, Gals JOE PALOOKA SCORCHY SMITH M O D E S T M A I D E N S Islaiidmagee in Northern .Ireland's Ijrne Lbugii, is to be connected jrith the town of Ma'ghera'- mornc, half a mile away, by a causeway. Islandiuagc'c '· has 1,800 JUST ARRIVED! · Load of CHRISTMAS '^REES "A GoodTree at the Right Price" · '.:·· CLARK'S MARKET ' ' 2001 West 9th !3t. wrrrnmm; '"i xish Christmas came some other time 0}year the stores aren't so crtnc/lcdl" AT N1N05-.THAT QUIET LITTLE t REfTAUU/WT AROtlNO THECCWrtR, ' WHERE ARE WE HAVING T THft YEAR. -AlELLO, MR. BARLOW, WE'RE TAWNC. UP THE CQU-ECTrON FOR THE OFFIC BY HAM FISHER VCXJ^E GOT MO DRIVERS LICE»ISE..AW)M BOOKING «U GOT NOTtfN 1 ON US VOL BOTH FOB RESISTING Rough Looking Non-guests! 1M NOT WfflE MOOD FOR PUWJ6OMES,-: -! HWT GOfS Cft* WHO Ate YOU? Seems Unbelievable SOW TO DROP THIS NET OVER - .WE MAY PW.L UP THE ArrSrVEl? TO THE" era rtS TIME JO. ·START 'OH THAT, CADET.' CAPWlH KUTT, HEAVE THE '' SHIP-.TO rxx;, YOU SWD WE VrHRE GOIW3 TO HELP AHSVVER THE VORLO- SlZED 'DO me EAT ?1 VO'IS TH ONE LI L \ rAMBWTH TRUTH 'CAlN'r HOBT.'/" - DICKIE DARE LI'L-.-ABN

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