Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on March 3, 1976 · Page 47
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 47

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 3, 1976
Page 47
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Stock Market Closing Prices. UPI ,MWoy Stocks MARKETS GWU declares New Yorl Tuesday's New York Exchange prices: AlcanAI AlldCh AIMS) AllsCti Alcoa AHess AmAIr ABrnd; AmBdc ACan AC v«n AmElp AmMot AmStnd AmTT *i Ampex Ana con Armco AIIRch Alias AvonPd BeechA BellH Bendix Boeing BolseC BrlstM BritPel BrunswK Budd Burlln BurlN Burghi 1 · CflSIIC CfltTr Celanse Crt-td Cessna Chmpln Chryslr CUSv CocaC ColgPal Co! Gas Comsat Con Ed K (AP) closing Stock selected CUM Ch| 164f 1, 43i4 ', S l ' j t l ' i 4fl'.t1»i 1? 4 1'. ll'/lt- ?l 4\'·t^ i'-i IB 4 - P . 3* 1 ! 16 -f *· 11' · 7 1 - · 33'i 7*8 f ''I 20)1 (J'-.r '. 4V,- V, 40V. 1).', 72*4-- Vi 21' it '· 2P.+- l, S7 1 /. ' ", 76 t '-7 29» B f 'i IS'V-t' V* li ] t-r 3, 3Pif lk 39'-'. f '.i 103*14. '. 1S',.r *| W'/I-f- ''7 w/** *! I5H + * 3 4 i 4 V* If f *» »'·'!·*. U U14+ 1 '% NWIBdC OiciPl CllnCP Omark OutMtr Owentll Paccas PacPw PacTT Pan Am PanEP Pasco PenCnl PenDIx Penney PHier PlielpD PhilMor PhilPt Polrold PfccGm PSvCol PotjSd Pulmn RCA RepStl . Reylnd RcyMet Rockwl RoylD Salewy SNoMIn SIReg SCM ScotIP Shelio SoCalE SoulhC SoyPac SouRy SperryR SldBnrf SidOcai SldOInd SldOOh StaulC SlerDg Stuwor Tcktrnx Teledyn Tennco Temirn ' ' I. . i ' · ''J^Jri?'" 1 ' M - '-i SI -- *4 20 1 /, f v. Jl'.l- V, 7 f vj 31'i-f 1/4 23 6V, SI -4- .] 27". +· /' 41V 4 + v, 53 1 /, - /. 57 15 *- '.» 30V. + *. )?**(- i/, w/if 3,1 '. 44'lf I 1 /, 48 i'.'4 44V, + f, 4B - l/j t7»it H 21 4'.'. 48 '/I 20V, 35'-! f '/" 45V, I U 15 + !i *3' + '/, 103 1 ! in-,-- i^ 54'/j-- 1/4 49 + 2V« !*!'.+ '4 ? 4. Ib Concan ConOll Con Oat Kencot Krafco Kresge LibMcN Li IIon Lockhd LonSH Macke Mocy /.-«d F c MaraO MartMa McDnld McDnD Merck MMM Mobil Monsan MonDU MtFuel MISITel NatDIl NatGyp NCH NiaMP NwtAIr ' Tlmkn 1 TodShp ' ; TWA i Tricon i TRW TwrnCt i UAL i UMC UnCarb i UnElcc i UnOCal i Varran i Warnr i WnAIr i WnBnc i WUnion i WcstCI i Wtyhr . Wnite i Wolwltl Sain ' Blue Bell 1 Bmniff ,20 Celanse 2.80 Chrysler Cp CitServ 2.40 Colt Indus 2 ContintlOil 2 CrownZ 1.80 DeltaAir .60 DowCh 1.60 EastK l.Ma Exxon 1.254 Firstne 1.10 FordMo2.40 Fruehufl.80 GnElecl.60 GnFoodi.50 GenMot .GOd G T E 1.80 GulfQrt 1.70 Hailibtni.6B HarrisCl.w , IntlPapcrZ JohnMv 1.20 JohnJ .Boa Kencotl.lSd KerrMcG 1 Motorola .70 Penney 1.16 . PhilPet 1.60 QuakOat .84 RCA Corp 1 SafewaySt 2 Sears 1.60a SuiiOill Teneco 1.76 Texaco TxGsfrl.SB Tex Instr 1 . Un6arb2.5Q USSteel 2.80 52%- % 18%- % 41%+ V 4 41%- % 41%-% 109%-!% 106%-!% 88%-% 24V4- % 51V4- % 24%-i/4 X52V4 + % 29%+ % 67-^4 22%- '/4 143%-- 4% 45%. 75- % 29%- % 84V4-- 1 35%- % 64%+ % 45%-% 54%- Vfe 50%-- 1V4 24%- % 24%- % 48 75.5M.000 NEW YORK (AP) - Do* Jane* slock averages: .Optn High Lew cloit Ctig. Indus V7I.3Q ftl.ll f74.I6 tlj.13 -t V.76 Trarn 105.45 208.44 JM.79 +I.5Q UIHs 17.57 88.11 BJ.01 17.4) +023 tiSlkS 19V.09 302.19 TW.ii MO.W 4 2.48 Transactions In stock* used In averages: industrial ..1,176.500 Transportation 551,200 Ulllltles 210,200 iSStocks . .. 2,7D7,tOO STOCKS IN NEW YORK (f and nel change live New York traded nationally. Littonlnd Wti ; ttakr ContAlrLln .. FlaPowLt . McrrlllLvn .. THE SPOTLIGHT .PI -Site*, closing price of me fflleen most *c Stock Exctianee Uiuet, 385,100 15 + Hi ... 312,500 J"4 f H .. 300.UO 7Vi + 1/4 j^.rw r-. i '. ....730,500 9 -f 1 ....336,300 JSH + ^ .. 706.100 32*1 + ''. - - .200,700 25 + l ....iva.ioo 7 1 .. .196.600 67U i P.-j ....1K6.500 It + *»' ...-1B6.400 t. - \t ....liiJOO IBk 4- h ....164,100 ]Mh . ISiJDO NEW YORK (UPI) - Dun Bradstreet's daily weighted price index of 30 basic commodities, compiled for Untied Press International (1930-32average equals 100): Wednesday to come Tuesday 593.90 Week ago 594.50 Month ago 585.74 Year ago 557.84 1975-76 high (9-26-75) 607.73 1975-7G low (3-3-75) 556.G3 NEW YORK (AP) - Domestic s futures Tuesday on the New York G and Sugar Exchange Open High Low Close F SUGAR NO. 17 (50 tons) No trades. Raw sugar spot*S. UGAR NO. 11 (ID tons) Mrtv 14.15 14.15 13.B9 13.95 Jul 14.14 14.U 13.90 13.Pi 14.11 13.9( O C t H. 1 3 9 7 CHICAGO (AP) - Futures trading on day: Open High Law Close Prtv LIVE BEEF CATTLE (4*,HO Ibs) Old Apr 37.13 37.92 37.15 37.65 37.00 Jun 40.50 41.40 40.50 bJl.15 40.50 Aug 43 10 *i 10 43.10 043.30 b47.fO Ocl 4 3 3 5 060 43.KI *3.60 b*3 !0 Dec 44.35 44.35 44.0S b44.27 b«.97 Sales: April 312; June 353; Aug 36; Oct 66; Dec 16. Open inlerril- April 474?, June 5350; Aug 3006; Oct 11*0; Dec 679. UVE'BEEF'CATTLE/MO.OW Ibt) new Apr 36.90 37.40 36.15 37.27 3i 60 Jun 4011 41.15 4077 41.00 40.50 Aug J 7 V 5 43.40 47.95 43.30 47.82 Ocl 43.20 43.60 43.17 43.55 43.20 OCC 44.35 44.35 4400 4415 43.97 Fen 44.35 44 SS 44 35 a4.57 b« 00 Sales: April 3474; June 1B4B; Aug 846; Ocl 740; Dec 63, Feb 7. Open Interest: April S5IO; June 3707; Aug 1930; Oct 594; Dee 280; F«b 57. FEEDER CATTLE (4.1,000 Ibt) Mar 39.10 19.40 39.10 39.70 3B.75 Apr 3R 70 39.20 31.70 39.07 31.80 May 3d 9$ 19.50 31.95 a39.» 3B.B5 Aug 40.65 40.65 40.50 40.50 40.75 Sep 4000 40.50 40.00 40.50 40.05 Oct W.9S 4Q45 39.95 40.0S 39 M Nov 40 50 40 50 "0 20 40 70 39 tO Sales: March 73; April 21. May AS. Auo 7; Sep I; Oct 35. Nov 2. Open Interest: March U9; Apnllv4; May 673, Aug 91; Sep 25; OCt 27B; Nov LIVE HOGS (10,000 lt» Apr 42.65 430$ 47.57 47.75 847.3! },,n 41 V 4 3 9 4 41 4$ 41 6S 43 40 Jul 44.35 44.77 44.00 44.55 344 20 4 7 9 7 41.47 43.Si 42.15 Ocl 40.50 -090 4 0 3 0 i 4075 41.10 4 0 7 5 bD.«0 4070 F(D - -- - - h40W D40.10 S*l«: April 3311. June tJti; July ASS; Auq 770; Oct 57, Dec 37; Teb 0 Open interest: April S173, June 3198; July »8). Aug 1017, Ocl Sll; Dec 3«: rob 31. IDAHO POTATOES (15,000 Ibt) May IUO H*0 I'M 1l-" '" SAICV M«y 11 OPNI .ntereM. May 334 PORK BELLIES (»,DH Ibi) Mar MSO At JO S.43 65 M *4i «! MAV A700 *' iO fti 10 M li *M 7) Jul 47 10 A7 SO 6477 64 4i (lif IS AIJQ (VI 71 A! » 64 ?1 64 25 n*4.7S 26%- V 4 224%-Mt 32 74%-t 81%+ U Local Interest Stocks Wednesday, March 3 Aff. Bank Shares 12% 13*4 AHA GOM) 60'£ AZL (Farmhand) 5M 5% Bayly Mfg. 10% 11 CNB 14% ISfe Comb.Eng. 37'/4 3714 Coors 25% 25% First Natl. Bancorp 22 24 GWU 27'A 28 GWUPFD 18% 19 Hewlett-Packard .108^ 108/4 HomeLt.Pr. life 13'A MonfortofColo. 5% 6V 4 Skaggs 27£ 27% United Bank 16'^ 17 Vipont Mining % I 1 /* Vipont Chemical 1% 1% Wall Street NEW YORK (AP) -The stock market showed a moderate loss today after some early selling on news of increased tension between Mozambique and Rhodesia in southern Africa. . Trading volume ran about even with Tuesday's fairly active pace. The 2-p.m. Dew Jones average of 30 industrial stocks was off 2.91 at 982.21. Losers outpaced gainers by slightly less than a 2-1 margin among New York Stock'Exchange-listed issues. Brokers noted a bit of uneasiness early In the day following Mozambique's announcement that it was closing its border with Rhodesia, citing a "state of war". The Dow fell about 8 points by midday, and then began a gradual recovery. ASA Ltd., an investment company concentrating on South African gold stocks, slumped 1'i to 27%. Investors seeking gold investments meanwhile channeled funds into shares of companies with mines in the United States and Canada. The NYSE's composite index slipped .2Q to 53.62. At the American Slock Exchange, the market value index was down .10 at 103.87. NEW YORK (UPI) - Standard Poor's closing stock indexes (1941-43 average equals 10): 425 Indus 15 Rails 60 Ulils 500 Stocks Wednesday to come Tuesday 113.06 43.80 45.99 100.56 Week ago 114.31 43.92 47.73 101.69 Month ago 114.31 43.35 48.37 101.91 Year ago 92.70 38.49 40.23 82.90 1975-76 high 114.67 44.13 48.37 102.10 1975-76 low 77.71 34.02 35.31 70.04 NEW YORK ( A P ) Wool futurci Tuesday on the New York conon 6n- change Open Hlqh Low Cloi* Prev. WOOL (t.WO tbt) (No trade) NtW YORK IAP) -- Potato futures Tuetdiy on Ihe New York Mercinlile Ex change Open High Low Close Prcv. DtnvtrHcffi .'.-.pENVER (AP) ·»- Wednesday's quotl ' wfy, hog* 25: U*rrovw and giltt unevttily f.Q( lowtf; U.S. 1-3 300.JJQ Ib 45.50M M; .'1.3SM730 » 43.5045.50; 73 250 JW Ib . '-4t.00.43.50; sow* mostly steady. 1-3 300-600 Ib ftrirth Hofi BRUSH, Colo. (AP) - Wednesday's . quota!tons, hogs 1,100: barrows and silts 5075 lower; U.S..1 2 100735 Ib44.3647.25, a few at 47.50; 7-3 700-750 Ib 44.50 45.00; 71150-780 Ib; NWS steady to 50 lower. 13 300 600 Ib 3S.OOJ7.00. OMAHA, Neb. (APHUSOAJ-- Llvestock quotation* Wednesday: Hogs: 4,000; barrows and gills fairly active, SO lo mostly 75 tower. Instances 1.00 off; exctpl limited volume over 300 Ib, weak l-j SO lower; U.S. 1-3, 190250 Ib 47.00 47.50; sows strady lo 75 higher; 3W- 600 Ib 43.5J 44.50. Cattle and calves: 1,300; slaughter steers and heifers active, 50-75 higher; cow;. fairly active, lirm; ctwtci ?75-l,275 Ib sleers 35 75-34 50; a loatf mostly choice l,«50 Ib lor Canadian ihlpoiwit ^6.00; choice 175-1,050 Ib hellers 3*3».3S.»;ullll- ty and commercial cows 76.00 28.00, a few h!gh.dressing ie.50; tanner and cutter Sheep: 900; slaughter tamt» steady, other classes scarce; choke, some with end-or-prfmc, 100 117 Ib shorn lambs 51.505700; few 100 110 Ibwooied lambs 47.50. Estimated receipts Thursday: Caltle and calves #0; hoji ,««; no sheep. DENVER (AP) -- Potatoes: market steady. U.S. total shipments 76; Colorado rail* 7; Truckins: Colorado B, Florida 1. IDO Ib sacks washed U.S. No. 1A unless otherwise stated. Colorado round reds 1.75, y/i-V-'i In ».00-».!S, 50 Ib sacks V/i- 3V, in 4.65, film bags 5-10 Ib 4.75, 20 Ib utility U.S. No. 7 1.50. Russets 9.00, film bags 5 10 4.755.75. 70 Ib U.S. No. 2 1.50. Idaho russets 10 01 minimum Kl.50-n.SO, W Ib cartons M-lOOs 7.50-8.00. New Florida 50 Ib jacks round rcdi B.OO, few B.50. USDA Butlrr-Cggs CHICAGO (AP) -- IUSDA1 -- Butler . issued only on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Eggs, mixed Wednesday; sales delivered warehouse, cartons unchanged; A ' extra large 59-61; A large tt'j-S9"j. A mediums 57''i 54. two dividends DENVER (API-Great Western United Corp. on Tuesday declared dividends on two issues of preferred stock to shareholders of record on March 12. Holders of the companys $1.88 cumulative preferred stock will receive 47 cents a share. Dividends to holders of 13 convertible serial preferred stock will be 75 cents a share, the company said. Chicago Wed., March3,1976 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 47 Carroll Gilbert attends national pharmacy meet Beatrice Co. trophy William Rhinchart; left, manager of Meadow Gold Dairy division of Beatrice Foods Co., accepts the President's Month Trophy on behalf of the company's employes from Don L., president of Beatrice Poods. The award was made in recognition of Meadow Gold's outstanding record in surpassing goals in all phases of operations during the contest. Carroll Gilbert, owner of the Gilbert Pharmacies in Greeley, was among 150 retail pharmacists who met recently in Washington, D. C., to learn more about their role in health care. Gilbert, presently first vice president of the Colorado Pharmacal Association, said the delegates paid particular attention to Medicare, Medicaid and proposals for national health insurance. The meeting was sponsored by the National Association of Retail Druggists (NARD). Among the legislators talking with the druggists was Rep. Dan Rostenkowski, D.-1I1., chairman of the Health Subcommittee of the House Ways and Means Committee. That panel is in the process of developing plans for national health insurance. Sen. Herman Talmadge, D-Ga., chairman of the Senate Finance Committee on Health, also visited with the pharmacists. .Gilbert also reported he visited with Ned Callan, former Greeley city councilman who is now with the Postal Rates Commission in Washington. Callan is handling public information, press relations, congressional liaison and interagency affairs for the government agency. Burg, Reps offend meet in Chicago Stephen Burg and Jim Reps of Select Brands of Greeley, attended momentum '76, the Miller Brewing Company's 1976 National Sales Conferences in Chicago Feb. 16-22. They, along with several hundred members of the Miller Brewing Company distributor network participated in the conferences which featured speeches and special events. Miller management personnel covered topics including environmental concerns and the brewing industry, the financial outlook for Miller, marketing strategies, and advertising plans for 1976. arkft steady; demand Iflif; offering* Large AA 53 54, medium AA «-4V, small AA 34-35. large A 52-S3, medium A 47 U, large B 34 16. Beans DFNVER (API · Beans, most dealers at 14.00 lor U.S. No. 1 plntos and 73.00 lor U.S. No. 1 great northerns: FOB Denver nnd Nebraska rote basis. Gold By The Associated Prc» Selected world gold prices Wednesday. London. Morning living 1137.50, up 11.10; allernoon fixing 1137.75, up 10.E5. Paris: Aflernoon market quotation 1134 37. UP 10.U. Franklurt- Fixing 1133 41, upw.ti. 7;orlch 113775 bid up 1175. 1133 75 asked. Handy Herman base price. New York: 1117.50, up M.9S. 1132.75, up 10.85. Local Market Wednesday, March 3 Barley 4.50 Oats (38 Ib. or better) 5.00 Corn 4.65 Cash Wheat 3.i9bu. Pinto Beans (new crop) neg. One source indicates a (14 baaed price for pinlo beans. KANSAS CITY (AP) -Wheat 133cart: Off 11 Vi to up t cent: No. 7 hard 3 »7'/»- 36V; No 3 3.91 3.94'i; No. ! red wheal 36S'.l3.73n; No. 33.631/1 3.77n. Corn U can. Unch lo 3 " olf; No 7 while 7.457.B5n. No. 3 I.3S-7 75n; No. 7 yellow I.67',i.7.7in; No. 37.47Mi.7.75n. Oat* I cars: Norn. Unch..- No. 7 while 163-1.73n; No 3 1 S3.1.7In. No. 7Milo4.4S4.65n. No. 7 Rye 7.47 7.«n. No. 7 Barley 7.37i.37n. No. 1 Soybean* 4.46'i 4 «3n Sacked bran 91.75 99.50 Sacked thorti 97.75 90.00. Denver Cnh Griln DENVER (API - When! No I hard winler ordinary 3.50; yellow corn 4.BO- 4 is,- No 7 cwt sorghum no quote. Cash Grain CHICAGO (AP) - Wheat No 2 hard winter a.TS^n Wednesday; No 2 soft red 3.73'An. Corn No 2 yellow 2.71n (hopper) 2.68n. Oats No 2 heavy l.CO^n. Soybeans No 1 yellow 4.67n. No 2 yellow corn Tuesday sold at 2.7i»A. Potato Markets CHICAGO (AP) - (USDA) Major potato markets FOB shipping points U.S. 1A Tuesday in 100 Ib sacks: Washington russets 7.00; North Dakota round reds 5.75-6.25; Colorado russets 7.00-7.25; Colorado red McClures 6.25-6.50. GLANCE NEW YORK (AP) -Markets at a glance: Stocks--Moderately lower. Cotton--Higher. CHICAGO: Wheat-Mixed. Corn- Higher. Oats-Higher. Soybeans--Higher. Grain Market CHICAGO (AP) - Most farm commodltyfutures advanced on the Chicago Board of Trade today, but dealings were slow. Soybeans were up 3'£ cents, while wheat was mixed, corn gained nearly 2 cents and oats iVi. Soybean meal advanced more than $2 a ton and soy oil rose some 30 points, nearly one- third cent a pound. At the close, soybeans were IV to 3'.^ cents a bushel higher, March 4.7451; wheat was 1'i lower to 214 higher, March 3.74'/*i; corn was Vj to 1% higher, March 2.68'^ and oats were 'A to IVi higher, March 1.61. Closing Board of Trade Table CHICAGO (AP) - Futures trading on the Chicago Doard of Trade Thursday: High LowClose WHEAT (5.000 bu) Mar 3.74V4 3.69 3.74Vi May 3.82',4 3.77!4 3.79 Jul 3.87 3.82 3.84'A Sep 3.92'4 3.88'4 3.91 Dec 4.02'A 3.99 4.01 Mar 4.11 4.09 4.10 COHN (5.000 bu) Mar 2.69 2.67'A 2.6814 May 2.74% 2.72'A 2.74'/4 Jul 2.7B 3 /, 2.75'A 2.78H Sep 2.77V4 2741,4 2.70'/ Dec 2.71'A 2.68% 2.71'/ Mar 2.77'/ 2.74% 2.77V4 May 2.80% 2.79 OATS (5,000 bu) Mar 1.6114 1.59y 4 1.61 May 1.61 1.59'A !.61 Jul 1.58 l.SKJ 1.58 Sep 1.54 1.53H 1.5314 Dec 1.5414 1.53 1.53% SOYBEAN'S (5,000 bu) Mar. 4.76 4.72 4.74?! May 4.84V 4 4.80'A 4.83 Jul 4.9214 4.87 4.92 Aug 4.96144.93 4.9514 Students of Roosevelt High School at Johnstown present a year to train in. Making the presentation, from left, are Victor Sep 5.00 4.97 4.9914 PNuc of appreciation to Stephen DeBrown of DeBrown · Bejarano, Claire Jones and Sharyl Jordanger, left. (Tribune Nov 5.07 5.01 5.07 Chrysler-Plymouth in Greeley for allowing students in the photo by Rick Shaw) Jan 5.13 a ,4 5.10 5.13'4 school's driver education program lo use two automobiles a Animal medical hospital at CSU rejected by JBC Driver education appreciation By THOMAS E. SLAUGHTER Associated Press Writer · DENVER (AP) - The legislature's Joint Budget Committee (JBC) has rejected a proposal to build a proposed ¥12.8 million animal medical hospital at Colorado Slate University. The JBC killed the proposal Tuesday after receiving a staff recommendation that the expenditure on the project be trimmed to $4.7 million. A motion lo approve the revised .project died on a 3-3 vote, failing to get a majority of votes needed for passage. The JBC's action followed an intense lobbying effort by school administrators and farm-oriented legislators, including Senate President Fred Anderson, R-Loveland. The JBC was presented with the scaled-down proposal Tuesday. The staff recommended that rather than constructing new facilities, already existing buildings be remodeled and be used in concert with a limited building program. JBC Chairman Rep. Morgan Smith, D-Brighton, argued against approving the project, saying that if it went to the floor of either house in the revised form the project's supporters probably would be successful in securing approval of the entire $12.8 million project. "I think this vote is the equivalent of giving them the whole thing," Smith said. "We're going to end up with the whole thing if we go along with this." However, Sen. Joe Shoemaker, R-Denver, vice chairman ui the JbC, supported the lower recommendation. "If they do that Uiey're going to get the damndest battle they're ever seen. I think reason is going to prevail. -Graver-Hereford news- SMART CHART ·s/3 by Stansbury 1MO. May 1*1) uJ 1 Mar US I.6S 1.16 I.Sf 4 3 5 Apr 9.75 10.35 9.SI 10 JS 9.75 May 1140 13.13 17.30 U.13 12.60 NOV 5.V4 5 9 4 S.I4 517 5.VO Sales i.*7) NEW YORK (API - Spot nonterrous meial price* Wednesday copper 63** rw'i .1 pound u s (^rs^;r·^'·o^s. lead 19 cents A pound. Unc 37 cents a pound, de livrred: t'n 131717 a nounr). New York.- qold 1131.SS per troy ounce. New York, vlve- 54 1)5 per trov ounce. Nrw York, quicksilver H7500 rammd per flask. "We all liked your praying (or pro- lit series." FOOD PRICES WASHINGTON (UPI) - A loaf of white bread cost 53 cents a pound in Washington this year, compared with 73 cents in Paris, hut only 41 cents in Rome, says the U.S. Department of Agriculture. These figures are from a new booklet. "Food Prices Here and Abroad." Single copies arc free from Room 459-A, Office of Communication, USDA, Wa- «hington,D.C. 20250. By MKS. CHRIS KOENIG The red, white and blue program at school Feb. 18 drew a very large and appreciative crowd of parents and guests, including several out-of-town visitors. The Colorado centennial banner was presented to the local committee by Joe Vatdez of the state commission. Mrs. Chris Kavalek was also presented with greetings from the county office. Local b i c e n t e n n i a l c o m m i t t e e members were co-chairmen Ernestine Koenig and Shirley Wiggin, secretary Mabel Palmer and treasurer Lois Gillette. This group in (urn presented the Colorado banner. as well as the earlier-received national flag, to (he superintendent of schools Richard Kimmel for display at the school. Mrs. Mary McCurry was a very able master of ceremonies who introduced Uncle Sam, otherwise known as Wade Helms, and gave a very interesting story of how he came about. Music instructor Allen Hughes directed the sixth grade band in several numbers. Primary children, coached by teachers Claire Kimoto, Paula Cundall and I^slie Jacobson, gave patriotic readings and songs which were very well received. The seventh grade, in a p p r o p r i a t e c o s t u m e s , recreated such historical scenes as the Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere's ride and Betsy Ross and first flag. Mrs. Eula Golden gave a humorous reading, "Taxes: Pro and Con;" Mrs. Clifford Goodwinc, representing the total voting precinct committee, give a good prep talk on the subject o/ registering and voting. Mrs. Chris Koenig read excerpts from Grovers old Tri-City Press," home town newspapers, and the audience completed the program by singing the Star Spangled Banner. Friends have received word of the death of former long time resident, Mark Byers, in Phoenix on Feb. 12. Byers and his family lived in Hereford many years, where he had been in business, also serving on the school board, and the REA. Burial was at Evergreen Feb. 16. Arthur Boardman of Aurora was a guest of his mother, Mrs. Pearl Boardman Wednesday and Thursday, and they were dinner guests of his sister and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Lcroy Carlson in Cheyenne Thursday. Grover Ladies Aid was entertained Feb. 19 in the home of Mrs. Bill Robbins, with eight in attendance. Devotions were given by Mrs. Hale Wagner, using Billy Graham's book, "Angels." The quiz on Genesis 6 and 7 was enjoyed. Mrs. Mary Anderson will entertain the group March 4. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Blake went by plane to Phoenix Ariz., Wednesday last to attend funeral services for his uncle, Hans Waagc. Waagc, died of a heart attack. He lived in Hereford for several years before his marriage to the former Laura Blake. The family had been Cheyenne residents before retirement the past year. Pawnee Future Farmers kicked off their part in the observance of National FFA week with a pancake supper at the school kitchen Feb. 22. Mrs. Ron Lorenz, Angela and Chante of La Salle were guests Sunday in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Werner. Mrs. Earl Hollis is at home after a 10 day stay in Weld County General hospital. Mrs. Hollis had back surgery and is making a good recovery. Chas ( B u d ) Landwehr received word Saturday of the death of his brother at Limon. The brother, who was 40, died of heart failure. Friends of former residents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Knuppel, arc reminded of the celebration of the couple's 50 anniversary on Sunday, March 7. Open house will be held at their home in Deer Trail. Mr. and Mrs. Jake Hoffman visited several shut-ins and hospital patients last Wednesday. They reported Elizabeth McDowall at Memorial hospital was suffering from a bad case of bronchitis and not able to undergo planned surgery. Mr. and Mrs. terny Richards have moved to their new home in Greeley following the sale of the Grover Telephone company to the Wiggins Telephone Company. The office here will bo in charge of a Mr. Hendrickson, who docs not have a family. Coleman Sligo Club met Feb. 12 in the home of Mrs. William Schcub. There were eight members present for an afternoon of sewing and visiting. A short business meeting was held, in which it was voted to donate to the Heart Fund Ss well as the United Fund. Mrs. Hale Wagner will host the club on March 11. Recent guests in the Bud Lingelbach home have been their daughter, Mrs. Norma Westmoreland and 'son Justin of Cheyenne, Mrs. Opal Hnughton of Merino, and Mr. and Mrs. Gus Lingelbach. Mrs. Houghton is the sister of the Lingelbach men. All those interested in the bicentennial are urged to attend the meeting March 10 at 3:30 in the school library. Progress reports will be given on the memory quilt project and upcoming programs for 1976, such as the summer rodeo, and the time capsule. Several local artist are taking classes in acrylics under the art instructor at Burns, Wyo,, High School. Taking the night classes are Relh Wagner. Joan Anderson. Gladys Ayars, Doris Robbins, Joni Orin. Wilma Smith and Shirley Wiggins. Mr. and Mrs. Chris Koenig were guests Sunday Feb. 22 of their daughter and husband, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Evans, at Nunn. In the afternoon, they attended the official bicentennial flag dedication ceremonies at both Nunn and Pierce, and found it a very interesting experience. A Norwegian named Joseph Surrinpton died in 1797 at the age of 160, leaving behind him a young widow and a 9-ycar-old child, as well as a 103-year-old offspring by a previous marriage. Thomas Parr, who died in Ixwdon in 1635 at the age of 152, remarried when 120 years old. "It's a very good alternative. It's the best one I've seen." However, Smith countered, "We've spent $37 million on capital construction already, and to my way of thinking that's $4 million more than I thought vc v,ould." But Smith indicated before the vote that he would be amenable to discussing the recommendation with those supporting the project in hopes of reaching an iron-clad agreement in favor of the $4.7 million project. Voting in favor of the revised project were Shoemaker, Rep. Sandy Arnod, Boulder and Sen. Ruth Stockton, Lakewood, all Republicans. Voting against the proposal were Smith, Sen. Paul Sandoval, Denver, and Rep. David Gaon, Denver, all Democrats. NOTICE TOCRSDITORS EMdiecF Donald C. Foole. Deceased. CiseNo. P-13M* All persoiis having claims against the present them to the undersigned or lo the District Ccurl ol Weld County, Colorado, pn c' before June 14,197fi. or said claims Leila May Wilson Personal Reorestntallv* TheGrceley Daily Tribune rtb 18. J5,Mar 3.1974 IP Q) Gcoi QC Schlidt, Deceased. C*seN9. P-Uiit icrlons having claim* sgatnsl the Barred estate «re r rani red lo t them to the uiderilgned or to the i Court ol Weld County. Colorado, Before July IS. 1«*. cr s»-0 claims D.iv.dJ M-'.ler Aliorrieyiorinefcstaie tO-iSevenmSireel P O no» 1J? Grcclrv. Colorado80431 Telephone- 3H v*47 Thr Grcelry Dflily Ir.bunt Tct) IS. 2S. V*r . ivM PUBLIC NOTICE IN THE COUNTY COURT IN ANDFOR THE COUNTY OF WELP ASD 1TATEOF COLORADO CIVIL ACTION MO. CVllMt IN IHE M A T T E R O F ) THE PETITION TOR 1 C H A N G f c O F NAME Or ) P E T I T I O N E R t O'dir ry. 1976. in C'V.t Act.l n.imc Of S»!tv Ann BY Laura Hill

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