Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 3, 1961 · Page 12
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 12

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1961
Page 12
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12 GREELEY TRIBUNE Frl*ry, NOT. 3, 19*1 Concerts Assn. Presents Dancer A Program of Dance Mimes was pressed by Maria Beeket Wednesday evening in Gunlef Hatl ll* of Tte Gree- - loy Concerts Association. Through- ·U the faacitwitag, anweine; »nd infrirmatlY'e wotert, the aodferxu w*s dfawrt through * gamut cl «tt«rt*)Men(. bare, floor-level stage lighting, On .**». m Ufcrionarr the fir* dance was a curtain riiier In which Miss Beckvt mimed and danced Ihe familiar triangle invoking Columbine, FOR RENT Harlequin and Pierrot. An immediate and warm communleailo* was established" between dancer and aixlitnce which was fellowf t y varied' dances including styles of classical ballet, comic ballet. Spanish court dancing, Czecno slovokian folk dancing, and M jenlouc use of masks and prop» with brilliantly eiecuied cos urnes. Miss Becket's technical brill! a IKS was- most definitively displayed In her full length ballet "A Turkish Fairy Tale,'" The story was accompanied by unusual, aw sometimes startling recordings o Turkish, Hindu and Chinese mu- skj with narration. The ethnic dance .style, held Ihe audience spell-bound with laughter am (ears as six characters were rep resented by a single dancer's U5e of costume, mask and scenery change. · ' One cannot fail to marvel at Miss Becket's unusually diverse talents in mime, costuming, dance technique, scenery design and en ergy; output and to feel that she Js a rriodern pioneer in bringing a panoramic view of many, many styles of dance lo an audience · a single performance.--Elisabetl llclheringlon. mMMIMS Only OnOU per S months rental may ·· applied on purchase "Everythinj! tor the OtticiP 1303 Eighth Avenue T 80-Pound Censer Madrid -- The world's largest censer, more than 6 feet tall anc weighing 180 pounds, is in tin Cathedral of Santiago Ae Compos tela, one of Spain's most impor [ant pilgrimage spots.- Used only on special occasions such as the feast of St. James July S3, the censer is suspendet from the cathedral dome. Seven men are needed to work the pulleys that swing Ihe censer which emits clouds of incense. I was designed in the Middle Ages when it was frequently used to fumigate thc cathedral. fine Cleaning SWIFT SERVICE IF 'DESIRE0 1214 9th Avt, EL 2-3210 Altentleni Brotzman To Address / Republican Women's Club' · Donald Broizman of Boulder, former. United Stales attorney for Colorado, will bt the speaker at the meeiinf of Greeley Republican Women's Cfub Monday at 1 p.m., at Trinity Episcopal Parish [fall. His 'topic will be "The Republican Otitlaok.". Brotnhan wai appointed by President Elsenhower to *erve as U.S. aMrary tar this state. His job was to prtsecute toon .who vialaUd Fedaral laws. Miss KayMeEtrey, parliamentarian for the National Federated Republican Women's Clubs, will report on the meeting held at Sun Valley. Mate is 3-piember. Mr«- "s-i 0. Johnson, pmfcfegt, will preside. Anyone interested ia hearing BroUman is welcome to attend t h e meeting. ; ' - ! . , WILLIAM U S H A f f f K. above, former' director of the Office of Defense Mobilization,., will give ah illustrated talk at the meeting tt, Jackson 'PTC Monday it 7:*) p.m., X Jackson gym. Shaffer's address will tlsal primarily with Information on nuclear survival in the immediate area. A question and answer period will follow Mi speech. Shaffer retired from the OCDM in August a'nd resides here. His service with the OCDM dales lo 1955 and his program on rural civil defense reached into more (hm. 3,*BO counties and founJ widespread acceptance. His pr'fr gram materials were acclaimed by s,lale and county civil/defense i bfficals. All parents in Ihe Jackson area arc urged lo attend'this important and lime- ly' meeting. · · · Honors Won by Young Pianists Three young Greeley pianists won honors in Ihe,state auditions, held under Ihe auspices of the Colorado Music Teachers Association at the Harvest House in Boulder last Sunday morning. Each student was.evaluated in matei. comparison with several other winning pianists .from Fort Collins, Sterling, Rocky Ford, Lamar, Monte Visla, and Denver. A total of '18 pianists vied for 1 within their special age-grad sificatteis. Jon Hanshew, son of Dr.. and Irs. Earl E. Hanshew of l«l'20th St., was declared the winner of first place in the senior high school auditions. Jon play* ! Ala. To Try To Prove Whites 1 Intellectually Superior . MONTGOMERY, .Ala. (AP)- hat allempted a adentifle aolu- The State of Alabama has hire* tion of the .race problem without a scientist and a lawyer to try to pro'/e, the lawyer says, that white .perions are superior to Ne- froec intellectually. . .The Montgomery Advertiser reported that approach (o the race issue in, Friday's editions. Tie newspaper quoted attorney Ralph Smith of Montgomery, re- having scientific evidenca before it. Havae » etred, the coart will undoubtedly one day take aaetker look. I wa retained u a practicing attorney to prepare for'that day." "Allegro" iaydn's Three Goldilocks COPENHAGEN - Three young junior high Swedish girls recently [led a tipsy suitor only to have a.near escape from tlie paws of. a bear. The girls were sleeping in a secluded bussy's cabin in a forest near Mora when they were awake.'ied by a racket an' eighth-grade student at Meek- outside. Peering out they saw .a er received a certificate of hon jor Sonata, three Chopin Prelude*, and "Movements ·Perpcluels"- by Poulenc. .Jon is In the llth grade at Greeley High Sclwol. . Ann Southard, daughter of Mr, and Mrs. William H. Southard 1925 10th' Ave.,'auditioned in thc junior high section playing thc first movement of Haydn's "G M a j o r Sonata," Schumann's "Waltz i n ' A Minor," and De- Doctor Gradus ad Par- Miss Southard, who is man, obviously in his cups, who wanted to keep them company, The girls, wearing nightgowns, fled. The nearest village was five kilometers away. Dut it was out the elemenlary school section, of the frying pan. into the fire. Half way lo the village their path was blocked by a big, stub- three City Sketches by Trepanier. Val is in the sixth grade 'at Ern- born bear. About face! Even the' drunk was better than this. They scurried back to thc cottage. But all's well that ends well. The ear wasn't interested enough to follow them, and when tliey arrived back at Ihe cabin their visitor had disappeared. And no one had been ridge. eating their por- USE THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS orable mention. VaJ Underwood, son of Mr. anc Mi's. George Underwood of 2535 16th Avc. Ct., fan first place in playing Bach's "Gigue in B Flat," Schumann's "Knight liupert," and est Horn School. The winners of first place, Val Underwood and Jon Hanshew torn Groelcy and Marilyn Card 'rom Denver, were presented on he Sunday afternoon Convention Program where they performed selections from their auditions repertoire. All three of IJiese talented young pianists are pupils of Rita Hulch- !Zil~j"--"-""Icrson of the Colorado State College music faculty. it's the Coed Shop for smart casuals and smart accessories! We have a wide selection of · Belts · Gloves v ·- · Billfolds · Fuzzy Clutch Bags in a variety of colors · Leather Cigarette Cases with attached lighter.. · Colderon Bags--Beautifufiy finished soft leather in many styles. Open Friday Evenings Till 8:30 71, for smart casuals 907 16th St. EL 3-4523 Caroline May Be Getting A New Tree House 'WASHINGTON' AP - something new-H ' looks like a free platform-has been added to the *hile House, back yard for young Caroline Kennedy and her playmate]. It could be the floor of an un- inished tree house. Reporters noted the new, unpainted platform Friday ringing he trunk of a free. It's about 6 feet up from the ground and several feet wide. It's close U Ihe bars, swings, ilayhouse and sandbox provided for the President's daughter, who will be years old Nov. 27; Her Brother, John F. Jr.; wiw will lave his first birthday Nov 25; and the little friends who come to play. - Birth Curbi Planned ANKARA -- Turkey ia planning lo make birth-control drugs available to its population. Thc co'in- try has an annual population increase of 3 per cent and one c[ Ihe world's highest birth rales. · 3 Plans Tc To Schools , By CORDON C. GAUSS DENVER (AP)-A special Colo- ado legislative committee cut Thursday from 24 to 3, the number of plans it will consider for state aid lo schools. It decided to postpone a final decision until Nov. J6. The committee tentatively decided on a program of school aid costing about J3.5 million more than for the current year. It asked the Legislative Council o prepare new computations on all of the plans based on a total state appropriation of $41,442,802. Of this amount, $39,142,802 would come .from the slate's general und, compared with $25,681,134 KpSBIw^^^^^f^w ^®SHk"^ WIARJ DIAMOND- Engagement . of. Miss Karlene Erbes, above, and Jerald Schneider, son of Mr. and Mrs. August Schneider of north of Windsor, is announced by her .parents,' Mr. and Mrs. Karl : Erbes of northwest of Windsor Miss Erbes aod her fiance are graduates of Windsor High School, sbe In 1961 and he in 19H. She is employed in Fort Collins by Forney Industries and be. farms with his father, Both are -members o Beth* Lutheran Church of Windsor. In high school, the bride-' elect was secretary of' the Pep Club in her junior year.and point' keeper, this pasfyear. Also m her senior, year she was- treasurer of Y. Teens. Schneider 'belonged to FFA in high ''school and served the Windsor Chapter as treasurer ,ta 1M6. He U a member, of.'the' 'Windsor Volunteer Fire Department. Wedding plans have not been made. -Ever beat both -cream cheese and Roquefort cheese into French dressing? A little paprika will give good color. x ) Distribute Remain Ui counties 'where the relationship -is ligh by giving them more A aid iian . they would otherwise ' re- eive. Those where .Ihe ratio -Is ow get less aid; It applies only b urban property. e allout-Sfielter Loons WASHINGTON -- Loans for allout-shelter construction are eligible lor Federal Housing Administration insurance under two irograms: home improvement aod rehabilitation. . The home-improvement loans may not exceed $3,500 and must ?e repaid in -five years or less. The rehabilitation loans may be represent him in racial litigation, as giving these details of the arrangement: Smith, wilt Patterson's approval, entered Into an agreement last February with Dr. .Wesley Critz George, retired member of the University, of North Carolina School of Medicine faculty, to make a detailed study of anthropological differences between the races'. ' ' .' A newsman made the matter public after noticing a $3,000 payment to George 'from the gov- nor's emergency fund. Smith said he and Patterson felt that' "we should explore every avenue in our efforts to preserve racial segregation." He added: "I think that many people in the South sincerely believe that the mental capacity of a Negro is Inferior to that' of a white','- yet these same people think that science has proved to the' contrary. Actually, scientific data supports the contention that the white jace,. intellectually, is superior to the Negro, and that is tic point we seek to' make with tnta study." ' . The 'report -now is in draft form. It is entitled "A New Look at the Race Problem." In hij introduction to the study, Smith said: "The Supreme Court i State Aid nder Study . ' ' ' : ' i- '· · The committee agreed that -Us forpila' for the 196S-O school year " will · be 'developed without regard to w h e t h e r i ndividual counties get more money, or less. In ^pa'st 'years, it has made increases in school aid sufficient lo prevent counties, from losing any money compared with the previous 'year. . . The decision, coupled 'with recommendations for only a $3.5 million increase in funds, apparently means several counties would lose money. C o m m i t t e e members agreed the additional money would be only , enough to implement the present law 100 per cent, ased upon an increased number of school pupils expected. JFK Stumping For New York, N.J. Candidates By WHITNEY SHOEMAKER TRENTON, N.J. (AP) - Presl dent Kennedy stumped for the election ; of Democrat Richard J Hughes as governor of New Jer sey Thursday night. "This is the first stump speecl I've made for a candidate am I'm glad it's here in New Jersey, the President told a cheering crowd of 12,000 at a rally outside the War Memorial in this slate capital. The chief executive talked foi 10 minutes after arriving here bj airplane from New York, when earlier in the day he waged i campaign sortie for Mayor Bobert F. Wagner. "I havecome lo New Jersej because i believe the Democrats party here i» committed to U« same ' progress in the Unite States at we are in Washington,' the President said, disregarding ! speech he had prepared earlier He told the crowd -that USE THE TRIBUNE WANT AD- A presentation of the new line of business machines of UNDERWOOD CORPORATION will be held at the Cornfield Hotel Pioneer Room Greeley, Colo. on Tuesday, Nov. 7, from 1 :30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. All businessmen of this community are invited, Refreshments will be served. RAY'S OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY Authorized Underwood Agents One of the plan* still alive is e present method of distributing d to schools,. using saies. ratio all urban property.' Another of -the -plans is OM orked out by ffep. Palmer urch, R-Denver, ba»ing aid to hoois in each county upon the djusted gross income in the lunty in relation to the number 1 school students, The third proposal is a combina- on of the. two "plan*--roughly asing half the eligibility for slat. id upon each system.' Burch created a sensation ii le committee, beaded by Rep Imer Johnson, D-Denver, when announced that he will vote continuance of the preaen rpe of aid rather than for hij wn plan. "I am not an advocate.of this,' urch said as he rose to explain "It was lotted out to the com littee after a request had been nade for all suggestions. "As a Denver representative ! m satisfied with the urban sale] atio and probably will be an ad- ocate of that when it comes uj the Legislator*. The present law expires nexl une 30. The Legislature will have o pass a school law when it meets January. Lawmakers representing thinly opulated areas have oppcset ales ratio bitterly during the pas legislative sessions and the aw containing it barely so,ueeze hrough both in 1959 and 1960. Sales ratio is the relationship ;tween assessed valuation o roperfy and iti actual atllinf rice on the current market. Ai sed in Ihe acBool law K nwardi for a minimum of ? 1,000 in urban- renewal areas or p.500 elsewhere. The maximum loan is $10,000 anc ihe maximum term is 20 years. Wonderful combination: a few teaspoons of instant coffee adde to- a package of chocolate pud ding. The 21 plans junked by the committee included s e v e r a l based upon income taxes paid, some including sales ratio on all property, and variations of the three approved.; : VOTE FOR STANLEY R. SUTHERLAND Exo«ri«fic*a1 Councilman from Ward III ' He understonds the problems of your City ond your Ward. C»m*iltU« for Suthtrlun OrifiiMl | HUMMEL Wall YMT Whik Our Stock It The Perfect Gift for Any Age If5 ttfc St. 2-7764 New York City Will Import Milk : NEW YORK (AP)-Mayor Robert F. Wagner'says the city i* going . to import milk to end the drought because of a strike now in Its llth day. Wagner, on a television broadcast Thursday night, promised police protection, if necessary. "Milk 'will be brought in and the people will get it," Wagner M. . . · _ , ' - - , : The mayor said he was interrupting his reelection campaign to give full time toward settling the walkout of 16,000 delivery drivers and plant workers, begun Oct. 24. . Both sides said Fri. they were "DO nearer' a settlement. Commenting on Wagner's milk import promise, Samuel J. Cohen, lawyer for th« ; striking Teamsters Union locals, said: "All-it seems to involve is an effort to supply milk to children and other persons who need it." | AH emergency planfto, provide milk'for hospitals, schools and other institution! seemed to have bogged down. A union demand for time clocks lo check on" overtime for drivers --remained the principal stumbling block to a: settlement.. . The union seeks an immediate $7 weekly pay' raise for deliverymen and plant handlers in New York City and Long Island. Dealers have offered an $8.10 'package spread over two years. Deliverymen had averaged J1J0.50 a week plus commissions ;of about $25. Plant worker wages vary; from 1103 to } 129 a week. If the edges of a sponge cake you've baked in a jelly-roll pan are hard and stiff, you've probably baked the cake too long. · . Muring Bofan AJd»-- CARD OF THANKS FUNK Thanks to th« gentleman In the treach'coat who was kind enough to return the $50 bill Mown away b y ' the wind Thursday morn in £ at the drive-up -window, at tb« Fir it National Bank. Mary Funk SEALY SALE! you must be satisfied...or WE'LL BUY IT BACK In M it-it, y«u cm f i n d · Mtor nMrM« («f )M| mtnri, taf HI Itotw* V wr SMly 6»M«n MM* mMkm Mr lull pwelWM ftlct * t»M. HATUMS MAM TH» BUY UNIIATAMI · lift lint //I/IK C«*»frvcir*ii-»Mrt · -fr** »«rfft« UNITED OffEX MM WHT MMHK lUiri MLIEN KEEP UU Sealy GOLDEN SLEEP Deluxe txtn P«»/«y / Eirtn Vtlut I AMttor u buy wMi tilra fMlurt* and tor top *utfciy c*m*«1 PUCKERS 102S Eighth Av«. T.liplnm EL 2-l«12

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