Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 6, 1975 · Page 5
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 5

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 6, 1975
Page 5
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The Idaho Free Press i 'flu 1 News-Tribune, Thursday. February 6,1975 -- S ' Congress scuttles attempt to boost food stamp cost WASHINGTON U f l ' l i - Till' I loiw niul Senate have voicd by huge-margins lo block President Ford's attempt (n raise llio price I he |Kinr pay lor food stamps. A While House aide sniil I'nrd is likely In give in and sign the congressional action because Hit' voles against him in e:icli house were far more llian the I w n - l h i r d s needed to override a vein The House veiled :)74 to .18 nn Tui'scliiy and Hie Srnalt 1 7(1 In 8 mi Wednesday (o har any in- erease in fund s t a m p priees Ihn.ngh Hue. :«l. II was Hie first bill passed Iiy t h e lieavily IH'incuralic !Hlh ('niign's.-, which ninvcneii in . l a n u a n , and il ,i Mow ID Kin'd's announced aim nl culling Space shuttle a 'repair truck' A FULL-SCALE .MODEL of (he low cost .Modular Spacecraft is pul through paces in a space shuttle orbiter demonstration at Rockwell International Corporation's Space Division at Downey. Calif. Rockwell engineers are designing shuttle- Formal announcement tonight based equipment for handling spacecraft during on-orbil launch, resupply and retrieval operations in a study for \AS.VsCmlrtanl Space Flight Center. (DIM I'holo) Jackson unfurls campaign flag WASHINGTON t U P l i - Sen. Henry Jackson, a front-runner for Ihe 1970 Democratic presidential nomination, makes his formal announcement tonight. The Washington senator, who has been organizing his campaign (or more than a year, purchased five minutes of television time from CBS to gain a national audience tor his declaration. Jackson will join three other declared Democratic c a n didates: Rep. Morris Urtall o( Arizona, former Gov. Jimmy Carter of Georgia and former Sen. Fred Harris of Oklahoma. Sources expect Sen. Lloyd Bentsen. D-Tcx.. another undeclared candidate, lo announce on Feb. 17. Jackson's entry would leave one major element missing -- Gov. George Wallace of Alabama, whose 1972 campaign ended in a crippling assassination atlempl. Wallace, slill nol declared, is slaying in a position lo enter, and his strong standing in national public opinion "trial heats" pul him in Ihe front rank of potenlial Democratic candidates. Jackson. 62. has teen regarded one of the leaders for Ihe nomination since Sen. 'Edward Kennedy. D-Mass.. took himself oul pf 1976 presidential speculation last fall. The withdrawal of Sen. Walter Mondale. D-Minn.. who had lieen seen as a candidate of Ihe party's liberal wing, further enhanced Jackson's -status among- political handicappers. · · ' · Jackson was elected lo Ihe House in 19Hland won the first of four Senate terms in 1952. Regarded as one of the mosi effective senators, he is chairman of Hie Senate Inferior CoinniiMcr and has been involved in energy legislation for years. He also has supported a strong U.S. defense establishment and a firmly anti-Communist foreign policy. Me was one of the senators hehind the demand that Itussia permit more Jewish e m i g r a t i o n to gel a trade agi cement. On dome-slit 1 issues, Jackson generally has supported liberal proposals, and has a perfect record; of Ijackiiigy. legislation soughljby organitedhabor. " Jack'sfin's political strengths for the rj7ii nomination center on the Democratic party's Jobless workers launch Washington protest rally W A S H I N G T O N U F I Aboul 10.000 unemployed blue collar workers came to Washington Wednesday for a protest rally lhal at times looked like a political convenlion and sounded like a revival meeting The meeting in Ihe National Guard Armory was sponsored by the politically potent United Auto Workers union, which das borne the brunt of recession- caused layoffs. The gathering shouted and stomped its approval of U A W President Leonard Woodcock's call for a quick lax cut and eventual tax reform lo "make the rich pay Iheir fair shore:" They shouted. "We w a n l Ted." w h e n Sen. Edward Kennedy. D-.Mass.. said "putting Ihe American labor force back lo work is our No. 1 p r i o r i t y . " And referring lo President Ford, he said, "At least we know · he's worried about one jot) - his o w n . " Sens. Walter Mondale and H u b e r t H u m p h r e y . l ) - M i n n . . and Harrison Williams. D-N.J.. were among Ihe other speakers from Capitol Hill. Williams said he w o u l d introduce a hill lo triple Ihe number of public service jobs a v a i l a b l e lo unemployed workers. I'HONK -tlili-Yti'Jl or 458-4664 to place your classified ml. It's fast, easy £ economical.- "regular" and "old liberal" wings. Despite some rccenl disagreements, he probably will continue lo be strongly supported by Hie API,-CIO. He Iried In run in 1972. but he divided r e g u l a r support with Sen. H u b e r t H u m p h r e y , I ) - M i n n . , and made a poor showing. f l i s opposition lo Sen. Ueorge McGovern three years ago. along with the "Cold Warrior" image he projected, make him u n a c c e p t a b l e to those who propelled McGovern to t h e nomination. That conflict has nol yul died. Jackson recently has been trying^ lo mend fences with .liberals, campaigning in 1974 on behalf of the likes of Hep. Itoberl Drinan. D-Mass., and former Hep. Allan! I.owenslein. D-N.V Jjj public, Jackson Inspires lilUc charismatic excitement. Hut' he is it proven vole geller, winning by 02 and 04 per cenl in 1970 and 1964. His prc-announccmeht period has been spent pulling (ogelher a strong campaign organization and raising money. He scored something of a coup last fall iiy hiring Hubert Kcefc. executive director of Ihe Democratic National Committee, as his (op political adviser, and wound up 1974 with $932,000 out of $1.1 m i l l i o n collected --for the campaign ahead. lK)WNI-:V.t'ali[. i l l P I i - The space agency Ims unveiled ;i full si/.e model ol a "space repair Iruck" lhal w ill he able In rocket up lo ailing satellites in (he future, and l i x Ihem in orbil. saving billions ot dollars in launch fusts. liockwcll I n l c r n a l i o n a l and NASA officials showed reporters the model space shuttle Wednesday, p o i n t i n g mil ils a b i l i t y tn do "roadside mainlenance." The space shullle, now being developed, w i l l be able lo be l a u n c h e d inlo o r b i t , place .sali'lliles or (lo ulher space lasks, and t h e n can be flown back In fiirih like a plane and used .again, replacing Ihe expensive "one-shol" vehicles used loday. Initially', il was thought lhal (he shullle could rendezvous villi satellites in need of repair. pluck (hem oul of orhil and inlo ils cargo area anil return Ihem (o earth for repairs, saving Ihe cosl of making und launching a new satellite. NASA estimated lhal would save $7 billion over 12 years. Dul N A S A engineers at the Coddard Space Klighl Ci-nlrr in Oreenliclt. M i l . anil private manufacture! s developed a way In repair satellites in orhil. saving Ihe relaunch cost Tlicplan. wliidi worked nn Ilic inndel W e d n e s d a y , i n v o l v e s building satellites w i t h replaca- Me modules, or "drawers" of L-omptmenls. The fivw ill Ihe shullle. alter snagging t h e s a t e l l i t e a n d hauling il into Hie cargo hay w i t h a long manipulator arm, w i l l In 1 able lo work on il wilh remote control tools guids'tl by closed circuil lelevision eyes. Tin 1 "drawer" umlaining Ihe l i i t i l l y component can be remm'i'd. i rcplaccmem inserted, and Ihe satellite returned lo orbil. Dr. Hubert Wilson of NASA said the "roadside m a i n t e n a n - ce" plan would cost only UK JUT cenl as much as b r i n g i n g sali'llilcs lo earth for repairs and relaunching Ihem. Theshullle is scheduled lor ils firsl "piggyback" Ipunui from an airplane in I:i7(i a n j ils first vertical, rocket-launched flight in 11179. becoming operational in ^mcinnii'iil spending as par) ot lii^ economic program. Seventeen million A m e r i c a n s n per cent of Ilie population use Icdei al loud stamps lo help hu groceries Tlu.'\ now pay between n and :liipi'i c e n t o l l h n r i n c o m e s - an average of 2.1 per cenl - to oli- tam the stamps r'ord ordered llial al! ul 'I,cm pay :Ui per cenl hci;ininn|! M a r c h 1. w h i c h lie said w i n i l d save Ihe government ?iil,i million iiexl liscal year Congri'Ss' a c t i o n , if Kurd accepts it. means hi* proposed ?rrJ b i l l i o n d e f i c i t next fiscal \ear would be nuirc Iliau a IK.II i n l l i n n higher unless other Minds jri- cut or gnvci tiincnl revenues increased 1'iulvT r'urd's order, an I'lcli'i'lj widow wilh an income,o£ Si w a month, who now pays $tn' lo buy S4G w c i r l l i of lood stamps; would have !» pay S3H for Uic same stamps. The fact t h a t l-'ord's order was lo go inlo clleci March I and thai s t a l e s , w l i i c h d i s t r i b u t e I h e stamps, were already preparing n e w p r i c e l i s t s , p r o m p t e d , congressmen lo move faster^ Mian usual. i , Now you know ^ ll I'nilril r'l'i-ss Inli'i-nuliuniil'' II all I lie pi'opk' nl Ilip world w e n - pul in one area and each" giM'ii linn sq'.nre Icel ol land Id', 1 sliind on. ihe\ would lake u'p'' : abonl «,i square miles -or : ' about n n f - i h m l i h e s i z c o f HhoBr 1 'Island · · : · : Today's weather HM10NM W I l l H I t UtvlCI KXICllI 3000 UhWIAlHfllOlOCAtl SNOW will linger tonight over Hie lower Great Lakes region !.i.; ; and pans of New England. Snow is also in slore for sections.! .· of the upper Mississippi Valley while rain falls across the .v.'-.i: S'lirllmcsl and lower Florida. Mostly (air weather is forecast:; v,elsewhere. - .,.-,.. Sst, meester, wanna buy an automobeel? D K T K U I T i U H t - T l W e ' s a strung Spanish accent 'in Detroit's auto industry now (hat General Motors hns zeroed in on .Seville as the name lor ils new "liahy Cadillac." H I M learned today l h a l Seville 1 , a eily in southwest Spain, was selected after GM'.s lop brass losscd oul an earlier pick --Ihe La Salle which was a less expensive version of Ihe Cadillac prior to World War II. They were- afraid it would bear Ihe stigma of being a cheap Cadillac which i! is not with ils $12,000 price lag. Seville is the third Spanish n ami- svlcclcd by Detroit automakers this year lo put on entirely new cars. Font wenl to Granada for ils Satirist swings with First Lady W A S H I N G T O N l U I ' l i Humor columnist Art Ritchwald is going to have In write a sequel lo "I Never Danced al Ihe White House." Duchwald was a guest at a White (louse dinner Wednesday nigh! honoring Pakislani Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, and he twirled Kirsl I.ady Deity Ford ,'around the dance floor when Ihe Marine Dand struck up "They'll Never Believe Me." The pudgy, cigar-smoking satirist and author of Ihe book "I Never Danced at Ihe White House.", was all smiles when he entered. Buchwald had nol been especially welcome at the While House for a number of years particularly during the Nixon era when his jibes did nol sit well wilh Ihe adminislralion: Buchwald, interviewed by fellow newsmen, quipped (hat Ihe sumptuous "supreme of pheasanl" dinner "hasn'l influenced me al all." Bu! he added with a Iwinklc in his eye. "I think Ford's program is perfect and I wouldn't change a thing. We have to go Ihe whole roule." he said wilh a smile. "But 1 ,c«n'l understand why everyone was laughing when 1 walked in." Mrs. Ford said she would have asked Buchwald lo dance if h« didn't ask, her. But he did Ihe honorable thing. II was a night (or dancing and Ihe President and Mrs. ford did a lot of il. But Secretary of Slate Ifcnry Kissinger and his wife, Nancy, left right after dinner. Kissinger sat next lo movie star Candicc Bergen, who has been taking a series of exclusive photographs of Ford for a magazine arlicle. When he was asked how he liked sitting nexl lo Miss Bergen. Kissinger raised his eyebrows and said, "I know Miss Bergen." When the former "secrel swinger" was asked if hrj ever daled Miss Bergen -and he has --Ihe secretary of slale looked around sheepishly and said, "Where's my wife." .Miss Bergen,, wearing a glittering blue sequin gown with her blonde hair falling lo her shoulders, «as (he dale of chief W h i t e House photographer David Kenncrly. [xiuis Polk. New Vork man- about -town and escorl of singer Polly Bergen, cut in on Kenncrly and asked Candice lo dance. After going through Ihe rock gyrations. 1'n'k told Kennerly, "Thanks. Dave," and with a (lark look. Kennerly replied, "Oh, any lime." Mrs. Ford also danced wilh the slar performer of Ihe evening,' black jazz musician Billy Taylor. Knrd had introduced Taylor al a post dinner galherinR in the Easl Itoom, repeating Ihe maxim. "If you have in ask what fan is. you'll noccr know." n e w l u x u r y . . c o m p a c t a n d Ch'rysW \venl!ii Cordoba for ils now mid-sized Chrysler, t.ihe Ihe t'ordoha. Ami'ncans are sure In murder the Spanish name 1 of Cadillac's new car. ·Chryslercalls I I Ihe Cnr-doeha w i l h Ihc- accent on Ihe second syllable while it's Corda-va in Spanish w i l h Ihe accent on the first syllable. In any case. Ihe four-door sedan goes on sale May 1. Il has lols of glass area and is 2R inches shorlcr t h a n I h e s t a n d a r d Cadillac al2d:iinches. GM hopes In build 2S,(Klfl Sevilles during the currenl model year wilh a two-door model expected in the next model year. !M expects a big luel economy improvement wilh a s t a n d a r d :iso-cubic i n c h V - » engine instead ol Ihe SHO-cubic i n c h e n g i n e i n i t s c u r r e n t Cadillacs. Kighleen miles per gallon can be expected Kven with Ihe high price.lag. Cadillac doesn'l expect to have loo much difficulty selling Ihe car. Luxury sales have been climbing in a depressed markc-l Allain a HostTM Ciildwell Chicago Dallas Denver DuUilli Houston Jacksonville Soviet b/ost-off MOSCOW l U P I i . Soviel scientists launched Ihe Molnia 2 communications satellite inlo orbil today. Ihe Tass news agency said. iMolnia 2 will beam Soviel television programs lo points on Ihe "Orbita" network and will relay long-range lelephone. telegraph and radio communications in the Soviet Union. Tass said. High .·)« 42 IB 52 -12 5 57 55 · Low 10 22 28 4 27 Hi -17 ?- :i5 n Kansas City Los Angeles M i a m i Nampa New Orleans New York Phoenix San Francisco Seallle Si. Louis \\ashinglon 35 63 74 41 54 38 71 60 41 29 . 42 f 2 " t · 2825 · 28; i 46-, 30.- 27 ' , LOSE UGLY FAT- Bun latins welsh! lodiy or mantv '.' back, MONADEX a a tinvtablaV'' ' and i«y to taka. MONADEX will'if:.: h«lp curb your dnire for axca«-,.-- food. Eit l«t-w«gh IMC. Coauim i. no darigarous dru^ and wit! n6t "·*' rnaka you narvoui. No rtr»nu«lf) '· exarcisa. Changa your Mfa . , . start * . ' today. MONAbEX cost $100 f o r ' ' a 20 diy tupply. Larga aconomy. · ' uza i! $5.00. Abo try AQUATABS: lhay work oantly to halp you kJM" ' - wttar-bloit. AQUATABS -a "watar -· ·'·; pill that workt - $3.00. Both,; -. · guarantaad and told by: ;'.".,'. Skasgs Dru s Ctnlof -- Karchir «iij"''i' Shopping Clr. -- Mill Orden Filled. '" :''·: WHY You Ve Going BROKE · and what you can do about it. 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