Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 11, 1962 · Page 8
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 8

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 11, 1962
Page 8
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Disaster Lurks in Wings At Annual Yule Pageam any other note than the thwi. By LYDIA BICKFORD Tis '.hir week before Christmas and all through the land, small fn ire busily being transformed ittu angels. Wise Jlen, shepherds. Add to that the productions that] Sunday Schools prepare, the chil-' dren's choir programs which must be rehearsed, and there's no time For better or worse, mothers are inevitably involved in all these fhivu. peasants, kings, animals ofjat all left for some pleasant 1 sing! the forest, trumpeters, cawllers|ing of "Good King Werxeslaus" ai:d di-jnutii- artists. 'around the piano. The ,-eason of the Christmas .pweant is at hand, and few ,,.,,,,,,,,,, schools would think of closing on efforts. They must be willing and -- " able to turn yards of cheese clot! and lengths of wire into ange wings. They must hear everyone's lines. They must calm the quaking actor, and give the proper pitch to the young singer. Above all, they must be in at SHUTTERS Inside Hardwood WELLER LUMBER CO. Grteley _ Ault _ Gikton tendance at all performances, outwardly serene, but inwardly CHRISTMAS SHOPPING TIP! New HOOVER Portable the vacuum cleaner with everything...INSIDE ATTACHMENTS FOR EVERY NEED! TELESCOPING WAND! NEW TUFFLEX HOSE (always attached) KING-SIZE BAG! LIGHT! CONVENIENT! ATTRACTIVE! the most powerful HOOVER cleaner ever built! IP YOU HAVEN'T SEEN this new- cleaner -- stop and look it over. You will be amazed. SALE DAY every day till Christmas! PERRY'S VACUUM CENTER Authorized Hoover Salet and Service 1501 9th Street Phnne 353-0759 Christm»s two angels moving io clow quarters found their wings had become entwined, and they were forced to com* onstage walking jerkily sidestep rather than at the gracious pace they had practiced at home. The more ambitious the undertaking, the more likely there is to be near-disaster. My son's choir director decided to shoot for the errified that something will go wrong and their offspring will uffer total public humiliation. mrector aecided to snoot tor the ··*= secretary saia uus couuiry "» uu»ue sue aeiense or lor stars, and ordered him to ascend must again take up the issue of a so"* other purpose is something to the church belfry, where at the Communist regime in the Western 'ha' is being, of course, watched . "If it has to happen, please let t happen to someone else's ild!"i Regretably, it has happened oo many times to my own. My laughtc-r made a charming shep- to the church belfry, where at the appropriate time his boy soprano would ring out singing "Glory to God in the Highest." Through some oversight, the trap door leading to the belfry uu ue ,.ivLt mauc a IIUUU1UJU SlltO- , . . . . herdess as she came out on the bm « * 1th frustrauo n hadn' 1 . been opened, and my son mount to get what he termed scv- at the appropriate time was eral thousand Soviet military per- hunched on the narrow stairs sub- stage wearing a French peasant costume that once had been mine. 3ut I had little time to beam. She was calling her sheep, and not a sheep appeared. After three ries, they finally got the signal, and came bounding out so animatedly that they ripped a hole in he back curtain, revealing interesting off-stage glimpses of characters at the moment half-child. Soviets in Cuba Not Accepted, Rusk Says \ WASHINGTON iAP - Secre- anized in what appear to be So- i trV fJ filat* I1*ft« Nllct caul viot nunViit unit,. rrL :... TM tarv of Slate Dean Rusk said Monday the United States cannot aod numbers of men in combat \ accept any Soviet military pr*s- organization are significant but % ence in Cuba as a normal situs- DM large, they are well-armed K (ion. The secretary said this country and whether they were assigned jj or missile site defense "or for Hemisphere now that the problem of Soviet offensive weapons in Cuba has been solved. Rusk did not specify what pressure the United States might ·», But there have been successes in which 1 share vicario'isly. The ment are getting nowhere. triumph of all Christmas productions was the appearance of my Washington news conference in young son in the starring role of "The Littlest Angel." His 5Z speeches both he and I knew letter perfect. Properly type cast isterial meeting. ive months, shortly before taking off for Paris for a three-day North Mlantic Treaty Organization Min as a frolicsome angel who was always getting into trouble and bounding about the stage throwing cotton snowballs at his supers lalf animal. On another occasion. I sat in a ° r angels, he and .the audience quonset hut gym while the rain were in seventh heaven poured down on the metal root. ~ :ompletely drowning out every note of "The First Day of Christ' That was both the beginning and the end of his stage career. He wisely chose to retire after a stel- mas" performed by my child's lar performance, and thus cut class - down my attendance at Christmas Strange things have happened performances from eight to seven n religious offerings too. One a year. He stated that our impression s that Russian military personnel are continuing to leave Cuba. The Soviets have given what Rusk ermed "a very inexact indication lat they wil! be withdrawing roops connected with the recent r removed offensive weapons. "But this is not necessarily the nd of the story on that particular point," Rusk said, adding: "The other members of this ... lemisphere have long since dc-1" "» minds of the Cuban I Space Probe's Voice Will Be On Radio, JV WASHINGTON (AP) - The space agency plans a running account of Mariner 2's "fly-by 1 of Venus on Friday afternoon- including broadcast of the radio voice of the space probe as i whizzes within an expected 19,000 miles of the planet. But, while it expects to get check on the condition of the spacecraft, including its tempera ture, hurtling some 26.3 million miles from the earth, the agencj does not expcc to have detail on Mariner's findings about Venu WOOLWORTH'S BIG VALUE BOX 50 CARDS 77c Gilded, glittered and colorful. Lavish religious, traditional and.humorous motifs to suit every taste. All with appropriate messages and match- iog envelopes. COLORFUL GIFT WRAPS 4 patterned rolls to a box. 26 in. wide, 160 in. long _ Shiny Bright Foils Six Roil Luxury Wrap, Foil and Paper Six Roll Foil and Paper Wrap Gift Seal Cards and Tie-ons Box.._ 93c 117 26-in. x 480-in. 4 Package . MJ » lOc , 79c READY TIED BOWS Just tie them on to finish the wrapping. Solid colors and tinsel mixtures. C7« 10 to |kjr. D I G Fancy Ribbon BOWS hi Christmas designs. . lUC CURLING RIBBON 1 chcurful reels of ribbons in a handy take-home 0"7j» pack _.. U l C Christmas Cards 12 in cello pack, t QQ« Kef?. 20c pnr pack. T for 006 GIFT TIE RIBBON MO ft. spool. (J7- Kf*. ?1.00 Spool D l C Crinkle Tie RIBBON Three 25c Spools in pkp SCOTCH TAPE Clear and Christmas Designs. 25c-39c-49c MAILING KITS 2ti Labels, 2''-in. x 250-in. paper, 2-in. x (JO-iu. tape, and 60 ^fl., feet of twine I ww TWINE duty.' . R o l l 25Cand 59C MAILING CARTONS 19C and 25C rr= Starting Wednesday --= Open Each Evening Until Christmas Eve --NOT OPKN SCNDAYS-- ~\ YOUR MONEY'S WORTH MORE AT WOOLWORTH'S ·onnel out of Cuba He indicated U.S.-Soviet negoti lions for a final Cuban settle- i-ery carefully." te said. Rusk took a wait-and-see at itude on whether the United States and Russia would move on oward discussions of other coldj('.. ; .*l was problems with the Cuban 8 P.'-l"'-!' dispute stiil not resolved. On oiher points, Rusk: 1. Described as trivial the stir The secretary spoke at his first or at least weeks and possibly onths" after the space probe ukes its nearest approach. A spokesman for the National Tonalities and Space Adminis- ation told a reporter this Monay. He said it would take that ng to analyze the data accumu- icd by Mariner's various scien- fic instruments as it approaches ic planet, passes it, and then ontinues on in an orbit arounc le sun. The plans for filling the public on the historic event: There will be a news conference : Washington headquarteri o ASA, beginning at 1 p.m. Friday --just about an hour before th* ly-by--that is, the closest an- roach--which is expected at 3:0 i.m. During the news conference, a 'hot line"--open telephone line- will be established between Wash- ngton and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at Pasadena, Calif., where signals from Mariner are being received. Reporter! ihould be able to ear the voice of Jack Jamei, Mariner project director at the aboratory passing on information Dr. William Pickering, labora- ory director, who will be at the Washington news conference. James is expected to report on such things as how Mariner is losing the distance to nearest ap- iroach. At the moment of fly-by, scien- isU at the laboratory will feed the radio "voice" of Mariner to he news conference whence it should be heard over television and radio networks. "The sound," said a NASA spokesman, "should be like other telementry from sptce--an indescribable sound, sort of a high- pitched squeal." Some three or four hours after the fly-by, the space agency hopes to have figures on just how close the space probe came to Venus. ided among themselves that _ larxist-Lcninist government in lis hemisphere is incompatible with the commitments of the hem isphere. So when we are talking bout normal relationships, we are talking about things which go ar beyond the immediate cr is precipitated by the offensiv reapons in Cuba." And since "the solution of the jffensive weapons problem" does lot solve the issue of a Cuba rul« by the Red Castro regime, Rusl said, "we simply take up again that question that we had before us before the offensive weapons got into Cuba" military personnel in Cuba are or iet combat units. These it® Adlai E. Stevenson as having advocated a soft policy in the Cuban affair. 2. Said Great Britain is "one o the really great powers ill this Atlantic community." 3. Said Sen. A" ,J. Ellender, )-La, caused problems for the U. S. government with his con troversial remarks in Africa, bu ·eported the Louisiana Democra had greatly improved the situa ion with a new statement over he weekend. 4. Dismissed as "just talk" a report that Cubans, during the height of the crisis, had planned S , ,, , , , ,, . . an atomic attack nn th. iinii»H 5 5 BALLON showed the wisdom o( the Unitei States move in getting nuclear capable Russian rockets anc »mbers out of Cuba. ATHENS -- American investor: Jlan to set up Greece's first fi jerboard plant. How Te Hold FALSE TEETH More Firmly in Place Do your f tiia teeth annoy and em and mora comfortably. No gummy o , P L - . / ,L « - « o o q r , p M t y t a . HUSK Said some Of the Russian sour. Checks "plate odor (deutu bre»th). Get FA8TEETH today . drug counter* tvenrwhere. 'age 8 GREEXEY TRIBINE Tues_ Dw. 11. 1962 Cash In On Our CHRISTMAS AQUARIUM SPECIAL INCLUDES Christmas Special On 3, 5, and 10 Gallon Aquarium Unit 3 GALLON GOLDFISH UNIT 12,45 an atomic attack on the "united 5 5 GA ^LON 4 r QQ States. He added that if that were 1 TROPICAL FISH UNIT 13- 90 UNIT 25.98* 10 GALLON TROPICAL FISH UNIT INCLUDES Aquarium, Reflector with Bulb, Pump, Filler, Tubing, Gravel, plus other items. -- THEKE -ARE NO HIDDEN EXTRAS -- Register For Your FREE ChrislMs Tirkey 1 FRANK'S SEED and HATCHERY 5 7nt mil, ci «r. .««. 709 10th St. 352-1096 Fire in Wood Burns Port of Yard Fence A small section of fence at the home of John M. Courtney of 1805 Montview Rd. was burned out about 12:23 p.m. Monday when heat from an incinerator set fin to some fireplace wood which had been stacked against the in cinerator, firemen reported. Fire men from the No. 2 fire station extinguished the blaze. Dumped in River LONDON--A memorial creeled in honor of Queen Victoria an Prince Albert has been dumped in the river at Fowey to make room for a car park. The hug' 150-foot monument was recovered from the river recently by Den nis Kickman, a photographer. The relic has been claimed h; Actor Eric Portman who Icarnct about the obelisk monument when the Queen and Price Philip visit c"i the town recently. Portman plans Io restore the tnnnumen commemorating both royal visits MORE PEP IN THE POP I Standard Oil Dealers say: My advice, sin get De-icer With DE-ICER, millions can say: 'not a speck of trouble!" What happens when your car's gas line freezes? You stop cold. This can bo annoying; This can be dangerous. This can be lonesome. Don't take chances with cold weather driving. This year, go steady with Final Filtered gasolines at your Standard Oil Dealer's and you'll be able to say "not a speck of trouble." 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