Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on October 18, 1969 · Page 9
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 9

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 18, 1969
Page 9
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Saigon's Open Arms Program Aimed at N. Viet Defection By DAVID HOFFMAN Tht Washington Ptit · SAIGON--The Saigon govei ment is reshaping its Chieu H (Open Arms) program to indu regular North Vietnaiiiese so 'diers;to defect from comm nism. · Under .the program now bein drafted,. North Vietnamese so oiers who voluntary switch side -will be^free to settle anywher THE FIRST UNITED METHODIST ... 10th Ave.-ij.nd 10th St. · »:00 A.M. Church School »:00 a.m. and 10:30.i,m. Wonhlp Servlcei .? . L«ym«n'i Special Service'' Church, Staff The Rev. Marvin H. Adamt : Dr. Ben H. Chriatner Dr.' Charlet W.. McLaln Mr«. : Lola Murphy; '.-' . :Nursery Provided .' ·· (RlN..Superviiion) Firsl Congregational Church United Church of Chrl'it' ' 1«H Si. «nd 21si Av'e. ' :Wer«hlpi'»t »:30 and 11:00 "Hew to U«e the Sabbath" Rev. Paul D. Tiller, · Senior Minister Rev. Don R. Laue, Atiociate Minister Church-School, 9:30 a.m. Crib and Toddler Care Both Houn in South Vietnam. Insofar it is capable, the Saigon go ernment will guarantee the humanitarian treatment ar freedom to choose a profe sional future. In an interview, Open Arm Minister Ho Van Cham sa the program will be implemen ed on an experimental basis b fore the' end of this year. It w be tried first in Tay Ninh pro ince; north of Saigon, whei elements' of two North Vietn mese. divisions are believed e camped/ According to Cham; propagai da leaflets designed to counte act the communists' own propa ganda will be dropped alon he Ho Chi Minh trail--Hanoi prime north-south infiltratio route. It is presumed that ai craft equipped with loudspea] ers Will, broadcast'similar me; ages-from above · the jungli Covered trail network whic uns through Laos. Since its inception in 1961 laigon's, Chieu Hoi program ha leen aimed primarily at indig inous.Viet Cong and not Nort Vietnamese infiltrators. Abou 26,000 presumed to be' forme pmmunists have 'rallied to th FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH (Dlielpki of ChrhU) 13th St. and 23rd Ave. Minister ijeslla'.L. 'BoVerg Director of -Christian Education Mra. Roberta Martin 9:30 a.m. Church School 10:30.«.m. Worship , Communion ind Sermon: "An old Story" Nursery cart EVERY EVENING MUSIC-PLUS ._ AT THE GARDEN KITCHEN RESTAURANT FEATURED DINNERS While listening to the songs of yesteryear with Harold Npteboom at the Baldwin Organ. 119 18th St. : MOOSE LODGE SATURDAY, OCT. ,18 --"9:00 P.M. JAKE BAUER POLKA BAND (Members and Guests) BROWNIE AND HIS COUNTRY RHYTHM BOYS are back! Dance to them at ·· : ^BUFFALO INN · 3 miles east of Loveland on .'Highway^ 34 Playing* every'Friday and Saturday - night, 9 to 1:30; Sunday,'11:30 .OPEN . / DAILY . 9 t h Ave. at llth St. NEW Sunday Special COMPLETE RO;3T TURKEY DINNER " , . . . AND YOUR CHOICE OF: ' Onij salad, corn : bread dressing, giblet gravy, one potato;- one Vegetable, roll and butter, one dessert anil one beverage. FOR $1 Q ONLY l.UX Enjoy Farm Fare's High Quality , 4 . Home Cooked Meals FRESH STRAWBERRY P!E . . «····»······»···········«·····*······'** 50c | ' Saigon government in Hie pas seven years, but only 894 wer natives of North Vietnam. Minister Cham, a Saigon phy sician, listed six reasons wh regular North Vietnamese so diers seldom choose to defect Because they move in units It is more difficult for thi North Vietnamese to change sides with impunity. Each uni bas a political officer, and eac soldier receives a thorough po litical indoctrination before de parting for South Vietnam. Th Vorth Vietnamese hesitate tode 'ect because they rarely have relatives -or friends in South /ietnam. Many fear punishmen "rom the 800,000 anti-commu nist refugees who fled the North n 1954. Many believe the Saigon 5overnment will forcibly ejec hem should they defect. Others equate defection with dishonor able surrender, Cham said. If, after living in the South or a trial period, the North Vietnamese elect to return lome, then, the Saigon govern ment .will accord them freedom do so, the minister said, le implied .that because Hanoi oes riot admit having troops ti South. Vietnam, this coufc ie accomplished "only through ie good Offices of neutral na- iohs. Most of the 894 North Vletna- lese;who have rallied to.the aigon government have be- ome members of armed prbpa- anda teams, which defend pro- incial Chieu Hoi centers and elp recruit new. defectors. ''here are now 75 such teams, ach averaging 95 members. earn members are draft-ex- mpt despite South Vietnam's otal. mobilization. Including North Vietnamese oldiers to. become Hoi Chanh ralliers) has -assumed new im. wtance because of the vastly ncreased number of northern- rs fighting in South Vietnam. Hied intelligence estimates ital enemy military strength i South Vietnam at 240,000. At ast 100,000 are thought to be orth Vietnamese infiltrators. Thus far in 1969, 36,229 men nd women presumed to have een communists have rallied o the Saigon government. But in general, thte defectors have been functionaries or common soldiers, not ranking officials in the National Liberation Front. .. · Depending on whose estimate one accepts, between one and 20 per cent are South Vietna- Life's Like That Committee approved the plan aimed at giving 18-year-olds ad- 'ance notice of their draft pros- ects by a surprise 31-0 vote Thursday. House leaders, who believe hey can block efforts to lack wholesale revisions on the bill, almost immediately scheduled loor action for late next week ndicating there is little hard op^ wsition there. I HAD MORE TROUBLE UNDERSTANDlNfi THE BOOK. MOTHER KEPT HIDING IT FROM' ME } s Streamliner Train Auction Price Expected To Be High DENVER (AP)--Care to own our own streamliner passes er train? The opportunity will be here ext Monday, but you'll have figure on shelling out not ss than $30,000 and probably good deal more than that. Iso supply your own locomo- ve or hire one. Twelve cars of the original enver Zephyr of 1936 will be old at auction by Parke-Berel Galleries, of New York, ong with more than 50 vint- s,e automobiles, carriages, ckelodeons and other items om another era. The train is made up dining car, a chair-snack car and ah observation coach. Put into service by the Burlington Railroad 33 years ago the Denver Zephyr was the firsl it 12 hours from the run between Denver and Chicago. Later the train was operated by the Colorado Southern Railway, a Burlington subsidiary, as the Texas Zephyr between Fort Worth and Denver. Last summer the Burlington sold the cars to two Denver businessmen and they have been standing in the Burlington yards here since. Robert D. Esbenson, western representative of ParkeJBernet, said Thursday he hopes to have .he train pulled on a spur line to the site of the auction, Rip- mese soldiers anxious to avoid pey's Veleran Car Museum, in of caches and sleeping cars, a ombat. It is officially estimat- that since the program be. ·m in 1963, less than 150 pel ons holding the rank of lieu nant or higher have switche legiance to the Saigon go\ rnment. Takes a Thief." Grier, playing an slave adopted by an Television Review By CYNTHIA LOWRY ' AP Television Radio Writer NEW YORK (AP) -- A pair o ripped a door off by the hinge newcomers to television action series were day night. ' introduced Thurs Grier, the former pro football player, made his debui as "Daniel Boone's" l a t e s sidekick. Fred Astaire turned up as the world's slickest crook, father ol the heroic. cat burglar of "II --or they would be if they didn escaped nave such arc ji humor lo fn. n Indian tribe, exhibited an acting style that fell somewhere between the Jolly Green Giant and Batman's Robin. But then, the NBC series does not often give anyone, including star Fess Parker, a chance to register much more than elementary emotions. this week Daniel was busy as usual ·· winning the American Revolution with little help except from, his buddy. The assignment was to knock out--single handed--the British cannons at'Fort Vincennes. Gabe Cooper--that's Rosey-lagged! along which was lucky secause -Daniel hurt his leg and could barely hobble. Grier did ;he job 'by brute strength. He MONDAY LUNCHEON j ! SPECIAL Barbecued Chicken . 1.25 Serving 11:30-1:30 , BANQUET?' Large or Small . Give us a call. RAMADA INN* Hlway.85, Evans, 353-5900 to get at some gunpowder, free a felon by snapping his mana cles and got rid of the cannon by flinging them, one by one over a cliff. It may not hav been much acting, but it was a interesting substitute for fis fights. Aslaire and Robert Wagner the series star, are a good teat around. The plots are belie than the words in this series Astaire and Wagner r o a m e jauntily through a giddy stor about robbing an Italian Rivier casino as part of a complicate government ruse to trap counterfeiter. During the summer Malach Throne, who had played the fee eral agent who was hero Ale Mundy's boss, quit the show Edward Binns has been cast a a replacement and plays the to] intelligence officer as a corned; op. The show made location shot abroad, and the backgrounds o some of the action were inter esting and handsome. Astaire will appear in severa episodes this season, a gxx dea. The series can use some o lis style and brightness since i s hot doing too well in the Niel sen ratings. Among programs that seem to e in real ratings trouble an ABC's ."Mr. Deeds Goes tc Town," "Music Scene," "New 'eople," and "Land of Giants and CBS' "The Good Guys." Al are close to the bottom of tin most recent list. Recommended weekend view ng:' "Frank Sinatra Jr. will Family and Friends," CBS, Sun day, 9-10 p.m. EOT, filmed in Vegas . with Sinatra Sr. taicy Sinatra, Jack Benny Sammy Davis Jr. and the U.S Air Force Thunderbirds. PRIME RIB Complete Meal 5.25 SATURDAY AND SUNDAY DINING ROOM OPEN Saturday 5:30 p.m.-10 p.m. Sunday 11:30 a.m.-10 p.m. RAMADA INN Hwy. 85, Kvans 353-5900 southwest Denver. He said bidding on the train will start at $30,000, its estimated value as scrap, and may go as high as $250,000, Interesl in the sale of the silver-colored train has been high, Esbenson said. "One foreign government which I can't name, has ex. pressed interest, probably t( put the train back into use,' he said. "Another man has spoken of the possibility of buy ing the train and converting i into a motel, with the idea, 1 guess, that kids who never lave ridden a train could get a chance to sleep in an upper berth." Esbenson said another prospective buyer is an Ohio merchant who goes in for advertised "train load" sales. If ie gels the train, he might pack t with television sets and other appliances and move the entire cargo to another section of the country. But most of the inquiries have come from railroad buffs who would just like to own one of he trains that made transportation history. Sat., Oct. 18, 1969 GREELEY TRIBUNE Page 9 Nixon Draft Plan Seen In for Storms Next Week By JIM ADAMS A»oci*t*d Prtis Writer WASHINGTON (AP) - President Nixon's plan to draft 19- year-olds first under a lottery iystem appears likely to win louse approval next week but Is fate in the Senate is an open question. The House Armed Services To Tell About Their Boo-Boos LOS ANGELES (AP) - Grad- late business students at the Jniversily of Southern California recently told their instruc- ore they were tired of hearing only about success stories and wished some speakers would .ell about their boners. So the USC faculty lined up a speakers' series for this fall, advising each guest to prepare a alk not only on their successes, mt on their classic boo-boos as well. Among those accepting the challenge: Walter O'Malley, iwner of the Los Angeles Dodgers; Richard Cooley, Wells Far\o Bank president, and Richard V. Frank, owner of Lawry's |"oods. But reports from the Senate n d I c a t c d Armed Services Chairman John C. Slennis, D- tfiss., was reluctant to put the lill on the floor where critics, who count Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., have a host of roposed revisions including elimination of all college draft deferments. Stennis could not be reached or comment but Senate Democratic Leader Mike Mansfield, who favors elimination of the Iraft, discounted those reports. An effort to eliminate all col- ege deferments was ruled out of order by a 21-10 roll-call vote n the House committee that in- licated the strategy that may )e used to block draft amend- nents on the House floor. The elimination of college draft deferments was proposed y Rep. Richard H. Ichord, D- Mo. Deferments "in time of a hooting war one of the biggest mistakes we have made," lie laid. CAPE TOWN-University of jouth Africa plans to get moon amples from Apollo XII. Greeley Drive-In West on Highway 34 TONIGHT thru SUNDAY 99 Women' Bun. SCHEU. McCAMBRfOGEI Lucfanii PALUZZf Hwtwt LOM COLOR \' Box Office Opens at 7 p.m. Showtime 7:30 There's always a treat In The Snack Bar Other college deferment critics--including Kennedy and Reps. Otis G. Pike D-N.Y., and Lucien N. Nedzi, D-Micli.--con- tend deferments are unfair simply because they put the burden of fighting to men who don't have the academic ability or money to go to college. Nixon's lottery plan is aimed at letting 18-year-olds know Ihcir draft prospects the following year so they can make career plans accordingly. The 305 birtlidates for the following year would be drawn out of a hat in late September or early October to determine the order of callups. Men whose 19th birthdays fall on the first dates drawn would now they face the draft early in the year. Those with the last )irthdates drawn likely would escape the draft entirely. A SAGA OP THE SEA for Adults only THAR SHE BLOWS 74.10:30 plus Ray Bradbury's THE ILLUSTRATED MAN 8:40 CINEMA 35 ' 113 E. Oak : Ft. Collins ..·?-* MOVIE AUDIENCE * * * GUIDE * * * A Service of Fllm-Makers and Theaters. THIS | SEAL In ads indicates tlie film vet submitted anil approved unite- tlie Motion Picture Code of Selt-Ilegulation. rjjj Suggested for GENERAL -- audiences. [Bfl] Suggested for MATURE -- audiences (parental discretion ndvised). rjjl R E S T R I C T E D -- Persona 1 --I under 17 not admitted, un. less accompanied by parent or adult guardian. ® Persons under 17 not admitted. Printed as a public servtw by this newspaper LAST DAY Open 1:00, Starts 1:30 A Carlo Ponti Produclion Antomoni's BLOW-UP COLOR STAKTS SUNDAY MORE "STRANGER THAN EVER! it Two"S(ranger"hils give you twice (he , blast 1. DRIVE-IN THEATRE 2930 S. llth AT*. 353-1375 Adults $1.25 Children Under 12 Free LAST TIME TOMORROW Open 6:45 Show at 7:30 I'm Europe, baby. I sent you Dutch Elm Disease, German Measles and Russian Roulette. YousentmeWocU-Wind Vacation Tour #225. Now we're even. COLOR byDclm- UmtBriVhBtt RIDESA TECHNICOLOR TECHKISCOPF Unilcd Arlisls ENJOY OUR SNACK BAR CLOSED MONDAY THRU THURSDAY Molro-Goldwyn-Mnycr presents An Allen Klein Production stoning CHIEF NOW! i A JEROME HELLMAN-JOilN SCIILESINGEH PRODUCTION DUSTNM HOFFMAN JCMMYOIGHT "IVMDNIGiHT COWBOY* BRENDA VACCARO JOHN McGIVER RUTH WHITE SYLVIA MILES BARNARD HUGHES WIDE WORLD OF ENTERTAINMENT

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