Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico on May 13, 1951 · Page 8
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Las Cruces Sun-News from Las Cruces, New Mexico · Page 8

Las Cruces, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 13, 1951
Page 8
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PAGE -EIGHT LAS CHUCES (N. M.) SUN-NEWS Sunday Morning, May 13, 1951. calces R r . ' u l a r and special church notices are print,-,! w i t h o u t charge each Sunday morning in The Sim-Hews. In order to assure p r o m p t p u b l i c a t i o n of your church s notice, please d e l i v e r , t y p e w r i t t e n , to the Sun-News o f f i c e by noon Friday. Si. Genevieve's Church Ki:v. I). .1. Klrisali, Piistur Jt:i. .,-.· 1,,'li.y m : ···'··«. T ··?·«· ),.::!!. !.-:;M n n i ! S u l i - i i i l i l l i p j l i M n w :.i ii..::". M:!::".. 1,11 '.vn-li-,]ay!i nl: 1::ill, 7 :; :,i. i ^.:.':". K.-...-.I v ;"ii !!'-i:c'li'-ii'jn d a i l y Jtt ' . , -,' i v S;r ui.!;iv at l':'IO mid mi Suu; .v ':it t u : : i l l i l l I l ' i l v fiasa m-lionl :-! ..i t-' rv.'iy Kiitm-diiy n t (-,,;,!. : · . n i l . tl.'Xl S « l i l l , l : i y O d i n .; M, i; i i t i . l f r o m 7 I n It j i . i n . l:..].i i'.ins Siinilay lit 2:0,1 p. m. S A N V S I I I I t O C I I M I t C M l(,.\. II. .1. I l l i - K i i u . runliir M:ih.:, on Sii!i"l:iy ill S'-OO. I I O X A ANA C l l t : i t C I I OP 01JK I . A I I V HI-' i T I l i r i C A T I O N I C , - \ . I). .1. Klre.1111. I'nslor M:I:,.H 1,11 S u t i ' h y ill ,S:,)U. to CII.M'I'.I. OP T i l K I.MSIACDi.ATK I I P . A I t T OP SI A It V lil:ih,, .mil Ksplllll Stri'.'lH H i - * . II. .1. K l r u u n . 1'iisfor M . i . on sumliiy lit 10:00. i : ' - ! i ; - i " M : ; I n i i l n i c l i o i i H imme- , i i ; t ' c i y : i ' t l T Ml'tsli ill the (..'hlll-cll. Si. Andrew's Episcopal Church r.lli N n r l l i Aliiinrila, l.nn Crliccn Iti-v. I l i n i r r i i t t I*. Smith, 11,-rKir - . i ' i , .1 i n I I d l y Coiniiiinii'in. ... i,n ..... I ' l i u i r i i w h n i i i : KI.OII · .. \'. . i - . i . t I ' l i i y . - r I:IK| S i ' i n n m . St. Anthony's Church Allllnniy, New Mexico Itev. l.i-onaM l.ulitislunin, Pastor Muss, Spanish .sermon, 8:30. M u s s antl English Rermon lOMfi. Masses ( l u r i n g tho week at 7:30 i. m. The First and Third Sundays Musses al Uorlno, N. M.. at u:30 i. in. The Second nml Fourth Sunday Mass al D:30 a. in. In Clmmburlno, N. M. Baptism Sunday, 2--1 p.m. it Assembly of God ·Jill and Van Patten Itev. K. 1C. Franlis, Pastor .Mr. l''re.l Arcs Supt. Sunday School efieli Sunday, be- PreachinK service begins at 11:00 a.m. Kvi-ning sen-Ice IjcRlns at 7:30 with music by orchestra. Tuesday evening prayer nnc Bible fitudy. Friday evening Chrlsl Ambassador service by the younu people f UK; church. Kadio piogram 8:30 to 0 a. in ich Sunday morning over KOliE Church of the Nazarene (117 Wrst rienrlio Itev. William .McMahiin !l;.|rj S u n d a y Si-huol 10;. r )0 Murnine, Wurship 7:00 X. V. I 1 . S. and Juniors 8:00 \\VJncscluy, prayer meel ilf. He sine lo a t t e n d C h u r c h some v h e l e . You are always w.-l.-oni i l t h e Cliui-i'li «f Hi" Nii/.nicne. I · 111. A . I . I l l I 'I Iilllllil.llull '-III!..' 1 . :..,.:.., i v M a y I H I i :i:,«l 1 ·· ;··'.. - \ ! i i l i ' - \ v . . W i H i m n ' i i A u x i l i . :·· !-..v!n.i: al Ml" A. W. n i i l t n n ' i .' ,11 |- M l . " I ' l H - HI!" ' I f ( ' N I l i i l l l H I ; , , . , . . ..i. h i i ' l i ' d ll.V I I I " H I . .'ti'l . l . i l l , . . ;.'. K i n l l i ' V . ' HLshop ' i f -New V,, -:i, ., i i n - i S"ii:lHVCHt Ti'Xiui. A . , . , - ; . | ; M I , l i , f l l M ' A Y l l N I I ' i r l l l f ; t i l .;·. I" p a i . ' l ili'js" newly - n n f l i m i ' i l n SI. Jamos' Episcopal Church I'lill.'Ki. llnnil. Mesllla I'arlt l!i-v. llalHT.,11 1'. Sinllli, VI.-ar |c . n i n r l m i . li M - h r . ' l ; 1 1 : 1 I...11 - l i n e M .^1 A n . l i i - w I -M.-.11 I I - - M I - " 1 "U p. m. Flm Pilgrim'H Rest Church No. 1 Primitive, IlnpllHt \l. New HIIIIW. .ill Mr.lVn Avon N o r t h ol (,lll ..-^ular preaching Bervlce tl first and Ihlrd Sundays In eac nonth as here elated: Saturday evcnlliK--7:30. Sunday mornlnp; -- Singing, 1 and 1'rcachlnb", IL Sunday evening service, 7:.'IO. F.vervone welconin al all ac vlees. ISIiler P. I... Jones. Minister. First Presbyterian Church I.ns C'rn.-es Avi-inii- nml Ariilljn Itev. I'rnnll I'", .lonefl M l n l s l e r I'nif. \Vnll» Mays, (;iiolr Direct Miss Prlxrllla \VllHiin. Ominlst U:-l. r ,, Clniivh O:a:iir H I II C li, S u p e l l l l i:hnri:li nur.'ii'i-y. \ V i u n h l p Si'i-vl Phillips Chapel C. M. E. Church Ilev. C. Th.impHon, Pastor Sunday school, 10:00 a.m. Morning worship, 11:00 a.m. Epworth League, 0:.'IO p.m. levelling Worship, 7:30 p.m. Everyone Is InvlteJ lo attend r services. ·ft Pentecostal Holiness Church Upper (.'iillege Itaall .1. W. KJ|fi! I" Cluirlfl! 1:0(1 n. in. Chlllrh chool. 11:0,1 a. in. Morning Seivice 7:.'in p. ill. levelling Sei-vlce. 7:.'l,l p. in. Wednesday - P.ilde tudy uii'l Prayer. Everyone Is Welcomo. Church of God Ainerlcan l.eglon Hall .1:1:1 South Main Sunday school, O^S; Morning civlcc, 10:4.1; Young People's cetlng, 7:00. Evening Evnngtllat- servlcc. 7:-l!i p. m. "A unified ..rvlce til a divided world." 'A c a i t y welcome awaits you nt nil ur RervlccD 1r Church of Jesus Christ Latter Day Saints (Mormon) VIA Building Raymond and Court Keith Romncy Branch President. Sunday School, Earl Carbine, u p e r l n l e n d e n t , 10 a. in. Church service, 11:25 a. m. United Peniacostal Church I I S West Cliiwlnnt Itev. W. It. Fox Services held nt 7:13 p. m. Wed- lenilny. Friday and Sunday. Sunday School--10 a. m. Service at 11 a. m. Christian Science Services UranlKiin Library Sunday school 9::iO a.m. MfirnltiK service, 11 o'clocll. Wedncadfiy testimonial meeting, 8 p. in. " A . l a m nml Fall'-n M a n " is III Lrsson-S'Minmi .iidiji-'.-t for Sunday M:iy i:i. I d f i l . ( Ti-xl: "A.i hy one llllin'B illaoheilience m a n y were iniidi- sinners. t.i by the 'ibeilience nf mu Bhall m a n y In' made rishli'im* i l l n i n a n . H 5:'J!'l Kenu.'ii: l'assa|;es l i . n u the Bible ( K i n K James Version) include: "And 1 n'.w a new henven and a li.iw e a r t h : for Ihe lilsf heaven mid tb.' flral earth were passed away; a n i l there was no more sea.' Church of Christ 800 North Miranda Floyil II. Horton Minister The men's t r a i n i n g class meets Monday at 8:00 p. m. The midweek ptayc-i- service and Bible school meets Wednesday at 8:00 p. m. The ladles' Bible class mefts Thursday al 2:00 p. m. The radio gospel bioadcasl is heard each Sunday morning from 8:00 to 8:30 over station KOBE, 1450 kil. You arc always welcome lo meet for worship w i t h the Church of Christ, where you will hear the Gospel of Christ. Or, this, ine Lord's day, the Church of Christ reminds you to come to worship. The Bible school begins ill 0:-lt a. m. ('reaching will he lit 10:45 n. m. by the local minister. Floyd I f . Horton. The comm u n i o n service is at l l : 4 f i a. m. The Bible school meets this evening at 7:00 p. rn. ("reaching services are at 8:00 p. m: Grandview Mission Arizona A Chaparro Sunday School I):-IS a. in. Morning Worship 11:00 a .m. Training Union 7:00 p. in. Evening Service 8:00 p. m. A specol Mother's Day service has been planned at Grandview. lecognitlon will be made of the klcst mother present and the ounfjesl mother present. Won'l ou-come . and worship with oday ? St. Paul's MethodUt Church 225 Welt Crif f A. C. Douglu FaHtor Carl Jacobs, Director of Muilc. Mrs. Keririieth Bender, Ort«nl«t. K. A. Valentine, Supt at Church School. Mr«. 0. U. nun»eltli, Church Secy. Sunday school each Sunday at 9:45 wilh an efficienl teacher for each age group. Morning worshiD nt 10:55. Church school for every age roup at 0:45 a. in. Morning worship at 10:55. Special music appropriate to Mother's Day: Solo by Mrs. noberl Moon -"Songe My Mother Taught Me" by Dvorak. Anlhem: A Mother's Day Prayer, by Thompson. Offertory, organ: "Prayer".by Sibelius. The sermon Ihcme: Mother and Home. Our Hope. Next Sunday morning In Ihc absence of the paslor Ihe Rev. S. L. Fold will have charge of the worship service. You will always f i n d a cordial welcome at St. Paul's. T h e t e is a nursery provided for the small children of young mothers desiring to attend worship. However, mothers are invited to bring their children to the service. MYF groups will meel for worship and study at 7:00 p. m. Those not worshiping elsewhere are invited to worship with us. CRiWS search w r e e k a g e h e r e an ^ ^ ll Albuquerque. N. M., killing 2^ of 25 crafI slipped lo a flaming crash.' Two sur- thc 'crash. f/iiloriioliona! Smmiliiholo) Fairacres Baptist Church Hule. T. Turner, Pastor 9:45 a. m. Sunday School. 11 a. m. Morning worship. 7 p. m. BTIJ. 8 p. m. Evening worship. You arc always welcome to worship with us. Lutheran Church Lutheran church services every first and third Sunday evening at 8 p. m. Sunday school is held at 7:15 p'. m. Thomas Branlgan Memorial auditorium. According to the 19.10 census, 25 per cent of all ren'ers of non- farm dwellings were paying $50 or more per month rent, while -n 1040 on 7 ' l i e r rent were'paying that much. . . -..U 1 , ' l l i i W i l l K 111 1:0(1 First Christian Church ,'idl Xn. Alami-ihi U r \ . l-'runrli I.. Wl"'i'li-i, MluM.T \. .1. ItiiriliTiT, Mll|ll. i ..... -i.ivi-i n.-111'i. I,-.!.'. M I I . . I. I V H I n t n l . 1 1 . nil .\i.,iiu]if. \V.nh!p. Sernmn ;:, -i i . i . i i , M y T|-i'ii!.llli' I ' l i e ^ l . ' .: ,1:1 i ' I , i l i l i . i. T:::" K v i ' l i i l l K TM-I - - , . · V, .· li iv,. ii n u n i i ' i y fur t i n ·."ini.. , l i i i i i i i - n . M I L . Krwln :IMI Church of Christ I MO Xnrtll Mi'Mplll" A l l A H l l l H M t " . 1'lisllir J i ' i m h i y Ki'hniil III «. 111. M i n i i i i i K Wou,hi|i 11:15 a .in. ( · . . i i i i i i u n h . i l 1? nnon liibli. Snvii-i- (!:;«! p. in. Kv.-iilnn W u i s h l p 7 p. in. "I'llei'S 'i'llls id. d l i i - r i l n j ; . OlTeUoty i;!' My ^ l l l t l l l · r T a n ^ h l n l l e l l l l a i h l l ' ! ^ . f i : ( i n . l i i i i l i n - H i K l i · i - l l i n v h h i p : . r ,:::o p. in. - I'nlli'Kc t r r Felluwship iiii|i|n' t 7:00. :0l) p. in. - .Sriilm First Baptist Church . .lolili II. I'lirrolt Tli.O.. I'mdir MM. Jim l.i'O WoHoril, .Jr., B«-} .Mrs. ('. C. Sllilliiiin, OrKimlnt S u n d a y Si-li.inl 11:4(1 a. in. M.ininiR W i i v s h l p 11:0ll a. in. T n i i n i i i K I ' n l n i i li ..'III p. in. Kvi-niiis \Viii:.lnp 7:30 p. 111. W t i n l b'-tti'i \vny lo spell' M M | I ' | ' - Hay 111:111 m worshiplm l n : ; r l h i - i 11. n f a m i l y croup" Y"' 1,1.. lll\-|t'-'l t « l i l t l ' ' U d MM-VlCCf. In day at any ur n i l »l llii- hours In i l n - i l i - i l ab'.ve.l'l I'nri-iilt «'d i p , - n l : on "All lilcnl Molher" al tin m.illllli;-. Will s h i p ' M M viev. Till- I've n i i i K M - I V I I V will lie i-iiuihite.l li) I lie W l n l i - Sailils I ' i n v l i l K flKiund ( · h u l l . The H-llBio'.ls f i l m Stoniui; al l.yi'lm" on the llfci ol I'.iid \ \ i l l he ^hown immi'dlati'l) l.ill.iwmi: Hie rliiM- lif I'VMlllli: sel Vli'i'. * ,: 'Seventh Day Advwntlst W.I.A. Hall. « I O N. Koymmi'l I. K. rerrl«,.KM" Knbhatli S'.'hoo), 11:110 K. in elapses for (.11 niii'B. VIMtors nl WII.VH welcome. , / - s » '. Faith Tabernacle I'.MIU Kilhl KllllMi'. slrei'l .lames Slmndley, 1'uslnr 1'. I.. I ' n l l i i i i , Sunday Selionl SninTlnlendelll 10 a. m. Snndny Si-hool. 11 11. m. Miiriillli; worship. 7 p. in. VIIIIIIB People's ineellng. F.veryone Is wdronio. * Second Baptist Church I. Siliiuli'l Wxvlsher, Vustiir |i::ui a. m. .Sunday School 11 n. m. Moinlnj; Worship M n t i i l i u ; W o r n h i p : snlije,- " C i f i i l Molh.'l In Ilii- Hiu'li K i - i i u n i l . " ii::iO p. m. Traininn Uii ion: 7;:(0 )t. in, l-.vt'iilnj; Wiushi|' llhjeot "Ii.l Hlesi. mil MtillKi-s. We f i l l e r to w n l M h l p \Vf dfplll i M'l V'-. ( . ' o i i i ' l t i l i v e passages from "Scl- uln-i. a m i l l r n l t h w i t h K e y t o the St-ii|il'ireM" by M a r y Bakotl F.tldy, i n c l u i l t-lirlsllnn Si'lcnce ncpcr- ates errin-s from t r u t h . anil I n e a l h e s llmilillll the sacred pages Hi.- s p i r i t u a l i.ens' 1 " lil '°. K U h ' ,11,1,,,., and lulelliK'ini-e." dm);.! First Baptist Church . Mcsllla 1'nrk Alvln Sweiirlngen. I'listor Sunday School, u u f i a.m. Worship Service, 10:50 a.m. Chili.-li Nursery. 11 n. m. Training Union, 7 p.m. Evening Worship, 8 o'cloeli. Prayer meeting, 7:30 p.m., Wed- csday. Choir practice, 7:30 p.m. Tliurs- ny. « Dliflnctlvely modern «r- ,) vicei thai rotain the «»- j' «renl (ealurei »hich, for W qenorationi, h«v« matV«J f lh« palling ot lovod onui. K i i l n i c r Mciiuirial, i" ii p a r k l i k i - vista, peace- ful qiiii'l, prnvidi's fini'i 1 pi-iifcssiimnl and i'al scrvior . . . k i n d l y , ri'spivltiil caro. The k i n d l i e r , innri' rovcri-nl way. M O R T U A R Y und CHAPEL "A Kcpulntion for K:nr Dcnlini;" 1492 Norlh Main Call 1200 You In The Church The Church InYou- Form a combination for good. We should attend church regularly Every man, woman and child needs the influence of the CHURCH. Be Faithful! Be a Churchman. ONE DAY /or the Mothers of America... but not for mothers in general. It is a day for my mother. There's something special, something extra, that comes only from my mother. This day calls me to,say and do the loveliest things'former. It is a meager tribute-:that I should dedicate this one day... pause to speak grateful words and do generous deeds. It is my Mother's Day. How MUCH I owe my Mother! She was the life-giver, or life-bearer under God. She carried me for many months under her heart. She has carried me on her heart for the years that have followed. She will carry me in her heart forever. God bless her today. I too will bless her. Perhaps God can bless her most only through me. She may pray that I bear the divine blessings to her. This Series Of Ads Is Being Published Each Sunday Under The Sponsorship Of The Following CAMP RIO GROCERY MARKET "Make your Oolliirn Imve more sense," Went or Viaduct on SO "lone 280-VV HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCE COSH'ANV 1 Apiilinnri'D --- Sales -- Service -- Repairs FINEST PUMP SKHVICU! I2S W. Cirlggs Avo. Pno »« 868 W SCOTT'S MAGNOLIA SERVICE STATION PAUL. 6COTT, .Mnnngrr WnsliliiR -- Groaning -- Tires nml Repair 1001 W. Pl'onolio Phono S83-n MR. AND MRS. D. C. McCARTY . PLUMBING and HEATING Phone 101.1 VALLEY PRODUCTS COMPANY Wli.'losnlc Groceries - Tobacco 70 W. Amailor TM w P. R. BURN General Contractor 205 * 206 Carver aidg'. Phone 97.1 EQUIPMENT SUPPLY CO. OF N. M., Inc. Allla-Chalmcra Farm" Machinery 137 South Church I 1 '"""'- 1CS NELSON'S FUNERAL ; HOME Complete, Understanding..8eryico . 419 S. Main r hone 166 THRIFT GROCERY STORES STOKE NO. 1 STORE NO. 2 116 W. Las Cruces Ave. 12^ N'; Main Street Phones 70 and 71 Phones 8S : nnd 80 J H GULF SERVICE STATION Truck Stop -- 2l-I!onr Service -- Tires -- lUUcries J O H N P. DUFF and RAY MONTIVIU.E 1400 W. Picacho Phone 357-W

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