Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 10, 1962 · Page 16
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 16

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Monday, December 10, 1962
Page 16
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Put It GREELEY TRIBUNE MM^. Dec. 10, 1H2 He Buys Gag Gifts, She Goes Expensive Christmas shopping for Abbe Line ud Xavier Cugat is a matter ol extremes. : Abbe likes to go wild with impractical, extravagant gifts. Her bandleader husband specializes in «heap. comical gifts, adorned by bis well-known caricature: of the recipients. . But they think alike when it comes to Christmas cards. Cugat dreams up a comical design, and «fter it's printed. Abbe fills in with water color and paints the message, usually one of high hilarity. The cards go to special friends, but presents are confined to members of the family. The Cugats iwggest friends contribute to an Orphanage in Rome rather than jiving them personal gifts. ""You never know what Cugie will !hink of next." exclaims red- haired Abbe. "I collect carved elephants, and one Christmas when f was in a Broadway show I came out the stage entrance to find live baby elephant standing there, with a pink velvet coat saying Merry Christmas. I w«nt ed to take him home, but we couldn't get him in the apartment and he wouldn't leave the stage entrance. So Cugie phoned for his mother, who led him away. "Cugie gave me the first animal I ever had, even if it wasn' an elephant. It was a white chi huahua. "But this Christmas Cugie real ly has his work cut oat for him You know I had ibt fur coats stolen from the apartment. The; weren't insured either. I wonder what he'll do about that?" Exuberant, wise-cracking Abbe also reveals her more serious feelings about the holiday season "I alwavs trv to be home in New 'ork by Christmas Eve. But I've nissed three times. Once when I ·as in Rome I went to Christmas COME TO OUR "HOUSE" . . . for the widest choice in RELIGIOUS GIFTS, our specialty. We feature: · RELIGIOUS CARDS By Buzza-Cardoza and Sunshine · BIBLES Variety of bindings, colors and translations. One-day imprinting service. 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Xavier Cugat, known for his clever caricatures as well aj his rhumba beat, annually prepares a fun-poking collection with the aid of his wife. Abbe Lane. 'roper Care (eeps Holiday 'lants Blooming FORT COLLINS - Colorful hol- lay plants will continue to bloom or many weeks if given the prop- r care, according to C. M. Drage. xtension hortculturist. Most of the winter-blooming lanls have special needs, and the winseltia is especially sensitive o drafts and temperature chang. s. A tropical plant, it can't aland light temperatures lower than GO degrees Fahrenheit. H needs wa- er often enough to keep the soil moist to touch. The cyclamen will tolerate cool- f night temperatures than the loinsettia--down to a minimum ol degrees. Keep the soil moist )Ut avoid getting water in the crown of the plant or it will rot. Christmas cactus and Christ mas begonia need full sunlight or iright light. Poor light will cause wth to stop blooming. Water the begonia only when the soil looks dry. Do not keep it wet all the time. The Cliristmas cactus require, ess water than any other popu [ar winter-blooming plant because it stores water in its stem tissue To keep plants blooming, C. M Drage offers three general rules 1. Keep the plants in sun o bright light. 2. Water them when the soil i dry to touch, using water of room temperature. 3. Protect them from sudcici temperature changes. lass at the Vatican. That was beautiful. But other times I was Bangkok and Las Vegas. I vas horrible to have Christmas at Las Vegas--all Uiat dice cracking ll the time." As if Christmas excitemen 1 ere not enough. Abbe's birth ay comes on Dec. 14 and her usband's on New Year's Eve. So elebralions combine in a series f open houses from Christmas to "Jew Year's. Since the Cugals have recentl; emodeled their apartment in Vew York to add a terrace. Abbe lans to have her Christmas tree utside this year. Basically, she s traditional. "None of those blue rees for me. I like the kind of ecoralions everybody else likes. Lots of little bails, and red and |reen throughout the house." Abbe has no trouble believing n Santa Claus. "I married him. :Ie's Cujic." a mother and child. The 30c plus 10 illustrates a little girl playing in a field oi flowers. The 50c plus 10 shows a forsythia. A souvenir sheet was also issued to wnor the foundation, reports the Swisi Philatelic Agency in Amer Skin diving is the main subject of a sew set of stamps from the Maldlve Islands The new stumps triangular in shape, depict a skin diver in full gear and various tropical fish. The fish shown are Angel wish. Moorish idol. Soldie fish. Surgeon fish and Butterfly fish. Austria has issued a new 1.80 features rid aad ntw bcomoti»f5 It* 1'* airuuil illustnlra · portrait «f AfJilev Parr*. pr-J dent of Columbia fruni 1S76-IS7* Abo shown mi this adhesive is ;t railroad bridge Land-grant college! award " per cent of the dwlwatu in wlu- eaticn in the U. b. Wwkiftf CHJCAO) 'M"-14e I'.S. Oe- pi'itinefit o! L a b o r report, t h r o u g h Commwct C!earhg ll-ntm. '.hat the national uBi-tn- pluynyii! rate es of October 1161 among high school graduates was i l « per cent: among high ichto! diopoub 3y per cent. ·alue to its Sport stamp, which is colored .._. depicts a gymnast to action. The designer w: Adelbrrt Pilch. * . · Ethiopia lias issued a rew set of stamps commenoratidg the 10th anniversary of the Federation of Eritrea at Ethiopia. TVe J cents showes Assab Hospital; the 15 cents, a school at Assab: the JO cents, a school at Massawi; » cents, a mosque at Massawa; ihe 50 cents, Assab Port. Colombia has issued rr.emoralive set honoring its At lan'ic Railroad. The II) ctntavoi shows a map of Colombia ant various roads. The 5r nirmai Trigger' Happy LONDON - When the 13-yeai old Prince of Wales shot his first stag recently in the hills above Balmoral whii.- out with his : ather. Prince Philip, and a purty of gome keepers, tile Hrince drew lire from the British R.S.P.C.A Mrs. Jean Pyke, a leading mem aer of the League Against Crue Sports, said at her home in Whit church, Buckinghamshire; "I am not surprised. They have been leaching the boy to dc horrible ihings like this. Perhaps it comes [rom King Henry VIII. His father teaches him -- In the League we call him the "Trigger Happy Prince'." CAR ES SAUAM-A grant o corn to Tanganyika has been se up by the Food For Peace Pro gram. place oil day! Sizes 32 thru 40 Jersey -- block or white. Lace -- black or white Dacron -- white only. 6 98 ,o 8 98 as 927 Ninth Avcnr Stirling Wedneidjy Night Open Every Night 'Til Chrlltmi. Quality Alteration! it Reuonable Pried ymoven! You make the most of your baking skill with these home-baking buys! 10-lb. bag 79 ET|f|l||* Kitchen Craft Enriched Shortening " oyalSl Mince Meat 2 r 49 ^ 49 Vanilla ri;i"" d - ',: 15c Pairp ^pt »««·»«· i '···· OQ r ttmC J C I C-ewn Colony. pk,. Z / l Walnuts ST.-. ..... .£79c McCormick Bnnd. Marmalade o,, n ,.. "·;:: 39c ChocoU** CKip, Ginq^r, MoUil*i. BuHitrtcokri ^ P»flnut lutttr. Qood eating guaranteed or money back! CORNED BEEF Lean. Safeway's famous make. Processed from USDA Choice Grade ·· Beef briskets only. No excess fat. [p, All sizes. 79 Spareribs Beef Sausage Cut from Federally impeded port. Small, lean ilabs. None over 3 Ibs. , b PLAY INSTANT BUCKS! Win ono riollnr In Sl.OIKI! 1'lny "tnslnnt Hiicks 1 ' at your (ircclcy Safeway Stores. N o t h i n g to buy . . . need not K° t h r u rheckslami. lie sure to save 1" Instant Bucks licki'ts for your free key chain or kcv. Safeway's The Place to buy Produce! GRAPEFRUIT Thin skinned and sweet. Florida Grown. Pink. 8-lb. bis 69 Saf«w»y Brand. M«d« from UbOA Ch«ico Grattf 3»of. (l-!b. roll 27c) Young. Federally Inspected. Slrinnfld. No chunks or pieces. 49 Pork Liver w n ,' c ;, c ;' P l: Beef Tongues i ".«..! Sweetbreads f,"'.^' Beef Brains ^.J;" tm Ftifril!y Q C r i ib. out r ',,49c '"" ¥ ik. S5c "'"' *.39c Beef Hearts a " llly *. 39c Fe 0 d*r«llv*ntpec(td Kidneys ft:?...'"!.,..'.' ».25c Tongues ST.V" 1 "'' n,.65c Golden Book Encyclopedia (Vol. No, 1 still on talc, to 491) (Vols. No. 2-13 still on talc, fa 09f) Vols. 14 and 15 both on sq|«. Ea. 99C PEACHES Bulk Nuts 39« Irnlh, Fllktitt, Alm«i4t. Wol*«H «nd ttmtiH ( P«ejn Ib. ?c; \ .. Cti.ilMli Ib. 35e / '"· large Prunes KJ 10 '" ;i', b :35c Del Monte Prunes s",'. 1 " 2 ^: 69c Seedless Raisins ";IT" 5P v": 27c Muscat Raisins S1 M " U n r 33c Del Monrt No. 2Vz 4 We Give Gold Bond Stomps.' 1 SAFE WAY We r«t«rvt tht right to limit quantities Nnne mid to dculeri. Prlcei good In Grttiey, Colo., Ihru W*d., Dee. 11,1J62

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