Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 2, 1961 · Page 26
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 26

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1961
Page 26
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Classified Advertising Classified Rates CASH WITH UKU1CK UK OU1 OK COUNT* ADS ** a iror«t--1 tBMttlon. lOc * word--1 eon .vecutlt* liuertkni, Itc a word--* conMCHt.?· Intcrtfr.. . U.W Ml t« line p*r Kotith Uim- imuM »f two .{net. · · ' livery tlhtt .lay afe W b* eMritd at oat day rtte. . Blind box · anbert tic *it*ra. Mir.ltnum' ad LU wordi. Mini mum eharz« Me.. 10%-dla*cu"Tit (com iberi ratw If pat.!' tumi .daj of Ad»" ordered l i l t carxc tiled, LI Mretnl 4iicouE.t f P*W day of can eel tat ten. GLASSIKJED D I S P L A Y Miaimnm OM lech, In county r*(t 11.05 tier oOlUMH Inch Out of county rat* tl.10 p«r. coluav Inch. (Vo.Q.i.4 rarv upon application) E.I.ROHS TO. BE KEPORTEU A1 ONCE. Thti Tribunt will (Mil.* no »]· 1oira.nca tot nor* than out .near-tec 1 insertion of ,a»f adifertlwrneTit, Classified Index Auto S*r»[c«,Mid Stippli** . Board Jfnd' Room _ floati md BuppllM --___ Bu.ldlnj KaterUI .__ Hutineu Uiportunl|[M - HuiintM Senletft -- Chrtilmn Gift GuM* : Co»l *nd Wood . Conilnicticm Kquipment _ Ciitlcm * Work _I--TMi farm Eqa.p».«nt 1 Vor Rent--Apartm-wla For Rent--Bulldlnn _.,, ,' . For flint--F*rmi ind Tract* __ Vor Kent--Cara»e* -~_-. , For .Renlv--Mt. Homr*. Cablca -For H«nt-rOflic.i Spiet for 1 Rtn.1--Rooms --.. -Fruit* am* VcctUbl** -Furnace* ·--. -- . . HIT, Grain, yctd,. Straw Help .Wanted : Kouit and Auto Trailers · Ho'Jiehold fioodi Irrigation SyaUma . .--,, . . . M* Swap livestock ,, , , - , . IA}*\ and Found , . . . ' . . . ; MliccHantoui : : Hone? lo'Loin : Manej Wanted · ' · . '- ·--- Mot** ·' · ; MoVlnr and Stor«i« :--- Muifeal 1 TnitrutninU 1 . . . -- , Poultry . · ' F rof eiuitM.*. Strfiew _'_. L - R*i1 .Estate ;--." : Roolih'f and TninUtron. ---- Sctdi, PUnti. Flower* ,-_ K«wfni "M»cbtn»«-VaeuuTn* . RUua'tioni-Wanted Sportinr Good* __ - - i . Trailer Spire Transportation Trash lUulinr , , s TV-Radio- S4ivie* .,,--.J-- Uttd'Carn and TrucV* -Wanted! To Kent Wash int Mtchlnei L«t' and STRAYED--Two white' faerd it«r HO Ibi. tiHind--Laiy' U with con »Wle..V. ForrMi · Kami lion, Ptnonali GUARANTEED »·*»· *^ ; . «toek _. patrfn'E, Grayb*«J Jewelry. j · FOR drinVIiiir 'problema 'eoatast - A * rohoUca Anonyraotu, 2WS 7th ATI ACK'Klhvrcrth Co., Diamond Brolcei 211 First N«liotial- Bank Bnl]dm« Call tL MKQ for private di. ihowinzi, 1/3 Cl. iUlalrei, ( up; Vj Ct. SollUir«, IW up; r.K.SollUlTM, 1161.60 UP. Thu ptk includes the rinz In cither UK whl or yello«r,-Kold. You can chirk Compare prieci and quitUlw t piirehAitnE any dtimond. ELL3 Rent A Car. IU N. Ill* AT Kb 2-1CED. W« ddiv«, AayiJiM. CAR rtnUX daltj, wMkly, aenth Gr«l«r Leuinc Company. tL t-91 1 1100 Slh Ave. ANTED--Ezn«tlfneed icrvlct ma*. Ed Kar, WUdaor. · . ·htft, 6 p.m. to m j d n l f h t . Apply In person. ICarry'* tr|vla, S. Sth Av«, XUKPTIUNAL opporlu'nU; for Vx- p«rknced-CAkolIne and fuel oil "lank waton man, WcJte tiox U39. c/o Tribune. A R H I S D w*n' to work erenlrv bartender. Ste*rfy work. Kxpe preferred but not nccrctary.' b*ae(ili. N o b - H i l l Tavrr., · u. No Applj In 10th fit. CANTED--ExpirCenttd Va · Sunday or holiday ' worV. peroon. Jonny'j Cafe, 1 21 r.r call FJ. g.T170. lASHIER and fouataln kelp.- KI K ht ·biff, 6 p.m. to nitdnTrbl. Prrf woman axe ll-lb. Apply In pcno llarry'i DrMff. S. *th Avt. WAITRESS. «xperl«nc«d. aflein '*h!ft to f p.ta. Good ray and Up*. Atplj in pFrwn, Short Cut St«*k J.o-jit, Dti Sth 'Are. VANTED--HsrHul n»n b*lw*en L _ _ !*. and SI for beverage route inlet- nan trainee. P«rm»ner,t job with tc :cll(r\t advaneemtnta. Write Bui V-l :/o Trlbunt. offei KAUTV CounielorB Income for marritd nom No tai.vaulr.jr.' Gill KL _ _ KT' S-681E before 10 a.m. and after VANTED -- . E x t r a Salesladtes, 'or the Holiday Season. Begin- Ing Novl 24th to Dec. ZSrd. A^e 10 to 45 years. Apply 10 a.m. to 2:00 noon, 2:00 p.m. to 5:00' , -· j. V. SMITH A SON CUSTODIAN, 60-GO, evcuIngB B 11 P.M., till 9 P.M. Sal. rind Sun. Musi, re npopslble, ^ permanent. Prefer Blngla man. 40 hr. week, time «nd haJ( 'overtime. SECRETARY, 1 girl office shorthand, elec. type., It! bVkp. Legal'exp. helpful. Permanent Good potential. GREELKT E M P L O Y M E N T 1 SERVICE Mrs, Gwen Craren. .Mgr. 332 Gree.ejr Bldr- BL 3-01S Ecfucolien and Instiuction WESTERN School of limy Eq Tw«nt Op* ratio a it r.ow enrollintr " denU for fall md .winter cli Schcol U ' owned- by WeiUrn Con Enclon, Jind irtfn* on 'actuil equip went. Rrtldctit Triintnc Only.-- n corrupondrnce ofln«. V, A, - AT proved. School o/fici*] will be in thia »r«a November 8th to ]th.t^Vril ]!OK bid, Deuirtrten^. H. Welser Idxh^Cor further ,nform»tion «.nd/o ·ppoinlJnfnL "Plwie enclose phorv number end «idr«*s. , An oDporuinity lor that better ob. A neW method of- typing Yon too may type up · to 61 words per m i n u t e in'just 4 »hor weeks.-.Also, of course, steno- BCript, R ' t o r m at ihorthand u» the letters ot the alphabet ThU also "v\\\ he offered RB p, week 7 course. Mrs. Swetsdg' sl\!dio nill be located at 261. 6th Are. Men and Women Needed TO. TBAIN FOR CIVIL SERVICE JOBS V« Prepnri Men and Wome .' A B ·*·« n CMMtRtt THINKIKO - of bltjctea? TTiiol oi Alklrc'a Spartlnr (kxwia. · IL Z-1501. SELF-SERVICE tij clainlnc, II -SO per load. Claule Cl«anlr.r C«nt«r. UU Sib AY«n!:«. EL S-JS71. ation usually sufficient. Perm anent job,, no layoffs, sho lours. High pay, advancemen Seud name, home hdd ihont number and. tima horn S«rvk«« aUNSHITK 1» townl l'« ilt'l At · Alkirt'a.Sportlni Good!. EL J-95«l. PIANO . tanlnc aad : teia[rinK. Alao prlTat* lutorinz : en drumi. fibri- rlon'*, xylophone, etc. HarmcDj and counterpoint Al Davii, p. O. Bca T!l. Ifaton. Colo. rh. Eaton IOS. Write Box rural, eiv Sirvkti GREELEY Curtail Clnnira. No pl» marki. 7M Hh ATI. Ph. EL 1-KS! CABINET ahoo. N«w work «rjd repair Gre«l; Lumber Co.. liti Itttt El. PORTABLE w*ld!nr, «l«etrie ant ae«i7Wn«. Aratona^a rat«a. Brown In Garaxt. EL I-3S1I. BICYCLB npa'n. all makta, v.o Alkin'a'.Spoilln'r Gooiii. Camfield Hold Bide. EL 1-iSm, FOR THOSE oft SacKrla lit, dial rn. call Grtelei Diaper Service. Wil or rent TOU oura. EL trath roun i-tlM. HAVE your pillowa itcna MaleT Baa ith peripiratlon odor..Feather pi]kK, fluffed, deodoriied and plai *4 in new tlcVinB by'Nu-Way Ckar ·n, 2122 10th SI. EL 1-1111. H.r, 18 . to. 55.. N'o lecessary, grammar experierjc chool ed 0-34, c/o Tribun ji' direction. MEN-WOMEN BE A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR, GUARD; WATCHMAN OR DEPARTMENT : STORE DETECTIVE New spare time training pr gram does not interfere .wi 1 four present job. (If you a- lealthy, alert and of good cba acter, send AD for free a plication blank to determl iliglblllty.) NAME .._ ADDRESS AGE_ CITYTM J . STATE...TM , Write NATIONAL DETECTIVE ACADEMY Box V-3, c/o Tribune 1:00 -- Cook fro ; Jack't Barbecae. JANITOR for cfcaninr o f f i c e onci each we«li. Wicograd'a, EL l-S-,11. Apply In p»r- II? Iti SI WANTED -- ftv^ritr.eri wallrni Kllht lalft. 0«1' AT -tl!l EVENING dBflW«r,pr and bu« bar. Apply iu ptraoa. Garden KUcben. 119 llll SI. -- Waltreai. ' ton. JafVa B.rbtco., 10 ANTED-Truck driven JOB. Eiperi ericea. EL ».ji«, E«U It. «-8 T.M. IOH1SON tloer Kandlnr. I'll. EL l-Mii Itlt lib St.. Creeley. Colo ABY ·illinc In ay borne, day dlchL 1714 Sib SI. EL l.ltti. · PT10 lanki and eeMpool* cleaned. ^eaiotiabU rate*. Call EL M7IO. .INTINO and detor.Un.. Gllktrt Romero..EL t-MTt. «fl»r 4. p.m. ANTED-New bulldln: or ceeaodih town or country. Call U4-4EOO ANTED--All lyp« of aixlnr, and alternation^ AT 4.5B1S. ANTED-- Ironinr. 1-112!. AINTEIt. Ueaulltul wort. Mo job too amall or blf. Call D ·: K'a, EL 2-1213 ANTED--Ironlcr. Ph. M2-709!. Ari wanta jrard woik EL 1-IS6}.- ANTEU-lronlnl Call KL 5-ISU F»f Rtnl HtHJMI 15 In cabl- N K W d u p l e x , t t r i i u . r t * . oren. tans;*.' dliiuia^ tut) nela.-Wtl. to will caipttinr. drap«l Adulti. no pcLs. tllO mouth. t!L 29^9. - L E A N two IOAI,, tl reai eoltot* Ulllltie. paid |-:t tJ141t NICE roocj'.klUneLttU apt ICotel Hoover. 213 llth A\«. KOR LEASK or laU-- (Jan IM lued a* n(e« 4 bedroom hnm* or * bedroom with 2 ropm apt _lo ub-Eea»e. New. ly deco ra (ed. Or'ip«, Llin J j, cur- Lxlni. Cameron ithool. eo!l«s* Eoca. lion. Ph. KL 2-3U7 ^ . FOR UKNT--Six-room boui*. Tbc« bedrooms ' ' Completely furnTihed. . Onrral EJtctrlc Litebea. Full bISO- IT, en t. Recreation rocm. (Jttlilj room with waiker. dryer. $)60 per month. Co'uple preferred. Call Dave Mansan, . Whaler HcalU Companr. EL 3-014G. For .Rtrrr--Rooms 16 COXY ilrcplnjf room'for work Ira man ir colEed* feltow. 1SC6 Ifilh Ave; Cl. rkfna CLEAN, desirable room for man. 1408 lttb Ave. KL 2.£676. KOON3 for 1 lady or couple. Street, EL MG98. 1U fibi U A I t T I N licit] - Weekly i Ij rates to working peOE NICE, clean bedroon wltb prirale t Reasonable, by week, alole] Km 213 l l t h Avenue COHOMY P a l n t l n t Serrlee. Free eatl- matea. Imjr.eJIate arrvlce. EL 3-3270. GUT houiekeepinr, baby lining, 0 a.m. to 12 lioin, our home. Call af- ler 3 p.m. Platle.lll» (38-2524. ESSPOOLS, Krcata trap), pumped. Free Inicectlon. Ph EL I-17S3. Rei Cunnlnvblm. UAHANTEKD palnllnr and himclnr. r'or free eatniiitea, call Don Hcore,- EL 2-453S; · LTEHATlOf.'S--Lad!»i : . men'« cloth- lea Glaee'a Alleration Shop. Sl Itb St. KL I-ZS7). A1NTING,' exterior, lateilor. Rea. aohibla and eourteoua lervlee. Eatox IS, G. E. tfyrlelt. EL Z-IOiE W. 3. Gebbardt. UBB t and Kutter. «ld« walai. drive- waya', pitioa, (loora and block work r.d H Ceuenl Co. EL 2-SI52. . A1NTINU. residential nalattr.ann specially. First class work and material. : L. S. VfeDanlel. Ph. EL 2-0250. FOR KENT-- Furnished apt. at I!Zt 10th St. No children or pels. RF.NCHIKG for «ra\er lioea, aeptli taMks'ar.d leeehlns; fields. La "Ralli Hardirsre. AT 4-1833. AINTIKG -- Exterior, Interior. Icn mediate aerviee. Fre4 eatlmale. Kea soasble. EL l-tol. Dale Tectman. TWO bedroom apl. at 1500 12th Ave RICK, . block,- cetaenf work, First class work, low prices.."Free call- ma lea. Ph EL I-lfEf. 4ERDSMAN snd milker, experienced, available immediately. References Call ELrlsJ 2-SES2. A f t e r 1:00. £Lln 2-11C4. i'll.L cara (or children acea Z,i and up. In my licensed home. Constant understanding;, adult supervision. References, EL S-4744. Custom Work II USTOX corn dryinr. Leltoy Kay burn Ph. EL 2-78S8. ANTED -- Doier work. Corral or anything. Dona ce«sonsbly. 2S4-7B02 1AY bslinc, wira or twine. Joa the Haybsler. KL :-42H. til ISlk St. USTOU aorn eombininc. Frank *Jct bardt Jr. Ij Salla 2E4-G49. USTOM corn eomblnlnr. Harold Fu row. ' USTOM plowinr, Lulh«r. KL- «-5«S:' OHN combining or pickin or furnished. flO psr acre. EL At'- and alraw Laling with -new lenstional baler. Paul Buith. Eaton 1S8J1. RENOHINO -- i Inrh u 14 Ineb wide, .ft. deep. Wm fi anywbere fsst mobils-' unit'- Our . pricaa are competitive. Also real savings plsstia pipe. Central Trenching Service. Pa. EL 2.4EC4. llth Ave at »th Street.' Trash Hauling 12 RUBBISH renc-red.. Oeorta Downing. rh. EL 1-1209 SH and trash hauling. Geo. Ruppk EL 2-6124. a rccc-rded oumbor. CESSPOOLS, septic tanks, gteas traps pumped..Wb'ittakec. EL t-SCl CESSPOOLS., septic tanks. EL 2-1 !S5 or EL I-1K3 Wayne Abbotu ASH and tlasb haullot. Fred Ollvas Ph.. EL 2-1381 anytime. IF ITS Iras'!, w. h a u l John Kline. EL 2-1G73. and ASEMENT Bleeping room for a DIB Sunnvslda Ct., 1742 1st Ave. F.L TERL1NG l t bstb. ' l'cl. Hoomi nlhlr cr . low as (7.0 per week with' bath. Maid lerviee, phone, cafeteria, park ing lot. All conveniences. OOMS from $25.06 per moolb. £]««., Coffet Shop, r a r k t n a lot. Ptonc*, n-.ald ·ervke, all conv., w o r k t n c »- ptc. executives and tenior cHLicnl. Raom»" without bilh, roomi with bath, radios and television. Lunch racked. Room ar.d meal rates bj the montb. Really your be*l dea) tn town. Tht Camfieh) Uotel For Rent--Apts. VO bedroom bwement apl. Ur.furn. Isbed. Call EL 2-9291. after 5. , furnished 3 loons baaemenl ·apt. A d u l t s . . 1202 8th SL SVO bedroom upstairs »pt. 1227 12lh Ave. Call EL 2.C570. 'URN1S11ED or unfurnished avt. Chil dren. EL J-06C3. Adults. Call Afte 'OR RENT--1',4 be 2-2971, alter t. 3:30. EL 3-1C36 EL 'HREE room u n f u r n . apt. Close «27',4 81k Ave. rAllGE upstairs f u r n l i h r d 3 room apt. csth. utllilies. Adulu, EL 2-10SO. OR RENT -- S room furnished apt U Illities raid. (21 13lh SI. EL 2-2Z64 2nd STREET, t lnsi!rm.. unfurn., letr bnie. apt. Irvquire 1012V. l^lh AY FURN. apl. 1 or 1 ajulla. 810 Ct! Street. EL 2-l«S. FURNISHED two bedroom base, apl Ph. EL 3-3621. after B. FURN. 2 bedrcwm apt. P r i \ n t e ball and entrance. Ph. El. 2-0243.' TWO bedroom apt. 20! 12th SI ret I. 'AHTLY furn. bsse. ant., acres.- fror Arlington school. Call EL 2-26S9. ·OR RENT--Furnished' first floor ap' Utilities paid. 602 11th Ave. (OTEL apis, [or adults. Rapp's Mob 2COa IQlh Street. Ft* 17 'OK KENT -- Nlea aparlmeal near Greeley High School m cuo. Also, small bouse OB Sib Ave. EL t-3776. 6 to 9 p.m MOTO-RAXEE tea- resst EL ,1-ItM. ITEAM .beated apartment In Kenslr.g. ton Apartments. Convenient to shopping area. Ph. EL £4400. or after 6 p.m. KL Z-3S02. WO rocm apartment with private bath, cloaed.ln porch. Prefer elderly lady or couple. Ground floor. 101E* 7th Street.- -. NEED extra-roooi foe conrarT Oil Rspp'i Hotel. EL »-47H. , lATt'ERIES. Twa yesu arsutnn 9.1S,' [ll.H ^-c.111 tier's I *OH RENT-- Small. nkeJj furn. i ond floor apt. Close In. UtUitfca paid, TV antenna. SuiUb!* for 'worklnc Udy. C a l l - t o ice at 1124 Sth SL, Apt 1. or Fb. EL S-J712 '. U R N f i - H E D complete!j. 1 and i \ room apts., tarace. T V , . tt)«p.Mn«, ·eroi* ilreet from afcoppln'it center and IsumlroniRt UtilUIe* paid. ««ek- ly and montb ratea 240.1 lOtb ' WANTED--Clean wttoo ran. · Grteley.'TribuiM.' KURN. upstairs apt.. 135. 2 large rmV and kitchenette. Steam' beat, e!ec- trkity, water, laundry rm. and TV hookup. Front entrance, dovrnlown hrick home. One lady. EL 2-1698. decorajed semibasement apt. Utilities, private bath, laundry, alea: heal, TV houkup. kitchen. Adults onlv. No pets. 1317 llth Ave. EL 3-3584. NICK apartment, 1309^ Sth Ave- \Vall- to-wall carpeted, close to ahopplnsj ares, t farce bedroom, living rm., kit. and tile bath. Inn. 1303 lib Ave., or Ph. F.L 2-010], or EL 2-5068. EL Get four hunting and tithing licenses ; and other iportlni HAVE metal locators."Will »cat», tor E ood« at the n»w. MERRILL'S . WESTVIEW COAST TO, COAST STORE For Rent--Buildings 20 UUILDING foi EL 2-S450. tent at 125 10th St. r'OR RENT or lease. Business build- in!. 4.CCO so. ft. 1705 1st .Ave. FOR RENT - Bilck building In Le, Sal. 4.000 sc] ft. plus f u l l . b a s i ment and 3 room apt. Available Oct FOB SALE-4 "cylinder electric l Vlant -for cabins or fatlo'lt shelter 1123 4lh Ave. 20. Phone dais EL 3.3DOO; after i. EL 2-0510 Office Space ONE room office! ICtb Bt-. ueitr collece IIP mo., incl. beat, light. EL 2-0400 G R O U N D floor office space. 1019 ICIh Ave. Ph. EL 2-25S5. OFFICE spaee for real 1n .Coronado Building. Newly decorated. · Inquire Wheeler Really F.I 1-034S ' CHOICE modern sir-eonditioned offlci apace available. Contact First Na tional Bank. OFFICES tor rent. Elevatoe. oillitlea janilor services furdishvd. All conveniences. I n c l u d i n g parking. Renl reasonable. Camfielu Hotel. FOR RENT - Z and 4 roora cffl suites available. 2nd ' floor. 'Psr] Place Bdlldinx. 827 £tb SI. Inquire Nn. 210. Ph. EL S-0752 01 EL 2-5747 FOH RENT--Three, room office suite Newly decorated Ulilltles furnished Wheeler Really Co.. l3Sl"6lh 'Ave Call Dave Siangan. EL 3-0346. FOR REST - Desirable office space available In Greclcv Bi-!ldin E . Elevator · service. Apply 31: Creel) Ruildlng. Ph. EL 2-5747. ' : FOR RENT-- Mejleal and'-Ucnlal spac available In the Medic,I Arls Buitd ing Air conditioner) and heated Co: 'venlentlv located to the hospital Contact Wheeler - Realty Co EL ECONOMY priced apts. $25 to $54 per inlh. See Skeela at 244S 8tb Ave. 'OR KENT--Furnished 2 room apsrt- ed. 'Second floor. EL 3-2470. 'OH RENT--Furnished apl. Utilities furnished. Apt. No. 1. 1604 Elh Ave. ~OH RENT-Cablns, 124 sna up pal month. 219 N 11 Ib Ave. BACIIELOH apt.. 3 rooms and bath 10U 19th Ave. EL 3-3806 ^ ·TRUBET, Apsrlments. Cleaa, nicely furnished apartment. Cloee in., F working girl. 1201 Slh St.. Apt'17, I shed e'OK RENT--3 rooir. closs In. all fore 8 p.m. apl. modern. EL 2-3122. be- e*OR RENT--Large i room furnished main floor apartment, inquire 183 7th Ave. EL 2-4176. after 6:30. TV/O bedroom Kain floor art. Unfui ceept clove, refrigerator. Garai tilitiea f u r n . EL 2-7448. FOR KENT-T3 room nicely furnii.- knolty pine. apt. Adults only. IE JBth S^eeL BACHRL^.'t.PapU., everything - forn. · JIO.EO W.VtV. Sur.ift Motel, West e U.S. M . l i j i O l Iflth St. EL 2-7601. FOR KENV-- 3 room partly furnishoc S10V1NG am) storage problems! Call I^fferly afovlnr a-nd Stc-isse. EL FOR local or Ions distance saovins, see Track Rentals, Inc. and save. EL Z-liSt 499 26li Street. FOR RENT.-Clcan 1 room furnished semibasement apt. Adults. No pets No TV. 1114 Sth St. It Rent M WANT a country home to tent, F.L 3-014B. WANTED to rent-- Garage for stor purpose only.'EL 2-9112. WANTED--S or 4 bedroom borne. H be clean. College area preferred. Adults only, no pets. Good-care e-f property assured. Call 152-5721. jARGE 'futViishM two bedroom ap' Second fh»;r. Utilities furnished. Pri vale entraiice. Adults. EL 2-5729. -ished apt ?WO bedroom furnished basement apt Washer, gas paid. TV hookup. Chi! dren OK. Ph. EL 2-5277. Far Remt--KoUMs 15 home. FOR RENT--Nice I .bedroom flit per month. EL 3-2004. FOR RENT or sale--House at 1412 olh-Ave. Call TSL 2-6869 FOUR room bouse. 1 No 10th Ave- Cl. after THREE bedroom 2216 2nd St. arlmsls. « p.m. i. Inoui, FOR RENT--1 bedroom modern hi ISO month. EL.'2-1243. UNfURN. duplex for rent. 146 N. 2°th Avenue. EL 2-16SS. THREE room house, partly fun mt. 162.1 !2tb St,. WOMAN, I9-SO. fleneral office TjTlnr. ahortband preferred. Call EL »-l8S4- WAKTED--Esp*rl.»r.e«di waUraiffi. Ap- p.7 i» pera«n. Clyde GrEir.M, Harry'a Coffe* Sbop, W. Sth St. WANTED--RecUt««J ncriea. Gen doty a»d luptriUor Wril« Cor S c/o fribDne. MEN of women--2--«rn 12.M to 13.00 MEN TRAIN NOW 'TO BE HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATORS POWER SHOVELS GRADERS -- SCRAPERS BULLDOZERS Trained men are earning J165 per ·week and up. Thousands of additional men Are needed right now to operate the heavy erjuip- nent used in building roads, bridges, dams, airfields, etc. TWO bedroom duplex for rent. Call ONE bedroom duplex. New. furnished Adults. 390. EL 1-1169. EL 1-2404 FOR RENT--S room unfurnished du- ple». 1014 1,9111 St. EL Z-21H.. NEW brick bouse, four bnirmi., hathi, rarage. S130. EL 2-552, EL S-7129, THREE bedroom rr!eV- fcnjse for rent Vewry decorated.' 21 Elliott Court, EvaKS. Ph. EL S-1269. THREE bedroom house. Carpet drapes. Water furn. EL 2-3470, at ler t.' HOUSF, for rent Nov. It. 2 bedroom full basement, garske and patio. I 6lh Are. EL J-OStl. per hoar. Choos« your tours. Full or ,, · ^ ran time. Apply 2J 9th Ave. be- Complete training program, in- tween t and 10 a.m.. or call El.Jcluding Bctual experience heavy equipment. MERRY CHRISTMAS! Yen, your Christmas run be merry by the earnings realized from sclline; Aron Cosmetics. Training provided. Pbons Ul» 2-7697, write Eoi V- 5, c/o Greeley Tribune. For complete Information, send name, addreaa, axe, telephone number and working hours to: Boi V-3, c/o Tribune. NfEN needed for the'Oreeley district who are mechanically in i:lined and capable of m a n a g i n g a.'business of their own, under guidance and management of Fhe oldest and largest company in 'the field. Machinery repair, welding or sales experience helpful. Above average earnings. Applicant must have car or. pickup. SEC: HALK MAJORS 'SMI S. l l t h Ave. i'rom S to 11 a.m. I MONDAY, NOV. 6' or vrlte P.O. Box S63, Gr«ely, Colo. if. 'M *j IMTEBESTED In a sn-..ll Greeley bu«l- ausT UraiteVl children's wear inven- Ior7 and slore fixlurea JOT sae. Low price. W r i t e Bat V-«, c/o Tribune. OPPORTUNITY ftvr rnaa or woman wilb approximsteTr 11.600 to ]nve*t In prft/e*sional · fcnsir.eja as a partner. Write Box U.44, c/o Tribtan«. WANT a ajiussliil Inxiitess til own? A small investment will a«t you up' as a Use Tools Distributor for thl area. K. A»i, R«r 411, Boulder. Colo. . . . WMrsMl. 10 PAINTlNfi. c y.L LUIS. do bsbr sitlinK In . «0i H l « SI. HL M51I. *J home. WANTEr--Babr sittinf. XC/ M«i*. FURNISHED (our bedroom bousi ' baths, at 1228 fth Av*. Call A u l FOR RENT--1 bedroom hotue. New] redecorated. 2428 · l l t h Are.. Job Ro!toa,Brooinfield. IN fi-8063. FOR7RENT--Home, 3 bedroom Vriek F.I/ J.26T8, or NOriaandj -..4515 T.OTeland. FOR RENT--NIC* 2 fcedroom 1» furnlih«d. cloie in, couple only. 420V tparlmanv.y Private enlra: fth i-lreell EL 2-20S4. ce. 12C "OR JIENT.-FUT tlowntown area. 110S 8th t SL Prefer older lady CLARENDON furnishing] j 2-1624, buffet apt., \ t4E. 902 Eth J N E lirre roora fum. apt., Also '2 bedioom u n f u r i s-3776, fi-8 p.m. PL Cell E FOB RENT--2 bedroom apt., I plex, furnlsbed, near cotlcse. E 2.G350 FOR RENT-- Unfurnished 3 room sem basement apt. Private bath antl en trance. UOi !2lb'St. EL 2-7M6. FOR KENT-- Nice 4 room duplex ap ith stove snd refMEerator. Ca Trailer Space convenient psrklne spsce. fl onth. RBPP'S. SCO!, lOLh SL OR R E N T r- Sloderi. irallei spaces Natural CBS. Hoover Trailei c 211 l l t h Ave Ph EL !-9S»l end Room . 25 100M and board, lau EL S-2J24. idrr. Gool focc ROOM and board. Good food. Iu packed. raDdcrn" rooms. Al. CO 1 ier.ces Bi week, bv znonth. Ele' Free n«rklnc Tamfield Hotel. 17,P»U« ?6. GREELEY TRIBUNE .Thurs^ Nov. 2,. 1961 A M E R I C A N ' J u n k rani. Bur Bar ttlni. seU erefrtolni. 4t tti tt OK · SALE--Dirt, inv*!. Ala* asore NEW «ai.taHi waWaasi. EL ' UB Svocamsn WeeterMwear. 'OK HOUSE mortal a~ BI»*~-Ik. EL t-UM. AIM blUdliura (or saje. 'OR SALt:--Fur'--eoat alee. If . a n d purse. Make offer. !L MU4. 'OK SALE--Sanall 2 room heuM to W mo red, 'A-ljpc a** IMUMM for Ml*, fh. ELJ-18M- crib*, like one b*lh 'OR SALE--IVo 6 u new;, with »a^tr«*«i inelte like, new. EL OH SALE-- New shop equipment, eY. en. etc., for bakerr. Nevec taMd P h . E L 8-1707. . ' . . ' . .'* 'OR SALE -- ' Veapa. scooter, IK I. Model 125. See at first bouse north of A It W Drive-in.or call XL 2-i5! WANTED--ChlM'B tabie and ekal: set In BOod condition. Call 2-7573 alter E ;SO p.m. . UM Mor.ey burled on your plac« Write Box U-17, Tribune. 1LASSES repaired. Brokeu Jtnies dupHeat«L New frames. Creel* Optical Co., 912VI, t Av* EL t-567 TIRE Balancinz--onlv (1.01 per pas-;' tire. Welcbts fre.1 0. R Rubber ryel£ers. WJ N. UU. A.e CABINET work, aloem sasb. Coaaekte 'stock of weat coat lumber. Wart F I s n l n i ' K I I I Co. TI, e.TUi. · FOR RENT--Furniture pals tor mor MasuHimiyi LADIES wbtte roller siaUa Or »,, Ske Hi. Call r»«I«rt KL r " FOX BALE-- AriM C-l nrarra with r.Merelee,: dinette aet: 1 bed ^and- aattreaa; 1 cklld'a new pboBC«T«pei f ehlWa'plcnle Ulle: out- oor cWlrs. EL t-Mt. SPARK pluis. He. Cask u4 mm. Kapp's Gaa, - FOR.* FAST famlb lawdrj _ ,, . . . Uall Crjirtml Wait* Uundir. Wut.Md. drM a»d o)4*d. 12 tb*. emly He. Pr«* M.TOTT. *14 l l t h - A v * . EL 2-31M. FOR NEAT efepesjfeble printloi vo'J trill' (Ind tils maXeni l aaop a. i. cellent : aeleeiin. We follow eip; earefaUy 'ajtel-see. live ot) N qua]Ety work at. raas'sasabk eoat' Brin* trs re«r p'rintiBiei. work leelaj. f^. EL S-M11.TTsauRavleenbllcam Pun Ce, Expert'Truss Fitting .JO.DIT' Guarinte* CILBERT : BISHOP DRUQ' CO. Vour'Reiall store 8 Jb H Green Stamp! 10th SU Cre«l«T ; Ph.'BL 2-I30J Open evening: until 8:30 . ins day--15e each. O. X. Trailer Rental. 103 N. .lltj.Ave. | 22 TOW bar. complete with all attachments. 1 for. sale or rent ZMOVa Ith Arenue. TRADE* tn what Ton don't w a n t tor BOethlnr. vou can use at toe Wen. der What Hut. 1]2 1st Ave. EL 1-2701. . '. . SLECTRTC mocor», all alzea -- -new and rebuilt Harrinc Electrical Works, 621 8tb St. 2 blocks East of Post Office. Ph. EL l-0«7. 3IEGLER caa and /oil htittn,- r*w add used. HevTrlU'e Weatvle'w Coaat 10 Coast] 2410 10th St. EL 2.4302. Open eventnfi nut.I. 8:30. QICYCLKS. i»ri« ielect:cn frcm * up. Gum.'ammunition, fithlnv tarVle too. Alkirc'a'SvortinK Good*. T J j - l i b St. EL 2-fiSOL - , ' TYPEWRITERS, adding M«ctln«l, new and utrd.' Salei and aerriec. Work guaranteed. Ed 1 FeMhaui. EL 2-OOeG. 1201 Utb Are. UNCONDITIONALLY ruaranteed tned t5rra - all tiitt. Northern General Tire Tnc.. .'2710 Btb Av*. Ph. EL ALL types beanlv woelt none bv ,B. pervised students at greatly reduced prlcea. Gree!av Besutr School, KOV, Sth Stree'l. Chair, mines STOKM; .doors an! wlnilowt. link fence. A l u m i n u m BV A l u m i n u m , tibrejrlsss. .wood covers ar.rl carports. Fire eecapea Clifton's Home Servke. EL J-«-M . - . J7.9S '-, -chance. Used batteriea. U.»5 Batte ' repaicinr. Rebuilt ' (enera- tors k..d starters. All types of auto luneups and repairs Ht* eaw pickups.. Low prices, essy terms John Thompson's Garage. CO] Sth 'Ave. Ph, EL'»-1S43.' A L U M I N U M *· Storm Doors ·* Storm,Windows * Awnings *· Siding Grceley Glass Shop 2003 Itb SL EL HZ6; 27 FOR BALE-Uud tnck Unt. U*. lltf-M. Gntln *«»« lunlr- USED I £L TOE BARGAINS, tbop Xv«ni ·'OR SALE'--' JtvmlRViOk trPtwriUr. fc. El, J-»HJ. , . WANTED--U.S. '.to.ll, tllKT.M . BOJd. .CL MfMa, ECWAROS .tor Htw It MMd tnck*. BALES bo«U«I Call i Bmniikk «·· j* EL MIK. Ill ItU St. . SEE .R.o K(M.' til N. . A«. 5L Z-J10I. MOTORCYCLE (or Mil. 1MO Trluipk Tic*r CnK excellent condition. SM Toil -Baftoi 211* Hth Bt, w 'It. EL »-lS«. TWO pitr ntw ldjle EXnu, Br*«ii, .It. IT., blue u 25. Knr bltck knit dreei, .iti 10. Ro«« buihei. Kll aifferrnl kind.. dl| Tour own. EL S-2179 ,.. , ' , HwmlwU Goixh 30 ROUND oik dinlnt table for uU. (25. 1!5 Boulh lit St., L» Sllle. S'KW, modern bunk · beds, umpZele with «tr oam mittiess«f. 160.95. IlineblieM'i TumHute, 8297 9ti St. SELL wbkt Toa don*\ want' -- buy what jrou Reed. CoBSlenmenU received diil? Auction M ndaj nighte, T p.m.* Prfrtte Bale dailr. Firet A". Au; I1M Flnt Aye. EL t-T»l«. ROUND oak Vlninr'room takll «nl enain. £ird cace. Two vaiblnc m«- ehines. Oretiera ar.'d miicilianecu. bouiehold furniture. Call KL 3-1126, or EL 2-S377 for appointment. .MOVING Open house. Sat. and Sun. 9 p..nv. to 9. p,m. Five of furniture, and all "household Accessories. (Antique table and lamp.) 929 16th St; Apt. C. EL 2-3883. American Furniture Co. 823 Sth .Street EL 3-1691 --USED-Two-piece telge living room suite. Excellent condition. __ $65.00 -J10.00 _J20.00 One live-piece dinette One chrome dinette set. Table and (our chairs.. Oval dinette table and lour chairs. Baby high chair Group, of .overatuft'id rliairs. Your choice ...·-. One gas .kitchen ./ange __ _,, : . Norge conventional washer. Hide-a-bed. ' Excellent condition . * 6.00 ? 5.00 ?59.00 $79,60 Greeley Furniture Co. COMPLETE set of 27 books. The Bible Commentary, Encyclopedia -- by Al bert Barnes, th*. great Protestant minister of the past century. Suit- able.for church-library or ministera who desires authoritative references on Biblical suolects. Coat ever 1200.00. tell for 175.CO. MePfcerson, 1613 13I Street. Ph. J52-1142. 2600'S. 8th-Ave. Ph. EL 2-5441 _: 24.95 --: ?24.95. eacri Household Goodi W A R D S ; Used Appliances on Hand Bcndix Combinatiph Record Playev And Radio $25.00 Gqronado 17-in. Table Model TV... _ ..;_ 39.95 M-W 21-in. Mahogany Console-TV Mahogany__ 69.95 40-in. Electric Range, Frigidaire, as is _:_^_-i_ 25.00 M-W-Refrigerator, Deluxe Model '.. ' 45.66 Kelvinator Refrigerator, full width, freezer in top __ : 69.95 Frigidaire Refrigerator, runs nice. Clean ^-^-- 39.95 Frigidaire Refrigerator.'Good condition, clean ' 59.95 Coronado Refrigerator, across top freezer. Clean.89.95 Kelvinator Refrigerator, works nice, good and Large wooden wardrobe Vacuum Cleaners.. Like new Used seven drawer desk with glass lop $39.95 Used bedroom suites $59.95 and up Used dresser _J___ : _$12.50 Treadle Sewing Machine, Singer j___^__ $24.95 Used.flexsteel curved sectional. Ideal'-for family clean. room or den ·.,_. ; $69.95 Mahogany Duncan Phyfe table, six matching chairs ,,_ :,, : $69.95 FREE DELIVERY. OPEN EVENINGS TIL 8:30 PLENTY OP FREE PARKING DRIVE OUT ·AND SAVE Westinghouse Laundromat. Works good. _. Hotpoint Automatic Washer. As is Hotpoint Dryer. Good condition _M-W Auto. Washer, works nice, clean. _. Several good treadle Sewing Machines. Your choice. '.. ' 49.95 39.95 . 20.00 . 39.95 . 49.95 25.dO ,ARGE 2 bedroom unfurnlsbetl fcsse- .nient apt. Available -Nov. 20. Call after t p.m;, EL 2-6S19. ' t'OR RENT-- Clean, C u r n l s b e d buffet and two roora apta. One ' or two adults. Ideal location.- 1419 Oth Ave. FOR RENT-- Unfnrni'he.1 ne«ly dec Montgomery Ward Co. ·ated 2 it, priv p l r l r r Avenue, ApU «. S , 1015 l l t h FOR RENT-- 3 rocm CumUber] ,kaie- mtnt apt., woikinc eoupl*. No ehil- . dren or pets. 2316 Sth SL Ph. EL IM12R. FOR RKN1 - Downtown ·parln-.enU. 'tl 10th SL n»oribl« ralci, mo«di»(- position. p»rtiillr lurnfih- tn.. OMyV« Agency. EL 2-5747. THRUE room furnS«!»'fl aparlrr.^nt Individual hpsl, private hath anc entrance. TV antenna. Call rt 12\ Uth Street. THREE room sfir.l.nascn-.enc fnrnlshei! apt. Private e n t r a n c e and bath Lotel; Kitchen. Wood floor*. ATai]. NEW. 2 beJ/oor.i iinTu r, draper: i. duplex. Stov« JM per 2-iT50. nib. EL S-05S6. or F.I. ONK bedroom house. I bit. from '"!-ln]pY Ie«. JSt per no. EL 3-1IM. Jojnfr ^ AealtT. New 2 bedroom apts partly furnished. iUnf urnished 2 bedroom D u - , 815 10th Street USED FURNITURE VALUES' Bcij^e Couch and Chair Aqua Settee ' _ _.,,,,_' Mahogany Step Tables (2) . M"ahogany Round Cocktail Brown Nylon RecUner (like .lew) Chrome 5-pc. Dinette _... Set of 4 Chrome and Black Chairs Set of 4 Yellow and Chrome Chairs Maple .Formica Table and ^ Early American Skirted Chairs. B-pc. Dinette 5-pc. 'Yellow and Chromo Dinette . Walnut Game Table and 4 Upholstered . Chairs (like-new) 8-p'c. Solid Walnut Dining Suite, Droplest Table, __- 49.9S 29.05 129.95 . B Chairs, Bnftet Valnut 3-pc. Bedroom Suite ____ _; ____ '. 15x18 Green Reversible Carpet _______ 12ilS Beige and Brown Carpet (Xylon) -295.00 _ 69.95 -129.95 -129.95 FLOOR SAMPLE CLEARANCE APPLIANCES, TVs' and STEREOS . RANGES 40 in; Whirlpool Deluxe, Reg. $289.35 $177.00 30 ir,: KCA Whirlpool, Reg. $199.95 _now $159.95 , . . WASHERS 1 RCA Whirlpool Imperial Mark 12 Reg. ?399.95 . now $260.95 RCA Whirlpool single hose Automatic Reg. $229.95 _-- novf 3179.95 · ; · · ' · ' DRYERS 1 RCA Whirlpool Imperial Mark 12 Reg. $329.95 '. --now $229.95 : ' ; , ' 'FREEZERS' 1 RCA Whirlpool 11 Cu. Ft. upright Reg. ?229.95 _ now 5179.95 1 RCA Whirlpool 17 Cu. ft. upright Reg. S349.95 _ llow $269.95 , v TELEVISIONS 2 RCA Victors 23 in. -with Remote control -now $250.00 with trad* CLEAN, furnisactT cabins. I · rooms with tslt. ullllli«. 160. 10.1 N. lllk Avenue. . COMPLETELY »rn. 1 and t bedroom retlagei. Week]/ and aontalj rale*. 2 rm. furn. huHet upt. J57.50 2 rm. furnished apt. DUPLEX--Two iMdrporn. Furaishej cr anfumlshfd. Built-in oven and ranEC. Carpet, drapea, man? extras. EL i.Malching Full Size Beds-,. Two room' Turn. apt. $10 Bunk lleds FOR RENT--On» er lw» b«dt£«M mobile hom«.i, tJ«ctiicily, water. !·('; aUo, ptckip coarh«a and eamperi. Nuiscr*!, EL tt-TKIr TWO bedroom kow« ITI Entii, 1mm- · t« occupan;, (CJ.OO ltr mnHth. . irett'. 4H Denver .Str«it. Ci.U Kay Ijnon RMlLf, KL BS-23..S. 2*00 Sth Av*., jrnfited «r«pt ii r«nr« and k««U UtDitfM ftrrnha- TOR KENTV-Home at to s-a)l Amllr. "n( vss fe. It Ph. EL 3-1888 -,57.50 5pke Finish Single Dresser with Mirror _ Spice Finish Double Dresser with Mirror Spice Finish Four Drawer Chest ............. _ Walnut Finish Double Dresser with Mirror Walnut Finish 5-Drawer Chest __________ _ ____ Kneehole Desks _ ........ _____ __.. Utilities furnished. Ef.gin 2-4753 PARK PLACE APTS. Furn. or unfurn. buffet apt* 49.95 74.95 . 34.95 -- 74.S5 -- 39.»5 __:-- M.JS From 24.95 -Reg. .?439,95 1 Philco 23 in. Maple cabinet Reg. $389.95 . $250.00 with trad* 1 Philco 23 in. Blonde cabinet. 1 Philco 23 in. Mahogany Lo^Boy S-Pc. BEDROOM G R O U P DRESSER, BED, 4-DRAWER CHEST. - 119.95 Steam beat, utilities. not water ' per month. ply 8S7 Slh St, Rm. 210. Ph. El 3-0752 or Opdyki Agency, Inc. Ph. EL 1-6747. AT' Reg.:$339.95 -now $250.00 with trad* Reg. 1369.95 1 RCA Victor 23 in. Lo-Boy Reg. 1349.95 :^__ _now $250.00 with trad* -now $250.00 with* trade STEREOS 2 Ultratone, 6 speakers, AM FM Radio, R«t; $249.95 718 10th Street NATURALLY Phon* EL 2-468211015 9th Av*. $173.9.5 JOSLIN'S APPLIANCES LOWER FLOOR ,

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