Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 6, 1975 · Page 9
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 9

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 6, 1975
Page 9
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MILITARY FOES OF Gen. Alexander M. Uaig, Jr are set »g lo .t thai Ihe former While House chietof slips every mistake and embarrassment finds its way into prinl There appears to be a cabal of antUIaig officers within the supreme Allied Headmiarters. (ijpi p no to) Rough landing given A. Haig BRUSSELS [LTD - Military foes of Gen. Alexander M. Haig, Jr. are seeing lo it thai Ihe former While House chief of staff's every mistake and em- barrassmenl finds its way into print. There appears to be a cabal of anti-Haig officers --most of them Americans --within the Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, south of the Belgian capital, where Haig has his office as commander of U.S. and allied forces in Europe. There's no telling how many (here are. Haig's executive officer, Gen. Joseph Brallon, says i t ' s "not widespread, organized. prevalenl or predominant." Tooth needs care (Editor's note: This is the fourth in a series of six question and answer articles on dental health by the Southwestern Idaho Dental Society, in observance of National Children's Denial Health Week, Feb. 2-8.) NAMPA-My child's first permanent teeth seem lo he coming in crooked. What would you suggest be done at this time? The first step is lo understand that matocclusion, the irregular alignment of teeth or overlapping bile, if left untreated, may lead lo deterioration of the teeth and gums and lo olher disorders. In many cases, no treatment is required. The loolh comes in crooked or.rotated and corrects itself with the normal muscle movement of (he tongue and cheeks. However, it is important lo consult with Ihe family dentist as early as possible as he is the only one who can diagnose the child's problem and decide on a course of treatment. Improper alignment of Ihe teeth may be hereditary or may he caused by accidental or e n v i r o n m e n t a l f a c t o r s . Prolonged thumb sucking, mouth breathing, or the habit of. biting Ihe lips or tongue may increase a tendency to particular dental irregularity. If a primary loolh is lost prematurely, a neighboring tooth may drift inlo the space, causing problems when the permanent leeth erupt. Whatever the problem, however, your dentist can be of help. He may replace a missing loolh with a space maintainer. a device lhat keeps Ihe teeth from shifting into empty spaces and saving room for the permanent Iceth. ' ' If a permanent tooth is ready lo erupl, bul there is no room for il, the tooth may come in ciookcd and push other tcelli oul of line. Vat this reason, Ihe dentist may have to extract Ihe primary loolli. ; The dentist may also recommend lhal yoii consul! an orthodontist, a specialist in correcting deformities of the leclh ami jaws. ,' However, good, preventive denial care should start cavly. Hcgular denial visits, beginning when a child is alwul 2 years of age or when alj his primary leclh have eruptw, will help the dentist forsec and correcl fulure problems. But Ihe officers have telephoned Western newsmen anonymously lo denounce former President Richard Nixon's ex-aide because of Watergate and because they feel he is a "political general" who did not get his command through military ability. These officers have kepi Haig's name in uncomplimentary headlines through his (wo months here. Examples: --Haig's appointment reportedly was deeply resented by his predecessor, Gen. Andrew Goodpaster, who snubbed Haig's installation in Stuttgart, West Germany, as U.S. commander. Thai story surfaced Ihe day of Ihe installation. --The. daughters of two U.S. Army,drew., up a» anli-jlaig poll as part of a class c'xereise"'dne talked,Vr, father inlo copying the poll and circulating il in his office. A West German soldier leaked the story lo a German newspaper, which escalated it inlo an organized anti-Haig campaign. Result --red faces and a scolding for the U.S. officer. --Haig had to pay the Army $46.92 after an :overzoalous subordinate ordered a chauffeur-driven Army'sedan lo cart Ihe Haig family .dog, Duncan, 100 miles across Germany. A motor pool dispatcher in^Stut- Igarl leaked that one through letters to his congressmen. --Most recerjtly, Haig repaid another $91 after it was learned that his household shipment from Washington included cases of vodka and wine apparently shipped in violation of Army rules and mislabeled "glassware'/. A telephone lip from an American who said only that he was'a SHAPE officer led to lhat story. Even before Haig arrived here, there were grumbles amnng America's allies a t - t h e appointment of a man with ties lo Nixon and a military background that was not spectacular. Goodpasler's unwillingness lo hide his resentment and President Ford's well-publicized ef- forls to gel Haig out of the White House also gave the 50-year-old general a rough landing. Aliens found in trunk LOS ANGELES (UPD-They paid $200 each for a two-day ride huddled in the hack of a Iruck. They were 24 persons without food or waler, hoping lo gel across the border from Mexico lo Los Angeles. Two police officers slopped the Iruck for a roulinc check in the Venice area, where there have heen several hijackings. The officers said that while they were talking lo Ihe driver, they heard voices coming from (he back of the Iruck. Officers said that when they opened the rear doors, they found the aliens, including a woman and a 16-year-old youth. Some were unconscious from lack of food and waler. They were taken lo Ihe Venice jail, fed and lhan transferred lo Ihe central jail and lurned over lo immigration authorities. The driver of Ihe Iruck, Arthur llusoem,«, of San Diego, Calif., was arrested and charged wilh suspicion of smuggling aliens. Radio/hack AFTER INVENTORY The Idaho Free Press It The News-Tribune, Thursday, February 6,197b - V DEEP REGULAR-STOCK PRICE CUTS THRU FEB. 15 *30XFF IMAGINE BUYING A COMPONENT STEREO RECEIVER FOR LESS THAN $90 IN 1975! Reg. 119.95 'AMAZING HI FI BARGAIN 31-2053 Realislici-STA-15- sol:d full-specirum audio down to 30 cycles! Separate bass, treble, balance conlrols. Tape oulpul. magnelic phono input. FM-AM luning meter. Headphone jack. QuairavoxS derived 4-channel sound il you use 4 speakers COMPLETE: * STER60 7 PACKAGE- S 50 OFF AM-FM-PHONO SYSTEM WITH Bun T iv B-TRACK PLAYER Reg. 219.95 *\J^y 13-1196 · Compl«| 8 stereo Package by flealislic! , G I V E A W A Y $10 OFF GREAT SOUNDING REALISTIC STEREO PHONO SYSTEM Reg. 79.95 13-1191 Compacl Clarinelte-l wild tone-improving real wood cabinetry, dust cover. 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