Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 16, 1955 · Page 8
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 8

Greeley, Colorado
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Friday, December 16, 1955
Page 8
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Counterfeiting Equipment Seized PHOENIX, Ariz. IT--U. S. Secret Service' agents and Phoenix police broke into ati Arizona Highway Dcpt. building Thursday ami arrested a stale employe who they Bald had enough paper to print Not Too Late! Order Y o u r ' I m p r i n t e d Christmas Cards Now al 'least 1200,000 in counterfeit money. Officers said tliey seized negatives for ranking $10 anil $20 bills, about 100 pounds of tine paper anil photographic equipment. Secret Service men said a man identified as David E. Stonchokcr, 29, of Phoenix hart the icgatives him as spread out in front of officers broke in. Police Capl. Orinc Morchcad said investigation showed lhal the opcrolion would have ainounlcd lo more than one million dollars if il had no! been slopped. Saturday and Sunday Dec. 17 and 18 CHRISTMAS TREES $1.00 You Cut tO miles west Ft. Collins en Rlst Canyon Road,' Clyde Davit EHRLICH'S SALES TUESDAY, DEC. 20.. 10:00 A.M. Closing Out Sale. 1 mile w e s t Brighton. Equipment--1951 IHC 'C' trader; 1948 J.D. A trdctor; 19-16 Ford tractor; 19-18 Chev. 1 !/ 2 ton LWB truck,.with beet bed; Eve ram an 12 pi. leveler on rubber; IHC No. 39 tur.»jle plow; B-ft, Off-set disc; Oliver No. 2. trail plow; hydraulic loader for J.D.; E cultivators for J.O.; cultivator for 'C 1 ; following for Ford--2 beel bars, beet puller, NKO. swinging draw bar, ditcher, 8D degree plow. Dearborn cultivator, Towner scraper; Mollne tumble plow; IriC No, 100 spreader on rubber; heavy duty 2-wheel t r a l f e r ; harrow; tandem disc; ditcher; 3 field tprayers with power units; garden cultivators and planters; beet loader. Mlsc--2000 lettuce crates; hot bed 1 sash; bushels; bags; Irrigation tubes; sorter; 2 wagons; 7 turkeys; many small Items. T. HATASAKA, Owner EHRLICH SEARS, Auctioneers and Clerk Phone Jiriffhlon 222-W.. : Ri;MV or Ft. Lupton UL 7-S900 for information ustin Sale Dates MONDAY, DEC. 19-10:30 A.M. N O R M A N MARTIN: 2 miles e a s t and 2 miles north of Eaton. TRACTOR AND M A C H I N E R Y : 1951 Me Super M tractor with wide front; 1951 fi-cylinder Ford tractor with tJual tfrea; 1940 Me H tractor; 1950 Chev. 2 ton 2 speed truck beet box with hoist; 1942. Oldsmobile; hydro-loader with 3 heads; M-M spreader; Me spreader; Me 16 in. tumble plow; 2 bottom ,16 in. Me plow; Me tandem- disc; 3 Bee. harrow; Ever E man leveller; float; renovator; kilo fer I spud loader; Oliver 16 in. hole DD; press drill with seeder attachment; ,-Mc 4 row beet and bean planter; JD 4 row beet and bean planter;. Me 7 power mower; Dearborn 4 bar rake; dump rake; 4 row Me bean cutter; 2 row Ford cutter; cultivator with 3 point'hook-up for Ford tractor; Me spud planter; 2 Me spud digger; hay stacker; hay rack; finger wecder; Ford ditcher; 500 -gal. gas tank with pump; grain elevator; 10-3 irrigation tubes; JD beet loader; Mo.ine beet puller; Western roller; woven wire; Me underslung 4 in. plow. H,H. GOODS: C o a l , range; 2 hot water heaters, 40 and BO sal.; Slegler oil heater; 2 doz. 'chickens. Complete line of equipment; all attend. TUESDAY, DEC. 20-10:00 A.M. WALTERS BROS. 3'/ 2 miles east ol Mead, Colo, o r ' 4 miles nortl fend 9~/ 2 miles east "of Longmont, Colo. POWEH EQUIPMENT: 1952 M-M UTV tractor; 1951 MCD M trai tor with wide front; 1951 JD B tractor power trol; 1942 M-M R tr.ictor 1952 McD beet harvester; 1954 M-M 16 hole .double disk grain drill fer and grass attach.; 1952 JD 10 ft. power hinder on rubber; 1953 J offset.d'sk, 7!/ 2 ft.; JD quick attach, beet cult., 6 row; 6 row M-M be cult.; ~M-M corn cuJt: 12 ft. Eversman on rubber; 1953 "JD field harvest with two heads; JO 4 row beet drill; mounted 4 row M-M corn plante 6 sec. of harrow, Tike new; 1C in. M-M tumble plow; 14 In, M-M turnb plow; JD No, 5 mower; 1951 Farmhand loader with two heads; J 4 bar side rake, like new; 15 ft. boon) crop sprayer, like new; M manure spreader; McD B ft. spring tooth, wooden float; 2-V d l t c h e r - o wheels; one walking plow; 2 row corn planter; Slrks beet loadrr; Ian roller; Forney Elec. welder; 7 water tank; 270 gal. gas tank; 194 2 ton Chev. truck, 2 speed axle and winterwfess -beet bed, thli is good truck; 1939 1J/ 2 ton Chev. truck with good baet bed; a lot of goo email tools and scrap iron. This Is a good line of equipment and goad condition. The Walter Bros, are quitting their farming app. corr pletely. · . WEDNESDAY, DEC. 21-1:00 P.M. HAROLD R. PEIL: 1 mile w e s t of Windsor, J/ z mile north ind POWER EQUIPMENT AND MACHIN ERY: .1945 H IHC with Sup kit with single and wide front; 1947 Oliver 70 with Farmhand and heads; 1949 Chsv, 2 ton 2 speed In good condition; !HC spreader, ne new; 1949 IHC beet topper; May rath 16 ft. grain auger with molo JD No. 5 mower with Hit for H or M; JD 8 ft. tandem dlic near ne\ M-M 14 In. tumble plow! IHC side rake; IHC 6 row beet and bean a corn cult.; Thompson one man ditcher; IHC 12 hole DD grain dr with seeder; JD beet and bean planter with phosphate altach,; M By Lucrec* Hudgins BtaU Milliken Synopsht Beam* stii » candy ecoratcd Christmas tree baiid* farmhouse. Ht helpi himstli the candy. Th* owner catches im and s*yt he muit piy for by cleaning; 50 lamps. The lumdlddy gets the job .don* for eanie. Then the farmer says £ean3* must do another lob. Chapter 11 CLEANING THE BARN Thai's not fair," prolcsled canie when the fanner told him c must do another job lo pay for e candy. "You'll do as I say," ordered c skinny man glaring at Beanie. Beanie stared al him, Kor the rst lime he saw deep, deep into ;e man's eyes and whal he as fire and chains and lighting. \VhcL he saw this he knew ith horror lhal 'his wasn't a ian but an ogre and that the tree in his y.irtl was ap the ogre set lo catch boys like Jmsclf. "I want you to clean this barn, 1 auE (he ogre. "Slack the hags o -ain. Pile the corn in the crib. Put ic hay in (he loft. Sweep the floor ave it spotless by sundown. To be ire you get it done I will lock you here until the sun goes down/ "But there arc no brooms forks or anything to 1 exclaimed Beanie.- . or work 'Use your hands," replied Ihe gre and he went out and locket e barn door. Beanie stared in dismay at the ark and dirty barn. H i g h - u p one d.c was the only window and i' tifihlly shuttered. The onl ght came from cracks in the sides the barn. Still,' il was ligbi lough to see'.lhe.awfnl niess.^-; r "Well, I'll'Just - h a v e to get'.ji caned/' thought Beanie. "iVs the ily way I'll ever.get away from Ls place."- . He set to work. He" throw the i r n cobs into one bin. He load- i the hay on his back and carried Beanit gazed in astonishment-as the bird* flew down and began lo eat svery l»it strain and corn kernel. : . : , mightj "It's time for. trie fo help.' Ie began'lo climb up the-wal [tie barn. He-put his feet i n ' k n o it up the ladder to the loft.'It took many, many trips for there was a great d e n l . u C hay and it was-scattered all about the barn. He scraped the g r a i n together into an enormous pile. He found some empty sacks and filled them with Hie grain. Then he stacked them in the corner. " ' But when he bad done all this work the floor was still coveted with bits of hay and grain'-and corn and there was nowhere-iri.thc world for Beanie lo sweep it even if"'hc!d had a broom to.-sweep w i t h . , ' ' .- ;lt was nearly sunclowDV Beanie Sat. .in 1 a corner and buried his head In ; his hands. He had done the best-he'could but highest was not "goofl enough;-, He 'thought he would never get away" from tho ogre DOW. · ( . -'" ' ,The Uftle"/:Iu m'd i d d y ' had watched VBva'nie working" so hard without any help a n d - now' he WELD COUNTY .IVESTOCK FARM SALES MONDAY, DEC. 19th-ll:00 A.M.-LUNCH We will sell for Luther Danielson, located 2|/ 2 rnlles west of Evans, **olo. " ' ... "1953 WD Allls-Ghalmers tractor In A-1 condition-with.heat houser* 9« SC C a s e - t r a c t o r with single front; 1950.Ohev. j/ z 'ton'pickup'wlt'h 6-ply tlrea, A-1 condition; ",946 Chev. truck with beet 1 box; 1953 ALJis Chalmers combine with hydraulic ram an,d pickup attachments; f a r n hand with hay and manure heads; Allls-Chalmari, renovator for WD tractor; hang-on plow for WD tractor; Al.lsChalmers ditcher with point hook up; cultivator for SC C a a e ; " - 6 - r o w Case beet and he a p f a n t e r ; Case bean "cutter; New Idea power trail""mower" on' 'rubber finger w e e d e r ; tandem disc; Case beet and bean pfanter; New Ide 4 bar side rake on rubber; Chaflenger rotary hoe; IHC 4 wheel manur jBpreader on rubber; two IHC manure spreaders on steel; f l o a t ; dum rake; Campbell packer; Western roller;. 3 sec. harrow; IHC 2-wa plow, 300 gaJ. gas tank; 200 2-in. Irrigation tubes; manure A for truck Guernsey milk cow and Hofctein c a l f ; 40 hens; some HH goods; goo cultivator tools; small t o o l s and miscellaneous. Tuesday, December 20th Starting at 9:00 a.m Lunch at noon by the-BarnesvMle Ladles REAL ESTATE, DAIRY CATTLE, FARM EQUIPMENT l o c a t e d 2 m i l e s n o r t h of G r e e l e y t We will sell for A. C. Lester, Lucerne, then 11 miles east or 1 r lie west of BarnesvMIe, Colo, · REAL ESTATE Real estate consists of 240 acres more or less; 120 acres are und cultivation and the balance Is .pasture. Improvements consist of bedroom home, 2 room labor house, pressure water system, large cow milk parlor, 80 ft. x 30 ft., loafing shed and large corrals, bar and chicken bouie, 500 ton pit ailo, electricity, telephone, school bu by the door, one mile, to school. LEGAL DESCRIPTION, SWJ4 and Si/ 2 or NW/ 4 sec. 13 T6 R6 together with i/ 2 right of No. 2 ditch water, 2 rights of Fossil creek an beet planter; Ventura 2 sec, harrow; Oliver 2 sec. aprlngtooth; West- 240 a c r e ft. Grand Luke allotment. One-fourth mineral rights go ern land roller*; adjustable land leveller; dual wheeled trailer beet box! he purchaser. four wheel trailer without box; M-M beet puller; 300 gal. gas tank on stand; 60 ft. of 1 In. pipe; 2 stock tanks; motor and pump jack; 12x14 ft. chicken house; 30 steel posts; 4 milk cans and all small tools. THURSDAY, DEC. 22-10:30 A.M. A L E X EHRLICH: 10/ 2 miles east of Eaton, Colo, POWER EQUIP. AND MACH.: 1939 JD G; 1943 AC B, 1937 B.C. Case; 1948 AC combine; Oliver 1953 beet and bean drill; Inter, tandem disc; 2 sec. Case harrow; 2 sec. JD harrow; W e s t e r n land roller; JD Van Brundt grain drill; Oliver spreader; JD spreader; finger weeder; rubber tire wagon; MM 14 In. tumble plow; JD CC f i e l d cult.; JD 4 bar side rake; Case dump rake; Meyer ditcher; Martin ditcher; Caie corn cutter; Farmhand with 2 he ad si Case harrow; Case cull, f AC cult.; AC bean cutter; 3CO gal. gas tank with stand; loading shoot; Case beet puller; float; 1S47 2 ton Chev. truck, 2 tpeed; cattle racks; beet loader; Inter. No. 4 separator; beet labor furniture; (ruck chains; 2 grindstones; anvil. · . · . " LIVESTOCK: 5 Hoi. cows, 11 White Face cattle; Hoi. bull; fi heifers and 6 calves. FEED: 25 tons 1st and '2nd cutting hay* TERMS 10% down day of sale, balance at purchase price before 30 days from day of sale or purchaier may assu and second loant of approximately $20,OGO.OO. I n - c a s h o e present fir Ics and clung" to splinters 1 .am uggled "and twisted and "reache til he cahie lo the window higl at the top of the barn. Ie pushed open the shutters " r c h e d ' o n ' t h e window sill/.Then ah" lo m a k e sffange sol ises: So soft "that : Beanie neve heard. But others heard be use,-on -a-, few-'moments. Iher ere aniwerlng-noises from far be nd the barn .and suddenly-a" flocl birds swooped through .the ,opi?: ndow. Beanie dried his tears and gaze astonishment as the -birds ~fle\ \vn. and b^gan .to "eat".up, ever st grain of corn kernel on th or. When they had finished ea g they picked u p , t h e ' s c a t t e r s .sps of ha.y for their nests anil e w a.way. - [ · . ' . ' "Why, they've swept'the barn can!" cried Beanie joyfully. He as so busy admiring the floor at he never looked up arid so he d not see .the Dumdid'dy climbing own from" the window. 1 " : ' Just th'e'n"the ogre came in.' H.s Page'8 GREELEY TK1UUNE Friday, Dec. 16,4955 MILUK£N--The Millikeii Worn- n's club members we're wel- omed lo the · home of Mrs. Leon 'uller "for their Christmas meet- ng , and party. , Her home was eautifully decorated for the oc- :asion i n ' k e e p i n g with Ihe holi- lay seasop','- '-. : A . . ''.. -.*_ Mrs. E.R.;Anderton opened the meeting 'frith" a poem, What Is islnias/-" and praj ; er, Mrs. Frank*'Mellon.added to "the devo- Eonal-period/'by. reading several CKristmas ''selections of Her own choosing^' . '.""'' ' ' " ' Mrs. B. H. Sundquisl aclcd as ;ecr.elary; in the absence of Mrs. Yalter Seele. II was "voted lo co'ii- ribute'to Seed'for^Democracy'by using the afternoon tea fund. Gifts or, veterans;-were" : 'aJso b'fought-to he. meeting:- Further|-discussions on the -possibilityj.of' a '.town 1 ; ice skating -pond·'for Jhe youth,.-\v discussed t : lerigth. and it was :ided ithe. cJub vrould work wilh other groups .· in .' making this reality. 1 Plans for a'trip to Denver .0 attend the slate legislature was announced for Jan; 27. . \ . The .program centered around Background organ music. · Mrs. Fuller, played.-A vocal-solo, Night Winds; Arc Sighing,, was sung by David Stfori.-Mr-!."-3I.' E: -Cox v read 'Twas the Night-Before Christmas,with organ music · in the : back- Mrs. Sommerfcld-is Ihe daughter of thc'Stewarls. Nimble Thimble club held its annual Christmas dinner and parly Thursday at the home of Mrs. Irene Chesnut. Dinner was followed by a social'afternoon. The names of-secret sisters'were revealed and an apron gift exchange was"enjoyed.' ' " · Eleven" members were present and three guests, Mrs. John Urich .ot La Salic, Mrs. Glen Werlz"'and -Mrs. Robert Onorato, | all daughters of.Mrs. Chesnut. parked her vehicle in a parkiat space, .was opening the door . o f . her car. Jackson pulled into th* parking space on tha "east '.'side " and his vehicle struck '.he door on , the woman's machine. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT-ADS ground. * played "Miss Janice- .-Wakeman an - organ solo,. .Silent ·es popped when he saw the spot- ss barn: · '' - ·· - ' · · ; "I've done the job, 1 '*said Beanie. Now-I will go. 1 '- ·· · : "Oh; no," said the ogre, and'the ire in his eyes.was : burning bright. 'You are such a good worker I hink L will Veep you here for- an- ilhcr job ; tomorrow.'** · ··-- - '· Night. The musical program concluded with an organ, and piano duet, Miss Wakcman at the" organ and Mrs. Fuller at'the piano. They piayed.^Blest'Be.the-TIe, ^; : .Santa arrived '-lacjen'--.'=with -vlQ cent comical .gifts.:/"-RoH call was answered by 14'members/display- ing, trieir comical.gifls,.and. telling .what they.- would use them .for. Two gXiesls;"Janice Wakeman and David SEroh, were present. · The jiext m'ebting .will'be'-Jan, 13 .at/ the ho'me" .of 4 'Mrs;' Alva Shable.. A special"' g'uesl 'spea will talk, on home beaut ifi cat Eon. A large attendance is' requesied, 'Sir. and Mrs. J6hn,"Chfis{yn- teriained at dinner on Sunday, for Elmer and Carl-Stradley and.Mrs. Clara Sheppard of Denver. ·. Mrs. Maurice Stewart o f ' \ V r a y was a .weekend, guest at the home of "her mother, Mrs".'Anna-Flood; Stewart, who .has. been in Denver on business, joined them - r on "Saturday. The Da'rrel Sommer- felds o f - D e n v e r , arrived -Sunday "for dinner.. A H ' returned to their ho'mes on Sunday, evening.. City: Official's, Pickup Wrecked; in .Collision ·"k 1937 Ford pickup driven by Merle F. TwedeU of 1405 Tenth street, deputy cily clerk and .office manager of the city water department, was totally wrecked in a collision at the intersection of Twelfth-avenue and Seventh, street at 8:03 a;_ m. Thursday, police reported, Twedell's pickup collided with a 1943 Ford 4-door driven by Mary Ann Wilson of 1203 Second street. The car was damaged an estimated $250. / - ' ' ' ' : Ih v ari accident ; at-11:35 a m Wednesday, a : 1953 Mercury con vortible '"driven by* Mrs.-' Josephs Florence Golding - of 2302 Brent' wood drive was damaged $25 and a 1949. Chevrolet 2-door driven bj Wilbur James Jackson of Route 1 $10. accident happened 70 feel cast of Eighth" avenue on Eighth street; Mrs. : Golding, who had jusl KNOEDURIZE YOUR CORN "DUAL CAPACITY" BURR MILL Put on gains fasler-r with corn uniformly granular-ground and free of flour. Grinds up to 50 or 35 bit. m 1Q minutes, P O R U I I C C O R N IHI B U R R M i l t See us for a demonstration --no obligation. ; _ ' Rainforlh Equip. Co. 2207 9th St.; · 'And; with"'that, "the ogre put chain around /Beanie's leg ' and locked him to.the barn-door. [Next: House!) The' Dwarf - "*.. FRIDAY, DEC. 23-10:30 A.M. GEO. MEYER, \ mile west o! Waverlcy on south road. Lunch. POWER EQUIP.; 1948 JD D tractor; 1952 McD H tractor; 194G GMC 1/2 ton truck; McD spreader; McD 8 ft. tandem dlic; Wettern land roller; JD field cult.; leveller; 3 sec. harrow; Eversman ditcher; McD 16 in. tumble plow; M-M SD press grain drill; 1952 McD 8 ft. power binder; McD 2 row corn planter; McD corn cult,; McD power mower; McD dump; McD 4 bar side rake; wagon; 300 gal. gai tank; beet loader; hay sled; pawer sv;eep; 1j/ 2 h.p. r gas engine; dec. well pump and tank; 2 feet] bunks; scrap Iron; email tools. FEED: 300 bales 1st. cutting; 150 bales 2nd cutting; 200 bales 3rd alfalfa; 100 Ions ensilage; some barley and oats. LIVESTOCK: -1 Shorthorn milk cows, milking and heavy sprlnpers; 4 Shorthorn cows, heavy *prmgers; 3 SH heifers, 2 yrs. old; Hoi.' bull 114 yrs. old; 5 calves; 4 dor. White Rock chickens. HOUSEHOLD GOODS: Rang-; heater; dining room suite; llbrjry 80 HEAD OF DAIRY CATTLE 54 head of KoUteln, Brown Swiss and Guernsey cowi, most which are in production now and the balance are heavy springer These are all good young cows and were selected for heavy productlo They have had good care and are in good condition. All will have clean bill of health. There Is a '15 Ib. daily Denver milk base to sold with these cowi. The cows will be sold in groups of 5. or mo with 1 Ib. bale per cow. The b a l a n c e of the ccws v;IFI be sold-irTdiv ually. Mr. Lester shipped 173 lb. surplus In last 3 months.-,'19 head of yearling and 2 yr. old Kolsteln heifers, Bangs Vac.; one 3 yr. 'bid Hoi- Iteln bull; one registered 2 yr. old Black Angus bull; 4 yearling 'H'ol- steln steers; one yearling Holtleln bull; 200 gal. stainless itrel -bulk milk cooler; 3 unit Surge milking machine; '200. tons of ensjlage. ;. FARM MACHINERY V: :,'' ^ 1941 International truck with Farmhand box; 19-H-Z'Mjiline tractor; i 1937 JD model p traotor; 1945 U Mollne tractor with Butane h'ookup; I Case combine with pickup attachment; JO field harvester with corn ind hay attachments; Eversman land leveler; 2 row IHC spud, planter; IHC grain binder; Superior 10 hole grain drill; 2 Moline tumble 'plows; manure spreader; Mollne tractor cull.; 4 bar JD side f a k e ; 7 . f t . 1 H C J power mower; 10 ft. Case tandem disc; dump rake; Dempster- field cult.; 12 ft. JD rod weeder; Dahlman spud picker;' float; ',IHC' beet -juller; beet loader; 300 gal. gas tank; 320 gal. Butane ta*nk;'*b'eet-box or truck; 2 cow rubber tired trailer with metal box; .rubber.- tired vagon; 2 wheel rubber tired feed trailer; 2 ditchers; '2 stock tanks; ractor fresno; 12 II. slock rack; ties and planks; Irrigation .tubes; gas inglne; Forney welder; paint sprayer; lots of shop tools;' scrap':lron; ots of misc. · '· ·* - '· WEDNESDAY, DEC. 2 Ut- 10:30 A.M. Lunch at Noon located S'/i" milts auulheaii "of , . ' . / ! . " . _ can · '·be 'of ' ' service' · ^ to you. If. . y o u - want « . . . . i; ,warm*er,. more ; " . c o m f o r t a b l e r h o ' m e ; ' I N V E S T | . ' - " GATE with no obliga- - ' tiorj. Aluminum;, com-. - . bin ati on slorm-E c r e e n. · doors', o'nlif $49.95" Installed" and fully guaranteed, alum I- ' num self storing storm windows from $22.17 up. Save · |/ 3 of your Tue] bill with" th,£S. permanent' installations. Easy *FHA ' payments. Nothing Down. '-Chit me at 4 . = . . - . 7 ' = 1 · 1 Tom Clifton Greeley KOOL VENT ; Awnings A Merry Christmas to You. ' . ' · ' ' " ' .Nice' Selection:' ' " / o f Rborn.Ldts of V, WALLPAPER ' · . Re*« Pr(,ccd .: ·MOPFAT Paint Glass i 1115 8th Avt. - ; ' P h . 11» WITH US THIS ··"' DECEMBER 45-New Piymouihs and Chryslers are in Block or on the way from the factory: . . . ranging from $1,997 to $6,198 : ; ' W E WILL $ GIVE ABOVE the Top Retail Price for good, clean used cars · We Will PAY ALL WICKLAND MOTORS 1956 Taxer on your New. Car! L . ^ ; :: ? ^ -.; Open Evenings '7th SI.: 2944il352£ YOUR CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH DEALER.:": '- . -'?- The Tool Bar Bulldozer is Farm implement fable; K. cabinet; bed complete; cells. Mr, Meyer is quitting. Everything FRIDAY, DEC. 23-1:30 P.M. ED WAGNER: 8 miles southwest of Greeley or 1J4'mi!e» touth of Ashton School. POWER EQUIP.: 1947 Ford truck; 1913 M-M Z tnctor; McD F-12 - tractor; M-M 6 row beet and bean cult).; McD beet and bean planter; JD No, 55 4 row beet and bean drill; McD power mower; 3 sec. harrow; McD bean cutter; JD No. 2 spreader; JD side rake; M-M beel pullf.r; beet loader; dump rake; float; JD 2 row corn planter; Mollne tumble plow; JD 101 16 in. pfow; manure loader; Western backer; McD spring tooth; Scott Viner beet topper; iweep; wagon; 600 gal. gat tank; 32 \'/4 fn, Irrig, tubes; 46 1 In. Irrig. tubes; Smith ditcher. LIVESTOCK: Hoi. first calf heifer. AUSTIN AND AUSTIN AUCTS. NATTE E. AUSTIN "KID" AUSTIN Ft. Collins 682 Fl. Collins 661 UAY LARSON Greeley 3707-\V 1410--7:20 a.m.--1310--7:M a.m. We will tell for Solomon Kersey, Colo,, on Highway 34 then J/+ mile ea*t on the old Moier farm. 1947 Chevrolet truck wUh new beet box and side hoist; 1952 Model A John Deere tractor; 1944 model B John Deere tractor; IHC 6 row and bean planter on rubber with f e r t i l i z e r attachments; Brillion 6 row land roller; S row mulcher; 4 row John Deere bean cutter; 6 row John Deere beet cult.; extra John Deere back bar; MM 19 hole press grain drill with grast seeder; Liurldsen loader with straw and manure fork and blade; 18-in. Oliver 2 way plow; 4 bar side rake; 2 C ha I tin ditcher*; dump rake; IHC 7 ft, tandem disc; 7 ft. John Deere power mower; fertilizer spreader; Case 2-vjheel rubber tired manure spreader; IHC 6 ft. grjln binder; Western hay iweep; wooden float; 12-ft. Everaman land leveler; 3-sec. Case, harrow; 3 «ec. JD harrow; f j n g e r weeder; 2 ^crjpers; manure-loader; beet loader;" beet puller; jlr compressor; 100 1!4 In. Irrigation tubes; M 2-ln. irrigation tubes; IHC elec. fencer and SO Keel poits; 1'/ 2 mik. of elec. fence wire; 2 3CH gal. gas tanks and stand:; 50 gal. gas barrels; 3 dor. chickens; bay caddie mare, gentle for children; saddTe and bridle; Holsleln cow fresh 2 mo., giving 5 gal.; good Hamilton plino; Targe sun flame oil heater and other HH goods; 90 bales of straw; 35 tons of bated 2nd and 3rd cutting alfalfa; scrap Iron; small tools and The equipment on this sale Is all (n very good condition. Mr. SchUgel Is leaving the farm and everything sells. Glaide Redman, A«t. Ralph Braenwood Ralph WhiU, Clirk Irving MiddktoH, Mgr. The Answers To ' Your Gardening Questions ' ' - . . By Al Foster'. Question of the Week: V Vhat kind of t r e e a or shrubs advise plant- ng to obtain privacy around an outdoor grill? . Answer " ' ' ' ?rivacy can be obtained for garden grill and picnic area by using the grill' itself as part of the-screen. Densely foliaged s h r u b s , rilain groups forming an informal hedge will give privacy and wind breaks. Ornamental trees, e y e r - r greens, and roses 'may be added to furnish shade and coloi-. Consult with us as-to best varieties adaptable to your particular setting. Our Gift Certlrlcale Is designed to itiafce Christmas Shopping easy. Long lifed nursery plants arc the most appreciated and l a x t i n g . remembrances. Wo Are Closing Sundayi Unti In March! KROH BROS. NURSERIES .N. on HWY.,287 Ph. 674J Loveland, Colorado Either the complete buTMozer arrangement or tfte blade alort* is available at moderate'.cost The blade has the .s typical-ol Caterpillar, design. The side members are Itioged. to fWiHtate the jut'el'tint front-mounted Made or roar-mounted fools. Pictured one of the many extra projects that.are made possible.; ·. · ' ' : . · · I CAT' D2 Tractor with l.jl Bar Bull-: dozer begins construction of » pit site.' Caterpillar Hydraulic Control permit* »«ur»te bladlng, as the unit moves eortfcfromllriepiL. . .When the pit .is. completed the. tractor pulls loads of chopped ensilage directly into i*. The same tractor equipped- with rear power take-off can be used wiin' B field forage harvester to'harvest tKe en- s i b g e . ' . ' " ' ; ' . " · · ' After kh« load has been dumped, th* D2 -^ and bulldozer spread it evenly and pack ."· .·K-mocferateijr. The-efficient tracks float »s fasily-'orer looje ensilaf« as they do '' ever kose «e«db«df TW T«*l tft l«M*iw k k»» i" HIM to * D2 Trect«r» «f 50-iruh »ov** emd M Tr«- tttn *f 44-MKJi Mtd frQ-iivdi fp^gi*. Contact CATERPILLAr fer AUTHORIZED CATERPJUAR PARTS and SERVfCf c«il y*ur ntarist McCoy «ffi*« «r strvict /eprtitnlativ* |l»f«d b«l»w. OFFICtS AND SHOPS IN DENVEK, STERLING, GUANO JUNCTIOft, AlAMOSA 'AND OUKANGO, COLO»*DO '. ·*'-* CAtWflllAI .. I.J.. 1 "\\

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