Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 6, 1975 · Page 21
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 21

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 6, 1975
Page 21
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Spasm causes symptom I ycurself wiltl tllis Proved by ' inl I carry on a , alm . normal life. However at n _-r time, poorly nwslicaiwl meat or rice and other foods TM»SoS . Itiis 1 has happened twice in the lasu» ra weeks. I solved Ihe problem by regurgitating (he · ' don't know which o see for this dis- DEAK-HEADER - You are describing csophagral spasm. repeatedly exposed to the acid d i g e s t i v e j u i c e s s q u i r t e d backward into it f rorn , he stomach, it undergoes changes. At first spasm may be all that occurs, but that can be painful enough. Later scar formation may resull and it may become difficult to swallow solid food sometimes it is necessary lo nave treatments lo dilate this area of Ihe esophagus ivhen it is too small. You can help protect yourself from this condition by treatment of Hie hiaui hernia, particularly neutralizing the acid Digestive juice and taking measures lo prevent il from leaking backward into your esophagus. For more information on whal you can do to help Never take a losing finesse NORTH ID) 6 * c U 6 V K 9 6 2 + A 2 * A Q J 3 EAST ' * Q 1 0 8 V " » A 5 4 Q J 8 5 » K 1 0 7 U A 1 0 9 V 5 * K 2 SOUTH * A 7 2 V Q J 1 9 8 7 Neither vulnerable West .Nqrtb East South ··»'* I * 1» Pass ~ 4 v Pass Pass Pass Opening lead - Q v By Oswald James Jacoby Old man Z, who used to play the dummy in the columns about auction bridge, was back in duplicate action again. Since he was the only declarer to bring home four hearts, he was asked now' tie played the hand. "Quickly" was his reply. "Back in the days when I used to appear in Milton Work's column, 1 learned never to take losing finesses. East was marked with the king of clubs for his diamond' overcall. The play started, with a queen o'f diamonds lead. I vWfi in dummy and led a trump..East hopped right up with the ace. cashed the king of diamonds ana gol out with a low trump. I won the trick, proceeded to cash dummy's ace of clubs, came to my hand with a trump and led a club to dummy's queen. East took his king and had to lead a diamond to give me a ruff and discard or a spade right up to dummy's king-jack." Z's play was well thought out. He would still make his contract if West held the king of clubs. He wouldn't make i! if East held four to Ihe king, bul that was an unlikely holding. 11 would make no difference if East held exactly (hree, bul il did bring it home against Easl's double ton king. ·NEWSI'ATOI K N T E R P H I S E A S S N i Hints from Heloise Bib repair advice Dear Hejoise: Duringyhe past several months, niy;daughter has gone through cpuntless bibs and, as you knoit/those plastic ties are the first j»tt to go. Heretofore I have rdpl^ced them with a length of bias tape. This time'pn the way through the sewinfrljox to find the tape, a length of that two-piece nylon stick-togethjr strips caught my eye, anil tatew immediately it was Just the'thing. I put about two inches of the "fastener" at the neck opening of the bib and it works really great. No more broken ties, no more dangling strings, and, best of all, no more "hair- pulling" when fastening and unfastening the bib. Mrs. R. Wibbckmann Servlce'Dlfectory 1_ ~~VAN'S CEMENT WORK Patios, driveways, steps, curbs 8. Free estimates. Phone StarvM«-7S*3 or 286 741B. EXCAVATING Backhoe work, any kind. Septic tanks, drain fields. Dean Littlefield EK«vating. 466-3725. TREE SERVICE IDAHO PEST CONTROL (Formerly Brassfields) Spraying of all kinds, Complete tree service. Licensed, bonded insured. Larry Rails, 466-9376. PETERSON CONCRETE CONST. Free e s t i m a t e s . D r i v e w a y s , Patios - sidewalks - steps curbs - thain link fence. For quality work'call Gary, 459-3740^ * VACUUM REPAIR* Hoover, Compact, Elecfrofux, Filter Queen, Royal, Eureka, Kirby, Airway. Be Its, bags, motors, switches, all kinds ot parts Mel's Repair a saies. I116-I5lh A\;o. So., 466-»41. _ _ Dear Heloise: T recently discovered an easy- way to reheat baked potatoes. I cut the medium-sized spuds" in half, placed them peel-side down in the cups of my egg poacher (no need to oil the cups), with water in the bottom of the poacher. Just put the lid on and place over the stove burner. In minutes-hot potatoes. For those who can't have fried foods, I find this hint a quickie. Verna Helgeson * * * Dear Heloise: lhad an old pair of jeans that were ripped on the leg. Rather than throw them out, I put a patch on them. I took a hard-cover book (about the size of the leg), and put it in the pants leg where the rip was. Then I sewed the patch on by hand. It's so easy and saves time, too. Young reader Service Directory 1. BALDWIN TRUCKING Ronald Baldwin "HAUL SAND 8. G R A V E L " 454-0047, Caldwell, Idaho Interior painting. Acoustical ceilings. Alt work guaranteed. For estimates, call Sob, 4t7-10S7 STOUT CONSTRUCTION Custom remodeling, homes, shops, foundations. "Low cost housing avail. Free es. 459-6031. NEED MORE ROOM? Bascmenls e x c a v a t e d 8. cemented under existing homos, half the cost of building on. Also concrete work. Ph. 466-3369. Paul's carpet installation. Quality w o r k al reasonable prices. Guaranteed. 466-4755. C A R P E T i UPHOLSTERY Cleaning Service. Free est Work guaranlecd. 467-5475. TOP SOIL Fill dirt, excavating, all_kinds "fiKEPLACEf All kinds, hulll Ins, free stan dino Franklins. New homes remodel. Defile homes. Free estimates, f r e e Ideas, f r e e brochures, Complete In stallatlon or do ll-yoursclf with expert advfce. By... M A S T E R C R A F T S K I R T I N G 8, E L E C T R I C A L T A P I N G Installation on trailers/ homes. Phone WWS* S S EXCAVATING BackhkoiS. Cat Work. JackStites, 45»-530). cilsfo'rn'BulidTng "rcmodellng. Reasonable. Free esllmates, JaeKHall,59-»61. Remodeling iTTepalrV. "Skilled craftsman for home or business, prompt service. Ph «*-59«. The bidding has been: 6 West \orlh East Smith 1 » Pass 1 A Pass ? You, South, tiold: A A Q 7 6 V ! » K J 5 4 A A Q 8 2 What do you do now? A -- Bid three clubs. Your hand is too slrong for a jump lo three or four spades. TODAY'S QUESTION Your partner continues to three diamonds Whal do you do now? Answer Tomorrow Send S1 lor JACOBY MODERN book to: "Win at Bridge," (cfo ' this newspaper), P.O. Box 489, Radio City Station, New York NY. W0t9. Astro- Graph *8«mlce Bed* Osol For Friday, Feb. 7, 1975 ARIES (March 21-April 19} You need co-opeiation lor what you hope lo accomplish. H's not likely you'll get it il yoo behave too independently. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) II would be a big mistake to Uy now to force your icieas on one who isn't willing to go along with them. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) You won't be as foitunate today in business mailers as you were yesterday. Don't make impulsive moves. CANCER (June 21-July 22) An · m p o r t a n t one-to-one relationship needs lacllul handling. A wrong move by either party will caose a llarc- up. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) Take more-than-usual s a f e t y piecautions while working. Don't attempt something alone lhat requires a competent assistant. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sepl. 22) You'll really get mifled when socializing, and all disappear when it's time to divide Ihe check. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Ocl. 23) The harmony you're looking for in order to function at youi best is nol likely (o be found around home today. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) You're not in a very forgiving mood today, Woe betide those who block your path. Later, you'll be remorse!ul. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) This is a very shaky time (or you financially. Hide your checkbook for the next lew days. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-J«n. 19) You're apt to he too sells e e k i n g t o d a y t o s u i t associates. K you must be pushy, push (or everyone's benefit. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) Obligations you've skirted will be catching up w'.th you Face them. Get them olf your back, once and lor all PISCES (Feb. 20-Mnrch 20) A problem you've had with one you had been friendly with is likely lo surface again. Avoid lhis person, if possible. your birtTidoy Feb. 7, 197S Success is likely this year il you don't spread your efforts loo thin. Concentrate on your most promising area, use lime and talent wisely, and rowards will bo realized. Berry's World Radio City Station, New York, JS'.Y. and ask for Ihe booklet on hialal hernia. Send 50 cents to cover costs. For those interested in more information on ulcers (here is also a booklet on u l c e r s . Follow Ilio same procedure lo order it. Anyone who has trouble s w a l l o w i n g m u s t h a v e a medical examination lo be sure whal the problem is. Occasionally it is from a tumor or even cancer in the esophagus, so it should nol be neglected. You can see your family in- lernist for your problem, bill lie may want lo refer you to a specialist in gaslroenterology. DEAR DH. LAMB - Two months ago I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. The only thing is he has all his organs from his left side on his right side and vice versa. Is this harmful to him or will it be as lie gets older? Could you tell me why it happened 1 I had a normal pregnancy. DEAR READER - It is .) rare condition, but il can occur without any abnormality al all. Some babies have other defecls as well, bul your doctor could detect t h i s ivilh his e.t- aminalions. If U is a simple reversal of Ihe organ location you have nothing to worry aboul. No one knows just why this happens. It is sort of like everything being a mirror image of itself. When you Ihink ol the complex changes Ihe body undergoes from the time one fertilized cell starts the whale process, it is a miracle thai we don't have more variations Ihan do occur. Do you realize that Ihe same set of plans, called genes or DNA., in lhal first fertilized cell literally has lo duplicate ilself, and parts of itself, over and over lo form a heart, a sel of lungs, a brain and all Ihe other struclures we have? The varialion you describe can occur without any problems during pregnancy. Your boy may cause Ihe do'ctors a lot of trouble as he gets older before Ihey realize what is going on, but if he is free of any olher developmenlal abnormalily, lhis varialion will nol interfere with his development or heallh. "Remember! The next time you are confronted with a similar problem -- iust ask yourself, 'What would Rhoda do?'" The Idaho Free Press i The News-Tribune. Thursday, February6,1975 -j;A-3 After 95 years of publication Tombstone Epitaph folds TUCSON, Arii. (Ul'li - The Tnmbstune Kpilaph. the iievs- \m\wr Iliiit covered the ginifight ;il Ihe O.K. Corral as u routine local i'i iine slory, has itseU been killed --by inflation. The ilS-yi'M'-olil pioneer newspaper lhat built its reputation covering Ihe likes if Wyatt Karp. "Due" llolliday anil Hie Clanlon gang, will publish feu- the las' lime Kclj. 28. llinolil 0 Love, i Detroit attorney who bought the Kpi- t;iiih a ilecarle ago to preserve its place in Americana, saiil the financial pressures are loo gvoal In keep going. He said he was BiviiiB Ihe right to the newspaper's name In Ihe University of Arizona journalism department rather limn sell the historic weekly. The [Cpitaph currently lias a circulation of about -1,000, Iml 90 per cent of the copies are sold outside Tombstone. The newspaper was [oiinital by Jiilm I', ('him who in 1873 became the first civilian Indian agent in the Arizona territory. The first issue came off the presses May 1,1680, as the town began lo ocanire its reputation as a rip-roaring slop for cattlemen anil silver miners. Wyall Karp served as Ihc tiivm marshal. Hacked by his brothers, Morgan iiirl Virgil, anil the tubercular dentist "Due" Ilirlltday, fie shot it out with the Clanlon gang, killing (luce, une autumn day in IB81 al a corral that gave its name to ime nf the most famous gunfights in western history. The Kpilaph stuck Ihe slory on page a the next day. The newspaper carried the battle nt Ihe O.K. Corral under Ihe headline "Yesterday's Tragedy. Three Men Hurled into riernily in the Dur.ilion o( a .Moment." The Kpilaph called it a "sad affair," but did not let Hie shootoul crowd out the ads or social noles. The Kpitaph was regarded as "pro-Earp" in a political controversy that splil the town over Knrp's posilion. The newspaper took the violenl (toysof the Old Wesl wilh an occasional loucli of melodrama and a . balancing flavor of longue-iii-clieek ca- siialness. One editorial noted that "the parly who Ihrew (he stick of wood through Ihc /ronl window of the i newspaper's! office yesterday" should not try In have its value credited MI his subscription cost. George Ridge, head of :lhe University of Arizona journalism department, said sludcnts will carry on the newspaper's name by making regular trips lo Tombstone. · 40 miles soulji of here, lo gather news and put.oul on university presses an edition of Ihe "Epitaph." It will be distributed (or free and carry no ads. Nolicervse ·' PORT ANTONIO, Jamaica IUPJ) : No license is required to fish in~ Jamaica, reports ;Tlu Jamaica Tourist Board. Anglers may charier a boat in'Port/in- Ionia and go after salt water fish such as sailfisli, marlin, blUefin, ycllowfin and tuna. State releases suspended list BOISE--A total of 338 persons were suspended from driving in Idaho during December according to the Idaho Department of Law Enforcement Of the total, 289 were state residents while 43 were from out of slale. Itesidcnts suspended for driving while under the influence of alcohol numbered 132 «'ilb iionresidcnls accounlinj: for :i8. Other charges, with resident figures and nonresident figures given respectively included: reckless driving 34 and f i v e ; drag racing--24 and Iwo; and chemical test refusal 2:! and four. The number of persons scheduled for the Driver Improvement and Counseling Program totaled 249. Those suspended from Canyon Co. included: Driving while under Ihe in- ,| r ., Nampa. Huffman, Nampa: Anastacio Quinlcro Lopez, Parma: Tony K. Mcnrtcz, N'ampa; Armando I'alomo, Caldwell; Perfecto F. Hiii?.. Catdwcll; Ronald Kaslon Scott, Nampa; Javier Soils. Caldwell; Frank Tadashi, Wilder; Aljihonso Villamieva, N a m p a . James Wallace. Caldwell: Arthur I.. Wiggins Caldwell. lieckless driving: Duke II. (iiles. Ciildn-ull; Tiofolio Luna Vela. Nampa. Drag racing: Theodore. Klwin Emmons. C a l d w e l l ; Richard Weighl. Jr., N'ampa. Driving while suspended: Walter L. Humble, Nampa. Inattentive driving: Mark Jon Davies. Caldwell. Chemical test refusal: Uamon (laspar Cuevas, N a m p a : Stephen Jay llensley, Middleton; Lawrence Hernandez. Nampa; Manuel James Sena, YOU CAN HAVE BEAUTIFUL ROOMS NOW AND SAVE FIFTY PERCENT Yes, you can have beautiful rooms now, q u i c k l y a n d easily w i t h M A S T E R P I E C E p r e m i u m l a t e x . MASTERPIECE is the finest velvet f i n i s h , h i g h p e r f o r m a n c e l a t e x paint for ail i n t e r i o r -- b o t h walls and woodwork, look at these beautiful colors f r o m the pallets of the masters themselves . . . like Degos Blue, Monet Mauve; Rembrandt Gold and Picasso Purple. This premium latex paint is a true MASTERPIECE, Even the label is a famous Reproduction by the Masters, And remember, MASTERPIECE not only washes, il scrubs! I fluence: Tillman Wcndc llronson. Caldwell; Ramon Caspar Cuevas, Nampa: George W: "Glenn, Na'mpa; Gilbert A. Gold, N'ampa; Ruben Gonzalez. Wilder; Lawrence Hernandez, N'ampa; James K. Iloson, Nampa; Howard George * Vital Statistics BIRTHS HYATT - A girl, born Feb. 3 (o Mike and Nancy Hyall, Calrtwell, at Caldwell Memorial Hospital. COURT-RIGHT - A boy, Lorn Feb. 3 (o Donald and Fae Courlrighl, Caldwdl, at Culil- wcll .Memorial Hospital. NAVA -- A boy, born Feb. 3 lo Grcgorio and Criselda N'ava, Wilder, al Caldwell Memorial Hospital. LEU IS -A boy, born Feb. I lo Mck and Karen Leuis, Karcher Village Trailer Courl, Nampa, at Mercy Medical Center. OI.SON-A girl, born Feb. I (o Paul and Susan Olson, of Meridian, al Mercy Medical Center. HOLLAWAY-A boy, horn Feb. 2 In lluaiie and Wanda llollaway, 816 N. Midland. Naropi), Al Mercy Medical Center. BUHROWS-Agirl, born Feb. 3 lo Samuel and Sbirley Burrows, of Star, a( Mercy- Medical Center. PIPEK-A girl, born Feb. 5 to Jonathan and Sandra Piper, 416 Sixth SI. N.. N'ampa, al Mercy Medical Center. M A H I U A O K LICENSES Perry Krancis Jenkins. Parma. ;md Lynda Kae Matthews, Caldwcl); Rodney Allen Marion, Caldwell, and Nancy Marie Walsqn, Marsing. Lee A. Cassner and Joyce R. Thiel, Donald Duanc taking and Marilyn Joan Clancy, Glen Ray Robinson and Tamara Jean Hill, all of Nampa. William Haslani Hursl and Deborah JaneLiglitfool, both of Caldwell. John I). Walls, Lay-ton, Utah, and VaN'yla Gayle Ivie, Caldwell; James Craig Shull and Dcbra Ken Favinger, botb of Hermislon, Ore. I) I V 0 II (' K I) K C It K K S (iltANTKU Beverly Payloji from Dwight I'aylon, Lucy M. Percy from lioberl Douglas Percy. Marjuric Louise Carson from, Robert Garrison . Carson,. Mauricio V. Marti'ez from l.clica L. Martinez. Accumulation of violation points: liodger Dean Coalney. Caldwcll; Edward Douglas Cox.. Nampa: Violation of restriction: Linda Diane Urooks. Nampa; Kvan Lee Hicks, Nampa; Kvan l.ce Hicks, Nampa; Handy Lynn Henzi, Nampa. Denial of issuance: David Ruben Gardner, Caldwcll: Jose Monlez Garza, Parma. Failure to appear: Norberl Daniel Thrones. N a m p a ; C'barles Ray Wade, N'ampa: Richard Lee Weigh). Jr.. Nampa. OHyhecGiiiiil.v D e n n i s Paul U d l i n e k . Itomcdale. SAVE 50% NOW DECORATE NOW AND SAVE 50%! use for flat use for enamel - Tir N SAVE 50% NOW s n f Ponrieros,i - " ThpfM. ji-:Uoltl oi-lv ji r lirU'mij Co . B^vt -i«ieDj}lF tell ihe-ji f NAMPA PAINT GLASS 816 3rd Street South, Nampa 466-3547 CALDWELL PAINT GLASS 916 Cleveland Blvd., Caldwell 459-0.838 _«- collectionl Free Labor on CUSTOM DRAPERIES 72" or longer from Fabrics in stock. Sheers Casemsnh Excepltd. Ov«r 40,000 Yd i. 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