Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado on May 20, 1970 · Page 31
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Greeley Daily Tribune from Greeley, Colorado · Page 31

Greeley, Colorado
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 20, 1970
Page 31
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r P»f« 32 GREELEY TRIBUNE W«!., May 20, 1970 Pentecostalism Is Becoming Major Worldwide Movement ''ly CEOKGI W. CORNELL : '. : AP RttifJtn WrHw a mood of personal warmth and a sense of oneness with God. 1 NEW YORK tody-Christian (AP) - That Greek term, "charisma," has become part of everyday language today, and it'j aim the keynote-of a growing' phenomenon in -American .· rtLgious life--the charisma' A renewal movement. .. - . Jt is spreading both among groups -'Roman Catholics and mainline ^·Protestants, especially Episcopalians, Lutherans and Pres- ..byterians. It is a hallmark of ,-:Pentecostalism, the relatively · young But fastest growing wing = of- Protestantism. It also is catching on among many young . people, with their taste for rays- ·· ticism. Basically, the word "charisma" means a spiritual gift from ? -God, a spark of divine energy ·«ad inspiration flowing through ··:· individuals. Ccltbrat* f This weekend, Christians of til kinds celebrate the begin, iiings of that infusion of the .. Holy Spirit at Pentecost, the ''.. J'SOth day" after Christ's resur-i J'rection, which also was the Jew., Jsh Feast of the Weeks, com'.. rnemoraling the disclosure of ·'..the 10 Commandments to Moses . "on Mount Sinai. , , Acts 2, describing that occa-' iion which first jolted believers -.In, Jesus out of their inertia and $ent them forth to proclaim the .·-.gospel, says: ....'.'... they were all together in ,, one place. And suddenly a sound - came from heaven like the rush .of a mighty wind, and it filled all the house ... And there ap- j.peared to them tongues as of s .fire, distributed and resting on H each one of them. And they ·-.were, all filled with the Holy ··' Spirit ..." .·.-.-As an event symbolizing the · (using together of believers into ··· common cause, the day will be observed in several cities with ·-·major ecumenical affairs, in- · 'i eluding a gathering of an esti- r.Mntted 10,000 Catholics and Pro- ···'Ustants for Sunday worship in * · ! lhe University of Iowa Field '-;-House in Iowa City, Iowa. .'·· ; In Columbus, Ohio, next day, colorful ceremonies will mark " t h e joining of Roman Catholics · ·"with Protestants in the Ohio Council- of Churches. With : 'church banners flying and ' 'bands playing, processions of "' 'Ihe two historic streams of - Christianity -will merge into a '·- 'single parade through downtown -"' Columbus. "Blessed be You, God the '"'' Spirit, Gift of Pentecost, Kindle ·"Your fire in our hearts," goes a ' prayer for the service there. * ""Forgive us, Lord, for our past 'divisions ... In Your Love, unite us." Annual Feast Although Pentecost itself is cnly an annual feast in the ·/church calender, the happening vwhich it points up--both drawing together of Christians and the activity of the spirit--are powerful tendencies in current church life. "God is pouring out his spirit In a greater measure than atjj any time since the days of the apostles," says the Full Gospel . Businessmen's Fellowship, a "... global, interdenominational or.:. ganization of laymen emphasizing the spirit's direct aclion in . t believers. .[- -In the first half of this cen- ; Jury, the movement existed pri- '·'. .warily among Pentecostals. There are an estimated 15 mil- i- lion of them in the world, about 4 . four million in the United '' States. ·· - They consider glossolalia, or ·' "speaking in tongues" unknown to the speaker, as a sign of the ·pint's work. These groups ·; -have been growing 15 times : : faster than old-line demona- · ,-tions, some of which have slumped lately in membership. - - But Ihe "spirit" movement in · the last three years has pene- - -trated the larger, historic Protestant bodies, and also spread ' among Roman Catholics, after ·pringing up among students on ·· the Catholic campuses of Notre I] ·-:Dame and Duquesne universi-' :.··· °ties. Worldwide · ·". 'It has become a "major world ·'·' 'movement" among a wide - '· range of Christians, including - those in the upper educational-e- conomic brackets, says Dr. Lu'.' - (her P. Gerlach, a University ofj Minnesota anthropology profes-j ·or, after a three-year study ofj: the trend. ji .. Adherents emphasize sponta-I -r^neity, free prayer, testimonies, I erally regarded as only an incidental aspect of it, a manifestation accorded to some, not to others. . . scorn theological rationalism, but who meet regularly in prl: apartments, staging, pray- Ing, raising their arms upward raised up Jesus Christ from the Ecumenical "cells" of such sage: "What will happen next? None of us knows." But we know that the Spirit of Him who as they whisper, "hallelujah." Eyeing the various unpredictable currents now affecting reli- have developed gion, the six presidents of the living God whose life is love and the country, including World Council of Churches say whose power is often hidden but of young people who in their annual Pentecost mts- always undefeated." dead is given to the men and women who follow this Jesus Highway Panel OK's Budget, Names Chairman DENVER (AP) - The Colorado Highway Commission approved * $134.4 million buget for operating the Divison of Highways during the coming year, and chose James H. Walk- Christ. This is the Spirit of the er of Sterling as chairman dur- ' ing Us meeting here Monday. The budget will be subject to the approval of the governor, and project details will be announced after UM governor accepts the budget. Walker succeeds Charles A. WaUcins of Las Anlmai. He served as vice chairman of the commission d u r i n g the past year. Richard L. Banta Jr., of Englewood, was picked by the nine-m e m b e r commission to serve as new vie* chairman. Walker represents District S, and Banta is the one at-large member of the group appointed by the governor. Other commissioners include Stanley K. Bcdswi, Clenwood Sprioff; Jamfe F. Ellis, Greeley; Jack H a w k i n s , C'ortez; Georgt W, Koenig Jr., Salida and Charles A. Stoddard Jr., of Craig. H. Lee Ambrose of Denver; accident. Mr. Motorist, if your headlight* are set too high, they will show you the road, but they inay blind oncoming drivers. If your headlights are set too low, they may not show you enough. The State Patrol reminds you that properly set headlights may save you from a night time Public To Know About Black Art BOSTON (AP( - The Museum of Fine Arts will join with the National Center of Afro American Artists in a program to collect and exhibit black art and educate the public about it. The program was announced Monday as the museum opened a five week exhibit of work done since 1960 by black artists in the Boston and New York areas. USE TRIBUNE WANT ADS -.''· .-.LIVERPOOL, England (AP) -r- Dial-»-s»ilor was a feature of · visit of the British frigate ·. Ajax. The Royal Navy set up : .'-.two telephone numbers on . -which Liverpool people could in-! r..'Vi(e any members of _lhe 2633 SHOP AND COMPARE OUR EVERYDAY LOW DISCOUNT PRICES WITH THOSE OF THE SO-CALLED DISCOUNTERS. Here is proof positive you receive every day low discount prices and advertised specials, too! G.W. Granulated Sugar, 5 Ib. bag Miller's Golden Blend Honey .... 5 Ib. can 1.49 Del Monte Cut Green Beans, 303 cans 25c Janet Lee 303 cam Whole Kernel or Cream Style Corn 5/$l Kuner Garden Peas, 303 can 23c Carnation Slender, 10 ox 29c Ellis Beef Stew, 15'/4 ox. 45c Spam Luncheon Loaf, 12 oz 55c Gebhardt't Longhorn Chili, 300 can 32c Chun King Divider Pak--Asst. 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