Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on May 13, 1951 · Page 9
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 9

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 13, 1951
Page 9
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Sunday Morning, M«y 43. 1951 LAS CRUCES (N. M.) SUN-NEWS PAGE NINt 'Big ShmoV Thousand Dollar Bill Racket Doesn't Pay Off By SAUL I'ETT . (For Hal Hqyta) NEW .YORK- iff).-- I got into the cab and gave the driver the d- dress. . .^ : . "Yeah 1 , sure," lie grunted. We pulled away'from' the "curb. This, J reasoned, is one of the unhappy ones. This one, 1 knew, I would be afraid to under-tip or ask to go to Brooklyn or cross with one wrong word. I looked In my wallet. There was only, a ten. Inslrte. Desperately. I searched my other pockets. No luck. Finally, us panic mounted, I worked up enough couratfo. to say tho.'worst, i apologized In. advaiieiy.for fiajilrijf to usk the.hac.kle to.'break''n'ten for n filx-bit-ride.''. ·','\ · · "So what're you worried about, so what?" he asked. "After all, it ain't like It's'a hundred or a thousand. So stop worying al- icady. So relax and enjoy .the scenery." So I relaxed. So the driver told me a story.. "Two or three years ago there was a character," he began, "who carried a 'tho'jsand dollar bill n round with him. A real big operator, you know. Ha'd be picked up at the Waldorf and he'd make nil the right spots -- tl\e Copa, the Latin Quarter and the rest. "This guy," he continued always operated with the G-note. He'd (jo every place by e»h and he'd keep the cab" waiting. He'd drop into a flub for a drink, and he'd pive the hackle tho thousand as n guarantee I gucH, he'd be out agjiin. "So he'd come out and go to several other places. Always keeping the cab waiting. Always leaving the thousand as security'. But, of course, lie made sure to get the driver's name and number every time he left. "Then, finally, he's ready to turn in, he gne.s back to the Waldorf, gets his thousand back and pays the bill. Alaybc he ran up seven bucks nn the meter, maybe ten." "A good customer, I guess," I guessed. Good!" ho says. "Nobody liked him. Uig operator! Shmo! Ri bide-s, it makes a riili driver very nervous 1o bc\ holding* some- tmdy I'lsi-'s thousand dollar bill. ftupJKMing he loses it, ituppot.- Ing.. Then he's i n ' trotiblft uul trouble IN- ttnnttithfnc n cabbie has got to KtffT cltar of or h^p' liis pollTM medalllo^i and n*»vflr drives 'again." "I see what you mean." I said sympathetically. "But why couldn't the driver refuse to hold the bill?" "After a couple of weeks," my cabbie sajd, "it wasn't necessary. The big operator hails a cab at thft Waldorf. Up in the sixties, somewhere, he stops at a bar, gets the driver's name and number, and asks him to wait with the G-note. "Th! drivnr waits until the Hg opnmtor £ftt« through th« iloor. Then he -drives like hell a why. With thu thousand, of ('ourse. lf Whi'ii the guy comes out of th« bar he sees what's up nntl ' culls th« "cops. In 20 .minutes. Inn hin'klft is down at thn stii- tlim house. '.' ~ "Ever seen this guy bcforc? ; The cops ask him. Sure,' the driver says -- what a cool customer,- he .s -- sure, I picked him up to: night at the Waldorf. Took 'him to such and such a club. "He says he gave you a thourl. and dollar bill to wait for him.' aryj you ran off with it, the cops oa.y. The driver'la flabergosted.' Scare;!.; him, he says,, he's" got nothing bigger than a five. Very cooly "rie asks each of the cops.if they..ever heard of such a thing 1 -- a fare should give, a strange a thousand while he gM aingide a bar. "He looks each cop in the eye and each cop shakes his head. Fin- filly the cops decide the big: operator is crazy and threw him 'in the jug. The cabbie went home \0 the thousand, or wherever he had stashed it. Big operator wasn|t so big any more," Vanti. /i Igarian nor MOW known os Stalin, is a city jf 73.000. The liuk'.urian po:t of ,Sts' l u, former';' V^rna, wns originally called O '233 '3 in hohm- ci the Je:- endarv GnwX ica-roviir. Connect!tent find Pennsylvania have the same state flower: mountain laurel. ' : COMPLETE WELL SERVICE FAIRBANKS-MOUSE POMONA PUMPS: 10 In Discharge - 14 Ih Bowl* Herculis V5 Hipwr 1 Molori SPECIAL 125 it Rotary Drilled wall 125 it VaxU' C»»lng Well Hock Timborma 1 Pomona Pump, it) dltch»rg», ·)0 ft selling 1 HerciilM Motor, 75 ti»pitfr, c»b khciottd 1 Flex drive shaft. Installed Complete and Running - $7,500.00 PHONE 252-J BECAUSE BEAUTIFUL YOUR STUCCO m , HOUSE LOOKS JUST BRUSH IT ON' .. .THEY SAY IT COMES IN.PURe AND ft m LOVELY COLORS/ MORE PEOPLE USE 60MOEX ALL OTHER C£M£NT PAINTS COMBINED/ BONDEX keeps baitmtnli dry.;; protect! and btaullftit brick, con* crele, block, ilone, aibetlot ildlng, all kindi of maionry. Eaiy to mix-- eaiy 16 uie. Try It loonl I., whltt, · 31-l. pill, whlw, .' pelnt. .1 r..J r -l«:»" frtrt. ICoIvt «JL 1C iKHrMlM *O^3 PHONE ANY WESTERN UNION OFFICE (bynumtm) ANYWHERE into U.S. A. -ASK FOI^OMRATOR 25" Scarf Holders; NlW "VIIOHVUE" sun glasses no\v oii; the market have slits on the temples for scarves. Frame Is curve's'.to fit the brow, has; built- in vlwrs.- (International) . STATE Department NEWSLETTER NEW PLANE AT WORK ' Rfly Bell, Chief of Low Enforcement for the Game and Fish Department, · reports that the new Piper PA-18 airplane purchused by the department has been recciv- Ul and already is lianl at work. This plane, which liblds the light plane altitude record, is excellent for work in the high altitudes. The 325 horsepower motor has an air speed of 115 mpli. Equipped with tandem wheel and two way police radio, the little .Piper cnn t a k e off in less than 150 feet if necessary. The plane was purchased from the Mountain States Aviation company through their Santa Fe dealer, Charles Boyd. The first activity in which the new member of the department was utilized was the counting of elk on San Antonio Mountain near 'Tres PierttTH, close to the Colorado line. Seventy one of the big fellows were noted by Bell and District Warden T. J. Ramsey. They also reported very little snow, mostly on the northern slope. The approaching season is gov- erened by such surveys which co"\ er the entire state. By plane this ran be done in about 120 flying hours, while the old method of using cars nnd horses took about 2,000 man hours and still was not ati effective. Another major job slated for the light plane with the bear head insignia is fish planting in the high mountain hikes where before the fish had to be packed in by mule. With a tank attacked undrr the fuselage, the plane can plant In one day more fish than the mules could - miftiagc in n month. Law enforcement patroling can be coordinated with the taking in the air of golden eagles, a p a n i c - j ularly destructive predator bringing death to many dheep, guilts, antelope and deer. AI'KII. FISI! PLANTIXdS Fr«l Thompson, director of fi-th- ertes for the Game and Fish dn- pnrtraent, has released the fipirea on. fish plantings for April. The total plant was 201,056 trout weighing 24,277 ponmls. Ot this number 86,920 of these rainbows and Loch Lcven .were legal size at planting time. Principal waters planted during April included McAllister LoUe, BHicwater Lake, Woatherly Lake, Ruidoso, Wolf Willow and Holy ·ChoHt Creeks nnd t h p Rio Grande, Chuma, San J u a n , Navajo. and Red Rivers. MOUTIU.BS C.-UiP CAUGHT -L. W. (Speed Simmons, District Game Warden in the Carlsbad area reports the Taking of an' 8 inch carp, with no sign of a month whatsoever, in a Department fish trap' at Lake McMillan. The head of this live, and apparently in good condition, fish mid the appearance of having been. cut off just In front of the eyes · but the skin over the front of the! heed was firm and had smill scales. There was no indication that the carp hud possessed any jaws at birth. It had protruding eyes with what appealed to bo a small hole like nostril in front of each eye. These nostrils, which 20th century fish are not supposed to have do not solve the question of the fish'.H breathing. It is supposed that water was both sucked in and expelled through the gills rather than, ns in normal fish, taken in through tlie mouth and let out through inc.gills. Through this pill action, Simmons nelioves sufficient food wna taken into its oral cavity at the back of ihe head to keep it alive. The fish trap, recently constructed by the department in the Pecos River below the dam, is for the purpose of removing rough fish (such as carp, buffalo and g a r ) while game fish are returned ."or the benefit of fishermen, This freak carp however, is probably the "roughest" fish the tiap will ever catch. Las Cruces Seniors Embark On Trip Enthusiastic Union high school seniors Saturday afternoon board- ; ct! buses to make the first senior trip, undertaken hy a graduating Las Cruces class. With Grand Canyon in Arizona as their destination, the large senior group, accompanied hy 13: chaperons, will arrive at Grand Canyon Sunday and spend the night at the Auto Camp lodge Iw- fore embarking on an exhaustive sightseeing trip Monday. A f t e r (heir streninus hiking and riding; about the canyon, they'll a pain hoard Whitfield buses Monday evening for the return trip to Las Cruces. They nre expected to return to classes Tuesday. .Money for the trip was raised by the .seniors through a series of. fund-making projects. The tour is sponsored by Parent Teachers' association, which also furnished, chaperons for the trip. ·=Ybu can pay more but you can't make a better Uny in a convertible! You get the quiet, gel-going power of ;i Y-8 engine . . . ..-the type of engine* now powering the top. models of America's top cars. It's fuel-saving power, too. w i t h Ford's ..Automatic Mileage M a k e r squeezing I he last ounce of power out .of every drop of gas. And yon get a ride that's the equal in comfort of fur costlier cars with Ford's Automatic Ride Control ,··- eelf-adjusling the ride to the road. TheyVe built for the years ahead! ]f you want lo enjoy llic \vicln-opcnness of ;i convcrlililc mid still Imvc a slcpl- loppcd car, you can't liny belter Hum I'Vird's new Victoria! Besides fili'i-k styling llial pntR il out front of all oilier ears of its type, it offers yon your clioiee of 5 beautiful solid colors or ·! snnirt two-lone eonibinations (willi nolor barmoni/.ed interiors). And for (Milonnllir driving :il il* (ini'sl. il offers Konloiniilio* tliu newest, inosl inlvaneed of all anlonialic drives! When you buy fov the f u t u r e -- buy · -One moment, Ford's "Conntry Squire" is as b e a u t i f u l an eight- passenger s t a t i o n wagon as ever graced the highways". . : the ne.vt, the slowaway; center seal has folded in lo the floor to .make it a nigged hauler of half-ton loads. No oilier low-priced s t a t i o n wjigon offers you so much one-level- floor space. No oilier offers yon your choice of V-8 ; orSix engines. And only I'ord, in its field, offers you your pick of three great transmissions: Conventional, Overdrive* and Fordo'matic.* You can pay more · - hut-you can't, buy be Her nl rflrts nut. Pr,t,inuitu-iirrjilnMr ,t HI, ]'-M nn/v. unntotin un,l Inm mhjrft In rlniiijt iiilliHttl t i i f l i t . Mesilla Motor Company 600 N. MAIN PHONE 203

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