Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 3, 1961 · Page 10
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 10

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1961
Page 10
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Page 10 GREELEY TRIBUNE Friday, Nov. 3, 1961 "Dean Urges Golden Rule .,lTo Remedy Moral Collapse ( The golden rule as a remedy 'or the apparent moral collapse , \{ Ihe American people was prc- ^"ncribed by Norman Dean, cxccu vice president of tlir Weld 'miiity Bunk, in on address nn usincss Ethics bcforo the Ki 'anls club Thursday In obscrvn- ion of Religion in American Life Dishonesty apparently nourishes cheating has reached new | sn , ^eights, the speaker said. Points ing ay" e s '''e' c ' lo l in advertising, r j nr ii,,,,fause "your competitor does." i G«verrtm*ri1 F*!s«hoods nore--was noted as a method of misrepresentation that has be- -omc standard. Ent»rt«lnm«nt, School Dean listed business and spoils indicaP hackee , lin cV 'I 10 national government world ) as . had lo correct its deliberately raises' 8 ' 50 . West. ' T h e government denied Ihe U-2 WhiK ,)lanc sltot down over Russia ever peeled pas there let i1one being shot from j, ,knrn. Finlnn'i After an invasion fleet had as. Uj jemblcd off Cuba under lire CIA. ' 10 ossau " wns doomed lo failure sibilitv 1 ' lcn 1 ' 10 wns ctaiigcd (o is ot l Thcr ltmsu P' xr '' that tr 1 '^ " lc United States had any g can( jjhing to do with tlio invasion, find proppr 00 " " gradually admitted it did. and a 1 '^ 1 ?' sor ' °^ example did '.lie be (htjovornmont set in these two IK '[·| lcs iasions? Dean asked. time. I ' Ci)ts P r k « FWn 9 Is goii Dean c\[ci Fortune magazine sensuL 15 source of his information on 22nd cr* 16 Indictment of W elecfric.i! to hay 11anu f ac ' llrcrs f° r price fixing. the m '°' ve i ' werc bids on over a World, 1 '"' 011 dollalrs worth of electrical ·ifh e :quipmcnt. ;.:;! [ The judge said: "Wliat Is 3! V^ggtakc here is the free enterprise ·:\-. yslctn." : : : V'AS Senator Kefauver's comment on COpt Cjihony packaging-- huge packages sas isartly filled wild breakfast footi Kajisijo persuade the buyer he's getting ienllis NOTICE OF . . F I \ A 1 , SKTTIiKMI-: P » - l h e C n n w i j - Court I n the CiiHnl]- i,f \\rl.l -. _ . 5 ( n ( r nf,ir«.!r ·T C No. SC20 (STATE OP :·· ,:HARLKS \v. HARRISON, ' Md Notice IH hereby' frlvcn that I :''. ilRVO filed my f i n M report In tli« :* ''ounty Court of \Veid County, w^H?o!orAdo, -And thai nny persoti 3«slriira to object to tho same ·hall flic written objection .-.-.. · ho said court on or before No- Member 30. 1061. , PHYT.I.IS L. HARKISUN, A d m i n i s t r a t r i x ·lelvln Dinner L t t o r n e y at Lau- ·' 00 Flral.NntlonfiMBank Biiildinq Krocloy, Colorado ,:iie Qi-ecloy Dully Tribune. )ct. 27, Nov.'3, 18. 17, 1S61 ^ \OTICE * ;· I K c I l l n l r l e l Cniirt, C'o.nlj | Welri, Slnte nt Colorado M No. H010 m n MLO M a t t e r of tho De-) M e r m i n a t t o n of I n t e r e s t s 'In) * .'roiierty pi M. Blzlna Hook,) )eccasod. . ) THE PUOl'I.E OF THE STATE ^^K COLORADO: ^^ To. H. U Hook, Keith Hook; J :. Hook, Ruth Monteltlv Jesse look, James Hook, Ruby Couch'- nan, Roberta Johnson and lo al Jtlier persons who are or claln o be liolrs of paid decedent, am 0 all persons Interested. GREETING: Tako Notice that a iietlllon ins been f l l d d In this cause, Hi eglnc lhat tho above-named dc .edciit died leaving an undlvldct nd-halC ( ^ ) Interest tn and to 'ho following described property · Lots 1, 2. 3, 4 and 5 and tho Southeast Quarter (SKli) of. :thc Northwest Quarter, (NW U ) : »nd the South Holl (S',4) of itiio Kortlicnat Quarter (NE 1 ^) .of Section Six (6) Township Nine (9) North, Ranpo Flfly- elRht (5S), \Vest of the Sixth P.M., In Weld County, Colo- That the petition names tin -.bovo persons as the heirs of thi ·lecedent, nnd the present-owner -if tho said property. ' You are notified to answer salt iclHlon w i t h i n twenty (20) day ^a l 'tcr service of this notice 01 c*,/oii (If served by publication SJii-lthtn t w e n t y ( 2 0 ) days afte ho last publication of this no Afllco) and In default of an an H»wor, the Court will proceed t If )ear the matter as p r o v i d e d b' nA *he law. ", I Dated at Greelcy, Colorad tlo 'hls 25th day of October, 1561. V T" 1 HOBERT W. RHODE C!erk of t h e District Court 1 By BETTY L. PRYOI1, 4vcst "nil \Vest Vttorneys for Petitioner 1 13 nreeley BulMinB ircelcy, Colorado The Greeley Daily Tribune, fcct- 27, Nov a', 10, 17. 1S61. in th« past will bring success In ;be future. These are, In banking at least: Integrity, Industry, in- CelHgence, knowledge, courage.' l Therc fj 'also a universal rule Uiat applies equally to all men re gardless ot business or profession, race, color or creed. nfracllons, among them the quiz lhe Law and lhe p rophe E S . l k lt is. in Christianity, Matthew 7:12: 'All things whatsoever ye George Brooks, would that men should do to you, do yet even so to them: for this is program. bows, th c basketball scandals. lie prize fight fixing. He reported survey showed 55 per cent D! lie University of California sii ients cheat: 65 per cent .of slu- cnts in another school said they liealcd. In Grceley High School in a re- cut survey, Dean, president o lie school board, reported 6C pel cnt of.the students sairl there wm a substantial amount of cheat. "«·' One firm revealed that cigh ·mploycs had been running the! irivalc cars five years on com jany gas Tho Ford plant in Hallway, N I., discovered that employes ha imugglcd out of the plant $100, 900 worth of parts which they soli 0 a parts dealer. "When these practices arc sc prevalent and widely accepted nnd often condoned, is it; impos ible for you and for mu lo main nin a high standard of ethics ilness?" Dean asked. Professional Codei Lay4*d 'lias a better code of ethic yet been devised for you medica men than the Hlppocratic Oath 1 will follow' that method of treat mcnt, which, according to my abi! ty and judgment, I consider fo ho benefit of my patients, an abstain from whatever is deleter ous and mischievous--with purih arid with holiness, I will practic my art/' "As lawyers can you do bclte ban to remember your own cano of ethics?. · ·· " 'The future of the Republic o a great extent, depends upo iur maintenance of justice, pur nnd unsullied. H cannot be main ained unless the condticl and mo ivcs of the members of our pro cssion arc such as to merit th' ipproval of all just men.' .ldj| Business Standard "Twenty-five years ago Ihe late Edward Eagle Brown--one of'th most respected, bankers in -tin nation-- analyzed tlie qualitie: ceded for success ir_ banking. Hi aid: · .'Whatever changes; m mc in pur economic dr-politica fe · tiie .same fundamentaI thing; isi have brought success lo-mer VOTE FOR VANTINE Word I Councilman He fqvors on adequate supply and distribution of water for all .citizens of Greetey. The Boyd Lake project is essential. Committee for Vantin BE PREPARED WINTER WILL SOON BE HERE Sealed-Charge BATTERIES ALL SIZES IN" STOCK SA95 6 9 12-V Exchange 6-V Exchange »13.95 TWO Y E A R GUARANTEE ANTI-FREEZE $169 1 Not Installed RAPP'S GAS * 2601 10th St. * 2445 ftth Av*. Your U. S. Royal Tire 4 Battery Dif ame thing." Dean said, and uoled them. He concluded: "Still * question in your mind as to how you can be sure to be! ethical? "1 can only quote Shakespeare: 'This above all, to thine own self be [rue, and it must follow as night, thou cans'l not then be false (o any man.'" IIJV w BtJJ IIJOJ1. , . ,., .. .1 . Candidates In the city election communism, like the weather, h on Nov. 7 were introduced by A direclurs meeting followed the . The Kiwanis Christmas will be held Dec. 28. parly VIn Judaism it is: Talmud. Shabbat 31a: 'What is hateful to do not lo your fellow man. is the entire law; all the rest is commentary.' "Otfwr religions--Brahmanism, Buddhism, Confucinism, Taoism, nd Islam--say substantially the Commerce, notes that the presi- Coffin Heads Fla. Cemetery Association list of associations in Florida, is- dent of the Florida Cemetery As- USC Granted $325,000 For Communist Research LOS ANGELES (AP) -' Indus. Iriallst Henry Salvatori believes vard-trained Pb. D. and u au tbority on the Soviet Union aod forces, he says; you must know them.' . ·' ·'.-.: Ilia I is why Salvatori and his JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (API--A wife. Grace, have given JMS.OOO planned." ' to Ihe University .of Southern sued by Ihe State Chamber of California to establish a research board chairman of Western Geo- socialkm is Clifford Coffin of Day- USC trustee. institute on Communist strategy and propaganda. Salvatori is a tona Beach. The institute will be headed by Dr. Rodger Swearingen, .» Har- fcam *e feeling-of* deep disap- Ct, Cnllint Will pointmCTtand.ditroayAthepcw- ' » · VOIIIn TTMI erle*sn*sj-of our foreign* policies to stave off one 'disaster after another at the hands of the Communists," he'said in'an interview Wednesday. "It seems to me that ooe of our weaknesses has been to most people a formidable but communism, first off, Swearin- only vaguely understood forced gen uy«, "we wjll assemble a obviously capable of devastation, professional slafl which will but through processes which even elude eminent authorities in .this many educated men do not,comprehend. .' " . To control or' counteract such specialized courses bi the inter- field from all over the... world. A research program,- additional national relations school curricu * .teachers' seminar are all Salvatori, »0, 'U founder and a lack of understanding of Ihe Communist methods." They Were Fast Working Thieves' SAVANNAH, Ga. (API-John Williams went to the fair, parked lum, a public lecture series and his car and spent two'hours on the midway. When he returned to his car he discovered fast-working thieves had removed two wheels and tires, the carburetor, battery, generator, radiator, manifold and transmission. physical Co., which conducts ex. ptoralory work around the worldi for major oil concerns. | -=-1-: "I have shared with most Amer-lUSC THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS Study Longer School Year FORT COLLINS -- Th« Fort Collins School District will study the possibility of lengthening th* school year to'11 or 12 months to increase utilization of facilities. · . . · . The board took the action calling for study at the same time it. set a $3,225,000 bond issue flec- tion for Dec. 12. · ' . Board members suggesling the study said that efficient use of buildings and facilities would ba improved by a longer school term. \ BRUSSELS -- Hot beverage dis-' pensers appeal to the Belgian pub-' lie and may soon find wide dU- tribution in that country. MOUNTAIN-HIGH" RATE ,, s ... "i Plus: Free r . · ' · . ' · · · ; ' .Green Stamps or Wonderful Free Gifts ; bcBoard of Directors of Moua, tain Savings have announced their intention to pay a new higher dividend at the annual rate of for the six month period ending December 31, higher rate means your savings account at Mountain Savings earns more for you... is more valuable to you than ever I Here is the modern, the profitable place to save. Open an insured, high earning savings account or add to your earning that high, high rate of 4^% now! 'AIL THIS-AND FREE S H GREEN STAMPS, TOO! ·t «r add to your savings account in the following amounts: £lieoio $489 . . . Receive FREE 250 S H Green Stamp* "- '-TBtl to $999 . .. Receive FREE 500 S H Green Stamp* :,000 or more . Receive FREE 850 S H Green Stamps OR IF YOU PREFER, 1 OF THESE 2 FREE GIFTS IS YOURSI^,,, * i - -' ' · Colorful two-piece bath set... FREE when yon open or add $300 or more to an insured saving* account. Aladdin Hot 'R Cold Bottle... FREE when you open or add $500 or more to an nly one gift to a customer; limit of 850 ttampi io any one perton. SAVINGS ACCOUNTS INSURED TO $10,000^ Accounts opened on or before the tenth of any month earn from the first Office Hour.: M»n4ay-FrMay 1:00 A.M. to S:00 P.M.--CIsMd *«iird«r» AMD LOAN A * 3 O C I A T 1.0 N BouM«r Owe* 1300 Brotdwty, Bultkr. Color**!, HUlcmt t-tOK Offlc* 4KCotlm*nS., Longman!, Cohndo, PR t-lX? Ofne* na Ninth Avwut. 6ttttiy. Colorttlo, fifHt t-HM

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