Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on December 15, 1955 · Page 16
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 16

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 15, 1955
Page 16
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-PiK« 16 GKEELEY TKtBUNE Thursdny, Dec. 15',.1955 'Gold Smuggler ·' A pilgrim named Adbut Kadir has been seized at Chillagong, In- 'diii as a sold smuggler. Tullcc say ho Is the leader of £ fang. When he arrived on r. vessel, gold slabs worth over 510,000 were found in his'atcel trunk, which had false sides, and a bucket with a false bottom. . · ' HEATEKS GALORE ATCLOSf-OUT nicts H«r« Ti your opportunity fo fi« IhatfctgFtqsjQlilyd.tu.thiali for vow cor ot a TREMtHDOU $A.VING. UIM 4* · monV wctk frlvlfl f f W* }i3v» cvl our pMcti borx fomuti Ft wtxrfi^M'* I t a l a } - » 1 « r n o w a n 4 f * l comFari fu h« rtitof rt-i \ Priced from $750 up GOLD'S ·Auto Parts And l l t h Si: at (ilh Ave. Supplies Ph. 367 Briggsdale... BIUCGSDALB - Colcman club enjoyed a covered dish Chrfslmas parly Thursday, Mrs. Jack Gillette was hostess to 14 members and five children. Following (he dinner, guests exchanged gifts. Secret sisters for Ihc past year.wore revealed. *N'cxt meeting will be Jan. 12. Altar and Dosary society mem- I bcrs met at SI.-Joseph's church Friday lo decorate for Ihe Chrisl- mas season. Dccoralions included imitation poinsellias in crystal vases, Ihe nativity scene ffnnkcd on cither side b y ° R small Christmas tree and a large tree on the opposite Fide of the altar. Members will meet Dec. 28 at Nice Selection of Room Lots of WALLPAPER , Reasonably Priced MQ'KFAT t'nint Glass 1115 8th Avc. Ph. 3I9 Z, at the home-of Airs. 1 John O'Toole. Plans will be made for a class in the lives of the saints. Snacks fof Holidays Coal Miner Stops With His $32,000 NEW YOHK UV-Slanicy Skcens, coal miner and clergyman, slopped at Ihc S3Z.OOO level Tuesday right in the radio and television quiz show "The M4.000 Qest.idn." "Tlic Lord has been very gracious and good lo me up to this point," SKceris said in announcing his decision'not t o - t r y to double his prize money.. Had he missed he would have received P.' consolation prize of an expensive car. ' He said up to the last mimilc he thought ho might .try for the 564.000. ' ·· : Skecns, 26, won his money by answering questions about Ihe Bible. He said he would take Ihe money hack lo West Virginia and "Tuck it in the little bank at Danville." PRICES EVERY , MARVI., MARVEUOUS) \ MEATS / S U P 1 R OPEN TO 9P.M M A R K E T · 1 DAYS A WEEK 501-14TM AVE. GREELEY Most people think "Marvin is n good old Saint Nick himself." With the help of all his little Elves, he puts bargains galore on every shelf throughout the store; especially this .time of year. When each · saving y o u make will bring your family move cheer. ^ / ' · " · ' Beef Roast 11 in j. l/nol UnnoT U HHhu I M\ I · UUI IVUUOL Swift's, Sliced Ends and Pieces JUICE JUICE JUICE Iff 79' MinceMeat~525' Armour's Star . Cello «J Ib. Pack O rolls Cocoanuts Large size Sunkist 252 size Large Size 10° SOLITAIRE O R A N G E .: No, 2 can GRAPEFRUIT No. 2 can - CHURCH'S GRAI'E . 24 oz, bottle 10' 10° 33 C £ CHEF BOY-AR-PKE CARNATION INSTANT Slakes 8 (Junrfs - Spaghetti Dinner 29' Green Beans Old Dutch 2 j SPRY Ji 5! 1 An Shortening O c 25 I }i I U Preserves MILK Margarine SWIFT'S, HORMEL'S, ARMOUH'S Potted Meat:: WELCH'S Fruit nf the Vine GRAPE -' ' . Byrd Slightly p u r t . V . ABOAriD U^S GLACIER in ~ car'Aclm. Kich'ard E,' Byrd, vct- ;ram; explorer- now making - his litlh Irip to the Antarctic, Wcdncs^ day was nursing minor injuries' -- Ihc Jfirst hc'cvcr received en.route lo the bottom of the ivorW^ · Byrd' sutfcrcd cuts and'"bruises when t a 'chain -securing his cabin bhair to a' ilcck: snappc'd, ' s e n d i n g him sailing irild 'a btilkhcacl. The accident · occurred during - a · tw day gale 'th'at buffeted the 8,500- ton Glacier,'the Navy's newest and biggest "icebreaker. · ' · " : . - · = '. . hC'' 67-year-old admiral's, earlier injury-free voya'ges Included trips on small .wooden .vessels of 1,200 and l.SOQ tons, . .( . Byrd laughed,.oft.his -injilrics.. -slight cuts, on' th^nose ami-check and » mild, bruise on..the back.' . By CECILY BROWN5TONE Aisocfaftd Pr»i» Food Editor. WK CAME, \VE TASTED, N and we were "vs-dn o v e r ! ' O n a recent visit to his culinary school, Paul -Mayer served ( us one of ihe most delightful tidbits we have ever encountered. Individual ! artichoke leaves ha.d their bases stuffed with a. chicken mixture, then the filling was covered with a piping of mayonnaise "and broiled. It's a recipe originated by this .talented and enthusiastic young teacher of cook-" ing--and yours for the trying. When \ve asked Paul how he had. acquired ' his sense ' of good food, he tntd us he had come by it several ways. First, from. the. fine (iishes t h n t were served in *his home when he was a child. Second/ frbm a N well-known teacher of cook( ing with whom, he worked.'.Third,- f r o m . e a t i n g and analyzing dishes in fine restaurants in various parts of .the country. And fourth,-fronv his own unending kitchen experiments; . * Although he is extremely gifted a ml adept with'food, Paul says he likes to follow, recipes rather than lo cook by ear. And in the classes he conducts,in his e h n r m i n g small house, in New" York's Greenwich Vil]a'£¥. he. insists that his pupils rlo likewise. "1 never let my students work from memory," he says. "Good recipes give them every chance to succeed!" Paul likes to teach six students r.[ n. time in his well-equipped culinary classroom. And students really cook--they don't just watch him. As they try a dish, their teacher helps them with the various steps as it is necessary to do so. Paul uses the rlcmonstra-' turn only technique only when he' stages cooking shows to interested groups oiilside of New York. Some: of the most successful of these have been given in Albany and Syracuse. People from all walks of life lake' lessons from "Paul--from young men and women who want lo go into the food profession or are newly married to older women' whose children are grown and who. now have time lo practice-seine-. thing fancier t h a n creamed spinach ?nd hamburgers. Not only do New .Yorkers come lo his school, but visitors from other parts of Ihe country join a class lo fake a private lesson in order to' learn a special dish. Paul..Mayer's Artichoke · · , Her i D'Oeuvrt Ingredients: 2 artichokes, 1 can NeW Mineral DENVER "W--Edward "C.,K I i g, dean 'of .Ihe' Colorado'' Univeriily law school, has .been named bjr Ihc Hqek'y 4 'Mdiinlaln'. Mlne'r'pl'-Law" Foundation'to'direct the ISfijOU, and Gas Institute at' Boulder to August/.' . - - ' : ' . ' - : 1 .The· foundation is composed. »f the bar associations '-and .Universities . of Colorado, Montana, · Nebraska, .South Dakota,--"" and , Denver, and the ·. Wyombi Colorado Mining and Rocky Mountain 'OU Gas Assns. ', .. ; ;'.· · .:·-.-, The foundation elected- · Arthur Thad Smith .of Continental Oil. Co. president of the foundation's board of directors.' · . . . . : ' . USE THE TRIBUNE .WANT ADS to $1500 Holiday Cash Now ; A ."special ."Holiday Money" plan is iipw being offered by: he local office of Aetna Finance Co. ( ~. .^ ^Yorlhy families and individuals l cari". get 5100 to 51500 at'puce, for shopping or other needs. . " " * ' " / ' ' ; "Everyone here,and in .nearby""towns; is invited," said the\Aetniri"mana£er, "Good* credit is all that's needed. And those' wish-, ing to come in after work or at'iijght may- phone ahead." L ' Interested persons'are invited to see or phone the-Aetna office. (Adv.) PAUL .MAYER f.Fli artichoke leaves vtiJh chicken, ' ' - ' ' " · ' ' - " (6 ounces) honctt chicken, 1 Vt of a small onion, 1 : teaspoon finely powdered dill, 1 A teaspoon .salt, dash,of pepper, real mayonnaise. Method: Soak artichokes in cold sHotl water 30 minutes,' Discard lough outer leaves. Cut off stems to about Vt inch from base. With kilclion scissors cut about T4 inch from' -lips o£ leaves. Cook in boiling sailed watery lo which little lemon juice or vinegar has been aded, for 45 minutes or until leaves'-pult. out - easily/. Drain -up sidedown to'allow water to run out. Using the fine blade of. 'a meal chopper, grind ehickerr'and.: dnioln together. Stir in dill, salt, pepper and 3 tablespoons of'th'e mayonnaise until a paste is formed. Pul! artichoke loaves gently, from core, On the corerid of each-leaf, ; place a teaspoon of cliicken paste Press down firmly arduhd'cdgb o loaf with fingers. Continue unti all paste and; Ic'avcs'r have, beep used. With a pastry tube, spreat mayonnaise over - chicken;'paste* "lace -tinder-- broiler^ until ·; mayor; naise has browned and ,'leaves h a v e ' curled. ' A r r a n g e - on ( plafte and serve, hot. Makes 5 to^.6 dozen Note: If desired, the arlichok hearts may be cul in ' wedges lopped with" chicken mixture 'ark mayonnaise and broiled. , A QUICk-f 6-MAKE DISH - made more delicious with ' · MEALTIME ·' Colored Cubed Ib. J f O T I C R OF L K . V S K O F STATK I, A Ml N'oLlcr, \s h e r e b y plven t h a t I h e Slat« Board of I,ind Commission - tru PI-OTOSOS to g r a n t q lease on t h o f o l l o w i n g rtescrihei) 64B acres ol Sciiool I n n r t ^ I t n n t e In Weld C o u n t y , C o l o r a d o ; ' -ea^e w i l l be a ( w o , f o u r , or fllr i r lease, at the o p t i o n 'of th]o re.isfiil blrtder, on the f o l L o M ' l n K 3 1 0 R C r P n A g t ] C l l l t l i r : i l l a n d 13* acres -Gr.irltiK l a n d .fuse, w l h b« grunted by. open i e t i t i \ - i , bMilingr at. I h e o f f i c e Stale B o a r d ' o f I-and C n m I K l l l l d . . . . . . .he 2Sth ilay of December, 155S, A t 2 r f l O p-rn. VAlne of I m p r o v e m e n t s , S3.E90.flO i n c l u d i n g : 1O Acres of gro\v\nx w h f j t . S e t t l e m e n t f o r Improve m.ntu »r ' rnlde by Anti Cock-Fight Drive · Launching.'a legal drive "under the slogan "Cock--"Fighting MusY End," JusticeT-C.. J. Bcntty Icvicit $500 in fines'^ against six defend anls in Hallynacargy, Eire. John Tynan, of/Borris-m-pssory, drew the lieavicsl fine on charges of "ill treating" game cocks -by caus ing -lliefn to fighl with steel Vpurs on their legs and assisting in caus ing them to fighl." compel of t h e n[!9irner£. 11.^ Stale I np, Denver, Colorado nd firil yfjir'* rent nilml be ucceaafu! bidder on Any of SYRUP LUX Jolly Time White or Yellow 2 -' ' · 10 oz. cans _ Vermont SInid - I2oz.bollle Rlrts win be a c c e p t e d on A p r i c e per a c r e per A t i n u m ha*1p. The. h l p h ItLdi; a c c e p t e d by the. S t a t e fioarrt of Land C o m m i s s i o n e r s u i l l t« In e f f e c t for t h e f u l l t e r m of the lease. ! The Board r e s e r v e s the r i g h t to r e j e c t any or all b l d j . : J. J. Sylveiter, l^di.-ler STATB BOARD OF LAXD CO.M- ap .pamp's Pork arid Beans . broiled ' Stokely's Finest' A triple treat in good 'eating!. VAN OAMP'S THE LARGEST SELLING,DEANS IN ALL THE..W?RLD Dec. 1, 31, 1355. L I Q U I D - _ _ _ DETERRENT 12 or,. 22 oz. ---------------- JU3T CLIP THIS COUPON AND .BRING IT TO OUR STORE -----------------'·---'---".i Armour's, Cloverbloom First Grade With This Coupon . . . Ib. ....^,., 1 - ! 59 CANDY Buy your Christmas Candy early while our assortment is Complete--Choc. Drops. . . Ib. 21 XOTICE OP DBTRnMIXATtOX OF NO. 7m' STATE O F . COLORADO, } '- - . sf, C o u n l y - . o f - W e l d ' ) . In.'the ^ f a t t e r "of ths K s l a l e of L A M B E R T EVERS. also k n o w n 1 ai LA MB Ed RT W. KVKRS, D e c e a s e d . N'OTICB IS H E R E B r G I V E N , TTiat on Jtonday, t h e 31rd d a y of J a n u a r y , A. D. 1956, at the h o u r of 10 o'clock A. M., ol r a i d Any, S R i d Court ^'ill receive a n d h e a r proofs c o n c e r n i n g the helr.t of xaTtl. I ^ m b e r l Evers, a ] n o k n o w n - as L a m b e r t W. Kver.«, deceased, p u r s u a n t t o t h e v e r i f i e d p e t i t i o n of LiiE^la G. Kvcr.", as l i r l r at. Uw of .«»lrt I.arnberL K v e r » , ' * " cexnerl. h e r e t o f o T f t - f i l e d l i e r f l n , asking f o r a Judicial x . i c e r t a l n m e n t and d r t c r m i a n t i o n of the h e l r s b l p of f»\\\ Estate, and f r o m which it appears r l.uella G. Kvcr«, \(19 lOlh A v e - nue; Greeley,' Colorado, Widow, A d u l t " - - . C y n t h i a M. Kv«r5, H l S . l O t h Avenue, G r e r l e y , Colorado, D a u g h t e r , · M i n o r . ' ' · J l o t c r t S\*. Evers, 14\**lOtli Avenue, Oreeley, Colorado/ Son, ^ f l l l c ^ xre h e i r s of said I^ambert Evers, a l s o k n o w n as Lambert ^V. Evers, deceased. . * ". .\'O\V, THEREFORE. Any ar.d all per? on» who *r« or who claim to he h e i r * a t law 'of said I^imbert Evers, *Iso k n o w n an I-ambert W. Ever?, d r r e a r f d , ar* h e r e b y ren.ulr*d to be .and appear t h - r e a t , or abide t h e d e t e r m i n a t i o n ol the Court t h e r e o n . IN* WITNESS WHEREOF T have of «a)d Court. · d a t e d at 'Gr«elay, Colorado, this ith day of December, A. D. l35. ' · · · ' · · · · R. r.-SHAKLEE, . . Clerk of th* C o u n t y Court. (SEAL) By A. B. S H A K L E ^ , - - - - - Deputy". R o b e r t M. fiilbert. A t t o r n e y Z14 Coronado B u l l d l n s Greeley, Colorado. Dae. *, 15, 22, 2», 1355." , r-. TAKE- IT PROMTS A OTA = . . , : ; / r ^ '.- / · "t^it*8- Canada ftfy Ginger Ale tithe! ' . W h a t better time to give, people of all . ages their faVpnte refreshment--Canada ' ' Dry .Ginger'Ale! For here is'a wholesome"' drink/deiieiously dry-not too sweet-iali''-·' ways refreshing. Better play Santa'and ? keep plenty on/hand .^. because anyj;..' . · mmmmmininutej-it'3 ; Canada Dry time!' *' - - - - - - - . .TV .- . . - , - - } - ; V - fc.-4-ls*, J. ^^, f - ' H ' THK FLAVOR YOU LIKE...THE NAME YOU KNOW7 ' " '"' '

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