Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 1, 1977 · Page 14
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 14

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 1, 1977
Page 14
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H GREELKY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Wed.,Junt 1.1977 Whether or not you are ready, summer is almost upon us -it's June 1, 1977. The children will be getting out of school vacation time for the family -visitors from afar will be coming and are you ready for it all? Most of us will say "Heavens, no," but with a little advance planning, it won't take long to get "on the ball" with preparations. Summertime is a busy, busy period of the year because of the extra people around, etc. With all the different things to do, what do you do about your needlework? We receive mail stating that a lot of you are frustrated because of so many extra things to do and after digging in the garden and flower-beds your hands are so rough you don't dare to pick up your handwork because you might accidentally snag it. Grab the hand lotion, rub it on, and take the excess off and then work away. Don't let a little thing like that bother you. You need to sit and relax after doing physical labor and what better way than to do it with your needlework. Now, with the hub-bub of the summer activities, you can escape for periods of time and do "your thing." Let the temperatures rise -you can keep tl your' cool" with an old or new project and let the cares of the day be shelved while you escape and become creative!! Dear Ellee, I was given a needlepoint tote and it is beautiful, but it is soiled now and I hesitate about how to get it clean again. It was a kit my friend told me and it's made on plastic canvas. Any suggestions? Mrs. 0. Dear Mrs. 0., Since the tote is on plastic canvas, regardless of whether the yarn is wool or synthetic, you can wash the bag in a cold water soap and do it by hand. Wash, and rinse it well, then pat it with toweling to soak up the excess moisture then put it in a well ventilate*] area to dry. (Do not put in the sun.) After it is thoroughly dry, and before you use it, the tote may be sprayed with a washable stain repellent and that will prolong the times between washings. Dear Ellee, I'm knitting an afghan for a wedding gift and 1 want to personalize it with a monogram but I can't find a graph with alphabets. Do you know where I can obtain one? Aunt Mary Dear Aunt Mary, A lot of books now in print have graphed letters, but in case you don't have access to any of the new ones, go to your local library and I'm sure you'll find what you need. Look into books on cross-stitching and use each X as a stitch. [GIBSON'S! Located in Gibson's Discount Center foshion Fabrics FASHION BY THE YARD Yellow Tog Today Thru Sunday, June 8/ 1977 By Abigail Van Buren .' '· 197?oyThoCnicjgoTribune-N.Y.NgwsSyn(].lnc.' . DEAR ABBY: I'm half-crazy trying to find the recipe for your fabulous "can't fail" cheesecake. I cut it out of your column nine years ago, and whenever I've made it, I got raves. I never told.anyone where it came from and never gave it out, and now I've lost it. Maybe God is punishing me for my selfishness. If I'd given it to just one friend, 1. could call her and get it back. - '. : ·· · ' . Will yuu please send me another .one? : " - -· "JUST DESSERTS'MN N.J. ·'· DEAR JUST: Your letter gives me an ideal opportunity to say something I've been wanting to "say. for, 20 years. I can't help you because you failed to include your name and address. If it appeared on your envelope you are out of luck because the e'nvelopes are discarded when my mail is opened. - . . - . . · Aiso, when I request something, I always enclose a stamped, addressed envelope for a reply. I feel that since I am asking for a favor, the least I can do is to provide the postage. This month I have had approximately 2,000 requests for information about the "Salvation Army Missing Persons Bureau," "Fat Fannie Panty Hose," my "Ten Commandments for Husbands and Wives" and the usual letters from students asking me to help write their term papers. All expect me to fulfill their requests and pay the postage as well! So, dear readers, if you want a favor, the least you can do is include a stamped, addressed envelope. DEAR ABBY: I knowingly broke the law by failing to file or pay my income tax. Knowing that I could be caught is driving me crazy. I'm even afraid to call the IRS out of fear that any questions will give me away. Please, Abby, if there is any way I can pay now without going through a court proceeding and possible sentence, tell me about it. This is constantly on my mind and is becoming too much of a mental burden to bear. ANXIOUSLY AWAITING YOUR REPLY DEAR AWAITING: Write to the IRS and "fess up." I understand that those who voluntarily admit to breaking the low are dealt with more leniently than those who are caught. · Everyone has a problem. What's yours? For a personal reply, write to ABBY: Box No. 69700, L.A., Calif. 90069. Enclose stamped, self-addressed envelope please. Dear Ellee, I've made some squares for an afghan in crochet. I'm now working a row around them in a contrast color so they can be put together with that color, but the squares aren't coming out the same sizes. What am I soing wrong? Helen Dear Helen, I'll bet you are not counting your stitches. Were your squares the same size before you started the trim? If they were, then you must make sure to count each side of your squares and make sure that you have the same number .of stitches on each side, to keep them square. . This is a common mistake, if no specific number of stitches is given you. Please count, and they will be fine. You see by having them the same, they will be easy to put together because you'll match stitch for stitch, when assembling! Keep your letters coming to: "ElleV 152014th Avenue Greeley, Colorado 80631 --and we!U 'help with your needlework problems, share a tip or pattern and keep you .'informed of current trends!! Miss Cinderella winner Rene Lyon, age 12, is Miss Cinderella Weld County, as chosen in the recent Cinderella Pageant at the Greeley Elks Club. Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Clay Lyon, 1555 29th Ave., Rene is in the seventh grade at Maplewood School. Sponsored by the Fashion Bar and Cooper Communications, she will go to state competition at the Regency Inn, Denver, June 23-26. The state winner will compete at the national level at Dallas, Tex., at Ihe fabulous Dallas Apparel Mart. Both talent and beauty are factors considered by the judges. (Tribune photo by Rose Mary Koob) TON Dance Studio Owner and Instructor--Lynn Bassett 2928 W. 10th Street 356-5505 or 356-9585 Call NOW To Register For Summer Session! £ Combination Class -- Children 4and up. Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Gymnastics. j. Combination Class -- Adult. Tap and Jazz, Beginners jhrough Advanced. ; : Gymnastics -- Children 4 and up. ;. Disco Class -- Adults. Learn to do the East and West Coast Hustle, Bus Stop. Fred Astaire Flair and many more! . jA FLOWER and Plant LIFE by Jack Ewald A good recipe for a repotting mix for indoor house plants is one part sterilized soil, one part peatmoss and one part coarse sand. When to repot? When you notice your plants wilting after watering, soil drying out quickly, roots appearing on the soil surface, lower leaves turning yellow or leaf size decreasing in growth. Begin by knocking the plant out of the pot. A solid mass of roots with little soil means your timing is right. Choose a pot about 2" wider and deeper than the old one. It is better to underpof than overpot. Use a layer of broken pot parts as pebbles at the bottom for drainage. You will wonder why you waited so long as you watch your plant flourish in its new home. There is an art to growing and arranging flowers. . The greatest place to see this at is ERICKSON'S GREENHOUSE AND FLOWER SHOP, 712 13th St. (Phone 352-1931) or at 2415 8th Ave. (Phone 353-6172). Visit our solarium for an interesting experience in foliage plants. Truly a botanical garden! FLOWER TIP: Leave tap wafer in container overnight to warm -then water plants. . ·· · ' · : · - : SEMI-ANNUAL SHOE SAVE 25** 40* Life Stride. 14.99 , 17.99 air step. shoes I 14.99,, 17.99 unmisfakably connie' ll 99 TM!? 99 ORIGINALLY S 16.00 to S 30.00 greeley mal Mon.-Fri. 10a.m. to 9 p.m. Sat. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sun. Noon to 5 p.m. NEW SHIPMENT! Values to 1.98 New Arrival! Cotton Prints · 45" Wide 3.3 oz. S.Ooz. 8.0 oz. Batting J? "'!!Z!:C-:Jijr , Yd Terry Cloth · Prints and Solids · 45" Wide Yd. 100% Textured Polyester · 60" Wide · Reg. $5.49 Yd. and Cotton Blends ·Values to $1.98 and S2.98 Yd. PRICE Single Knits · 60" Wide · Cotton and Polyester Non-Roll Elastic Thebe/t /election of AOtlOft/ anywhere! 15368th Ave. --352-4454 Downtown Hours: Monday-Friday 9:30 a. m.-9 p.m. Saturday 9:30a.m.-6 p.m. Sunday Noon-5 p.m. Gibson's Fabric Hours: Daily 9 a.m.-9 p.m. Sunday 10a.m.-6p.m. ·fiiit utuiim Vogue Simplicity Mi-Gill's

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