Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 3, 1961 · Page 8
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 8

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1961
Page 8
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S GREELEY TRIBUNE Friday, Nov. 3, 1061 Red Pressure on Finland Keeps World Pot Boiling lie* airing of the crimes of the By WILLIAM'S.. RYAN Atsociittd Prtss Newt Amlyit PAHIS (APi-Tho new Kremlin pressure on Finland and Scandinavia reflects the results of the 22nd Soviet Communist party congress in which the Red leadership, having destroyed the Stalin legend, turns more and more to tough Stalinism in foreign policy. This..paradox -- reviving Stalinism on the world front and turn- Stalin era. The congress also produced the spectacle of a battle within the world Communist camp, with Red China arrayed on the side'of tiny and defiant Albania against the Soviet colossus. Thus the thrust toward Scandinavia can have yet another purpose--to deflect' world 'attention from the internal convulsions ol backed o(t from Iho perilous Ber- iin crisis, Intends to keep (he ing osvay from it domestically- communism and provide time to indicates thai the Kremlin, having brin E Iho Hed Chinese to heel. Pciping seems to have lillle choice, in the long run, bul lo go along with Moscow's leadership, however unpalatable it might be, It is noteworthy lhal In Ihe pro gram adopted by Ihe 22id con jgrcss, an article frequenlly tressed by Premier Khrushchev limsclf warns world communism o prepare for quick shifts ol wlicy in the global cold war. It became necessary to bari off from Berlin because Ihe spark of World War 111 definitely was here, and the Kremlin was no irepared to fan it into flame. world political pot boiling. This raises new storm signals for (lie West. While the Kremlin can Iw expected to grab whatever it can tfom '.'mutual defense" talks with Finland, the West now will be obliged to stay alert to the possibility that the new Soviet thrust Is at least two-pronged. There is a riisinct possibility thnt Ibe pressure on Finland and Scandinavia also is n diversion in preparation for a move elsewhere, and a good bet is that Iran will be the-target. These moves are going to take lime. The Soviet Communist parly is going to have to digest the sensational- development of the 22nd congress. These were Ixiuml to have shocking effects, both on the Soviet public and on the world Communist movement. ;The congress resulted in a pub- Farm? Irrigated :":^WASHINGTON - About « PC; cent of the cropland west of Kan sap is under irrigation. East o Kansas the figure is about Ihree teVilhs of one per cent. N O T I C E :=' CARPENTERS OF ::· LOCAL 418 Meeting Nlghit: 1tt and 3rd ; Mondavi at 909 10th SI. : : 7:30. Please Attend. Desire Ccmes True MEMPHIS (AP) -- Housewif. Mrs. Edward Slorer wanted lo be a pioneer. , So in her spare lime she wen hrough musly files and fadec naps of the Army Engineers an traveled up and down Ih Mississippi River. Mrs. Slorer now has .her re ward. A notice posted in the court :iouse announces her as the owne of an island no one ever claime before. Dpen House ts Set by Edwards Chevrolet Co. Gala open house will be held ext week at Edwards Chevrolet Co., 721 KXh St. Everyone in the area Is welcome. The occasion marks Chevrolet's golden anniversary. It was 50 years ago on Nov. 19U, that the now-famous Chev- olet Motor Division was incurpo- ated as a manufacturer o! auto mobiles. "It's really an outstanding success story," points oul 0. .G. Edward's, owner of Edwards Chevro- cl. "Thai first full year of Chevrolet's production totaled under 1,000 cars -- 2,999 to be exact.' Now there are over 18 million Chevrolet products on the-road. That's why we at Edwards Chevrolet are throwing this week-long ·irthday party. We wanl to thank friends and tlie public for iclping in our own dealership's success as well as Chevrolet's tremendous growth." Highlight of the open house is he special offer of a golden anniversary record album, produced y RCA for distribution by Edwards. This commemorative al)um is offered for a 1 limited lime only at a nominal price. Included are Glen Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, Charlie Barnel, Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and many' other outstanding artists. Edwards and others of his staff invite everyone lo look over the new 1962 line and lake a drive In a- new Chevrolet. Magnet For Stomach ' MAREKGO, III. - A Mareng company is making a magtip lo be put in a cow's second slorr ach to keep the nails Bossy swa lows away from her vital organs Imprinted Napkins For Parties or Gifts Ph. EL 3-0246 ·807 8th St. jKri.vii NOTICV: OF A\MIAL ASSOCIATION 1 MBKTIXTJ The A n n u a l Stool?holders' 3tce[ in* of the M o u n t a i n States Bee O rowers' MarKetlntr Aaaoclatlo u-ltl be held In the Comnnmtt Building In Longmont. Colored on Monrtnr, November 27, J361 a 1 12 noon. I The, imrpose of the meeting t ·to consider tho reports of tli Hoard of Directors and question a f f e c t i n g the welfare of the As Focfallon and the sugftr'beet In diistry, and Lo transact any othe* business i h n t mny properly com before tho meeting 1 . The Boan will appreciate your iirenL-nce an your participation In Oio d l u c u a i RICHARD W. BL.AKE, Secretar THE MOUNTAIN STATES BEE IQROWERS MARKETING ASSO ICIA.TION . The Greelcy Dally Tribune, Nov. 3, 1961. Algae Go to Work ST1LLWATER, Okla. : (AF)-A professor with a siring of ponds is testing an idea that nature can take cafe of man-made wastes then clean up her own backyard The professor, Dr. T r o y C Dorris of Oklahoma Slate Uni versily, explained his idea simp : Wastes from factories, refin eries, etc.-are collected iri.ponds Algae grow in the water, manu factoring oxygen, for bacteria which eat the wastes. lw?n- the wastes are gore, the bacteria turn on ilie algae. Whci the algae js gone (he bacteria die Result: relatively clean, -waste free water. Dr. Dorris has one problem- will the algae produce enough oxygen for their own obstruction? More research will tell. ' ' ..RECENTLY P R O M O T E D was Richard L. Byers, above, son of Mr. and 'Mrs. Ray L. Byers of Hereford. He was promoted to specialist fair in Germany where he is a member of the Fourth Armored Division. Byers, a driver in Company A of the division's Fourth Quartermaster Battalion al Goppingen, entered the 'army in March, 1960. He'received his basic training at Fort Riley, Kan., and arrived overseas the following August. Byers is a 1955 graduate of Grover High School. WANTED APPLICANTS IN THIS AREA TO TRAIN FOR LAW ENFORCEMENT POSITIONS DO NOT DELAY MEN 20-39 ' Radio Patrol Officer Border Patrolman Correction Officer CmlomJ Service Highway Patrolman Livestock Inspector Post Patrol Officer Security Officer Coniervatlon Officer Meat Inspector Annual Increase -- Security -- Paid Vacation · Sick Leave -- Pensions Experience Unnecessary Common School Education Usually Sufficient MUST HAVE CLEAN RECORD AND BE IN GOOD HEALTH Mail Today for Further Information National Peace Officer Training Org., Dept. No. 810, 852 Broadway, Denver 3, Colo. ame _ _ _ _ _ . . . . . . ____________ P h o n e _ XOTICK .OF. AXXU.U. MEKT1XC OF riiivau.nv I.OOAI, IIKF.T nilOWKHS ASSOCIATION- The A n n u a l Meeting of th Gre«ley. Ixcal Tlcet'Orowers Association will he lipltl on Kov. 18 at 10 A. M. at the Beel Growers' Office. 1113 lOlh A v e . In Ordelcr. The purpose of this meeting Is elect n 'President, Secretary and a D i s t r i c t Advisory Board of three, members, also a General Director to represent yon at the State Association. Other matter* if .'Importance to oil s u g a r , b e a t growers will be discussed. Signed: Earl G. SMITH. Pros Greeley Local Beet Growers Association. Tbc Greeley Dally Tribune. Nov. 3, U61. ist's male third class, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Flot of Route 1, Kersey, is serving in the Western Pacific aboard the Seventh Fleet ammunition ship USS.Pyro. The Pyro recently visited Subic Bay, Philippines. Narti At Hollomin AFB, N, M Specialist Six Donald R. Naftz son of Mr. and Mrs. John Naft of 1315 4th St.; was recently as signed to the U.S. Army Signa Missile, Support Agency's Com pany A at Holloman Air Fore County Occupation- State City Age...TM H o u r s usually at h o m e . If In rural area, k i n d l y give directions to home. Pleaie do not I n q u i r e If you are not sincerely Interested. No obligation. Not government connected. ase, N. M. The Signal Missile Support gency provides communications leclronics support for the guided nissile program at the 5,600 quare mile Wliite Sands Missile lange. A radio repairman in the agen- y's Company A, Specialist Natlz was last stationed in Germany. He attended Greeley High Ichool. \OTICR OF F I X A I i SKTTT.K31RXT Stnle or Cnlnrndo N'o. 8 6 5 8 . ESTATE OF ) JACOB DANIEI, ) HEII.MA.N", a. k. a. ) JACOO I). HEILMAX ) Deceased ) Xotlce is hereby given t h a t 1 have filert my f i n a l r e p o r t In the County Court o£ Weld County, Colorado, anil that any ner. l r i i i K to object to the sa ahall ftle w r i t t e n ohiectlon w i l b the flald court orr or b e f o r e X vemher 29, 1961. FLORENCE Hf. HEILMAN, Executrix William R. Kelly, A t t o r n e y . The Greeley Dally Tribune Oct. 27, Nov. 3, 10. 17, 1961. World TV By '75? PARIS -- Eurovision, the Euro- jean television network, already jearos programs from I-ondon to iloscow and Naples to Leningrad. Enthusiasts foresee a world-wide TV network by 1975. News from Norelco ... To take the p i n c h a n d p u l l o u t o f s h a v i n g v*. ROTARY BLADE CO SPESDSHA VER Rotary Blades stroke off whiskers in one continuous comfortable sweep as no back-and-forth shaver ever can. NEW MODELS...NEW DESIGNS...NEW SHAVING COMFORT Buckingham BUCKlNGHAM-Mr. «nd. Mri, lerbert NMul «nd Connie ol .andoiph, Wls., - spent several ays last wetk with Mr. and Mrs. tergt Williams and Lane. Jane Showers attended * Youth tally In Grand Junction over the ·eekend. . . Candice and Dana W i a g a t e pent' several' days with t h e i r randmothcr, Mrs. Betsy Wing ale t Greeley, and with their grand larenls Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bern- lardt near Lucerene. Their par nts Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wingale were dinner guests at the Bern- terdt home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Keith Ashbaugh ind family were recent Denver isitors. ' . Mr. and Mrs. Duane Castor, and 'ortia and Gary Castor enjoyed a Cootie partie at the Joe Samber lome near Stonehom last week. Mr. and Mrs. Olin Caslor were ecent Fort Morgan visitors. Mrs. ;aslor visited her mother, Mrs' «lU' Campbell. Word has been received of the marriage of Susan Hialt and Glen iIcLaughlin of Steamboat Springs Mrs. McLaughlin, formerly o] Buckingham, is tlie daughter ol Mrs. Muriel Dhooge of Greelej nd Ernest Hialt of Vallejo, Calif, "he couple are making their home n Steamboat. John Speaker and Paul motorei o Sidney, Neb. Wednesday lo at end Ihe funeral of Olio Kurtz, rother-in-law of John Speaker. Mr. and Mrs. Jake Bender o ?ocky Ford spent a night recent y at the home of Mrs. Katie Croissant and Ted. Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Salyer ant r amily of Sterling were overnigli uests at the home of Mr. anc Mrs. Olin Castor. Mr. and Mrs. John Ford ant daughters were recent d i n n e i guesls at the Howard Blair horn, at Denver. They were s u p p e luesls at the George Jones homi .ater lhat evening. Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Castor and "amily were hostess to -a chili supper and weiner roast at thei nome last week. Those enjoying Ihe evening were Mr. and Mrs Keith Ashbaugh 'and family, Mr and Mrs. John Ford and -daugii lers, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Richarc son and family and Mr. and Mrs Chuck Erickson, Judy and Jolra of Sterling. Mr. and Mrs. Duane Caslor an family were Sunday dinner guest at a family dinner at the home o Mr. and Mrs. Joe Samber nea Stoneham. Mrs. D'lcne Cox of Greeley wer supper guesls at Ihe homo of Mi and Mrs. Ray Moore. i i Mr. and Mrs. Ted Schoszman o Denver and Mr. and Mrs. Em Holzwarlh and Carolyn of For Morgan, visited at Ihe Rudolp Milzel home last week. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Speaker an family and Buster Brown of Ke sey. spent Sunday evening at th Nick Hilzer home. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Shower and family were Sunday dinrie guesfs at the Herb Duell home. Mrs. Hay Moore recently visi ed Mrs. Mel Bornhoft al Slerling M O D E S T M A I D E N S . W "4 dig up the , rhen Harriet onolyrei it for rh« club Mr. and Mrs. Gena Hialt and /alcric of Fort Collins visited at Keith Ashbaugh borne Sun- ay afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Duane Castor en- oyed a progressive supper in lerling last week. Mr, and Mrs. Ronny Livengood were Sunday dinner guests at the Charles Fritz home near New iayntcr. Carl Miller of Greeley hod din- ler with, the Orie Hill family re cenlly.' latches said Thursday. The ava- anclie swept away three miles ol ·cad. anche killed five persons in the 'illage of Patacon in remote School Buses Barred To Parochials DENVER (API-Colorado pubic school dislricts which carry private or parochial' students in their school district buses will lose their stale aid, Commissioner ef Ed- icalkHi Byron W. Hansrord ruled Thursday. School districts in the state receive about $2.5 million.annually or reimbursement for the cost f transporting pupils.-. . The education commissioner said he made the ruling in response to numerous requests.: It Allows a District Court ruling last i'ummer in Rio Grange County. Hansford's decision declared hat: "A board of education of 5 school district does not have legal .authority and the school district cannot lawfully. . . (1) provide transportation to pupils enrolled in private or .parochial schools in any motor [vehicle owned, operated, or maintained jy the district, either 'with or without compensation to the district; 2 become indebted for . payments in lieu of transportation to any person or organization for pupils enrolled in.private or parochial schools'; or'.OV'ob-, tain reimbursement from the P.ub ; Much Water Impure WASHINGTON--- A report by lorlheastem Peru, Press dis- ]j c sd,oo] Transportation Fund for transportation'in any motor've- hicle, whether owned or rented and such district ,or privately owned and operated for such purpose imder contract with the district, .which pupils .enrolled in private' 'or parochial · World Briefs LONDON (AP)--Britain's No. ballerina,-Dame.Margot'.Fonteyn, says at age 42 reporf.s of possible retirement have "become just a itlle tiresome." ROME (AP) -- Georges Khalil Haraoui of Lebanon has been nominated by the U.N. Food and Agricultural Organization council io preside over the biennial FAO conference opening Saturday. MONTREAL (AP) - Scheduled passenger traffic on North Allan- .ic rose 3.1 per cent in the third quarter ot;this year over the corresponding period of 1960, the International Air Tran5 : port Association reports. LIMA, Peru (AP) - An ava : the Senate's Water Resources schools are transported'simullan-' Committee says only 63 per cent eously with.pupils enrolled in pub'-. of a large number of water wellsjlic. schools." examined were free of intestinal- :ype bacteria. USE THE TRIBUNE WANT AOS ; Get Your Car Ready Sticker Inspection \OT1CK TO..CREDITORS In IXr rnu.lj CiMiri 111 »d (ol the r,,u»ly .if Weld mid . Sfmr »f C'nUmdo No. 8S6H Estate at KI.3IKR T. ED WARDS, Deceased. AM persons having claim 1 against the above named estate are required to file them for allowance In the County Court of Wetd County, Colorado, on or before the lit-h day ol May, 1»62, or said c l a i m - - s h a l l be forever barred. PEAHL, ED WARDS * £xecutrix ClRT R. Apple, A t t o r n e y The Greeley Daily Tribune. -Nov. 3, 18, 17, 24, 1X1. Safety Belts Anti-fraeze Transmissions Battery Jump Cablet Tires, Tubes Batteries' Tail Pipes Brake Shoes Auto Glass Tail Light Lenses Sealed Units Beam Hunters' Scooters Ideal .?or D'eer Hunting Get Your Legal MUFFLERS Blackies at New and Used 30611th Ave. Auto Parts EL 2-3122 XOTICE or PIN A I. SKTTLBMKXT the rnuntr CuMrt In nn4 far tk« CowittT of WHrl **4 Slut* et Cnlornrii) No, 8653 ESTATE OF ) TOLLIB D. SWAN, alao Known Rfl · . ) \lOt.T,TE DENNEE SWAN*,) Deceased Notice Is licreby jplven that 1 ave filed my / l n » l report In ' Bounty Court of W*ld County, Colorado, unfl t h a t anj* pemo l r l n f r to object to the KSITI i«hall (11« written objection with he said court on or b e f o r e X vembtr 27, 1 361. WILLIAM H. SWAN, Executor Charles A. KdrowBky, Attorney /or Estftte 307 Greeley Building Greeley, Colorado The Greeley Daily Trlbun* Oct. 27, Nov. J, 10, IT, im New Noreko 'floatinc-head* Spe«dsham --twin heads swivel to hug the face. Self- jharpening rotary blades. Motor adjusts automatically to beard. 110 or 220 volts, adaptable to world-wide use. (AC/DC). Deluxe travel case. New Nortlco 'flip-lop' Sp«*Uhaver*-- largest selling shaver in the world. Rotary blades stroke off whiskers without old- fashkmed back-nd-forth irritation. 'Flip- top' makes it a ctnch to clean. 110 volls only. (AC/DC). Deluxe travel case. NEW Noreko Sportsman --Packs its own power. Operates on two flashlight batteries tucked aw.w *n attractive case. Includes mirror and quick-recoil cord. , Morctco th*v*fi r« priced to f* «wy pur«*1 S NO*TH AMERICAN ftMltn OOMfANT, Inc. KM C. 42n* St. K.Y. 17. N.Y. H0f»(» ..-. -- . . : , TT -- CITATION TO ATTEND PROBATE- OF WII.T. Tn The Convtr Court Xo. 8859 STATE OF COLORADO, ) )Sfl. County of Weld ) fn the Matter of the Estate o WJILJAM S. JdLLER. Deceased THI-3 F'KOPLK OF THE STATF OF COLORADO. TO: Virginia Smith. Plattevllle, Colorado, Daughter, ITeir Jit law Vivian D o w n i n g , 125 3rd Street, Fore. Collins, Colorado, Daughter, Legatea Virgil K. MHler, General Delivery, Eagle Point, Oregon, Son, Heir at law Lillian McMlrheal, 32X3 Lib. erty Road, Salem, Oregon, Daughter, Heir at law Clayton W. Miller la*t k n o w n a d d r e s s ) Stockton, California, Son, Heir at law Kvelyn Phillips, Evans, Colorado, Daughter, Legatee Melvin K. Duar, 301 North l l t h Ave., Grecley, Colorado, Gran dp on, Legatee L. Lee KlrlreJ, 1907 Ulti Street, Greeley, Colorado, no relation, Trustee named In the Will Jamej H. Shelton, 205 First National Bank Building, Greeley, Colorado. Guardian ad Litem, You and «ach of you ar« her* by notified that the I n a t r u m e n purporting to ba the last wH and testament thereto of the- de cedent above, named T1H b» of fere A for probate before th County Court of Weld County, a the Courthouse In Grpnley, Colo rado, on Monday the 20lh day o November A.D, JS61 at 10 o'cloc! a.m. or at jnich t i m e fin the mat ter t h e n may be c o n t i n u e d . WITNESS my s i g n a t u r e an :·«·*! of said Cf\:ri this ICth ds: c£ Octob-r, 1S61. (SEAL) C. E. Wallace Clerk of the County Cour By Max I ne Johnron D e p u t y Cler! HHRh H. A r n c l d , A t t y . First National Bank BMr- Gre«ley, Colo. The G t e e l t y Dally Trltur* Oct. 13. 20, 27, NOT. I, I»«l M O N B Y to buy, build, repair or improve homes. M O N E Y to buy big or little, new or used cars. M O N E Y to pay medical, taxes, insurance or other obligations. MONEY ORDER HEADQUARTERS 15c for each Money Order up to $100 When you need money for any worthwhile purpose . . . the best place to borrow is The First Industrial Bank. Our rates are low, our service is quick and repayments are planned to fit you budget. Call on us and see for yourself why folks borrow from The First Industrial Bank. We'll welcome your loan application. The First INDUSTRIAL BANK 8th Av«. at 9th St. Of Gre«l«y

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