Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 11, 1962 · Page 18
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 18

Greeley, Colorado
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Tuesday, December 11, 1962
Page 18
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^cwtomers jrana wut Bears 0 Season The Cuhu-aao State Bearsih oured in 12 straight poinU ear-o " in the second period to gel a o 5-point lead and went on to de- sat New Mexico Western. 83-78. [ 1 their first home game of the v tason. 1 The contest was played in Gun- ] er Hall before a small crowd ol c 00-WO fans. The first halt was a toss-up s the lead changer 1 hands sever- 1 times in a s^e-saw battle. Thei alf came to a close with the core knotted at 39-39. : With 17:10 remaining in the ccond hdH. LvuU'i I'on Muivan- y hit a short jump shot to tie p the game at 45-43 and to start ie' Bears on tlicir scoring rally. )QHnis Diehl then hit a pair of hots, Jim Gilbert added one, nd Mulvaney netted two more to ice (lie Bears a 58-48 lead. Thcrc- fter the Bears were in the lead 11 the way. AlttrnMvd units Coach John Bunn alternated un- s several times and the fresh- ess of ihe Bears wore the Mus- angs down NMW managed the oards in the first half -vith Sidey Gunn and Royal Wyatt grab- ing most o, the rebounds, but ~SC came back to fully control ie gnmc in the second period. Two newcomers, Tom Mims nd Tom Hawkins, came on in ie closing 10 minutes of the ame to keep the attack going nd put the game on ice for the Jears. Hawkins awed the fans cith his Iwg jump shots and Himt outnvanci'.vered his oppon- nt several times to free himsell or shots under the basket. Mims finished the game as high Mint man for the Bears with 16 winls while Hawkins had eight, 'im Gilbert found the basket onsistently throughout the game ind finished with 13 points. In the closing minutes of, play, 'Jew Mexico Western closed the ;ap to three points, 81-78. and it ocked as if the fans might be n for a thrilling finish. However, CSC controlled the ball well on i stalling game and subsequent buls by New Mexico led to several Bear chances at the free hrow line. While the Bears missed four o their last six free throws, Mims CSC Soorts Thursday Basketball CSC at Fort Hays State. Saturday Basketball San Diego State at CSC, 8 p.m. FOOTBALL PHILADELPHIA - Terrv Biker. Oregon State's star quarterback, won the ""··well Trophy as the college player of Deaths and Funerals SH1XN* Mrs, HalUe B. Sliinn ot Kenton Nursing Hume, Ar rangpments later. tfHAMER Mrs. Prise-ilia ft. Krame of i'ierce. Services 1 : 3 i.iu. Wednesday f r o m Marys Eaton Chapel. Inter ment Eaton Cemetery. MOLANDKR : E, August Molander of 20! . Uraefe Ave., Ault. Service 2 : 30 p.m. Thursday f roi F i r s t . Cotigregationa Church of Ault. J mermen Katon Cemetery. Friend who wish may m a k e me morial donations to th First Cong re g a t ! on a Church of Ault. SLOCUM Louis Isaac Slucum of Xunn. Sen-ires 2 P.M. Kr day from the First United Presbyterian C h u r c h oj Niinn. In t e r m e n t N u n n Ometery. Friends who wish may m a k e meinorin donations In the First lin t.pd Presbylrrian Church of N'ntn. VETTER MORTUAR Ft. Lupton S I I A H l ' K Thomas Hhnrjif' "f For I.ntiton. Father id Kfiber Shiiipe, Derive! . A n d r e w Sharps. Fort I.iipton Thomas Sliarjip, I.ewifUon M n n t . : .lurk Sh»rjK'. HOUR t f i n , Tflx.: anil \Vnii:ut Kliiiriw. I'ifKc. Muitlicr n Mrs. Nellie Hrown of J ' i t t ^ btiri;}i. I'onn. Services Tii('P«iay fit M e t h n d i f t rimiTh in Fort L'niton. tn ImnfMit M o u n t a i n \'ic.v Ometery, I/m^mom. Skyscene FLOWER RANCH · PUntl · Arrangementl · Sprsyl 241» 19h Ave. I 3WW6 Owntr. Hirold Adcock ·pen Hon with 83- it two free throws with ix sec- t nds remaining to put tlie Boars t" of reach Colorado Stale No to scramble ' or (he win. howe-'er. NMW came 'ithin two points of catching the i tears several times after the ral- v but were new able to over- t ome the local five. « Bunn was quite pleased with Basketball Scores Collet B«kttball Ey THE ASSOCIATED PRESS EAST Carnegie Tech 61. Thiel 4'j Hofstra 84, Upsala 65 SOUTH Miss. State 83, La. College 59 Centenary 82, Mississippi 68 LSU 75, Texas 56 Florida State 72. Alabama 63 1'ulane 82. Hice 78 MIDWEST Ind. State 87. Wisconsin 80 Missouri 52. Indians 51 Tulsa 83, Florida 7S Drake 74. Iowa Slate 52 Bowling Green 97, Western Out. Kansas 75, Wyoming 57 Detroil 93, Xavier. Ohio 75 Harquette 72, Kansas State 71 Chicago Loyola 107, Wis-Milwau- e 47 Bradley 79, Murray. Ky. 78 St, Louis 65, Iowa 58 Southern 111. (», Oklahoma 63 Creighton 90, W. Texas State 65 Nebraska 78, Iowa State Col. 58 SOUTHWEST Houston 76, TCU 69 Tex. Western 67, New Mexico 44 FAR WEST Seattle 109, Tennessee State 87 Utah 63, Oklahoma City 51 Regis 79, Hardin-Simmons 54 Colorado St. Coll. 83, New Mex- o West 78 St. Mary's Wash,, 83, Western Jontana 78 Bowls At-A-Glance By Tht Aitocidted Prm Facts amd flRiirw on the major postseason football games, bolh college and rofessional. with date, site, teams, rec- rds, starting time, television coverage nd estimated attendance (times Mountain Undard): DEC. IS GMham Bowl, New York-Miami, Fla., 3, vs. Nebriaka. 8-2, S a.m., TV und«- mnlned, 25,000. Liberty Bowl, Philadelphia-- Villanovi, 2, vs. Oregon State, 8-2, 11 a.m., NBC. 40,000. Junior -Rose Bowl, Pasadena, Calif.-- anta Ana, Calif., 9-0. vs. Columbia Basin, Vaih.. B-o-l, no television, 55,000. Missile Bowl, Orlando, Fia.-- Lackland FB, San Antonio, Tex., vs. Ft. Campbell, Ky., for service championship, 11:30 m., no television, 7,500. DEC. n Bluebonnet Bowl, Houston -- Gtorxit ch. 7-2-1, vs. Missouri, 7-1-2, 1 p.m., )B5, 60,000. Tangerine Bowl, Orlando, Fia.-- Miami Oho, 8-1-1, vs. Houston, 6-4, 12:30 p m,, no television, 15,000. D*c. 23 AFI, championship, Houston or Boston- Oilers or 1'atriots vs. Texans, ABC. North-South game, Miami-North All Stars vs. South All-Stiri, 2 p.m., ABC 50,000. DEC. 2t Gator Bowl. Jacksonville. Fla.-- Penr State. 9-1, vs. Florida, 6-4, 12 p.m., CBS 50,000. East-West Shrine garni*. San Francisco-East All-Stars vs. West All-Stars, 2:3 p.m., NBC, 60,000. Blue-Gray gamp, MontEomcty. Ala.- North All-Stars vs. South All-Stars. 1 p.m., NBC, 24.50Q. All-American Bow), Tucson. Arii.--Ma or College All-Stars vs. Small College Al Stars, 6 p.m., no television, 10.000. DEC. 30 NFL championship. New York-- Gianl vs Packers or Lions, 12:05 p.m., NBC 62,500. DEC. 31 Sun Bowl, El Pasu. Trx.-- West Tcxa. Slate. 8-2, vs. Ohio li. 8-2, 2 p.m., n television, 15,000 J«n. 1 Rose Bowl. Pasadena. Calif. -.Souther California, 10-0, vs. Wisconsin, 8-1, 3 p.m NBC, 100,000. Cotton Bow], Dallas-- Texas. !)-fl-l. v Louisiana State, 8-1-1. 1 p.m., CBS, 75,50 Orange Bowl, Miami-Oklahoma. 8-2. v Alabama, 9-1. 12 p.m.. ABC. 72.000. Sugar Bowl. New Orleans-- ArkflnsAJ 9.1. vs. Mississippi, 9-0, 12 p.m., NBC 92.910. JAN. 5 Senior Bowl, Mobile. Ala.-- North Senic All-Star* v!,. South Senior All-Stars, p.m., NBC, 36.000. JAN. PlayofI Bowl, Miami -- Kunners-up NFl.'jt Eastern and Western Conference! 12 p.m.. CBS, 40.000. JAN. 11 Pro Bowl. Us Anxelex-NFl, East A Stars \n. NFL West All-Stars, 3 p.m NBC. 60,000. AH, Ml-Slar gitmr, San nicjfo. Calif. East Ali-Stnrs v«. West All-Stars, 12 p.m ABC, 20,000. lerry Baker is A i l J " * Outstanding Grid Player I'HILAUKU'lllA ( A l ' -- Tcr Baker, Oregon Style's stir ]iu lorb.'K'k. won tlir 2G!h uiun award of (V Maxwoll Foolh. Cluli Monday ;i f Hie ouNandi |colloge fwitliall playpr of 1!)S2. Baker chohtn ( t \ f r .l ( ry Slovnll. l.oi"«ian.i Stale liai ntul Davn Itobinnin, Pcnn Sta lend. Hak(T. lead T am'tK'^ colic players in total offcnx:. been named to Tin; A.^ocia I'rcss A!!-Ainrnca team, and h«lds toe .Mm W. lleinn Award. . He v. i l l lecene the Mftxw ' A w a i d a: t!i^ I'luij's amiua I · M; K; 4 · Tiie club ai- ri nanx d, liy un.i | moiis xjie, , \tifiy H'jju^lrili. N · York Ciia.-its oiuj. .-n the Nalior · pK'iolhall Lcagup plavrr of 1 ·li'Mr. if ne Cage 78 Win|; ie oulcomc 01 the game aud. Uiej ndividual play. "Our team is be-lh inniog to j«ll and its hustle in he last gave us the win. 1 was. specially pleased with the per- ormances ol several individuals ind 1 expect a lot from this team bis year. They ha\e real good pirit." Colorado i-'tate has won one and ost two games. The Bears nexl ontesl pits them against Fort lays Slate in Hays. Kans. on rhursday night The Bears re- urn home to meel · San Uiego tale Saturday night. CAME NOTES - Hawkins and lims. both transfers, did not be- ome eligible until the completion f fall quarter last Friday. Both vcre playing then first game for w Bears and turned in fine pcr- ormantcs. Gilbert showed that he is back o his sophomore form. Two years RO he was one of the Colorado tate's leading scorers. Alter an ft year last season, he appears eady to help the Bears Iremend- usly this v ear. Colorado Slate proved it can lold its own against a team of -omparable height. It still has ·et to meet the teim with a big icight advanlage over Ihem. Colo. («) F S Ft Sh H Tp Mulvaney . . 12- 4 0- 0 6 2 8 Jilberl 11-6 3 - 1 5 2 n Johnson 5 - 3 3 - 1 6 2 7 ialliff 11- 3 1- 0 7 2 6 ichl 13- i 4- 3 5 1 11 Jims 10- f 6 - 4 4 0 1C lawkins 6- * 1- 0 7 1 ( Smith 2 - 1 1 0 1 5 2 Connelly .... C- 2 2- 1 2 2 5 Gracfe 7 - 3 2 - 1 1 3 7 Eberly 0 - 0 0 - 0 0 0 0 Totals . . 83-36 23-11 4420 83 NMW (71) Fj Ft R b P f T p Wyatt 12-0 2 - 2 9 2 10 lim-nrd 14-5 7-5 4 5 15 Gunn 9 - 6 2- 0 10 3 12 Busby 11- 4 5- 1 8 2 9 Ward 7 - 3 1 - 1 8 4 7 Atkins 12- 7 6- 6 6 1 20 3afia 3 - 2 1 - 1 2 1 5 Rodgers 8- 0 1- 0 2 ! 0 Totals .... 70-3125-164918 78 Halftimc score: CSC 39, N. M. Western 39. On Top '' With Preps 1 IMKCTMLLI. i TliMrtdiy Hfyih at Mppker Junior Hiah. p.m. Fr« r d 1 , , tl n ·mMrn , Fort Collins at Longmont. , Sterling at Lovcljnd. j Englewood at Fort Morgan. J Aurora at Boulder. ri.V.lky Brush at College High, 6:45 and 15 p.m. ' Valley High at Eaton. Fort Lupton at Windsor. Lafayette at Weld Central. Weldona at Snyder. New Raymer at Hillrose. ·d'Conftrtnc* Platle Valley at Estes Park. ' Laporle at Lyons. ' Wiggins at Erie. ' Briggsdale at Nunn. Sterling St. Anthony at Grover. * S*turd«r ·rthtrn ( Fort Morgan at Greeley. 8:30 nd 8:15 p.m. Longmont at Engleu'ood. ' Loveland at Aurora. Boulder at Fort Collins. lon-Conftrtnc* Sidney. Neb. at Sterling Denver Christian at Ft. Lupton Windsor at Ault. Roosevelt at Evans. Platle Valley vs. Bcrthoud at xveland. Wiggins at Akron. Pierce al Otis. WRESTLING Thursday ·Jon.Conftrtnct Heath at Meeker Junior High, p.m. Friday Frl-Valley College High al Brush, 7:30 .m. Eaton at Valley High. Laporte at Fort Lupton. Weld Central at Lafayette. 4on-C«iftrtnct Golden at Greeley, 7:30 p.m. Gaturdiy N«i-Cwiftrtn» Greeley at Laramie, 2 p.m. Trl-Vallty * Weld Central at Roosevelt SWIMMING Saturday Nm-Cenftrwic* College High at Denver University Prep Invitational. 'if* 18 GREELEY TRIBUNE Tutc., Dw. 11, 1C2| jotham Be Threaten t MIAMI. Fla. 'Al"-Th«r I'niver- ily of Miami went ahead Munay with plans for the Gotham owl football ganc in New York aturday against Nebraska on as- urance that fuuuicial demands f the schools would be fulfilled. Athfelic Director Jac-k Harding f Miami said he lud been is- ured that a cheek for "approxi- nately J30.000 would be placed in serow by Wednesday, according o our agreement." Harding said arrangements had «n mide lor the team to fly o New York Thursday He said e had talked with Robert Curan, Gotham Bowl director, by hone and had been told the noney would be put up. Curran predicted the game *ould draw more than 30,000. Curran declined comment, how- ver on the demands for an es- row deposit, saying. "We always veep financial arrangements to ursclves. We let the schools nake their own announcements." "We're not a fly by night or- ,anization." Curran said. "We lave a very good credit rating vilh the NCAA. "We have rented Yankee Sta- lium, we have hired the Hotel Asor's grand ballroom for the awards dinner Saturday night, ind we have ordered 125 wris ivatches." Last season, (he Gotham Bowl ?ame drew only 15.000 fans but paid the competing teams Baylor and Utah State a total of $100- XX) within 32 days. Both Harding and athletic di- 'ector William H. Dye of Nebraska said their teams would require a minimum of $30.000 for expenses. Dye said the Nebraska until the money has been put up. "The board of Regents is very concerned about the money," he said. Harding asked Curran a wee' ago for an expense guarantee but was told the money would have to come out of tickets and television rights. The American Broadcasting Co., which televised the game last season, did not pick up its option this season. Curran then said he woul try for a deal with Sports Net- MKA.':-;.^^;:...^;^! j » t · Af v, ~» · . fj FERNANDEZ HURT - Jorge Fernandez of championship fighl in I,as Vegas, Nev., Dec. 8 Argentina writhes on the mat as referee Harry Griffith was awarded the light for being ahead Krausc stands over him alter going down from on points at the lime, when Fernandez was un- a low blow thrown by welterweight champion able lo continue. (AP Wirephoto). Emile Griffith during the ninth round of their QB Should Plays, Nin By JACK HAND NEW YOKK (AP)-.lim Ninow ski, Cleveland's crippled passer said Monday he believes a quar tcrback should have the run o | the game and call his own plays As Paul Brown, couch of Clcve r land, always has been a slron ' advocate of the system of sendin; in plays from the bench, Ninow " ski's comments at a pro Touch down Club luncheon were inter I- esting., acquired from Detro - in the deal for Milt Plum durin " the off season, was . Ilia Browns No. 1 quarterback until he su: fercd a dislocation ot the cl shoulder Oct. 28 in Pittsburgh [The injury fini.-hcd him for th i season. "Actually, we 'liroun and Nin owski i had worked it out early i the .season so thai I used th checkoffs lo change tht play whe the delete shitted." said Ninow ski. "Kvcryliody knows Pa y Broun calls the plays uith i ··jdub. He has been very ^ood a me. II! "Heine .': quarterback I hones idlv feel tile quarterback should ca the plays. Von are supposed lo 1 r- tile leader. You have b f'-e , play svill work. .Snmchmes wh Lc a play comes off Ihe bench, u sense by the chanij.-s of dcten. RC il won'l work. Thai if. one lean jsifor the checkoff. We had wnrkc ·d out a pretty "IKK! arran^ernen \v ie fore 1 v.ns hurt. Since fhen. tl nil coach has been calling all t! 'plays " L'll! Ninowski said (ailute t'i ln n- \Vashi n^ton and Philadelphia w iu!';,l :.-. !h ·- U t r m n s ' r-h;mce n-;"Th' 1 fii.4 \\ashinylon ^ame w ··« a irV to U S , " llf: SOid "\\'P llr al j\H beaten the Gianls in the opo l e e r anil thuiiilil vt v.rrp on I wav, \Ve £)1 in-idr the Medskin ,4 twice and didn't score. Wh 1 Call Own Dwski Says you can't score from inside the in eight downs you don't descrv lo win." Ninowski mentioned an injury I Jimmy Browns' wrist and Bohh Franklin's broken collarbone a crippling blows. Of course, Ninow j ski hadn't played since the firs half of Ihe Browns' seventh game As a former Lion who shifts . 'rom the Western Conference 1 . Jie Easlern Conference. Ninowsl was asked his opinion on the I)cc 1 30 title game between the Giant and probably Green Bay. Th · Packers need to win from las . place las Angeles Sunday I t clinch il. "I have to honestly say that TM think Ihe Packers will win il said Ninowski. . l.'ntil he was injured. Ninows ,, had completed 50.3 |ier ccnl ( e his passes for 1.17H yards and h; n thrown seven touchdown passes . seven jii.mcs. Brown passed l I Ihe "name" quarterbacks in la , week's college, draft, and sail Su n day he planned to go along ui Ninowski and his re.pliicemcn .'Frank Kyun. e Chicago Bears n'Say Petitbon ^ R a n 102 Yards D CHICAGO 'AT'i - Thp Chir.'i d Br*ir« s'lid Monday they are m;t ·- in^ NMionni Konthall Ix^aR e Cwnmi.ssionpr Pete Koztltc fil cjdips uiwh s!if»w thai Hirhin I Itiihon ran buck n p.iss inleur i linn lf)2 yards Snndfiy insfcfiri is 1!M \,'irtl5 , . j In tlir f'liiMli qiiiulPi- j,f | j y.'inifl in w l w l i ll?r Rc.irs rl(-fr;i! (1 Hi? Ixi- An^-lcs Hams 30-14. n- Liilxin v;j); r-rrrlilpd u-ith a K ipjyarri lni» Mown ruir ^iflc; 1 strnli s ia Zckc IJratkw.'ki \iMf. in Ihp r ··n rnnp. Mike Left Open Con Be Very Embarrassing 1 NEW YOKK (API-A micro : phone Icfl open "unfortunately )icked up the cursing of an in j jurcd player during the Denver a 1 Dallas American Foolball Lcagu s game lasl Sunday, a spokesmo · for the American Broadcastin I Company said Monday. . The game was telecast over d western segment of the nclwork o the spokesman said, i "We just heard about it whe . our crew returned from Ualla s Monday." the spokesman sail c "Unfortunately the player's cur. I ing was picked up by an ope o mike and transmitted. This is lh first lime such a thing has ha| I pcned lo us. We take many pre ' cautions lo guard againsl such a incident. We will make addc i precautions now." n Listen Asks :Govt. For M Back Pay' N'KW YOKK 'APi-Taking , cue from the sovernmr-nt. heav weight cljam;ni,n Konnv I .is ( i filed f.uil Monday in Kcder (Joint for an order directing l! qoveimncn! ! 0 "forthwith i; ;n over" tn him WOT.ocai which w -part of the $1, 379.517 IninotiiK i ie by Hie Ucvomio Servi m after I.iston deihroned i-'lovi 1'; !:· lei son iasl September in Chica; i- The ;ei;.f ( ) inoir'y repre.scn i oil par! ,,( Ihe jirofi-cilv ,.( 1 imalcli. The uiivrrnmcnt cla ira ir in a sin! filed in Fciieial Con ^d last Nnv ."m Ihat ii | S ciuttlci c- J1.I71.IMM of it in lay jt.vtrs.nin 1- againv Championship Sport id Inc.. pronioler nf the fight 'I'oi id nieally. Li:-lim and Palters wpr» nnmcrl«. wl Teams ) Pull Out ork. Inc.. but Hay Sharp ol ports Network said Mundiy his ompany was nut planning to han- Je the game. The National Broadcasting Co. old The Associated Press it would lot handle the game. BUI M*c- 'hail. sports "director of Colum- ia Broadcasting Syrttm. said it ras not expected that CBS would * interested. University officials here were ubious about the attendance |»s- ibilities for the game, because of w cold weather and the strike hutdown of New York City news- upers which has cut off any lews ot the game. Philippines Appeals in FIBA Decision MUNICH, Germanv i,\P-- The ·xccutive committee of the International Amateur Basketball Fed- tration (F1BA) said Monday il Kould, deal as soon as possible *'ilh a Philippine appeal against he FIBA decision excluding the 'hilippin-s from the nexl basket- mil world championships. But. a spokesman for FIBA said, the appeal had not arrived ·et in Munich where the executive commitUc is headquartered. The Philippine Basketball Association lodged Ihe appeal last Friday. FIBA excluded the Philippines as a penalty for the Philippines Government's refusal to grant en- J'y visas for the Yugoslav team that was lo participate in the championships at Manila. FIBA also withdrew the championships from Manila and rescheduled it for Rio de Janeiro. A FIBA spokesman said once FIBA Secretary General H. William Jones has received the appeal, he immediately would notify his committee members to obtain Iheir comment on it. A decision, the spokesman said may not be expected before Ihc end of the week, at the earliest. Indiana St Badgers 2 By MIKE RATHET AlHcllttd Pr«i Sporti Wrlttr John Hobbins, ot 5-feel 8 inches, was the biggest man on Ihe Indiana State campus today alter a 22-point performance that further complicated the aspirations of Wisconsin's badgered Badgers. The Indiana State mighty mite ired in 18 points in the second half as the Sycamores from Terrc lautc overcame a ID-point dtf- cit in the final 13 minutes and whipped the nation's seventh- ranked team 87-86 Monday night on the Wisconsin court. The Badgers huilt a 12-point lalftime lead into a 19-point bulge before they fizzled. It was Ihe second loss in four games for the velcran Badgers who played with the sumc team :hat finished second to Ohio Slati in Ihc Big Ten lasl year. Wiscon sin's Ken Sie'jcl look scoring hon ors with 25 points. In othcri games, Southern Illi nois toppled Oklahoma ftl-63. Mis souri knocked off Indiana 52-51 I.SU slopped Texas 75-M and Ulal upended Oklahoma Cily H-61 Among the elite, foiirth-rankn xiyola of Chicago had liillo dif jficully beating Wisconsin-Milwau 'ikce 107-47 as .lorry llarkncs · paced the ilamblrrs to their thin consecutive over-ISO score with 2. 1 points. And No. 5 Mississipp ; Stale walloped l/ouisiain Colleg · 83-59 with Joe Dan Gold pachi · the Maroons to (heir I8lh mused n live victory with 20 poinls. Bradley and Mnrquetle. l» teams looking for a s|Hit in lh ' lop ton, managed lo slay unbea . en by one point. Mack llerndo scored :il points but the Drav.- had In hold olf a laic M u r - u State. 'Ky. i drive for a 711-78 r imph. while the Warriors edge Kansas Slate 72-71 when Iw foul shots by Hon Glascr with ininule. 4.'! seconds remaining prr vide/I Ihe winning nun-gin. i Klsewhere aniiincl the i-oun i j F.dclie Miles: scored 30 points : ^ Seat lie ihomix-d Teniiesee Si a r " KH-117. Draka helled Iowa Slat ··'IVa. Girl Heads ylAAU Women's · Swimming Team e (. NliW YOKK lAI'i-ltoltyn Al ],)Jolinsin. Ihe Ifi-ycni -olil (reesty d champion from Aflinatnn, Va y.'1'ippcd the AAl' Winii-n's A ^ Anicii'-an swimming tram .1 i iH'iincrd Monday. " '] he Vircjoia tn 1 was picked ( s ihrco inisiliim* :m Ihe lea t. which v,;'*. irlra^cH by Al Selra i- of Moiintiiinview, Calif . cliai -m; )n n? the Wnmc-n'ii Swiininini; ( v i mitlw. I^K^IH^Mr^fllH BEm TMMA ^^sUJISfMS THE PASS WAS INCOMPLETE - New York Giants back Frank Clifford lie 1 reaches up hut is unable to get a pass tossed by Gianls quarterback Y. A. Tiltle in first quarter of National Football League game at New York with the Cleveland Browni at Yankee Stadium, Dec. 9. Following Gilford is Berme Parrish, Browns back. Giants won. 17-13. (Al' Wirc-photoi. Cincinnati Top AP PC By JOE REICHLER Ohio State's flashy Buckeyes umped right into the thick of con- enlion for college basketball hon- v irs but Cincinnati's liefcndinn · lampions easily maintained their o(ty station as the nation's No. 1 cam in the weekly Asxtciati-d 'reis poll today. As ;i matter nf fad. it »:is ;i ireczo («r the unbeaten Bearcat-, who received all but one uf the votes cast by a panel of 43 sport."; writers and' s|»rt»casli;i. The one lirst-placc vote nut garnered )· Cincinnati wen! in the Duke Blue Devils, who uere placed second for the second straight week. Cincinnati gathered ·!!) out of a possible 450 points (in a lO-D-n-T oasis with 44 firsts nml one ncc- ond. Duke piled up n sufficient number of wrond-ptace voles to eal out Ohio Slate (or second place with 365 points to the Buck. Hands nd Defeat 74-52, SI. I.ouix douni-d Iowa fi.y 58, Detroit belted Xavlcr, Ohio SB-75. Crcijjhtiin blnslid West 't'n- as Slate !«)-«, Tulnnc edged Hice 82-7H, Kansab whipiK'tl Wyniiun^ 7.V57, Mlmphis Sliite hcnl' Texas I'ct'h 7u-w and 'l\ilia defeated Kloiida 85-79. Texans May Set New AFL Rush Record DALLAS. Tc (API liiildlo already has set a rushing record in the American Foollwll I^iiniip but Dallas cun Iwttcr that if it continues ot its current paw. Buffalo has finished the soasot with 2,437 yards on the ground. II imiinlninod an average of 174 yards per game. Dallas 1 as another game, and has been averaging 1748. So it is reasonable to Mien thai Hie Texans will win Ihc rush ng lille for their third scjuon in a row. The Texjins h;ivi- 2.27: yards and 174 would give Ihcm n . total nf 2.4.J7 Buffalu also set a rccnrd in hall t carrying willi 51x1 attempt'. Tha ! sn'l likely In be helterod. l)alla · has 444 and isn't i:xpei-uil !·) li: vo ; 56 rushing plays in its hnal garni - ( f thv season .-i^ninM San llivfii here next Sunday. Dallas leans Hie Iraciie in lujjl , nffcnsr nntl defense. The Texan . luivp. nvci'aged .isr, B \:-r cun v. ,,, , offonso and allowed only 27H «. s ,AL Earnec 'To Detroil IKISTON (APi-,Soiilhp, w Han ^ Agnirre of liplroit and iiji|i[ ', lander:: linlph Teiiy 'i( Hie NI.\ York Yankees nml i':iiiiiln l a : . ennl ol Minnesota -.h.-ne,! honor ,imiill(: AmciuMii l,wi|!lin pilelicv the nfficjiil ]%2 records release Tuesday revenleil. Aniline, v l n , l,..|-iiille :, (n| (Mgcil slarlnii; pilfjicr last se; son. won the earned run title wii a 2 2 1 :iver.-i|'e. II,. yi,.|,|,,,| r " earned runs in 2IH innings u n '' posting a Ili-ll lemnl. Teity ve'i thi nmst ;';imr : . ?, 1 and w;r. the i in nil's workhork ' v^-illi 2in iniiiii|;s He »·, iyielileil tin: ir.ost h'.lne filli . V i v.lin u i n i 2n i:,!iii(. 11 was the pace-seller in Mriknni . l Jf»!. ami c'!MV|ileli' c.mie-. IB | n als« shiiii'd the lead in shulnn i- with teammair .)n,, Kaat an r livil»iiir Hick K,nr Retains )ll Rating Vi-h' 212 Ohio Stall 1 , which lolled up its nirth straight victory Saturday ith a 7W.I whippinu of hlglily- anked West Viiyinia. -*as one uf irce new coiners to the top ten. 'lie olhcih tterr Colorado, the df- eiidiiii; Hi,; Eight champion, ihich h u i ' l into .-ighth place and Ilinois if the Dig Ten, which Mused in!o U-rlh HiKli-H-iirin; l-ovola of Chk-afo ling In ils li,;ii!li place spot anil MisNssippi Stale piewason en- avuriie w i t h Kentucky for the southeastern Conlcrcnce crown, ·eniaiiied fifth. West Virginia fell hree IKT.S from Ulird lo lixlh, Wiscon.-iii sklddi-d a nok-li lo H'\nth and Oregon Slate fell t«o jlaci-s to iimlli. Indiana, Kentucky and Wichila. vhich held llir lasl three places n last week's top Un. fell out of Ihc elite group altogether. Cincinnati, with the same team hat won the NCAA crown lo'i e.\cepl lor Paul Hogiic. 'oiled OUT r.ewge WiuhlnKlon f-i- T.i Satin diiy for ils fourth victwy. tJuke mnamcd uii'valen in.tin'j its third victory with a 92-50 iwt of Maryland. Negro College Grid Teams Hold Own, Scouts Say MIAMI, Kin. 'Al'i-Hon- wou |,| Ihi! tup Xemn college l.iotball teains, like Klorida A4-M and l.wk-rai st.ilc ,,I Mbsivsiiipi. make out il they played fcheil ulcs in a major white contei- ence? They nsuldn'l malch the depth o( teams in such conferences as the Big Ten or Southeastern, but they would hold iluir own in Mich leagues as the Ivy and Atlantic Coast and Southcin. This Is Ihe opinion of two prn scouts svhosi.. jobs ond the UK cess of their loams hinge on Ihr amiriicy of their judgment. Hay Malavasi. player personnel director for the IVnvcr Bronco- o! the American Kfiothnll Leamu . and Cl.iuilfl i Buddy i Young, sconi for the Hallimoie Colts, sa". ·lai-kwin Slate beal Florida A4M in Sa'urday's Orange Illossinn Bowl for the mythical nations! Negro lille More than a score of playcis have i;i'!! t - hom !!ic Ornngt- I'.lo:- som game jm ( , Hu, ,,,-,, r,,,^,, i NBA~~ Todoy'i 0«m«l I.'is Ancehs vs. fincmn.-ill »: Ww- \' ( ,i-|i \P.:islnn al Xew York | Syr.-iciiM" ai ,s«n Francisco W«do«idny'» G*nwu Chicagii vs Cincinnaii nl liosloi SI. Lnins at Boston New Ye.rk :« !iyi.-icii..e at I .os Angeles 1 Run Title Ks Aguirre had live. A w i i i i c . ttlni iliil mil ni-i'ie li!-. ' inilial l!ic.2 s i m i , ln t|| ^;., v ·;,, · «as prim.iiily a reili:\cr in' each - "1 liii M i e n prr\ IIIIK hii; leatll" s c.-llnpainns with|.|| iiml "eh oil Lasl M..,..,,,, i,,, |)llM( .,| two thiiioiii:; while raptmi'ii' the I K K A crow,. In .., M/ ,!.|,, ,,,;,,,,,, i Kobin ltol,,.,ts. II,,. vi-leraii l l'i!;!ilv w l m made i, (,,,,. ,.,,,,,,.. 1 back wilh H.illii,,,,,-,., a , ns lulm ,,|. · up In A n i l i n e «·,!!, ; , -.17,; ,.,,,.,.. ai:e. lie \va s |nii,, M ,.,i |, v \vhi'i'v · '·'"" | . NTM Voil. J/K'I. I),.,',, · Chance, b.^ Anceies, !"(,. |.'/| ' l-'islvr. (.'hic.ii;,!, 3. m .,,,,1 Kaal. . 3.H. · 'Ihe olhei jn ,..,,,,,. u t l l l l l ,, 5 in . nd-liliim In Tchy ,i,,,| · · j W ' . i i ' Hay ll,-il,,.|t. c ,.,, ,,,,,! s|Clevr|.ii\d's Donovan. Herhcrt !i»d ilhi- hiche-.l u-innmii perrentnge. i! d!K bawd m, his 208 record.

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