Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on May 14, 1951 · Page 1
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 1

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, May 14, 1951
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OUR HOME TOWN The 'actfgn ' taken In district court Saturday in placing the. Ovida (Cricket) Coogler death case in open eourt is a reminder that such action should have been taken two years ago. .TUTU* Las Cr News MM IHDePeNDW MIDf HNtt SUNMY NEWSPAPSA SEMINQ SQUTKUUI HCW OieX/CO THE WEATHER LAS CKUCES'AnEA: Scattered cloudiness today, tonight and Monday, clearing forenoons with wann- er temperatures expected at n i R h t ; -Moderate winds during late afternoons: Last 2-1 iiours: S7-4C. VOL. 71--No. 34 ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED WIRE LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO, MONDAY EVENING, MAY 14, 1951 CENTRAL PRESS P I C T U R E S PRICE FIVE CENTS U. N. Committee Votes Ban On Arms For Reds UNITED NATIONS, New York, May 14 (/Pi -- The United Nations sanctions committee today voted a worldwide ban on shipments of war goodH to Communist China. The vote wan 11 to nothing, with Egypt abstaining-. Thn .sanctions group, formally Itnown as the ailditiontil measures committee, is a 14-nation hotly set up to consider punishment of Red China for her intervention in Ko- ica. The committee's vote is only the first step.toward inmposition of the worldwide embargo. Following this, the ban must be debated by the political committee c*t iho General Assembly, and then by the assembly in .sion. The Soviet bloc is expected to fight it in both forums to the last ditch. India May Oppose India, leader of the neutralist groitp*in the U. N., is also expeet- pil to oppose ibe embargo as endangering any chance of peace negotiations with Peiping. All signs point to eventual assembly acceptance, however, and the I.I. S. hopes adoption will be by nn overwhelming majoiity. Hrilish and French opposition to the movr. based on the fear that if might enlarge the area of con- f l i r t , evaporated last,wceh. Britain announced last Thursday Hint it wits cutting off further lubber shipments from Malaya to firr-as controlled by Peiping. The American embargo resolution proposes: KrstMitlon IMalls 1; Shipments of · arms and ammunition, implements of war, atomic energy materials, petroleum, and items useful in the production of armaments be · prohibited to aieas controlled by Communist China or Nort Korea. ". That each stale determine the extent to which exports fall into that classification and apply controls. 3. That all states prevent oir- nunix'ention"'by'""siich"'-'nifiiins " as trans- shipments. ·l..That the committee study additional measures and make Air- liier report. This would be deferred, however, i f - t h e good offices committee reported progress. The ban's effect is expected to he' more moral than practical since the Soviet Union, which supplies most of Fled China's arms potential, will most likely ignore it. The four University of Now Mexico students at the copy, desk are winners of the 1951-52 jour- ; naJism scholarships, From left to right; Kllen J . ' · Hill, Texai'kann, Tex., winner of the $100 Raton Range award for women; C l i n t E. Smith, Las Cru- cos, shares the $100 Edward C. Cabot award in ' community journalism with James W. Pinkcrton, 'Albuquerque; and Joseph C. Aaron, Porlaics, has received the $100 El Crepusculo scholarship. The four journalism majors won the awards for scholarship, ability in journalism and financial need. | Chinese Expand tty OljF.X CIiKMUNTS TOKVO, May 1-1 i.S'i -- Chinese Red ttonps today expanded n ihrmtiminp; bridgehead across the Ohoyimg; river on the rcntrnl front despite Iho pnumlim; of American i Suns. i '(hose forces northeast of Clutn- - char, may spoarhcad a second ' spring offensive by tl:e 500.000; man Red :irmy. cxpciMcd in about · ten day.i. '' Elsewhere alonj; the 100-mile '· front United Nation." p a t r n i u pro!)- · ; Ci.1 no-man's lund with liiilo oppo-; Kition. However, two iiliarp flashes ( ; broke out on the western fiont. · IJtins Into AuilimJi One American task furee ran i inlo a Chinese ambush and puilej · ' T h e second prolonged J'ipht b e w a i l ' when Jin.urmoH'd American o u t f i t ' I ambushed a Chinese patrol. · I For Ibe first time in the w:ir U. j X. Forces are getting a small but i steady trickle of Chinese deserturs, · i A C CoT-rcsp'ondenl. John KamMlph Marshal! Believes Mgc Arthur Plan Gould Seriously Hamper European Defense Program ! General Bradley I lo Take Stand Query Polulo C h i p Fire Jani!? T r a f f i c On Main Si reel Today PVT. ROBERT D. ROCHA Body Of Mesilla iernoor, t · ior n;' a t r a f f i c o ji n c n r ; The tr '·.,-../ I o Utreoi, 'o nully Frit:! n LilK ;v 20 uck. ilman urn -i« d destroyed the inter- | !" truclt. and jammed ! K Cilices' M a i n street i WASHI.VCf ON. May M I.Ti minute*. · Secretary of Defense Maiohali i testified today he lean adoption " "· Mil-Arthur's Km ran va : Proposal, would wrli.ilsly affect Ce "' Dw '«' u D ' Euwihow..!- Mini" lia " ''' M " c " so I"""' \ \ i i u l t n u up He.ven diiys of testix ' ust er, Mar- driven bv Fred Nev- t and 'lj:,n Pedro ' into f l a m e while the : livprin.. an order in ; '" -TT TTJ KOI'SSll W 3f , . loaded i m m e d i a t e l y . the true* to..,l the inter,,,,- ami .tiv.-t w , t h , corn \vJicn t:i Tin* body 01 F'vt. Knbi-ri U. K;i- r h n . I!', of Mr:?illu. who sujnuiiie.i a fat:il, wound during I h c Korean · war. will a r i i v c in Citkland. Calif.. . Salas Protests Transfer From Las Cruces Post Gigantic Parade Planned On Gov. Earl Warren A TI f~l TT\ TJ~f · T i - 1 T 1 ! reported f r o m , this front. The de- ' today. i Armed r orces Day r riday Actively Launches i -"-° ft TM ·*·»·"* "» ** -"- TMTM!- "??··" 1JIiral , S T 1S ; · Zf - t . / i-ende.r leaflets, incbule some o f f i - : K'flO. diH of In:; wound aboard PraeiftarsHal Rirl ' (1(M ' a - ' a Un!llM Kl:Mc Nnv:!l '^i 1 ^ 11 Klli P L I t/CIUCil-Uul JJ1U | The Reds appeared tn be avoid-- - -- j in;; strong- contact while rushing TULSA. kla. Mav M f/l'i - ! frcsn trtl °l }n i n t o ^"d"!' «e:is A determined hid by Cov. Earl | on l n r V -'TM1 aml centnil front*. \Vairc.n of C a l i f o r n i n for t h n I9fi2 '· Republican p r e s i d e n t i a l n n i n i n a - · The gigantic parade set for Armed Forces Day, Knday, May 18, will be formed in three parts, according' to parade marshal! Bill Ei-win. Promising Gorilla Romance Suddenly Is Ended By Death NEW YORK, May 14 '/P America'? most promising gorilla romance has been ended abruptly. Makoko, 14-year-old great ape, l took a fatal tumble into a,Bronx 7^00 moat yesturday on the eve of his transplanted jungle honeymoon. A daring; rescue attempt by a i This will allow Army u n i t s lo prn- kceper of birds, who plunged in ! ceed to the fonning area from a f t e r the popular -HO-pound gorilla I White Sands Proving Ground came minutes loo late. through Mesquitc street Great apes cannot swim, and I m1!1 - Krwin stated that much mobile equipment is expected for the par-, t i t ) ; i u " n - s forecast by parly leaders ; adc and trial a full linrup of units! l °day. participating thi'ir Sen Had weather screened movements today. A P Correspondent George Mc- A ' . t h u r rcpurlod Ibc'Chim-so dcep- With Republican n a t i o n n l com- i omi(t Ulci ;. p o n ti-ntlon below the jmilU-einen r e t u r n i n g L" their j ciioyanir river despite a lluindi-r- He said the first group, consist-1 honiea a f t e r a conference hero with j i n f , American artillery ban-am', ing uf military units, would f o r m , weekend blasts ;.t Uu: Truman ail: There was little f i g h t i n g ln*lwi-L-n on the streets leading to Lohman! r.iJnistraUoii. cbairm:ia Guy G. G a - j opposing infantrymen. street from Mesquitc street wesl. I brielsou .said the committee may j A now Rad air field was spoiled late would be available j in the week. meet nexl January in Califor Pliimly tift'.M-wanl His body Is annum ,'152 U. S. service, men's bin lies v.-hich arrive in O a k l a n d iibuard the I". S. S. Eust Point Victoiy. Tli-n- ihr bodies v.-ill l e ibliveml lo ne\:-if- kin and .M'nl to t h e i r ri':;u,vtive home;; tiiHi'thcr w i H i :i m i l - L a y -s- cort. P r i v a t e Ili-cln, who i-nteied the U n i t e d St.iti-s M a r i n e s in Inimai-y. 1P17. wn.-: Ibe sun of -Mr. ami M i s . Wli:; iio; I:::. M r n i l l n Hi- a t t e n d e d M.-sill;i P:irk M-hi.n' SiM-vivoi.-i besides Hie p u r r n l s m ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,.·,, . j : Ho ,,,,,,,,,,, Els .,,, llim ,,, Pl . PKMc nl Trunun's l i m i t e a | al p vo o. 25 ortheast to complete plans for its J u l y pros- : Pyongyang, tin? Red Korean r;ipi- idential nominating convention in : t n l | llt ^ D 'jp. ; ln ,. 0 it n p v ^ i:;o Loh-! Chicago. J (Ctmlinun.l on p;;»t- f . « t r » I A l t h o u g h Warren wqs not r e p - , - -ill consist o f rc.-,cnte(l at the Tnlsa meeting b y ; 12-yrar-o!d, ,'135-pound Guardsmen and Air F^orre. The second section, which ' will State Patrolman Carlos G. Sala;;. Las Cruces, is in Sania Fe to- i!;ty seeking a hearing with the Xuw Mexico State Police commte- .siun 10 prevent a pending- transfer from taking effect. Unofficial sources in Pahta Fe said Patrolman Sains was slated for transfer either to CarriKOZO Kalas. who wouvs b:ulgc No. 1, is the oldest man on the Stale Police force. He has been stationed here for several years. According to the Associated Prrss. the board is meeting today I'd." Ibe purpose of discussing plans for a Stitlc Police Force school. Governor Edwin Mechem said the session was "routine". Members of th-j board, in addition lo Mechem, :iro Charles Fischer, Clovis. and Theodore Van. Soelcni, Sanla Fe. Slate Police Chief Joe Roach said the hoard might also take up the case of Patrolman L. W. Den- ni.-t. Alhuquerqne, accused by four bystanders of manhandling Daniel Sanchez. 3fi. Kspanola, at Albuquerque. Sanchez was given a suspended sentence in police court at Albuquerque on charges of being drunk. Peirtiis said Saturday t h a t he had not manhandled Sanchez but did say lie had kicked n rork out of Sanchez' hands and had poured tho remains of a hnUte of wine (iver Sanchez" face. Dennis said ho did Unit with the idea that it might "serve the stum 1 (aohprinfr up) purpose as w.iler in the face," ·· Sanchez hnrt the bottle in hln clothing, Dennis said, COTTON M A R K K T (fDlirlcsv U. T. Hoover Co.) ff«ncy. Mnkoko's neighbor and- fiancee. Okn, did not j f o r m on u. S. Highway SO, w i l l ; see (he tragedy. Hut a keeper said: j hc headed by the Reserve Officur.s "She'll know what's happened. Training Corps from New Mexico She'll grieve. She won't live now." AM' college, and organized re' | serves. This section will be headed by the ROTC bund and will include veterans groups. The t h i r d section will be header! by tho Las Cruces Union high school hand and consist of Ihe following: Red Cross unitn. Civil Air Patrol. Boy and Girl Scouts troops, and other civilian organizations. sen of Minnesota, the California governor's name got frequent mention in lobby Uilks as a posaibit- presidential candidate. Avoid Open Drive In previous years. Warren lias Honsley Services Are, Sol For TiK^ilay G. I. Hensley, -to, died Saturday in a local hospital. His funeral i bus been set for 2 p. in. Tuesday j at the Kirs! Baptist church, Me' silla Pa:Ic with Rev. Alvin Sweiy-- ingen officiating. Burial will be in Masonic cemetery. A resident of I'jona Ann county for 12 years, he is .survived by his widow, Mrs. Gladys Alva llensiey. Also surviving are four daughters Mrs. Mildred Tanner. Pccos. Tex.. Mrs. Ray Albertson. Santo Tomos; Mrs. names Morrison, Clovis. Patsy Ann Hensley, Kan Tomas; and a son. R a u l Ray. Kanto Tomas. A bitithci 1 . Carles E. Hensley, XurtEaznn, Texas, and three sisters. Mrs. Creed Childress, Sbur- Parade time is set for"2:30 p. m. City schools will be dismissed a! l;. r )5 to allow students to sec 1 the parade. As part of Las Cruces 1 ArmeJ Forces Week ohservance, 20-.10 club tonight will' hear a talk by AFaj. Harry Gephart. The Lions tomorrow will hear Lt. Col. John W. Grant of White Sands Proving Ground. Navy Capt. A. E. Eulinger will address Kiwanis Tliin-s- and Brigadier Gen. C. I I . j "j-. 1 " 1 ' a '"' shied away from active driv i h e nomination. Hc wound u liM.'l on tho vice pres:.l.".'.tm] of a ticket hoiuk-n by Gov. Tin K. Dewey of ..v Y o r k . Opv.'ty has ( ; i k i - n niir.-i/ r cf the pi-p.sid'Mi:t:il In ! ' i.; I - w i g h t IJ. Kisf-:i"N-··./·.]-. w!v eiitly wovild 'jrvom: 1 ti candiiiii'.c r-.nly if be wen 1 m i t ' v i l -mo of UK i.mjoi- ixirty ar)i-V:r,ui(iis in a "draft" mow. Warren has bc-e.n i-ons'.'ieu'jusly silent on his chi Every Aggie, former Aggie. Ag- | p| ac[ ,,j ;it §22.000. ' pic graduate or former y U i d e n l \vith t h ; ^ ci!.' b f · a n d all friends of X«w M e x i c . i j hoginnin^ cf tin 1 ^ 1 AiS-M college are not only invited ^ n ,, n u - n m i y ; i ip o f I but they are urged to alien.i lb:.- ,{,- for in-lA-idua! !·; ; meeting at 7:30 Thiirs lay n l p h l " L ' h a ' s b-en voln-il th ' · M i l t o n Hull when plans for t ! i e - fi,.j, M1 ; f i : » , i . - n o ,-;, : Helling of y,5QO sen son f o o t l t a l i ],(],- ni-ocr-im · t i c k e t s w i l l be launched. ry Aggie spot ill lElf)^. Some The Dona A n a County j c l u b , sponsors of the l i c k · and 'of the meeting, are eriiroiiK-ly i anxious lor everyone, who is in| lore.neii in the college and tlip Ag- j a ,, \ gi(? Football learn, to ILIUHV ihe.y .,'],, j are invited and Ihny aiv Uigi-d · , , , , , to I):; pre.sent for the meeting. j Kindts Of Tic-Uels ! I'rChTni plans e.rli for tho. piac: ing of block:; of season lickott; in hands of -tlinnii present tm A t t e i i t l i i i i c e Of '^01) It is ilr.sin-d to lun-i; fs'on to 200 pnvcnt for the in«' The 25 in :utcm!;inre i i t Un- l i m i n a r y nu-i-linf: held la.--: 1:1 : Y / A S N l N f ; T O N . May 1! Sin:i'.'ir R u r f e l l \ D-fJa ' .-UM! l-.tday . iifi-ivt i n f u r i n n l i o n of pussibu- val- u-.' t - i Rns.sia already ba.s "li-aked" , fi'mn the cliirfeil-diii'r lii'iiring 1 * i m ; Ci'!'.. D o u y l i i s M : n ' A r l h u r « ullsler. · i-H' fxpu-ssf.! a "iltscp M-II«C uf u n - ' Tu-ft K e p u b l i f i i n Si'iiatnr.s report: ed Ui;it llif a d m i n i s t r a t i o n has iee:i j leaking .secret data t-i HIUIIC news- · iapL'i-H f n y a Idii;; time. i ' \ i r . bolli GOP Ri-nalurj'. ', ki'idnupi'r of Iowa and Hridges | , n ! New ll:i:n,ishin-, li-tekt-d H U H - j 'M-'.VS plwi tluit n i l H o n a t o v s ln-fp · 'e:i i'i t h e M ; i f A r ! h n r he:irinf; hut ; . .iliir!(cn f7 - om (he public r e r o n l , , by t n i i i t a r y antl .lnle d,-;i;irt:in-nl ' ceivors. | ; llii.-.uMl ji.H.1 "it Is :i gro-'it un- · ' di'rj^ih-iiK'iiL t t i .ay t h a i UUM-I.- ', ; h:uv It.'i.'ii .-ime niallt.'.--.'; puljlicixe 1 whii'li !! f.imiDl help the e n i i i i t : \ ' ; l i t i i h lirHgi-s a n d .'lirkc:il.i.ijvr l i h - M i l - - : u'ilii .lei-urity m i-eli-.i.^ini; to t ' l , - ,N'-w V t i i k Time.-; th.- L i p ' .-i-i".l i i n i l U l e s of la.St ( i - ( i i h i ' i - ' : i | \Y:il:e f i l a r u ! r-'iilference i H - t w i - i - n ' P!V!i!f:it T r u m a n a n i l Oen. I'nii;;-; Tli.- i - n ; u i i i i i : c e l a t e r mad.'j tlii:: a i v M i i n : a v a i l a b l e tn all m-wsp.i- --- Including Gen. M a l t h e w U. Ridgwny in his undeistaiuHiig · present a .solid from in sitppui t of the PruKiiU'iit's j i l u n and in on- Mnni.-huridn bases and use nf Cbi- ni'Kt- Niitiumilist tnmp.-.. M a c A r t h u r te.slifie.l 10 days ap,o Ui3l It was his undei-^landinfr t h u i Ridgway. bi.i successor in t h e Km Ku:;tern mm ma mis, luul s i m i l a r views to iits on how the K t u e m i war sluv.ild he conducted. II.'. s j i d he thought other m i l i l a r y leaders there nl.-io nprced w i t h him. When rccosj*ing loilay'n session of tlie joint Senate Armed Service. 1 * nnd Koivign Relalions conunitt'.MV.. ehainmin Russell i D - G n ) announc ed t h a i Gen. Omar Hrndli-y, f h a i r man ttf the Joint Cbief.-; of S t u f f . will bt tho wilnoss tomorrow. Testify Airiiln Ho fiiUil it is possible, howi-vr. Murtilmll mighl be cailetl ha«-lt later for slill nicne leslimtiny. In today's testimony. M a i v b a l l niflilu "slzeablf incicasi-.s" i ci.enl- ly in li^er m i l i t a r y garrisnns in [he area, Marshall ln!d Scnntois t h t i i while t i n - Siivirtx alw.iys have m a i n l i i i n e d m i n i n g - I'tu-ccs nn t h e i r f M b e r i a n ' i m r d e i t t . tliere has Iven :i recent h i h l d u p in s t i e n g l h . I ' i M | i t i t i l ^ Time l i e had mentioned Una in lr:itl- mriiiy i;i.';i week hi:i n-ferem-i 1 to Det'iinibi:!' j i i n - p i i i n i i M i h e t u n e nf t h e buildup as he h a . I nm done before. l.'n.ier (jueslioning. Mariihull a l ::o Insisted Uiat (;«n. I'.n.ugla.s M:U-A i ' t h u i ' » plan of iitrppnl u ] i t i r if.'onlinued on pat"- T o u t ) Th '"·-- ..... ·· .»'"»- -"f-"". "'""-Governor, Mechem - - ' " ·an and wil! h;i I! l the wood, Tex.. Mr.s. W. L. Mnsssy. i ncslay. Xurtaznn. and Mrs. Annie Brad- j ford. Gelia, Tex., also survive. 1 Pallbeareis wil! be Homer Mil- ) ler, Woody W. Price. Clarence | Tenne.y is to address HoLiry Wed- ' say this is because the Calil'ornian may huve decided t h a t next ye:n is the Lime for htm lo go u t i e i the prize in an n i l - o u t di ive. \VaiTciv.umluuMcMllv v ; l ! havt the soliil support of ih.« C;iii(.,i ::· iloleg.ilton at l!ie Chii-ajiu Moiivn- ,R i-onvention. That Snlhcrbm.l. Matt Smith. Bill Anderson, and Getter Smith. have added strrngth -^ a i-.--sn!l I of congressional r e tl i s t r i r t ir.g I which will affect the aloc;ition o!" I 1952 convention voting totals. William S. Hart. Loavenwortb. | M n s ) ,,f the Republican Xntinnnl · Insure i.Tngni.,1 was fined $15 and co.sls ] ,-,nnnittce members seem lo t h i n k · if some L'.O(K) to 2..Mtf) THAPKU 1 VIOI-ATOll I v r l t h a i t i l e Thuisd;iy nighL aceeplinn w i l l h:« t i l l e d at ra;-h o bloeks uf ticlu-tK will p a y , game:;. There ;:h' ii-u-iif t ! '''!for (lie tickets and LJieu c:omlm-t I in the new .-U.tdiuni 101 ' t h e i r own sale of the tickets. j student:; w i l l K-IIUI It is believed there ere n i n n y j ll'.e:;o and the ') ;ivt ' who have in Iho pa.-U irmde c:is!i av;iitab!e for t i n : " ' r n n t r i h u t ' o i i H or donalion^ to the v n " cdllegc alhlrtir- piogram. will be lVl!1 glad to accept tickets for these gifts. The school desires to see Hut I everyone-receive stetson t i t - k - ela in Ihn a mount they noi mally give for the :it.jit«tie program. K...,.|l,:i lu,,nv. i! y,,n ,,],·;,.,·. u l i . i t ii.'ivs[i:i|)i'!iiii'ii ll.'ivi- i i n r l u ' i i l . i r l . v i - j i i i i l i i i M t h a t C O l : i v i i , - . ' l iird'.--..! lo i n i M i - j i i i i l i i i M t h a t rri M f f "Tl ^ ;:"'^l'^: m ^ "-: To Offer Program he t h e r .100 w i l l · p u b l i c a m i 1 sold. And i t is th'' desire ,( t h e to sell ;:i-i!-;i:] E c k e l s i:i fur 2.. r i()0 to ::.(Mio or the-n -- \fiinpnt O i U U C l l l T T T - Tl Vvms hssa . -SANTA FE, May M (,1»i ( J . i v - j i M - n i i r Kdwin Me.-)ie:n j.-nnt-.l w i t h ' o t h e r Kepiibb,-:'n gnvcnuir.-i :it Tul. in · ;:.i Insl week In H u u i n b n ; ' ;i w a r n - ft fllZB . " ' « i"" ' " " · "'l»'"«TMn . n . l y "niusi ofu'i 1 a p:o-ram in the V u l - back from an.-inling the Dmnk. Disorderly C]luU* (lf eS A. l*e L 1 1 le I am*i i. mo .^iivu .£ OYean Salurday when arrested by Stale 1 1 Patrolman Jerry Enmk on charges i M(.; between Taft am of illegal passing. Brunk said H a i l Kvith Con. Douglas Ml pleaded guilty to passing anoilier j ,, n nlmost vehicle in a "no passing" zone which resulted in a minor accident. i i r l t « - t j » the. party nomination Taft nnd Eisenhower, ,g!as M o o A i l h u r giv- clKincc lo win Hi 11 initiation he says hc isn'l soek- r anyway. can be sold in tins' expe.r.trd there v.'il! nin-r it is .scffit-ifii! · on hand to lake trare .of the needs and It) c u r r y out Ihe proposed program (if tlie college. The cost for sciin')i. is Two sepi-Mit poited tn La:; the uv.'kt'iui u high iirhonl. Slipt. S. said biialt-tn.'; -'''ii' r day and Sunduy n i ' ^ l i t u In;; v.'ns t i i k e n nn ciih'-i Cily iinlice condiii'ti'd an ,v U. is, 11. ! 1) K e p t i l j lu-an [ a i l v "iiiu.-:! .^ / · , has been j gallon May July Ooi. Mar. lllRil -J.-S.23 ;i9.n New Her. ofi.10 Now May 38.08 ' Now July .18.58 New Oct. 36.-19 ·15.10 3D.W 38.fl! 30.0,1 .18.83 -15.30 ·15.12 :i9.f)8 30.00 38.04 3S.flln .10.48)1 W. L. Johnson. I^as Ci anestcil and 'charged with d i n n U and disorderly conduct after an nrcidcnt at the junction of the Rincon road and U. S. HiRliway 85 Saturday niphl. The car driven tiy Jolinsnn wn.-; overturned on the Is Already Stalemate, Correspondent Finds; In 5 Months Front Line Changes 85 Miles Deputy Sheriff Ralph lorn made the iirrcst. Justice of Peace M a r t i n Herrera imposed a $10 fine and cuuil costs upon a j plea of g u i l t y to the charges. H n boa | w Arc Stolen Prom Two Vehicles All four hubcaps from two Pon- tincs were reported .stolen S a t u r day night In Las Ciuces. The first set, from a 1951 Pon* tine sedan, was reported stolen by D. E. \Vallls. 100 block Knsl Idaho fit ret: I while the cm- was parked on n locnl street. The second set was taken from .1 1(M9 routine owned by S. I). Cha- VM. Mol-cnci, Ariv.. His cnr was j.aiked nt Iho Airport Inn when the theft occurred. Ry JOM\ KAN'DOLI'H SOMKWUBUE IN KOREA, May M.-.(.-TI---There hns been a lot »f talk ab:tut the Korean wnr beconi- ing n stalemate. As a matter of cold fact it has been a stalemate fcr the past f i v e and one-half months. Except for the evacuation of northeast Korea nnd some piiej- rilla figbtiiiK in the smith, the main front h;is never ni:vod more than ;" miles sinre the first WOek of December. Hu-sn't Ki-iilly Chan^eil All the sound and f u r y of b a t t l i - j-.lnce early December Jiasn't chanped the real military s i t u a t i o n in Koi en. The United Nations army nmlor Americfln leadership is playinj; it cool, keeping out nf tho clinches, nnd culling up ils l'uj;e adversary when it can without trying too hard for n knocknul. I.nat Movcmljpr. the Allies* u-ere on the Yalu river, North Korea | was on the mat. and the referee. .is up to the count of nine. | | China Steps In : j /hen Hed China M r p p f d in. J Since then the IJ. N. A i m y h a s ' ; almost gone out o.' i:s way to nvttid . I taking chalices w i t h the C' : , tilmnst as if the Far c.ii:i- j ' mand wa.s marking t i m e d t - l i b c r - ' ' a t c l y u n t i l t h e dipiomatfi srltle i h e i war or tile".) 1 governnienls send i ! over enough troops to win it. [ j This doesn't mi an that the ;u:ny, command over hert 1 isn't pl;i ving t j the game. I t has done wonders conrideiing t h e odds. Rut wlion- · ever Ihe command hns had a choice between a bold move or n c a u t i o u s , one, it hits usually hrt-n c.mtiotis. | Now, when 'the Chinese an: oh- j viou.-ily rcorji.'inlxing a f t e r .sonu; j inurdfroil:; l.xist 1 .^, there scemn to bo l i t t l e II. N. dr.'iiro to m a k e oven swift limited hut determine.I conn- j i e r n l t : i ' : k . t - - f t l t h i M l f t n Oils i:i the , best t i m e t.) do A*. Avoid Cusunllles But bold offensive ;u-titin ami eounU'ralUtck.s even if they do mil risk tho s.ifoty of the army, would nu'tin casualties. A n d ever since the dark bnur* nf Sust f a l l the command h.'is been extr;idrdi:i- iirily sensitive ab.-mt casiinltirs and has made cvpiy e f f o r t [m.-ssihle lo avoid them. Aside from the ever pnvc-nl risks of war. the command has L-ikcn only two real c.Jiitnec.-i slni 1 .' December. One \VI\A Uii*' 1 drup of t h e ]87lh A l r b u r n e ie;;- ment laal March at Munsaii. Tlie other was thu E i g h t h Anny iirder for iho 23rd ivgiuuMil lo st;iy in Cliipyonij nnd rlsx ciimjilete Chin- eco cncircleiiient. NcilhiM' of these wan a reckless decision. TliP. jirtralruoperji ly landed almost nnnpposi:.! an.l woie reliovcfj by.a tank foice by n i g h t f a l l . Chipyong w:is a m u c h vlnscr il»;:vo. hut largely be- oftiiso- -· ( 1 ) Hi*- C'liincne .simply nb- liU'i-itled Ihe South K' Kighlh divisiur. fu'i t-cning t h e town :iTid ' r:M b:ui we;ilhi-r pr.-vented .^.im- supply n i i d f o j w . Kee[-s (\i-.ii::Mies Down Thr "j-.liiv U safe" policy lia.-s biHn a tre.ih'iidtnit: MICIVS:, i:i keep, i n g U. N'. .;i:iii.HUcs ,|.iwn I U is d : J f ; c U i ! in gel i i n y -v'r- ill! f i f f i r i . ' i l f l K : M v . h u t by ,i;iy .^landnr-l A!b'd ].s.--i-s in Koi -1 ; .Kince DiTiT.ihr'r m u i l.i- MM-i-ttmn- | ally bi-lnw tin- imni.'il i-Ksii.r.ty t~.\- : peclatliins for an . n u i y in Ihr f n - l ' l . Time I'.ave ln-en two u - ) v 1:11-1- t)n- wa.s tin- imd-l'Ylniiai-.v m:i- ' Sucre ao;lh of Mueng:,..i^; wlien n i - n i l y ' l i . i i r Ihi- .'iSth i - ' x i i i i d i i WJI.H ' tl.'ipped. IlUl I l i U too W:I.H p : u t l y nf the r|iiit'k i l c . i t h of the South K n r e f i l l Kigi'.ln diVl.nlon an.l i p i i r t l y b.-ciiu.^ t h e r c g i n i r i i i W.-IM | hlriin;; mil over 17 mi leu. l Tile Mlier tltlluippy OV«-tll WJl'i ' the iilcio.xt t D t . i l l.w: of the Hr!!i."h, 1 f'.loucc.'dei 1 bin in linn A p i i l 'XI lo ;"-!.'» w i t h iii'.irly (100 casu;tllli's. W i j i n - : · "f tin- stale i'.,:-.test was "]| wa:: n*»t th« jii.-ice. however. .iM.'ieuh ,M,-t7.j;iir, St. M;ii-y'. I l i j - J i . l n ' I r i e i n i i n c wiiat tnc party w i l l ..1-liinjl. A!iliui]U"ri|ue. :u:il;»: I t s program. TluiL w i l l c i e i i t i : . i i b . n ; i JIMII K r i t h . r : n-|sb:ul '"H'f. I l i y l i , t.inli t h i r d . P i i x e , i v r i e "'I' 11 *-' mam part of t h a t pn»j;iam. SI (Hi. .?:.() -nid SL'."! fur i h e Uuvi- t o p luiwever, .-.hoiild be .1 demand t' pii.sjticjn.-i. ] ·' ' I r f m i l e fnrelijn policy. U'e uiu.;t M - i i i ' i r . i l i l i ' n i e n t i i m w.-n! to '««"«· w h a t is in be our f u e i g n Ann.- Str.icKe. F:ir:iijii];tun I hgb: j P"Hcy. And then pnlu-y I ' a l Tiirilee. ( i a l l t i p H i p h ; and ; " i'lsthrr V.-ildex. Ha 11 ing ton .Junior be adht-n-d to." i i ; Rclurn Kruni T r i p 1 yon. M I C . A l l e n P i t i t i n a n T i i i o n t ., · . . i Telichein president. H ' l M i i t n l In S. r o l l ( ) \ V M l ! ; A c C J U C I l l I H . Musi-ley, school |irin.-iii:il t h n j miuniri^r. To allow a d d l l n i i u i l si^lit('. !'. Davis. Lovin(;ton. wn:. or- i noplu«. Ihc st-nltu's n - i u i n v.ill In* d-n-d held fin iii-liim ol I b e . l i . M r i c t ' .feluy.M unti! \u\ v Tuesdny a l l - M i o . i l 1 M i . m l n y a f t e r in- pleaded! noon. S i i i M y I" d r i v i n g while i n l o x l u i i v d i They luul ovl«lnat!y pliinncd to in .hk-tici- ni iv-u'e r i i t i r l . ; 1'flnrn o m l y Tuesday muinint;. llniid wa.i set nt $rjf» by Jiuiticc : They will Irnvc C i n n d ('unyon Mils ; IV.K-e M J M t m Ilerrora a f t o ; t'Ve.niiiR, nnd will make a Mow trip chaises wen- filed by Oeplily ! " to LllH CniCi'rt. iuae'ii. ' ' j TIHI;S AKK 'STOI.KN U;ivls' a r i o n t wan the result of Thefl of Hvc wht'ebi nml Ute.t 11 two e-ii cntliMion ahmii mir-luilf from i\ llllift Uulck was reported niili- nut Hi ttf Hatch. The Davis! to city police* Siiliuday by Uic- i :n w:m involved in a rnltlHloii w i t h ' vehlden fiwnrr. John R Owens, a vehicle i i i i v e n by Willis K n l ^ l U , ; He told policn tho t h t - f t ucctincU Itinmii. " j Mimnllmc Friday iiiKlil.

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