Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 22, 1972 · Page 2
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 2

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 22, 1972
Page 2
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2 GREBLEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE Sat., April 22, 1972 4JIX/Y"" The Puzzle y/ith the Built-in Chuckle :rffcReairanga 'tetters of the ^'lour scrambled words bft- low lo form four sirnpls word: E M A AB 0 1 2. L E K E K 3 D U L E E » i \ S S Q S U D S E R 5 6 Many a wife, you may have policed, has a nice chin. As for her rnolher, 1hot goes ---. t-u fk Comploto }ho chuckle quoted by filling In Ihe missing word. you dove fop horn step No. 3 belov/. A PRINT NUMBERED IETIERS IN " 1HESE SQUARES A UNSCRAMBLE ABOVE IETTERS v TO GET ANSWER 1 Z 3 4 i Scram-Lets answer on page 10 MIG Bases Bombed in Raids SAIGON Command (AP) - The disclosed for U.S. the first lime today that U.S. Planes attacked MIG air bases during the heavy raids in the Hanoi-Haiphong areas last Sunday. It said two Soviet-built MIG 17s were destroyed on the ground at Kien An air base, four miles southwest of Hai- phong. Three surface-to-air missile sites i-nd 17 radar de- iense sites also wore reported destroyed. Spokcinen estimated the closest strike.) were within two miles of the edge of Hanoi. The Cornmim one said that during .he period between !rsi Saturday and Thursday 350 strikes North were flown throughout - ....... --78 military buildings da stroyed and 33 others .damaged. --One railrwd bridge d-iTi- aged and two locomotives and 15 railroad cars destroyed or damaged. --Thirteen separate culs in North Vietnamese railroads. --Five road bridges destroyed and five damaged. --Twenty-three secondary explosions and 30 secondary fires --In addition to the two MIG l?s destroyed on the ground, three Soviet-built MIG 21 air craft were shot down in the air A sixth MIG was reported shol down by a guided missile firec from a destroyer. . Three U.S. aircraft, a Navy A7, an Air Force F105 and an It listed: SPACE (AP) "wow," dog." " and a "hi Charlie moon. lie turr got lockei chided the ride of his Astronaut Air Force were rcporlet British Pair First Ever To Row Across Pacific BRISBANE, Australia (AP)' -- After weathering four cy- lones in their 35-foot boat Brit- nnia II, British : adventurers ohn Fairfax and Sylvia Cook oday became the first persons row 8,000 miles across the 'aeific Ocean. 'We would like showers, ome breakfast--and I'd like a an of beer," SHld Fairfax, 33, s he stepped ashore at Hay* man Island, a resort on enlral Queensland coast. Martian Dust Storm May Hold Clues on Smog, Ice Age AFTERMATH OF U.S. BOMBING, HANOI SAYS - Caption for this radiophotp, monitored in Warsaw Thursday from Hanoi, says, "Nghu Phu village in the vicinity of Vinh town was bombed by U.S. planes on April 10, 1972; bottom, Nguyen Mgoc Dung's family of seven in Nghi Phu village massacred by U.S. bombs." (AP VYIrephoto via cable from Warsaw) . , . . . . etnam by Siwres said a large these were in the ^hong regions. lost during the period covered in the report. Four crewmen are listed as missing and one was rescued, the Command saitl. ie Duke Adds to 'Moonese' AIKE COCHRAN tted Preil Wrltir CENTER, Houston -- "Gangbuslers," "yahoo" and "hot Biggies," "baddies" awl of spaghetti." Duke was on the iblcd in the dirt and d in his seat belt. He s boss and took Hie s life. ut Charles M. Duke r Force colonel, space und the moon exciting so-- many times. this is so great I can ieve it!" the irrepres- onaut exclaimed Fri- 5 descended from the moonship to the lunar ihere were a couple of "oh rats" and a hearly "dad gum." Back home on earth, Dottle Duke monitored the activities of her husband and moon colleague John W. Young and said it sounded just like old Charlie I've been waiting for his personality to come out . . . His personality blossomed today Hi; sounded great," she said. Mission Control told him a one point to "slow down." But it was too liite. "My problem was I fel down. I'm okay. I can't believe how full of holes this place is.' As he rode with Young in the lunar rover, he let out: "This 1: the only way to go. 1 feel rea safe in this tiling. Open it up a little bit." Some .of (he craters were People In the News k^^-^*-^-^-^-w. LOS ANGELES (AP) - "In this corner, weighing 191 pounds, give or take a few, the palooka from Toluca, Pack) East." Jimmy Lcnnon, the 'ring an nouncer, continued his introductions Friday night; "Thi man who put p-u in pugilism." Packy East, belter known a Bob Nope, arrived by ambu lance. He was accompanied bj a buxom nurse for the "fight' with Sugar Ray Robinson a Hope's Toluca Lake home. Neither fighter landed ; heavy blow in the bout whic ended wilh Robinson, 51, foi itier welter and middleweigh boxing champion, and Hope, K in a waltzing clinch. Hope once fought under th name Packy East in Ohio, be fore launching his entertain Corrugated Fiberboard Makes Good Furniture By VIVIAN BROWN AP Newsfeatures Would you believe furniture of corrugated fiberboard? That is so durable you can jump on it? Designer of some 27 pieces of this furniture, well-known architect Frank Gehry of Los Angles, says lie was inspired to lesign the inexpensive line when he built some archi- Icclural 'models of it for some of his projects, including his award-winning Merriwealher Post Pavilion of Music in Maryland. An innovator, Gehry is widely known for his determination to explore, new direclions. 'I kept staring at (he edges of the material in my office, surface. "We are proud to be Ameri- "biggies," others "baddies." cans on an experience like The lunar drill once pierced its tills." target "like gnngbusters." A What wasn't "fantastic" was tangled experiment looked like generally "super," although! a "bowl of spaghetti." Gleaming While Moon Rocks Intriguing Earth Geologists SPACE CENTER, Houston! (AP) -- Geologisls on earth are intrigued by two gleaming white rocks found by Apollo 16 astronauts on a mountain plateau, 240,000 miles away. "Any way they test, they're going lo be very important rocks," Dr. Howard Wllshire of Cowboy Hoi! To Induct Stewart, Autry OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) Film stars Jimmy Stewart and Gene Aulry will be inducted info Ihe National Cowboy Hall of Fame tonight. Both are expected lo allcnc: the ceremonies al Ihe National Cowboy Hall of Fame ant: Western Heritage Center. Slewart has starred in many western movies. Anlry, who grew up in Oklahoma, has star retl in more than 80 westerns and has written more than 250 songs. The center's annual Wranglei Awards for western movies am writing also will be presentee at the night. ceremonies Safurdaj A WAY OF LIFE LUSAKA, Zambia (AP) Zambia will continue to declar seven-day periods of natlona mourning despite a complain by athletes that a week-Ion break interferes with trainlni Sportsmen protested the latt'i moiinJng period which marke the deaths of 35 Zambians whe a! explosives train blow up. giiierMiient spokesman sa' FUC mourning oo.icws mu Iflki place "in accn-'da ';-e wil the African way of. il'o. ... ment career. The winner was the Sugar Ray Youth Foundation. About 1,500 persons, including many celebrities, paid $50 per ticket. Hope said he wauled to help raise $100,000 for the foundation. ies. The material is used fo soundproofing in California etu los, and Gehry used lubes i iberboard as the acoustic nalerial when he redesigns he Hollywood bowl. In addition fo the unusua ^eometrical and sculptured fu niturc designs, the pieces tak on several dimensions. A sma convoluted "wiggle" stool ma e used as a seat or fable Some chairs nest together prc iding stack and one day I periment wilh decided to exit, making a desk for myself. I then made a dining room table, and soon people were asking whether I could make a chair or something. And lhat was the beginning lie explains. ie U.S. Geological Survey said 'tor watching on television as ohn W. Young and Charles M. like Jr. explored their landing le in the moon's Descartes Ighlands. lie referred fo two rocks 'oung and Duke described as aving crystalline structure, hey were collected on Cayley lains near (he end of the sev- n hour lunar excursion. 'It is pure white, "Duke said s he collected the first of the 10 rocks. A few minutes later the as- ronauts came upon n rock with blue glassllkc surface. Many scientists believe the mar highlands, which Apollo G is (he first mission to visll, ontaln rocks of material which omposcd the original lunar rust nlmut 4 billion years ago vhcn the moon's ouler shell vas mollcn. Such malcrial woukl hokl many clues about the moon's evolution. SALT LAKE CITY (AP) The president of the Tenmsters union says he will remain on the President's Pay Board because he made n commitment. Frank FilTsimrnnns, here for a lalk at Utah Technical College, made (he remark in view of (lie walkout from the panel by other major labor leaders. No disagreement has ever been resolved by walking away from it," Filzsimmons said. "I He has made many structural tesfs of (he material in the lasl four years and even says, "One .100 pound friend has jumped on all of it." Cross-laminated layers of flic fiberboard are alternated foi strength, nrxl it is the edges ol Ihis laminated fiberboard which produce a laccy effect. In fac I lie lop of a large (lining table looks as if it had been cro dieted and it feels velvety lo [he fmich. In addition (he Edge Imnnl sections, as they an. known, have acoustical proper gave my commitment as an citizen; I intended lo live with my commitment as nn American cilixen.", a handsome seat. There look as are als the The couple was sun-blackened and their hands were covered with calluses. Since setting out from San Francisco, Calif., last April 26. Fairfax h a s b e e n washed overboard shark. Miss Cook, 31, can't-swim. Fairfax also was the first man lo row solo across the At- lanlic Ocean. He landed at Hollywood Beach, Fla.,'on July 19, 1969, after leaving Las Palmas, By CARL C. CRAFT Aiiociated Press Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - A lartian dust storm cooling the ed planet may hold clues to how much smog it would take o give earfh a new ice age, the ipace agency says. . That conclusion reported by he National Aeronautics arid pace Administration is part of he information yielded from a 300 million investment in unmanned flyby and orbiting mis- chests, bookcases, cubes. 0 some pieces Masonite provide finish lhat resembles bu vood. Gehry is slill experimenting 1 .vilh the material. He has had liles of the sections on the floor of his reception office for two years. "But what 1 really want to do now is build a house of it, and I'm already on that track" he says enthusiastically. Three Die In Colorado Road Mishaps By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Three persons died in sepa rate traffic accidents Friday bringing Colorado's road tol for the year fo 188, comparec with 138 a year ago. Tha victims were identifier as Brian Nelson Hastings, 18, o Denver; Dennis Lorn Ladwig 19, of Albuquerque, N.M., am May Gurley, 84, of Denver. Hastings was killed when th ear in which he was ridin went off Colorado 74 two mile west of Morrison, plunged dow an embankment and landed o its top in Bear Creek. The driv er and two other passenger suffered minor injuries an were released at the scene. The State Patrol said Ladwi, was killed when the car" he wa driving went off Colorado 285 13 miles northwest'of Center and overturned. A passenger i the car was injured and anoth er passenger escaped injury. The Gurley woman died lal Friday morning of injuries su r ered a week earlier in Denver Three others, including her hus sand, Harry Gurley, 87, wer injured in the two-car collision ons to Mars in the past dec- de. The NASA statement to ongress was released by the ouse Appropriations Com- ittee today. The agency said the "nature nd dynamics of a planetary mosphere other than the irlh's is extremely valuable I the understanding of our at- ospherlc circulation--a prob- m of great significance to me orologists--and for under- anding the potential future ef ects of increasing pollution in ic earth's atmosphere. "For example, we have been ble fo observe the effects o ust in the Martian atmosphere n decreasing the surface tern erature--valuable data indeed scientists trying to predic hat level of smoke and smog ould trigger another ico age n earth," the statement said. It said data from the Mar lissions "point to an evolvinj lars whose history may hav een much more similar to lha f the earth than previously be- evcd. "The prospect of the earl volution and existence of lit another planet suddenl ooks much more likely," NAS, pid. Traffic Ticket Ripper COCOA, Fia. (AP) -- Court officials have employed some space age technology in an age old pastime: tearing up traffic tickets. Court of Record Clerk Ray Garner says he sent 35'boxes of traffic tickets, 48,712 citations, fo be mulched by a shredder machine at Cape Kennedy Space Center in order to clear space in his office. The citations date from 1S65 through 1968 and unfortunately for some, all have been paid. SAN ANTONIO, Tex. (AP) - Sfill recuperating in an Arm hospital from a heart attac! ofrmer President Lyndon 1 Johnson was honored in al sentia Friday night by his aim mater. The former chief executiv was.cited with a special agr cultural award at southwe Texas State University in nea by San Marcos, where 39 pe sons were installed into fl school's 1972 Agricultural of Fame. Johnson, 63, now in his thir week of treatment for wh doctors called a serious hea atlack, was reported still ma ing satisfactory progress Fr day. lanary Islands, 180 days ear- icr. "It was really rough out here," Fairfax said. "We wfcre eld up for three days outside he Great Barrier Reef, unable find a way through to the sland.' "We .didn't want -to take any ·hances at that stage. We had ilready been through one such ncident in the Gilbert and El- Ice Islands. . . ; "Then last night our anchor ope broke. Luckily 1 for us it vas high tide and our. boat u.rfed over, the top of the reef." Their bright orange, boat was bleached by the sun and encrusted with barnacles. The manager of H a y m a n sland.Hotel, Andre Meestracci, vas (he first to greet them as hey staggered ashore. "They had almost forgotten low to walk," he said. "They vere wobbly on their legs and bit weatherworn." The journey was plagued with trouble at the start. The couple drifted down the coast to Mexico before managing · to strike out across the Pacific. Then they spent one month in the Gilbert and Kllice islands after their boat was damaged ivhen it hit a reef in the south- ivest Pacific. After that, they were last sighted Feb. 28, 1,710 miles northeast of Brisbane. Denver Man Dies of Burns DENVER (AP) -- Thomas Tramell,. 58, of Denver, died Friday of burns."suffered in a fire Tiiursday evening. '.. . Authorities said Trameli was hospitalized after being rescued from a basement-dwelling. The fire was contained in the room. Authorities said, the fire apparently was caused by a cigarette. Young Fails To Break Record In Second Gran Prix de Moon By BEN FUNK Associated Press Writer SPACE .'CENTER, Houston 'AP) -- Astronaut John W. L'oung took Lunar Rover 2 on a viid ride across the moon Friday, tilting on two wheels and ticking up rooster tails of dust, tat he failed to break the speed record in the second lunar Grand Prix. "I tell you, Indy never saw a driver like this," said Young's alkalive companion, Charles tf. Duke Jr., as lie shot pic- lures of the run over a dirty- craler-pocked course like none he Grand Prix auto drivers ever saw on earth. But Young's average speed over two 150-foot laps was only j.82 miles per hour. The Apollo 15 astronauts hit a 7.75 mph clip over less nigged terrain. Engineers who designed' the moon cars asked Young for a speed run- to determine max imum velocity and lest steering maneuvers, brakes, chassis be liavior ance. From a standing starl, Younj, gunned the Rover down straightaway course. "Is it on and general perform the ground Duke. at all?" he asked "You got .two wheels on the ground," Duke answered "and got a good .rooslertail. Man, you are really bouncing." At the end of the lap, Young swung around,' put the Rover hrough some sharp curves, dodging craters and made a couple of quick stops to test the rakes. "There's some big craters here, turn sharp" Duke called at one point. "When you hit craters and bounce out, that's when yon make the roost- srtails. Man there was all four wheels off the ground there. Thai thing is.fantastic!" The purpose of the tests were to perfect later models, possibly for driving on Mars, where there is one-third gravity, compared with ,one-sixth on the loon. When he got back to the lunar lander, Young looked just like any driver at the snd of a Grand Prix race, but no dirtier than Duke after the hours of work in the clinging lunar dust. "John," said Duke, "you are filthy." "There," replied Young, "is the pot calling the kettle black." FA1RLESS, Pa. f A P ) - Actress Mario Thomas suffered minor injuries Friday night in a traffic accident after addressing a campaign rally for Sen. George McGovcrn, an aide fo the South Dakola Democrat said. The mishap occurred nt Airport Circle In the south Philadelphia suburbs, the aide saitl, but Miss Thomas refused medical (refitment. Discriminatory MIAMI, Fla. (AP) - A Florida law that allows wldos an extra $500 property tax exemption was declared discriminatory and invalid Friday. Circuit Judge Thomas Testa, saying the law discriminated against men, acted In a suit filed by Mel Kahn, a widower. · Kahn said in his suit that while a widow may have lost a breadwinner, n widower "loses 650 on Your AM Dial Y 0 S E M I T K NATIONAL PARK, Calif. (AP) - Motorisls in Yosemiie National Park will gel road directions and descriptions of scenic highlights this summer simply by tuning their radios to 650. S h o r trrange radio trans- a cook, seamstress nurse, tutor, laundress, babysitter n,iiUijii V^J.TJ ill IVI | UflUJSI IIVI and chauffer for the children, as well os the pecuniary value of those services. Kahn filed suit in .January 1971 when Ihe stale refused to accept his claim for Ihe $500 exemption allowed widows. millers arc being inslalled al strategic spots lo tell visitors low to get to various places or explain the unique characteristics of the scenery they're approaching. Each transmiller will continually repeat n different taped message that can be heard within a .radius of about one- quarter mile. As drivers near a trans milter, n sigh will tell them Ic dial their radios lo G50, the frc- fiuency Ihe- park service is using for its information service HILLSIDE COUPON STORE MONDAY SALE CUP COUPON AND \ 4 V ( STYROFOAM CHEST 30 qi. 87 Without coupon Hesteds HOODED BARBECUE GRILL With motor. 44 11 Without coupon 15.85 Hesteds (UP (OUPON AND Proclor Silex IRONING BOARD 388 Without coupon S.95 OlP (fuCON AND Electric ALARM CLOCKS $2 Without coupon 2.99 Hesteds »«*** DOUBLE HIBACHI Cast Iron 27 Without coupon 8.33 WEBBED CHAISE LOUNGES 497 Without coupon 6.9» Hesteds (HP Ci,PON AND S A V F Blltfj ( U P COUPON AND S A V f Biltmore INTERIOR LATEX PAINT $ 3 al. V i g a l . Without coupon 4.9? Hesteds L SLUMBER BAGS Full zipper 6 33 Without coupon 10.99 : ^J Hesteds " CUP (OUPDN AND S A V f WEBBED LAWN CHAIR Without coupon 3.99 Hesteds (HP COUPON ASO Uvt Pyramid RUG YARN 87 skein . Without coupon · 1.29 Hesteds

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