Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on March 4, 1976 · Page 24
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 24

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 4, 1976
Page 24
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84 CREELEY (CoU.) TRIBUNE Tton..Mirch4.1tTI Telegraph officials deny copies mode of overseas telegrams By HOWARD FIELDS WASHINGTON (UPD-Offi- cials of two telegraph companies, testifying under a subpoena they tried to defy, have denied allowing U.S. intelligence agencies to copy cables sent overseas by private American citizens and organizations. But the officials did acknowledge allowing agents from the FBI and National Security Agency to copy cables by foreign governments transmitted on the wires of Western Union International and RCA Global Communications Inc., without ensuring that the intercepts actually were re- stricted to that activity. Thomas S. Greenish, executive vice president of Western Union International, and Howard R. Hawkins, board chairman and chief executive officer of RCA Global Communications, Inc., testified under threat of a contempt of Congress citation. Attorney General Edward H. Levi had invoked "executive privilege" to request them not to answer the committee's subpoena for testimony and documents. But the panel rejected the argument and they appeared Wednesday. A recent Senate intelligence committee report said the practice w» begun only to "extract international telegrams relating to certain foreign targets ... Later, the government began to extract the telegrams of certain U.S. citizens." The report uid the government did not tell the companies it was reading and analyzing the messages of U.S. citizens, but neither did the companies take step* to guard their privacy. Greenish gave the subcorn- mittee a list of foreign nations whose mewafM WUI allowed the National Security Agency to copy. Thomas Algie, operationa manager and Edward Grunberg, supervisor for RCA Global Communications, Inc. in Washington, told of an FBI agent picking up cablet between foreign governments. Algie said no private or corporate communications were given the FBI, but tcknowteged that information wai provided to the FBI which would have allowed it to tap Telex -- a commercial telegraph system -- line*. RCA said It halted the practice in May, 1S75, but that despite an internal investigation, could find no records of it. WUI said it stopped in IMS when Greenish discovered a filming machine and the NSA agent who had been picking up film of foreign cables failed to produce authority for it. Chairwoman Bella Abzug, D N.Y., and Rep. John Moss, D- Calif., said they found it unbelievable that large corpora- tions wouldn't have records of the practice. Moss told Hawkins, "I cannot buy what is not saleable and to tell me you don't keep records, it is just incomprehensible. You damned well know that you put on paper everything and there isn't an order or a hint that doesn't carry a memo for the files. Cloak it how you will, but ultimately we will find out." Your Dai from th« CARROLL RIGHTER INSTITUTE Synthetic forms of vitamin A eyed as deferring cancer forms FORECAST FOR FRIDAY, MARCH 5, 1»7« GENERAL TENDENCIES: A sudden erent in the morning could be upxttini to you but don't allow neb an attitude to prevail. Later you are able to utilize your special capabilities. ARIES (Mar. 21 to Apr. 19) A monetary matter can be very trying early in the day, but don't let it floor you. Concentrate on the practical TAURUS (Apr. 20 to May 50) Petty annoyinces in the morning are only a prelude to food thinp coming your wty later. Be kind to loved one. GEMINI (May 21 to June 21) Mominf a not food for obtaininf the data you need. Be more willing to pleaie the one you love. Relax tonight. MOON CHILDREN (June 22 to July 21) A misunderstanding with a good friend ihould be forgotten. Attend some social function and reconcile. LEO (July 22 to Aug. 21) If you handle a problematical affair well early in the day, you pave the way to pater uccen. 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GRAY 1EAL BRIDAL REGISTRY f (,'nWcv'x Fluent and Most Kx March 5, 1976 Jmli Kiilli innl Rofpr Dmi'ipls March 7, 1976 Kilppn Illi-lini nnil ttpralil Jiilinsiin Di'lthip KnitlxiHi itiifl Dnrri'l Dilli'Y March 20, 1976 Knv Rpnfroir unit Slprpn ttrnrkmpypr March 27, 1976 Connie fichank and Randy Hoover March 28, 1976 /,/; llrifillillll mill llrimi Mi'llli April 3, 1976 Shpri Triipmlpll and Diiviil fptenen May 28, 1976 .Inn /"JnVfaion timt Dim 1 JEWELERS, INC. Monday thru Saturday 9 a.m.-5:3Q p.m. ByALROSSITEHJR. UP1 Science Editor WASHINGTON (UPD - In a radical new approach in the battle against cancer, government researchers are Investigating the possible use of synthetic forms of vitamin A to try and prevent some types of cancer from getting a start in the body. Although the work is highly experimental, it has progressed to the point where the National Cancer Institute is considering testing one man-made version of vitamin A in a few persons considered to be at high risk of developing lung cancer. The unconventional research was outlined at a seminar late Wednesday by Dr. Michael B. Sporn, chief of the lung cancer branch in the NCI's division of cancer cause and prevention. He emphasized that naturally occurring forms of vitamin A are too ineffective and, more importantly, too dangerous to be used in large amounts in man. Urge amounts of vitamin A cause liver damage and other problems.Safer synthetic forms are under development and are not available commercially. It therefore may be years before such a cancer preventing agent becomes available even if current research bears fruit. Vitamin A, which is present in such foods as eggs, cheese and liver, is vital to human vision and bone development. It also is needed for the health of the epithelial tissues which line our bodies and organs. It is the vitamin's role in epithelial tissues that is significant in the NCI research. Sporn said 75 per cent of all cancers including relatively common cancers of the lung, colon and breast Involve epithelial tissues. Animals with a long-term deficiency in vitamin A are known to be more vulnerable to cancer causing agents. Several studies in the past few years have shown that natural and synthetic forms of vitamin A can inhibit the development of some kinds of cancer in mice and rats exposed deliberately to cancer causing chemicals. In most cases, cancer rates were significantly reduced but not eliminated by feeding the vitamin A compounds to the animals. ANNUAL SALE March 4-13 PREMIUMS? WE GIVE THEM. MANY DON'T. We've got premiums. Great premiums. What about our competition? Sure, some of them give premiums... sometimes. But even then they offer only a few items. 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