Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 10, 1962 · Page 21
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 21

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, December 10, 1962
Page 21
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Bus/ness Highlight* ly JACK LEFLIR if iMiiiMi Ntw, Writer NEW YORK 'API-Clamor for »n incwne tax cut - rouled in 1 1 limited to make up for tie revenue luss. Apparently it non't be long before there is an answer to what President Kennedy plans. He will MISTttMfGER many quarters with i demand for reduced federal spending- j'noaiic advance: others argued: malte ·"*"" '" described u a ma- Ithat a cushion against possible re-^ economit ' Policy address to ,.»«i, n t '** Economic Club of New York cession and lun"-term hpln 1/1 hn« ., . »v.« m. iun 0 icrrn neip to bus- i0n Oe,. 14 ] t jj ^pujj^^ ]j^| mess were the best that could be, that he will outline his tax plans. expected. grew louder during the week. | Considerable disagreement was Some economists and business evident over the desired size of men said lower taxes would be a springboard to quick, sharp eco- the proposed tax reduction and KING OF THE PORTABLES! Feature Pocket" Along with all of the tax Ulk there was a lot of economic pre-, dating as 1962 moved into its lait lap. The consensus of businessmen airing their views seemed to SMITH-CORONA Coronet ELECTRIC PORTABLE whether federal outlays should be be that (here are a lotof "Us" ahead but hole cause lor either soaring hopes or disappointment. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York said that, while business sentiment has improved, tax revision a needed "NOT breause the economy would otherwise slide into a recession but because ! Midi action seems to be required I to help strengthen the incen- .ives for longer-term economic growth." It sd-ufu that ihe prospect of a lax cut "makes restraint government spending all the more desirable." A survey oi 209 economists in business, universities and government by K W Dodge Corp.. a construction information service, showed the majority felt that a tax cut in the first quarter of next year was necessary for moderately good business in 1963. Their outlwk (or next year was lor slight change in the first half and moderate improvement in the second half. A controversinl tax issue--proposed new regulations on expense account deductions for entertain' YEAR GUARAHTH f. ss thorough going over at a two-day hearing in Washington. Businessmen complained that PERSONAL LOANS OEpr. Mo*, Dt«. 10. 1M2 GREELEY TRIBUNE P*f« 21 Myers Family Looking for Woman Who Made A Vow Gives 20011 Gifts in '(2 Happy Yule ! DENVER AP-This can't help ibeing a happy Christmas for the Leonard Myers family in their Wichita Fails. Tex., borne. Noli , ,, . .... when vou cousider what's hap-i A ! ' : f bor Clt {: ^ '.TT * us Opened in the last vear ^currently is making blankets for chant ·y NANCY ANDf RSON Souffi B«y Daily Brttxt WriHr . tide season lookri pretty bleak mMhin ^ wrin J er B vears 3 f- Inr Mv»rc -inf. k!r f-ttniln Dut . * . · . ° This time a year a?o the yule- for Myers and his family. But now he's going home from the hospital and his daughter. Mary Sue. 11. apparently has recovered I completely from an automobile I accident in Denver. for Mver c 39 last December. When he came ,"are my luxury item. 1 new | start dressing them until laiL" Mrs. Smith's husband, a mtr- mariner, helps dress the dolls when he's at home. His maia ig contribution is to stringe beadi. ," Many of the dolls wear necklaces, Mrs. Ralph Smith explains. ' r and flowers in their hair or other «r- I promised God if my hand got Indians. '1 caught my hand in a wa well, I'd use it every day of my life to do something for someone !?f; fc-'tun;tc than 1." As a result of the pledge. Mrs. i Smith has beeu forced to add a namenls. "The other day," Mrs. Smith says. "I got some fur scraps, to jl made stoles." Mrs. Smith makes an enormous investment of time if run 10 to 14 I room to her house to accommo- hours a day in her work but very , t i win LU IKI iiv^ac lu avivuiiiii^ home from «ork with a gas cum-| dale the Christmas gifts she stitch- pany street crew, his chest hurt. Hemorrhaging follow eil. es year round. Her first project was to dr«s "Now, whit do you want the money for?" November by 507,000 to 3.801,000, which raised the jobless percentage of the wort force to 5.8 per cent from 5.5 per cent a year earlier. Another dark spot was in business spending on plant and equipment, which the Rove'nment said would dip in the first quarter of next year from the present record level. It would be the first drop since the second quarter of 1961. New construction in November fell about eight per cent from the ment. travel and gills - got a October Itvtl to S5.3 billion. The usual decline for this period is six per cent. The booming pace of the auto- some restrictions would hurt their mobile industry was illustrsted when General Motors' Chevrolet businesses and that stiff record- keeping requirements would be n intolerable burden. internal Revenue Commissioner Mortimer M. Caplin took some ol the steam out of complaints at Divison delivered its two-millionth car of the year--the first time one make bad achieved that total. New car sales for the year lassed the six-million-mark dur the outset by pledging a restudy ing November with sales for the of the regulations and promising a reasonable approach which would not interfere with legitimate business expense reductions. A disappointing development was tlie rise in unemployment in month totaling 657,124, a record or the month. A total of 23,901,900 shares ol stock was traded last week com jared with 27,509,910 sold week before and 21,010,150 sold luring the same week of Bond sales totaled $32,225,000 last week, compared with $11.171,000 the week before and $35,899,OOC m the corresponding week a year ago. PothoU Forecaster VANCOUVER (API A loca engineer has devised a method o forecasting potholes in roads us Ing a device costing about $150 which, he says, will save thou sends of dollars in road repair D. A. Welsh, design enginee for district of North Van couver, uses a 12-foot aluminum l.OOOths of an inch lead t a breakup of road under heavy traffic. The beam will indicate acci ratcly the amount of gravel an asphalt needed to surface a ne road for expected traffic volum and the amount of resurfacin needed lo ? e c u . e adequat strength for Welsh. a poor road, say Doctors at a Wichita Falls hos-idolls lor children in the Sister pita! found he had advanced tu- Kenny polio clinic at El Monte. berculosis. Hillbillies' tars Finally Vlake the Top HOLLYWOOD (API - "Both! uddy and I have been close lo ie top many times, but we never [uite made it. Now we're up there nd 1 can assure you it feels mighty good." This was Irene Ryan talking. She and Buddy Ebsen are stars f "The Beverly Hillbillies." the nqueslioned hit of the 1962-63 tel- vision season. In five weeks on he air, it shot to the top of the udience ratings. It even defeated lob Hope in the surveys: no show ad been able to do that to a lope special before. If Irene wears a -slight glow, t's understandable. She has been show business since she was 3 and always has earned a good iving without achieving stardom. Granny Clampett, the pipe- imoking rustic, has changed that "When the kids came to mj louse on Halloween, they didn' ask for treats: they wanted mj autograph," said Irene wondering y. "This is something entirely new lo me." El Paso-born, the actress start ed early in vaudeville, later hai i successful husband-wife act wit husband Tim Ryan. When vaude ville brok..- up, they moved int radio with their show "Tim an Irene." When Tim and Irenell Calif. Last .March Myers came to the' "I kept the toy cupboard full," National Jewish Hospital at Denver whore the motto is "None things for old people at a county 'may cnier who can pay; none can home." pay who enter." The hospital is| Later, she added Indians and TB non-sectarian. [patients to her Christmas gift list. Doctors here discovered that in 1 I ' sin 8 donated scra P s lhat ran ?« from curtains discarded by a Bap- havir _ lycrs suffered from pulmonary tenosis. a narrowing of a heart alve. If left untreated, this could )e fatal. This meant two opera- ions instead of one-. The heart operation was set for ast August. Myers' family came ere to be with him. Mary Sue. i , . , - ashing across the street near the f , a , hospital, was struck by a car and but a few each year ,,, made of tist Church to a roll of plastic a disgusted manufacturer dumped in her front yard after his furni- little of money. "People give me dolls (or Christmas and my birthday," she styi. "because they know I need them to dress." With the help of a friend who a station wagon, she deliven she says. "Then I began to make almost all her gifts herself 12.0(0 is her goal for 1962). A missionary whom she's known more than 20 tears picks up the gifts for the Indian;. Doesn't Mrs. Smith get tired from so much sewing? "Well." she says, "when you oromise something, you like to do it. God didn't promise me any- ture business collapsed. Mrs.ithing. I promised Him. When Tm Smith makes slippers, baby cloth- not working -- like right Bow -- I es, head rests, blankets (which feel funny." are really more like quilts), and many other things. Most of the slippers are made j, serviceable material. or three days was on the critical ist with head injuries. Once she was able to be up igain, Myers had his operation during which his heart was .topped so repairs could be made. Seven weeks later Myers was in the operating table again, this ime to have the disease-riddled obe of his left lung removed With it went the last trace of tu- erculosis, doctors said. "When things happen like thai --so fast--you can't believe it at bright taffeta and go to girls in a tuberculosis hospital. Realizing that the spirit as well the body may need healing rs. Smith also sends 25 beautiful, dressed dolls to mothers at a I hospital who can't Christmas op but who would like to send esents to their children. "The dolls," Mrs. Smith says 'Then Myers you've said Thursday got nothing bu faith. I can't find words to tel you how grateful I am that it al turned out as it has." USE THE TRIBUNE WANT AD! broke up, the continued as a single, playing in movies, nightl clubs, legit and radio, notably a two-year stretch as foil lor the 11 above-mentioned Hope. Irene played a running charac-l ter in several segments of the ill- | fated "Bmiging up Buddy," but beam, tripod »nd sensitive de- otherwise her television career| flection scale--the whole know is Benkelman Beam--to mea sure how much a road sinks an rises as a heavy truck is drive extensive measurements against traffic condition show a deflection of behvee 30/l,000tht «nd 80/100ths of inch U tolerable for moderat traffic. But a deflection of 95 was hit and miss. Until last year at this time. She had an interview for the Granny role, but was toid by the casting director that shej was too young. She went to fee the Hillbillies'| creator, Paul Henning, an old friend. He repeated the too-young verdict. "Look, Paul, do I have to go home and get my grey wig and shawl to convince you I can play granny?" she argued. "If you get anybody older than me to play the role, she won't be abie to stand ihe pace. I know what those 7-to-7 schedules are like." He admitted he was testing three oilier actresses with Ebsen. and she convinced the producer to let her have a try the same dav. That did II. Storm Doors · 'full 1 in th.d, utrudsd llur f«r PrtscriftiO!n.-A*». Aluminum STORM DOORS an* WINDOWS HOME SERVICE 3S26006 CHRISTMAS SHOPPING TIP! New HOOVER Portable On vicuum cliinir with mrythin|...INSIDE Weather ttr.pped facin · Oihtt brar n g hinges · Safety chj.n · Cloier -- 10 year guaran Pioneer nuibtlon?nd Ropflng Co Phone .IS'J-6896 2301 10th St. ATTACHMENTS FOR EVERY NEED! TELESCOPING WAND! NEW TUFFLEX HOSE (alwiyt attached) KING-SIZE BAG! UGHTI CONVENIENTI ATTMCnVEJ th* most pnrtrtul HOOVER cleinM tvcr built! IF VOU HAVEN'T SEEN this MW cleaner -- stop and look it over. You will be amazed. 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