Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 15, 1957 · Page 20
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 20

Greeley, Colorado
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Saturday, June 15, 1957
Page 20
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Tage 10 GHEELEY TRIBUNE Saturday. June 15. 1957 Sanitarians oi County Kept Busy in '56 ' n a t a l , 1.C82; other, 1.023; quantia- I live, 58. I Blood typing: Ith factor, 9JO; i blood grouping. 950. ! Blood cultures .brucclla and typhoid), 4. ! Stools: Kntcric pathogens, S; intestinal parasites, 20. ! Throat: Diphtheria, 1; hcinolylic ^Ireptococci, 20. ' Spulum (Tbs): Smears, 62: cultures, -17. (ionorrhca: Smears, 33; cultures I. Darkfield. 2. CouchplaU'i: 11. Pertussis. 4. Water: M u n i c i p a l , 70(1; p r i v a t e , 143: s t a n d a r d plate counts, M. M i l k : S t a n d a r d plute counts, 2.330; f u l i f n r m counl, 382; sicriluy i t e s l of nmlainers. 3; brucella ring Wirlh Urges Colo. State Parks System 4-H Clubs Colorado University Conference Sanitarians of the Weld county health department made 1,749 inspections ' last year ol operating food-handling establishments, d a i r y f a r m s , fond proi'L'.-in^, m a n u f a c - turing and .slaughtering plants. The s a n i t a r i a n s were f r e q u e n t l y called into consultation iiy ri-^tau- tcM?i, 188. rani and dairymen b u i l d i n g n e w : C h e m i c a l - m i l k : establishments to .serve or process i p l m s p h a t a s c , 855. food and milk and made 37G calls . Water: Fluoride for this purpose alone. The 1056 a n n u a l report of t h e h e a l t h d e p a r t m e n t also reveals t h a t j 777 field visits were iiuiilu lo milk j plants, schools, public and private | water supplies, sewage disposal i plants, c a m p sites and s w i m m i n g j Egf ASSOCiallOH (1690 p00 ' 5 ' 135 R«,.n t ^.id Trip, jWoulfJ Belter Justice Rodent survey field trips n u m - bered 135. Samples of food, milk, carbonated beverages and w a t e r samples t o t a l i n g 3.33G were collected by the s a n i t a r i a n s [or laboratory leslinu. .17; O t h e r : Urimilysis. 2fi; swrth rinse tests, 'i\ blood sediiiiciHatiori rales, 27; v e t e r i n a r y tests. 278; blood connls, 1; unrlitbsified. 3. in U.S. Traffic Courts f i O I . D K X , Colo. V -- A slnma s y s t e m n( slate n;irks in the oi'.'lil Malt 1 .', uf Ihc fluciiy M o u n t a i n it:- · tfion was urged S a t u r d a y hy Conrad K. Wirth, director of ihc N a - lional Park Service. In a spc-cch prepared for Ihn 32nd annual convrn'.ion nf the Co!-: orado division of ihr Izaak W a i - ' ton League. Wirth s a i d : "The n e x t 10 ycim in enn-'er- valion may well dc-lermine w h e i h - - cr this cuunlry will continue lo ht the land of t-reut n a t u r a l 1 e.s and of open paces, nv.'iil.iWe for Ihc hencfit and enjoyment of all." II is T-ntouriiKing in t h i s .cdnncc- l i o n , he said, to learn of liie af- i lion of Colorado's L e g i s l a t u r e in · establishing a new Stale Dent, of N a t u r a l Resources. I Turning lo t h e oilier states of j l h c region, M o n t a n a , Idaho, W y r i - J ; miriR, U l a h . N e v a d a , Arizona and | ' N e w Mexico, Wirlh said they r u n - , l a i n m a n y of the finest vacation j lands m the c o u n l r y . ; "Every one of these ei»hi s l a t e s v »"cly of seen- (Blue-South PlaHe Hearings Will Be I Resumed on Tues. Hearings on the controversial liluc River-South Platte water '. conservancy district arc to be re] sumcd in district court at 9:30 a.m. ! Tuesday and are expected to be 1 runlinupil until all testimony in the case has been heard. Dulles Entered Foreign Affairs SO Years Ago By JOHN M. HIGHTOWER WASHINGTON' LT--Secretary of Ali attorneys involved in the case j Stale- Dulles Saturday observed were notified some lime ago by i ihc Mih anniversary of his start ' J u d g e Donald A. Carpenter l h a t l u i diplomacy, i he intends to continue the hearing His career in foreign affairs be- J strating uesday until the case has san on June 15, 1907, when he al- beon concluded. [tended the .second H a g u e - peace This includes motions and Icsti- A salute to their hott, Colorado Stata University, ii spelled out by delegates attending Ibe Colorado 4-H Club Conference, June 13-15. ^everal hundred delegates a r e shown on the campus as Ihey form · giant "4-H" in an outline of Colorado. Topping off the formation is a "C5U". About 1,500 delegates from 54 Colorado counties attended the three-day state meeting. (Colorado State University Photo) , · u iiii Dunns Ihe year 6 . M 5 . i i c | , i a n i . ! t I a y YELLOWSTONE P A R K ifl -C h a r l e s S. n h v n c of Washington, i l ) . C., prcMdeni-clcct of the A m c r - · Pousses " llnr Assn., declared S a l u r - . l r atlracl.cms, n a t i v e wildlife anrl mals were .slaughtered under inspection of v e t e r i n a r i a n s , and "believe if or not," Ihc reports states, "four of these were b u f f a l o . " Of the tolal slaughtered, 828 had to be condemned in whole or in ( h a for im- fithcr f e a t u r e s of interest as well p r o v i n g the a d m i n i s t r a t i o n of j u s - ! TM v i l n 1 ' picturesque and inspir- Ir.-iffic courts. i l n K P l o n c c r history," Wirth said. lice in Ihc nation's manage . . . al- In a speech prepared for d c l i v - 1 ' l n c designation and cry lo 200 delegates at the a n n u a l ' m c n l "' ma "y o[ lllcsc ... convention of Ihe M o n l a n a Bnr l r n c l l o n s as s l a l n "arks woul(l n ° l The Army's ouslcr of provisional Assn., Rync said il is in the Iraf-'"" 1 ? c n r i c h l n c l i v c s °' tnc slal «' President' D a n i e l Fignole has Pignoie Ouster Brings Protest POflT AU P R I N C E , l l a i l i (ft - part because of disease, injury ur i fi c court l h a t the average citizen ' fcsidems and thc^ visitors' but | i, r 0 u f i hi sullen protests from the Ford Truck Tragedy LA JUNTA, Colo. Of, -- A coroner's jury fixed no blame for lhc| I" The Courts Howard Murray's JP Court Marvin Dale Anderson of Gree- Icy, driving wrong side of road, unsanitary conditions. Dr. Blake Finds Conditions Improved "Dr. W. G. Dlake f i n d s 'belter processing and handling hy operators in the county encouraging,' " according lo the report " 'Their premises are tidier and flics well controlled.' He anticipates t h a i standards will be raised even higher in 1057." Laboratory Link in Protection The baclcriologisl, his laboratory and assistant arc important links in the network of protection set up hy the department. The laboratory has facilities for Isolating and identifying most of Hie his only impression of j u s - i w o u l ( l increase lhc n u m b e r of dol-: 5 t,- cct crow ds he championed. lars spent by tourists in this g e n - 1 But Ihus far these groups, made cral region." IS10 and costs. irain-truck collision near Rocky Eugene Donald Schisslcr of Dcn- Ford Tuesday which killed 12 and \ cr - »PC" (ruck on eonstruc- injured five others, three of them ll . on P r °-! cet . wl . th Mclro hccnsc gams tice. "Such experiences." lie s a i d , "too often leave the citizen with a sense of bitter d i s a p p o i n t m e n t and the feeling of unjust treatment that can lead lo outright disrespect for all l a w , all courls, all judges and all lawyers." R h y n c also said chief justices of state supreme court should be required to report lo each session of their legislatures, fic said the ABA is supporting this nroposal on a n a t i o n a l scale. f a y i n g tribute to the legal profession and bar associations, he said, "No group of persons in America contributes more of its Saying that five of the eight states regard travel Ihrce biggest up of workers from the capital's poorest districts, have refined Ilicir industries, Wirth said lhat less t h a n one dollar out of every $3,000 in taxes from lighl violence in Ihe face of rein plnccrl on Porl I'rincc by the military j u n t a that booted Fignolc' out of office and organisms causing bacterial d i s - j i i m c and cfforl lo uncompcnsaled eases, including tuberculosis and venereal diseases, and stands ready lo assist physicians. Examination of palient's blnod, Ihe report adds, is oflcn useful in identifying such diseases as Rocky Mountain spotted fever, t y p h u s , tularcmia nuclcosis. and infcclious mono- public service than lawyers." Collision Damages Car A collision at the intersection of Eleventh avenue and Eleventh street about 5:04 p.m. Friday resulted in d a m a g e of ?W each lo a 1!M8 Chevrolet 2-door driven hy Mrs. Ethel Tallman of 1118 Fifth street and a IDS'! Ford 4-rioor driven by Joyce E. Burke of 1231 Twelfth avenue, police reported. The Joyce girl, driving west on eleventh street, stopped for Ihc ilop sign on Eleventh avenue. She [ailed lo sec Mrs. Tallman's machine, travcJinc; south on Eleventh dom samples of Grceley water [or I nvcnuo, and slnrled across Ihe in- Serological e x a m i n a t i o n , in addition, is Ircquently helpful in diagnosing such diseases ns brucellosis, 'typhoid fever and paratyphoid fever. The laboratory also runs the premarital and p r o n n t a l blood Icsls for syphillis required by Colorado law. Greeley Water Analyzed The sanitarians take five r a n - analysis each week, and all other municipal water supplies arc examined twice a month. All farms producing milk fnr sale hi (he county arc checked once a month for bacteriological cleanliness of Ihcir milk. To be sure thai milk is properly pasteurized, samples of all types of milk markclcd hy dairies ·re lestcd chemically and baclcri- ologicnlly each month. Bullcrfal analyses arc done lo liclerminc whether ilniry products meet state standards. Periodically all public caling places in Grcclcy arc checked lor bacteriological cleanincss of tableware and ulcn- ftils. Sanitation Activities Outlined The following is a ' b r e a k d o w n of I h e . activities of the sanilari.nns during the y e a r : Protection of food and drinV: New food-handling establishments approved, 15; conferences with rest a u r a n t owners regarding construction of food establishments. 250; field visits to food-handling establishments (inspection), 617; collection of samples for swab rinse tnsl, B; slaughter plant inspections, 33. 'Bakery inspection. 1; food m a n u - facturing plant inspection, Hi; carbonated beverage p l a n t inspection, I, collection of (nml samples for laboratory inspection, 2; public lectures and talks, 2; attendance, 15. Other services, I05; official eon- Terences, 138; jnimal.s slaughtered under injpcclion. fi.Slfl; carcasses condemned in whole or part. 817; other, 11. Prolcclion of milk: New dairies approved, 37; dairy (arm field visits lo assist in construction, 126;"dairy f a r m inspections, 454; new milk plants placed under supervision. 3; field visits lo milk plants, llil: samples collected for laboratory ex.iminalion, 2330- other services, 282; public leciurrs and t a l k s , 1; a t t e n d a n c e . 18; official conferences. MB. General s a n i t a t i o n . Approved individual water nip icrscction. collected hy the eight stales i s i i n i o exile Friday. spfit on their stale parks. I Fignolc, one of 10 candidates Federal holdings present b o l h : r o r president in elections that advantages and disadvantages in have been twice postponed,. was these stales, he said, adding: !(| lc f a v 0 r i l c of the worker groups. "One segment of h u m a n nature iThcy demonstrated for his return will say thai Ihe federal government has more t h a n half of the land in these eight Western states; let the federal government provide our recreation facilities. "Anolher segment of h u m a n na- lure will recognize thai the federal govcrnmcnl has nol, cannot and will not create, preserve and manage the stale's rccrcalion areas and historic shrines as the slalcs can and should do for Ihcm- sclvos. seriously. Teslimony al Ihe Thursday night inquest conflicted on whether the air horn of lhc 56-car Sanla Fe freight blew before lhc engine ripped Into the light truck loaded wilh farm laborers. Engineer William Inskecp said the riicscl's horn was sounding before lhc crash even Ihough railroad rules do nol require a signal al lhc privale crossing. Joe T. Lucero, 23, and cano,. 13, who survived the acci .denl both lestified they heard no ! horn. They atlributod their escape plates, dismissed. Tony Valencia of Gill, no operator's license, S10 and'cosls. Joe U. Garcia of Grceley, no operator's license, dismissed. D. F. Matheson's JP Court Jnmes Bunting of Greeley, careless driving, $10 and costs. icy Friday under the guns of the A r m y , but wcnl home at 8 p.m. when a curfew went Heavily armed troops i.n.njn:n, - -Porl Au Prince and sealed off all Luccro's falhcr and molhcr were Hells Canyon Dam . j Up for Debate Soon i- r WASHINGTON Ml -- Sen. Dcmo- c r i ( M a I i c ' d palrolcd]' 0 °° artl ln « tTMck. exits to lhc counlryside. junta whicH and assumed "Stale parks can hecomc the crowning achievement of public vision and i n t N l i g c n t self-government only through the vifior- 0115 and unlifihtcncd .support of the states themselves." Another speaker was Edward Woozley, director of the Dept. o( Interior's Bureau of Land Management. He outlined the work being done by the bureau. To meet expanding population, said Woozlcy. increasing demands The three-man threw out Fignolc power pending elections was lhc sixth new government in Haiti .since December. KignoLe was in power only 19 days. The jifnta i? header! hy Brig. Gen. Antonio Kchreau, 48-year-old Army chief of staff. killed in the crash and his wife was'seriously injured, The Licano girl's father also was killed. He was the driver of the true'". Gallant Man Wins Belmonl in Record NEW YORK im -- Gallanl Man, second in the Kentucky Derby, won the 8lh Bolmont Stakes Saturday in track record time of 2:20 3-5 for the mile and one-half. arc being made on public lands-- ] Inside Tract was second and Bold The girl was charged with c a r e - , C V ( ! n i a n d beneath the sea. "We Ruler faded lo third place, in Ihc - - less d r i v i n g by Police Officer Donald Hughes, who mvcsligaled Jcciclcnl. nc(;[ i ]an[ | /or h o m c 5 ., n( | slrdch d[ . ivc - lhc , or rallchcs anri , a r m s l o s l l p n l v an eslimaled 42 per cent increase Mrs. Frances K Formerly of Greeley, Dies Friday in Denver Recilalion of the Rosary for Mrs. Frances K. Laync, 65, a former (ircoley resident, will be. held al the Howard morluary in Denver Monday al 8 p.m. Requiem Mass will he said Tuesday morning al 9 o'clock al SI. Francis De Sales Catholic church. Inlcrmenl al Mount Olivet. Mrs. Layne died Friday al SI. Joseph's hospilnl a f t e r several months illness. Mrs. Laync was born in Her- Ihoud J a n . 10, 1802. She attended Highland Lake schools, July 4, 1914 she m a r r i e d Albert Laync at Longmonl. A farmer and rancher, Laynr died in February nf 1045. Mrs. Laync moved lo Denver from slarling Tuesday until the case has lived at 384 South Logan street, She was active in Catholic work. Surviving arc a daughlcr, Mrs. Josephine Egbert of Denver and a brother. Edward Summers, also of Denver. Funeral Services for Everett W. Clay lo Be Here Wednesday Funeral 'services for Everclt W. Clay, of Reno, Nev., will hc Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock the Adamson M e m o r i a l chapel. Clay died Friday morning. Hc was born June 2C, 1906 in Galesburg. III. His sisler, Mrs.. C. F. n a k e r i n k , was a former owner of Ihc Home Dairy Cafe. Clay worked in food products we will need 1975.' by At the Hospital Admlllerl In Ihe Weld County General hospital Friday. J u n e 14: Mrs. Robert E. Sccord, 1300 N i n t h avenue; Rodney Cupp, 409 Si.v- leenlh Avenue court; J u a n i l a Noel, Plattcvill Dean and Christine Butz, 130G Sixteenth avenue; K a t h - leen Peters, Brush; Mrs. Friedcrich Rickenbcrg, 702 T w e n t y - 1 h i r ri street; David Hctlingcr. Ealon; Mrs. Ralph Graff. La Snllc; Mrs. John Trujillo, 125!-i F.ighth avenue; Mrs. Isabcllc Anfanso, Johnstown: Frank Botlclo Jr.,'and Mary Louise Botlclo, Johnstown. Dismissed: V c r n o n J a c k m a n , Kersey; Mrs. Moria E. Kraus, 2135 Sixth avenue; Chavcs Gill DC Luna, 116 . Fourteenth avenue; It.indy Johnston, Denver; Shcri Iteiff, 829 N i n e t e e n t h s t r e e t ; Patricia nil- Icy. Millikcn; Larry Orccnhagcn. Kcenesburg; R o l i n r M a r l c l t , 15301 Seventh avenue; Chari L a m b e r t , ) 2.133 Ninth slrccl; Paul Vasqucz, c;ri | lanl M;lrii o w n c d by n a l p h Lowe of Midland, Tex. and ridden by Willie Shoemaker, clipped one second off lhc Irack record as he came from fnr behind in Ihe last h a l f mile and won hy . eight lengths. The lime also bellered the A m e r i c a n record for the dislance of 2:27 3-5; Inside Tract, owncd hy the D. and M. Ktablcs, also closed fast and finished four lengths in front of Bold Ruler. Lakewood Man Freed of Charge He Shot Lad GOLDEN (m -- Lorcn L. Nestlcr of Lakewood has been freed of charges brought after he shot an 18-year-old youth lo death on Ncstlcr's lawn Nov. 22. The youth, John W. Snyder of Denver, had been wanted for suspicion of a u t o thefl. Nestlcr, 30, testified al Ihe D i s - i f j r s t child.. Stork Express Born to Mr. and Mrs. Byron Brawner of 720 Fifteenth street a daughter Friday, June 14, al the Weld County General hospital. Born lo Mr. and Mrs. Anlonio Baros of T i m n o l h a son Saturday, June 15, al the Weld County General hospital. Born lo Mrs. Myron Harrison and the lale Myron Harrison o[ 717 Fiflh slreet a daughter Saturday. June 15, at the Weld Counly General hospital. Born to Mr. and Mrs. James Shernll of 240 South Corona, Denver, a daughter Thursday, June 13. She has been named Pamela Lynn. The Sherill's firsl child weighed 8 pounds and 2 ounces. Mrs. Sherrill is the former Nancy Kay Ttice, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William D. Rice of 1929 Scv- enlh avenue. Pamela Lynn is the third great pranddaughler of Mrs. Sara Cook of Gill. Great grandparents arc Mr. and Mrs. James A. Cook, 502 Twcnly-lhird street, and Mr. and Mrs. L E. Kice, 2021 Seventh avenue. Born lo Mr. and Mrs. Ted Dut- lon of Minneapolis! Minn., a dauph- ter Friday, June 14. She weighed 6 pounds, 9 ounces. Mrs. Dutlon is Ihe former Lizbclh Overstreel, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Merle Overslreot of 1902 Eleventh a v e - nue. P a t e r n a l grandparents arc | Mr. and Mrs. Fred Dullon of Clcvc- I land, Ohio. This is the couple's Irict Court trial that Snyder c a m e j in gelling his car to move. Nest- j ExtTflS OH lo his house at 3 a.m., asked l h c said hc was suspicious a n d i . .. , , j r l I Ihc youlh wilh a gun while! JOT IK6 110060 LOSl telephoned the sheriff. j Mead; Tlndncy Cupp, 400 Sixteenth , w h p n Snv(|cr r a n |rom ( h e j iu-T.'!.TM 1 . ; ..-TM nCl !'.." lb1 "' 4 * 5 ! House, Neslicr said hc shouted lo then fired three was later found FORT WORTH, Tex. Ml -- The said Friday he Hells Canyon Dam bill is lo be called up for debate in the Senate nc.xl week. The assistant Democratic leader told a newsman Ihc authorization bill for a big federal dam in the Snake River will be called up Tuesday or Wednesday "barring unforeseen happenings." The project would flood the sites of three smaller dams authorized for construction in the river bordering Idaho and Oregon by the Idaho Power Co. under a Federal Power Commission, license. The authorization hill, cosponsored by 28 senators, is similar to one defeated by 10 votes in the Senate last year. Some Southern | Democrats joined Republicans in opposition to the measure. Sen. Murray ^(D-Monl) chairman of lhc Senate Interior Commitlee which approved the new bill, said he believes it "has a good chance" for passage--"considerably bcller than last year." The bill would authorize a high dam and other project works estimated to cost 5489,594,000. Proponents say the dam would add more than a mallion kilowatts of generating capacity to the federal power system in the Pacific Northwest, impound three million acrel mony of the objectors, the towns Englcwood. Aurora, Golden, Lilllelon and Cherry Hills village, and 10 or 12 individuals. In addition, testimony of Ihe petitioners for the district will be heard and all other matters relating to the conference as a member of the Chinese delegation. Aides said Ihe 69-year-old Dulles was celebrating the occasion by working as usual- As is his Saturday custom, hc planned lo remain at home--preparing a be delivered in San speech to Francisco June 28 and gelling ready for a Platleville School Bids Open Tuesday Bids on a $190,000 bond issue to finance construction of a new elc- menlary school at Platleville will be opened in lhc office of lhc sup- erinlendenl, located in Ihe high school, at 8 p.m. Tuesday. Volcrs of the Platleville district approved the bond issue, 273-186, al an election last May 6. The district holds an option on a tract of land a block south, of the present school and will, lake possession Del. 1. It hopes to begin construclion of the building shortly aflcr taking possession of Ihe site and have it ready for use by Ihe fall .of 1959. Included in the new elemcnlary building will be 10 classrooms, a kindergarten, an all-purpbse room and office space. It will be a concrele block slruclure with brick facing. Henry Koch, Denver archilect, has completed preliminary drawings. Strangers Found Asleep in Millionaire's Home MOAB, Utah Ml - Two men were found sleeping Friday in the home, of u r a n i u m millionaire Charles A. Stecn and police jailed them for investigation of burglary. Steen and his family are vacationing in Europe. Sheriff John Pierce, 45, of Grand County Slocks said Olio W C 3 L , I 1 I I U U U 1 I U U I L £ £ I111111UI1 f i U L ^ I , - .. feet of waler lor flood control and] w e r e S '\ eP T g °" ,,,.,,,,;,(,, m ,n,, ,,»,,,,. h n n n f ; t . '°° m u c n h J uor - Houston, Tex., and Lon Kelle-y, 42, of Cement, OWa., apparently effecls of provide many olher Idaho Power says its three d a m s ! could be built for. 133 million dol-l lar» and Ihcy would produce nearly as much power and as m a n y other benefits as the federal planl. Rains Fail To i Put off Grover Rodeo The Grovcr rorlco is being held as scheduled Saturday and Sunday afternoon beginning al 2 p.m. Glenn Cowlcy, c h a i r m a n of the rodeo said Salurday noon. Heavy rains in Grovcr had marie il questionable whether the rodeo would he held. The other events will also he held These include at the Grover ing Saturday night and the dinners scheduled, he added. an annual dance c o m m u n i t y build- Thirteenth avenue: Mrs. Minnie ],,;,,, ,, s n d Bowles. Bonell home; Mrs. Archie '(\ mes dead Snyder in a snowbank nearby. The c a m r Friday rr a Golden District Court of 11 men nnri 1 woman i cratcc 1 . 27 m i n u t e s . B. Nash, W r a y ; R i c h a r d Southers. F.atnn; Doyle Bolenhaugh, 120 Fourteenth a v e n u e : Mrs. Ernest Carpenter, 1624 Ninlh avenue; William L. Clark, 2118 Davis street; Gloria Dorsey. 2107 Fourlrenlh street; Van Syhrandt, J o h n s t o w n ; ! Mrs. Lawrence Jackson, Cocly.l 12 Cadets fO Wyo.: Mrs. Lewie E. Mcnkc a n d , son 1221; Eleventh a v e n u e ; Mrs. j EnCaiTlpment 3f Rohcrl 0. Burgess and d a u g h t e r . I r ftto'j Twentieth a v e n u e ; Mrs! I.en- narl Carlson and snn. Route 2; ,, , ,, ,. !,,.,, L n i : f l - _ ( c _ _ cxt [ as J . I e ,- ?. hchcropl f. rs p nn , n ., s( , d Dy tnc A ] r Force [ or lnc [^ of p 5rc5 i d?n , Eisenhower I n °° nS ]ampeA ihc cost on c a c h 'copier lo be served by the Grover VFW Salurday and Sunday noons and by 536,750, according lo a Bell Hoi-j 3 {h e f|s ReDOrled .-Jr.. l i c o p t c r Corp. spokesman. j _| ! The "extras" include rolor i brakes, which slow lhc rolor Wades | A contractor discovered fhe luxurious home had been broken into and officers found two men asleep on Iwin beds. Lawmen quietly took possession of a nearby double-barrel sholgun. Kelley and Pierce were placed under 51,500' bond each. Jewelry, rings and a coin collection were recovered. Boat Races at Loveland July 14 LOVELAND, Colo «1 -- Loveland's Junior Chamber of Commerce will sponsor -an aflernoon of boat races on Lake Loveland July 14. The races will be open lo hydroplanes and all other boats wilh a motor rated at 25 horsepower or next week. Dulles had nol spent all these Judge Carpenter said Saturday (congressional eommitlee mccling he fell Ihe case has reached Ihc point now where il can be continued without interruption without prejudice lo the interests of any of the parties. He added, if il is necessary to continue the hearing beyond next week, he would arrange to continues the hearing the following week. Hearings on the proposal lo establish Ihc water conservancy district started in Ihc court in June, 1956. In April of this year. Judge Carpenter dismissed pclilions opposing Ihe formalion of Ihe district signed by 4,281 persons. The proposed district would ,ln- elude land in seven counties, Adams, Arapaho'e, Boulder, Jefferson, Morgan, Douglas and Weld. pasl 50 years in diplomatic work, lie also has had a career as an international lawyer. Bui periodically throughout this half century of his Jife he has held a number of important dip* lomatic assignments under both Republican uiiu Democratic presidents. He wcnl to Ihe Hague meeting as a member of the Chinese dele- gallon because his grandfalhcr, John W. Fosler, a career, diplomat and one-lime secretary of stale himself, attended as cipal representative of pnn- China. Records show lhat in Ihosc days foreign governments sometimes used professional diplomats of other nations lo represent them at international conferences. His grandfather put Dulles on Ihe delegation as a secretary. Because of his proficiency in French and what was considered a skill in gelling on with people, Dulles also was made a secretary of Ihe general conference. He recalls lhat his dulies then were not so 1 much concerned wilh the great issues of peace as Ihcy were with the problems of protocol and translation, the routine work of any international meeting. His next diplomatic assignment came in 1917 when President Wilson sent him to Panama to help linn up that nation and other central American countries for defense of the Panama Canal in the first World War. Laler, he also served wilh Wilson al Ihe Versailles peace conference, and from then on drew diplomatic assignments with relative frequency. Dulles, who was 19 at the lims of the Hague conference, will be 70 next Feb. 25. Tegtmans Return from. Convention of Sheriffs . Sheriff and Mrs. W. C. Tegtman returned to Greeley Friday evening from Galveston, Tex., where they atlended the annual convention of Ihe National Sheriffs Association. The convention opened last Sunday and ended Wednesday. Mrs. Tcglman was one of four deputy sheriffs present at the convention, which was attended by about 550 sheriffs and their families from Ihroughout the country. Tegtman, who is stale director for the association in Colorado, was able to obtain.the unanimous vole of the association's commillee on convenlions for holding of the 1960 national convention in Colorado. The sheriff also spoke during the convenlion on Ihe need of having, two deputies Iravel togelher in a car when making invcsligations. However, he urged the deputies traveling together be alternated, so they wouldn't form "teams." Both the sheriff and Mrs. Tegtman appeared on a television program broadcast by station KGUL al Houslon during the convention, Mrs. Tegtman demonstrating guns being displayed at the convenlion, including a machine gun and carbine. Mrs. Tcglman, who was born at Lone Oak, Tex., visiled relatives in Houslon, Texas Cily and Sulphur Springs while on the trip. We givo "S M" Green Stamp) at your friendly Reiill StorM-- Gilbert-Bishop and W a l d o r a d o Drugi.--Adv. Three t h c f i s of a minor n a t u r e !io a hall faster than ordinary cquip- plies installed, 21; new seplic Isnks j here a year for her. Installed, 27. ', Surviving are two sister. Mrs. Field visils: P r i v a t e premises, JOS; camp silcs. 15; s w i m m i n g pools. 15; complaint investigation?, , an( i several 54; schools, 61; public water sup- 1 plies, 138; sewage plants. -14. Water samples collected 993; Rakerink of Estcs P a r k and Mrs. Powers of Colorado Springs nieces and nephews. Twelve cadets f r o m Ihe Greeley Christine and Dean Bui?., 132C, Six-1 ar " lr " s ' 1t "TM l!1 V morning to at m e n t : routing beacons, s i m i l a r lo Ihe flashing lights on emergency vehicles; night flying e q u i p m e n t ; werc reported lo police here Fri-1 Jay. Waller Jnbc of 1023 Sixth s t r e e t ; seen taken from a nf his car | radio e q u i p m e n t and parls. U n d e r , |¥ , li|( , (hc vc|licle was p a r k c ( i n c a r , "parls" is included a complete· · R fon( 1)nd( , c jt Is | al , ri Grovc pal . k ; lecnth avenue 1 . spare engine system lhc copters. for each of i t e n d the 1957 Civil Air Patrol on-! A spokesman al Bell Helicopter I r n m p m e n l al W a r r e n Air Force j Corp. at Hurst, Tex., near here, Flash Floods Drown 7 Albert F u n e r a l Service! Funeral services for Louise C. mcclings alj_cndcd ; 71; official eon-1 A | 1)crt| 141!) seventh avenue, wi afternoon al 2:30 Adamson Memorial fcrcnces, 497; rodent survey. 1.1.1; i hc M o n d a y other service. 481; public lectures . , ,. ,, ind talks. 9; attendance. 414. ° clocX Laboritory Work The following figures show the work of the laboratory during the Fear: Serology: Agglutinations: Typhoid H. 22; typhoid 0. 22; paratyphoid A. 21; paratyphoid B, 21; brucclla, 50; E rolciis OX ID, 13; lularcmia, 9; elerophile^ 21. about 3 p.m. Friday. James Kehn of 1031 Second avc- iuc reported four huh caps wnrth , , . S-IO had been removed from his 105B n.isc in Cheyenne. The e n c a m p - . where ihc 'copiers were built, said I r:hevrolcl while Ihc aulomohile was m r n l is for cichl days. | the "basic cost" of the two helicop-' parked in fronl of liis home between They are Hill Bachrr, Rnnald ; lers was 563,750 apiece. i j and 10:30 p.m. Friday. ST. LOUIS idi -- Continuing H a s h 1 F - " nnli ' ns - Jc ' rr - v Harris, J a m e s 1 That's a tolal basic cost of S127,-1 j 0 , ln Lindchurp of 1309 F i f t h floods claimed seven lies Saiur-11-ewis, R i c h a r d Porter. Frank Van ! 500 for the Iwo 'copters, or 573,500! ;treel reported about 2:40 p.m. day and forced c v a c u a l i n n of n v c r i ' 1 °' 1 - R-iyber' Snwl. Ray Trujillo. less l h a n the S201.000 the Air Force . F r i d a y a s m a l l stove worth SS had 1,300 families. | M a r k Shaver. Dean Werner, all has reported they cost. j jccn slolcn from Ihe roar of her H was the second heavy r a i n | ° ^ Grcclcy, Georcc Z.itkn, Evans j The $73,500 went for lhc "extras" j ionic sometime Thursday or Fri- storm in Ihrcc davs and came o c l o c K a Aflamson Memorial (hc flr( , a was , n , hp . mi(I(i ] c of ils | chapel. I n t e r m e n t Linn Grove. ^irncsi s | nrm mon.un since a Inr- R a m s t e l t e r , Windsor. i tor Ihe 'copters. ! iay. Al the air force base they will i The White House has explained , V.D.R.IL?: premarital, 890; pre- Services for Mary Martinez Funeral .services for Mrs. Marv M.-.r!iri» of 525 Tenth street will be held al 10 o'clock Monday morning from Macys drawing room, with i n t e r m e n t at Linn Grove. A' prayer service will be held Salur- day ftwmins al 7:30 o'clock al X T -. _ ·.." . slnrm mop-un since a lor-1 receive t r a i n i n g and l a k e o r i r n t a - i t h e 'copiers were- purchased ln:S(;;g£ Director Dies nado in 1927. lion in various air force nt-incs. '.r.v/f !;rm; in pelting President E i - · j At Beaufort, Mo., 40 milo= .".r.u'.h-i A" CAi 1 cadets sign for a four |senhowcr from Ihe While House to! LOS ANGELES iji -- Boh Alton.! Macyt of M Louis, roaring creek waters picked up a parked ear and swept seven members of a f a r m f a m i l y lo their dcalh. The f a m i l y haTl apparently parked waiting for Ihe waters to recede. - The names of Ihe victims were nol immediately made known. 54. v e t e r a n Broadway and Holly-i wood slage riireclnr and chorco-j |graphrr, who staged Ihc A q u a c a d e ! year a v i a t i o n education t r a i n i n g ! t h e airport. course, of which such encamp- mcnls arc a phase. Cadels are M a r r i a g e License! ^.^ ,,,,.... from 14 In IS years of age. The Fernando Hernandez of Austin, i at the New York W o r l d - F a i r in | local c o m m a n d e r is Lew K i l l s . , Tex., and Elva Carrillo of San Luis. i!93S anrl directed stage produc- Floyd Bachcr is cadel commander. ] Thcnrlore Eldon Meininger and lions of Ihe Zirgf.Md Follies and I Virginia Lee Nation, both of Fort | other Broadway hits, died Wcdnes- US4 THE TRIBUNE WANT ADS I Morgan. Jday, j' ATTENTION, FARMERS! POTATO DUSTING 0 ALFALFA WEEVIL · WEED SPRAYING · CUTWORMS -w - ^ ''' -.y-"N-v^-. .. Call Nolan's for Control snd Free Inspection OLAITS CROP DUSTERS - Phone 1544-4117

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