Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on May 14, 1951 · Page 3
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 3

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, May 14, 1951
Page 3
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Moftd.y M«r M, 1951 LAS CJRUCES (N. M.I SUN-NEW3 '.: i PAGE THREE · Progress Club Has Installation Of , -Oftes, Enjoys Musical Program ·'-·.; l ! - ' - ':'·:' -" ' -- - -- -- . ' · ' ' '«"- f --; : Thc .Prp'gress Club met f o r ' a n i ^ suns ' whistles '' and mucl . ' ·TO^ t ! 0 ^: o . fnc ; r ?. Bn a im " sIca .riioutine was conducted to th » 'profc-nirn Friday afternoon In -th facility ;rdoms'.mt .Milton .Hall. v ' Jifni. Ellis Watklhs installed th ' following- j^ officers: president, Mrs PXiil Manncn; vice-president, Mrs HJirViso'h' 'Maker; recording secre la'fy; Mrs.' -Carl. Hall; correspotK · ing -'secretary, Mrs. -Lettle Buch · airiah; ' treasurer, Mrs. Lee F. El Hot I;.? student loam chairman, Mrs Apbert L. ; Wf!Hthaffir; auditor, Mrs ' - C.^iP. 'Wilson;- parliamentarian Aftis.'. Jv Ri-Poc. · 'Otfvtfnlttns ·'·[ . \ · · 15f re.' ' .MHnntji announced thr ch»itln : eri\of committees; for next . jtfarX'i,. cilendar, " Mrs.'- - Harrison MfcHirj^R'a'yf? and means;' Mrs. Hn'r- O-|tjJCTtf4rt;.menibtrshIp, Mrs/ W. AttA(c^sira.jk^jniii : Mclifaafd;i-rei cftp,'tfi;{fi;.Mri*,,;\V..E;.WJitkins;i--tel- ffeHWieJ $f -i'J-jV. ! A.' - Wiinsciv; pub- lleltvVj Mra;^6n'fth'rt ..Watson ; ) wcl : farje,^^^;. Newman 'T: .Tierd. ·".'.' j ··· v Oj^^lnj^j^Sfprc committee M'rs. M/, A^'flifi^ias: |and ; Mrs:.-Carl Hall wiirhft .tri ;«.liii'ryc-o'r cancer control Work,'; fino" .'w,l)J fynctfpn;' 1 through i h'« ·sitrtimr-fc M rsl G. N.- s ire ma n A'ljl-tak't^c»r^;'-of' v j?oncral- fedenUed ilu6 ."projecta. 'Mr.4. XatKan Wag- n*r ..and-'Jnisx -"Josephine -Dewberry will: ·siiperviAe ;. civil, defense. Red Woss.j.nnd'.Einil,. Aid work, -Miss huth.ivKtlUjid will-be In charge of IttMMffii*! Mfj£l Injr," ." , · ' ' ' ' .MfA.' C ' .\V. Botkin announce( thaUhcr. basement is available for 5toifi»iJc«-of-.,iirticieii--tfl ; be- used in tiif Tiinirnare' "flic ''flex I" fall ''Mn MahRoh-feavc a repbrt "on the. State Convention L ,whlch.|Hhe and Mrs. vVft (kins' "attended:; .Mrs/'; Mannen a'UcVpfesehUd.a .gift to-fars. Watkins i im- appreciation'- 'of -her" ser- virt£s'.a3 .president during; the -pas ·-yirt-.JJimfc-.of ;thc fact .that Sqriie- o'rift \choisc '.'this ttimc'.- fco.V empty, ahltu..rtrid . cJattfir · the/ 1 trash i cans oiltskte the. faculty clUh" windows. iintTa -RuMmming- meet with start-' ·fWi'iu-«HTif7-i "··*·* -'-"-"T-' ·'" ; '' J^e^liiUen^ls, ... - Hohor^d^Ap-Shpii^r-'- .'^vplnfr'and-blufe ghpVcr, 'honor- n'ij'.M^;;J i o'ycc AVh)ticn,'.i,v«s'neld ^Mrfl/\p^^Sw«d«^' ; Friday: flf I- "7 '·ftpphvWti*5.""\Vhttteri's arrival she ^'as.ri^rt'a'-jjoVsatt'.pftnthlc wret" peas .'Wltfi;'blvic^ fjpbon' st'reapi'ers. Two/.ltttle; $\r]fr iji'.pdui. 'Payle'tte jfpfl; ElortJi-lbitiSel.V-prefehtcd. "her \V"tfn^a pjhJi-basjtet bf $lue' flowers. .. ^fle'^nd. Pertri^ -p.inlci; dressed iii' ' j'fcilfiy; ' ihd white,, rqllcd in :Uie gtfts/'-lr.AfUr, the g-iflsVcre'openM pink '.'anU.,' blue, caiib.;.^! '.pink piiifrrhVvcrfc pch'cd.'^ut'cupit mkdc of pinjf and .bliic fiannel \vere 'pinned -like 'tiny "drapers. : - ·. CJUcsl^' -presftht .were:, Mesciamea T\ii', Turner, Seulali ,Goodwiri.:.p,i]c Djinl^': \VftBlcy Moore', R.";P. -Ar- nitdi pllK J PJ|iATirds P FtajTiiOnd Dan- ioly.'j-^vldv-Alb'ersoh, Chloc Daniel, Asststing" \MJS. 'Siyadcr · were MrA, 't^flftlcis And ' M^S: M6ore. west 'of the building, a very lovelj musical- program, under thc direc tion of Prof. Carl Jacobs, was en joyc'd," said the members. Musical Program The. Women's Sextette offered four number.*). Member.? of thc sextette arc Jacquc Hall, Judy Arnold, Patricia McMahon, Ann Radowski. "Kula Jean Johnson, Joan Carbine and F. C. Schuimeistcr aceompanlst. Marta Young, accompanied by Elolae Trout Cham- borlln. sang- three selcetionH. The string ensemble played three n u m - bers. The ensemble consisted- Oi* Jajnps Bean. Jxtulso So well.- Peter Arnold. Billie Swain, Konncth Bender, Evelyn Campbell, Eula Jean Johnson. Iris Trafton. Refreshments '-Following thc program fruit punch, cakes with colored frosting, and nuts -were .served on a COMING EVENTS Thc Sew and Sew club will meet n t 2:;!0 p. in. Wednesday, with Mrs. - W.- E. 'Gcan. * PKO Sisterhood will meet at 2;30 p. m. Krirliiy in ;ne liuinu of Mrs. Paul nl^Rins. Co-hostes.scs will be Mrs. II. \V. Honey and Mrs. W. A. Lintncr. * ,St James Episcopal Auxi inry 'will meet al 10 a. m. Thursday In the church for communion scrv ce and in.stallntion of officers. At J d 'clock there will be a covered dish luncheon in the parish hall. The local chapter of the Columbian Squires Bishop Ltmy C h e c 263 will hold their weekly meeting ai i:I!0 p. m. Tuesday, nt thc CC hall. * .Alamc'.l-'i P-TA will ha Id n fina mcctiiiu" ^VodneHday, May IB. ]*rof. Clarence Hope-will be pucst .speaker. The fourth (fradc rooms of Mr. Lope/, and Mr.' Virtue will be in c targe, ' ' . . madeira'' IRCC cloth centered wi h j R n l l t h W;i rd P-TA will meet -it a pottery figurine .vj-.Toundcd h y | 2 . n o n in 'm^Hnv. «t t h n «M, nn i yellow . columbine, honeysuckle. quince, and splrea froheii. Potirinp honors wore shared by Mrs. Wattins and 'Mrs. Manncn. Hostesses l o r ' the jiftcrnoon' Were: Me.sdames Kc.x Allen; cliairman: M. A. Deckart; Kennctt Mclgaai-d; M. A. Thomas. Teachers' Council Selects Delegates · -A special meeting of the Dona Ana county Classroom Teachers' council was. held Friday evcninp Mrs. William Shelley will .review Hie hook "The Little World )f Don-Camillo." Thc Woman's! dub sextette will n f f c r . inusical sc ec- tions. · . ' * . . . Mothers. Who will have children he special |*ues!s. ICach P-TA nicmher is asked to bring i toy suitable for prc-nchonl chiTdrcn to jc placed In the .nuraery during i ie incrting. PARTY LINES lira. Omi llcaty nncl chlldrun slopped in UTS' Om-ra tliis wccK- «l the Circle cafe. It was voted cnl ^''""tc to Houston, Tex., thai the association send two- representatives to Mills, college. Oak- where sho will join her husband who Is stationed in Kllinp ' Air land. Calif., to attend n clnasrnom j ir ° lcc bnflc - Ll ' s - Bca 'y P l a n s to teacher's workshop meeting j u ] y ! |'c"iain with her husband u n t i l such y.-.16. The representatives will hn Daisy Huggins, Mesilla .school, and timo as lie is transferred, yiio makes her home at present in Winnie Riich. Kincon. Pliocnis. Lieutenant Bcaty is a Delegates to the National Edn ft)Iinc1 ' editor of the Sun-News. cation association meeting in Los ' * Angeles Julv 1-6 were also elect Miss M a r v I'^rances Stevens. eH,".Thc delegates are Daisy Hugdal .'£ ll ti-'r »f Mr. .and Mrs. William gins, Mesilla" school; Winnie Hitch. !*' slcvpnH - WH " co-clwlnnan of" the Rincon;'-Essie.Stoy, Mcsilln schoo ; 7 °- sttIm c" ci ew" foi the full stage tatrmii Miller,- South Ward scn.,b . I'l'^entation o f , Gounod's opera. and Kr'nin Carter, East Picac iu school, are altcrriRtes. 'Daisy HUR- Rina was named on -'the New Mex- fc'b" brFffKfast ' committee for the convention. * · · ^ Those .present, for .the meetingwere: No'riha Miller. South' .Wan ; WUton" Vermllllbn, Alame'da; Pri- sciIla'_Gonzales,' .Anthony; Ruby Brazill, Union High; Beatrice Lct- cher. White Sands; Anabcl -Lee, West Picacho; Daisy Huggrins. M"e- fiilla school; J u u n i t a Denncy, Jfc- ^illa school; Lucy Lawrence, La Mesa; Zell Ellis. -Central schoo : Essie Stoy. Mesilla school; En- gchft White. Mesilla school. ' W. J. LITTLE REALTOR REAL ESTATE ft LOANS First National Bank Bldg. 1*JI. - 270 or- 130.1 "Fnusl;" at thc Stephens coHL'KC as:;cmb1y hall, jMay 5. . Mru, Kujm Johnson. IJox 1021. Las' Cruees, is a surgical patient in SuuUiwestbrn General hospita . Hospital officials report- her condition' as p ^oud. · ' ' A u t o nnd Olner nnancinp .' . . Chllton Loan £ Innurnnra Co. NEW, SELF-SERVICE West Side's Valley Laundry Most Complete nnd Costs No Mort IMS Norih lilh'Nt. I hluck N. Wilto' I6t C'nfo Phone 994-W ' ; -I§;v ; ; ;N^ : iriialitv Rnnrhori ! Special Lowered Price! · A'bilrfc) ot.qniilUyiin'cTcry.'bolliel · Enjoy this n«lion«1ly fiimous lrnd! "You' don'l have to be rich lo enjoy rich OW Quaker" .Tiih wliULfj* if finir jcsri oltl.,06 |n-imf. Olil QuaU-r D^lil!iny Cmnpfiny, Uwrcucrlmrfi, Iml. llomv Nursing Instntclor'Tntining Will Bu Olfercd^ByRcd dross The Las Cruees c.h:»plcr of the American National iu-il Cross is phinniiig a Red Chtss .home nurs- inR instructor tnilning course, to be hold around July 17th, muter the leadership -of n a t i o n a l representative, 'Mrs. Margaret Taylor.} Mrs. Taylor was in town rcfcntly niElkinf! 1 plans for t h i s service to I he community. Airs. Tnylnr states. "Todny w h e n ) j more .sick persons are hoin;; cared 1 for in thc Home than ever before! and hospitp.i patients are hctng re-' leased soon a f t e r surgical operations, there is'n great need for at least one person in every family to · know simple home nursing skills: " " "A lied Cross home nursing i n - j i .'tmotor training course prepares j | individuals to teach home maker.-*, j 1 voung. people, and others how to j ( n!fj L-arc of thu nick al home i '. !» I:IC:T simple,' safe and effective j ! way." · I There will be :jQ hours of clnss- j ivoni work t a u g h t by a ti-aincj. ie»istercd. professional tini-sc. The j course \vili consist-of oxplnnutinn. 1 ;' of principles underlying home nursinti nicthiidK nnd skills; dcm- onslrution:; of safe and easy ways l o . c a r e , f u r the sick; actual practice in nursing; how to teach others with skill and case. Any women interested in t a k i n g thi.s course offered by Mrs, Taylor should call Airs. ' P. !·;. Nellie, phone -O-iJSL'-R.T Wesi Picacho P-TA Has Final Heeling, Names'Com'miilees PINI-iOHOSGRAlN BANDING --Is thc trimming' for an inexpensive New York dress of pink spun rayon from the summer. 1951. collections. Sleeves arc cut- .ill in one with Uie bodice. Jcwellcil link buttons fasten the ilit neckline. (2f. Y. Dress Institute Piioto) The i.i::.- n i e . r - j i ; or West IV cacho P-TA was field Friday n t - teinoon. .Hnskcll Smith, superintendent of schools and a member of thc s t a t e board nl" education. presented an inlcrestinj,' nnd chfil- letiKinp picture of thc Hclmol situation for thc next few ycai-. I In also .spoke briefly on t h v budget for the i»\xt year. Mrs. C. ]J. Woodward, president, presided during t h e slmri business m e t i n g . She aiifioinli'd -Mrs. Charles Brink and .Mrs. Ana Bell Lcc as thc p'oypii. v'oiumiUce for thc next year. She also liunicd ilrs. Morris DicliLT.sun as meiuliorship chainnan. The .sticcrss .of thr school hut lunch pioi;m:n was outlined by Mt;i. Kate I h . i t u n , principal uf thc school, and Mrs Woodward f.xprc::- sdl thr; npprcriatiun uf llm ;rciiip for the excellent coiMvration of thc leacln-rs i n ' i t i i s piojoct. \VOK1,1)*S l'\-\.STl':S'f' CA.MKIIA 1 . 1 LONDON i.Ti - - A camera ' which can lake 21.000.000 picture:* | ways and pivc you confidonc-j in per minute has bi'on displayed hy j your a b i l i t y to i n a r h otlif-rs. It i r . J i J i u Ministry of Supply at an e x - ] essential that those interested i n j h i b i U o n here. Th» ministry says i pvinf: .service- l-i tli» i-omnnuiity j the phuto»raphs could clearly show ; iiuiica'.e their willinR-ness to serve: an ordinary hmljo fly 100 y a r d s ' Intension Class Is Organized At College 1 During thc pnsl two weeks an extension class in drawing and painting has been organized at AM college. The class meets in ilio art dppnrmcnt .-iludio ( m i l i t a v y ijcienco annex building on the cam- I'liS) from T:,'iO lo r-.;:i) p. m. each Tuesdiiy evening, and is under t i i e direction of Prof. Kenneth R. Unr- rlck of the art (Ipparuncnt s i n f f . Tin: class will continue through July. hi.slnictions will be given in var- I itiiia drawing nnd painting medins, [ dnpemlin^ upon the interest of the .· indlvidunlH. ! While... the class , is nearly Full, three or four jnorii can be accorno- dated. TImsc wishing to enroll should ilu .10 on "or'before Tuesday evening. May JO. I n f o r m a t i o n may be securwl by callliiji' Prok. Biirrlck or Pi of. Paul W. .Munncn. head uf the college a i t department. 1-ess than 2,0'Oorooo non-farm r'wclliny u n i t s arc now considered' overcrowded w i t h ' m e r e thaji 1.5 persons per room. i'f^v^b^^-'ffife^s^ | .Mrs. Tiiylov alsu says. "You will discover that w h a t you hiivc Icai'n- e1 will serve you daily in many Army irndf schooN offer hich school giiuhintes llic world's finest technical traininc; , . . your choice of 2J tevhnicMt- schools! A chniico to learn olcctricitv. atitomoiivc repair, ship fittitic. tnilor- itiK nnd many other excellent uHreers. You npply for itie courses you wnnt. On unpioval of your applicntinn, yon enlist, t:et your basic t r a i n i n g unit clicn stiirl courses in your chosen technical iiuiica'.e their willing this wny ns soon as Coiii-ht's have bee.'i t:iuj;lH iv- iMiitJ.y in Dona Ana rounly hy .Mias JBurnila Hondi i.x. He l/.'h.' aiul by M t s . Ellen Fouyan and Airs. Jules Van Dursarl, La's Cnn-es. aw;iy. The i-;u:iLra i.-, dcscrilied a.- the tastes! liis;h di-finiliun ciitiu-ni in the wnrlil. It is used for study- '-. in;; the dcl;,i;s nf cxplusions. wh:i-ii o f ' I.S.ARMT NOW- LEARN A GOOD RATING TRADE! «.«/ t » r v r e * -- g o t po.rf *hilc ,ou f r o m "'lllilTED STATES .,,,,, V o » f I c c r u i - l i n g OI7IVJ H O W " / o , 403 N. MAIN its field... Voffers fine car ¥-8 Power V^ffers Aufosnotic Ride Control V^offers Automatic Mileage Maker economy Voffers seats with five-foot hip room ·offers Double-Seal King«Size Brakes Offers choice ©f 3 great drives: ©verdrivc* · Fordomotic* Check ii feature for feature "Test Drive" MESILLA MOTOR CO. 600 N. MAIN , PHONE 203

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