Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 21, 1972 · Page 34
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 34

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, April 21, 1972
Page 34
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Television Review '·· fly CYNTHIA LOWRY' AP Televlilon Radio Writer NEW YORK (AP) - Tele- 1 vision's big drama Thursday was the Apolto 16 mission whose engine (rouble built fo a climax over six hours of mounting tension and then . moved swiftly to a happy ending. NBC, which had decided to start a television account nf the descent of the moonlander a half hour earlier than its two rival networks was able to handle the first news of the mechanical crisis when it came shortly alter 3 p.m. EST. CBS and ABC were occupied with soap operas. Alfter that, there were reports as decisions were made, b u-t viewers were never rewarded with live television from t h e moon, which was postponed to today. Although il was basically a story that could be followed on radio, the television programs, had models, f i l m s of simulated flight and experts on hand to demonstrate the complicated problems the astronauts were encountering. The exuberance of the two astronauts when Orion finally touched down safely on the moon was matched by the release of tension, noticeable the faces and voices of those reporting the adventure. XOTICI-; OK PIXAI, SETTI.BJIU.VP No. H-12098 E s t a t e of CHARLES H. GHAT- UM (Deceased). Notice is hereby g i v e n tl I have filed my f i n a l report in ttie District Court of Weld County, Colorado, and t h a t n n v person desiring to cihject To (he aame shall file written objection w i t h t h e said, court on or before !ay S, 1972. Charles C. Grayiim Administrator Th« Greeley Daily T r i b u n e April 7, I I , 21, 28, 5572 xoTicK or fix A li S E T T I . K M E X T N'o. P-12120 Estate o( Effie P. Kehl, E f f i e Nehl, deceased. -Notice is hereby given t h a i 1 have filed my f i n a l reporl i the District C o u r t of Weld C o u n - ty; Colorado, and thru a n y aon desiring to object to llm lame shall file w r i t t e n with the said court on or before Jlay 15, 1372. Arline J-'OKlcr K x e r n t r i x Th« Grfteley Djiily T r i b u n e A n r i l 14, 21, 2S, May i,, ]!I72 K i O T I C K OV I M ' I I I . I C THUSTlii; SAI,l-i t.N'o. 62) Whereas, u. K-. (;. K N T K H P R I S . ES, Ji\C., a Colorado corporation G n i m o r ( s ) by deed nf trust dated J a n u a r y 10, i n n s , record ed In Bnok 5HO, Retention -\o. 1511005 In the records of the Count* of Weld, Colorado con veyed lo M m ' P u b l i c Trnslee il ·aid County ot Weld, the f o l l o w - ing described real pro|K-rty in · aid C o u n t y of Weld, to w'il- All t h a t Jiart of the S H ' l of the NW',4 of Section S3, Township 5 North, flange U5 ^Vest of the 6th P.M., U'eld C o u n l y , . Color.ulo, described as follows: KeerEiinhie n t a n o i u t 25 feet west a n d Xorth l f U S ' West 517.7 feet front the i n - terior q u a r t e r c o r n e r o f K f t i i l Section 13; t h e n c e -Vordi ]' 08' West 333.3 feel: t h e n c o West 1147 feet; t l i e i i v c S o n l l i 75- 11' West I l 8 . f i f e e t to th« w r s t line of tho sl-:ii of the N W U of said Kectiiiu IS; thence. Koiitli 0° *?,' Hast 7«!.U f e e t nlonp;' I ho west line of tile SL3',i of tile N W ! i of said Section 13; thence. North 17' i n 1 K n s l riSS.S f e e t ; thence- JOast 7S0.2 f n e t to the. point of l i c K h i n i i i K . laid deed o f ' t r u s t secures n promissory n o t e of even dale t h e r e w i t h for the srm of At one point when radio communications were coming in clearly, from the moon, Frank Reynolds and Jules Bergman of ABC were rueful and embar- 'asscd-thcy could not seem to communicate with each other across one studio. CBS was able lo go ahead with its profile of Chicago's Mayor Richard Daley, a frank and surprisingly sympathetic 'CBS lieport" about the controversial man who has been mayor of the Illinois city for 17 years. H was also an illuminal- .ng report on the operation of a big city political machine, one of the few that still functions effectively. Like the portrait of ihe mayor, the description of the machine focused on its blemishes as well as its beauty spols. Daley, at 69, is bluff, blue- eyed, pink-cheeked and speaks firmly about his own ideas ol morality. Narrator Charles Kuralt reported t h a t afier disturbances f o u r years ago, Daley rode in a helicopter above the 28 blocks destroyed by fire on the city's West Side and broke into tears, The public saw him on net- .vork television ordering police to shoot to kill arsonists and lo "shoot lo maim or cripple anyone looting any stores in our city." Bnlh portraits apparently were typical. It was a valuable hour, providing dimension to both the mayor and Ihe city lhat are little known or appreciated : olher sections of the country. MKXICO CITY-Aeiomexico is the new name of Mexico's national airline, formerly Aero- naves de Mexico. UNG Briefs Ktlltr Speaks I D r . Louise J . Keller, Professor and chairman of the d e p a r t m e n t o f Vocational Sducation, spoke and presented OF :VOTICIJ V A I , Sl-;ri'I.BMI3\T .\'o. P-12163 E s t a t e nf K. D. MAPES. also as E D W A K D D. -MAPKS (Deceased) Xollce in lioi-nl.y given that T liavc my f i n a l report il llic D i s t r i c t Court, of U'elil Coun- .v. Colorado, and t h a i any person drairiuir lo object to tin srinio slmll f i l e \vrltlen objection w i l d the said court on or before II a v 1 1972. J.. \V. Peland Kxeculor llontchens, Houtchens and nooley i o n ? M i n i l i - A v e n u e Oreeley, Colorado S'JGJI The Greeley Daily T r i b u n e .March 31. A p r i l 7. 14. 21, 1572 paper, ' ' P e r s o n e I 3 e v e 1 o p c in e n t (or Career Education" at the national conference on Career Education n Columbus, Ohio. Dr. Bruce Brodcrius, dean of Ihe College of Education, is one of the 200 deans of colleges of education in the country who will par- licipale. Johnson Hired Mrs. Marian D. Johnson, wife of James W. Johnson, 509 18th 51. has been hired an in- e r m e d i a t e clerk-typist in ibrary services. She holds a 3.S. in elementary education 'rom St. Cloud (Minn.) Stale College. DeBoer Directs H u t h M. Denoor, instructor in speech communication, look e i g h t advanced oral i n - :erpretalion students lo a student assembly at the Denver Christian schools April 18, to present her adaptation of I an Fleming's "Chilly Chitty Bang Hang," a readers theater presentation. Koeninger Consults Jim G. Koeninger, program s p e c i a l i s t f o r distributive education in the Department of Vocational Education, serves as a training consultant for two Simulation Training Institutes sponsored by the Center for Vocational-Technical Education, Colombus, Ohio. Bennett Participates Lois W. Bcnucll, assistant p r o f e s s o r a n d vocational program coordinator, be participating in the Simulation Training Insliluet in Denver, April 27-30. Mrs. Ectilh Wells, graduate student on sabbatical from Anchorage, Alaska, has been selecled as a participanl representing Ihe State ol Alaska. Cutler Hired Mrs. Laura N. Cutler, wife of Willis R. Culler, 919 23rd SI., has been hired as an t e r m e d i a I e clerk-typist for placement. She has worked for the Denver Public Schools for the past six years in the Department of Material Control. -VOTICB OF TUB F I L T K O ri'MTrin.v or I A C I . T X I O X I . A M I W I T 1 I I V T H E iinu.vDAnins 01.' THI: K V A N S SA.M'l'A'i'lO.V D I S T R I C T T O W H O M IT - M A Y I'lease take notice that Moycl . Shi 000.00 p a y n k i l e hi ( l i e rder J. Biiglli. Polly ]·'. Brlfrlir. Ray I-'. ^ ' h u o n m a k e r , Kri-lda M. K r l i o n n i i i n k p r , Dnnaltl V. Fell, rnrylla 11. Kelt, Gaylord D. Mor- ris-fiii. .Mon-ndes '!'. M o r r i s o n . F. Kcilben nieterlr, T.oi.s W. Benn n t t , l.ontsc ,L Keller, Robert D. U i s c h o f f , K n i a n n e l Ganfra^'are, Jr., anil illeaiiore -V. CJanga- u-are on t b e Htli day of Fein-nary. 1972 filer! a petition to include c e r t a i n lamlK w i t h i n t h e b o u n d a r i e s of llic K v i t n s Sanit a t i o n D i s t r i c t . Thru Hie original honn'larles of the district : re c o n t i g u o u s to t h a t pnr- I t i n n of tbe lands dcscrlhcd in (lie p e t i t i o n lo he. inclnde] i\-|th- l[i I h e lioiiinlarif!: of t h e district ami t h a t the p e t i t i o n Tor the inclusion of property w i t h i n (lift I,KG,U, .VOTlCi: III-' FI.VAL SU'lThE.MIiNT On or n f t e r iMny 3, 1^72, t i l Colorado K t f i t e Soil Conscrva- i] Hoard w i l l nntko f i n a l set- t l e m e n t with i'enner t'onstrni; l i n n Cmnimiiy. iiJ30 West 1311 Aye., l.fihewoofl, Colorado 14. contractor for Home K u i ) ply Waterslicil .Project No. 1 l o c a t e d , a p p r o v i n i a l c l y 3 miles west of J o h n s t o w n , l.nrimer and Weld Counlieb, Colorado. Claims concCM-ning t h i s projet; n i n s t he s u b m i t t e d lo Die Colo de i d a r i e s ttt I ihed as follows district are ,. l.nkesliore Second A d r l i l l o n lo j t t i c Town of K v n n s , \Vrlil ('01111- ·" , Colorailo as recorded in Jlook Ralph E. -May on the lerniR pel forth in said note and deed of t r u s t ; aii'l W H E R E A S Rosalie Riddle Executrix of the. Kstatc o f l l ' J of Maps. I'atro .'.3. Reception Kalnh ii. May, a / k / a l i a l n h N n n i h - r I ' , i n » 7 n and in Ho.d: 12 Ivvf.rell M a y , a/l;/a R a l p h May.'of Maps, Pace JS, I!cceillon Deceased, the leBal bolder of-N'nniher lr,r,5127, Weld County note and deed of (rn f i l e d w r l t l r n cleclion .1 has d dem a n d , for sale as provided in taul deed of trust, THKRKFORrO, notice Is hereby Klven t h a t I w i l l , al 10:00 Rcc:onl!.. ;iinl l.akepliore T l i l r f ] A i l f l i t i o n ttio Tou-n of Rvans. Weld C o u n t y , Colorado as recorded in Hook n. of Maps, PaKe S, Receii- tion N'umlier 1 , ^^'el'l Conn- UU I o'clock in the forenoon of May ly Records. 9, 1!72. al the K a M f r o n t dnori .Slllipo and lloberls S n h d l v l of the C o u n t y Court House, C i t y sion In the. Town of Kvans. ot Greelev, C o u n t y of U'ehl,|Wcld C o u n t y , Colorado as re- Colorado, sell a I public auction corded In Book a l t of Maps. Re- rado Stale CollHervatioi Uoard, 2.M C o l n i u h l n e B u i l d i n g I K i r , Kin Colorado 1372. Stre S0303, before .May Clarence M. N v e d n i a n C o n l i n f i l i n f ; O f f i c e r UTATK HOI I, ( J U N S K I L V A T I O N IIOAI'.I) Tli p. Ornclcy Dally Triliinip. April 20, 21. li'72. A D V l J I I ' I ' I S I O M n . V T K01I H I D S I'ro The 1'latte. Valley J-'lre t e c l i o i L D i M r i r t is a i : r e p l U u bills on a inr.2 D i a m o n d T 3 [ r u c k , ':fih and chassis. A] bids m u s t be l e c e l v e d by -Ma ', III72. Thn bn:ird reserves ti r i c h t to accept or reject al bids. Kor f u r t h e r I n f o r m a l i o 3.-,2-l23J or 353-1IH1. P l a t t e V f i l l e y Kire Prolection D i s l r l c t Kersey, t.'olorado 'i'lie (Jreelo.y Daily Tril: r i l IS. i n , 211. 21. 2 H , 24, 27. 2S, 2n, 1!'72. to the htphesl and best h i f l d e r for cash, the said real properly and all i n t e r e s t of the srild G r a n t o r ( s ) , Us successors and iisigrns t h e r e i n , for the purpose «f p a y i n g the i n d e h l e d n e s s p r o vided in said t r u s t , attorneys' 'eplio X n m b e r lici'ords. Mi'i'ici-: nr l-'r.VA I. SMTTI.Kll B.VT Xf.. I ' - H S n S K M a l e of 1,1-;\V1H \V. 1.1TTI/K1 Uecl-il.-iCrl . Xotlce is hereby Kiven t l i a t l i a v c f i l e d niy f i n a l report in Ihn Court of Weld Comity, ml t h a i any person Radio Programs KYOO 14M KUNC-FM fl.5; KFKA 1310; KGRE K,3; KUAD 1170; Fri., April 21, 1972 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 35 Friday, April 21 4:00-KUAD: Voice of Valley 4:30-KFKA:Editorial, Music 4:45-KFKA: Want Ark 5:00-KFKA: News, Wtr, Spts. 5:30-KUAD: Sign Off 5:5-KFKA: This is Greeley 6:00--RUNG: Expanded News KB'KA: Circle JK Ranch 6:15--KYOU: South of Border 7:OD-KUNC: 'Friday Night' 8:00-KFKA: News, Music KUNC: Periscope, Issues KYOU: Chuck Wolfe KGRE: News 8:30-KGRE: Music KUNC: News, Free Form 0:OP.-KFKA: News 0:15--KFKA: Varsity Carousel 1:OD-KYOU: Sign Off KGRE: Sign Off 1:30--KFKA: News, Wlr, Sjits. 2:00 KFKA; Sisn Off Saturday, April 22 1:00--KUAD: Don Bishop KFKA: Music KYOt'.: Ted Loveland KUNC: Progress. Music K G R E : Stereo Music 1:15-KYOU: Sports 11:«-KUNC: UNC Profile 2:00--KUAD: News Roundup KUNC: News KYOU: News KFKA: News, W'lher 2:J5-KFKA: News, Ranch K U N C : Biography KYOU: Country Music 12:30-KFKA: News 12:45-KYOU: Paul Harvey 1:00-KFKA: News, Music, Spl KYOU: Ted Lovcland 1:30--KYOU: News, Davis KFKA: Music 3:00--KYOLV News 5:00-KFKA: News, Wealher KYOU: News 5:30-KFKA: Sporls KUAD: Sign Off 5:45-KFKA: Music 8:00--KFKA: Jamboree K U N C : News, Dept. State KYOU: Employment Nws 6:15-KYOU: Soulh of Border KUNC: Progres. Music 7:00--KFKA: News 7:15-KFKA: Music 8:00-KYOU: Gordon Polter 9:00--KUNC: News, Music 10:00-KFKA: News ll:00-KYOU:.Sign Off KGRE: Sign Off 12:00-KFKA: Sign Off 2:00-KUNC: News, Musl« Sunday, April 23 11:00-KFKA: Medley KYOU: Church cont. KGRE: Stereo Music KUAD: Don Bishop i.oiiiity Records. j Colorado, a n d t h a i any person All persons i n l e r c s l p d In Ihe d e s i r l n K to object lo II,e same p e t i t i o n f o r inclusion of «r-Ultiill f i l e v v r i t l r n object i n n w i t h il Jlr-nil n f ; l - ; v : frcs, and Ihe'T' expenses nf palp, nml u i l l rtc liver tn Ilift iur«-iiasrr (s ;i rrr t I M c a t e of pnrc-liase, all as pni vider] by law. Dalci] J l a r r l i n l . 1S72. W a l l e r I.. Bain T u h l i c T r u s t e e in aii'l fo the C o u n t y (if WeW, f'olorado The Oreeley P a l l y T r i b u n e April 7. H. 21. 2S. May F.. ir72 rlepcrilied above · a r a t t b e o f f i c e o f t h e us S a n i t a t i o n D l s t r i e l , I v v a n s H a l l on or before May M,, 1572, show! if a n y lije said c o u r t on or before .May . K a l h l e e n 3'. Lit 11 or l-:\rcntrli nf saM M s l a l e w i n e ;aiisn In ivrilini;. j Karnivs'ky, W l i w c r OI1 I l i c y have,- ^'liy J-airt ! , \ t i ( » r i i f . , , , » f (inlillnn shiiniil nr.l lici K r a n [nil. I - r j lf (i r( ; P | ny Dail Tills III. lien Riven an.l PIll'-lAprll 7, I (. 21, 2 lislio! iy Hie orrler of Hoard of D i r e c t o r s rjf t h e K v u n s S a n i t K - tion I i i . s t r i f t . A p r i l in. I!r72. F:. It. c:cne) A p l i n Secretary T h e f l r e c l e y D a i l y T r i b u n e . A p r i l 21. 22. 24. 1572. y T i l l 8. I S 7 2 Onorato TV G- Appliance SAUES A N D S E R V I C E M I L L I K E N , COLORADO PHONE 588-4367 JIM · RAY · T A T A U T H O R I Z E D D E A L E N R C A Z E N I T H f H I L C O WESTINGHOUSt M A Y . T A G W H I R L P O O L SONY H O O V E R C O R N I N G K I T C H E N AID i-' r r / r t r . i c r, SAM-; C3) a n i f y ' \v. Holts* onjif, flranlorfl. l.y f l r f c l nf lrn*l rlaterl June 2.1, I '.if.'.', rcrorileil In Ilouk 611, !'.·- t-f'I.Hmi Nn. l . T S i n g ill lll? r f - roril* nf ( h o County of Welrl, f.'nl- nraiin, rr.n veyrii If. Mil- Vol.lir Trn.slpfi in *ni1 f' /.f U'clfl lilt- rollfiwiii** ilp.^crlliOfl rf-Hl |ir'j' 1,'niinly f.f WcM. Governor Makes 10 Appointments DBNVBH (AP)-Ten appointments were made Thursday by Gov. John Lnvc. Ho rcappointcd three men to Ihe Water Conservation Board, all for terms expiring May 12, 1075. They were Quincy Cornelius of Hooper, Frederick V: Krocgcr of Durango and Hugh Pickrel nf Rocky Ford. The governor reappoinled John II. Crowlcy of Littleton fo! llic Lfiiid Use Commission for a term expiring May 31, 1977. Four reappoinlments were made lo Hie Workmen's Compensation Advisory Council for terms e n d i n g April 16, 1976. They were Charles 0. Byrne of Denver, John F. DcVivier of Knglewood, Howard E. Abhott of Knglewond and John W. Gray ni Colorado Springs. Ken Rnynie of Wheat Ridge was appointed lo the Board of: Mortuary Science for a term expiring May 7, 197G. j Kay Anderson of Aurora w a s j reappoinled lo (he Hoard of Physical Therapy for a term expiring May 19, 1975. 12:00-KFKA: News KYOU: News, Wealher KCiHE: News, Music KUNC: Almanac 12:15-KFKA: Church News KUNC: Music ^SO-KKKA: German Gospel KYOU: News KUNC: Concert ot Week 1:00-KFKA: News, Music KYOU: Ted Loveland 2:00-KFKA: News, Music KYOU: News KGRE: News, Music KUNC: News and Music 2:15-KYOU: Sporls 3:00_KKKA: News, Music 4:00-- KGnE. News, Slereo Mu. KYOU: News KFKA: News, Music 5:00--KYOU: News KFKA: News, wthr, spls. 5:30-KFKA: Easy Listening KGRE: News, Music K U A D : Sign Off 6:00-KFKA: Music of Rockies KUNC: News KYOU: News G:15-KUNC: Community Cal. S:30-KFKA: Spec, of Sound KUNC: American Athiesl 7:00-KFKA: News, Music K U N C : Organ KYOU: Tom Teague 7:30-KYOU: Marion l l r . KUNC: Smithsonian 8:00-KFKA: News KUNC: Firing Line 8:I5-KFKA: Music 8:30-KYOU: Back lo God llr 9:00-KYOU: Music KFKA: News, Music KUNC: News 9-.30-KYOU: Tom Teague 10:00--KFKA: News 10:15~KYOU: Varsity Carouse 10:30-KYOU: News KUNC: Theater Review 12:00--KUNC: Nightcap Monday, April 24 11:00-KUAD: Bob McBride KFKA: News, Music KYOU: Info. News KUNC: Music 11:15-KKKA: Music KYOU: Spls Weather 11:30-KYOU: Colorado News 12:00-KFKA: Monforl Rpt. KUNC: Expanded News KYOU: News, wealtier KUAD: News 12:10-KUAD: Voice of Valley 12:15-KFKA: Weather Spls. KYOU: Sports KUAD: Bob McBride 12:30-KFKA: Farm, Ranch KYOU: Market Report KUNC: Sixth Siring 12:45-KYOU: Paul Harvey K F K A : Salclime, Mkls. KYOU: Andy Loomis 1:15-KFKA: Music KYOU: Snorts 1:00-KFKA: What's llap'in 1:30-KYOU: Regional News 2:00-KFKA: News, Music KUAD: Don Bell K U N C : Concert 2:30-KFKA: Profile, Music K Y O U : News 3:Ofl-KYOU: Ted Loveland KFKA: Reg. News 3:30-KFKA: Spls., Music TV Programs KBTV, Chinrtl 9; KLZ, Channel 7; KOA, Channtl 4; KRMA, Chanrwl i Friday, April 21 4:00--2: Green Acres 7: Corner 1'yle 4:30--2: Gilligan's Island G: Mislcroger's 7: Mayberry R.F.D, 5:00--2: Mcllale's Navy 4: NBC News G: Sesame Street 7: News 9; News 5:30--2: Megan's Heroes 4: News O L News 6:00--2: Dream of Jeannie 4: High Chaparral I): Electric Company 7: News 9: Star Trek 6:30-2: Andy G r i f f i t h B: Perspective 7: Olympics 0--4: Circus 2: Truth, Consequences 0: Joyce Chen 7: My Three Sons 3: Brady Bunch 7:30--4: Sanford and Son 2: Dragnel (i: linnk Heal 7: O'Hnra, Treasury 9: Partridge Family 8:00--4: Movie 2: Perry Mason B: Week Review 9: Room 222 8:30-li: Film Odyssey 7: Movie 9: Odd Couple 9:00-0: Love American Style 2: News, Wlhr., Sjjorls 10:00-4: News, Wthr, Spols 2: Movie 0: Inform 7: News, Wlhr, Spls 9: News, W t h r , Spts 0:30-4: Tonight Show 7: Movie 11:00-!): Hick Caved 11:30-2: Movie 2:00-4: Movie 12:30--7: Laic Sliinv 0: David Frost Saturday, April 22 11:00-2: Movie 4: Ml, Basohall 7: Film Festival 9: American Handstand 11:30-2: Movie 12:00-7: llaskelhall 9: Water World 12:30-9: Spls. Challenge 1:00-2: Crafts with Kaly 9: PGA Golf l:JO-2: Girl From UNCLE 2:00-7: Golf 4: Wrestling 2:30-2: Daktnri 9: World of Sporls 3:00-7: Golf 4: Outdoors 3:30-2: Wild Wild West 7: Wedding Trends 4: TEA :00--7: Weekend Gardener 4:30-2: Movie 4: News 7: CBS News 5:00--4: Movie 7: News 9: News Force One :30--7: Movie 9: Lawrence Welk 6:00--7: Nancy Wilson :30-2: Andy G r i f f i t h 4: Primus 9: Movie 7:00--2: Hee Haw 4: Movie 7: Dick Van Dyke 7:30-7: Mary Tyler Moore 8:00--2: The Avengers 7: Mission Impossible 8::iO--9: Movie 9:00--7: Mannix T. News 9:30--2: Crealure Features 0:00-7: News 4: News 9: Ncwsforce One 0:30--4: Movie 7: Movie 9: Movie 2:30--2: News 1:00--7: Movie 9: ABC News Sunday, April 23 1:00--2: Sunday Cinema 4: Meet Ihe Press 7: Riverside Bapl. 9: Calvary Temple 1:30-4: Bill Barker 7: Camera Three 12:00--4: Weslcrn Marketing 7: Stanley Cup fl: NBA Basketball 2:30--2: Movie 4: W.C. Tennis 1:30--9: Anlo Racing 2:00-2: Golf ·1: Death Valley Days 2:30-2: Gnlf Classic 7: Apollo XVI 3:00--1: Death Valley Days 7: '['HA · 0: PGA Golf 3:30-4: Survival 7: A n i m a l World 4:00--2: Movie 4: Movie 7: CO Minulcs 4:30-2: 'Hie Robe 5:011--7: News 9: Mike McKevilt 5:30--7: Lassie 9: Eddie's Father 0:00-4: Wild Kingdom 0: Forsytlio Saga 7: N a t i o n a l Geographic 9: AHC Special 6:30--2: Tom Jones 4: World of Disney 7:00-5: Zoom 7: Movie 9: Tony Awards 7:30-2: Golddiggers -.-. 4: Jimmy Stewart' G: Sound Post ' ; 8:00-2: Stand Up, Oheer 4: Bonanza 6: Firing Line 8:30--2: Rollin' on River 9:00-2: News, Wthr, Spts. 4: Bold Ones 6: Masterpiece Theatre 7: Hawaii Five-0 9: Movie 9:30-2: Catch 2 10:00-2: Movie 4: News ·· G: Self Defense--Women 7: News, Wlhr, Spts. 10:30-4: I Spy 6: Easter, Boy's' Town 7: Bill Cosby 11:00-7: Movie 9: Movie 11:30-2: News 4: Judd for Defense 12:30-4: News 1:00--9: Issues and Answers Monday, April 24 . 11:00--2: Famous Jury Trials 4: Sale of Century 7: KLZ News 9: All My Children 1:30--2: Honeymooners 4: Three on a Match G: Math 7: As the World Turns 3: Let's Make a Deal 2:00-2: Blinky Fun Club 4: Eyewitness News 7: Love Is Splend. Tiling 9: Today at Noon' 2:30-2: Phil Donahue 4: The Doctors '-··' 7: Guiding Light 9: Dating Game :2:45-G: Science : : 1:00-4: Another Worldj6: Literature « 7: Secret Storm !): General Hospital 1:30-2: What's My Line 1 , 4:.Peyton Place \ i; 6: Music 7: Edge of Night 9: One Life To'Live 2:00-2:.To Tell the Truth 4: Somerset ; ., G: Electric Company 7: Dialing tor Dollars 9: Love American Style 2:30-2: Beat Ihe Clock , 4: Days of Our Lives G: Sewing Skills 9: Ncwlywed Game 3:00-2: Big.Valley 4: Concentration 9: Bewitched 3:30--4: Money Movie . ., 9: David Frost DENVER RADIO KLZ: SCO-Music, news ! KIIOW: 630-Music, news KBTR: 710--News 24 hours I KOA: 850--Music, news on 'A hr. I cuut Qnitaltatlon ( N f . wiu:i:i-;/\.s, .s and S u s a n ('. licrly In Lot T h l r l y - . ^ K ( Tu-« ( 2 ) . In T I T K «i;iH)l V t S K l N . tit (In- V'lu-n t,f n i l lo rt r orrlC'l nis p or u - l t h , imprnvrnifn If Ih^ n t / , kiHJ\v!i MS .Tiir] riu f ' 1 2 Mnnlrnf^fi Mrrt-A, I \vi1h W M | | lo wall cn S'3id fjpftii f.f ( r i i ^ t K f c n r iils^fry not ft of r v e n l f wilh f'tr HIP hiirn nt I ttt a ) I R I n 1 1 e n rf 1 r r . (1 r,.r,0'i ."'i of VA H Bob's Wesiview TV 3133 W. 10th St. Black mid W h i t e and color TV repair service. A n i e n n a repair anrl in- s t a l l a t i o n . Phone 352-8553 Bob Frerichs I corporation, on j f M r r l i In RAM nr, Tlir- If; Colorado Couple Dies in Arkansas Road Accident Al.TliS, Ark (AfJ-Slale I'o- licc said n Colorado couple wasl k i l l e d Thursday when Iheir c n r j hit a tractor-frailer t r u c k as; they attempted In pass another car on U.S. 64. The victims were identified as Howard 1C. Ilansen, 72, and his wife, Klix.abelh, f!3, of Colorado Springs, Colo. The driver of (he (ruck was Kllon W. Wmidnioney, 49, of Inear Thurmond, N.C. V a n H c h a a r k A- ,f'in, thft k-pral hM'l^r rif ^,ilfl nt(e ami tint-'] of tro*.l lia« filfitl r l l t f f i i elcntinn an«J ilPrnrmrl for. Ir* an provMe'l in Rfiifl Atf\ ' nf iniBl, THBKBFOKB, nolirft 1* 1ierM*y ( f i v e n I f i R l T w t l l , ^l lf\:d(t r.Ylorh ! forenijfjn of .\[ay 23, 1572,! , , f ( h e u tir K a n t fr'.nt sttp« \Vf-\\ C'oimly r:ntirl H«.HH« Cri-f.- !*', ''f.]rra'l'i, fell hi jujlilir; s i r r r f f i t i lo (lift liiffhcst .Titr] N^M l1.1.1fr far r-ar-Jf. lit*- f^H f»l y »n'l all i n t o r f s t fit lh* rxnlt,rr. Ihr-lr l\*.\rt* a inl - tliprsin. fnr t h f |»iir|irj* lilK 1 ll^ ill'IpM r-r] rifSK Jirrr- j \ if I r-r] In Hfi I rl i\r,\f, * n rl 1 f- H r, f I runt, alltirnrys' f'-r-.-:. an't t\if- '· f!H nf p^l^, r ml will i}f\\vf-r ' lo thn TuirrhiiKf-rN a »^rl I f k-fl f o i of inrf;h;i*e, Mil 35 pr*jvl»l*rl liy Mnrr-h 31, K'72. ' A l l t ^ \, Hwln uljllr: Tr\\fifti In nni! for drcflry I i f l l f y T r l l n m o ll 7. H, 21, 2*, M;iy '.-, TV Trouble Ph. 352-2240 Days Nights and Sundays We Service Black »nd White »nd Color · BankAmericard Welcome A Bill's TV Service 14279th St. Radio Dispatch Service THIRTEEN YEARS AGO WE TOLD YOU t h a t a giganlic am! powerful Conspiracy was hard at work lo bring about in the United Slates Ihe following objectives. ( 1 ) Greatly expanded government spending, for missiles, for so-called defense generally, for foreign aid, for every conceivable incans of getting rid of ever larger .sums of A m e r i c a n money -- as wastcfully as possible. (2) Higher and (lien much higher taxes. (3) An increasingly unbalanced b u d g e t , despite the higher faxes . . . . (4) Wild i n f l a t i o n of our currency, leading rapidly towards its u l t i m a t e r e p u d i a t i o n . (5) Government controls of prices, wages, and m a t e r i a l s , supposedly to combat i n f l a t i o n . (6) Greatly increased socialistic c o n t r o l s over every operation of our economy and every aclivily of our daily lives. This is (o be accompanied, n a t u r a l l y and a u t o m a t i c a l l y , by a correspondingly luigc increase in f l i c si/.c of o u r b u r e a u c r a c y , and b o t h the cost and reach of our domestic government. (7) f a r more c e n t r a l i s a t i o n of power in W a s h i n g t o n , and the practical e l i m i n a t i o n of our slate lines . . . . (K) The steady advance of federal aid to and control over our e d u c a t i o n a l system, leading (o complete federalization of our p u b l i c education. (9) A constant h a m m e r i n g i n t o (he American consciousness of llic horror of "modern warfare," the b e a u t i e s and the a b s o l u t e necessity of "peace" -- peace a l w a y s on Communist terms, of course. And (10) (he consequent willingness of the American people to allow the sfcps of appeasement by our g o v e r n m e n t which a m o u n t lo a piecemeal surrender of (he rest of the free world and of the United Stales itself i '['he above is quoted v e r b a t i m from t h e Hlue Book of the John Kirch Society, first published in 1959, And t h i s projection of c o i n i n g events lias held up very well indeed a g n i n s l llic history lhat has a l r e a d y run its course and I ha I which is u n f o l d i n g before our eyes loday. NO CLAIRVOYANCE was needed for any such forecast. The only r e q u i r e m e n t was a willingness lo be realistic about what the C o m m u n i s t s and Ihcir bosses (whom we call llw Insiders) were already doing. And in ( h i s same book we told you about m:my other subversive plans, already u n d e r way, t h a t were designed to destroy our Million and t h e A m e r i c a n way of life. Few would believe us. In f a c l , very few even k n e w w h a l we were snying. Our proved ability, however, lo create u n d e r s t a n d i n g of the aims, m e t h o d s , and menace of Hie Conspiracy, has been cxlrcmcly d i s t u r b i n g lo Ihose tit (he lop who really run Ihe show. This is why The John liirch Socicly has been more viciously and extensively smeared t h a n :my other organization in American hislory. The Insiders were d e t e r m i n e d that our voice should not be w i d e l y heard. linl loday you need only lo look around you for a c o n f i r m a t i o n of our most d i s t u r b i n g analyses, ;md lo see our saddest predictions coming t r u e . W h a t is more, despite every a t t a c k to w h i c h we have been subjected, ;md every h a n d i c a p imposed on our progress, the .Socicly is already by far t h e hirgcsl, strongest, most extensive, most i n f l u e n t i a l , and -- we t h i n k -the most e f f e c t i v e v o l u n t a r y a n I i - C o m i n u n i s t o r g a n i z a t i o n a n y w h e r e in (he world. W H A T IS even more i m p o r t a n t , we believe t h a t our m e m b e r s h i p as a whole is t h e finest body of men and women on e a r t h today. Our t o t a l strategy is e d u c a t i o n , a n d t r u t h is our only weapon. Our books and maga/incs and pam- p h l c l s , our s p e a k e r s i i n d f i l m s a n d (apes, arc t e l l i n g a n ever l a r g e r a u d i e n c e , w i t h even more a u t h o r i t a t i v e knowledge and d o c u m e n t a t i o n , of m a n y far worse tilings in the C o m m u n i s t blue- p r i n t for our c o u n t r y t h a n those t h a t luvc a l r e a d y happened. And also how lo prevent (he u l t i m a t e disaster. IF YOU wish lo do your part to save our once glorious i n h e r i t a n c e , our freedom, and our lives, from the encroaching t y r a n n y , you should put y o u r e f f o r t where it w i l l count the most. We suggest t h a i you I c a i n more about us, judge us for yourself. W i t h o u t i n c u r r i n g any obligation, simply w r i l e our local chapters, care of THE JOHN IJIRCH SOCIETY 70027(11 A vc., Apt. 301 (ireclcy, Colo.

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