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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 4

Greeley, Colorado
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Thursday, May 21, 1970
Page 4
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Page 4 GREELEY TRIBUNE Thurs., May 21, 1970 Is Vietnam's Thieu in Real Trouble at Home? ... By ROBERT The Washinjti .SAIGON and Cambodia are holding the at he'servMits and others with fixed leaders anvthing ap- peace. ~_~. . i ^j i · » v ** .L _· '«^~ · " . i » 4- « ap- . small and economy. Thieu told a small plaints about the economic , Their street demonstrations, ,,.,,.._,, _,,,,_ of the world's headline proachin? a consent in those ineffectual g r o u p s demand group of foreign correspondents situation are commoner than have made the sight of not. The Buddh f t s se TM b e . s \gcven Van Thieu B groups, t is the.-: Thieu is in peace at any price. Others recently that he felt he had to ram in this monsoon season. ipolice and the sting of tear gas | less sympath TMey have been .i.e.-. . *L. .. _ d i . ej u, B K . t~ - An anxious to'have'iw'continuc "struggling" against the pro-government Buddhists wri'e-' Nguvn \ an Thieu is groups, .t is the.-; imeu is in peace at any price, utueia ie«u.i. uiai nc i«i uc uau .« .0.1. ..i ..-~. .".«.~TM.. »·.--;·».._ .yumc um ..,.= .,. u . e ,,, ^». ,,-- r -- -,. r ;_,,_,, ,v, om ,-,_ivpe Trv'ma'to co^e with the loudest trouble, but not serious trouble, demand a "negotiated set-do something significant to cope But the economic situation ; both common in downtown;quarreling ^mong tnemscives - ; . . . - . r _._ - ,- . · i :_ :_ .. :..-- ,,, n , .· · u'v,TM nrafcorf =c in u-ith Vwiili thncp nrnh pins has not been L- ormciDal con-'Saicnn ?nri thev have recentlV;the pro governmwu MLUUU poiiticai uproar in Saigon since and no one is in a position to tlement. he ww elected president in 1%7. challenge him now. It is widely whs.-', terms they would offer the So tar. Thieu shows every agreed that if Thieu can control communists, these "doves" When pressed as to with both those problems. A r m v morale and has not been L- principal con;S aigon, and they have recently j the pro government ' - h mManl (a and the government itself. But a leader of this faction, the venerable fThich) Nhat Thuong, , | j m u | ) ii|oi jnuv ,, 6| the cern of Thieu's vocal opposition; W n a series of major con-|against the mM.anl (and more t )y benign man with w nths The vernment. i m o r t a n t ) An Quanq faction. d " " - ^r- c/ prevails over a diverse inflation and bis army, he will generally suggest a neutralized, related. Soldiers are probably most aggressive opposition has "and active op- remain relatively invulnerable independent South Vietnam - t h e lowest paid class of \iet-come from students, disabled ,,.,,.,,.. ,,._ . seem to be closely in the last few months. The cessions from the government. | important) An Quanq faction. · . t h a t ' h i s opionpm= v. ill'become against '-he president does so politicians and Saigon pressure-have risen more than aO per March, cbrmnualr. noisier in the for its ov.-n reasons, and =o f a r . groups -- he has never taken cent in a year -- soldiers, civil leaders to group o vo'-al p-jrienti. But the relative for the foreseeable future. guaranteed by Russia, China namese. da.T.estic tranquilly of Thieu's The opposition's Er°a'«"t an i t he L' S. first tv.o rears :n office has apparent weakness is a dearth What, Me Worry' bee.-: iliatte; ed with gusto, and of good issues, tacn i,. . Thieu .Himself profes th" pre-id^m himself predicts group: now speaking out worry about oppos that ' con months ahead. The whole none has found an issue politics.-! -TK'jation "is in flux." excite public support. £· one Western cip ; 'irr.a' rr" it The sfxients protest arrests -- and that is a new develop- of students, the militant Budmen;. d h i s t s protest government Since November, militant policy toward Buddhist factions. B\iddh;s:s. students, disabled the politicians protest that Veteran;, numerous politicians Thieu is not sharing power or and several newspaner editor- fulfilling "The aspirations of the have ail participated in a people.' 1 a much-used but discordant chorus A opposition seldom-defined phrase in South to. the regime. At the same Vietnamese politics tine. Vice President N'Euyc-n Outsiders -- and Maids working Veteran's Attacked Tough police handling oi . j · . TM,ia itou/ smile and deep dim- quarrel erupted into open f |d jvc m hjnt of his .,, i,=i u-PPk when ar^J[mure plans ki an interview this 'week. the warfare last week, when armed for veterans and Buddhists. all of supporters of the pro British pay large bankers '"= °" u , , ,; " the voung people, several of their L "It _ .C_TM, won [several days earlier. Two to Wsay. risen more than 50 per March, when were Economic Perspective Bv ORYEL L. TRAINER Letters to the Tribune Inn-ion ha= been oTM o- th» chartered banks, and smallment. Thus, higher interest '«« b ' an " se i m « n ' of oar f'.such many lnor e d'lificutt'i'eaturerof'ec^ banks may feel too squeezed rate through deferred invent- ciei - v hut es Pe cial! - v regretful ; i]i us Qao Ky has been moving toward Vietnamese - are left-.vith the norn ; C activi.y to bond to the; under the Fed system. , m e n t _ (ends ,,, coo , ^ infla-. whoee d u t v n -j, , 0 diminish economic offering conesive to government ou! {)f !he enough to give us his Violence Must Cease ;TM m ^^ anccrejme °[ a bo e ratory!the communist military supplies To Have Honored Plaee: t h e f c grand j urv stated it had a ! i n Cambodia and the ("serious lack o^professionaHsmi..^^^^ of (ne South - vio _ ! and objectivity.' 1 I am for aw ; vietnamC5e armies are a must ' ~-Ji.. " i _ p , justice. I3UI: i as ciled above: need to put our' . are violent expressions bv those'.jaw "in order," as well. jlast portion of our troops and · · · - · 'X in addition to physical vie-^e South Vietaamese could be -lence. there is the violence of ^ '^^ M. Kevnes. the snti-ir.fiationarv undertakings by.TM"* !nls wa ' : ;:cau. seem ime,h upuu F '««k- l a n g u a g e Students who cannot ' Eovernnient and societv, feels! We have seen that with the ing yet more violence. !a g re e with the pre.-identia ra-l candidales · ' - " - · · - - ···- - · ..--:--. --:-· How-tionale on the Cambodian m\-a-.' Ka _ Take physical violence. g circulation flationary bias." both o n h e in- upset we EC; a t n e needless de- swn. and wno seek oexercise ; jr or group of retired general; has cising the natural Vietnamese begun to actively oppose Thieu. inclination to oppose, but go jf s ther of the new publicly and behind the ····'·n"-. w i t h o u t -··'-- : -- --·--;.- Like a color blind man in an alternatives art museum, an outsider in policy. Vietnam cannot confidently "Poiiticans like to oppos judge the significance o! the show their independence.'' one ["nfia'tFon that =«ept the world. One oi' the surest ways of doing build our nev new" opposition to Tnie-j. One Vietnamese editor explained. Ar)d the 1:I) p r ovsation "of ami- this is to raise the interest rate n ?ar said all can only report the opinions of The major questions of war i.,^ .j 0 _ 3r .\ . 00 ;.f ; hat ha« re- and to restrict the ability of the not be able to afford it later, human life when needlessly per- jhe intemperate and inflamma-] 1: " l '' '·' ' ' *-- --'-- -1 " -: -'- led fav various iaw enforce-.torv phrase ''effette snobs.'i breed o " earning called upon " to regulate the progress of inflation comes "in- t live long amount of monev machinerv vestment level and on the construction oi to curing"the Immediate post-war emplo'ving the market place, sumer level. If we dcn't cities and on oi , , _ · - . . . ' J - - - - build so called and faculty who they voted property in our-their constitutional right of re-;TM r ^ ,'j 1 ^^ M our campuses by sponsible dissent, are labelefl.^ Dr L L Eldred DVM 1839 26th Ave. Ct. lew plant now. we frustrated youth. Ye:, how we "bums" by the President him" aD ° ut u? - we wi " seek !o excuse the destruction oflself. And we all know who coined^ Tribune Editorial Page Opinion - Analysis - Interpretation culled ='inc» th«"ble i9-«' s ~ ha« banking system to create new And. when "later" comes with petuai ' " left a great desi to be desired. m Basically, we can fight irf.a- ac money. Now in theory these the higher prices, w-e hear: mem personnel. The most; re- With such disrespectful, "^'j^'Narrow! Dam {Opposing Storage Pause and Ponder · ajrrirnaicment rave we from him. That he who .cts perform well but given the " See - vve were r 'g nt - See now cent, most tragic examples oc- rhetoric coming from the WhitC|' 'ion irom two major Dolicv political and social realities of prices have gone up. Glao we curnng at ...-- «.-... - .._.-.._.. .-- ..- .0 -- --- - r . ^ u lilc muuu,.. ^-i,; op: . ,,,,,,,,,...,,. 0 or any advanced economv the eco- built when we did." Check-mate killing c! youth by the National right about persons in less pres-; \arrows Dam advocates claim ·he us'" o' the -onev sv-tem nomic distortion =uc-h policies cecisions like tnese by maividu- Guara. ana at JacKson State tigious circles succumbing tO| U p S tream opposition has vamsn- ·irouah t' n e re^u : a'' ; on'o' -h" Vi- initiate make the "successful als and companies (and perhaps with the killing of youth by State language which is likewise re|6 d. Yet private capitol has just 'e-e-f'ate anrl the mn n "fcv SUD- carrvina out of rnor.etarv policv school districts' in an inflation- Police. Or think back to Dec. 4 pulsive'.' Is it too much to ask ofjg 0 t( c n a ]%2 priority decree for · · - ' " " - · · - - . r - := · - .- ^ ary-biased economy pursue and the slaying of two Black our President and Vice-Presi- stora g e w hich will accomplish wiih-fuilfiiiing roles in atiernpl- Panther; ir. Chicago by the dent to set the example of lan-- m u c h O f w h a i was contemplated r; ; e ir. the interest rate is '"§ to behave rationally. State's Attorney Police. guage that communicates com-:f or t h e .Narrows. If this is not ,,_. ··-^,a-ii ;r, disvourase borrow- Next, let'.- lonk carefully at The grand jurv. uiiliziiiH find- passion and insight and undcr- :0 pp 0 ,;j t j on w hat is it? ,-,;. ir.": :'.·: :r.'.-rea;td investment, some of the consequence? o? the Ings prnvidi-d b\ the FBI in standing in the place of rhetoric, ^-^ -^ w h a ( happens when t \::y- increased incomes t o ; . . _ . - . . . . . . . . . . _. ,, Ann tn: = loveth God )ve his brother also. I John 4:21. plv: ar.d fiscal sol:cy. the rnar.i- difficult if not at times impos p:;ifetion of taxation and govern- slble rren; spending. 'iVhiie '.jrblr.r t'-'-'.'C spending w'::'-re JO. : S:D.C-. 'arv theorv ;· ofter. looked ur/on a- 'tine most desirable ar.ti-in- ; va " ^rr.trs who would have flationary tool. Like marriage. ' Detr that i; perhap; dev.ned in heaven but must be lived nn earth. economic "hoory mu.-t be viable in the real world of the the increased invest-.current inflation. OU* wa- \vh iii- l O O r H- '. 'of Setback for Schools hart a fVirtri of th- eligible voters turned political and sociai^arcr.a o; ^tr.e poll.- Tuesday wh'.-n emphatic ojipo.'iti'.'D :J le .. e ^f n °5 T J 1 -' t .. J .. J .".^ w "_7. .-iV.." ' -ed to the proposed ?! million building '''^^V^'. 4e'rnor.e- nr School District Six. . ;;;ry au hor:t:es are '.ompose"! f i n l v :-!.072 out of 17.532 eligible voters ·.'. two main aroup; of o f f i c i a l - . u · ti\'- th" -r/'- of the t u r n o u * was nrobab'.v -noie of tne h e a e . a , Ke^.-^.e . . . Svstem c ? e c i an2 those o f t n e ; on" could rpali.-ticaily expect. r'n,-,^ q-^r..- Trpqc'i-v !/·!.': CAUGHT IN THE SQUEEZE! Th'- \ir-.(\ i.-.-ii" '-vas .-olidly defeated in 'hose area? deal now with the Ted. o i - t n c t ' ?:- !. h'.-.v Th- He;.-h the nfrti for additional :-pp.ce .-payer reluctance f.lso was in- r. in t'r.p fact t h a t th'; bond issue pas.-ecl mar^'ii:- "ven in th'; area.- v.'h'-r'.- t h e most obvious. f th'- ?-l million .- '··'·mi-iiii-.ry .-chool on the - fcivi t'. iii-'ivirie classroom, library and . ar.ii nhy.-ical ed",cat:on fa'-ilities at -.-h ;.;-,(! W(-.-·' and "er.tral High Schools. V,'----t High -.-oting ]recinct? were the «.':· of -''··.i- .-evi-n favoring \\v- bond issue. the years, residents of School District Six ·r;.liv .-utiuoried bond issues. Like any other · H: The Fed. -.vhile noi ir, :t;el: a go\trn:r,ent asency. is the central bank oi the United Statts and is a creature of the Cor- gre?:. c-T.powered '.o regulate and manipulate in certain broad v.-0-ild have been ti^ed respects the activities o: its member nanrts. such schoM on tne .-omhivon . ion , ,. or ,,. ( , rn: , - , . - h , 3 amount o: reserves ' a percentage oi deposits i each member bank mu;: keep \vith the Fed. - 2 ' the "rediscount rate." or rate o: interest the Fed charges for fund? loaned to merr.Der asr.-t; a. r :'j '3). the I." S. bond marke: ihroui'h v.ha: Is ca.led the Open Market Or/erati^n- Comn-!it;e f -. more ap'-a ·the 'j'-.T-r t h a t 'hr- I.i;-T;-ji-r Six undo'iVjterii;,* has it' c r i t i c - riffled in " t h e New York Cn satisfied with its opf-ration? in one or Federal K-sr.-,r Bank. t --.;ffici(:nt u n f a v o r a b l e factor.- '-xist in Throushout the I'ni c-d States . , . . . ihere are 11 Federal Reserve c picture now to r^asonablv believe Bank; u j.; n Colorado's located a t t i t u d e Tiie-day reflected not di- in Kan-a= City. .\io.. and a ·"or the -chool.- but an adversitv branch bank in Denver. A l l commercial bank.; chanered by the C.S. government mu?: have national In their names and must E d u c a t i o n i.- now faced v.'ith do- be member- oi the Fed system, a l t o r n a t i v - s which w i l l enable the district to Other banks may choose to be - f -'---' .. memners. tsuahv. the Fed s · n ~ ·rd.-. Board .f.] carry o.-: it.- At !--a-- '-specially by those uncertain fir'i'-v.-d by The -; condinor. 5 '·ducational program a.- satisfactorily as- th" pre- r -rit plant. rn' project--the improvement of th° cili'i"- at Jpffprson Kk-mentary School " St;iti- Ir.du.-trin! ("ommission--w ; ll have K,. n df--pi'- the defeat of the bonds. at will r.ot be disastrous to tin- .-:-'iool-. (.-xp'-c'.'.-d. however. Overcrowded tg w i l l iio.-e problems a n d gi'-!'i- t ' i ! f.!!"viated. Over tine next f'-v.- [ion.-- v.'iil develop in .-till other regulation? as to reserve; are more reiirictivp than are state · · e ^M^^'-' : '^ X'-r^a^S " to rising of interest rate by the Fed .Washington, said'that the police that smacks of self-righteousness, bum bij n g bureaucrats lake for.-e in attempting to combat the conduct "was so seriously de- and 99 44-100 per cent moral gver (Q g£t nolh i n g done. The ' ' "-: - ficien: that it suggest? purpose- purity'.' iReclomation Bureau and Army The immense chasms of ourJE n gj n e e r s j n 30 years, have society, caused in large part by! spent millions on flood control our legacy of racism. prov('rty: p i arls f or t ne South Platte. We and militarism, demand the have one completed job for the mo.-i sensitive and respectful re- iupper r j ver cherry Creek Dam. sponsc from each of us. Violence i A Denver Post survey found it --whether by the sword or tho^-guid take 20 years of flow, no word--must cease to have ani a i| owance f o r ' evaporation, to honored place in the soul of otir'fjn t n j s dam. The dam was nation, and in the souls of our (, a dly needed, but why squander nation's citizens. money Paul Murphy. Staff Member]' The proposcd Narrows D am, i with its water-bearing, sandy |base and sandy storage basin, is a further sample of bureaucratic (planning to squander money. I Original plans included filling 'the lake immediately above, the Idam with silt from Bijou Creek. I residents. | B j j o u nood wa(cr is o{len over Johnson, 1]al( , op s o i l _ lo \'ielnam. The military op- Alarmed b ' P lans o f .P r i v a t e An Ecumenical Presence .·I I'NC Nixon Points Right Way to Withdrawing to The Tribune: T w o l i b e r a l K e n n e d y a n d dispatched I'.S. combat troops' 1 lo Vietnam. The military op- . , - - ,. , , posed .1 land war in Asia but "P" 8 ' to , accomplish «'"« l" s the politicians overruled ^ planned for the .Narrows ( Th,s have conducted and directed .ill new , dam will probably be ade- p'-,a=es to date t l uate wlth I )ropcr "Ps'^-"" 1 ' TMn- The same people responsible! 1 TM 1 structures) the bureaucrats for placing these two prcsidcntsl hnve 8 one \°. \\ashington in an in power.'McCarthv, McC,ovcrn.| ill ! 1el "P t lo blm ' K "I 1 lholr ^ M-ikie. Fiilbright, Mansfield fallurc '» « et P»blic approval ar.d the Kennedys are ,| WSL , They got Congressional approval leadins the opposition to Prcsi-! about 20 : ears R "° and g o ' a n den- Nixon jappropnation to stan their The President vowed to i )r i nB |Siructure. Local opposition killed peace in Vietnam. Every move lholr P ril J ect to date hf!S been directed Now they get an ap- tnHard this cause. It's a facdpropriation ahead of that for that 115,000 less troops are therel'he Hardin Dam and a hearing now. For the first time in nine!will be held shortly in Judge years an American president Carpenter's court. Let us be has shown the courage to turn : form the political and college .educators, these presidential ( advisors that are responsible for ' this mess, and placed the direction of withdrawal in the · hands oi the military. there. We have better cause for approval than when the project was killed years ago. There is an alternate and more sensible proposal ready to go. ' C. 6. Plumb 4001 W 10th St. New Front Bolstered Him? can cor.'i properly. ·pa-.-' do no By J. T. WOLKER5TORFER haps actually solidified his con-i A police crackdown on the I3o3 which makes demonstra- One official source described! The government slill moves Associated Press V/riter ;roi. students has gone largely unnot- tions of any type illegal. [h e students as "worrisome,'"against newspapers it considers SAiGOX - A P - President vi '"-' Presides Nguyen Cio ^ e d during the Cambodian cri- S!udcri: protests since then but not an important politicall^ive broken the law. On^Mon- .'"Njuven Van Thieu probablv Ky ;.nd several lia«ki.-.h gt-ner- ; ,,, 2ramrnar «-hools hi a h' l : i ' P , ;, , , - - , ;,. ,. . . - · a ^ ' a s "Jrori--"- a= arvonc o h ^ i s f-re known to be among.-' 5 / g . . e . . i v e . A hanafui of students -The An Quang Buddhists areiflailies were confiscated by po- » a . , as . . ^i .ji l . , -, a u i i , u i n , v j » c .-^t,-.^'.- nn-J i i n t , - o r c , t v = " h o n l c . . - . , - _ . _ . ^ ^ -. _ * . . . ° . . .. E \ : . . - ..i. , i _ ; _ . - j * - i _ he upheaval in |f-J in I ' S a.rl S - m t h \'i--,. Cu: 'a--: v.e'.-l-: Ky s.oi.i :'" rr',i : e.-,'were ::amese mvoi-.e.neni '/"-re. Bu: ;n^i'; Cambodia exud.nj .-atl=-|:ightcr curlew regulations ^-: this ap.T.-ars to h a - e bo'.- .'act.on w.t.i tin- incursion v.-hlle:put into e f f e c t , and the gov . . . ^ i . _ __ . _ _ _ _ _ stored his c'v.n po!i:icai position t h o generals and t h e i r a r m o r e d l m e n ; served notice i; would en- at random throughout tne cown- (hey want to risk an open conf-.spOKesman said. ,..,,.,]ri a (i-imr. ;a.-k forces rolled acrn:-.. south- force an emergency decree of town area. rontation." ! One of the newspapers ,,,-., 'Speak-ng h y p o t h e t i c a i l v . an KI, crn Cambodia. ' ""- ' ~' The disabled veterans. wlui'' h n r 8 o d lliaMroops from Thai. , , , American v/.th lona tx;;cricn:i Protest; in recon! weeXs have . , . . . have seized government land in 1 ! 3 TM- ' m l l h K o i o a antl l h e Kh "" h - ,..-.-. ,,M-omes des;^rate. however, w o u l d n V j e ; n a r n p ... j; t h i s ., a ,.. -i; been against the k i l l i n g and T x W « t / in S - f l C t / ^ K X / 'Saigon, and the war widows/; in e d u c a t i o n th': ?cho'j!- \ "·onv. 1 w i l l be for them to do t h e i r job- - t h a i S-.T olh'-r bond isstt" held poor, · a n n e . i r h o i i p f i ; ! . Delaying' a b u i l d i n g - h a ' p scemed P un ' and i n e f e c - f o r c e which could shake Thieii.'rin.v, the i-ditions of three Saigon . - i v ('a'nbr-dia that Thiiu's rr.os! persis.cnt criti:-;. : = CROO ' s and university school.- c; age d a sit-in on the steps of potentially more troublesome,"Hiee "because they printed false ' ' ordered closed May 5. : he National Assembly building ne sa jd, "but they're aware that;news which w;is harmful to the wore in Saigon on Saturday, and po-.|he government'can put themidiscipline and morale of Ihe overn- :ice responded by firing_tear gas tj own by force. I don't think armed forces." a government "ut a jrrave mi.-takc for t h e e n t i r e community. The Grnelev Dailv Tribune and The Grceley Republican E X E C U T I V E STAFF Pi-.-:-iden! Thieu had wanted to repression oi ethnic Vietnamese. ,cr 1 a t t e n t i o n !r;:r. do:::".1 !'.- ii ''''."ribntiiT. but lh- j Today in History ·ippines nro fighting in South 'who hnu- ocrupioil' a govenV: Vielnam ns hi ? nl ' P ai f| Am . er |- rr.ent building in Chnlon. are a 'can meriTiiarios while Viet. . . 1 . i J L . C i . . . j . J . 1 / . I . ' j ' j . . : . . . - - ' . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ^ . . . . . . . . i i L . I . u u i . u i l l t ; i n \ - i i u u ' , i . ,]l I .1 . ,. -.optical he c^uld hardly -:,r: m i l i t a r y campaign and By T H E ASSOCIATED PRESS'Truman sent Congress a special continuing problem but pose no' nim J ei!C lroo l' s ln ( a »»' od i a ar « have dre-irr.e-i u-i a bettt-r : : i:r. nib t q u t n ; refugee have jodav is Thursday, May 21, message proposing statehood immediate crisis. 'l' ail onl v tl10 salnp sma " ·ni-ic than !··.'.- I n . a M o n o! Cam- m(".t-i much of that proiost. ,| le Mist day of 1SI70! There arc for Alaska. T)k , Sllpr(lme rnllrt has rl ,i c d! ni "" unl tlley s °' for " Rhllng at 1,0,-lla." Th(-ro arc- still prole.- 1 against 2 24 d.vy.s left in the year. In 1967, more than SOU persons ( h a i ( -, ha11] . £ . o o n v l d j o n an(i n, e "°'" l " v ' 1,0,-ila. ThlcM nrc'sin.! i" |H:-»= a b a t t e r y n? !u- :: i:i:bodian operation most I v Today's highlight in history: perished in a department store . r ;' a] of su ,j en , ] ca d crs bv a mil- Tlle c ? url also de '' nr . e1 un ' dome-tie problems: by students. An Quang Buci-' Qn this date in 1950. the first fire in Brussels. Belgium. i(a ' rv J nl|r( W( , rp ' lln p ni ' lslitu .|constitiitional the austerity tax 'irn-e.-n bv An Q.:;m^ U'.r!- ':.r-. ar.d a handiul of ie; ; isi:i- hydrogen bomb was exploded by Ten years i.-^o -- A severe ti()|ln , bu , ' .'i-i.:-... ; ' ' ·· ; i h . s m.ii'an! s'ucients. ai?-'or.--. tne United States over Bikini earthquake began nlmblin S Thieti will abied veteran; and war widows. ' These groups are traditional- a toll in the Pacific. through central and ~""-l l ( l l l i o u ,.., lolull ,, ,,.,,,,,,, . inflation an'l ric-t-l-ion-- by ;:. Iv aiUigovernment. The Cambo- o n this date: Chile, killing nearly fi.OOO over ljch( ,.j |Thiirsdny. , he rca] , esl for |Thicu imposed IHSI full, and im' f . ' ...jporlers have refused to unload '··--'- -·-· ........ : ' ·' ......... ·-- southern . . . s dec j sion is officially pub-! thcir sn 'P s u n t i l tho t a x 'M'-rr A - . c '" Supreme Cfiurt ir.validntir/j his :,::m issue was just convenieni, "' aus'er;ty tax. the eonvift:nn ut one Westerner here remarked. " h Deputv " Tran N'go" f'haii :'nr Impact en U.S. " ··pfo-CnT.rr/.mi 1 ! ac::vitif ? .";ii of Ihe Icei'lsinrs who Hernando and the mili!ar\ trial of student ohje-.-ted lo the- Cambodian o[K-r- ,-. leadc-r 1 -. ' it ion he .-aid. "din 1 so moMly be- j ri. Solidify Cir.trol ;ause they're worried about its " There ;- e-.. In 1471 England's King Henry the next eight days. _ VI died in the Tower of London. Five years ago -- the United Thieu said he will "respect "The economic problem is the most serious challenge Thieu 1 UlcU III M I L 1 U « I I in i j U i l u u u . * i t ^ t a i o ac^v i i n . v u i i v . - j , - I I I U B I on mil In 1542. the Spanish explorer. Xations Security Council reject- the constitution and the court 3 (aces; , said mf ^^ ,, ]ll[la . ernando de Solo, died whil» ed a Soviet resolution to con-« cl? ' or \ but added that wei| jon aff(( , |s free Conimunists. r-searching for gold along the dernn the United States for send- tal TM' "; e( ' l " m n e- Mississippi River. " ing troops into the revolt-torn 111 "-^ lino another _ ts In 1881. Clara Barton founded Dominican Republic. what ml ' st hc dono - to do more people than limy purely political problem. USE TRIBUNE WANT ADS ·ha. th- t h r u s t '-'ii r.arr.i--;- t n '·c however impact on American public the American Red Cross. One year ago -- President Ca:i,or,uia ij\ op.nion. They realize an adverse In 1027 Chf.-ries A. Lindbergh "'i:; n ui^e .Judge Warren F,. ·-.a. .'-.; ;'-····, -;r.-i I:: ' the r-.i'cd S'.Tr-s rea-hed P-Tr:-. completing the Purser of "he !'S. Court nf Ap- ','· ca'j-e ,1 ;:re,_]pi'.o,_s w.tli- first solo flight across the Allan- poa! to succeed Karl Warren ,)! :·'. American tro^s from tic. ··* '"'iief jiiflicc of the I'nited i \;...:-.j,;r.." In \'.V~. PrfMilcnt Harry S. .States. SCRAM-UTS ANSWERS T.-Kix.-t - Handy ·· E.rfol - C7rit,i!i/ - GOT the MAP )···· R'.n.-c t" i i m l h o r . fl;mi; in furmation: "Why do v.c follow tne leader?'' The other goose replied: "He's (JOT the MAP." r . ,

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