Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho on February 6, 1975 · Page 3
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Idaho Free Press from Nampa, Idaho · Page 3

Nampa, Idaho
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 6, 1975
Page 3
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Pef Hoven homefinder "1AM A gentle, spayed female collie and when it comes lo love and loyally, Lassie has nothing over me! I will make someone a real companion and pel. I have some dandy fiends oiii here at Pet Haven . . . some cule puppies , . . B «l''nl.''a blushing TerrleMype... a Chihuahua-Terrier. .. a fluffy killen. Why noi calHM-1298-rlghl now!" (Staff Photo) 1. What Is your opinion about the feeding of horses during the winter? I have been crilicized for nol feeding my horses but (he man who sold Ihem lo me said thai during Ihe winter (hey could pretty much provide for themselves, What do you Ihink? i My authority on horses says that he firmly believes in heavy winter feeding. In his opinion, it is easier and cheaper in the long run lo keep horses in good shape throughput the year rather than trying to save money on feed during the winter. The latter often makes a horse very vulnerable to disease. 2. Can you suggest any "toys" thai might be good for a gerbil? Metal or wood objects are good toys for the gerbil and they also keep his teeth short and healthy. A gerbil's teeth grow constantly during his lifetime and if (hey grow unchecked he'll starve to death. He'll be his own dentist if you furnish him with metal cr wood "toys." 3. What is the Chartreux cal? The Chartreux is a breed' of domestic cat which is making a comeback from near extinction. The breed was known in FYance for centuries but has been very limited in number even there since World War II. The cats were introduced into the U.S. in 1970. They are sometimes called the "blue cats of France." 4. What are Ihe qualifications lor being a veterinarian In Ihe Department of Agriculture? The applicant must have a degree from a recognized Yelenparycollege.or university. As a part of its recruitment · program for veterinarians, the Department of Agriculture maintains a network of college recruitment representatives -- who themselves are veterinarians -- located at or near all of the veterinary colleges in the U.S. These representatives meet with junior and senior classes each year lo explain the opportunities for careers with the department. 5. How much does il cosl the taxpayers for public animal shelters? Is Canyon County Pet Haven a public shelter? Canyon County Pet Haven is not a public sheller. II is supported by memberships and contributions. The only estimate I can get for you on your first question is that each animal that goes through a public shelter costs the taxpayer 520. I found this figure in the Zero Pet Population Growth Booklet. 6. What did you Ihink of the American Pet article In a recent issue of TIME magarine? I found it very interesting but quite one-sided. I wrote to the editors of the magazine suggesting thai they visit a few animal shelters and then write an article on Ihe other nine- tenlhs of the animal population. Minimum term rules proposed Around About The NAMPA Area CHANGE MEETING - The South Side Grange will meet Friday al 8 p.m. at the grange hall for a regular meeting. Officers and members taking part in Ihe visitation program are urged to attend. SWIM TEAM - Competitive swimming team practice, for all former swim team members and prospective members, will be held at the Community Center swimming pool Saturday beginning al 10 a.m. Practice will continue at the same lime Saturdays until spring. COOKING CLASSES - Free cooking classes are offered Friday from 10a.m. lo I2noon at Ihe Salvation Army, 403 I2lh Ave. S. Mrs. Beverly Montgomery, C o u n t y Extension Office, will leach Ihe class. Babysitting is available al 50 cents per family. Classes will continue for three more weeks. NEEDS HOME -' A four- m o n t h - o l d black lab puppy needs a good home. Call 467-3266 between 4 and 9 p.m. D A I R Y M E N , W I V E S Treasure Valley dairymen and wives are invited lo allend a no- host luncheon at Sir Richard's Restaurant in Nampa Friday al 12 noon. Purpose of Ihe meeting is lo present organizational plans for a Treasure Valley dairymen's organization. SENIOR CITIZENS - The Nampa Senior Citizens Club will have a pinochle party Friday at 1 p.m. al the Nampa Community Center. Refreshments will be served and prizes will be awarded. For free bus service call 466-3511 afler 9 a . m . Everyone 55 and over is inviled. DOG FOUND - A large German shepherd-lype dog was found near Kellogg Mills. Call 466-3505 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Stuck cord foils thief NAMPA-A would-be burglar of an office building left apparently empty-handed Wednesday, after he couldn't unplug an adding machine from Ihe wall. Fred Miles, of Miles Leisure Living, 703 l'llh : Aye. N., told' Nampa police the office building had been entered' through a broken window, but nothing was · missing. Police found a Remington adding machine silling on the ground outside by Ihe window, but still plugged in inside. The cord was wedged between the wall of the building and a desk and Ihe would-be thief ap- Thc Idaho Free Press, Thursday, February 6,1975 - 3 Four citations follow accident NA.MI'A--A Nampa molorisl was issued (our c i l a l i o n s Wednesday a f t e r allegedly being involved in a hit-and-run at-i'idenl Tuesday. According lo Nampa police reports, Sleven Iteeder. 22. Nampa Koule 5, was cited for failure lo y i e l d , failure lo remain ;il Hie scene of an acc i d e n t , f a i l u r e lo give information al scene and failure lo give immediate notice of accident. Hecder is charged with being involved in a collision Tuesday when his 1973 Volkswagen, woslbound on First Street South, collided with a 1968 Buick driven by Kemiclh White, 37, m 12lh Avc. S., southbound on 10th Avenue. The Volkswagen left the scene of the accident, but was later located with extensive damage estimated at $500. White's Buick sustained $400 damage. In one accident Wednesday. JoAnneCruson, 30,211 10th Ave. S., received a citation for failure lo yield from a private drive afler her c a r , l e a v i n g a driveway, collided with one driven by James Kalbus, 62, 375 Holland, northbound on 10th Avenue South. IT MAY SKKM a friendly discussion over who is going to play second fiddle, but actually Nampa Mayor Krncsl Starr and Charles !.. Wilson, president of the Nampa Musical?, are talking about the fact Dial February is American Music Month across the nation. Wilson, longtime Nampa strings instructor, brought along an extra violin in hopes he and Hie mayor could play a duet, but Mayor Starr decided instead to issue an official proclamation calling attention In the month "In recognition of America's music traditions and the creative musical artists of the L'nited Stales." The Nsmpa Musical? is sponsoring its annual program featuring American composers tonight, when nine Northwest N'azarene College musicians will present a concert beginning at 7:30 p.m. Lit the N N C Fine Arts Building. The public is invlled. (Slaffl'hotol Openings listed ^mencan f ' . . . i composers for State |ODS featured N A M P A -- A recent news release from the Idaho Deparlmenl of Employment lists several job openings in state government and offers pre-apprentice union training- tor young men and women. O p e n c o m p e t i t i v e e.xaminalions administered by t h e Idaho Personnel Commission will be given [or the following positions in stale government: soil scientist, soil scientist t r a i n e e , laborer, ground maintenance worker, c u s t o d i a n , p h o t o g r a p h y , building inspector, personal service aide, emergency health service "cnordinalor, ad- minislralive secretary, clerk, secretary and hazard management supervisor. The same release also explained Ihe Department of Employment's pre-apprentice union training for men and women aged 16 to 22. Training is available in fields such as caipenlry, brick masonry, welding, painting, business and lo 1,071 the week before and 79C the same lime in 197-1. New unemployment claims filed with the office finally tapered oft slightly, as only 149 were reported l.isl week. This compares with 163 the previous week and 168 last year at the same lime. However, Ken Jaeger, office manager, reports that unemployment stalistics do nol presently include claims filed under new federal programs of S p e c i a l U n e m p l o y m e n t Assistance and Federal Supplemental Benefits. Jop openings trickled in at a NAMPA--Music uy American composers will he featured in a special concert tonight sponsored by (he, Nampa Musicale. with nine Norlhwcsl Nazarcne College sliidenls as the performers. T'.ie concert will begin at 7:30 p.m. at the NNC Fine Arts Building, and will be part of the February meeting of (he Music Clubs. The public is invited lo attend. Musicale president Charles Wilson said the program was planned as part of Ihe local group's observance of American Music Month in February, with SALE CLOSIHGOUTOUR BOOK DEPARTMENT WOFF on all adult books, fiction and non-fiction and all children's books. {ftcepl reference booki tuck at dictionaries, blblti, cookbooks, affeies, lintrfed tpttiai editions, etc., Phone 468-4653 MICE SUPPLXJ DO WfffOWN NAMPA ·small 'Fate lasV week/'Mvile^special emphasis placed on the! applicalions for employment achievements of :\me.ricau composers and performers. "Music," said Wilson. Thought for the week: "The thousands of unwanted and uncared-for stray dogs and cats -- owned and unowned -that roam our cities lower Ihe quality of life for all humans." -- Zero Pet Population Growth Booklet. parenlly could nol get il un- c i eric j], cooking, forestry, plugged^ · heavy equipment operation, fn o t h e r complaints Wed- aulo mechanics nurses aide, ncsday, Horencc Miller, of c o s l n s , t o l o g y r n c a llh occupations, child care and others. Information on either of these programs may he obtained from the Nampa office of Ihe Stale Department of Employment at 323 12lh Avenue South, or any other local employment office of Ihe Idaho D e p a r t m e n t of Employment in Boise. Statistics released by the BOISE l U P I ) -- The House JudiciaryiCommitlee is calling . for introduction of legislation lo increase the m i n i m u m lime convicts must serve for com- milting violent crimes. .-· It would raise lo 15 years from 10 Ihe number served before a person sentenced to life could be eligible for parole. It would add kidnaping to those violent crimes for which a person must serve at least a third of his sentence before becoming eligible for parole. The measure also would boost lo 15 years or one-third of the sentence, whichever is least, .from 5 years or one-third the time served before the board · accepts a parole application or interviews convicts convicted of a crime of violence or sentenced ·to life: In a d d i t i o n , the proposal would require a convicl to serve 13 years or one third of his sentence, whichever is less, before the sentence can be commuted. This would apply lo a n y o n e serving t i m e for homicide, rape, incesl, crime against nature, committing a lewd act on a child, robbery, kidnaping, burglary, assault or an altempl to commit any of those crimes. Il also would require (he hoard lo notify the prosecutor of the county from which the convicl was sentenced that he is up for commutation of sentence. Canadian native ATLANTA (UPI) -- Curt Bennett of the Atlanta Flames is an American citizen who grew up in Rhode Island, but he is a native of Canada. Bennett was born in Regina, Sask., in 1948. But his family moved to Ihe United States because his fallier was playing professional hockey and Curt grew up in New England. Curt was Ihrec years old when his family moved to Providence. Guy's Market, 1239 Canyon, reported a 16-year-old girl is also involved in the fraudulent exchange of a roll of pennies as a roll of dimes. She said she paid a young girl S5 in cash for a roll of 48 pennies with (wo dimes at each end. Similar reports from Ifirce other locations have reached police about an 18-year-old boy conducting a similar fraud. Arrests Wednesday included that of Bernard Pfeiffer, Nampa Route 6. who was picked up on a felony warrant for insufficient funds check. He is being held at Canyon County Sheriff's Office. Two illegal aliens are being held al Nampa jail lo be picked up by immigration authorities. They are David Lozano, 25; and Luis Preciado, 21, both listed as transients. Kichard Whitten. of Jiiggins, was arresled in Nampa on a charge of driving while intoxicated and has been released on his own recognizance. N a m p a Employment Office show unemployment claims lo (he office slill al a high level. A lolal of 1,006 continuing claims were filed last week, compared Business travelers PAKIS (UPI1 - Air France says frcciucnl business travelers prefer daylime flights from me United Slates lo Paris. The morninfj flights, it said, allows businessmen lo work aboard the plane and arrive in lime for a full night's sleep Wore Ihe first a p p o i n t m e n t the following morning. flooded the office. A total of 78 job applicalions were received lasl week, hut only 15 jobs. Of these openings, 10 were filled. The week before, 87 job applications came in, compared to nine job openings and eight openings filled. Home sales total $35 [,000 NAMPA-Sales of homes through (he Nampa Multiple Listing Service for Ihe week ending Feb. 1 totaled $351,300, Don Brandt, MLS publicity c h a i r m a n , said today. The sales included 17 homes, going lo new owners at an average price of $22,000, he said. One home was sold at a price over $:15,000, Brandt said, and Iwo were between $30,000 and $:)5,000. In other price brackets were (our homes between $25,000 and $30,000, six between $15,000 and $25,000, and four under $15,000. often described as (he universal language. It is one of the greatest arls, and its value is recognized as a source of enrichment of our lives." The Annual Parade of American Music, he said, is sponsored across Ihe nation by Ihe Nalional Federation of Music Clubs wild Ihe aid of giving due recognition (o America's music tradition, and to encourage and support worlhy composers and artists of Ihe United States. A special drive is planned in the nation's Bi-Ccntennial Year next year, he said, to emphasize Ihe conlributions of American m u s i c i a n s to U . S . l i f e and culture. T h e O l d S l a t e r M i l l Museum on the Blacks!one 1 River in Pawtucket. R.I. -an 18lli c e n t u r y textile mill -- attracts 1,500 New E n g l a n d s c h o o l c h i l d r e n monthly. THE BLACK CAT IHH Presents THE RAMBLERS Country (Western Music Artists WSPJMUI.-SUI»WFrom5PJ. ; Franklin at Black CerfW. EAT OUT THIS... FRIDAY NIGHT! ·FRED CHICKEN ·BLACK WALNUT PUDOMG COMPLETE DINNER... DENNY'S LINE-A-DINER HEART TRIMS Make a Valentine Outfit for You or Your Sweetheart! »/- _ BIAP THRUSUNDAY /2 PRICE POLYESTER SINGLEKNITS 60" Wide Prints Solids tor Spring Sportswear. Reg. 2.99 lice's Jabrics 511-nttiArtnutKoad HAMPA 467-2771 OPEN »:JO-S*r. ^^ LAYAWAYi ··£· WELCOME! PORK STEAK LUNCH LOAVES 4Vari*li*i,lb JIMMY DEAN SAUSAGE Rtg. erHol, 11-Oi.RoM ALPINE ICE CREAM CELERY HEARTS Snobey, Pkg URGE EGGS BigD,AAGnui.,D«i OLEOMARGARINE Geld n Soft, Lb CHILI I Tj«o«. Voll«y, IS-Ol CHERRY PIE FILLING WiUtnmi, 31 -Oi LONE STAR MARKET V

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