Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on June 15, 1957 · Page 17
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 17

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 15, 1957
Page 17
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tuturdiy. June IB. 1957 GREELEY TRIBUNE Pir« t The Creeley Daily Tribune H1L01ED a LBO O. l jicr cmici ji ·»«J Pi* Grttlty Republican EXECUTIVE STAFf ··-aSf«S|M? D rr t - BHSIlL ' «r. tin I (··MUM t'«n *MI Oil £··.», k* T« Trik««»»«p«Uic«i riil-tklu Cm Ollm 114 Eitktk ft Gmln r.u M M«n«i t u« Pwt. ·fflM ·! OrttlCT blmfa ··*· tW AH kUrct.l im taM AJMCUM f««. CU«M« fr-i IU»4 Dally Pm« »ir«»« «f CirnUUra rtm* m null* M ·Iraii u tW u tt rt«tlkitln · lU Ito MM! «·· prtitH !· tktt MwtMpcr u «n u tU »P t · tnw-tt mat t» I r«l IIUI. I BMtki ISM. *W BMtt II tl If Bill MllSt ml C*b»4* I m III*. n , anta tut. rtMn wntrki Itll M«it cin Onto II 1» «Mtk PUBLIC ronuM ___________ SM P.HI. C*mn mt*4 vltk tk«v UMM it r»« i C* to Crmtn T r p « - n.r»l-»l U»kn K«. a44 Pause and Ponder: -"Trusting as r» Days Co By" 'Trusting as the momenta fly. Trusting is the dayi go by; Trusting Him what-e'er befall. Trusting Jesus, that is all." -E. Page. Foreign Aid Cheaper Than Blood The foreign aid bill got through the senate by a wide margin. Democratic and republican leaders kept their men in line for the program. The vote was 57 .to 25. One senator arguing for the bill pointed that proponents of foreign aid hoped and expected that it would make us of troops abroad unnecessary. Most people prefer spending money to spending men. Foreign aid Is cheaper. No administration has had any trouble getting money to wage war. Waging peace should be supported on an equally bipartisan basis. c*J Exhibit at Poznan The United States exhibit as the international trade fair In Potnan, Poland, features a reconstructed bungalow, typical of the kind occupied by thousands of Americans. Molt Americans would find nothing unusual about the home. Yet to the people of Poland U represents 19 Years Ago Jun* IS. 1MI Mill Francei Vivian Samuelson of Greeley and Donald 0. North of Eaton recited marriage vows Saturday afternoon tt Park Congregational church. Rer. Krvisc Inglis officiated at the double ring, Van Dyke service at 4 o'clock in the presence of relatives and close Ends. A. T. Samueuon, an uncle, gave the bride in marriage. Miss Helen L. Spencer of Greeley was bridesmaid. Little Nancy Ann Allnutt, neiee of the bride, was flower girl. Harold Sherman of Eaton was best man. Jack and Bill AUnutt, nephe-rs oi the bride, were ushers. Mrs. North fs the youngest daughter of Mrs. Ada Samuelson. She was graduated from Greeley High school and attended CSCE. For five years she taught at Edgewater and la now secretary to W. D. Armentrout, vice president of the college. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. A. V. North of Eaton. He was graduated from Eaton High school and also attended CSCE. He i; now employed at the courthouse. Miss Gertrude Brownfield has returned to Greeley to spend the summer with her mother, Mrs. Nettie Brownfield. She alto plans to attend summer session at the college. Miss Brownfield has been teaching at LaJunta the past year. Prior to her return here she took a week's trip to Steamboat Springs, Grand Canyon and Salt Lake City. Wrestling Coach Is Appoinfed by Aircad Colorado Road Designation Plea Not Yet Decided the hands of I public works subcommittee, which his given no indication wh*n 'it will be acted upon. May Call Government Officials in Contempt Trial of Teamster Veep WASHINGTON I* - The Col-j WASHINGTON Hi - Secretary " Labor llitchell and several oth- · government officials may be state" highway Yystem" of super'"lied « witnesses at the-contempt roads is still up in the air. Sen. AUott (R-Colo) made that report Friday to a gathering of the Colorado congressional delegation on the basis of a meeting earlier this week . with Secretary of Commerce Weeks. The additional interstate of Congress trial of Frank W. Brewster, a Teamsters L'nion vice president. John K. Pickens, Brewster't lawyer, issued subpoenas Friday for Mitchell and other federal officials, including Chairman Boyd way route sought--although its high gn- .Leedom of the National Labor Reel- lations Board. Asit. U. £. Alt). William Hiti er to request quashing of the sub- act course would finally be deci.t ed by the Bureau of Public Roads, «»'d he would decide later^whelh probably would link Denver with "~ ' ' Salt Lake City. The state of Colorado has voted money to drill a;'"*" tunnel under the Continental Di- Brewster. chairman of the vide to provide for a better grade «t*'e Western Conference of Team poenas. The Brewster Monday. trial re- through try. the mountainious coun- «ter», was indicted I after he refused As proposed following passa;e j records and testily before the Sen- of the highway act last year, the "'" * '·--'·--· I - 1 ··-- Colorado-Utah route, about 500 miles in length, would be assigned from 1.000 as yet unallocated miles of the interstate system. Members of Concrcss and jtate and business officials of both Colorado and Utah backed the proposed route. Allott told the Colorado delegation that he learned from Weeks No Drug To Slop Flu Bug Known NEW YORK l»V-Science It yet has no drug to stop the 'flu bug once it hits you. Influenza la cauied by a vinu, hut is polio is. Antibiotics, sulfas and other drugs can halt germs, but they don't touch viruses. The best defense is a vaccine, which acts specifically against the type of 'flu vinu causing an epidemic. Health authorities are getting ready for vaccination pro- .,,,, ,,..,. grams if the current epidemic of Italian says Asian 'fit' spreads here to any. serious degree. If 'flu does strike, doctors treat the fever, the aches and pain, sore throat, coughs, and other symp- tom* the bacterial Infections, U treated In time. If a serious epidemic hits, medical authorities generally advise using antibiotics from the outlet, to prevent the serious complications. Most doctors advise staying In bed a day or two after the fever from 'flu is gone to lessen chances of germ, infections. ! Complications such as pneumonia vere responsible for many of the 10 million deaths caused by a world-wide 'flu epidemic in 1911. 'Flu is generally a mild, short- lasting iHness. Sit once in a while a particularly virulent or tough type of 'flu virus develops, and it can hate devastating effects. Weld County Real Estate Transfera Rtvcnut (tampf on real · tilt traniftrt an it tin rata o' 11.10 ptr tliiusand. Jim. 11 Donald F. Lyon to The Frontier Refining Company. I/its 10, 11, U, Blk. 11 of First Addition to Arlington Park, City of Creeley. No rer. (Correction Deed). The Frontier Refining Company to Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. Lots 10, 11, 12, Blk. 11. First Addition to Arlington Park, The U.N. World Health Organi-jCity of Greeley. (Correction Deri). Milk Sekich, Sr. and Barbara Sekich to Bernard Newman and Myrtle R. Newman. Lots U, 15, and 17, in Blk. U in the Town of Mead. Rev. $5.50. Birthstone for June is peart ANNAPOLIS, A. Kitt, «.» ------- ----- -- -------- - - T -- -- . . - . . , unbelievable luxury. As a matter of fact, the CommunisU have been physical education at the Nava trying to convince people that such homes are impossible for American workers to buy. The idea of our exhibit U not to datile those who come to see it. To do that would be to create enemies for ourselves. Instead, the very fact that such homes are bought and paid for by American workers Is a way of selling capitalism. In effect we are saying to the Communists that a fair share of the fruits of labor can go to those who labor. We are giving the lie to the Communist myth that workers must be exploited in any stale which does. not embrace the teaehings^of Karl Marx. The American exhibit at Poinan will inevitably raise questions to the minds of spectators. If our system can bring such a standard of living to the average working man, what can be so terribly wrong about it? If communism is so much better a system for workers why can it not produce a iimilar standard of living! These are questions the Communists will not be able to answer. Russia Apt TQ Start War If Atomic Bombs Not Used By J. M. ROBERTS AP Niws Analyst N A T O Commander Norstad'f picture of the meaning of nuclear weapons in any future war suj- gests that their existence is the world's greatest guarantee of peace. By attempting to abolish them, the nations may be moving unwittingly toward a general war which would be terribl! enough without them. Nomad lays that even if Russia had a 200 per ceat superiority in nuclear weapons, the allies still would bs able to destroy her with what they have. That theory obviously works both ways. It means what tveryaw has re- alijed, that both sides could be destroyed. It nuans that, unUss a lOthtr Hitlenan m»a:;ie cones along, to- body will slsrt t war t:.'ess reasonably assured t h a t nuclear weapons vil * ·'· be used. In that situation Russia, which mamiaiLt ·· governmental syittm which encourage: the emergence of such men, w"uld have all the edge. Nikiia Khrushchev said Wednesday that Rus-.ii would conqufr tie capitiliJt world not by arm? but by ideo'-arr- That has been u CommunM theme since the death of MaVn Omy the Russian lca.1- ers know whether they believe it themitun or whether it is merely a line designed ti lull the West into weakness while Kefauver Says Power Firms Profiled from Tax Write-off Tips WASHINGTON Hi -- Sen. Kefauver (D-Tenn) told the Senate Friday that preliminary investigation "certainly shows me" that the Idaho Power Co. and other firms j as well profited from advance tips about fast tax write-off permits. Kefauver said hearings by a Sen-, ate antitrust subcommittee which he heads 'showed that in the case of Idaho Power "somebody got the word" public tax write-off authority. This advance of announcement of Ruisia p.-rparc- for war. off a wave of speculation in the A ol the interna- 1 company's stock, Kefauver said. tional romnnMrt creed is ih.t. - f , He said the Office of Defense it is made to stick, the resolution i Mobilization is to b* commended must be completed by force. for a new policy of making im- Orieinally that me»nt orjamra- mediate announcements when it tion of force within individual!decides to allow any company to countries. The theory has devel-'take advantage of the rapid de-, oped under the assumption that i preciation provisions In compuUng, Russia would-be standing by, jtuei. He said that someumes in. to help That theory was,the past ODM had held up ready New Union Financial Report Forms Issued by Labor Secretary held e«mplu-'!ed"in''KoVeVbyoneform l announcementi as long as two cf help. In Hungary it has taken wctks after miking a decision. the form of direct military intcr- ventio nand poltical terror. No matter how much the Russians talk of peaceful competition. nobody can place any truit in their morality in any given situation. Communism particularly eschewi ""("·"noticeable that the Kremlin i WAS'll.iGTON * - Secretary never relaxes iti fiforts to keep of Labor Mitchell, citing what he] the Russian people stirred up Described as "malpractices b y ] against free nitions, no matter |some union officers," has issued how much sweetness and lijht is, a new form for union financial re- put into its international utterances, j ports made to his department, Just now the rulers are trying About 40,000 national and local to convince the Communiit youth. union organiiations are required) movement that the United States j to file annual financial state- · - · --- ! menu. In announcing the revisej form Friday, Mitchell said the n e w ; blanks must be uied by unioni| I with fiscal years endu-.g on or aft er this June M. The form requires unions to re port receipts from sales of assets, i repayment of loans, any transac-t involving real estate, and any Highway Depl Asks Bids on $2,600,000 Viaducts Project Colorado ° pieced a, coUatera, for day for conitruction ot twin via- ducti OD the Valley Highway in South Denver, eitimstfd to cor. viaducts will car- ancei to officeri than sals- riri, and any contribution!, gifts or loam from the union to officeri r, the hitk.ay om South Broad-," 'Utf members. way. The bidi will b« opened' Jun« n. jUtl THI TRIBUNI WANT ADI that the new Asiin There was an income tax In ancient Athens in 500 B. C. toms that 'flu causes. Aspirin and other drugs can reduce fever and Doctor! urge alertness to com plications from flu -- pneumonias weakened condition. Investigations January. Antibiotics and suuas can over- MISTER BREGER M.1HOUSH Ht UVSP IS WOOH.YN tTriX* NOT UNTIL. (M»- that the application is "still under consideration" but that no action has been taken on it. He said a decision probably will be delayed now until the Senate Puttie Works Committee has act Academy, has been named wrest- bill to add another 7.000 ling coach at the Air Forte He will report for duty in Den proposed amendment to last year's highway act is still in Aug. 1. Kitt. Navy faculty Mtx- NOTIHfc WOMEN, coached the Navy plebe wrestlers ''PAD pip YOU Kitfff O-tmtr, sl HUNKS H/[ A native of DCS Moines, Iowa, Kitt was graduated from South- during th« school ytir 1S(-S7, 343,783 m i I s wcrt servtd In rh« Cr*i- ty public icheolt lunch- roomi? Or It* «HW» PWttt Hg»K western State Teachers College in Wheatherford, Okla., in 1937. Following graudation, he became Okla., high school from "Fire department? Hope you don't mind our asking you over on such short notice ..." 1941. From 1941 until he entered the Navy in 1912, he was wrestling coach at Tulsa's Daniel Webster Hish. He came to the Navy Academy following his release from active duty early in 1946. HALF ACRE CASTLE That Stopped Pop HOWPOHECETTHE MONEY N THE FIST / TKCBEU AN OUJ 5AW*3i / -AKXXArOHtSMONCY V AffE SOON BVRTE07 XXI MUST LEAJ3H ~O HAhDUJ V0l« ALLOWANCE WISELX J0_ aS IMPORTANT TC) L£ACN TO TAKE CAKE OF ·KXJR MONEY/ .-/ Dies in Room Fire DENVER U1 -- Steve D. MOT- Iris, 55, an apartment house man- night Assistant Fire Chief Morris apar- JOE I'ALUOKA IJY HAM USHER TCM.TCH.' Ft R PITY SAXES.., 1SHOUIOA nuxtto TSE-H!E.' fUASE FCBIVE *t UNCOtHROlUBU IAUGMTCR MAR FWEM3.' I CO HOPE THE WATER ISW*RM ENOOCH.MV HAR FIUN3.' YOU DIDN'T HURT 10URSELF Uncomfortable Spot SCORCHY SMITH NOTHXS SHU, SfDP ME "HOWS BUS/NESS t M O D E S T M A I I I E X S Point Of Danger DICK IK I).\KE CKLY OXE FC5S 3LE ^- GCWU, WISH FOCt-EP HHATWSJMT? -ANY "O EW3IH6 TROUBLE COD SO *H IS GOM»4A KILL HIM. MAVWT VOU HEABD ^ ABOUT THAT MIIX-HIGH A»n--rTnt AH oootcx; TO HE ET'MAH ElOOrHER? XXJ-RE COIMfi TO EW YORK? estrr- EVDIYEIOO/' LCAVINO tTi A EVE FORA EE. ATOOTH RD« A TOOTH A LIZ ARD WITH HIS LMCARTHLV **J* diiVt day ahe did; 1 * for years be uia 'at plans a barbaric test of A-bombs on the innocent Indians Amazon Valley. All such signed to keep the Russian People! in a state of ready-made war psy- _*..' chology In case the leadera decide r J. M] to call on it. .^'ently suffo'cated in smoke from a Not that the leaders would need'. '. _..,,,.. the consent of the people, but Juit buram * "»«"»· became it would be better to have it. In such circumstance, the senhower-Stassen idea that atomic disarmament might be arrived at ahead of general disarmament couJd endanger, rather than foster, general security. Without atoms, NATO could be reduced to a very small deterrent of Communist manpower. official its fast I

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