Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on April 21, 1972 · Page 20
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 20

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Friday, April 21, 1972
Page 20
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School Menus menus K a s t Hot, lunch menus tor schools in Dislrict Six, and breakfast for Chnppclow West, Memorial, Franklin, Jefferson, Park nnd Greclcy West High School for the ensuing week, April 24-28, will inlude: SENIOR HIGH SCHOOLS (Wich Choices) Monday: Buttons and bows choice of whole milk, cither ilain or chocolate, daily. The elementary serve plain vliole milk daily wilh n choice of chocolate every Monday. u , , M r AWARDS Ci TM McKenna, director of the Weld County Welfare Department, presents 10- and 15- year certificates to deserving foster parents of this county during National Foster Children's Week. Thc'group gathered for a iwl luck supper at Island Grove Park nnd was entertained after.the meal by vocal and instrumental selections by several of (he children. Winners of awards'pictured are' back row, from left, Mrs. Lillie Gregory, Mrs/Eldon Seheel By Abigail Van Buren t« lin br csicjw Trfbu.n-N. Y. Han int.. Inc.] DEAR ABBY: You recently published a letter from a wife who had a message for her husband's mistress. Tlease be fair -and give me equal time, Ahby. I have a message for that wife. Dear Wife; You .say, "Never expect to see him on Sundays or holidays." Are you kidding? He goes to his .office, for a few hours on Sunday so, I can meet him there 1 . Or else -we talk for hours on the phone. You say, "Never call him at home." We have that worked out, too. I ring once and hang up. Then he goes immediately, to his place of business and I get in touch with him there. You say, "Don't ever expect him to take you out in public." . . . Who needs the public? We are private people. You say, "You can't depend on him in time of personal crisis." You are so right, but neither can you, as he is hardly ever home. You say, "Don't believe him. when he says his wife is a shrew, cold, homely, too fat [or -too "thin"].; and she hasn't slept with him for 10 years." He never said that. YOU did! You say, "Don't ever expect his wife to divorce him, even if she catches him. Sht knows that you arc not his first and won't be his last. Also, she is not about to give up Tier status, financial security and retirement income because of you. However, her discovery will probably terminate his affair with you, so be prepared to get some new clothes, circulate and find another married man whose wife is a shrew, cold, homely, too fat [or too thinj and hasn't slept with him for 10 years." I really pity you. What good is all lhat status when all your friends know that your husband is in love with another woman? YOUR HUSBAND'S MISTRESS DEAR ABBY: Two of my girl friends and I were talking atraut our problems when my mother walked in and heard us. She said, "Why don't you write to Dear Abby about it?" So here goes: We are sophomores in high school and our problem is students who smoke in the lavatories. I suffer from bronchial asthma and my two friends have allergies, and those school lavatories are so filled with smoke by the end of the day, we can't even go in there. Abby, we are not exaggerating! Sure, we have a "No Smoking" rule in our school, but the principal and most of the teachers smoke themselves, so they don't push it. [But they have their own smoking room.J Don't you think we have the right to ask for smoke-free lavatories? Please, tell them. People with no respiratory problems take breathing for granted. BONNIE, MAU'Y LINDA: BINGHAMTON, N'.Y. 1JKAR BONNIE, LINDA AND MAHY: All righl, I've told them. [Ever think of gelling up a petition? I DEAR ABBY: I read that letter in your column from "Irked Salesperson" who said, "Nothing irks me more than to approach a prospective customer wilh, 'May I please help you?' and have her say, 'No thanks. I'm just looking. 1 And then she promptly walks away." Well, I would like to tell you what irks ME! To go into a store, wanting to buy something and not having much time to waste, and not being able to find anyone lo wait on me ! ALSO IRKED Whit's your problem? Y«fH feel bttUr H you get K oH Mlr chest. WrKe to ABBY, Box «70», IM Angeles, Cil. ttttt. For * per»on»l reply eKtoic riampri, titrttttt mvetepe. For Abby'g booklet, "»·· U H»ve » Lovely tnd Si lo Abby. Box SI7H, IM Anfeles, Cil. »»M». BOYS WANTED for hours of fun and absorbing and fascinating entertainment. See Ritchey's for complete hobby needs. RITCHEY y S C R A F T S A N D HOBBY SUPPLY 710 8th Avc. Mrs. August Hart, Emilio Vnlrlox, Don Strickland and Carl Brown; front row Gene McKenna, Mrs. Paul Torrez, Mrs. Irene Moody, Mrs. Emilio Valrtez, Mrs. Don Strickland and Mrs. Carl Brown. Mrs. John Findlater, not pictured, is director of (he foster children's services in Weld County and served as toaslmistress at llic gathering. A special guest was County Commissioner Glenn Billings. (Tribune photo by Jiose Mary Koob) Gill Couple Recognized Foster Parents For Twenty-one Years Fortunalo nnd Edelmira Hernandez of Gill, have been foster Barents for 21 years. In celebra- lion of Fosler Children's Week, April 9-15, the Fosler Parents Association of Weld County held a covered dish supper at the shelter house in Island Grove Park. Eugene McKenna, director of the Weld County Department of Public Welfare, presented service awards lo Mr. and Mrs. Hernaiidex. and 1!) other fosler families who have heen caring for children in Weld County for over 10 years. Those receiving 15-year certificates were Mr. and Mrs. Es- innel Chavez, Mr. and ]\lrs. Jesse Gaona, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Meyer, Mrs. Irene Moody, Mr. [and Mrs. Paul Torrez nnd Mr. and Mrs. Emilio Valdcz, all of Greeley. Those receiving 10-year certificates were Mr. and Mrs. Navoi Bejarano of Fort. Lupton, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Brown of Evans, Mr. and Mrs. August Hart ol Ault, and Mr. nnd Mrs. Adam Leinwebcr of Johnstown. Also Mis. Tomasa Albarran, Mr. am Mrs. Gerald Belz, Mr. and Mr Arthur Esuuiucl, Mr. and Mrs [Richnid Gamble, Mr. nnd Mrs Tito Garcia, Mrs. Lillic Greg ory, Mr. nnd Mrs. Eldon Scheel Mr. and Mrs. Donald Stricklam and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur 'I'm jillo, all of Greeley. Entertainment for the evening was provided by Mndinc and nnd Linda Weber, Diane Blietz, and T?o- jerl Weber, children of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weber. The Fosler Parents Associa- .ion will hold a special meeting at fl:30 a.m. Thursday, April 27 in the staff -room of the Weld bounty Department of Public Welfare. The principal purpose of (he meeting is to plan for he participation in the national convention in Denver, which l be May 5-0-7, and a Foster : arenls Day at Elilch's on June 12. All foster parents are urged o iiltcml April 27, or lo notify the association as soon ns possible whether or not they wish lo alfcnd the oilier two events. vilh sauce or hot roast beef sandwich; buttered whole kernel corn or whipped polaloes and gravy; whole wheat pull- apart rolls and butter; peanut Milter brownies or applesauce; pint whole milk. Tuesday: Chili and crackers or lomalo soup with crackers and ham salad sandwich; carrot and raisin salad; cinnamon rolls; assorted desserts; Vt pint whole milk. Wednesday: Sloppy Joe oil a bun and oven-browned potatoes or double dog on a bun with dill slices nnd polalo chips; seasoned green beans; fruit cup with marshmallows or spice cake; Vi pint whole milk. Thursday: Kraulburgers or Manager's choice; hulterw whipped potaloes; tossed snlat wilh dressing; chilled p?acl halves; Vi pint whole milk. Friday: Tacos wilh shreddw lelluce, lomato and hot sauce and baked beans or chili-mac, and Spanish slaw with oil am vinegar; corn bread atxl bullcr; red Jello wilh lopping or choco lale ice cream cups; pint vliole milk. ng week, April 24-28, will include: Monday: Sloppy Joe on Kooktnobile Schedule For Coming Week The schedule for Hie Weld County Bookmobile for the ensuing week, April 24-28, is as follows: Monday; No runs. T u e s d a y : Weld Central; Keenesburg (town), 1-1:45 p.m.; Grover (town}, 11:30 n.m.-12 noon; Briggsdale. Wednesday: Pierce. Thursday: Hudson; Countryside South, 0:,10-10:1S a.m.; Countryside North, 10:20-11:05 a.m. Friday: Bucll; Country Es fates, 10:30-11:15 a.m. Melody Alircnd Brown, children of Lacquer ami shellac harden through evaporation Mrs. Carl lirown, and Debbylcohol. highly volatile solvents--la'c- andjqucr thinner and denatured al- Frl., April 21, 1972 GREELEY (Colo.) TRIBUNE 21 Trinity Lutheran School Lunch SI onus Mot lunch menus for Trinity Lutheran School for Ihe ensuing week, April 21-28, will include: Monday: Slew; Iclluco salad; rolls and butler; peanut duller Laboratory School \ c ^^[ dV'".' "KniHh!," 1 Lunch Menus for Week erc(!n bean" ; Y fruit siihd"'prTine Hot lunch menus for Ilic s K'f; eJca j ^ P'"', "'hole milk. Wednesday: linked chicken; mashed poUitres ami gravy; menus for .aboratorv School for the ensn- firitlf/e News . K Duplicate Bridge Winrwrs *; Winners at the Afternoon;; Bridge Club at the;? Country Coub 011^ April-;. 12 included Mrs. Wayne and Mrs. T. I I . first; Mrs. Janirs :\ on;-- mil; bullcrcd whipped po- ner. (bird. At the University Club i f r u i l cup; coffee cake; "i pint A l''il H. Miss Linda Chandler;: .'whole milk. !"''' A 'rs II. W. Devine were, aloes; red hceis in hot rolls and orange butter: spicy applesauce cake; 'A pint whole milk, either plain o r j chocolate. Tuesday: Uncoil, lotluoe and lonialo sandwich; p:lalo chips, jutlcred green ljuaiis: snicker- doodle cookies; chilled apricots; z pinl whole milk. 'Wednesday: Macaroni and. Hamburger casserole: carrot] and raisin salad; seasoned spinach; cracked wheat muffins; chocoliile cake; Vi pint whole milk. Thursday: American pizza; combination salad; whole kernel corn; hot rolls and butter; ice cream cups; 14 pinl whole milk, eilhcr plain or chocolate. Friday: Fistm'ichcs; golden French fries; buttered broccoli; bol rolls and butler; pineapple rice pudding; ',i pint, whole milk. Thursday: Sloppy Joes' pc:is! firsl ! Hnb e |1 wil son and.jerry:, and carrots; stuffed celcrv Y °neda, second; and Mr., and--, slicks; applesiiiice; li D i,;iJ Mrs. Paul Hesse, third. , . '-'. whole milk. Friday: Mot dogs; mixctl (Vegetables; fruit cup; oatmeal cookies; Vz pint whole milk. School District Rc-1 Liincli Menus for Week llol lunch menus for School'^ 1 "' 11 '- imtl Districl Re-1 for the Tcam-of-Kour Championship at' (he Country Club on April 17',was won by Mrs. JO. M. Cutldr.^ and Mrs. 1,. K. Epperson, Mrs;"' F. K. Huey and Mrs. E. M. Schi'iidc. The team of Mr. and 'Mrs. Jim Kahan and Gary Fab- O'Connor,. Greeley Catholic School Lunch /1/e/jHs for Week ensuing' 1 "* 1 B;in T Kcdingcr and. ' April 2-1-2)1, will include" I M| ' S - K a V Hi;rndin and M r . - a n d ' Monday: Spanish rice; Iclluce Mrs ' M . ilrk '\clmgcr, for second. mummy; opmilMl I LUC; iUUUCt!| salad; pull-apart bread and but- 1 TM' lllirt| : ; '" (l M''- and Mrs. t e r ; applesauce; li pint whole! R - E - Wagner and Mrs. William milk. i'·oss and Mrs. Helen Vogel Tuesday: Ham and beans-l w c r c f"'"' 1 "cabbage salad; cornmcal i-ollsl »"" - esnnH'nts were served and Imney b u l l e r : chcrrv crisp; !w1 "' 1 - ltu; *' Mes wcre It pinl whole milk. ' - computed. Wednesday: Fried chicken:! buttered swccl potatoes; celevyi sticks; hot rolls and butter'; " sc apricols; V4 pint whole milk. Thursday: I'ig-in-a-blankct; French fries; dill slices; pineapple pudding; Vi p i n t whole O'lTAWA - Canadian, forests?: foi 1 wood production'are'; 2' times (lie size of Texas, .'' T- milk. J U N I O R H I G H SCHOOLS ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS Monday: Buttons and bows wilh sauce; buttered whole ker- corn; whole wheat pull- apart rolls and buller; peanut butler brownies; Vi pinl whole nilk. Tuesday: Cnili and crackers; carrot and raisin salad; cinnamon rolls; /4 pint whole milk. Wednesday: Sloppy Joe on a aim; oven browned potatoes; seasoned green beans; f r u i t c i p with marshmallows; ] ,i pint whole milk. Thursday: Kraulburgei's; buUcrcd whipped polaloes; lossed salnd wilh dressing; chilled peach halves; Vz pinl whole milk. Friday: Tacos wilh shredded lettuce, lomatoe and hot sauce; baked beans; corn bread and buller; red .lello with topping; Vz pint whole-milk. Friday: '['nrkey anil noodles; ellucc and egg salad; carrol Hot lunch menus for Iheisticks; hoi mils and butler; Greeley Catholic School for (lie! fruit cup; V4 pint whole milk. ensuing week, April 24-28, will · - - - -- ilclll(lc: Men Read Papers BREAKFAST MENUS Monday: Orange juice; pnp- larls; ',i pint whole milk. Tuesday: Applesauce; pcaniil bulter brownies; Vz pint wlrole milk. Wednesday: Orange juice; cinnamon rolls; '/. pint, whole milk. Thursday: '/4 fresh b a n a n a ; cereal; Vi pinl whole milk. Friday: Orange juice; hard boiled egg; toasl and jelly; pint whole milk. Ttie secondary schools scrre NKW YORK - Men .ire more regular newspaper renders than Monday: Creamed elm-ken over whipped polaloes; whole :al dinner r o l l ; seasonedjwomen -- fil fier cent a g a i n s t , is and carrois; while cakc|7S) per cenl -- accortiinj; to a v i t h icing; Vi pint whole m i l k , ireccnl survey. Tuesday: Kraufhiirgcrs; b u t - i " . . . _ ei'od rice; applesauce; chocolate cake; It pint whole m i l k . Wednesday: Chiliburger; rar- rol sticks; French fries; f r t i i l cup; Vi p i n l whole milk. Thursday: Goulash; seasoned jrccn beans; celery stuffed w i l h Kjanut butler; jellied fruit s a l a d ; cowboy bread; Vi pinl whole milk. Friday: Sausage piv./a; bul- tored whole kernel corn; letluce with French dressing; peanut Duller brownie; V4 pint chocolate milk. Expert repair on Singer and all makes I'ower Sewing iMachines i liSKD M ' GREELEY SEWING OENTER : 8M 8th Avc. 353-347.3 River Traffic Steady CHICAGO - Freight Iraffic on U.S. rivers and canals in 11)71 totaled IM billion ton- miles, alxiut tin: same ns hi I70. C-real Lakes trnffic fcl' csfimnled billion Ion-miles. per cent lo COUNTRY HOBBIES I and CRAFTS flliicr Tolc · Pl.ister Crnft I l.nrtjcst Hobby Store in Eastern Colo. | 2!/ 2 Miles West, Hrijliw.iy 3'l, Fort Morgan, Colo. i WANT TO RENT THE NEWEST STYLES IN FORMAL WEAR? While PL'.ik LiiiiGl, Block Po.nk l.iDQl, Dluc Pcnk Lnpel, Ed- iv.udi.-in Double Brcnsl, Drown. Peak Ltiiicl. The Advenluror lor Diiyti{|h1 Wcdcliiu) . . . Finic nr Rcijular Pant, Pink Ruffled Shirt, Lavender Ruffled Shii-l, Gold Rudlcd Shirt, Yellow Rulllcd Shii-l. Dluc Ruffled Shirl, Winle Rulded Shirt. All coordinDlcd accessories $12.50 to $26.00 At One Delivery TYIE COH HILLSIDE SHOPPING CENTER LOTS OF FREE PARKING --^-- Open every night 1111 8:30 i Use Your BankAmerlcard or Master Charge !' ,i;:i ··I* RUMAR CARPETS INC. 1221 8th Ave. Greeley 353-5031 FOR THE THE WEEK! po-lt-YourseHer! Cinnamon Brown DOUBLE DATE Rubber- Backed Reg. 8.95 Sq. Yd. Faom to Experienced Carpet Technicians Finest Terms on All Purchases 1 ROLL OF GREEN TWEED :'.':·" AQUARIUS RPH -^ neg, £ _ -^ _,| 6.95 ^A OC Sq. Yd. T * T ^ 3 ROLLS OF 2-INCF N°ylon SHALl Red. ·j i^ 10.95 SJL Sq. Yd. Q^

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