Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on November 2, 1961 · Page 22
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 22

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1961
Page 22
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Page 22 GREELEY TRIBUNE Thur*., NOT. 2, 1961 Funds for 4-Lane Highway to Aulf To Be Requested By FRANK COLOHAN [pass has been completed than The appropriation 61 funds forjlt is_now, We feel that we'new S. 85 irom~Greeley immediate relief from the haiards _ ^ir-lnnnn. «( «IHA n f I t C 6C nni-fU rJ fir 41^1 ai-W " north to Ault, a distance of nine miles, will be asked by the county commissioners when they meet with Jthe'Stale Highway Commission -this month regarding Inclusion of Weld county projects In the stale's 1962 rond program. . The commissioners have an appointment to meet v.!i\the Stale Highway Commissjln in Denver at 2 p.m. Nov. 13 to present the of U.S. 85 north of Greeley." Enferu CrwWy Rttjwtif 2. We endorse the Cjty of Gree- loy's request for grading and surfacing of'lhe Greeley bypass. . The slate has $900,000 allocated presently for construction of the structures on. the bypass. · Commissioner Shultz said Wednesday it was his understanding the State Highway Department .was all ready to start work on the struc- county's. road request for next lures but was being, held up, year, Elmer Shullz, chairman o: the board said Wednesday. 1C Pro|tct3 To B* Sought The commissioners plan to request funds bo appropriated for four projects on primary roads and six projects on secondary roads In I he county when they appear before the commission in Denver.- ' . ; . · ' The four proposed primary projects, listed according to the priority, given them, are set forth In ·brochure prepared ; for submission .to; the State Highway Commission as follows: ~ 'Projects Lltttd 1. U.S. 85, continue with four- lane highway north from.Greeley awaiting reaching of an agreement with the Union Pacific Railroad Co. Want U.S. M R**uri*c*d 3. Resurface U.S. M from Wig gins Junction to Greeley, 39 miles The commissioners, hi tht brochure, state Highway M east and west of Greeley is constantly be ing subjected to more and heavier traffic. "The road from Wiggins Junction U obsolete and becoming more hazardous by the year. W« 'eel strongly that-the road should x resurfaced and brought to a better standard than'ft is." SMk Work «i U.S. M We* 4. Reconstruct U.S. 34 from lo Ault, nine- nilles. The. traffic count on the section of highway was given day. 4,800 vehicles a Commenting on this request, the commissioners said, "We ask that money be put in the budget for extending the four-lane north from the Greeley bypass. .'.'We feel this is good logic be tauM the traffic hazard nortl ef Greeley on the highway wil be even greater when the by In the Courts District Court With No-Account Ch»ck Howard O'Brien, 47, Jlilliken, was charged with giving a no- account check in an information filed in district court by Charles R. Lyons', depuly district alter- ney. '·'·· · -' '"·-' O'Brien is. accused of giving a $937.10 no account check Oct. 14 to R. H. Puritoy, Fort Lupton automobile dealer, in payment for goods or merchandise. Bond for the defendant's release from jail was set at $5,000, re turnable Nov. 6! O'Brien was ar rested at Ely, Nev., and returner] here recently. $7*,HI Dama^a Suit F Norman D. Flores, Mead, filed i '$79,162.40 damage complaint against;Theodore:Anthony Hade- a road macher''and his father, Theodore time." Hademacher.' The plaintiff asked the judgment in connection with a collision-of Iwo trucks June 28, 1959, at an intersection of two county roads one mile north and 2.1 miles east of Ihe'junction of Colo. 66 and U. S. 87 south of Mead. The accident involved a truck loaded with pea vines being driv en by the plaintiff and a truck driven by Theodore Anthony Rod emacher and owned by his fath Windsor Junction west for four miles,' The commissioners jtale this section of road needs widening and improving to bring it up to Ihe standards of U.S. 34 from Windsor Junction to Greeley. Secondary Protect* The six secondary road pro] eels to be requested and the commissioners' comments in regard to them are given in the brochure u follows: 1. Reconstruct Statt Highway 52, Fort Lupton eart to Hudson nine miles. ' ;'State Highway 51 from Fort Lupton east to Hudson u in very bad shape and certainly the traf fie there (600 vehicles a day) speaks for itself.' We certainly urge an early allocation for this nine miles of road. Rewrfaclng en 14 Dedred 2. Stabilize and resurface Stale Commissioners tudy or Liquor Permit An application of the Brighton Cnights of Columbus Council No. 32S5 for,.a crub'uqtior license for Hs 'council;building: a. half mile north of the Adarns county'line on d U. S. 45 was taken under con deration by the County Commis oners Wednesday, following ublic bearing. granting of the license. V^indls Garry N-Bomb Dtebris Over Alaska WASHINGTON Weather Bureau estimated the radJoactrye',debris, from. the.Rus- siaij sbperbomb. was riding 30,«» 1 oot'winds over the Aleutian'is- (AP) -- The brush some of (he northwestern stales late tomorrow," List add- e d . . . · ' · - ' · . . . ,The' PuUk: Health .Service said Jacksonville,'FU., had the high Alaska. and chain Thursday i toward esi level of. radioactivity .In the .1 _t ' · ·'. · ..I** J nbAArt«w4 in tht* ~ countnr in " Researcher Robert' List said he Wednesday ^ .16.7 irujaromicro- expected the invisible cloud to Two persons appeared at the pass over parts of Alaska tonight, hearing in support of the applfca- By Friday, he said, it may carry day was 18.6, curies' per cubic meter of air. The reading at Jacksonville Tues- oil, while two persons objected southward over western Canada. 'There: i».'-a Wider jZd St. Right-df-Way East of City Gets Approval Montgomery, Ala., had s meas- . By F*AHK COLOHAN A change hv Greeley's Master Street and Road Plan provide that Z2nd St..havs-an,10-foot right-of- way east of the city was approved y. the'City. Planning Commission Wednesday. " The wider right-of-way for 22nd St. was decided'on as a'result of the Chamber of Commerce's request to the State Highway Department that a crossing be pro- S vided for 22nd St. on the Greeley chance it might urement of 15, down from Tues--; ---- day's M which was.-high for the nation. ' · · · , ' ' - · . v ' The health service has consistently said the levels being reported, are not cause for undue public, concern. In Alaska, » high of 5.37 bypass to' be\built soon. Tbe'.re- micromicrocuries was reported quest was made in' connection with the Chamber's plan to extend its ' iavdustrial area east of the U. P, railroad track south of and -*'.··.". " ;. Han Pr«viM for H.F**t The Master Street' and Road Plan previously had provided for only a 60-foot right of way on 22nc Wednesday at Kodiak. .Kodiak is a new sampling station. Delayed' reports; showed readings there were Z.7S Tuesday and 1.2 Monday. Other new Alaska sampling -.stations reporting were Barrow with 1.7 and Nome with 1.08.. Cold Bay, also new, came'in with'a'delayed report A TRADITIONAL' VIEW - Each year'GW officers and directors climb the ttairs of the Greeley factory W a catwalk at tht factory'i highest point to view both the high line and the Farr Feed Lois lo the east.' This Is a view of a GW train unloading beeU at the south end of the Greeley factory. Tribune photo by Jim Hitch. District 6 Hires Kan. Architect · .(Continued from page 1) and two members of-.the staff went to McPherson recently for a workshop sponsored by Stanford University and the Ford Foundation and featuring the McPherson High School building. Also receiving wide-spread at ntkra among school admints- alors was the firm's design for n elementary school in Tucson, Ariz. · . ArchitMfe for EFL St. and an W-foot right-of-way on of, 3,8 for Tuesday. 20th St. eak.of the'city. HNIiMe Second Pier Tabled In other action Wednesday, the commission tabled giving prelim inary approval to a plat of the Hillside Second' Addition unlil a special meeting Nov. 15. The Second Addition is a nar : row strip of land ·containing ,15.5 Official Count Shows 3,654 Are Eligible To Vote An official count showed. 3,654 persons : are registered to'vote in acres, between 17th and 23rd the city election Nov. 7,'Barton Buss, city cleik, reported Thursday. This is 32 more ;than. had Aves. south of the present Hillside subdivislqn. The proposed plat provided for 32 building lots'; Commission members; delayed acting on the plat because ft provided, thai .only, 19th Ave. would go through the addition and also for further consideration of a pro- ifon two years ago. seen;reported as the.unofficial to- lal previously. 1 ? - ' , " ' - . . ' · · The .-total, registration is 781 less than the.4,435 persons who were registered for the,city:elec- Highway U from Briggsdale west, nine rnilet; .3. Reconstruct and resurface Highway'52. west of U.S. 87 to Weld county line, four miles "This ic a four-mile length of NewJerseyCypert Dies at Hospital New Jersey Cypert, 79, of 1318 ith St., a retired Wyalt farmer, died Wednesday evening'at Weld County General Hospital. He was born Aug. 31, 1882, at Bigflat, Ark. He married Cora V, KeHey.Jan. 6, 1907, at Bigflat. He came lo'the Wyatt community in 1919 anil farmed in the area un lil' his retirement in December 1946. He is a member of the Firs Christian Church and a life mem road that is,carrying much more Iraffic constantly and, In ou ber of the Eaton Lodge No. 109 opinion, needs early help.". 4.' Reconstruct Stale Highway 257 from Windsor south to U.S. AFAM. Survivors include his wife; nine children, Orice of Nogales, Ariz 34 five miles. "We feel this is*!"- La Vonne Almond, Mrs a road very much needed at I 5. Reconstruct Stale Highway 60 west from U.S. 87 to Campion, five miles. '"This' would link State Highway 287 to Federal 87." DtVignat*, Celt struct U Johnson., and Mrs Loi Gill, all of Aurora, Mrs. Maxuie « nd Kenneth Qvpert. bit of Greelev . Los Angeles, Mrs. LaRue Robin son of San Bernardino, Calif., an Mrs. LaVerna Michaels · of Ta coma, Wash.; a sister, Mr 6. Designate and construct State Cancy Kincaid of Houston, Tex.; Highway 66, Platteville southeasl to State Highway 6, which would grandchild. 12 grandcliildlren and one great be an 11-mile stretch of new highway. Flores seeks $76,000 in general damages and $3,262.40 in special damages. 3 Divorce Compiaints Filed Three divorce complaints were filed In-District Court. Mrs.', Pauline Chambers, 1147 J2nd Ave.; filed » complaint against Claude Chambers. They were married Dec. 23, 1932, at Mountain Home, Ark., and have seven minor children. Gilbert Trujillo, Galelon, filed a complaint against Mrs. Nellie Trujillo. Married Aug. 10, 1969, at Greeley, they have one child. Mrs/Bnnnie Jean Valadez, 816 ' 15th Sk, filed a complaint against Donald Valadcz. They were married at McChord Air Force Base, Wash., June 29, 1959, and have one child. Enls MUlor ° BUSLOAD OF GREAT WESTERN.SUGAR GO. director,,."-id administrator! toured factories .in Weld County Wednesday'and visited with local bankers and businessmen. Left to right are: Jphn Welborn, director; Lloyd C. Jensen, vice president of operations, .and Montgomery'.Dprsey, director. Jensen represented Frank A. Kemp, GW president, who was unable to make the annual tour. The trio is- pictured' during a -break in the tour through'the Greeley factory. Tribune photo by Jim Hitch. , Shaver fc Company - has also wen .the architects for EFL projects including the science building' or St. Benedicts College in Alchi- son, Kan., the'fine arts building or Belhel College at Newton, and several elementary school buildings at'Pratt,..Xan.. Shaver told ;the board Wednesday night that he would be .the one primarily Involved in the planning process on the buildings in Greeley. ' · ' ' . . · Offer* FujMme Supervisiwi The firm -will provide a full- lime supervisor of projects at no cost) to the district above the firm's'fee of six per cent. Shaver told the board that the use of any consultants required .in the areas of acoustical engineering or special problems in structural or mechanical design would be covered by his fee. Fiscal Agent : Cho*en The board.selected the firm of Peters, Writer 1 Christensen, Inc. of Denver to'-be the fiscal agenl posed roadside park of slightly over'a..half acre that'would adjoin the 28th St. frontage road. . Highhnd Aeret· Plat Approved The commission gave final approval to a plat of the Highland Acres subdivision in the vicinity of 35lh Ave, and W. 16lh St. An. annexation check list prepared by city employes also was approved. The list gives eompari . However, the., question of the ity's taking over the locaU-bus ysterri.was on the ballot'in that lection and was responsible for onsiderable voters registering. sons regarding the cost of living p inside and outside the city. Copies bf.the\list are to be printed ark made -available to residents o areas which', may be considering annexation to the city. ' ...Rennlni belayed ' Rezoniiig 'of-'the^North Greele Annexation .Area; 'which was an neked to the city Tuesday as an R-1A residential area, was ; pul off to Ihe special meeting Nov. J5. · City Manager B.H. Cruce recommended all .the area, which is between 2nd 1 and 5th Sis. eastof 21st Ave., be rezoned an H-2 residential area, except the southeast corner which be suggested be R : J, FORT COLLINS (AP) -- Dr. tobert L. Schmidt, Larimer Coun- y coroner, said Thurs. burns apparently caused the death of Walter Brewer, 53, a longmont deer since that portion adjoins two properly,'Edward Harper,·own- Funeral services will be held at 1:30 p.m., Saturday from Adam- The commissioners also will re- son Memorial Chapel with Ma- quest the State Highway Com mission to designate the present sonic interment at Eaton Ceme- lery in charge of Eaton Lodge No. 109 AFAM. Gen. Van Fleet Retracts Statements Against Adlai Who Cares For Your Pillow? Did you know 'your pillows ar» often exposed 1 to many of tht, million types of germs, as well B 5 hair oil-stains, perspiration, drool from mouth, coughing, Kueezlng and mildew odor? For : .bas v been In question how. to clean' pillows without causing the leathers to becom» lumpy or 'without removing tho natural-.oils, and fluffiness from tho iiillow. After much study o£ feathers and how to cleanithem trailer courts thai already are R-4 zones. Price Hopkins acted as chairman st the meeting. Other members of the commission present for the district. The awarding of *««Leon ar , d .Cartels, Ted Funk counly road running from Briggs dale north to west of Hereford then north to the Wyoming lino as a state highway. The commissioners ppinl ml 1 the brochure that, if this 25 mile of road were paved and put on the state system, H would be a link on paved roads connect ing all the missile bases in this area, which would expedite the functions of these bases in an emergency and insure passage , ' ^ ye^Vago"from'Ad"arns from base to base m naverse " . . . weather. Redesignatton of former Stale Highway 37, now known as the E. Glenn Wilson Dies at Hospital E. Glenn Wilson, 72, of 1833 10th Ave,., a retired lumber dealer died Wednesday at Weld County General Hospital. He was born Dec. 29, 1888, nea Corf land, Neb. He came to Gree- FT. MONROE, Va. (AP) Gen. James A. Van Fleet telegraphed Adlai E. Stevenson Vcdnesday night retracting statements he made about the U.N. ambassador's role in the Cuban ivasion. Van Fleet, who earlier refused o comment to reporters on his arrival in Norfolk, said his statements -Monday night in Florida we're based on erroneous information. . , He had been .quoted by the Keenesburg cutoff, as i state M- . a daughter, Mrs. Ruth Os- highway also will be requested. The 20-mile long cutoff road connects U.S. Highways 6 and 34. Neb. He was a member of the Methodist Church for 50 years and the IOOF at Odell, Neb. Survivors include his wife, Ada Real Estate Auction Saturday, Nov. 4, 1961, 1:00 P.M. East Edison Street, Brush, Colorado. Scotts Trailer Court and Saks. Highway 6 »nd 34. Tiy« property will IK »old In flvt pireeli: No. 1--18 «pac« toikr court« «nJ M!M lot complete ste p«tlo«: lot« of *h»U tr«««; wl«t« drlvew«Yi l«un- borne; two grandchildren, Vincent and Valorte Osborne, both of Greeley; and a sister, Mrs. Andy Armstrong of Odell. Funeral services will be held al 2 p.m., Saturday from Macys Drawing Room with interment at Sunset Memorial Gardens. Tampa (Fla.) Tribune as saying Berlin and Laos were lost to com munism and there was a 50-K chance South Vietnam also woulc e lost. He also had been quoted ns say ng he would have fired Steven son as chief delegate to th Uniled Nations . last April afte mittee will be working on a light attorney general announced the the ill-fated U.S.-supporled rebe Invasion of Cuba. Longmont Vehicles Collide in Weld Co. A rear-end collision on Colo. 254 at a point 1W miles east of Dr. Tracy R. Love of Denver, Father of Mrs. Marvin Hauk, Die Dr. Tracy R. Love of Denver 82, .father of Mrs. Marvin Hau of 2404 17lh Ave., died sudden Saturday morning of a coronar thrombosis three hours after e the Boulder-Weld county line tering Presbyterian Hospital. Th Parcel with concret dry room; city wnter «nd »wer, Parcel. No. 2-3-t--Are within tht elt/ limit* of Bru.h, and - ir« ; all unimproved acreage. In » comm«re!i! xon«d »r«a, SM tt. of.frontage on Highway 34. . Termt: 2O»/,, down day of tale, balance of purcha*. price to'-b* «t upon i monthly payment Including 6% (rter«t. Be .lire to Itwpect thla property prior to auction date, "o dwbt, aomt one will make a good buy. Seller l anxlou. to Mil, due t« health about 5:35 p.m. Wednesday resulted in damage of $75 to a 1S52 pickup truck driven by Howard P. Allen, Longmont, and $150 to a 1958 Ranchero driven by Ralph A. Dubber, also Longmont. Allen was slowing for a farm tractor »nd his machine was hit from the rear by Dubber's, Highway Patrolman Wellington Ferrell reported. Trtitera: Several new and u«d I ft. and 10 n. wid« mobile homei will be aoid at the auction, ai«o, aever.i uied vacation trailer* of all eizei. Thete will b« on ditplay » day* prior to auction; bank financing available · 'For mor« Information regarding thl* auction contact either ·. M. Dahmt at 316 Edlaon Street, Sruah,'Colorado or Bay Lar Mn, auctioneer, Greeley, Colorado. RAY LARSON, AUCTIONEER ^ t305 10th Street, Greeley Phone EL 3-2355 Fin Dtp*. Summoned Firemen were called at 8:06 a m. Thursday to 503 17th St., where by .Floyd Littleton bad caught on fire. The firemen cut off the fue to the heater and py.l out the fire. 'The heater was slightly dam Isgedbythkfire, retired Army general's element was in reply to a tele- am 'from Stevenson · labeling the bid to the Denver company came after an earlier bid by another firm was clarified, indicating a higher cost. The bid accepted was;$1..06 'per $1,000 of bonds issued.- Another firm with the apparently lower bid of 45 cents per. $1,000 asked to|| lave ils bid withdrawn. A misunderslanding of the Boetlcher and Company bid had ed the board to believe that the firm would serve at a lower cost. and Adolph Miller. of Nu-WAY Cleaners, 2422 10th St., made, a ;pillow renovator which fluffs, deodorizes. In new ticks. If you have pll- BterillzeB and places- featherR IOWA that need cleaning, j n · t call Nu-WAY Cleuiera in Westview Shopping Cenier, 353-3014, --Adv. an Fleet's accusations as "a to- lly'false statement." Van Fleet had said U.S. air ver of the Cuban invasion was ailed off at Stevenson's insist- State Rests Case in Kans. Murder Trial RUSSELL, Kan. AP) -- The., stale today rested its case againstl! two young AWOL soldiers charged ee will meet al 7:30 p.m. Monday *'* killing a Kansas Railroad- Groups To Plan choois Named (Continued from page 1) ach week. The elementary planning com- funeral was held Tuesday afte oon from Moore Mortuary wi Ke Rose Croix Masonic servic Dr. Love resided at 2332 Eire He had been. a practicing ph ician in Denver for 56 years with ffices in the Metropolitan Build- ng Ihe.enlire time until last February. He held degrees from Cob chedule on planning the firsl irec schools to be built, if the »nd issue is approved. Conslruc- ion on the three schools needcc next fall is expected to take seven months. It will require three months for the architect to pre lare plans after the educationa ipccificalions are drawn and one month for contractors to prepare Iheir bids. The new junior high school vril require 14 months of conslruction time. Planning lima will be approximately the same for arch [eels and contractors. Time wi be limited for planning Grime warned Wednesday nighl if ti- Selby toward, special assistant 1 omplellon just after the noon re-il ess. The trial has been under|| way since Oct. 23. Dist. Judge Benedict P. Cruise 'ranted defense'attorneys a brief recess,- apparently to prepare mo- ions. A third slotement by the two een-agers was introduced as evidence in their trial this morning despite objections by court-ap- 18th ANNUAL CROW VALLEY FEEDER SALES -- Sales To B« Held At -- U.S.D.A. Experiment Station 4 Miles North, 4 Miles East, 5 Miles North of Nunn, Colo, Tuesday, November 7 1000-1200 CALVES AND YEARLINGS Sale Starts at 12:30 p.m. LUNCH WILL BE SERVED AT SALE These Cattle Will Be Sold in Uniform Lots-Sorted To Suit Buyer They Will B« Fresk Off The Rangt For Information Contact-RUSSELL PETERSON--6F22--Nunn, Colo, JAMES LAWRENCE--«W22--Nunn, Colo. E. S, "Bud" VAN BERG, Auctioneer, -- LA 2-1411, Sterling, Colorado The joint. SK News Briefs RECIFE, Brazil (AP) -- Brazil junior high is to be opened in th ,an a ji.]j ne authorities Wednesday fall of 1963. . l ni gi,t revised the number of rado College and Columbia versily PhyskUiss and Surgeons School, New York. , Surviving, besides Mrs. Hauk, an only child, are his wife, Gertrude, who resides in a Denver More latitude .will be available o Ihe senior high school committee because the .opening date anlicipaled is- Ihe 'fall o f . 1964. The project will, however, require a logger .period 'of planning because of Ihe complexity of a senior high school program. a heater In a traUer house owned nursing home; two grandchildren, Mrs. Kobert (Judy) Rtrtterford ol Denver .and Mrs. Walker (Su sonne) Miller of Boulder; and two greol grandchildren, Terry am Robbie Rutterford. deaths in the crash of an airliner lere Wednesday and said 57 of the S3 persons aboard perished. A company spokesman earlier reported « dead and said only M persons were aboard. LOS'ANGELES (AP).- Presi- . . . Use of the committees will be ^en' reaffirming the neutrality and independence of his toy natrai , * - . - , . , » Kekkonen of Fmtand, the first time in many years that Ihe community has been directly represented iin Ihe planning pro- "'P* 1 * hvu * Wlth !" , . , ·" - ' * of the Soviet Union, declared: that Finland's commitment under u , . · the Russo-Finnish nonaggression .V^errMg« vievnMl pa( ,[ ^ 19W ...j s ^ defend her Thomas Paul Good and Barbara own territory--and only her own Jean Orlhman, both Greeley. · llerrOory." come aliveiwfth the lively lift! Biy H At Yur FavirHt Mtrckaife S«ven-Up Bottling Co, Inc.

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