Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 10, 1962 · Page 27
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 27

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, December 10, 1962
Page 27
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KM! tort. fUS SAL--3 k;u-b«ti. p»rt MM tvw«. M J Twck, C.n «^ LANDMARK REALTY 1644 8TH AVE 35^-3452 P. J. STOLL life"-:::: Fine "A-l" ! ...... ft--. Aft , r ,, j-ji.^us;. Ei'IiS Used Cars REALTY 2525 10th St. 352-5687IJ* J H J K Al.K-19;i Hrd «:j r 'P^KS-I'M! Bf FORDS W K Ji.n t na .r'li vt-t i! r.. j!n 1 2 1 9 M* NEED ELBOWROOM? -V 3 bedroom [raiui. ·'; Llviug ruom « i t h fin- plage ·fr Separate d m i n K ruulu V Full bitsemt'iit £ 1 c«r gar:Kv »',· Clioone own cuiiirs ; , NEW BRICK . .. l»_ bvdruom.-. tlcitrir tilc'ini i s * ! i f n i l bsinl.. HUjM-hl'd l-llra«e! v "l' SALK -ls',1 turj. HUr - a r xar-aK,-. only 3 blocks to! ''"": ;i " 3 "-«" t "TM l«'-» rliooi. liwulj. tn move in I ' ''·"· Can lit «,.,, j a y ,, r n,.,,),,.. i l'rl,«i t,, s^ll ;il " jn.ouij "'! JUST LOOK | j-'! I'drni. tiriik. larse kiU'hen , « ! t l l l i l l l l a , loal-t. lj,rt;; f u l l ! I'.-'.m. a i u i h v d Raritse w i t h j | room lur »ork t,o|i. 3 blocks j " ii'iioiil. M i n e in V- 1 Wort Cameron i lioiil I C l i r i f l i n a s . I'rk-e j u s t j'lJOw ! INCOME $220 3 BEDROOM K R I f K : !".'' r n)! -' ''aymeuis just tir.o V; Kull f i n i s h e d IM.MII,.H T UvliiK room, illniiia romn vr t'arpi'l ami dia].i-b i; \ blovk l l r a t h 2 BEDROOM STUCCO: I H M I I , It i,.]y rsdworaltd. ll,-re is ..our rliain-e lo lii,. rtni f n v slid k-l tlie pr»]i(..r|v |iav for i'.-..|f If you are lookinK for an Inv^imiMH. tliis, lh vour clianrc If You Need.... a good used car or !o obtain 2u- f taplt«lizutiun on our imeblineiil. Shown liy ap ,. . , .. i«iiiiunpnt only i a fine place to live, STOP AND LOOK ! J .: f " u " liam-iiivnl |- iari;.- l^lruiun. kilchcn » n h TM.. V- Carpet and dlap.- ,* I ' l l i t ; sp.tcr. !;ir^i. u t i l i l v room ··· r t i l i t v ,,r( 1.11,1;,.!. | ; ""' ''·""·'' i i n l Aiiuflied s;, ·: i:i3 ir,u, AV,. ' " ;^;,. ^^ Mf "' '"··· "'"· " """"""" : PA up A T\T H A V i \ service man, a truck, a tractor, a 6 WE'RE T R A D E R S i, j, ,,JTM ^ vi,,^? X,.J ____ Dora Lund. :;;,: nil Frlti WeiUnd, 3^-1595 SHAW Realty Company w i l l 111 ov,.|, and rniisc, ditli-i ^lu!'''f r ,,^'i,',d dU r"r"!;tio U n' roon-' J° ! ' ' ' ' liiri;i a i i m h c u caraicc. Assumi' K I I A liuni. pii\in,.|it» $ns |ier inn. I'rj; ,. rvdiji cd lo Jlj.^inj f ( ,r '{link ^aif·. EX'ENINGS UOD .Sloll 3SSS9S! P. J Stoll S52-S500 REALTORS INSURORsi HO 9th Ave. 3i:-S)[i; N E A T 2 BEDROOM H O M E Onp blin-lt from A r 1 1 n c t n ·, ftihool. liu^i- Ir, i n ^ r t n i i n , ilinini; hpaii'. h u i l l nil FIII.II-... i m l i i v Firm Equiymm SO l u l l SAU.-IVmpIrl* (irra onillt. c^i-MjIer- K '" mM ' P' 1 '* 1 - READ TODAY'S CLASSIFIED PAGE (,»{,*,.! 50 TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR riHun Prj,,. ,,f jn.;,h j,, U f l f c l T r r i r M n n r n u i v n i T r n CM,, «.h»r. or,,, .,,,,, ,i, f! , W NTFR H .^0 NT RATF^ 1959 Tudor Ranch Wajron ! \, rauio. liealer. Kordomatii- i $1595 i l'J38 Fordor 500 I Cruisev nailv. radio, heater! liower rittriw. $12J5 19GO Kairlane ··'··" Tuiior. VS. radio, header rordomalii-. power Heentip and imwer brakes. S1645 1959 Galaxic Tudor ilardiup Uodiu. healer vrui.^eoniativ. pnwer steer- ins «!id power hrakes. ?17S5 1901 Galaxit Fordor \i. rauio, heater, cniiseom: j .tic. i»ower bteeritif;. $2195 19GO Forrfnr Countr; Sedan. \. cruiseo- matk radio, heater, power steering. SI 795 1959 Fairlane 500 Tudor Hardtop. Iladio. heat, fcr, cru'i-eoniatH'. power steering, power hrnkes. $1795 See The New J E E P STATION WAGON AND PIMP Now on Display JilMon.. D«*. 1ft. 19«2 GREELEY TRIBIXE Page 27 i UK Cut Tiwki SI Uu4 C«n ««4 TnxJu at Reynolds Farm Equipment Co. [401 18th St. 352-4517 dandv [he Two 1957 Fords For $499 Are Sold HERE ARE SOI OTHER REAL BUYS! 1QC1 Cadillac Hardtop Coupe. Rough but fonr IQCn Portia 1JJU celient Si-dan. Straight ' celient running Twos- ;15 -1as hefure rUrisimas ; Whf-e ! ltokfcd at uiy ,ar, ! f hf model was old. and Had been driven iw far. The iiibide was ripped. The seal it was torn. The brakes didn't -:ork And also tue hom. The windshield was (j'jii'.pil. The old f'l'jtch was broke, The KSS line was dumped A lid BO wan the chute, I cried and I mnum.-d And started to vuas. Something nad to iie dor.* About my old bus. So I went down to Kdwaids And am now all aglow. Lik*- tbeir ad said 1 got more for u:y dougn. N'ow I laugh at the buinjis And get mileage galore. My new rar looks sw^ll ?nd Here's soniuihin^ mure. Edwards sold me :ny car On a long, easy plan. My payments fare tow, I'm a happy man! lee One of These Salesmen! Icri, «3 . s« tfte* i p.m. 'l» C H h l H U L l I Kl Cimlno tli-kn tjuod CCMJ:tii^l. Sj$^^17 aft* *. .r.iu,!.. fju^lrot J!-"OK S . ^ L E - I S S l Ford comertiblt. · R»l kUirp. xoc-j r^bWr. A.I condi- IMJR ALK n. 3;j-u; 1QA7 F ° !d '-' T " n Picku P- K(JUr s l** d transmission, Ut/ engine just rebuilt. A fl1/ir 1 QK7 Chevrolet 6 Cylinder 4-Door Sedan. Radio, heat- 1JJI cr, powergiide. New short block and rebuilt powerglifle. just 30,000 miles back. A NEW 3 BKDROOM C H A L L K N G K K features : bedrooms, f u l l l,^«f. Intnl. atmrhi'i! rarnci- lllnl ,, l o i n p l d p l i u i l l - l n kiu-liiMi. \Vi have 2 i tady In tiii.vt into N u l l i l H K down V A . If BEDROOM H O M E tor mil. !l«fi ?,;mi An-um.. );·, month. 205 ACKKS j ! Xorllin-pM of Windsor .Modern'1 1" nioin lioni.'. plrniy or uui- : l l U l l l l l l l K R . mil. t P I I H I I t IlOUSl) fM.ouii no down. BUICK DUPLKX Two hfdronm cnrlt side. Incuntc $17*'.00 nmnth. Will t r n d v . 10% Discount on All Tractor and Baler Shop Labor During December and J a n u a r y ! FRKK IMCKIT A N D D K I . I V K I 1 Y ON ALL COMI'I.ETE 0 \ l : i i H A i : L JOHS Toy Ford Tractors wii.h or w i t h o u t implements--ideal Christmas t for Junior! ^ 3 BEDROOM H O M E only lnor yi-ar* old Xt-» r hlrrh raliinpls. (PHI cil yiirij. ,-.,, blockii to K I I A or VA. i 716 l l t h Street Sonny Johnson Lee Vandenlms Orvillo Kultr Wheeler Co. Grccley, Colo. 352-9174 AUSTINS 1203 0th St. I'h. :!"i:5.07n.V C A N Y O U Q I ' A I . I K Y f"r t h i « i f'hrisliiiit.: t i r p ( ! \ \ n r r w i i t n i n k n M r h t m o i i l l i - II.IMHPIII m: : hrlrk homo I I I '.. ri.i i i n n i f : d l n l o poiii-siloi! Si'inll i l o u t r i m y n i o n t . Cull nit-ii l;..|nn.a. i N K K H H I i I r n r t H . \Vi- dry H A I K Y r V I I M K I . ' S A T T K N T I O N 1 Y..II i m n i f ·,,,,: (,. n .i~ ,. n i a r".-,i ii.-t!:-y ^ r l u p n,-:u i t ( ^ ; \i!|p. OIH- Ivf I h - f r n \ v i l h jj P A r I ,i r li;un mill CM-I-\ II,nu:' H K A l T l r ' ; 1 ! , inoillUilin vii l w i n | lliifi r ln-iiinoin. 2 m r (i.iijiKi 1 '·hi'll. i'\,. i i l i v e { y p p. :'«41 Mii'-na \'i';|;i 1 t i j \ i . Pnnoriiina I ' n r k . Cui. Mi-nrj 1 l l o i l i s i . N K A I t Sl!OI'l'IN(! l 1 K X T K i t A N D SCHOOLS. .' lirdmom H i l l A » f C u l l IliniV l|..rli«l Died Con on. Tnicki 51 Uied Con and TrucVi 51 See Our Anniversary Ad on Page 28 of Today's Tribune Ted Nieters Lincoln Mercury, Inc. CHEVROLETS 1959 BelAir 4-Door Radio, neater, iiowerpiide, $1095 1961 BelAir 2-Dopr VS, radio, healer, omd'rive. i 51995 1960 Impala Fordor Iladio. heater, powerRlide. Power sleerinp, power brakes ?1995 1959 Impala Minor Hnrdlop. Iladio. healer. standard transmission. S1695 1957 210 2-Door Radio heater, standard Irons- mission ?S45 1957 BelAir Mloor V?, rnd!o, heater, now. erplld,-. ?1095 PLYMOUTHS 1961 Savoy 4-I)oor. VS. nutomatic trans, sion, and heater. ?1695 1959 Belvedere 2-Poor. V8. radio, heater automatic. S1295 1937 Savoy -1-Door Radio heater, siandnid transmission. $695 ]9.-)9 I'lymouth Spurt Stibui-lwn Your Choice at $599 TWO 1959 SIMCAS, ONE WAGON, ONE SED. Both sold new locally, original tires. Lots of good miles left. OPEN TONIGHT TILL 9:00 AND ALL DAY SATURDAY Growing With Greeley RAMBLER OF GREELEY 1321 8th Ave. 352-9038 1S5! I'llNTIAI'. $;-,». Ab... 1M1 Ford t--M. M^rr'j-y (nu-jjr. I1T5. Both hi ,f»-: »r.,^-. jjl.u;:4. 8j: CJttVKOLKT B»lAir ".^xt. "XV Miiitw. l'o.«r noUit eunji'ion. Hi-light nick *ith ovtr- .inf. Fn. 352-^ltrj. or 3S2-i006. '(Hi J A L K - . t s s i Buiek C.ntury h»rt. '"; Rpm] r!e»n ind gm.^J condi'.xm. l^j. Se« aftrrBooR*. L«t Him Re Your Santa Clausl Dean Bachenberpr Lee Cummings 284-6307 Ed Fritzler 352-1369 Fred Miller 454-22SS Bill Powers 353-185! Joe Ruibal 352-9041 Bruce Tarrant 352-7715 H1 SALt-ms Cb^rolM Imp.U r.«vh.,|,. Al! wnile, i,*rf*ct conditico. rrif^J fnr y-ji-.-k »a!e. 1958 Ctttvroln H«!Air ttardu,^. A-l ihape. Se« it Mon.r Naritry. ::M P.otrrgir Kt. R A D I A ' l u l l tlKnin: Hid riptlrlns. i*,I rtili*wn. All typti ot auw nd truck rei»innB. John Tbompwn «rt t t. 601 6-Ji Avt, ot 115 N. It* lt. S55-1MS. 1NUINKS »tnm dum«d. 13.95 an4 UB. A l l tjpo bodj «nd Inter «ork- A-l paint ;ols tu u $40.00. Join ·Hioni.|an (i«r« st . «K Sth it., cr I I S N. 8lh A.c. Ul-ltl!. fOR SALK-1«| Chry.l,,. J pu.n,. irrr rnup*. flxrejlpnl cundilion, R*^ t»nt njl,,n .mi fcr.le liningi. Ri- dio. hnter, s«rr.iauloma'.ic trim Ph «!-"M. -M l«-.h St. S5- CHKVROI.ET. antu\ tool ewn- ?r. Kjcc*ll«!t condition. 1958 C*dillte. lictni**) hy origini] OVB*r. PricH Twiuced on 1 for quiek u!c. ·SO BONSEVILLE conv*rtib]«. Po»»t itrwrinf, power br«k««. Rwr Mat iw«k*r. bucket iciu, ufcty btlu, trailer hitch. N'tw fictory top. Kt. r'Utnt nnditioD. 12,640. Will e«- tidtr trtdr SSS-4154. aftrr S. McArthur-Wheeler 430 8th Ave. Year Make and Model 352-8288 Down Pmt. Monthly (Cash or Trade) Payments ' i M 1 2 8th Ave. 352-5950 1956 Custom '(-Door Station \Vnpon. liadlo, lu'al 1962 Olds. Starfire Con. $1200 $ 99.58 1961 Cadillac 4D Sed. $1200 $115.19 1960 Cadillac 4-Door $1000 $109.17 1961 Pontiac 4-D Sed. $800 $76.82 1961 Olds. F85 Sta Ja. $700 $64.69 1960 Metropolitan Cpe. $250 $22.92 00 $56.60 00 $36.59 00 $53.67 Chev. Imp. HI. Cp. ' I I960 Ford Club Cpe. 1959 Olds. 88 4 Door 1959 Ford FL 500 Viet. Edwards Chevrolet Co. USED CAR LOT 1310 8th Avenue At the Lot with the Revolvin_g OK! Open Evenings 'til 8:30 READ TODAY'S CLASSIFIED PAGE HMIM «4 Avt« Trwkfl Si R^ SALE-Ktw Hoot mobUt FOR SALE-1957 G«r giil homt Ph. 451-2652. tOR trailer rewir «ad 35MT3S or 353-^?5. W«ura ·nd Servi«. 110S 5th St. t'OR RENT--I0s45 ft. trultr houM. S« til K»rt Sporlwaj, EMM, *r lilt Cot ton wood tun. FOR SERVICE or licM rcpklr M year mobile horn* Ph. SuhU'i Tnlltr Sales, S53-S801 SwJc* OB ill Mtk« t for t aobilt ibop tt SUhU'i WHILE JOT in home-, ibop Siln. xuth BtU* of Girder am K, Talk to our cuitomert. They wili uU you our dwiis arc bvt. Drop i* or Phone S53-2Q2. NEW Red Dal* cunpvri and triilcn. Ured camper* *nd trailers, all aftukw. All eampcn tqaipped wiih L* Ja^a jtela. One mm c*n JnttJ or untold anywhere, ujtime. MieAllta Eat. and Sain Co., Kfehwtr E3. loath ·( Evans, Colo, Sfi!-0650. Userf Can and TracU 51 Try One Out! We invite you to test drive any one of these cars . . . a sure way to convince yourself of real value! '59 Ford V8 4-D Sedan . . . $1395 Stick, radio, heater, white side wall tires, beautiful all blue finish. Local 1 owner. Top condition. '59 Plymouth V8 2-Dr. Sedan . $1395 Stick, radio, heater, white side wall tires. Al! white finish, local 1 owner, very clean. Excellent condition, '58 Plymouth Silver Spec. 4D Sed. $1095 Stick, radio, healer, new engine, white sidewall tires. Beautiful -.ill w h i t e finish. Why Travel "Sardine Style" Enjoy the Room of a WAGON!! lOiil DODGK PIONEER 4-DOOR WAGON i Powrr stneriiiK ami brakes. :ill v i n y l iiitorior. bi-.v.itiftill finish. I,(ic;il owner. Only lii.OOd miles. | ,! l i K i l D O I H I K S K N K C A -1-DOOi; \ V A G O X ' ·iSi\ i-ylisiiler eennniiiy enirine. pmver slverinir, a i i t o n m t i c ' ;(ransniissioii. pnwer l a i k n i l e . Sharp inside 'ami o u t ' : ni'SIXKSS I.C1C \ T I O X 2 h.-il ' i mm, lionii-. iov, N I I , si.,:i.| IJI.'iS D O D U K S I E R R A I-DO(1| W A t i O N i loi. f u l l i i r n r y ii.'i^i |\'s eniriiii-. a i i l n n i a l i e tvansmis.ion. pnwer stoerinj; -iml' c o i - N T K Y l.ivixc I" ...t-p.i.jliraki's. e l t v l r i e t a i l v'.'ite. Soun.l as tliev make V m ' ! PIIIH. luoiii-rn IIMIII,- I'iiM nf ' i Urwioy. }!.. ' c.iii I I . . I H ' I 1 .'."'" M K H C l ' K ^ ' 2-IH)(.)K H A I I D T O I ' \ V A G O N i isli. A real lieanty mul a real l i a r n a i n . j !!C,7 r o N T I A C r i l l E K T A l N -I-DOOR j '.'r.Kl! nnoiiirr iicdro.,i;r Wc|''. ;lsvl '"' ;i ' 1 ' " · ! ?'"'- Radiii. heater, a u t o m a t i c . Top oin-i ·vrrni o u n r i c «ii., i M . u M j i l i t i - i n iiirrliaiucally. Heantil'ti! finish. Knoni for t h r $46.35 $44.41 '57 Buick Century 2-Dr. Hardtop Cad. Cpe. DeVille $500 $82.45 n ' ; 1955 2-Door H a r d t o p R.i'lio I: 0:1 t o r . atiioinntif power uwiiijr. 11957 Olds. Sta. Wag. $350 $47.58 1957 Buick 4-D HI. $300 $4441! 1957 Dodge V8 HI Cpe $250 $34.89! 1956 Ford 4-Door $150 $18.83: 1955 Chev. Sta. Wag, $250 J34.89 1 '1955 Stude. 4 Door $100 $18.74 MANY MANY MORKi.1954 Buick Rev. Cpe. $150 f P / ' ^ / ' T T / A i ^ i ' i - i ' - ^ . i ^ * . ~ Cad. 4 Door $150 Dvnafluw, radio, hcatt-r. white sidewall tires TOP condition. '57 Plymouth V8 2-Dr. Hardtop $1095 Prvn-ni-ft;* J: 1. . i -. . . ite, radio, heater, white sidewal! tire?, b e a u t i f u l black and white finish. Locallv o\nicd lop conditiim. WICKLAND MOTORS USED CAR LOT TO CHOOSK FUOM ill Sljpper. 353-33SS Phone 353-1050 A C H K A I ; K S nii-l ini« n\:iib.i,ir! l l | i w wcpl nf f;r'p|iy rii!i(i«-(t rt\ ; il . ·Mr Cnll Iil.-k'K.-iinn. ; I l k n I n l l l . l l n I l i n r Hi,,.. ! fitr nimillrr homos or tnrr.iiH-! proiicriy. Call inn; Ki'lrni" : W O K K I M ! \ V I V K S A T T U N i T I O N 1 Viiil'l! IIIM- !lil« HIM! iiiiliKnlinv n,.01 M I I I M . I V i',i!|| D i r k K r i r n i : . . MSTI-:N T' \'K\ !-:\CM W K K K H \ V M l l l i M M I M C I N H A Y T i i K r r i ! i i \ v AT ; :;n A M . ,'. hull I li'iiry Dirk K family. OXK Y K A H (;-W W A R R A N T Y T K K J I S -- T H A I )KS WELLS MOTOR CO. I l i ' S S!l! AVI-IHII. DODCK - CMHV.SLKU - I M I ' K K I A T , PODCK TKfCKS All lu'comlitium-il, Wintc-rizcd and lumdy to ( i n ! Garnsey and Wheeler Co. I G K K K I . K V S TSKDCAK i H E A D Q U A R T E R S i ' i l l I l t ! i 8 l . S^-1117-i rn T ETo No InHirance Ficured in Monthly Poxment Charge^ $32.79:Newsmen See i'Peoce Bomb' ICavern in N.M. N M !hc firsi aimiM'i.irv Ir.'.ii-lcw ··pence homb" c\i'l»ion j'.nc \ltimk- Kticiiiy C'cmmission i* |AK\' cxpLnina! ik-i.u!-. ut Project |l'oai-l: w h i c h , i: !;. hn|H.-(i. ttllj f.\- ;p!i)it the iwitiijn- s rf«-;iri-h sUnlcrj ji" Uisorm- A (i.itc for Ihv Couch it-xplnniin lus ra-l h^cn scl. ' Multiple rifiilinn capture pr«- v - 0, ; ,e ws tt! :i l v ,,,,..;,,,,,., ^ ,!·,,. f, r ,tcoach. li.c AKC s-nd New ito- lopiA. , x ^it,!v mcludnig M mo he- vonii ricmfiil W3. will \v sought " ilca .-! J'lowsharc . .. MV ca .- o w s a r c « Hftonalion in tr«. samcjthai the !; iK-lcar explosive it a ;»Tv|;M;.--..i i ; l v..fTMw.-5iid },,,. co ,,,,);,,. !ho . V Kc;.i,-h, s Kdiv d w :,,, ' ,, t McArlhur-Wheeler .,!( formation l. i he r ,,l!i ; ,_., p i ti ., n , v» MCXK- B ,l,,,d.,y ,,,,,,,,,,! . ,,,,.,,, _,,,,,,,,, ·,,.;,,,[,,,. -i"0 Stli Ave. 3M-S2S8 . . . 1,,-M puMi, in»|ntii.iija.4.. !·. 1 '!^ il'.r l -iir.R Sunday night, thcli'mk. ;o tndoj In th« ,li,' n ..,i ,..,,* ,nv d,,m- -.nt.v ,»,t.,h m.tif, or ti

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