Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 21, 1972 · Page 29
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 29

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, April 21, 1972
Page 29
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30 GREELEY (Coloo.) TRIHUNE Fri., April 21, 1972 'The Critic's View NEW YORK (AP) - Dennis Colo nnd another television actor of less stellar but multiple roles, Michael Murphy, made their Broadway debuts Thursday night in what they presumably thought was a comedy, "AH f f h e Girls Came Out to Play?' They couldn't have been wronger. Cole, biceps bulging in un- shirte'd glory and blond locks rakishly ragged, forsakes his images in "Bracken's World" and : "The Rearcals" for a humorously tasteless stint as a lusly ; guy masquerading as a homosexual among a bunch of frustrated suburban housewives. Murphy enacts one of the lxiet! spouses more interested Troop it Girl Scout Junior Troop G8 held 'an Investiture and Court nf Awards Night April 18, at Franklin School. Anita Cruz was invested into Girl Scouts. Girls receiving badges were Tracy Larson, Gretchcn Rymes, Shcryl Yackey, Anita Cruz, Cnrric Curtis, Jennifer Kober, Kalhy Knaub, Debbie Hiatt, Carie Leffler. · The following day Junior Troop G8 and the Brownie Troop 267 toured Shakey's Pizza and all enjoyed the tour and a piece of pizza. Troop 68 is busy making plans for iin overnight campoul and a Fly-up Ceremony with the Brownies in May. Vicki Ilhqades, a Senior Girl Scout, is working with our troop and earning her L.I.T, apprenticeship. ' ' ' in nightly poker sessions than In connubial pastimes, until suspicion rears its tardy head. To resolve, you might say, the whole dumb farce, he too gels into the drag act. The script, to use a polite term, was perpetrated by Richard T. Johnson and Daniel Hollywood. Johnson, who is making his writing debut, is described in the program as a far-travelling automotive executive who doubles as director of the Montauk Historical Society out on Long Island. Hollywood more persistently has punched his typewriter onnbchalf of TV, films and couple of previous Broadway items, "Never Too Late" and "The Andersonvillc Trial." The partners indulge in anemic little double entcndrcs, relentlessly flogging .trivia into trash. "I was a machinist's male in the Navy," says Cole to Hie husbands. "Yeh," replies one, "who was the mate?" If that makes you cringe, know most of the other quips were even worse, John Gcrslad supposedly directed. A slock tour bunch nf settings was supplied by Leo B. Meyer, and Joseph G. Aulisi equips Cole, Murphy and 10 oilier (rapped performers with costumes suitable to affluent; rustication. i ^ I I 1" All the Girls Came Oul to LQ GCl OH Play" is at the Cort Theater, V V l l t V l l U I I R E A D E R S T H E A T E R -- University of Northern Colorado students have spent the month of April traveling to university, high school and junior high classes and assemblies, as well as to area church groups and civic meetings, to present "A Prologue to Identity," compiled and directed by liecky Leonard, UNC speecli communications in- structor. Students are, left to right: Janetle Anderson, Bob Hollcy, Kalhy McKcown and guitarist Ken Packard. A fourth reader, Rich Augustine, was unable to appear. The group will present a free public performance of the reading at 7:30 p.m., Saturday, May 6, in Library 1,110. which for several years has been used, as a television studio. Its restoration to legit is less than auspicious. NEW YORK (AP) - Baroness Nina Van Pallandt, the European singer who became a central figure in the H o w a r d Hughes "autobiography" hoax, has signed a book contract for her own story. Under the six-figure contract with Walker and Co., (he singer's autobiography will "cover all periods of Baroness Van Pallandt's life and background and include her candid views on life in general today," a spokesman for her said Thursday. Saint Laurent Fall Fashions Flannel By ALISON LERRICK AP Fashion Writer P A R I S ( A P ) The best uilw. ioth st. LOUNGE CHAMPAGNE BLAST Wednesday -- All Day COLD DUCK or CHAMPAGNE 40 Music By GENERAL STORE · . · . .· CHAMPAGNE DINNER FLIGHT Every Night STEAK and CRAB Complete Dinner and CHAMPAGNE 3 95 LA DINS' DAY-BVKRY TUESDAY CHAMPAGNE or BAR BLENDCOCKTAILS tiling about a Saint Laurent is that it's a w a l k i n g signature. You don't have to wear one lo know one. Yves showed his Rive Gauche ready-to-wear collection for fall this morning. As usual he lias created lots of beautiful clothes in the style to which he has accustomed women on both sides of the Atlantic. Naturally Ihc colleclion is full of panls, very wide and soft in jgrny flamicH glon or tartan plaids. With them you wear V- K'ck cabled sweaters ami a Iripcd shirt or very long jersey shirts with a narrow chain ]ell. The ribbed sweater jacket s short and belted, loo, wilh a shirt neck lhat reveals Ihc lur- .leneck sweater underneath. For sportier types, there are sliort blouson jackets in rust or mustard suede wilh ribbing at Ihe waistline and on the cuffs and big round collar. A leather jacket with the diagonal closing tarlan straight skirt, the kind thai cries oul for a girdle. Also lovely was a group of big [loplin three-quarter jackets and coats in beige and cocoa. Wilh big shirtsleeves and very full backs, they go straight jersey dresses. The velvet artisls' smocks everyone else clapped, and the deafening applause brought out Saint Laurent himself, blushing, wilh his new short hair and a bow tie. Dottie Duke Was a Little Uptight About Landing Woes By M I K E COCHRAN Associated Press Writer SPACE CENTER, Houston (AP) - Dottie Duke stood outside in the glow of an illumi nated American flag, peered up commander John W. Young . . . . . . . . . into (he darkness and asked: Shortly before an appearance outside her home she listened with friends and relatives as her astronaut husband, Charles M. Duke Jr., and Apollo 16 moonship bela- "Is it up there? . . . Is it cloudy?" Then, with a wistful smile, she added, "Phoocy! It's cloudy. 1 was going to come out and look at it. It was so pretty last night." The 'object of her altenlion was (he moon, or, as it turned out, the lack thereof. Editors Elect New Directors WASHINGTON (AP) - The American Society of Newspaper Editors, holding its three-day annual meeting, elected five little uptight about it," she members to three-year lernis smiled, standing barefoot in her on its board of directors and front yard against a backdrop tcdly to the craterecl lunar surface. An engine malfunction on the c o m m a n d ship threatened America's fifth moon landing and evenlually delayed the touchdown nearly six hours. "They weren'l in any danger," Mrs. Duke said. "1 wanted them to land. I was all 'go' for landing." She did admit to a few apprehensions as the space agency engineers worked feverishly to isolate and correct tire problem. "I'll have lo admit I was a three, members lo Iwo-yearjof the glittering flag, terms Thursday. Elected to three-year terms: SAN ANTONIO, Tex. (AP) Although she is very optimistic about her husband's recovery from a major heart attack, Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson is slill spending mosl of her time near his bedside, a friend says. The former president, 63, was reported making satisfactory progress Thursday in his suite at the Army's Brooke General Hospital. "Neighbors made it for Bil! Student Says Wolves Very Social Animals V A N C O U V E R , B.C. (AP) A University of British Columbia doctoral student who spen'. the last six years observing 'wo packs of Alaskan wolves says (hey probably are the most social of all animals next to man. And Gordon Haber suspects liat behind the organized attack from farmers, trappers and hunters lurks man'? "subconscious feeling of prehistoric competition" with Ihc shy animal. Habcr began his study in (he spring of 1966 in Mount McKinley National Park in the southern Alaska inlerior while working towards a master's degree at Northern Michigan University. Since then, he has maintained intimate contact with one 13 member wolf pack that covers 650 miles of h u n t i n g territory. Using both a spotter plane and hiking, Haber 20, became as f j- m i l i n r with [heir habits as the llial Saint Laurent loves go volvcs themselves. go; lie over panls only, except for t black velvet smock wilh matching bloomers and pompoms on [he pumps. All Paris is busy turning out plaids, but Saint Laurent has succeeded in keeping one print to himself. It's the harlequin in iliamomis of all colors. For day, the harlequin js for pleated skirls. For evening, it's the Pierrot dress, which should properly he called the Pierrette. You can have it either short and flowing with big sleeves and a round collar or a floor-lenglh lent wilh a huge flounce from Ibe knee down. Among the yellow, orange and From these observations, lie las drawn an account of Ihc in- er-relalionship between the lack and Ibe animals it hunls-- noose, caribou ami sheep. Haber said a wolf pacl: is male and lop female. Ody the Sample Friday moans relaxing lime. Tt means gathering with friends to begin the weekend -- it means good times. Our version of FAG is warm and welcoming, and it extends clear through the evening. Relax with us -with dining and dancing later. Garden Kitchen R K S T A U R A N T I.OUN(JK hese large and fast animals, he wolves and their prey have evolved a complicated system if messages which zoologists call "releasers." "There are subtle differences etween a healthy and un- lealthy moose," lie explained 'Perhaps it doesn't stand the ·iglit way or makes a different noise. Bui whatever separates lie healthy from the unhealthy, he wolf knows." When a pack sights a solitary moose, il charges and closes in, circling, barking and yelping vhile watching for telltale signs. If (he moose is apparenl- y healthy, Ihe wolves leave il minutes; if not, the pack closes in for the kill, searching "or openings while guarding against the animals Oeadlj "rout hooves. They eat jusl about evcry- hing except the large bones ilaber said trappers' tales thai wolves wantonly kill and eai only parl of a carcass ased on winter experiences when wolves make a meal oul of a frozen animal killed by the cold. lighly structured, a top op male female breed, reducing an average of four lo six pups each year. Below the leading couple in a typical pack are a number ol subordinate adults. The rest of he pack consists of cu!s and (lie year-old offspring. His study concluded lhal wolves recognize the position duties of each member without quarreling. He said the social system of wolves works out not only in hunting, hut in controlling the pack's population. H is on (he hunts lhal wolves show some of their mosl fasci- idling--and myth destroying-- whavior. In winter, moose are solitary a n i m a l s , while Ihe other major wolves, caribou anc sheep, slay in small herds. Because of the constant sweeps hey make through their Icrri lory, wolves know all Ihe polcn lially good hunting areas. Haber said that since Ihcy not about lo waslo their energy on fruitless chases after LONDON (AP) -- After hesi-i ating for a couple of decades, lie Earl of Leicester has bro- en a family tradition and made a speech in the House of jirds. The 5lh carl, a 63-year-old audowncr born Thomas Wiliam Edward Coke, chose the subject of pollution and announced Thursday night thai he SOCIAL SECURITY iiswers U.S. DEPdSTMENTOf HEALTH, EDUCATION, AHDWELFAIIf Q. We hired a college gir last summer lo take care o our children at our home. We did not realize at the time lha her wages were covered by soc ial security so we did not wilh hold any money from her pay Are we responsible for paying both her share of the socia security contribulion and our own? A. Yes. You, as an employer are responsible for deducting 5.2 per cent from your employe's pay. If you fail lo do so, yoi musl pay bolh her share am your own share yourself. Thi amounts to 10.4 per cent of he wages. The report of wage paid lasl summer (July, Augus and September) was due bj October 31, 1971. You may als be assessed interest and pena! ties for your late report. MOOSE LODGE EVENTS SATURDAY, APRIL 22 Banquet . . . . 6:30 p.m. Enrollment Of Candidates and Installation Of Officers . . . 7:30 p m . D A N C E Jake Bauer -- 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Members nnd (Juesls Welcome James G. Bellows, l/s Angeles Times; George Chaplin, Honolulu Advertiser; Arthur C. Deck, Salt Lake Tribune; Wilbur Elston, Detroit News, and I. William Hill, The Eveningl tar, Washington. Elected lo two-year terms: ames A. Cleiidinen, Tampa Kla:) Tribune; John Hughes, Christian Science Monitor and! 'Ixmias Wlnsliip, Boston Globe. Bellows, Chaplin and Clendi:en are present board mem- icrs who have been re-elected. The newly constituted board if directors will meet Friday to lect new officers! By tradition, lie society elevates its vice iresident to the presidency. This would bring J. Edward lurray, associate edilor of the Detroii Free Press, to the top position for the coming year. Anders for the Apollo 8 flight and we're jsut kind of passing il around the neighborhood," she said of the flag. She said her first reaction to the successful landing was But it was a resounding "Yippee!" that greeted house guests when she came skipping out o£ a bedroom where she monitored the descent of the landing module. "We both gel kind of excited", she laughed, referring to herself and her husband., "It's · easy to smite now." : - v : - . " ! Neither of the other Apollo: 16 . wives, Elizabeth Maltingly and Susy Young, was available f o r ' comment after the landing. The Duke children, 7-year-old Charles and 5-year-pld Thomas, listened drowsily as their father- reported from the moon: "Hats off and a case of beer to Fido. Targeting just beautiful. "You guys (at Mission Control) pul us right in there. That was superb." Dotlie Duke called it "fantastic" and explained the children were not unenlhusiastic but thai "Ihey had a long day too." The day included a surprise, a delayed birthday parly for Mrs. Duke, who was 32 on April 4. "They were trying to pick my spirits up" she explained of the afternoon celebration. "They came before the 'go' was given' for. the landing." vas against it. =0= SATURDAY Steak Lobster for TWO$ 9,75 at the PLANTATION 3528 S. llth Avenue, Evans featuring South African Rock Lobster ilMjfi tHouSe' NEW SERVICE STARTING THIS WEEK SUNDAY AND WEEKDAYS 11 A.M. UNTIL 2:30 P.M. ALL YOU CAN EAT! CAFETERIA · COFFEE SHOP NEW DAILY SERVICE! SUNDAY THRU WEEK SERVING 11:00-2:30 ALL YOU CAN EAT! 3 MEATS SERVED BIG VARIETY OF VEGETABLES SEVERAL SALADS OFFERED HOT ROLLS AND BUTTER ALL YOU CAN EAT! Desserts and Beverages Extra 1 Children,12 and Under, 98' Purposefully Prepared To Be Delicious!

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