Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 6, 1975 · Page 6
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 6

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 6, 1975
Page 6
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The Idaho Free Press The Mews-Tribune. Thursday. February 6.1975-6 NON. - FRI. DAYTIME TV Ann Landers fi I 1 11 1 0 3 0 _ H 30 1J.30 1.30 - :30 3 3 0 4:30 5.30 Ch.2 KBCl (CBS) Gambif Love of Lilt- Search lot Tons/ro* As the Wong Twn Fd?e cl Nigfti Do-Jon* Sic* K B C l New* Ch. 4 KAID(PBS) S«ame 5lr et . EletPut Company V.Ira Alfgre C ii..-er Tues . Thjri only" Snanv ^l.-e, · Wi 8i9eri Villa Atesrr Ch.6 KiVI(ABC) The uer SJTO-V Patvwo'd All My Children tlC 01.3 Pyramid Tfte B q SFtcw:1o*n General Htip.iji The rVonpy Maie 'ivv. Zoo R?vi,e Ire. ABC E^ni/. B ArYwi Ch.7 KTVB(NtC) Trie Today Shew High Roller* JitVpol When ol Forlune AnolJier World Somffut The FBI Grcpn Aern Andy Golfilh NflC Nightly Ne*S U K E -- A U TV-STEREO GE- APPLIANCES- ALL REFRIGERATION 459.0804 ·*· B «*!*·· Ill A B 1 Jl R · E If ' V DLHUlVCn 0 1 THURSDAY'S TV 6:30 7:30 1:30 1:30 10 10:30 : 11:30 V 13:30 Ch.2 KBCl (CIS) Truth or CcnicqjtfKti Fimily AlFair The Wiltons Thursday Nighl V.ovic CBS Ljle Movie Morning Ch. 4 KAID (PIS) fcietlric Company Sr a rehouse Heporl Idaho WilcllMc Consumer Survival Kit Bill Moyfii Report The Japanese Film .. ,, Ch.6 KITC(AK) High Chaparral Dainey W.illpr Karen Slieeh ol 5 F. Harry 0- Com bit Good New* Ch.7 KTVB(NBC) The Mac Daviv Show Archer Ironiirjf Newibeit 1 The Tonight Show Tomorrow FRIDAY'S TV CH; 2 ch. 4 KBCl (CBS) KAID (PBS) .6 KITC(ABC) 6 t 30 7 7 30 Hawaii Five 0 Electric Company Slalehouie Rrpart Avuiion Weilhcr fd Forward Wall S'rcfi Week Waslerp ece Theatre Cw.1nc« Ne. CBS Lale rVav, Thf ri.gnr S HoM e^Krmorp The Odd Fndav ri^hr Movie i ~ . . .-1:; i r.'i 1 '· Ch.7 KTVB(NBC) To Tell !he Tri/IK Lei's Matte a Deal S4nlord Son Chico A Thf mn Tlip Rocklcrd FilCi Program Highlights fill i2i KAM1IA AKKAIU- l£"Alherline" S iOti : 6 i K O L C H A K . T M K ^MCilT STALKKIl-··('li- l/npper" Kolchak discot-crs .1 ^link helwern n series if Jgniesoine dc;itlis anil an Jincidcn! t h a i happened J t w e n t y years ago during a Avar briivi-cn two motorcvcle » H ) AVIATION'WEATHER W- This is an official FA.A ^isual and aural aviation /briefing, i n c l u d i n g local ijorccasl inserts for fliglit Silanning purposes. After Jfach briefing. Ihc program jjoeals w i l h pilot education lnd information. Jfi i 2 H A W A I I K I V - 0 - IJ'Snuiii Witness, l.arije ^"rinic.. \ H FEED FOriWAUD - p'Und Use: Values Old and £,'ew" This is Ihc second of five programs on land use. i (4) WASHINGTON WEEK #N REVIEW - This scries gives Ihe insights and ob- icrvations of veteran P ashington correspondents the major stories of the ?ck from Ihc n a t i o n ' s pilol jKnfl '2.' CRS KlilDAV JNIGHT MOVIE- -Diny fjfOingus Magce" w i t h Frank aPsinalr;) Tlie western ad- ^·"·"liirr d r a m a revolves ui'l ii wild renegade who 'has the cavalry on his trait, ftthr law at his liiroat. outlaws 9al his luck and women on his Fjniind fflO ( f i i TIIK ODD COUI'I.K- FRIDAY "T\vn Men nn u Hoarse." Ucspilc the less of his voice. un«nliciled help front Kelix--m;ikes a guest appearance on the Dick f'avett prn^rnm. 8:10 HI WALL STKEET WEEK -- Slock market authority and host Louis Kukeyser and a panel of economic experts examine markel activity, answer viewer quesiions. assess eccmumic trends and quiz guesis from (lie f i n a n c i a l and business community. ij:mi n D K A N .MAHTO KOASTS-l.LicilleHall is the woman of the hour on tonight's roast Among the show husiness personalities on Ihe show will he the late Jack Henri;. It was the final television appearance of thf f,imei comedian nhn died Dec 2filh 9:00 Hi MASTERPIECE THEATRE-"The Higgler" Harvey Wittow. a "higgler" (a dealer in produce), is offered a perfect farm, a secure life, and a lovely woman. Harvey can't hclievc his luck in this A.E. Oippard short story adap- tiun. IO:OC(4iKL:P'S.SilOW-Thisis a timely uninhihilcd thought- provoking talk show tapes in C h i c a g o . P o l i t i c a l dignitaries, leading scien- t i s t s , corporate heads, educators and nearly every celcliritj in ilio on- leriaimnent world are numbered as gucsls. l«:3.i t H S I.,\TE .\f(»VIK-- "Doctnr I'hihes liiscs Again" Vincent I'ricc. Terry Thnmas. Koberl Quarry. l l : 0 ( l i G i P K I D A V XKJIIT S P E C I A L M O V I E - " I l Came from Beneath Ihe Sea" starring Kenneth Tobey. An atomic submarine encounters an unknown object in its shakedown cruise...a g i a n t oclopus affected by an ll-llomb. U.S. forces seardi and finally locate il jusl as it enters San Francisco Harbor and starts its destruction. Charge against sheriff dropped RLACKFOOT, Idaho p [UPIi A charge u\ "neglect of public monies" has been dropped against Bingham County Sheriff A. B. Hess by Prosecutor lieid Larson. I.arson lolcl Magistrate Robert Brower he had iieci/ied not in press charges against Hess because the sheriff had made full restitution and because of his heart condition. Hess made restitution of H.IOO which he said was money Irom a locked drawer in the uffice and which was useil as petty cash fund for departmental expenses Although it was not a condition for dismissal of charges, Hess has announced his decision In resignasshcriffeffective March I Right on! CANBERRA (UPK -· A new bumper sticker at the federal capital: "Fight Air Pollution, Gag A Politician." Student blasts 'planned sex' attitude Dear Ann Landers: I dare you to print this letter and ruin Middle America's day. The nitwit who signed her leller "A Shoulder To Cry On" should be told that birlh control information and contraceptives were legally available' at Ihe lime she gol pregnant. THE FAMILY CIRCUS Asa college student I've heard Ihc same ridiculous story over and over again. Hgoei like this: "I kney the Infirmary would prescribe a contraceptive for me bul I believed it was wrong lo deliberately PLAN for sex. I always figured that MX, like murder. Is not so terrible If it's n By Bil Ktan« "When your boss is out sick do they s*nd a substitute?" Program Highlights THURSDAY G:30 (2) FAMILY AFFAIR"The Unsound of Music" 7:00 (4) IDAHO WILDLIFE This series is produced in cooperation with the Idaho Fish and Game Department. 7:00 12) THE WALTONS"The Choice" John and Grandpa try lo expand their lumber business. 7:30 4 CONSUMER SURVIVAL KIT - "The Last Rights: A Look at Funerals" The American funeral is the subjecl tonight as host Larry Lewman narrates a pictorial study of the qvolulion of funerals as well ( te the problemsi of fm jincing them'today.'' '' "' I : I ' ' ' ' " 8:00 (2) CBS THURSDAY N I G H T MOVIE "Dillinger" Warren Gates, Michelle Phillips. Set in the lawless and troubled days of the Depression, the drama revolved around the adventures of the flamboyant and notorious bank robber John Dillinger, who rose to the lop of the most-wanted list but who was finally brought down by an FBI agent with Ihc help of a Evans' vote kills memorial BOISE (UPD-Lt.Gov. John V Evans 1 firsl vote as president of the Senate killed a proposal memorializing Congress to amend or repeal the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. The Senate then passed Tuesday a memorial asking Congress to provide (or permanent on-site consultive service under OSHA. The vole was 18-16. Notice of reconsideration was served for both measures. , Opponents of the memorial which was killed after Evans broke a 17-17 lie objected lo the harshness of Ihe wording in Ihe measure. They 'especially took exception lo the language about inspectors being "judge, jury and executor." Johnson country JOHNSON CITY, Tex. (UPD -Former President Lyndon Johnson's Hereford ranch is near Johnson City. It once was referred to as the Texas White House and is now the sits of his grave. PHONE 466-7891 or 459-4664 to place your classified ad. mysterious lady in red. R:0ii (7) Al;CHER-Brian Keith star," in this new detective series. 6:00 (4) BILL MOVERS' J O U R N A L : I I N - TERNATIONAL REPORT -- Emmy Award-winning journalist Bill Moyers hosts this new international affairs series which features interviews with world leaders, discussions with foreign journalists of world events, and film reports on global issues. 6:00 (6) STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO-"The Pro- eramrrting of Charlie Blake" "' 'Del ective L(. Mike Slone' and' Inspector Steve Kelltr seek the assailants of a young woman by interviewing former sex offenders--one of whom may be under posthypnotic suggestion. 9:00 (4) THE JAPANESE FILM -- "Harakiri" The meaninglessness of revenge is exposed in Mssalti Kobayaski's stunning film ' sot in the Tokyo of 400 years ago. The production stars Ihe popular Japanese actor Tatsuya Nakadai. »:00 (6) HARRY 0-"Silenl Ki" Harry 0 lires lo prove Ihe innocence of a deaf mule suspected of arson and murder. 10:110 17) THE TONIGHT SHOW-Johnny's guests will include comedian Mel Brooks. 10:35 (2) CBS LATE MOVIE"Sol Madrid" David McCallum, Stella Stevens, Telly Savalas. thing." Believe il or not, Ann, but some girls would rather trust lo luck or have an abortion than use birth control methods lj*cause they think planned sex is like planned crime. ' As for you, Levey, your notion that premarital sex can be very bid for a young girl If there is a lack of sincerity and caring on Ihe young man's part is perfectly valid. But do you honestly believe that marriage removes those dangers? Sometimes il makes them worse. Even though Ihe divorce rale in this country is zooming, Ann Landers says, "Get married firsl." You gotta be nuts.--A Reader Dear Reader: You are also A Writer. Thanks for a good letter. Nol only is the divorce rale zooming, but the moral standards of this country are falling through the basement. This indicates to me, al least, that somebody had better start talking about premarital sex in terms of values and not view the girl who says "no" as an archaic, moth-eaten square. I may be a museum piece myself, bul 1 still insist that very few high school girls have itie emotional maturity lo handle a sexual relationship without feeling depreciated and "used" when it's over. Even among college-age couples, unless Ihere is mutual commitment and genuine caring, premarital sex can hi 1 plenty damaging, especially lo Ihe woman. O.K., now I'll put on my bifocals, go back lo my rocker and crochet some doilies. 4-+ + Ueaer Ann Landers: I know you don't write an etiquette column but you are Ihe best one to fii'l (his message across lo (he public. Ik-re il isi "IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT A WORD MEANS-LOOK IT UP." 1 have two unmarried sons living at home and I've lost count of Ihe number of invitations they've received addressed to: "Mr. XYZ and Escorl." Isn't il shocking the number of ignorant people there are in this world? Sign me--Educated In The Dark Ages j~j~»^rn_rx-r ·OVIl UTINt (HIE fir rirnii t»t Tnif NISI IMC r wHr 1 7 mtuHtt « f Kim w A MH | Talk ol Of Double Dear Ed: I've had worse shocks in my time. But thanks for writing. + + -(Dear Ann Landers: Please Ca 7r7ed away." Thanks"'^ speak English in your column- translating my answer into nol high-brow esoteric jargon, language which is easier to When a woman wrote recently understand, and asked if masturbation was harmful you replied, "If il becomes obsessive and compulsive il can border on Ihe pathological and, iherefore. be harmful." Why didn't you jusl say, "II is Doors open at 5:30 454.1731 Deai Potion: H yo-j wou'rf bt ol erded by a Him ot a «*ual rri-r* NOW SHOWING AT 2 THEATRES! p 459-7792 Cil«l)j«iS:45-SkMH7:15 7 «i8Enr R BROCCOLI 1,1 HAimr SMTZHAM ,, !;[UH^;li'][iIi]Tr JAMES BOND 007 - IAN FLEMING'S "THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN' , GUY HAMILTON S:t»giii b BICHARD MAlBMIMj-d TOM MANKIEWICZ RESTAURANT LOUNGE 9123rd SrreelSo. 466-2645 SWEETHEART COUPON SPECIAL M 00 OFF This coupon good for $ 1.00 OFF your dinner for two (or more) FRIDAY, FEB. | 14th ONLY. Limit one coupon per table. SEE OUR NEW CHIUREK'S MENU Child's Portions at Reduced Prices COUNTRY INN WEEKEND SPECIAL! EffMthe Tbri, FA. Itk tkn SK, Ft*. Stk 7-OZ.SBLOiSTEU l2MMkjMSTERTUS Served with homemade soup or crisp tossed salad, baked potato, bread basket and hot coffee "Fim fly l)i*l*f Ml Btft* *i . . . THE COUNTRY INN

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