Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 21, 1972 · Page 40
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 40

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, April 21, 1972
Page 40
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Cora and TrucVt 51 Uwd Cirt .* Tmeki 51 Oldsmobile Spring Demonstrator Sale New '72 Models, yes, but just barely used for local business--But, -it's replacement time so OUT THEY GO AT ' REDUCED PRICES!'' 72 Gust. Cruiser-Big Wgn.-3 Seats 1 Every accessory: Air condationed, electric ! windows, vinyl top and stereo radio, luggage rack. SEE THIS. SAVE OVER . $1100 72 Delta Royale Hardtop Sedan Air conditioned. Here's a'dreamy green' one with "\Vhite Vinyl top. 6-way seat and 1 ... tilt wheel. It's CAR No. 33. WAS $5,706.88 _ ._ NOW $4,888 72 Delta.Royale Hardtop Sedan. Air conditioned, tilt wheel, cruise control, 455 engine, stereo radio, vinyl top and trunk release. 3,740 miles. .WAS ?5 905.00 ..._.._ NOW $4,955 72 Vista Cruiser 2-Seat Wagon Glass. Vista Roof, 2-way electric tailgate, air conditioning, all power and radio. A FRESH "NEAR fr/\ CQO NEW" WAGON $4,0J£. 72 Delta 88 4 Dr. Sedan Air conditioning, G-way seat, twp-tone_ beige and brown, t r u n k release. " ~ Just under 6,000 miles .'. ' McArthur Olds-Cadillac, Inc. 508 8th Ave. VALUE RATED USED CARS 1972 Chevrolet Impala Sedan Desert j;old with antiqued white top, air, clock, fender skirts, 400 cu. in. engine, 2,175 miles. Owner transferred, traded in on new Cadillac. 1972 Olds Custom Cruiser 9 P. Wgn. | Rack, all power, air, vinyl roof, Executive car. SAVE. 1971 Ford Pinto 3 Door Runabout Big 4, automatic, excellent condition. Ik Has all the e q u i p m e n t . YOU CAN REALLY SAVE HERE. 1970 Cadillac Coupe De Vilie ' Gold with white padded roof, cruise control, air, new tires. 1970 Chevrolet Concourse St. Wgn. Power disc brakes, automatic, power steering, 24,000 miles. One owner. 1969 Cadillac Coupe DeVille Chateau Marine with white padded roof air, power, NEW tires. 1969 Olds Delta 4 Dr. HI G-way seat, 455 Keg. fuel engine, 33,000 miles, air, power, padded roof. 1969 Mercury Marquis Sedan 60-40 seat, air, power, local owner. 1969 Eord LTD Sedan 6-way seat, power, air, local. 1969 Chevrolet Impala Sedan Air, power, 39G engine, one owner. See These AND MORE at McArthur; ;·?'. Olds-Cadillac, Inc. v a^ Ui«4 Cart and Trucks SI Uiorf Cori and Trucki SI A-l SPECIALS 197-1 Bronco Wagon New 12,000 mile or 12 month factory warranty. 302 V-8, rear bench seat, skid plates, mud snow tires, body side moulding, radio, extra coQling radiator, hand throttle, 70 amp. · battery, aux. fuel tank. . 1280Ibs.rear springs 1971 Ford % Ton Pickup 360 V-8, Explorer package, front bumper guard, sport custom cab. cruiseomatic, radio, power steering, 1250 rear springs plus overload, heavy duty rear bumper. 10,000 actual miles, one owner 1971 Ford l k Ton Pickup Radio, heater. 3130 V-8. 4 Speed, heavy duly ~ rear bumper 1968 Ford l k Ton Pickup Radio, heater, 4 speed trans. 3GO V-8, heavy duty T 1 7 Q C rear bumper \p 1 / \7 J 1966 Chevrolet % Ton Pickup $ 995 Radio, heater, 4 speed trans.. V-8 mo tor 1966 Bronco Pickup $1295 Dave McDonald Elmer Schnorr Ed Frilzler Warren-Bunting Motors .lohn Warren J i m B u n l i n g Ford Agency, Eaton, Colorado Phone 454-259] NOW SHOWING: AMERICA'S MOST POPULAR CAMPERS THE VOLKSWAGEN-CAMPMOBILE Not only America's but the world's most popular campmobile. Economical to buy -- economical to run, economical to own. See this dual purpose station wagon/camper and you'll ace why it's the world's most popular camping vehicle. 1971 Campmobile--P30 New w a r m n l y rcmnintng, 11,000 actual 54. \VhUo color. $3240 *f #· 3J 1969 Campmobile--Pop-Up-Top Sleeps 4 w i t h comfort -- white color, 100% for 30 dnyn. $2790 '. 1971 Campmobile--Solid Top ; Sleep 3 to 4 people -- W h i t e color -- still under '. factory warranty. !j3220 '· 1969 Campmobile--Pop-Up-Top Immaculate In and out -- Whtte color, 1011% warrantee for 30 days. $2750 1972 CAMP- · MOBILES Now Available 9x7 TENT FREE with the purchase of any new '72 Camp- mobile now in slock -we'll give you an attachable tent VttKK. Limited to this week. Uttd Can and Truckj 51 7 C11KV I door hurjluji. Sec ill 1012 Ulh SI. Used Cots and Tiucki 51 CHEVY |.lcku| C, 1 M ' U i l . alun. Huns food. 353.5213. OH SAI.B: 'CS itnilane convcrliMc. I 1 '-"' vw Suinr Hccllc. I2.COO miles. Hue wheels. 356-1150. 62 FOIll) iilcknp. Krrollcnt «iui|[. lion. H76. 353-S3SS niter C. 3i3-Z31)a utter i p.m 'Oil COIIHA Jcl wllh S|K)rl roof. Hurl U l l S A L K -- 1071 KorJ ivln-pl drive liiekuji, cuslum, 6^0-2551. l ~ K l j C A M I N O SK. M i n r cxtni. t!,. £195. Call 3S3-9SG1 n f t c r 6 I'.m. "COirF K wtOi ci-.CI.lnvt. Call 35Z-GS34 or 454-2410. MUST null in 10 i LKAN 1B6S l n i ] i » l n I ilnnr. l^'.v mile. W i l l whotaale nt fSSS. BSf-2014. DOUGH" »1 Ion pickup with or without cover. Call 303-OSOO. OR SAI,K-IOB4 Kl Cmiiiiio iilekup. factory air ami |Knveri;tii!c. 352-543^. 165 CIIEV. 'A Ion piekup Ions liox, 4 s|*fd. 202 2ml St. !.[ E Ott SAI.K: '71 Uatsim 1200, *m/fm radio. 366-0630. S UKONCO. Ucst offer. J 67 Carvclte. llest offer. 3i2-^327. 53 K A I I M A N N Gliia. 5320. Call 356-0926. otto. 95U3. vcr JI200. Huns xood. L)bJ- . 1370 Kuril Cor. . KrcrUrm t uffer tnkr*. 363-4340 adc fix. f6! KOIH) ?; (on I wlicel drive tiick- »!'. V-S, »ooJ ruinlillun. JS50. 101 KOK SAI.K, -- 1963 henvy duty t, ton run! pleVnii. V-s. 4 .pecj. lunit U«, 6 ply tiro. 353-UI13. 1870 I'ONTIAC CTO. Tovrer Hn-rine. iiwcr lirKkpn, air, v i n y l top, Luckcl L-ak, tJipe lccV. 356-09CO. KOK SALK -- '60 Uuick. New ssMy btickcr. Kcjisoiislilo. 352-7132. Can b« BCCII lit 1121 K. 20lh SI. 'OR SAI.K -- 1971 ( i n U \ i e 6W. Air roiulittonink'. lKi^cr slccrinjr. nnwfi l'iiik«. 2 new tires. Call 356-2261. '47 J K K P with tow bur, * \vincri willi * ncxs- eal!e. Kxcellenl condition. Set t 1621 6tli St. after 1:30. Kri., A p r i l n, 1972 GKEKLBY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 41 Used Can and Truckk 511 Uied Can. and Trucki ' 51 ·63 1IUICK Siwlil. llceeul cnslne o v - ·rliiiil. r.cxv lll-cs. anocki, L i a i i i t . 35G- VOIt SAI.B -- '{S Chev 2'door. Chup. ·«2 VSV. Hcbullt cr.iiint. siiuetliinr nni'tue? Cnll Uniec nt 353-3437. FOH SA1.B -- My nice nhile '70 VW Ik-el le, 3137. "/fill. Call Hrilce at 353- 'G9 V\V enniper. Kxcellcnl condition. AN/I'M 1 . 1 6 1 7 10th Ave. No. 6, 332- SOJSi 353-C9S4. 066 VW, Unlr Kiml. eterllrnt meclutn- i r a l enn)ilmn. $^0 or lva(!e for pkk- "(i of eiina! value. 2S1-296, 156S D O I K i K VAN eiiinner. Fully v|iil|^ td for'»m|ln|i. tl.100 or beil o f f - ·r. Cnll 353-7SC8 or 351-252t. ·6S~oi'KiriY»llye Sixirt. lui. comlitinn. »1M5. BieniU Wnlkcr. COS 6lh Kl., Windsor, CO. GSR-21M or 6S6-?'JS7. WE STILL inrelalhe in auloniallo transmlfslon renaira. Benilir Aulo £atcs. 126 Sth Av*. SPECIAL FACTORY PURCHASE 71 PLYMOUTH ( K u r y l l M D o o r l Equipped with: 1, I-'aclory Air Conctilioning 2, Automatic Transmission 3 1'owcr Steering 4. Kjiclio 5. 'J'itilccl Gliiss fi. Deluxe Wheel Covers 7 Whileu'itll Tiros 8. litidySide A n. Light Package 10. Klecliie Clock Slock No. 2IG9A SALE PRICE $ 2695 '71 DODGE (Polara-lpr.) Equipped with: i Factory Air Coiulilioiiing 2. Aulouialic Tniiismission li. V-ll Engine 4. Power Steering 5. Power Brakes li. Hailio 7. Tiulcd Glass R. Deluxe Wlicnl Covers 0. Whitcwjill Tires in. Light I'ackiiye 11 Body Side Mouldings SlnckNo.2l78A 71 DODGE i -I Dr. i Eqiiippctlwithr ' I'aclpry Air Conditionine 2. Automatic Transmission 3 V-li Knyine 4 Vinyl Top S. Power .Steering II Power lirakcs 7 Hiiilio 8. Tinted C,l;iss !). Deluxe Wheel Covers 1C. \Vliilewall Tires 11 Light Package 12. Holly Side Mouldings Stock N().21tiR-A SALE PRICE $ 2875 SALE PRICE $ 2595 DeBrown Chrysler-Plymouth Inc. BEATS ALL 6th St. Slh Ave.-817 7lh St. Ph. 35G-09M, 353-0002 Open Evenings Till 9 P. M. Saturday Till 0 P.M. __ IIS'K s e l l : 112't or licd '51 C a d i l l a c limouitnt. ntfer. 352.2S55. . ICB rlcnn 15SD Imraln. 2 ioor hircj- 1JJ. V-8. ttiHu. J1.SB5. 68S-20H. HSI C H K V . van. Kicellenl condition, very cle«n. J1.100. 356-2091. ' OOD clean 1507 Chcv. | Air. 1735. Ph. 62F-20U. Sl'J C H K V K O L K T pickup. iJet. 352-GU1 lifter 6. 1)50 Ford, »6S. ·· "63 I'ONTIAC I.tWuin 326. 2 Hour. ;i»*l conilillon. Slkk ihlli. 35J.aH). 9G! S A A H Solicit, V-4, KIXJI] condTlion. KOKU F100 plrkup, V-«, t vl). flllXI. 3.S3-0003 a f t e r 4. Kli, 6J.OM mllm. J7C nt I I A M H L K 1 I . yir cdn.lition. New tires. S3UO. ]f05 lllll Ave. 352-22SO. NE owner. 1370" BWW fur B»le. 0 5 I K R C U R Y . lluna ftftor t. ;153-2618. . f,0. Call ·TciTBV. ',1 ton pickup » l l h ' i i l l l i l T iK-tl; '66 ronllae, 421 mntor, 1 speed : ·C.I Cht\: HeUIr 4 door. Call 858- :isn. lilt R A T . . K -- 1065 Volvn. US atallon WBKOII. l-'xcellrnt cornlidon. ^Juny r\Un* i n r l i i i l l n ? ulr. condlttnntnir. 3},- CJOO n c l u a l Intlej. PH. 356-1767. 12 rcHISCHK Super, new j w i n l ^ t r j K'-rt'l c o i i i l i t l m i , J1.8CO. Call 351-;!g33 tcUsccn \2 nnil 't p.m. or 6:30lanii g * n " · " ' · :5 011K V V 2 Hoor hard (op, r ow« ^leering, vowcr brskrs, nlr rondKion- IriR, new 11»Int. Will com Her -older pickup on Imde. 2S-'J757. '0 C I I K V C U . K U«llliil, 2 door hardtop, .1 5[H;el, H u n t , vinyl top, Crajr- ar mapa, new rnriTnl (Ites, many, ex- trna. 353-71S3 a f t e r t. ".. b~7iTsu7l"MlU economy lite Fcdnfii J3,- (HlO m i l w . ICvecHent pceonii car. rjear 'M rnUr.^ t^er nail-in. SI.ODTi or: w i l l I rnilo fur pickup of ronniarabla yaii:«. SfiH-R075 «tlcr 6 or.-' anytime if*ck- c n . l a . ·'. 070 C H K V Y ilcfcm«: . J $ 0 j r u . En. tr\- I . f M K 'cin 10 tn. 1 " rlPronic nnv ( rfar| (intMT) t i n S In. . rhrniiia. on- fjront. I [ally 500 cfm 2 bhrrt), ft Irnck-aKT- c.-. .Sec tu j.p|.rcclnU. 6SM?1, TlADK -- Muck u'Xclor;- »57 : -B*6l with KN'DT 673. lutl*". e'lmlfiV, IS 5iircH Ir1|il«x, Inj: n.^lr, *tpfj'cr, cx- rclkni tiir« nnrl rpnrllllnfi; Tr^da for 3!i to ^0 ft. t*m!iiw nxfft flul, 1ifd IraiLcr. IrricMion ami 1'owtr Wqiiip- it;cnt, US ]|t2hvny So. 85, Grtcler. Rare Vintage j r !16B Ti-llinnih Siiort 6 A-A-A. Jonilftlon. -1 intascngor cniiVorLt- ". In. Cnll n f l c r 5:30 p.m. 352-1841. lassified' 'Advertising tains of dise every day. Try One! GREELEYS' NO. 1 CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH f 1 1971 Pontiac GTO 2 Dr. HI mi yy V-8 engine, 4 .speed trans., power steer ing, factory stereo tape, new tiros, ] 7,000 miles, t^flQ^i Ixn'al trade-in .. i|)jUjJ | 1970 Pontiac GTO 2 Dr. HI D E A L E R 1970 Datsun 510 2 Door t i w I V-8, automatic trans., power and brakes, factory air, vinyl top, stereo tape, balance of factory w a r r a n t y . 1968 Plymouth Fury III 2 Dr. HI V-8, nulnmalir. Iriuismiwion, power slewing, local trade-in, (f 1 OQC :M,()00 Miles . (JuJvJJ 1967 Chrysler Newport 2 Dr. HI V-8 engine, a u t o m a t i c Intns., power .slcering, factory air (·oiulilioning, radial tires. W h i t e w i t h Ulack Vinyl Top 1966 Ford Fairlane 2 Door Economical 0 cylinder, standard trans. Night Hlue Finish. Must D.-ive To q. rnr Apprcdate . \J) UJJ 1965 Oldsmobile 98 4 Door Power steering and brakes, factory air, nleclric seal. Real Nice. f OQC 'Local trade-in . . . i f ) CvJ 1965 Volkswagen St. Wgn. ·I speed, radio, local trade-in Very economical _. . 795 430 Sth Ave. Th. 352-8288 At BOB MARKLEY VOLKSWAGEN 3805 W. 10th St. 353-3311 Open evenings till 8 p.m. All campers now on display x DcBROWN BEATS 4 speed, radio, low mileage, local trade-in. Tiulmv Hook ........... ...... _ 1969 Dodge D-100 % Ton P.U. 383 cu. in. V-R engine, aiitomalic trans., power steeriiiK, custom cab, 30,000 milcH, heavy duly rear bumper ........................... 1969 Volkswagen Fastback -I spend, nidiii, low mileage, local tnide-in ........... 1967 Ford Galaxie 4 Dr. Sedan V-8 engine, an In. tran.s., power steering. Krowit Mclitllic " (JJinQC Kininh. Low mileage . ..... ........ $-1-1)"" 1966 Valiant 4 Door Economical slant 6 cylinder, automatic tran.s., power steering. (f 1 0 flC KX'I'RA S f f A U l ' . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ OjJ 1964 Plymouth 4 Door lit "% ".'M -m ·f -« '··/* · ( S 3 8) -m ·0 ·m '-%) -m ·n$ ·ISJ ·83 ·® ·m m m g ·*n 61 ·{ft ·m ·M fa TOcnnnmical 0 cylinder engine, 3 speed A tran.s., local C 1 /JOK ,|j $ 1963 Chevrolet Wagon '"' V-8, a u t o m a t i c trans., pnwer slccrinjr. I.ol.s of Trjin.M|Hiiiali(n Fn T h l . s O n f J - ' o r O N I / Y Irade-in t,i i/ .i|;uv-n . $ 4 9 5 m M A N Y OTHKRS TO GIIOOS10 FROM! '6 ^ DeBROWN Chrysler-Plymouth It. Dth Ave.--817 Yth St. Ph. 356-0000, 353-9902 Open KvcniiiK-s Till 0 J'.M. Saturday Till 6 P,\f.

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