Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 22, 1972 · Page 3
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 3

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 22, 1972
Page 3
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Sat., April 22, 1972 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 3?- MANUFACTURER'S SPECIAL EVERYDAY DISCOUNT PRICE MANUFACTURER'S SPECIAL EVERYDAY DISCOUNT PRICE Wlile Cloud- 2 Roll fty. Toilet Tissue \m%^ While or Cdoui Facial Tissue Scotties m*m PleHthmanns Regu'jt Margarine u.n ; . Reiufjr « Hint Crest Toothpaste i^m. Ccmbi nation w Beef Enchilad*, fioicn Rosarita Dinners u^m, RosiritJ Fioren Mexican Dinners iso^. Electiic-Peik, Hejgfif or Blip Folgers Coffee 3u.c» 32c 33c 49c 68c 49c 49c 2.43 29c 28c 46c 63c 45c 45c 2.28 .Regular or Lemon Johnson Pledge Air Fiestiener, HI Sceals Sun Country K|!i Altitude Hungarian Flour Bei-Pik Plislic Leaf Trash Bags Pllstic Wnp Handi-Wrap Eilu filch Liquid Prell Shampoo 7 Or. Sire 9 Or. Silt 10 Lb. Bi( P k j . o l l ? 300 Sq, Fl. Pig. 3.5 0;. Sire 75c 59c 1.11 1,98 71c 45c 68c 48c 1.01 1.78 51c 41c i FRYERS CANNED HAMS BarS. Boneless, Fully Cooked . /I 99 SLb. Can ROAST PERCH FILLETS Food Club, Hoal-N-Eal, Random Weight KING'S EVERYDAY DISCOUNT PRICE UNIT PRICING PLEASES PEOPLE FRESH FROM 1 KINGS OWN BAKERY AT] MANUFACTURER'S SPECIAL UNIT PRICING PLEASES PEOPLE WHEAT BREAD '£-21' MANUFACTURER'S SPECIAL Cinnamon Streusel ^GELUSIL TABLETS iGElllSIL^i MM TM ( " |S«^^!Sl . ' pkg.aUQO Rejolar, Dry or Oily- Albeilo BalHm Shampoo ?or.sire Alberto V.05- Ntinil ct Hiid lo Hold Hair Spray so^ Foi Dandruff Rinse Away No Mix so,.*,, Pd Each l,7c Per Ounce 15.3c PetOince 10.8c Pet Oenc* 9.9c 1.67 1.07 97c 79c Miixle Whip Salad Dressing Gieil Western m Hillj Beet Sugar Puie Vejelable Crisco Shortening Keebler Saltines Crackers Rinse Away Dandruff Rinse Rinse Awaj Dandruff Rinse Invisible Spray MK| Calm Anti-Perspirant DM {3 ml Calm Spray Powder 32 OL hi 5 Lb. Bin 3 Lb. Cin 18 OL H t . SOL Sin IS OL Sue 502.SI1! 7 OL Sire Per Quirt 47c Pn Pound 10.2c Per Poi/nd 29c PCI Pound 42c Pet Ounce 17.4c Pet Dunce 9.9c Per Ounce 19.8c Per Dance 17c 47c 51c 87c 42c 87c 1.58 99c 1.19 O O O COFFEE CAKE M 53* FRESH FROM KING'S HOT BAKERY · MANUFACTURER'S SPECIAL ROLLS STM, 6-54* KING'S EVERYDAY DISCOUNT PRICE UNIT PRICING PLEASES PEOPLE Q O O PeikOlectiic Butternut Coffee 2ucm Sfgclsi Grind Butternut Coffee 3,^ iRegufar D; tltclric Perk Maryland Club Coffee n t :! . Tofxo Btand Overnite Diapers ^onz R j a Baiiel Fabric Softener 8o l s,,, Spraj Foam Bug Cleaner Glory Shampoo 2«o lS ,, [ JO-MSMIS Flooi Wai Glo-Coat «ozs,, f Jadnsoni Future Floor Wax 27o,s,r, 1.62 2.43 1.62 80c 1.33 1.69 1.38 1.19 1.46 2.19 1.42 68c 1.23 1.61 1.28 1.11 For Drshwashini Joy Liquid For Dish»ishinf Joy Liquid Foi Di!h»iishin[ Ivory Liquid For Dishwisnint *· Ivory Liquid 22 OL Siie 32 OL Sire 120;. Siie 22 OL Sire Per Quilt 84.4c 58C Pei Quirl 83c 83C PerQujil 90.7c 34C Per Quul 84. 4c 58C Bmll In Fibiic Softener Ivory Snow no,p k! Bum-In Fabric Softener Ivory Snow 320^,. Blddin As It Wnhn Oxydol Detergent ^^.^ BleKhet As H Wishes Oxydol Detergent »^n t . Tides In, Dirts Out Tide Detergent 200^,. Tides In, Dills Oil Tide Detergent m *,.,*. TaHeli, For Lan.iifrj Salvo Detergent ^0,-,, Sill DelergtM foi DisliwshiJi Thrill, Liquid 3zo,.si,, For fine Waifcjbks · Ivory Flakes 320,.*:, Wilh Emiched Bciai Dreft Detergent ^o^ The Eipcd la if mi DtlertCfil Gain Detergent u,. f , ( The fiiptrl fnfyme Dtltrienl Gain Detergent uo,.n t . For Automatic OhHwisbe/s Cascade Detergent J-^F,,. For Aulo.iiilic DisfinDsJitti Cascade Detergent soo,p^ Per Pcuii 48c Per Pound 44.5c Per Poind 29.1c ft! 1 28.2c Per Pound 31.2c Pei Poand 27.7c PerPouid 28.6c Pei Quul 83c Per Pcufld 44.5C P*i Pound 32.4c P.I PountJ 29, Ic PCI Pound 28.2c Fei Pound 33.9c Per Pound 33.6c 39c 89c 89c 1.48 39c 2.96 82c 83c 89c 89c 89c 1.48 74c 1.05 for Dandrulf Rinse Away No Mix leo,.^ A'.btilo Hard lo Held V05 Hair Spray i6o,.si, t For Men's H)ii Command Hair Spray 70,.^ Albedo BaJsati- Super of Rrioln Conditioner 6o,.s,,= Albtila Bilsxn - Saper of Re|uiii Conditioner no,,-.,,, Com mind - lahillai Lime lor Men Deodorant 70^,, Pei Oune 9.9c Pei Ounce 9.6c PnOjntt 15.6c Pn Ounce 15.4c Pet Otnce 13.2c P» Dunce 15.6c 1.58 1.53 1.09 1.23 1.58 1.09 O O Q SOOPER FRESH Hvmt PRODUCE Fresh STRAWBERRIES ."-29' PINEAPPLE Hm ; ian Lb. 20' . U.S. Ho I Koilbvesl Climberi, FMIOM « Floribuadi JROSE BUSHES ^99*! JUNIPER I S P R E A D E R S Gallon Container 99C linn Sliced Booth Halibut Bxilh Fioren Halibut Steaks Booth Smelts Random Wiifht 120r.Pkj. 16 Or. Pkj. Per Pound 1.37 Pn Pcucd 1.50 Per Pound 69c 1.37 1.12 69c V-^U^ V HOURS MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY 8:30 A.M. t o 9 : 0 0 P.M. SUNDAY 9:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M. TOUR U.S, GOYT. FOOD SUMPS GO MRIHEfi H K I K G S O O P E K S · DISCOUHI! IOH, LOW PRICF.S ON PfitSCSIFIIOHS, 1001 KING'S HILLSIDE MALL PHKRMACT IS CON- VEKIEHt AND LOW IK PRICE . . . COMPARE RING'S PRESCRIPTION PRICES !OR TOURStLFI SAVE TIME AND MONET 6T HAVIHG YOUR PBESCRIPriONS FILLED WHILE TOD SHOP, COLORADO'S ONLY TRUE DISCOUNT FOOD STORES!

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