Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 16, 1955 · Page 2
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 2

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, December 16, 1955
Page 2
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Page 2 . GREELEY -TRIBUNE Friday, Dec. 16, 1955 Exhibit Shows Effectiveness Of Air Pictures !-By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK Wi _ How effective Is the luilitary air camera Ipday? Could you really delect a military butldup'in another'country through photo reconnaissance- These, questions have been raised by President Eisenhovs-er's proposals a t ' G e n e v a for the exchange of military blueprints and aerial inspection as "the gateway to a reduction in disarmaments," The issue remains very much · live. Many government figures · re privately.-hopcful the .Russians will in lime agree lo the proposals, pcrhapi when supplemented . by further suggestions on their part. The President's "Open Skies t'or Peace" plan is strikingly drama- izcd In an exhibit of aerial photography now on display in the Car- ncgio International Center here. U shows concrclely how effective the camera has become as an eyewitness from the air. The exhibit, planned by a U. S. gov eminent interdepartmental committee, has impressed many U. N. delegates and other visitors. Just what can pholo reconnaisj The most impressive single display is a single slrifi of film 200 feel long and nine inches wide. The strip maps an area of the United Slates 2,700 miles long arid 400 miles wide from New York lo Los Angeles. The strip was filmed in 1948 from 40,000 feel--nearly eight miles up--in less than four hours. The same job could be done to- CHRISTMAS TREES Freih Cut C o l o r a d o Douglas Firs. Good quality. BOUGHS--WREATHS FRED N. AUSTIN ; . ·· Corner 9th Street and 14th Avenue WE'VE MOVED! only 98.95 buys the perfect GIFT. NECCHI l nodd K. NOW you can make anything because th« AUTOMATIC NECCHI doei everylhing. From fin! learn lo final Irim the AUTOMATIC NECCHI does every ililch of the work,, .wilhaut attachments. ' · ' Far FREE dtmonitrorion tail or vtiil Necchl-Elna Sewing Circle 810 8th Avenue Open Every Night Mil 8:30 day by only two Jet planes .In less lhan two hours. To the untrained spectator such a f i l m reveals lillle. Bui when sections ot the film re enlarged and checked by rained photo interpretation ex- erls with special Inslrumenls and ew techniques, Ihey reveal a cry grcal deal. ' Just how much? "Suppose t lived in' a house in hat city," 1 said, pointing at Ihe ilm. "What could you tell about t--from 40,000 feet up?" · · "Many things," replied Lt. Col. Ralph Stcaklcy, a photo rccon taff officer and veteran flier. "We could tell pretty accurately Ihe icight of your house, w h a t - i t was constructed of, and Ihe relative age of your community. "We could make a good guess on your own economic slatus. We could tell whether you used a ro- ,ary-typo lawn mower to cut your jrass, whether you had a tcle- ihone and an underground scplic ank--and probably even describe .ho clothes hanging on Ihe line in your back yard." 'What if I had three tanks around the house camouflaged by covering them with old Iree branches?" 1 asked. 'We could spot them with camouflage .film," ho said. "The live green grass would show up red on the film, the dead tree branches would show up a dull gray-green arid they'd be easy lo spot." Isn't'there any way to fool the aerial camera? . You sometimes can.fool a lens --that's true," acknowledged Col SteaklEy.' "But It Isn't easy to lool ' good pholo 'interpretation expert. "On a large scale it would be very hard to do. You might be ble to hide a small building. Sure, ml not a whole complex of bulld- nss, or a really big buildup of roops and installations." An example of the speed of the :erial earner: A jet plane flying 00 miles an hour at low level vas able lo photograph and Men- ify the cards in a poker hand laid lUl on an airport runway. How long wouid it take lo y'ao- ograph all of Russia from the air? Ambassador .Lodge said the ob could he done in less than six nonlhs," answered the officer. All 1 can say Is the Air Force stands ready and capable of carry ng out any agreement that is reached." v 7 WEEK Harry Cameron's NODELAY DRIVIN Tricycles $795 As Low As f V ANDY'S 1015 8th Ave. ' Phone 857 Open Saturday N i g h t s 'Til 8:30 ortez Jury Will 'robe Handling )f Crime Cases Mansfield Hits Lack of Plan To Counter Soviet CLAHKMONT, Calif, Hi -- Sen Mansfield (D-Mont) said Thursday (he Eisenhower administration has a "practical, plan" ,fo counler ·hit he termed a "massive gain in (he momentum of Soviet diplo macy." Mansfield, a member of the Sen ale Foreign Relations Committee said in a speech prepared for de livery at Pomona College tha "(or months, the administration has been al a loss lo deal wit] the .new Soviet challenge." "Despite bold :terms like 'mas sive retaliation,' " Mansfield said "this Soviet diplomatic offensiv has been met with nothing but 'missive inertia." ". The Montana Democrat sal thai Soviet inlenlions "were gross ly miscalculated" in fho w a k e . p the Geneva summit conference i July and that "many took at fac value the preachments .ot peace (ul coexistence" by Soviet Pre mier Nikolai Bulganin and .Com munist Party Boss Nikiti Khrush chev. Sweaters 6.95 to 19.95 Pendltten Manhattan | and McGregor Sport Shirts 4.95 to 13.95 USI THI TK.IBUNI WANT AD CORTEZ «!- -- -A special grand ury was called by Disl. Judge · mes Noland Wednesday lo in- estigatc the handling of criminal ases in Monlezuma county. Judge Noland issued the order ftcr receiving petitions signed by ! number of citizen's. These were irculated by relatives of Lawence Campbell, who died in Al- luquerque, N. M., after being Inured in a fight in a Coder bar- corn Sept. 22. ' Clifford Murray, a bartender, was charged with manslaughter, u t ' a t his trial was freed on i directed verdict of acquittal by udge Noland.' ' The court ruled that Ihe prosccu ion erred in not informing de ense attorneys that two slate ·itnesses were Albuquerque doc ors" who attended Campbell be fore his death. Without Uiese wit nesses, the prosecution said coutd not hope to get a conviction Judge Noland named Byron V Bradford, Durango lawyer, a special prosecuting attorney and adviser to the. grand jury. lamaged Bridge Blocks Jusy Uranium Ore Road GHAND JUNCTION U! - The Gunnison Rivsr bridge at While- valcr was -closed to truck traf- ic Thursday, blocking one of Col- rado's busiest uranium ore routes. Ralph .McCoy, district state ijghwiy engineer, said' a loaded ruck damaged the bridge some- ime Wednesday making it unsafe or heavy vehicles. car traffic was not affected. The bridge is on Colorado Highway 141 leading from Whitewater o Nalurila. McCoy estimated that at least 100- trucks a day from nearby uranium projects use the bridge. · · , Until ' repairs are completed ruck traffic to Naturita and Uravan will have to make a 120- mile detour . by way of Delta, Monlrose and , Dallas Divide. Trucks going to and from the Calamity-Outlaw^ Mesa areas, » major uranium district, will have lo drive more than 200.miles insteac of the usual 30 after reaching Highway 141. McCoy said the repair work would take several days. Tokyo Rose . TOKYO W -- The population o Tokyo, third largest city in th world, was »,033,521 .'in 1955, "in metropolitan government a'nnounc ed. The figure is an-increase of 1 756,021 over Ihe last census, i 1550. . - ' . Reds' Military Might Growing; Admiral Says WASHINGTON HI - Adm. Arleigh Burke, chief of naval operations, sairt Thursday "there-is nothing lo indicate that the Soviet Union is slowing down in her armament efforts." f The R u s s i a n ' n a v y , already, (he second ranking-sea power' ol' the world, "is still growing, and growing fast," he said in an address prepared for the National .Press Club. · , . "She is still building a i r c r a f t . a l a very rapid rate," he said. "She has built more cruisers and destroyers and submarines .since \S'orld War 11 Ihm'all th«'r«t 'M ''_: ihe world combined." ·..- · Russia, he said, "hit: eoacw- (rated on those types of shipi »nd aircratt-whlc'h would be most us«- , ful lo her to' prevent eur »hipa from reaching' the shores of Eurasia." · . , - - , , : ' : ; . ' tBiirke said Russia U. developing fliiided missiles-to destroy. «rtr- sias'. ports,' supply 'du'mpi «nd' American.. »hipi i attemptiafv to;'' reach ports. : :Hc : 'said 'expansion of the 'llus-' , slan navy "is the most lignificiit development in Soviet- - «r«Bd strategy since World W i r - H . He added: · ' . -..'.; ""We,' in the UniUd Stales Ntvy, . , are more determined than ever to. slay ahead; but we are not eoni- placerit about it. The hard struggle to build- » modern, nuclear-ig«. Navy has just begun. This itruggle ...· will take all the ingenuity, all the, effort, all the skill that we «in · muster." . . Shady Deal CULVER 'CITY, Calif. Ifl -- Vo can buy excellent window shades and shutters «t a factory here. A sign over the door proudly boosts, "Come in -- and.get the shadiest deal in. town." Elmer D. Anderson Radiator Sirvici PHONE S5I 1018 Sth Avt., ·ntnncs In illsy ARTHRITIS? NEW HEAT-AND-MASSAGE PAD SOOTHES . ARTHRITIC PAIN '. 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And, when we conilder the .fact that thlrty-ont - palr« of-n«rv« trunki pin through openings between the bone* of the spln.l column, there li no more logical plice to look for Ipe ciuit of the excenivc nerve Irrititlon.that, In turn,'cautli "nervem tentlon" thin to examine the iplnal column for displacement* · It 1« beciuse the Chiropractor examines the iplnil column · and correcti the displacements-which Interfere with n»rmil '-nerve icllc-n tint Chiropractic-his been ss successful IB effecting recovery from "neryua tension" for many thou- sihds of people. Every, person who his "nervous .tension", should «rranje for a'Chlropractle exumlnitlon. ' · HOURS 8:30 to 12 -- } to 5 Monday thru Saturday. . Open Monday, Wednesday and Friday ' . 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