Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 21, 1972 · Page 28
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 28

Greeley, Colorado
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Friday, April 21, 1972
Page 28
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Missionary Pilot Will Tell Plans for $80,000 Plane Ron Ehrenberg of Colorado ;-,| Springs will cut short his furlough time for Jungle Aviation and Radio Service during the remainder of this month and May to describe the work he is doing flying missionaries and supplies into impenetrable out- of-the-way spots in Colombia. He hopes the speaking campaign will bring the needed $80,000 to field another plane in the work being done by Wy- _ I J ^ P _ . 1 -r ,. .-..., Rev. Elbert Dodd Rev. E. Dodd Will Conduct Revival Here The Rev. Elbert Dodd of Duncan, Okla., will be the guest speaker at Bible Missionary Church for revival services beginning Wednesday and continuing through Sunday, May 7. Services will begin nightly at 7:45 p.m., and on Sundays, services will be held at il a.m. and 7:45 p.m. Included in the services will be special music both by groups and the congregation, testimonies and a gospel message. Rev. Dodd has been active In the ministry for many years, both as a pastor and evengelist. He is presently serving as general moderator of Bible Missionary, a position he has held for the past 15 years. cliffe and Lutheran 'Bible Translators. Ehrenberg will speak at 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 2, at the Ramada Inn. At the dinner rally he will tell people about :he plane, to be known as the "Spirit of Bolivar" and how the plane would effectively assist in getting into every Bibleless Iribe by 1985, a Lutheran Bible goal set by Translators, Wycliffe and others engaged in language reduction and literacy work. Ehrenberg has been flying in a plane designed for missionaries- to fly over 'dangerous jungles where airfields are "homemade" and are few and far between. The plane, the "Evangel," is a two-engine plane. Its design was conceived by a missionary pilot while he lay in an iron lung recovering from polio. Carl Mortenson knew what it was like lo fly a single motor craft in .Peru. He knew how fuel failure, a broken oil line, a cracked cylinder could .bring real trouble to missionaries flying single-engine planes. He knew, too, that fatal accidents might be spared it twin-engine aircraft could be developed. So the Evangel was born. Mortenson sketched the plane he had in mind. He resolved if he should recover his health he would seek to build the plane and tost its usefulness especially in such areas as Latin and South America. There, distances over untrackcd jungles Colombia for several years in make reaching primitive tribes West Greeley Baptist Lists Ordination, Youth Service Activities Sunday at West Greeley Baptist, Church will include ordination services for two deacons at 2:30 p.m., and a special-service at 7 p.m. to be conducted by the youth. Tom Warden and Chris Sheats will be ordained as deacons in a service open to their friends and the community. Warden is superintendent of construction for llensel Phelps Denver Church Will Host Annual LLL Convention Mt. Olive Lutheran Church at 11453 E. Wesley Ave., 'Denver, will host the 27th annual convention of the Rocky Mountain District, Lutheran Laymen's League on Saturday and Sunday, April 29 and 30. Dr. J. A. 0. Preus, president of the Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod, will be the speaker at the convention banquet. His topic will be "The Church in the Seventies." John Mueller, director of membership recruitment, from the LLL's St. Louis headquarters, will' speak at the convention's opening session on Saturday. 3runch" will be m o r n i n g a t Buckingham Square. Featured vill be reports on the mass media ministries of the LLL, The Lutheran Hour, which is an international broadcast integrated with the church's mission program, and This Is The e, a television ministry program now in its 20lh year ami carried on more than 400 sta- .ions. Youth To Lead Two Services "What does it mean to live an abundant Christian life?" Sunday, during the 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. worship services at the First Evangelical Free Church, young penple will attempt lo answer this question and others from their perspective. In doing so, they will use contemporary songs and experiences and seek to stimulate the thinking of those present. The public is invited to attend either of the services and hear the youth presentation, church is at 1301 15th St. The The traditional "Mass"Media held the Sunday Forum, Construction Co. He and his amily came to Greeley two ears ago from Effihgham, III. The couple lives at 2029 26th \ve., with their three children, Tommy, Lori and Jason. Sheats and his family lived most of their life in the Grand unction area, and came to Jreetey two years ago from ilamosa. He is a teacher al lims College and is also LI Jol. of the Civil air patrol in his area. The family resides at 4207 Yosemite Drive. A son, Jim, is ittending Ihe University of icrmany and his brother, Dave s serving as a missionary with he Far Eastern Broadcasting 'o. in Manila, Philippines. Mrs. Slieats teaches at Chappclow ;chool, Evans. Guest Paitor The Rev. Curtis Martin of four-Way Baptist Church at Other includes reports building convention election of n a special project the business officers church dislricl undertook in Africa, and youth programs in the church. F r i e d e r i c h Reikenberg. Greeley, serves as LLL district president, and Allen Chrislensen of Aurora is convention chair man. Theme for (he convention is 'For Christ and Country.' Some 300 persons representing congregations of the Missour Synod throughout Colorado am New Mexico will attend this convention. The convention banquet wil be held in the Voyager Inn with Ed Scott as toastmaster Banquet reservations should be made in advance by calling thi church at 755-9123 prior to Apri 26. irohibilive unless one can press a plane into service. There are missionaries to transport, medical supplies to bring, equipment o lay. The Evangel seems to have 'illed .the bill. It is simple and compact. A mechanic can get at the electrical and hydraulic systems without having to pull everything apart. It is nigged. It can carry a full load and cruise at 175 miles per hour at 10,000 feel. With one engine, it can operate al 6,200 feet. Another important advantage f tha Evangel is that it v able to fly where single engine planes can't fly in instrument weather. Colombia air regulations forbid single-engine planes crossing the Andes on instruments. Since several tribes being reached by Wycliffe translators are scattered across three mountain ranges, many single- mgine flights have had to be cancelled because of weather conditions. Ehrenberg will tell about plans for the plane, lo he known as the "Spiril of Bolivar." His speaking engagements ar ranged in an effort to raise the necessary money for this plane will take him from North am South Dakota lo Montana, Wy oming and Colorado. Complimentary tickets are available for those desiring to hear Ehrenberg's presentation Those wishing lo attend shoulc contact Mrs. Vern Kuhlman 2532 15fh Ave. Courl, (353-5601 to make meal reservations. Dr. Cordell Will Lead Discussion Dr. Frank Cordell, chairman f Ihe Department of Foun- ations of Education at the J n i v c r s i t y of Northern Colorado, will be the guest peakcr for the 9:30 a.m. adult i s c u s s i o n at the First iongregational Church, United Church of Christ, on Sunday. ' F a m i l i e s -- American Style," is the theme for the current session. Tlie discussions are open to the public and are leld in the church Fellowship Hall. Dr. Cordell received his B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. from Michigan Slate University at East La'n- . He taught in the Michigan school system until joining the 'acuity at UNC in 19G7 as an assistant professor of education le was promoted to chairman of the Department of Foundations of Education in 19G9. He is a member of the advisory board, Grecley Parcnt- hild Day Care Center; r ort Lupfon address, and will the bring the Rev. Paul Spencer of Fort Collins will examine the candidates. Youth Servic* The youth, under the direction of Mr. and Mrs. Delbert Anderson, will include music, choir arrangements, testimony and devotional time in the evening service. A sermon will be delivered [y Jeff Anderson, an eighth grade student at John Evans Junior High School. Jeff has spoken many limes at retreats, churches and youth programs. The youth of the church have charge of one Sunday service every two months. Pastor Clifton Igo feels the youth nl today wish to express themselves in spiritual experiences they are involved in. "The adults have highly praised the youth for taking such a stand for Jesus Christ and speaking out to the public for what Christ means to them," says Pastor Tgo. The public is invited to both the ordination service and the youth service. The church is al 35fh Ave. and 22nd St., across from Greeley West High School iusinessmen's Fellowship ha ieen postponed from the fourth Saturday of April to the last Saturday, April 29. The 7 p.m. supper meeting will be held at the Farm Fare Cafeteria, with the meeting to ollow at 8 p.m. Charlie Morrison of New York, an executive with IBM Corporation, will speak. The new Searchlighter Trio will irovide special music. Full Gospel Businessmen Delay Meeting A regularly scheduled meetin the Full G o s p c consultant with Teacher Training Inner Cilj Program at Minority Studies Committee. also at UNC. 'Galloping Gourmet' Makes Better Butter Graham Kerr, known to many television watchers as "The alloping Gourmet" considers clarified butter a slaple for Tying, braising and saulcing jut thinks that a surprising number of novice and in lennediale cooks don't reallj know what it is. "Clarified butler is the clea liquidy butter thai remains after the thicker, milkier sub stance is removed," Kerr says ami "clarifying" makes l!u bulter a tail belter. Clarified Butter Place 1 Ib. butter into al leas a 2-pint saucepan over a lot 1 heal. When butler has dissolved 5-i minutes (depending upon tin heat of the element or gas) keep a careful eye on it. milky substance will rise small bubbles until the cntir surface is covered with it. Raise Ihe heat a . little an tliis will turn lo a foam; skin off as it forms. Do nol Ihrw s h i m m i n g s away. Remov Hitter from heal when foam ha Ken removed and allow 1 settle for a couple of minutes. Pour slowly Missions Net Total of $5,000 A missions conference completed recently at Faith Bible Baptist Church nelled $5,000, a total of more than $2,000 set as Ihe goal prior to Ihe conference. With the money, the congregation will increase ils support to its seven missions and also add a new mission during the coming year. Conference speakers included s e v e r a l missionaries a n d several paslors from elsewhere in Colorado. remove the sediment that w lave fallen lo the bottom c :hc pan. Fenway Park, with f3 379 seats, has Ihe smallest seating capacity in 'the American League. Ihe now through clear butle muslin Kri., April 21, 1972 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 29 Orion Finally Here, Houston' SPACE CENTER, Houston locily lights are out al 5fl k. AP) -- Here is the conversa-jAmazing--Copy that, Houston. nn hMu'pnn Mission Pnnlrnl Tru'irv \Vp pnrw on between Mission Control nd Apollo 16 astronauts John . Young and Charles M. Duke r. during the final 12 minutes their descent to a landing nong the Descartes Maun- iins of the moon: Duke: We can start ignition, ommand override is on. hrotlle off, thtuster weight is lay. Feel that beauty come i. 60,000 feet. They were right We gotta get down, 'e're way high, John. Young: We're down to 45 al- eady. James B. Invin Jr., capsule ommunicator in Mission Con- ·ol:, Some 180 miles lo go to and ing sile. Duke: We're I racking righl n; Jim. Within a tenth of a oot a second. Irwin: 135 miles down range, irion, you're go at four (min- les). Duke: We're at 50,000 (feel), at that! Ex-Governor Charges Ex-Governor SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) Former C!ov. Join: Burroughs says former Gov. David I 1 '. Cargo broke a campaign promise when Cargo disclosed lie had received a (lunation of two pounds of peanut butler from Burroughs. Burroughs, a Democrat, doesn't mind that Cargo, a Republican, told about the donation. But there were .supposed lo he some strings attached. Burroughs said he gave Cargo the peanut butter with I h e understanding Cargo would say it was "Organically grown out. of good sun-ripened Roosevelt County peanuts." This Cargo did not do, Burroughs said. "It's a plain case of another broken campaign promise," Burroughs said. · lie added he will offer the same donation of two pounds of peanut butter lo any senate candidate. Democratic or Republicans, so long as Ihe candidate, Democratic or Re- disclose Ihe good qualities of the product. Irwin: We copy. Young: Look at that data, Houston. Irwin: Ninety miles to go. Horizontal velocity 3,200 feet xr second (2,181 miles per roiir). Descending at 112 per ;wr second (71 miles per hour). Young: 1 think we're getting off a little bit in altitude now. Update. Duke: Five minutes. Coming in like gangbuslers. Irwin: Okay. Go at five. Young: 39,000 (feel). Hey, look al that. 13G feet difference ow. Irwin: Tracking about 1,000 feet high. Young: Should lc at 32,000. Irwin: Not quite on profile, but almost. Thirty-nine miles to go. Passing through 33,000 feet. Young: Should be al 30,000, Mark il, 32,000. Invin: Looking good, Joliu. j Young: The angle's gelling idown there. Duke: 28,000. Still about 1,000 liigh. Irwin: Starting (o look preltj good. Duke: I do a 3(ifl and (urn camera on. he clock, I mean the camera. We're out .at 22,000, coming down at 182. A little sleep. · Young: Hey, we're going ^to )e just about right. Pitch over. There it is. Gator, Lone Star, North Hay (craters). Duke: Look's like we're gon- la be able to make it, John, loo many blocks up there. Irwin: Orion, you're go for landing. Duke: 4,000 feel. 3,900 feet. 3,000 feet on profile. Young: Going lo be a little fast. Duke: On profile. 1,400 feet. 100 feet. Right 'on profile. Dropping out the bottom now. Young: Houston, we're going to be just a little long. Duke: There arc big blocks over here lo the left. Fuel is good. Ten per cent. Here comes a shadow. Perfect place over here, just a couple of big boulders. · i'v\ Young: Not loo bad. Duke: Okay. 80 feel. three. Looking super. Backing up slightly. Two down. Standing by for contact. Gonna let her down, level off, put her oil down. Contact. Stop. Boom! ... Orion is finally here, Houston.- Throttle down. On Young: lime. Iriviii: Sixteen miles to go. Duke: Still clipping a little bit, John. 21,000. Coming up on eight minutes (since rocket engine was ignited). Young: 1 can sec the landing site from here. Duke: Go al eight. John's gol a visual. We're right on, John. I ley, Jim, we gol about a three- degree roll command -In. Slarl Peter Nero Concert Tonight: Peter Nero will highlight' a 90-minule concert at the University of Northern Colorado Friday with selections from his latest album "Summer of M2." .Plenty of good tickets remain available and will be on sale al the door of Gunter Hall until Ihe beginning of the 8 p.m'. concert. ' '·''· ' Noro has won outstanding laurels as not only a pianist; but as a composer and scorer. HIGH COUNTRY CLUB Dance Sing Along With *BILL SCHMELING* Entertaining at. the Organ Piano. , - "(' . ENJOY Delicious Steaks, Seafood, and 'Mexican and Itali Kliccialties. Cocklalls and Mixed Drinks. . SATURDAY, APRIL 22-« I . M . - 1 A.M. ;· No Cover Charge Phone 881-296 i ,. SAVE K.C. CLUB With baked potato or french fries and Stockade toast. Coupon Expires April 30 Good for 1 Dinner 19 Reg. 1.49 STEAK SANDWICH SAVE WITH F R E N C H F R I E S or BAKED POTATO Coupon Expires April 30 Good for 1 Dinner 89 Reg. 1.09 FISH CHIPS SAVE 3 pieces of fish and chips. Coupon Expires April 30 89 C Good for 1 Dinner ""· '·" · Refl- GROUND SIRLOIN PATTY · COTTAGE CHEESE · JELIO Coupon Expires April 30 Good for 1 Dinner 69 e Reg. 8?c HALF POUND GROUND SIRLOIN With baked potato or (rench fries and k, Stockade toast. · Coupon Expires April 30 | Reg. 1.49 Good (or 1 Dinner $109 ( SIZZ1IN' BURGER WITH FRENCH FRIES jjupon Expires April 30 Good for 1 Dinner 65 Reg. 7fc 11:00 to 3:00 p.m. Hth Street »l «h Avenu« Serving Only U.S.D.A. Choice Beef University Center Commission Presents PETER NERO IN CONCERT April 21, 1972 8:00 p.m. Gunter Gymnasium Tickets: $2.50 with ID Ticket Outlets: u.c. information Desk $3.50 without ID u " iled Banl1 of Greele '

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